Follow the York University strike debate at Queen’s Park

You can follow the Live Blog from Sarah Millar who is following the debate in the Legislature on the York University strike here.


Or watch the live video feed from Queen’s Park by going here.



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62 responses to “Follow the York University strike debate at Queen’s Park

  1. (:)=^

    I love Sarah Miller

  2. Yuggoth

    So I think it’s on to the 3rd reading then?

  3. Yuggoth

    you dumb

  4. Queen's Park Webcast

    What the F, did it go through the third reading or not, I can’t see the bottom of Sarah’s blog!

  5. Commuter

    This was a vote on the closure motion that Mr. Bryant formulated today… NOT the third reading. The vote for the closure motion passed, 42 to 8.

    This means that there is no more debate to be allowed about BTWL.

    The third reading vote will be tomorrow, and the bill will pass.

    Back to school on Monday.

  6. Queen's Park Webcast

    Thanks Commuter!

  7. TRUTH

    My fellow Canadians,
    I had the honor of serving your interests for the duration of this strike, and let me say that I enjoyed it to the fullest. Along with CUPE and students, we fought a 3 months strike against the capitalist monster of York university. Our motives were simple, freedom, justice, equality and fairness. We hold hands and we stood strong; together we redefined the word solidarity and gave it a face. The message of the union is the same one that has been going for many years, to protect the rights of defenseless citizens and to keep them from the ruthless hands of imperialist corporations and their ultra right wing friends

    After many hours of counseling with my advisors and friends from CUPE, I realized I no longer have enough political power to continue with my decisions. Hereby I, TRUTH, shall resign from my position. I’m not a quitter and never will be, but my first and foremost goal has always been serving the interests and needs of people and especially students. To stay true to my goals, I think it’s best for me to step down at this critical moment. I want to personally thank each and one of you for your warm support and posts. This journey would have not been possible without your dedication and desire

    This by no means signals the ending of our movement. On the contrary, it is the ending of a beginning. In 2010, CUPE in Ontario shall fight again and like today, we will give it all we can to win the fight against the imperialists

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  8. CUPE greed fail

    lol@TRUTH is by far the most entertaining person on this site.

    I hope we can be friends in real life hahahaha!

  9. TRUTH

    I’m an idiot child with little on my mind
    I’m an idiot

    I love attention
    please look at me, love me

    I’m so lonely…

  10. CUPE greed fail

    err… maybe not…

  11. I don’t get it. If they vote tomorrow, won’t NAYS still count? What’s the point of voting if it’s going to pass anyway?

  12. Viva CUPE

    @ TRUTH

    You’re absolutely right by the decision you’re undertaking. I am just a first year undergrad student but I see this whole strike from a broader perspective: York IS a capitalist monster. The most ideal move, the most revolutionary and actually legal action that all you 3903 members could undertake to get a quick response would be to quit your jobs. All 3 000 of you, quit. In fact, I hope that there’s CUPE members on this site that could propose this idea to Sid Ryan. York University would worship you to return and reconsider. In fact you would likely attain what you’ve been fighting for over the last three months.

    I hate the idea of having to return on Monday into an environment that will be bitter. As a student, I don’t see myself getting a quality education in such a tainted environment. This BTWL is like a poison rendering the fight of the 3903’s useless, meaning we the student body have been at home in vain because you did not achieve what you fought for.

  13. TRUTH

    The above TRUTH is not me

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  14. Viva CUPE

    I was referring to the real TRUTH, by the way.

  15. How likely are we to get the 12% refund proposed by YFS? I know the York spokesperson said that’s out of the question but will they change their mind about it?

  16. TRUTH

    Due to the recent unfoldings of the Liberal imposed back to work legislation, I have decided to end my fight against capitalism.

    Today, for the first time, I took off my Che Guevara t-shirt. I then proceeded to wipe my ass with it, all while smoking on a marijuana cigarette.
    To all my fellow comrades, I suggest you do the same, for the first time in my life I am free from the socialist monster.

    Viva la Capitalism
    No CUPE No

  17. TRUTH

    The above TRUTH is not me.
    The capitalist supporters at York obviously have me in their sights.

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  18. TRUTH

    Seriously guys I’m done! I hope I entertained you thus far. I had a lot of time on my hands (thanks York!) and playing an uber Socialista was a lot of fun. I’m glad this all worked out, and just so you all know, I hated CUPE all along. Although it was fun to find solidarity songs and a whole lot of poems to post up here and aggravate you all with!

    Cheers guys, It was fun while it lasted. And for those who took me seriously, HA HA HA.

    One last time…

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE GO

  19. so

    see you all on monday 🙂

  20. Yooooopie


  21. so

    only a matter of time

  22. Hamptons

    YES THE BILL PASSED. Channel 105 on rogers cable. Like we all knew in for the last week, class will begin monday.See you Then

  23. so

    if it just passed, see you friday.

  24. msk

    Where does it say that the bill just passed???

  25. RR

    you guys are idiots, 3rd reading tomorrow, it will pass then

  26. Yooooopie

    Source please?

  27. msk

    Please don’t make up stuff.

  28. It hasn’t passed yet. The third and final reading is tomorrow and there’s a 99% chance it will pass. School will start on Monday.

  29. so

    @ Hamptons

    Source please.

  30. Yorkie

    So, no more debates? They can’t even debate at the third reading?

  31. CapitalisWarrior

    I’m sad, very very sad that greed and money overpower honesty and purity in this confused world. However, I fought till the very last breathe, and I assure you, my brave friends, we didn’t lose. We might have lost a fight, but by no means did we lose the war. Not yet. Not yet.
    See you all in 2010. We shall bring capitalist pigs down!

