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CUPE protesters outside of Queens Park

CUPE protesters outside of Queen's Park

TORONTO — Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday he’s “more than prepared” to urge York University to resume bargaining, but will still move ahead with back-to-work legislation to end the strike at Canada’s third-largest university.

“We will assume our responsibility,” McGuinty told the legislature.

“We will do everything we can to make sure that we get young people back in the classroom at the earliest possible opportunity.”

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, which hasn’t ruled out a court challenge of the back-to-work bill, blames the university for the deadlock.

Union officials called on the government Tuesday to give bargaining one more chance, saying if the premier throws his weight around an agreement can be reached before the bill is passed, eliminating the need for a court challenge.

The union said it made every effort to resolve the dispute — even dropping its wage demands — when a top provincial mediator was dispatched last week by McGuinty in a last-ditch effort to end the strike.

“Now is the moment. If ever there was a crunch, it was now,” said Tyler Shipley, a spokesman for CUPE Local 3903.

“We want to go back to class. We want to go back to work.”

The union’s last offer was more than double the university’s offer for settlement, York president Mamdouh Shoukri countered.

“That is an impasse by any standards,” he said in a statement.

A government spokeswoman said McGuinty spoke with Shoukri and encouraged him to keep talking with the union, but York spokesman Alex Bilyk said late Tuesday afternoon there were no plans to restart negotiations.

Growing frustration over the protracted labour dispute spilled over into a confrontation with police during a union-organized march to the legislature.

Four people were arrested during the rally that repeated the call to restart negotiations. One person faces charges of assaulting a police officer.

“Negotiate, don’t legislate,” teaching assistant Noaman Ali chanted to the crowd of some 200 people.

Wayne Samuelson, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, told the rally the government “should pass a law to send your employer back to the bargaining table so you can negotiate a collective agreement.”

Lydie Brawer saw the protest from an office building across the street, threw on a coat, and went over to confront them.

“I want my kids to go back to school,” said the mother of two York students — one in fourth year who’s in jeopardy of not graduating, and a son in first year who she said has “lost his appetite” for university.

“I sympathize with (the striking workers), but that’s enough now. They have to think about the kids.”

Some 75 people later broke off from the main rally and headed to the police station where the four arrested individuals were taken.

The crowd was confronted with barricades, some 25 police officers and nine officers on horseback before the peaceful demonstration dispersed after about 30 minutes.

The 12-week strike has also angered many York students, who fear their entire semester may be wasted if their teachers don’t return to the classroom soon.

Pushing York University back to the table isn’t going to help, said Catherine Divaris, who helped organize a coalition of fellow students who oppose the strike.

“They’ve been trying to negotiate for 12 weeks, I mean, what’s the point?” she said.

“We’re so close to getting back to class now, that would just be devastating. I think students … would just lose complete faith in this entire process.”

The coalition is organizing a students rally at the legislature Wednesday to demand action to end the strike.

McGuinty said the government will also look into establishing a commission that would determine when the studies of college or university students are in jeopardy due to a strike or lockout.

The premier recalled the legislature last weekend to introduce the back-to-work bill, hoping all parties would agree to pass it quickly.

The New Democrats oppose it, and have shot down every attempt to speed its passage in the legislature.

That means the legislation may not become law until Thursday, and students will have to wait until next week to return to class.

Some 50,000 students saw classes cancelled on Nov. 6 when 3,400 teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants walked off the job.

About 5,000 students were allowed back this week to attend courses taught by tenured professors.





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181 responses to “What Happened Today

  1. Yorkie

    First comment! Wooohoo! ^_~

  2. mooo

    so now what….i still don’t get it

  3. Deborah


    “The coalition is organizing a students rally at the legislature Wednesday to demand action to end the strike”

    We’re the coalition! Go students!!! Let’s be united!

  4. York Student

    I am sure the students tomorrow will make a much better job.

    Shame on CUPE!

  5. ...


  6. CUPE 3903 is really getting out of hand.

  7. N.B.

    Check out the video “CUPE 3903 The Next Generation” on youtube.


  8. TRUTH

    You will see comrades. Out troops are coming in stronger than ever.

  9. A to the B

    HAHAHHAHA CUPE memeber when will you learn that you LOST! L-O-S-T! You guys WILL be forced back to school. You will not overturn BTWL. And you will learn that the whole strike was pointless. FACE REALITY. See everyone on Monday:D

  10. Yorker

    Where and when for tomorrow’s rally?

  11. stupid question.. so we're going back for sure?

    so.. this may be a silly question.. i don’t get it…
    is it guaranteed it will become law? therefore ultimately we’re going back to school

    aka SDH

  12. so

    school Monday, get ready.

  13. Yooooopie

    its not guranteed it will become law. but we hoped BTWL will pass this week so we can go back to school on monday


    So.. I received a message from “York Strike Info” on facebook.. and the message says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to let people know where things were at with the Back to Work Legislation. The bill has passed “second reading” which means there is one more “reading” or vote to go before it becomes official. More than likely that vote will take place on Thursday. If that is the case classes will begin either Friday or the following Monday. The decision of when classes will start is made by Senate Executive. They will give a minimum 24 hours notice.

    Relief Funding forms are still available in the YFS office and off the YFS website. http://www.yfs.ca.

    Refund Campaigns. Please download or fill out a refund petition.They are also available on the YFS website.

    Any questions regarding the relief fund and the refund campaign should be forward to YFS Vice-President Equity Krisn Saravanamuttu:

    So, that will most likely mean that classes resume this coming Monday.. unless CUPE does some miracle and continues on with the strike.. which is highly unlikely..well then.. see everyone on Monday..

  15. so

    @ Yooooopie

    it’s 99% guaranteed. If school doesnt start monday, no fear, it will soon. BTWL will pass.

  16. so

    @ A to the B

    Exactly. Thank you.

  17. so

    @ A to the B

    Exactly. Thank you.

  18. Yooooopie


    Thats good news 🙂

  19. Wow!

    The YFS is wrong. The second reading did not pass today, it didn’t even get voted on!
    The NDP deferred the second reading vote to tomorrow:
    read the bottom of the page. It should pass first thing tomorrow, then onto committee and the third reading.
    Darn NDP wasting our time!

