York U won’t bargain – CUPE 3903 takes the high road, will not pursue lawsuit to allow a resumption of classes

TORONTO, Jan. 28 /CNW Telbec/ – After waiting in vain for the past critical day and a half for York University to negotiate an eleventh hour settlement, the union representing striking contract professors and teaching, graduate and research assistants says it is shifting gears and preparing for members to return to the classroom. “It is obvious that the York administration has no desire, indeed has never intended to reach a negotiated settlement,” said CUPE 3903 spokesperson Tyler Shipley. “We have done everything in our power to stand up for the quality and accessibility of education at York in this round of negotiations but, for now, it’s time to get our students back to class. Our local has decided not to pursue a legal challenge to Premier Dalton McGuinty’s back-to-work legislation at this time.” CUPE 3903 Chair Christina Rousseau noted that the local’s 3300 members “have fought a courageous fight against an administration who put their own narrow vision ahead of the interests of students, academic integrity, job security and workers rights.” Shipley added, “Our members have shown tremendous determination, but they are tired of waiting for York to take the process seriously. Undergrad students are looking for some assurances. We aren’t going to let the university’s game continue. It is time for someone to take responsibility for getting campus life back to normal.” The Liberal government should not imagine that back-to-work legislation resolves any of the key issues in the strike, particularly the reliance of universities on underpaid, contingent workers to do most classroom teaching. “Our concerns are not going away, they are systemic and go well beyond the York campus,” noted Shipley, adding that the local will continue to address the trend to insecure teaching jobs, the need for minimum funding guarantees for graduate students, and the value of coordinated bargaining through other channels. “These issues are still alive at York and across the province. We’ll be working with our sister locals to make sure they are addressed in ways that protect the interests of workers, students and hardworking parents who are being asked to shell out more tuition fees every year,” said Rousseau. “Unless administrators change their priorities and the Ontario government invests in our universities, they should brace themselves for more job actions in the coming years.”



There is no doubt in my mind that school will resume on Monday. It is unfortunate that this strike had to last for so long.



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138 responses to “York U won’t bargain – CUPE 3903 takes the high road, will not pursue lawsuit to allow a resumption of classes

  1. Yorkie

    First comment..Unfortunately…


  2. York Lawyer

    Will someone please think of York admin’s lawyers!! PLEASE!!

  3. R

    CUPE 3903 Exec would love to continue the fight, but at this point – even if they win through Supreme Court, this will CRIPPLED York University for months to come with potential of writing the year off. The marginal damage to the university (and thus to their future employment) will be massive.

    This is a good move.

  4. Studying hard

    Okay, than school is guaranteed to resume on Monday.
    Start studying guys!!!

  5. Pissed

    So that’s what students get after three months. Thanks to the stupidity of CUPE, we have to let go for our education for three months and stay home. We had to disrupt all of our plans for the summer and future so CUPE could go on strike. Now we have to get back, study under a heavier load and potentially lose marks. Thanks again to CUPE so they could practice socialism

    Now here is the best part. At the end, it all ends for nothing. We got fucked for NOTHING. We got fucked so bunch of hippies could sing songs and practice revolutionary methods. That’s the most absurd and selfish that I have ever seen. How selfish and ideological are you CUPE? And before I go on, let me say FUCK York as well. Not that they cared for students or anything so I have no sympathy for them either

    But I’m angry at CUPE. I’m angry that I have to lose my time, disrupt my education, stay home for three months and at the end work harder to pay the price for their stupid strike

    CUPE you also made other unions look bad. Your actions and the whole BTWL will make it difficult for other unions in future who may go on strike for right reasons (unlike yours which was dominated by ideology)


  6. ZB

    i just read this and yawned.

  7. Cupe Doll


    100% right. I can’t apologize for my loco local. If it makes you feel better, though? Might be over 50% 3903 contract faculty won’t have York jobs next year. Including me. How well deserved.

  8. UnderGrad Int'l

    Lol. well that layout didn’t come out as I’d expected. *shrugs shoulders* well, nevertheless, Happy Studying to you Guys. And have a fruitful end of semester while we all looking forward to resuming all future semester at York, and finally putting this strike saga behind us. Cheers.

  9. Undergrad

    so w/ this back to work legislature, does CUPE have to agree to the admin’s last contract? Which means it has to be 3 years right? Even though I’m in 4th year, I hope for other students here that it is a 3 year contract. Also happy to see CUPE fail miserably. They are one of the most hated people in Ontario right now. Unions were always a joke but CUPE 3903 took stupidity and selfishness to a totally different level.

  10. Worried Union Member

    “The high road”? I think not. Like many, many other members, I am sickened by how badly my union has handled the strike. It’s not just what we’ve cost our students — it’s what we’ve cost ourselves. The union is now essentially bankrupt. We’ve lost any hope of participating in coordinated bargaining in 2010. Many of us, especially in U2, will not have any work next year. We’ve done a disservice to the unions around us, too, having singlehandedly set back the labour movement by decades. Not to mention our new collective agreement will look like s$%t.

