OSAP Discussions

A lot of you, I am sure, are concerned about your OSAP and loan process. I set up this page so you can have a space to discuss what is happening with others. Keep it clean and please keep your posts concerned with OSAP. All unrelated and unproductive posts that deviate from the topic of OSAP will be relocated to the main board. 


Cheers YorkStrike2008


68 responses to “OSAP Discussions

  1. F-Ed Up

    A note on appointments:

    Since all students will be required to pick up their second installment of OSAP in-person on campus (at either Keele or Glendon), I strongly recommend booking an appointment ASAP.

    Here’s the link for Keelers: http://www.appointmentquest.com/provider/2050057922

  2. Marj

    pick up effective what date? Jan. 5?? thanks

  3. hoho

    does anyone when the last day they give out the sfp bursary??

    i seem to have not gotten it this year 😦

  4. Sunkiss11

    For Glendon students, the OSAP ‘guy in the hall’ will only be there (from 10-3) until the end of this week, with the possibility of 3 extra days next week depending on how busy it gets.

  5. CanCan

    Here’s York’s link on this matter.
    There’s a small tracker link under the big pink remainder. I almost missed it hahah just letting everyone know.


  6. Woot

    I went yesterday and there was NO line up! Do you really want to wait for the strike to end and line up with everyone else? Most likely the strike will be ending soon, mine as well stay on campus and study!

  7. sewmenniand

    There are 5 houses in five different colors
    In each house lives a different nationality.
    These 5 owners drink a certain beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet.
    No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage.

    The CLUES:

    The Brit lives in the Red house.
    The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
    The Dane Drinks tea.
    The Green House is on the left of the White House.
    The Green House’s owner drinks coffee.
    The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
    The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
    The man in the center house drinks milk.
    The Norwegian lives in the first house.
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    The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
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    The German smokes Prince.
    The Norwegian lives next to the Blue House.
    The man who smokes Blends has a neighbor who drinks water.

    Who owns the fish?

  8. FedUp

    Could it be the German who happens to smoke Prince? >.<

  9. hmmm

    this is a hard puzzle…. I think is going to take me until 2010 to get it done…………..lol

    nah I am kidding….

    the neightbor who drinks water!!!

  10. Aaron

    Yeah, definitely get your documents now. Get it out of the way before the line-ups inevitably come.

  11. theowne

    That was one of my homework questions! (In Discrete Math). So happy when I solved it. But it was different items.

  12. Caragh

    Okay, I got the email – about 3 times.
    I go to the link, that likes to that section of York’s website that connects with York’s student document services, but it says I have absolutely no financial documents available.
    Is anyone else have trouble with this? It doesn’t seem right, I mean I keep getting the email from them, and it was supposed to be released Jan 5…


  13. OSAP

    @ Caragh.
    Same here, I’ve got NO documents available!! and i have no clue wats going on…that is really scaring me…i hope i get them before strike ends cause i dont wanna wait in freaken’ long liness… :S

  14. arghhh

    “You currently have no documents available – please check back regularly.”

    This shit is really scaring the hell out of me!!!

  15. theowne

    Call York. I applied late to OSAP and even I already got my OSAP documents.

  16. Face of a Closer

    Anyone getting the Millennium Bursary listen up:

    If you don’t pick your shit up by Friday (ie. the 23rd), they might turn the bursary into a loan.

  17. Aaron

    So uh, what’s everyone planning to do about their OSAP running out around April if the year gets extended into May or June?

  18. confused :s

    I plan on dropping out nd hopefully starting fresh next year can some one pls tell me the process which i will hav to go through with regards to osap… thanks 🙂

  19. celine

    @face for closer
    we must pick up the cheque for milennium bursary before Feb 20, 2009 and cash it before July 5, 2009.Cheques become invalid if they are not cashed within six months of their date of issue, and are NOT re-issued.

  20. Banjo Playing d00d

    I called the financial services office today, and was told on the phone that if I don’t pick it up by January 23rd – they might take away the millennium bursary. I’m going to err on the side of caution here, because I can’t afford to throw $3K away based on a posting on an internet forum. If you could link me to something more official, then I could save myself a waste of 3 hours tomorrow trying to get this shit done.

  21. Banjo Playing d00d

    I am also Face of a Closer.

  22. transfer student who regrets transferring

    So, if you pick up your winter OSAP – York takes away any money owed to your student account. Its not negotiable. Even though the money isn’t due, they take it. It’s BS.

  23. natalia

    !! The Brit has the fish

  24. Dominique

    Yeah, I got my loan and they made me pay the remainder on my account.. total BS. Does anyone here have loans from out of province i.e. not OSAP? Does anyone know about re-assessments that will help pay for rent for the extra time we are in school during our “summer”?

  25. Need a proxy site to unblock at school and colleges..

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