    @ TRUTH
    Comrade, it was truly an honour to fight by your side.
    Viva la Revolution

  32. hmmm.

    definitely back on monday!!! cupe’s not opposing BTWL.


    Get working 😉

  34. Wow. Looks like this is going to be one of my last posts here than. Honestly guys, this goes out to everyone who has posted here, thanks. You have all done a lot to keep me and everyone else posted. I love you all.

  35. Yorkie

    Normally I would have a lab on Monday night, do we just go to Monday classes, or do we use that virtual day crap?

  36. Yooooopie

    when are we getting offical return to school notice?

  37. TRUTH

    The war is over….

  38. Andrew

    @wait and watch

    Holy shit. I thought you were totally making that up, but the Star has already picked up the story.

    Between that and the government’s closure motion, it’s over! School’s back on Monday.

  39. Yorkie

    How do Monday classes work? Just regular Monday scheduel?

  40. To HELL with YORK

    Last post for me! See everyone on Monday. Been nice watching the war from the sidelines with fellow students.


    Regular schedule homie – none of that virtual day stuff

  42. @To HELL with York

    Same here! This will be my last post..I hope!

  43. ZB

    The real mother fuckin “TRUTH” is PAUL PIERCE fools!

  44. Yorkie

    Prepare for lower grades people…. Enjoy.

    The only good thing about this now is that we won’t be going to school throughout July.

  45. Confused and Scared

    I have labs on monday… Do i on monday?

  46. B

    to Student for Social RIghts:

    no you idiot that doesn’t mean everyone is going to die in three years you stupid shit.

  47. Yorkie

    @Confused and Scared

    I know, I have an Animal Bio lab on Monday nights, I guess you just go then…

  48. Yuggoth

    Louisq and your dumb friend whom you’re defending.

    That comment about the Chinese was vaguely racist and unecessary. There is no point in mentioning it even as trivia, as this is not the time and the place. Not to mention his comments about Chinese in other posts. Now, I am not Chinese, but I have friends who are and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate the stereotype of ‘oh, there’s sooo many of them… taking over etc’. Your comments can be construed as racist and hateful if not for innocent shit-disturbing. Choose the right forum, like a comedy stage to air your half-baked jokes. I only wish you luck, there are tougher crowds than the Chinese out there…

  49. Kiara

    York University union says it won’t wage legal battle over back-to-work bill

    TORONTO — The union representing striking workers at York University now says it won’t pursue a legal challenge of provincial legislation that would force teachers back to work.

    Union officials had said earlier today they were preparing a legal challenge, but later released a statement saying they have decided against pursuing such action.

    CUPE Local 3903 spokesman Tyler Shipley says the decision was made in order to get tens of thousands of students back in classes that have been cancelled since Nov. 6.

  50. Lets celebrate! This is the best revenge I could ever ask for! CUPE thought they were smart like a fox…but they weren’t. Ha ha ha. They made hell for us students and now they get practically nothing! I couldn’t ask for more……I think I’m gonna cry…..whooohoooooooooooooo!!! YEA BABY YEA!!!

  51. ….and screw York as well.

  52. Pissed

    So that’s what students get after three months. Thanks to the stupidity of CUPE, we have to let go for our education for three months and stay home. We had to disrupt all of our plans for the summer and future so CUPE could go on strike. Now we have to get back, study under a heavier load and potentially lose marks. Thanks again to CUPE so they could practice socialism

    Now here is the best part. At the end, it all ends for nothing. We got fucked for NOTHING. We got fucked so bunch of hippies could sing songs and practice revolutionary methods. That’s the most absurd and selfish that I have ever seen. How selfish and ideological are you CUPE? And before I go on, let me say FUCK York as well. Not that they cared for students or anything so I have no sympathy for them either

    But I’m angry at CUPE. I’m angry that I have to lose my time, disrupt my education, stay home for three months and at the end work harder to pay the price for their stupid strike

    CUPE you also made other unions look bad. Your actions and the whole BTWL will make it difficult for other unions in future who may go on strike for right reasons (unlike yours which was dominated by ideology)


  53. Your TA

    If you think I was in a bad mood before…wait until you see me on Monday.

  54. york sux

    alright…bye then guys….i guess we will all c each other on monday! adios!

  55. Your Graduate Advisor

    Remediation is for undergraduates. Prepare yourselves, unit 1 and 3 CUPE members, for a fun ride.

  56. YorkFrustration

    lets be realistic….cupe isn’t fighting it because they have no case….in order for the BTWL to get this far it had to be deemed nesscary…meaning they have exhausted all other options….what case could cupe possibly have

    1. they had almost 80 days to neoigate
    2. they turn down a majority of deals
    3. the other side is now refusing to go back to the table
    4. this mess has been publicized and cupe has been demonized
    5. angry parents, profs and students
    6. the mess with 4 ppl being arrested

    no court is gonna rule in their favour but i like how they made it seem like it was their choice to back down….lol

  57. Louisq

    To Yuggothic:

    As a white individual I must defend and notify the fellow members that the land of China is hiding a disease that will make history in the future

  58. blushblog

    yeah i’m pissed too because i can’t apply for summer research positions and other good jobs because they all start may 4th and we’re in school till june 2nd. woot. thanks york and cupe for ruining our lives.

    when they say 2010, do they mean january or september?

  59. Alan

    where can I get conselling?
    for the past few days I had bad dreams about failing my courses….
    I am terrified….
    What can i do? Of course I’ll study but I have no confidence on getting good marks at all…
    Can someone help me or give me any suggestions?

  60. Deborah

    It’s all pr move. Cupe saying ” oh we want our students back” .. pr. and bullshit.