  20. Што, Где, Когда

    Interesting, interesting, whats going on???

  21. Optimistic

    The bill didn’t actually pass 2nd reading today, though surely tomorrow.

    How long can the NDP fillibuster? They’re repeating themselves. How much longer can they keep this up?

  22. so

    does anybody find it wierd how McGiunity is not even in attendence while their discussing the Strike?

  23. Yooooopie

    what time do they voting tmr?

  24. so

    McGuinty* sorry, fast typer

  25. Don’t they think they’ve held the students hostage in their sick game long enough? The students are not the ones to decide their fate so why let them suffer?

    (I get WHY they’re doing it but it still seems wrong/selfish)

  26. Wow, the YFS wrong about something. I never would have guessed.

  27. B.

    Just a general question to any student who returned to classes this week, when is the Registrar going to release exam schedule?

    I have one adms course and the prof seems to enjoy giving us incredibly unclear and vague information.

  28. york student

    I am happy to go back to school but not through BTWL. I wish they could solve the problem through negotiation. This marks the collapse of union’s power which is unfortunate since I am sure many of you would graduate and might be in the same situation as these people are. York could have kept all the classes open that were being taught by tenure professors. However, they decided to shut down all the classes to put pressure on the public especially the students and they were reasoning out such a situation would create confusion and some of the professors did not want to cross the picket line. But how come they are crossing now?

  29. oh really...

    So it seems like we will be heading back on Monday. I want to and don’t want to at the same time. I haven’t touched a book since early November, and I don’t plan on it until I get back to class and I am told what is to come. I am still not motivated to do anything, but even if I was, we don’t know what will/will not be cut…and to those things that wont be cut, the requirements may change?

    UGHHH I seriously grow madder and madder each day that passes. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to get back into school mode at all this year. It’s unfortunate because I was doing well, but to be thrown into madness and be pissed off? Yeah, that’s a bad combo. PArtly my fault yes…but I was doing fine until all of this garbage!

  30. Kiara

    Striking York Staff Clash With Cops During Rally Against Back-To-Work Legislation At Queen’s Park
    Tuesday January 27, 2009
    CityNews.ca Staff

    On Tuesday union members sought to halt any further votes before a clash with police, reportedly over where the protestors were allowed to go, resulted in four arrests.

    “Numerous police started shoving various people around, dragging them to the ground,” said witness Ted Myerscough.

    “I didn’t see that the police officers had done anything improper,” countered another onlooker named Bruce Minnes. “They were generally trying to move people out of the way of traffic and the people kept moving back into that lane of traffic.”

  31. Opp

    there is no guarentee school is back on monday

  32. Cupe Doll

    RaM, other than CUPE, the Hamptons and 3903 flipping out, I don’t think there’s more to come.

    For all intents and purposes this strike is over. York has sustained a second black eye — but has not been crippled as 3903 intended. Instead it is 3903 will pretty much forever be crippled.

    We 3903s got everything we wished and struck out for. Except it backfired.

  33. Curious Yorkie

    Okay, I am really confused. It doesnt seem like the bill is going to pass this week. What might happen then? Unless the bill is passed and becomes a law, we cannot go back to school. How then are people here saying that we can go back on Monday? Can someone please clarify?

  34. oh really...

    So it definately sounds like everyone lost…York, Cupe and the students are all going to go back unhappy. What a waste of time.

  35. Curious Yorkie

    Cupe Doll,
    I’d really appreciate some responses from you for my question. You are someone whose views I appreciate. Please enlighten.

  36. Cupe Doll

    @Curious Yorkie

    Ok. The bill is expected to pass into law in a couple days. Thursday this week. Classes are expected to resume Monday next week.

    Some rumours that BTWL could be frustrated by injunction were circulated — like, even by trolls using my alias. I believe it is safe to ignore such rumours. In fact, it’s probably healthy to laugh at them.

  37. KEER

    OMG no school next week …. Check the CUPE and CP24 website. Bastards. The injunction will be granted Thursday morning right before the BTWL becomes law. See how lucky students are.

  38. KOS

    guys, injuction crap is TRUE! just hate CUPE

  39. Што, Где, Когда

    I believe its better for them to reach an agreement ( for them to decide which one), just so at least somebody can be happy.

  40. Basil El-Salviti

    i never knew university students could be so immature, until i saw the posts on this board..im utterly disappointed

  41. Ms D

    obviously, school will be back next Mon for all students no matter what happens in couple days.

    im fishing up essays.

  42. Cupe Doll

    lol. University students seem almost as immature as us 3903s have been.

  43. Yooooopie

    what?? KEER?
    im confussed…

  44. Eggplant El-Salviti

    Hi basil, waz up bro?

  45. Curious Yorkie

    Thanks a ton, Cupe Doll. I just wanted some real answers as to what is happening. Thank you!

  46. Yooooopie

    is KEER true about the cupe will grant injuction? im really confused here. someone please give me link if that is true

  47. @ ‘eggplant el-salviti’

    How about you grow up, and quit making light of this situation.

    @ basil el-salviti

    Equally stupid.

    @ e-picketers

    Don’t post under MY name, that’s called harrasment, assholes.

  48. Time for Heroes

    As this strike comes to a close and we stop checking this site every minute for details, I would just like to give a tip of the hat of thanks to reliable and informative posters like CupeDoll, CMWC, and YorkStrike2008 (the original blogger). Although some of us may not have always agreed with some of them, at least they were diligent in posting fact and trying to keep us all up to date as to what was happening.

    This medium is the future my friends, and if it were not for these types of people posting fact instead of bullshit, the future would be bleak.

    PS. Whatever happened to Insider? I guess that guy was full of shit after all…


  49. Joorab

    Hi everyone

    So are we back tomorrow?

  50. Буржуй

    No one knows are real answer, at least there is no evidence, is all about ( maybe, possible, sure)

  51. Soraya

    So someone in another post (that started school on Monday) stated that some professors aren’t living up to the what the Senate stated, in terms of due dates, etc. I really hope professors are sympathetic to us students.

    Ftr, as much as I would like to get back to class, I am very much against BTWL. so wrong.

