Feb 2. Earliest Possible Return Say Liberals

Politicians are back in the Ontario legislature to debate legislation that would end an almost three-month strike at York University.

The Progressive Conservatives are slamming the Liberals for failing to take action sooner to help end the strike. With the premier absent from the legislature, it was up to Minister of Colleges and Universities John Milloy to call on all parties to pass the back-to-work legislation quickly.

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives had hoped for speedy passage over the weekend but the New Democrats voted against the bill.

The strike has kept about 50,000 York students out of classes since early November.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton says he is not playing political games by refusing to go along with the legislation. He says striking workers do about half of the teaching at York and only receive a fraction of the salary.

The government says it’s unlikely students will return to school this week unless the New Democrats have a change of heart.

The Liberals say Thursday is the earliest the legislation could be passed – so the school likely won’t reopen before Feb. 2.

— The Canadian Press





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37 responses to “Feb 2. Earliest Possible Return Say Liberals

  1. TRUTH

    This is a video to boost moral and make us even stronger


    Solidarity Forever

    Viva la Revolution
    Go Cupe Go

  2. HIYA

    SECOND….and yea ever since this weekend its been a fact that wed be back on Feb 2nd and not a day LATER. Strike is over…time to get pounded by our Proffs and TAs with work…im scared….

  3. York Student

    NDP Leader, what is wrong with you????

    NEITHER SIDE IS GOING TO negotiate now.
    What is the solution then? Let them go back to the bargain table ???? Do you think an unaccountable York University will do something to reach an agreeement ? Will it finally be honest? Did Cupe restore back some humility ? I dont think so.

    Let us go back.

    This is unacceptable.

  4. TRUTH

    For the last time, I am dumb! I should shutup.



  6. Bugatti

    50,000 York University Students plus 200,000 immediate family members have been taken hostages in this ugly and illogical fight.

    In these harsh economic times eight MPP from NDP showed that they do not care about working Ontarians. They do not care about uncounted millions of dollars students already paid in tuition fees, money they lost in rent, books, transportation, utilities, residence fees, and meal plan expenses. The NDP caucus at Queens Park pushed students and their families into future financial hardships as they lose their summer jobs and will be forced to borrow more money.

    It is high time for political leadership of NDP to understand that overwhelming majority of working Canadians – taxpayers and voters – do not belong to any trade union and there is no public sympathy to extravagant demands of CUPE clique.

    We have to admit that NDP of Ontario lost all credibility with the general public for intentionally inducing chaos and unnecessary hardship on hundreds of thousands of Ontarians.

    As a result NDP as a party will be further marginalized in the next election.



  8. caitron

    i don’t understand why they’re saying monday, feb. 2nd is when we’d go back. isn’t it possible it could go thru tomorrow or wednesday, meaning (according to the timetable for return to class issued by york) that we could go back thursday or friday? what has changed? i know the NDP is stalling it, but i can’t find any explanation for why it couldn’t pass until thursday. anyone have any input?

  9. caitron

    i agree with myself

  10. caitron

    i also agree with myself

  11. alee

    whats the probability of us actually not going back feb 2ed?

  12. alee

    the same probability of a black guy ever knowing who his real daddy is

  13. tester

    So the earliest that the BTWL can pass is Thrusday without the NDP.

    So what happens on Tuesday?
    So what happens on Wednesday?
    So what happens on Thursday?

  14. caitron

    stop stealing ppl’s names! i was just asking a question…

  15. alee

    tester how about you shut the fcuk up

  16. caitron

    tester, that’s what i was getting at…. what is happening in between then that is stalling the process further?

  17. caitron

    Omg people stop stealing my name (this is the real me), i have only posted the first message and this one by me.

  18. tester

    No idea, but I think I like you, no no, I fucking love you.

  19. @ all

    Just make a wordpress account, that way no one will steal your name. If you decide to make one, you can add a picture to your name…….and that way, people will distinguish who you are versus who the impersonator is.

  20. tester

    So the earliest that the BTWL can pass is Thrusday without the NDP.

    So what happens on Tuesday?
    So what happens on Wednesday?
    So what happens on Thursday?

  21. ..

    @ Say no to unions

    Stfu with your gay little frosh week chants.

  22. 1styear@york

    Just to be clear, THIS IS FACT {That we will be back on Feb. 2nd at earliest}? I would just like to be sure that this is indeed what will happen, because I cannot possibly make it back in time for this Thursday start, plus my job expects me till the end of this week.

  23. caitron

    HEY!!! that is NOT me! everyone please disregard these posts.

  24. @ 1styear@york

    While I can’t guarantee that it will be Feb 2nd, it’s most likely.

  25. caitron

    HI!!! this IS me! all of you please don’t regard these posts!

  26. caitron

    @ underhealingwaters:
    how do i make an account? i don’t want to have to keep arguing with some random person who gets their kicks out of impersonating people on a blog.

  27. Shurman was talking about taking a look at what’s being discussed online, that people are in an uproar.

    Bahaha. If they came here, all they’d see is “FAG” and “FIRST”.

  28. tester

    The earliest that the BTWL can pass is Thrusday without the NDP….

    So what happens on Tuesday?
    So what happens on Wednesday?
    So what happens on Thursday?

  29. caitron

    yes, why is “thursday the earliest it could be passed”? i thought it was possible it could be passed tomorrow (meaning we’d go back on thursday)

  30. ahhhh

    NDP is standing up for the Union… that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with that. It will delay the process.. but it doesn’t mean that we will never get to go back to school.

    York is being selfish and never tried to bargain in good faith and people like you guys just don’t see that. I understand that most of you want to go back to school.. but people don’t look at the real picture and what is happening between the bargaining.

    After the rat vote, the union cut their demands by like 40 i think… and are only asking for a few major ones… only for the university to say, we don’t even want to look at it – and THEY DIDN’T and from this… the BEST mediator said well i cant get university to say anything so why don’t McGuinty just come forward with that amazing back to work legislation. Remember for those who are going to be in a union in the future… just see how you would like this in the future.

  31. oh really...

    This Feb 2nd thing is bad…what about people going away reading week? My friends and I are going anyways, because we didn’t ask for a strike! With the uncertainty of it, we weren’t going to change the trip, especially because people from other schools are coming. The profs better let us get our notes and let us write the exams at a different time.

  32. fed up

    oh really, you’re out of luck. Reading week is cancelled and you’ve known that for a LONG time. Profs are not going to give you a break on that. You will be expected to be available just like everyone else!

  33. concrete

    @ ahhh: this same useless union wants to go on strike AGAIN in 2010…what part of that do you NOT UNDERSTAND????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why the **** should York agree to that sh*t????!!!!

    geez…i was in support of the union until i got my facts straight

    they deserve NOTHING. besides the INSANE and UNREASONABLE 40% pay-raise demand that they eventually decreased, what else have they given up that’s even remotely reasonable??!!

    let them go and **** themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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