What you can do

ePetition and downloadable version for circulation

Hey guys, a member of our community here has started a petition that she plans to deliver to the Senate Executive Meeting. She has worked very hard on it and if you can do nothing else, sign it. If you are feeling ambitious you can print it off and get lots of signatures, shoot me an email and I will arrange it so that the organiser of this petition can get your sheets ASAP. 

You can sign the online petition here: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/voice4us/petition.html

Please circulate it as much as possible. It only takes a few moments. 


The petition and an information sheet are linked here below:




Please support one of our own trying to assert some leadership and power for us in these dreadful times.

Petition for a Resolution Before January


Copy and paste:


I am a York student writing to ask for an immediate return to the negotiating
table so that we can get back to classes. The last five weeks have certainly
compromised the fall semester, and I do not what to have my Winter semester
compromised as well.

Many of us have made sacrifices, taken loans, put careers on hold to go back to
school and moved half way across the country to study at York. This is all real
life that cannot be put on hold for indefinite number of weeks. Please do not
have us regret choosing York as our preferred university and start looking into
transfer and withdrawal options.

We came to university to study, and are paying tuition in exchange for receiving
education in our chosen fields. This strike is more than an inconvenience, it is
a  breach of contract between students and university caused by the current
labour dispute. Such conflicts should not be allowed to interfere with student
education, and in the same spirit that Schulich and Osgoode are continuing
their graduate program teaching, so should the entire university.

I respectfully, yet strongly request that the University and the Union return to the
negotiating table and reach an agreement before Christmas, so that our next
semester would not be jeopardized as well.

Kindest regards,
Student: ________


Email to: 






Mass Email Protest

Here is a PDF version of the letter demanding government intervention and the mass email address list of all Provincial MPPs and City of Toronto Councillors. 





This is a list of all projects, efforts and agency undertaken by students concerning this strike. YorkStrike2008, its owners and affiliates are not represented by the views expressed in the above documents. We are not responsible for the use and or implications of any such use.


5 responses to “What you can do

  1. Jafac

    I wonder if we’ll get a reply…

  2. Saba

    I got a reply but only to tell me that I will not get a reply unless I’m from the Brampton area. =)

    Talk about losing faith.

  3. DCB

    I got the same “only from Brampton” reply. At least that MPP has someone who checks her e-mail.

  4. Susan

    I’ve written to McGuinty and my local mpp; no response. I am incredibly frustrated not only by the disruption to my daughter’s education, but because of the money we’re wasting on food and rent. I’ve asked the University who is going to reimburse us for these expenses? Our daughter lives in the village w/ 4 other friends. Had we known she wouldn’t be in classes, she could have stayed home and worked. Is anyone else in this predicament?

  5. poor student

    everyone is in that predicament!!!