  52. Anna

    For those coming to the student rally tomorrow morning at Queen’s Park at 11 am

    Dress yourself comfortably , because, baby it’s cold and snowing outside!

    See you guys there!

  53. C'mon

    From TRUTH, January 27th, 2009 at 5:17pm: “You will see comrades. Out troops are coming in stronger than ever.”

    Seriously, TRUTH, have you ever spoken to a woman without having to give her your credit card number?

  54. Yooooopie

    i hope tmr goes well…i really wanna get back to the school… everyone cheerss

  55. QUOTE:
    Pushing York University back to the table isn’t going to help, said Catherine Divaris, who helped organize a coalition of fellow students who oppose the strike.

    “They’ve been trying to negotiate for 12 weeks, I mean, what’s the point?” she said.

    “We’re so close to getting back to class now, that would just be devastating. I think students … would just lose complete faith in this entire process.”

    >lose faith in what process? the canadian legal process that is about to strip CUPE of their right to collective bargaining? I have amassed a large amount of debt due to this strike but i do NOT want to see it end by government legislation, its not right, if we let them do this then whats next? we need to look at the bigger picture…

  56. B.

    Time for Heroes – The medium is the message.

  57. Anna

    @ This is wrong

    Are you serious?
    “The canadian legal process that is about to strip CUPE of their right to collective bargaining? ”

    In every right you have a duty. And there is something called minimal duty, which is in this case to bargain in good faith.
    Neither the university nor Cupe have tried t bargain in good faith. 3 months passed and they did not find a way to settle an agreement.
    Hope we are still speaking of rights – because this one of cupe endless striking over has caused too much of a psychological harm to the students.

    RIGHT – not a privilege.

    RIght – not when both sides decide to use us to come into agreements

    GO and find another pawn.

  58. Anna

    STRIKE with dignity …

    WHICH MEANS not using violent means to get what you want
    which means not using innocent students for the time you want
    which means respect the minimal moral obligation of not harming human beings
    which means …. strike is a right and not a privilege! Dont use us for your games.

  59. Anna

    THIS IS indeed wrong.

    cant believe an undergraduate thinks this way.

  60. MR Two

    @ Soraya – complain to the senate if the profs aren’t living up to the rules set out.

  61. so

    school monday for sure guys. get ready.

  62. Yooooopie


    how are you so sure about school on monday?
    is there any evidence?

  63. so

    @ Yooooopie

    ya, its called BTWL!

  64. Flying J

    You know, when I said that I had not witnessed a beating this bad since Reginald Denny, I wasn’t actually anticipating a real life beating!!! (or multiple)

  65. Yooooopie

    hmm…there nothing on yorku website tho..
    then when are we getting offical return to class call from the school?

  66. so

    Why is McGuinty not taking part in the debates? Where’s he at? he just introduced BTWL and calls back everyone back early and he himself doesn’t show up? I dont get it?

  67. so

    @ Yooooopie

    It should be announced after BTWL passes. If we dont get back on Monday then likely sometime next week.

  68. Yooooopie


    thanks again 🙂

  69. Insider2

    I have heard that McGuinty will be there tomorrow and we will all hear some surprise(s) 😉

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  70. so

    @ Insider2

    what’s your sources?

  71. Aaron

    Insider2 back to fear monger again, I see.

  72. Yooooopie


    where did you hear from that?

  73. Do tell

    @ Insider2

    You don’t even have to tell us the sources. Just tell us what surprises will be told.

  74. ZB

    see you guys on monday!!!

  75. so

    @ Do tell

    I prefer sources. anyone could make up crap.

  76. WOOT!

    you fools are so gullible. insider2 is a joker, the man is full of bs. stop believing or even taking under consideration everything he says. just prepare to go to school next week for sure.

  77. Do tell

    @ so

    But we all know he won’t give up sources, never has. So he can tell us what will be said and then we’ll know if he’s full of shit or not.

  78. so

    @ WOOT!

    I hear ya.

  79. so

    @ Do tell

    I understand what youre saying. It seems people already know the answer to that.

  80. Do tell



  81. Do tell

    @ so

    Which is?

  82. so

    @ Do tell

    WOOT! has all the answers. Insider2 is just spreading fear. Like WOOT! said, school next week.

  83. Zachary

    @ Do tell

    this is what mcguinty will say…


  84. Yooooopie

    omg.. comments are getting childish
    common guys get real

  85. so

    im not so excited to finish school in June! It’s like high school all over again. But I guess it’s necessary.

  86. york student .. ugh.

    IS there any way i could jus get a refund (how much %?) for my tuition

  87. YS

    @york student..ugh.

    you could drop your winter courses and get your refund for those courses. as for fall and full year courses, i don’t think you’d get any money back, if any.

  88. Yorkie

    I have a feeling the NDP will stall this bill as long as they have to to get a negociated settlement out. Meaning school mid next week. Or the other option, as rumours have it….

  89. Insider2

    Well, we can all wait until tomorrow’s debate, right?

    If you see Mr. McGuinty there (which I am confident you will) then you can be sure about the surprise part.

  90. Zachary


    I HIGHLY doubt we will start school mid-next week. MORE LIKE MONDAY…..

  91. Zachary


    you are annoying.

  92. Insider2

    @ Yorkie

    We will here about the “other” option tomorrow 😉

    I do not think it is a rumour anymore.

  93. Zachary


    okay, do you have any “sources” on who will win the superbowl? because i would like to bet on the steelers and earn some hard cash to make up for my 2 lost months of summer.

  94. so

    there is two options

    1. Back to school Monday

    2. Back to school later next week

    its inevitable.

  95. so

    i will apologise to Insider2 on this site if this big surprise unfolds. But its highly unlikely there will be one.

  96. @so

    you seem like you don’t want to go back to school or something……….

  97. @so

    woops, last comment was meant for Do Tell. my bad.

  98. so

    @ @so

    my profs told me to buckle up and that stress is the least of my worries. Its going to be horrible. workloads, angry TAs and demonstrations everywhere. I want to go back, sure, to get an education, not to be involved in this Cupe vs York stuff.

  99. @so

    i feel you on that. i just want to go back and finish this year. I’m already behind a year in my program.

