University issues timetable for return to classes if legislation is passed

The Executive Committee of the York University Senate has issued a timetable for a return to classes by students, depending upon the date of royal assent of back-to-work legislation in the Ontario legislature.

Premier Dalton McGuinty recalled the legislature on Sunday and introduced legislation to bring an end to the strike by Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903, which began Nov. 6. If this legislation passes, all outstanding items between the two parties will go to mediation and binding arbitration.

Senate Executive has declared that there must be at least 24 hours between the end of the disruption – that is, the day when the bill is passed and signed into law (royal assent) – and the resumption of classes. Classes that are suspended will resume as follows, assuming royal assent in the coming week:


Date of royal assent Date students return 
Monday, Jan. 26 Wednesday, Jan. 28
Tuesday, Jan. 27 Thursday, Jan. 29
Wednesday, Jan. 28 Friday, Jan. 30
Thursday, Jan. 29 Monday, Feb. 2
Friday, Jan. 30 Monday, Feb. 2
Saturday, Jan. 31 Monday, Feb. 2


Classes will resume on a regular schedule (that is, Wednesday classes will meet on the first Wednesday after resumption, for example).  Further information about the fall, winter and summer term schedules will be issued as soon as possible after the legislation has been approved and the disruption has ended.

Students in programs that were previously approved as specified exemptions or that were approved for early remediation should continue with their class schedules as previously notified

Check the Division of Students’ Labour Disruption page for updates. The Office of the Registrar will also post the revised fall, winter and summer schedules at the Important Dates page within hours of the end of the end of the disruption.

The recall of the legislature was announced by the premier on Saturday. Here is the text of his statement:

“On Wednesday, I asked Ontario’s top labour mediator, Reg Pearson, to make one final attempt to resolve the ongoing labour dispute at York University. Since that time Mr. Pearson has met with both sides and worked to resolve the strike through mediation and discussion.

“Earlier today I was advised by Mr. Pearson that there is no reasonable prospect of a negotiated settlement between York University and CUPE Local 3903. The sides are in a clear deadlock, and despite our best efforts to bring the sides together, that has not changed.

“The strike is also at the point where the academic year is in jeopardy for York students. In challenging economic times, when we need all our people at their best, we simply cannot afford to delay the education of 45,000 of our best and brightest young people.

“Having exhausted all other options, I will be recalling the legislature as of Sunday at 1 pm for the purposes of introducing back to work legislation. I am asking MPP’s from all parties to provide unanimous consent for immediate passage of the bill so that students can get back to school this week.”

York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri said: “Like the premier, we would have preferred to reach a negotiated settlement at the table. However – and most importantly – this initiative by the premier will help our 50,000 students get back to class as soon as possible.”

Shoukri continued: “I look forward to welcoming our students back. We are working tirelessly to facilitate as smooth a return as possible and plans are already in motion to protect the integrity of their academic programs.”



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27 responses to “University issues timetable for return to classes if legislation is passed

  1. Dale

    Interesting… this is the kind of info I come to this blog to see… thanks for the update

  2. FuriousStudent

    So based on this article, anyone have ideas as to when we would end the school year?

  3. G

    I don’t understand this what do they mean by
    date of royal assent vs date students return?
    Do classes that meet on monday start on wednesday now? Could someone explain.

  4. Reasonable Person

    Why not try reading the article?


    bilyk said if we start on mon feb 2nd, it will end on june 2nd (hopefully that includes the final exam period).

  6. fed up

    Good grief, G. Did you even read the article? Oy vey.

  7. jane


    Date of royal assent simply means the date that the legislation is passed…

  8. b

    no, classes that meet on monday would start on the first monday back

  9. G

    @ fed up

    Calm down if you don’t want to answer then don’t.

    Date of royal assent Date students return
    Monday, Jan. 26 Wednesday, Jan. 28
    Tuesday, Jan. 27 Thursday, Jan. 29
    Wednesday, Jan. 28 Friday, Jan. 30
    Thursday, Jan. 29 Monday, Feb. 2
    Friday, Jan. 30 Monday, Feb. 2
    Saturday, Jan. 31 Monday, Feb. 2

    The only reason am asking is because Mon Feb 2 is repeated 3 times after Thursday Jan 29. Why not just have it once?

  10. screw cupe

    its repeated 3 times because if the legislation is passed anytime between thursday and saturday then we would be starting classes on feb 2

  11. G

    @ screw cupe


  12. fed up

    Yes, and right after that it says this:

    “Classes will resume on a regular schedule (that is, Wednesday classes will meet on the first Wednesday after resumption, for example). ”

    Pretty simple to understand.

  13. jane

    @ G

    wow…. you really don’t understand this at all? how did you get into york?

    Feb 2 is there 3 times because if the legislation were to pass on any of those 3 days then we would go back on monday… let me make it simpler for you

    Royal assent:
    Thurs jan 29, Friday Jan 30, Sat Jan 31
    Date students return to class:
    Monday February 2

    get it now?

  14. YAY!

    and what if the legislation doesnt pass??

  15. TRUTH

    This is a video to boost moral and make us even stronger

    Solidarity Forever

    Viva la Revolution
    Go Cupe Go

  16. TRUTHiness


    The legislation’s gonna pass! There’s zero chance it won’t. ZERO CHANCE. This is not merely speculation, since the Liberals have a majority in Legislature.

  17. G

    @ Jane

    Maybe you should be asking that question to yourself. I already said thanks to screw cupe person who answer my question. Learn to read!

  18. As a result:

    The final date to drop your fall courses without receiving a grade
    will be Thursday, February 5.

    The end date for fall classes will be on Tuesday, February 17.

    And exams will start on Wednesday, February 18.

  19. Soraya

    Didn’t they meet this morning? Any news?

  20. Hasan Kachal

    So is university going to come back to table and bargain finally? I hope they do it this time.

  21. @ Hasan

    what is university?

  22. Hasan Kachal

    @ @ Hasan

    Dr. Shokri’s office I think. am I right?

  23. troy

    “The government says it’s unlikely students will return to school this week unless the New Democrats have a change of heart.

    The Liberals say Thursday is the earliest the legislation could be passed – so the school likely won’t reopen before Feb. 2. ”

  24. aRt

    hey… anyone returned back to uni today?? how was it with the picketers?

  25. dsd

    lol… It’s now NDP’s fault. Who the fuck cares about 3-5 days they gonna delay this strike by. It’s the other 80 days that I’m pissed about.

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