  100. Yorkie

    We will have to see. Chances are that Cupe and the NDP are going to find out very quickly that York isn’t going to do shit at the bargaining table in the next couple of days, so they may have to resort to other options… or capitulate, they can do that too.

  101. YorkFrustration

    The premier has been in Ottawa receving ontario budget for 2009…..has nobody been watching the news the last 2 days thats the federal budget is the only thing that has been on…..as the premier where else should he be??????

  102. rko

    if a hot girl asks what school I go to, Im not saying York.

  103. insider2

    Fine. I have sources from inside the Liberal party that are telling me that Dalton McGuinty is seriously considering revoking his support for BTWL. Fear about the upcoming Charter Challenge has scared him, and he is unsure as to how to proceed.

    Sorry guys, but our year is probably going to be canceled.

  104. s0

    @york Frustration

    I understand. He should have called back legistlation earlier, thats my point. So he can be present for both.

  105. tester

    I hope all the smart YorkU students are preparing to beg U of T or McGill to accept them.

    We beg for mercy.

    Dammit, just because YorkU is a third-rate school, why do we have to get treated like trash.

  106. so


    u may have answered your own question

  107. RaM

    When will Mcguinty cancel the BTWL?

    I mean, isn’t the year suppose to be cancelled soon…We need to get our money back.

  108. so

    @ RaM

    Its not happening. They aint cancelling the year.

  109. RaM

    I really think YorkU should give a refund to those who do not want return to the university. However, doing such a thing would have to be done in good faith and the university is not capable of such an action.

    If 50% of the population at YorkU left, it would show them a lesson. Man, imagine seeing YorkU squirm. Imagine, seeing that actually have to do something. Just imagine…

  110. so

    i hope the workload is not so bad

  111. Zachary



  112. Aaron

    “Fine. I have sources from inside the Liberal party that are telling me that Dalton McGuinty is seriously considering revoking his support for BTWL. Fear about the upcoming Charter Challenge has scared him, and he is unsure as to how to proceed.

    Sorry guys, but our year is probably going to be canceled.”

    Bullshit. It would be political suicide for him to tamper with students’ and parents’ hopes like that. The Liberals are not stupid. They must have consulted with lawyers were going ahead with BTWL to know if they would be able to pass it.

    Oh shit! I forgot you’re just a troll who wants to frighten people because you’re as bored from sitting at home as the rest of us. Nevermind.

  113. Aaron

    *before going ahead with BTWL legislation

  114. Aaron


    Gah. I’m tired. Goodnight all.

  115. Cupe Doll

    Not that it matters anymore. Just for amusement. These are the sounds of 3903 radical brains frying.

    “So its no news to anyone that even now, in the face of our comrades getting bloodied in the street, that we have internal divisions. As someone pointed out at the GMM today, its healthy adn normal for democratic unions to have internal divisions. Yet our internal divisions are getting intense, to a point in which York is using them, and I dare say that many folks responsible for the divisions probably don’t care one whit. If I’m taken as divisive in making this point, I’ll concede. I was called names by members who were nowhere near people getting beat by cops. I have been bullied by members who have no dedication at all to this union. I give most of my waking hours to thsi union, so at this point, I don’t give a shit. The foks wo whant to talk about a “shouting match on Sentinel” when everyone – everyone – knows I was bullied by a member who has not been seen at any union events beyond the picket ine, has not bothered coming to meetings or to try to give his two cents to the bargaining team, as I have.

    These subversives are promoting the idea – fallacious as it is, that one of the things that was responsible for BTW legislation was putting the U3 minimum demand back on the table. As Jesse Payne pointed out at the Town Hall last night, U3 parity is a longterm project of 3903, and I’m damned proud of my role in helping this effort. As well, I believe that the effort to get the U3 demands back on the table helped make U3 defeat the rat resoundingly. And besides all that, the BT was willing to do the right thing. Now maybe there are folks on the BT who didn’t like hwo things turned out and are claiming that they were pressured, but is this any different than others on any organization who are pressured one way or another? I mean this is what democracy looks like sometimes….

    So to my subject matter – as York used to use divisions between us and undergrads to provoke splits and divisions between us and undergrads, now they are using our internal divisions….and as I said above, it remains to be seen whether those who create these divisiosn by making nonsensical and hyperbolic decisions by virtue of having no doubt sincere disagreements with others on a tactical level- will continue to be as subversive, given that York U is specificaly using the issue of unit 3 minimum demands as showing why we’re stil too greedy (nevermidn that the minimum demand is only the linguistic codification of what we already get!) I certainly know some members with whom I strongly disagree but don’t contribute to these divisions. Yet others act violently and agressive, attempt to make active members uncomfortable on their own picket line, perhaps have even other tricks up their sleeves. This subversion is very disturbing, which leads me to continue to believe that these folks don’t give a shit. They just want the union for themselves, nevermidn the loss. They’re lickign their chops at the prospect of disintegration and a charismatic group comign up from the ashes….

    Lets not let them do it, and lets implore others with whom we disagree not to go down that path.

    We have to remain united.”

  116. Insider2

    @ Aaron

    We will all hear and see tomorrow. Calm down comrade.

  117. Cupe Doll

    The above Cupe Doll is NOT me. People here know I have NOT been using an avatar. Stop impersonating people.

  118. UnderGrad Int'l

    I actually spent time rading all of your comments and they are hilarious. Lol@ Zachary about sources for the superbowl. Lol that one was funny.

    Come on guys, let’s try to lighten up . The thing is in the legislature right now. And hey, isn’t that progress! To me, it’s great progress. Being her every hour on the hour and franticly asking questions about when do you think we’ll be back to school, etc etc, isn’t doing much.

    Just try and attend today’s rally at Queenspark to show your support and just wait until the answer comes. Lighten up. 🙂

  119. UnderGrad Int'l


  120. RaM-original

    Sorry guys, I went overboard with my last post.

    I am really coming across as arrogant.

    After all, this is only a online forum. There is no reason that I should come across as an overly emotional simpleton. My apologies.

    I just need to calm down.

  121. york waited

    as much as this strike inconvenienced me, I am totally against btwl. It’s bullshit. York did not want to work out a deal, they were hoping btwl would occur. now we have angry workers and their rights taken away. Complete bullshit, that york gets to carry on.

  122. priya

    Hello everyone,

    I heard abt some student rally tomorrow? (Wednesday) Any info abt that?

  123. ZB

    @ priya

    you wouldn’t have to be priya rai by any chance would you?

  124. Ram

    Stop it you idiot York students.

  125. Rob

    lol @ priya rai.

    I also believe that while this strike is going to effect all of us negatively whenever we do go back, BTWL is not the answer. Don’t you guys remember seeing all of those media releases from york in November basically stating that “binding Arbitration is the only way to end this strike”? I think it is an excuse for the administration to not bargain.
    I’m not saying that the union is perfect, both sides are at fault in this situation, but BTWL is no way to end this, it solves nothing. When ( I say when, because BTWL is going to pass) BTWL goes into effect, we are going to have a very tense campus, and the next time 3903 has the chance to strike, i believe they will because of the outcome of this strike. Changes need to be made to both the administrations bargaining principles and the union to prevent something like this happening again.
    People saying how they are mad at the NDP for delaying the inevitable, collective bargaining is something they believe in, and they will “stick to their guns” about something like that. Tommy Douglas did the exact same (going against popular support) during the October crisis and while the NDP lost many votes, in hindsight they were right for being against the war measures act.
    Enough of me ranting.

  126. me

    @ insider

    didn’t you predict that pearson wouldn’t work, that big news was coming last fri/sat (btwl announcement) that that wouldn’t work right away (ndp stalling it) that something else (a “challenge” you called it?) was coming down the pike, and that York wants to cancel the year all along?

    I think you might know more than that cupedoll person.

  127. so

    see you all on monday 🙂

  128. LOL

    at Cupe Doll (without picture)

    U just got bagged son, the REAL Cupe Doll has been using an avatar from DAY 1. Infact, there have been questions asked as to whether or not the avatar is Cupe Doll’s picture. People who are used to the REAL Cupe Doll know the answer to that, but that’s beside the point.
    Stop impersonating people and GTFO.

  129. MR Two

    Once again, I have to suggest everyone take a much needed porn break.

  130. The only RaM

    This is getting annoying.

    The person whose name is “The ram genuine” is not actually the original “ram”. They are claiming to be the original “ram”. In fact, it would seem like it is two persons.

    I am the original “ram” and will be referred to as “The only RaM”.

    I ask you all, to consider your actions. Thanks guys!

  131. tester

    Anyone know when school is starting?

  132. Wrong time NDP

    The NDP may have some good points in their debates.
    But this is the wrong time to be doing it.

    Where were they in November to bring all this up??

    They are just delaying the start of the school for york students.

    Right now, their actions and words ARE NOT helping the students….and the students are the ONLY ones that matter right now.

    CUPE wasted their time and now it’s too late.
    While York U have been a terrible party to negotiate with.
    Both sides are responsible.

    Now it doesnt matter anymore what happened, its all about the students.

    CUPE members should rally in front of their offices and demand that their leaders step down, they have let you down.

    NDP keep delaying this process and we know their double standards.
    Liberals acted far too late.
    Conservatives just go with the flow.

    Our parties are all terrible. We need a 4th party in there…but who?

  133. fed up

    Regardless of what happens, and HOW we go back, it isn’t going to be a good atmosphere. I’m so glad that don’t have TAs in my current courses. Here is what one is spouting off about over in the lj community, making it clear that she has no intention of performing her job the way she’s supposed to.

    “I have to agree with the sentiment that there will be many disgruntled 3903’rs, especially if we’re legislated back. I’m so ticked off at York, and sadly it extends to undergrad students because I’ve heard a lot of hateful things expressed in this community and in the media. I’m so disheartened that I know *I’ll* be putting in the bare minimum. ”

    Very professional, imdissertating.

  134. Dd

    insider has been asserting that the year will be canceled since they popped up on this site. He or she doesn’t know more then the rest of us. getting some speculation right doesn’t make it so.

  135. Dd

    if McGuinty goes back and freezes BTWL, there will be a public outcry and even more harsh criticism of the liberals. right now, it’s only the NDP in opposition. he isn’t about to dent his political career because of hampton and his 9 other cronies.

  136. fyork

    it’s not about that.. cupe wants to sue the government if btwl is passed lol this should be turned into a comedy show..

  137. tim

    fed up – I saw that post over at livejournal and skimmed through some of the comments. It’s a bit disheartening to see this type of threat from people who are suppose to be professionals. It’s no picnic being legislated back to work no doubt, but at least have a little dignity about it.

    For someone who was posting in search of support, they sure had some backwards way of going about it. Cupe has consistently demonstrated to undergrad students that their needs, concerns, academic pursuits and lives are at the very bottom of priorities.

  138. TRUTHiness

    This blog sucks!


  139. Opp

    I don’t understand. It is evident that school is resuming on Monday is it not? so why are you ppl still posting up comments and all these bullshit? i don’t get it

  140. Leo

    Lots of snow 🙂

  141. insider2

    Dalton McGuinty is at Queen’s Park today. Expect something big to be announced soon…

  142. sorelle

    so i have a feeling school won’t start on monday because of all the talk about the INJUNCTION.

    what are the possibilities of an injuction happening???

  143. A to the B

    Injunction wont do shit. Insider2 is full of shit. This whole strike is shit. And were going to all have a shitload of work once we get back…SHIT! See you monday.

  144. Lola

    I love how no matter the circumstance Insider2 insists that the year will be lost. lol!

    go find something better to do you tool

  145. Cupe Doll

    Yay! Us 3903s are finally getting back to what we’re actually good at. What even we can’t screw up. Interfering with traffic:

    “It’s not okay for cops to beat our members. It’s not okay for cops to point tasers at our members heads. It’s not okay for cops to shove, push, yell, insult, and injure our members.

    We have defied York University, we have defied the Government of Ontario, and today we defied the Toronto Police. To be sure, the 52 division pigs are more fascistic than most, and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the beat down peaceful protesters and, though I’d hope otherwise, I doubt it’ll be the last.

    Cops are pigs. Most of us inhabit positions of relative privilege that enable us to see cops as protectors of our interests and our security. For marginalized, racialized, poor persons and communities throughout the city, province, country, this is nowhere near the case. Police brutality is not the exception, it is the norm. Whether it’s provincial police brutalizing indigenous resisters, or city police brutalizing racialized communities while pretending to target criminal activity, cops are lying pigs. It becomes more than evident whose side they are on when a moment of crisis ensues and one’s interests — however temporarily — stand in opposition to those of the white colonial capitalist state and its principals and agents.

    That’s what we saw today.

    Cops are pigs. This is a structural relationship. It has nothing to do, necessarily, with individual cops (whose individual level of piggishness can be determined in the moment). Cops are pigs. And, sorry, this is probably an undue insult to swine.

    Fuck the police.”

  146. article

    York parents anti-strike blogJust another WordPress.com weblog
    Parents need to get active on York U strike
    with one comment

    As parents of a York U student in Toronto, we believe it is time for parents to put pressure on all sides – the university, the striking union and the Ontario government – to get this strike resolved. No one seems to be listening to 50,000 students: Parents need to become vocal and visible in supporting students and ending this strike.

    What can you do?

    York parents and students: Contact the university President Mamdouh Shoukri (mshoukri@yorku.ca) and CUPE 3903 (3903hq@gmail.com). Let them know you want this issue resolved immediately. Tell them how this strike has affected your view of York. Let them know if you are thinking of switching universities.

    E-mail Premier Dalton McGuinty at http://www.premier.gov.on.ca/feedback/default.asp to let him know you want this strike ended even if it means the government must intervene and enact back-to-work legislation.

    York students: Use your Facebook and other contacts to let students at your past high school know about your experience at York; encourage them to find out what is happening at York and to think twice about choosing York as a university.


    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    Media release: York Parents need to step up to the plate
    York says classes not likely this week
    What Happened Today
    York Chooses 50th Anniversary Celebrations over Classes
    Written by dagmarkanzler

    January 12, 2009 at 2:51 pm
    Posted in Uncategorized
    Think twice about York U as a university choice »
    One Response to ‘Parents need to get active on York U strike’
    Subscribe to comments with RSS or TrackBack to ‘Parents need to get active on York U strike’.

    I am glad to see that parents of York students are finally getting active. It has now been two months since the inception of the strike by CUPE 3093 at York University. Like many parents and families, we have sat back monitoring the proceedings in the hopes that logic would prevail and the strike would end in a reasonable time. This has not happened. It is now time for the 50,000 impacted York University students and their families to get involved and to have their voices heard. The strike needs to end and it is time for the Ontario government to step in. I urge all York U families to write to your MPP and Dalton McGuinty.

    As a result of this strike, I, like many other parents, have lost faith in the education process at York University. I question why my son should remain at York if this is what the future holds. I also question what the quality of the education that my son will get from his first year. At this point, it looks as if he may have to start his first year of university again in September. If that is the case, I feel that YORK should not only refund the full tuition amount paid but full costs incurred for residence, meals, books, etc. that have been paid in good faith. To date, it has cost us over $13,000 for our son’s first year at YORK. This does not even take into consideration, how much my son will lose personally as a result of losing a year of study. The prospects of York students obtaining any part-time job during the remainder of the school year (if classes do resume) will be very grim because of the added classes and schoolwork that will be necessary to make up for the lost time. To the extent that classes continue into the early summer, all the possible summer jobs will be gone. That’s additional income losses for both the students and their parents.

    I am amazed that both YORK and the UNION did not resolve this issue in a reasonable and timely fashion. While the 50,000 or more students are going to suffer from this strike, so too will YORK and the UNION from a reduction in enrollment and thus a reduction in needed T.A.’s, respectively. No one will be a winner.

    This strike has had and will have an impact on our lives. My son is now despondent and worries if he will get accepted in another university for Fall 2009 and how will he earn the money he needs. The excitement and thrill of my son’s first year at University has been destroyed. What a shame and what a mess, all caused by greed.

  147. Cupe Doll

    And this is from a 3903 member who believes us 3903s should be more responsible. What a maroon. It’s almost like he regrets the way we’ve rolled back the entire Canadian labour movement and totally crippled ourselves:

    “Myself, and about 40-50 other 3903 members from several departments and faculties, walked out of yesterday’s GMM in protest over the GMM’s refusal to pass a motion condemning any illegal activities when we are legislated back to
    work, most notably an illegal ‘wildcat’ strike.
    I felt that the failure of the motion was about equivalent of endorsing a wildcat strike. Our leadership has equivocated on this issue. We have an ‘official’ position that CUPE does not endorse illegal activities when we are legislated back to work. However, there seems to be an ‘unofficial’ position that we will in fact break the law. This cute attempt to elide the legality of the back-to-work legislation will not pass muster with the courts. It is also a reckless and irresponsible course of action that will negatively affect this
    local, its members, and the labour movement in Ontario more generally.
    Moving in the direction of illegal action would bankrupt this union and subject participating members to serious financial hardship, to say nothing of the possibility of criminal charges and later academic reprisals. The individual fines in the event of a wildcat are up to $2,000 per day and the union can face up to $25,000. We cannot, as individuals, nor as a union, afford those levels of fines at this time. Our Chair was unable or unwilling to present us with the financial update on our local that we requested, but we have reason to believe that the local’s finances are not on good footing at all. I am not, under the circumstances we face, prepared to bankrupt the union for this cause, nor am I prepared to pay greatly inflated union dues down the line to cover any debts we might incur from fines. It would be irresponsible to do so.
    Moreover, I cannot endorse a course of action that would de-legitimate the union’s important status as a legally recognized collective bargaining agent. The labour movement in Ontario fought hard to get laws that protect collective bargaining. The law does not always work in our favour – but we bargain collectively because of the law. It is unnecessary and irresponsible to take this legally legitimate entity, CUPE 3903, and move it in the direction of becoming an outlaw organization that violates the law. I firmly believe that CUPE 3903 is, and should continue to be a labour union, not an extra-legal catch-all protest agent. There are other organizations that serve these causes amply. We can work in concert with them if we so choose.
    I felt yesterday’s decision to walk out was the correct one. It sent a strong message. I wanted to make sure that anyone in agreement with that message, but not attending the GMM, was fully aware of the situation. Best wishes to all as we move forward in the next week.

  148. QueensPark

    What a wonderful debate…Suddenly the MPPs decided that talking about YorkU is a waste of time, considering the bill will pass for sure. Let’s just talk about “other” issues which actually “matter”.

  149. article

    CUPE DOLL….IT’S MORON, NOT MAROON..you really do need an education…put as much into your spelling, wording, etc., and cut the cuss words and don’t diss the cops….get off your computer like a good little girl, and go volunteer somewhere until this strike is settled…you are taking up valuable space…….

  150. fracas

    CUPEdoll, how about a modicum of balance in your ‘sinside coop’ on 3903 discussions? if you’re going to post messages intended for 3903 members on this list, how about posting all of them? both messages you posted seem like responses to previous comments. in fact, the first message speaks to the divisions emanating in the local, i gather based on things people have been saying in gmms and listserves. how about posting the messages that don’t conform to your preferred representation of the membership as one big ‘loco’ group? would it undermine your own caricature of the union?

    right now, you’re really acting as a salacious gossip-monger, but without even trying to give ALL the gossip – just the juicy details that serve as ‘evidence’ of your narrative of the union. how exactly is that relevant/useful to the students that you keep claiming are the reason why you are here?

  151. Do tell

    @ article

    Maroon is an insult, you jackass. Didn’t you ever watch Bugs Bunny cartoons?

  152. article

    nope, spend my time reading…

  153. boomer

    “That means the legislation may not become law until Thursday, and students will have to wait until next week to return to class.” WE ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK PPL

  154. disaffected yufite

    Well, Insider 2 might be disappointed after seeing the Premier stand up again this morning for BTWL despite Howard Hampton’s probing questions re: Shoukri having “blown off” McGuinty’s phone call requesting further negotiations.

    If the morning session ended with the vote on the 2nd reading and then sending the bill to the social policies committee, how much more time does that give the opposition to repeat their objections to BTWL? Are we going to end up being closer to the 1-2 week delay McGuinty initially forecast? And could it be that the NDP will talk long enough that the restart date will be pushed back beyond Feb. 2?

  155. baby

    what is this commitee people talk of? i thought that the bill would pass tomorrrow and become law…does it have to go to a commitee?

  156. fed up

    @waitandwatch, isn’t it interesting how Dr. O’Reilly makes NO mention of the 50,000 students that have been affected by this strike? Obviously, they don’t count.

  157. Bobert

    sending it through committee allows them to make amendments to it… another stalling tactic

  158. disaffected yufite

    If that’s the big surprise Insider 2 mentions — that the NDP will use every tactic available to them to delay passage of BTWL — then it’s not much of a surprise. They’ll drag this out every minute they possibly can.

  159. There’s snow joke about all of this.

    I love seeing how apeshit people are getting over comments here.

  160. Mike Oxbig

    sup dawgs

  161. aRt

    hey guys… just wondering… what happens if the union challenges the government in court?? does it affect our strike situation??

  162. Dd


    They have to wait to BTWL passes in order to challenge it in court.

    So, if they succeed, we go back to class and have the carpet pulled out from under us.

    The NDP is probably stalling to allow union lawyers prep time to challenge this right away.

    Slim chance they succeed??

  163. MR Two

    I still think McGuinty is a flaming douche.

  164. Tim

    This deadlock isn’t as unilateral as the union is claiming. Deciding to bargain at the last minute because of the threat of BTWL is not an escape plan.

  165. ystudent

    If the union files an injunction will the strike be prolonged?

  166. Dd

    strike is only prolonged if they are granted the injunction.

  167. Cupe Doll

    @Dd: “Slim chance they succeed??”

    Vanishingly slim. Everyone knows how and why we 3903s refused to bargain over 80 days. That’s why our 3903 lawyer advised us to take the deal just before BTWL was introduced.

    Besides. The challenge will take years. Totally irrelevant to this strike. But Sid has to try. Otherwise, there’s a chance future employers will try to get future governments to intervene with BTWL instead of bargaining.

    Sid has no choice. We 3903s abused collective bargaining so badly, the government had no option but to intervene. And now, the whole Canadian labour movement is flipping. Because government intervention to stop 3903 abuses might be used against more legitimate and genuine future collective bargaining.

    Chances are the courts will do the least they need to distinguish how real the deadlock was — and how loco the 3903 local been and continues being. This will satisfy the labour movement that government intervention won’t apply to every local — just ones that go loco like 3903.

  168. me

    @ tim
    the union has been willing to bargain the whole time. even if york deemed their demands “unreasonable” they could have sat down and gone through the motions. who cares if it wasted their time? what are high-paid middle-managers at York doing anyways, if school’s not in session? plus the whole Christmas thing looks pretty bad..york.took three weeks off. and they delayed the forced ratification vote? c’mon, york hasn’t been trying.

    does anyone besides me find it hilarious and kind of gross that york just started a phd program in ‘human resources management’? i’m sure that’s worth a lot in the field!

  169. RR

    how many accounts do you have on here? You have one with that person in the picture, and then one with a little doll…..are you 2 accounts or are there two of you?

  170. yorkyork

    Many immigrants spend 50 per cent of income on housing.

    i think a 2 year old kid could come up with shit like that. What a uni…

  171. @Anna
    yes i am serious, york has refused to bargain or make an offer to advance negotiations all month, they knew the forced rat vote would fail in an attempt to get the attention of the premier and force binding arbitration on the union instead of sitting down and making a fair counter offer to any of the revised offers CUPE has made. They had a specific strategy to avoid submission and it is working and i cant believe how many people out there advocate such an underhanded strategy. The bottom line is BTWL is not right and it makes this entire strike a waste of time for the union members who deserve fair compensation and benefits for their work. I believe the debt is worth knowing that our system works… but this is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own…

  172. york sux

    will the bill receive royal assent on the same day of the third reading? does anyone know what is going on in the legislature today?

  173. cupe moderate

    Cupe Doll seems to enjoy her status as the ‘rogue insider’, champion of the victimized students.

    I can tell you that you are right to suspect that she’s giving you a pretty limited ‘insider’s view’ of the union, selecting the most extreme examples and versions of events.

    For example, I was at the meeting yesterday. I did not see forty people walk out in protest. Maybe this did happen, but it wasn’t very noticeable. Furthermore, the message that Cupe Doll shares with you suggests that we refused to rule out illegal action because we do indeed want to pursue illegal actions right now, in this strike. That’s not the reason that most people voted down that resolution – and I was one of those who voted against it. The problem that we had with that resolution is that we do believe that sometimes, in the right circumstances, it is necessary to break a bad law. Think of the civil rights movement. This is NOT to say that we advocate breaking any laws today. But it seemed too hasty in the present stressful moment to pass such a precedent-setting motion without having more time to think carefully about its future implications.

    The sense that I get is that very, very few union members favour the idea of a wildcat strike. The discussion is almost entirely about legal challenges to the legislation, and work-to-rule options if we are forced back to work.

    By the way, I am a course instructor, and I will not engage in any work-to-rule actions that further harm the students. But I will seek ways to protest back-to-work legislation which I firmly believe is unconstitutional. (How ironic that CUPE’s under the spotlight right now just because a small number of members are *discussing* a wildcat strike… when meanwhile the Government of Ontario is passing a law that almost certainly violates the Canadian Charter of Rights. University students might be terribly inconvenienced right now, but come on, university is NOT an ‘essential service’ like hospitals or transit or garbage collection. Even McGuinty was saying a short while ago that back-to-work legislation might be illegal. So who’s the real threat to law and order here?)

    As for the message that Cupe Doll shared with you from a member who’s ranting against the ‘pigs’, sure, that’s extreme. But I know one of the people who got arrested. She’s an intelligent and sensitive person. She’s a young mother. She did NOT attack the police. Anyone who has any experience with protests knows that, if a cop pushes you, YOU might get charged with assaulting a police officer. The police charge you first, as a preemptive measure, in order to justify their own act of aggression. Anyone who’s a visible minority also knows that you should take the police version of events with more than a grain of salt. It’s not to say that all cops are bad. I had my house broken into last year, and I was really grateful to the cops who came, they were really decent. But then, I’m a white middle-class guy living in a ‘good’ neighbourhood, so I’m not the best judge of police decency because I’m unlikely to experience them at their worst. The same cops who came to my house might behave like complete pricks when they’re dealing with people whom they regard as ‘deadbeats’ or ‘commies’ or ‘gays’ or racial minorities. Anger with the police is sometimes expressed in an over-the-top manner, but it is definitely understandable.

    If one day a court rules that the Premier of Ontario acted illegally in passing this back-to-work legislation… will we see the Toronto cops grab him off the street, rough him up and throw him into the back of a cruiser?

  174. Danny

    CUPE people just give up already. I don’t care if York wasn’t willing to bargain. Who gives a F— We are going back to school! That’s what matters

  175. Cupe Doll

    @Danny: “CUPE people just give up already. I don’t care if York wasn’t willing to bargain. Who gives a F— ”

    3903s can’t give up, Danny. Every time I post anything reminding how radical and ideological 3903s are? 3903s have got to come back with how unfair and one sided my posts are.

    They have no choice. Because what I post builds on my original thesis. Which was that bargaining was deadlocked from day 1 (!) because how ideological 3903 is.

    Every time I bring up more evidence how and why collective bargaining was so hopelessly deadlocked this strike? 3903s have got to say I’m wrong.

    Why do 3903s have to say I’m wrong — like, pretty much every time I post now? Because what I post is not just widely available at this open forum as a matter of public record — but also because pretty much everyone reads what gets posted here.

    And it matters. If I’m right then not only is there a clear, simple explanation how much deadlock there was this strike — but also why the deadlock persisted no matter what. And, if so — if the deadlock really was so extreme that there was nothing York could have offered, short of its own destruction, that 3903 would have accepted? If that’s true then, obviously, Sid Ryan’s challenge of the upcoming BTWL won’t have a screwball’s change in hell of succeeding.

    So that’s who gives a F–. 3903s must establish a credible narrative explaining away the deadlock as if it never happened. Not just 3903s. All of CUPE.

  176. ZB


    what happened to your “sources” buddy? HUH?

  177. j. king

    I too was at the meeting yesterday……a majority of the membership is against wildcat ….. not surprising since, like myself, the majority of membership is moderate (yes cupe doll– most of us are moderates!)

  178. Cupe Doll

    How would you even distinguish moderates from radicals? Point is we’ve got a unifying radical ideology — there can be no question our struggle is against neo-liberalism — and we trust in our ideology such that those most radical in it get voted most likely to lead us.

    Subject to our radical ideology, we set out to cripple York — and succeeded crippling ourselves instead.

    Now, subject to our radical leadership, we have reached the point of no return. We’ve gone so far beyond refusing to bargain — all the way to struggling against the police, the law and the government of Ontario.

    In November I predicted the sides would reach no settlement due to irreconcileable ideological difference. I also predicted neither side would capitulate the ideological war. And since then I’ve been explaining how and why the sides were deadlocked from day 1.

    Now it’s time for another prediction. The final outcome of our 3903 debacle.

    3903 will be thrown under the bus by absolutely everyone. Including CUPE National.

    Why? Because Canadian labour must now ensure governments and employers will not abuse BTWL against future locals genuinely bargaining in good faith. When challenging the BTWL, 2 outcomes would satisfy this need. Either a finding by courts that there was no real deadlock — hence that BTWL was wrongly applied; or, a finding by courts that there was a deadlock — and that BTWL must only be carefully applied when deadlock becomes as clear, obvious and incontrovertible as it was between 3903 and York.

    The courts will find there was the most incontrovertible deadlock in this case. And at that point all sides will agree what unique sh!ts we 3903s have been — in order to ensure BTWL never gets drafted against locals bargaining in genuinely good faith. Or even against locals striking out totally unreasonably. Just so long they won’t be the unique sh!ts we’ve been.

    We 3903s are going to be made an example of. And, if I’m right? The longer it will take the challenge to wend its way through the courts, the happier we ought to be.