    It doesn’t even matter whether York has behaved atrociously. Our own actions have been so hapless and harmful that anything our employer might have done pales in comparison.

    Students going back to class on Monday: it’s now YOUR turn to stand up for your rights. Demand quality teaching from your professors AND TAs. Make us work to salvage what can be saved of this academic year. I for one will be eager to return to the classroom and make amends to my students.

  11. YorkFrustration

    lets be realistic….cupe isn’t fighting it because they have no case….in order for the BTWL to get this far it had to be deemed nesscary…meaning they have exhausted all other options….what case could cupe possibly have

    1. they had almost 80 days to neoigate
    2. they turn down a majority of deals
    3. the other side is now refusing to go back to the table
    4. this mess has been publicized and cupe has been demonized
    5. angry parents, profs and students
    6. the mess with 4 ppl being arrested

    no court is gonna rule in their favour but i like how they made it seem like it was their choice to back down….lol

  12. See you all Monday, finally.

  13. UnderGrad Int'l

    Wow, I was going to go but I read Pissed comments just now. What the heck do you people want?!

    This thread should be taken as good news to the students like yourself who have been anticipating an end to this madness.

    You are in January 28, 2009, not back in November 6 or any day in between. Yes, the strike sucked but why are you gonna have coronary thrombosis thinking about what has transpired. We can’t go back – none of us. Yesterday’s dead and gone and I’m not sure if complaining baout the strike anymore will make you feel any better.

    I sure that was an ‘okay, let me get this out of my system once and for all’. But I would encourage you to try your best best best best BEST not to carry too much bitterness on your head as the semester continues. And I say TRY and BEST because I know it will be difficult not to have the union the government, and/or the admin in. Just try to lighten up. It’s a matter of perspective.

    And that’s also to all on this site. Peace

  14. UnderGrad Int'l

    including myself

  15. Pissed

    @ Worried Union Member

    Nobody here denies that York cares about their money more than students. It’s obvious but at least they do it professionally

    CUPE not only fucked students, but their members are also in a disadvantage right now. I only wonder how much space will exits between TAs and students when they get back on Monday. It’s really sad and they could have got around it way more professionally

    It’s disgusting how they chose to be this radical and then compared to other freedom movements around the world to justify it. You just make those movements look bad when you try to put it at same level as your “lets all be socialists and ideological” strikes

    It is a clear example of how ideology can drive you to make wrong choices. CUPE was driven by ideology not logic or reasons. They screwed the students, made themselves look bad, made unions look bad and at the end, they got nothing. NOTHING. How pathetic and selfish

    @ Cupe Doll
    Thank you for your comments. It just bothers me to see students having to pay for this power play. And it was not for a great cause. It was for selfishness….

  16. Pissed

    @ UnderGrad Int’l

    I’m happy that school has started. I’m also professional enough to not show any bitterness towards TAs. All I care about at this point to get my studies done and get good marks. No time for bitterness or acting mad

    I do however have a right to voice my frustration. After three months, I deserve to let it all out

  17. mikael

    any suggestions…?

    im one of the students in admin studies at atkinson that has gone back….

    our profs have canceled assignments and increased weightings of previous assignments such that we have 80% final and a 70% in the next 2-3 wks (approx.). i feel this is unfair and just stupid. i know profs were gonna re-assign and weight but this is just so stressful.

    also, one of my online courses felt it was okay to put up 4 lectures instead of 2 or 3 because it was convenient enough to do so. this also is just not right.

    we students are really getting f*cked.

    what can we do, if anything ?

    wow, ive never hated anything more than york and cupe right now lol

  18. UnderGrad Int'l

    I feel you ma @ needing to vent. ‘Tis the forum to do I guess – rather than in a classroom. I’m also happy to hear that you ain’t gat no time to be bitter. More power to you on that note.

  19. ED Student

    FINALLY back to classes.
    but I just can’t shake the feeling that this 3-month span of sitting in limbo has been for absolutely nothing!
    While I am happy that cupe eventually got screwed over, and by the looks of the class action lawsuit, york will get screwed over too… I’m still extremely pissed that my education had to suffer for it.

    Any idea how this strike will effect the credibility of our York degrees?

  20. Ayla

    Vacation is over…

  21. Worried Union Member

    @ Pissed … I agree with you wholly. 3903 is utterly ideologically fixated, and this is what caused and cost us the strike.

    To everyone … if the re-weighting of assignments seems unfair, or if you feel you are otherwise disadvantaged by the remediated term, be sure to speak up in class (appeal to fairness, not any sense of outrage), keep all paperwork in case you need it later, and don’t be afraid to go beyond your TA/course director. If you need to appeal a grade, be mindful of deadlines for doing so. Also, if you want to drop a course, try to do so as soon as possible.

    And finally … please be gentle with York’s administrative staff, including dept. secretaries and so on … they’ve been held hostage just like you guys have, and now have to bear the brunt of 50,000 pissed off students calling, emailing and standing in line.

  22. i am glad to hear the strike is gona be over but it is going to be hell getting back into the “studying mode”. i have done very little during this break and now we get to go back to classes, cram a whole bunch of new things and take tests on everything we’ve learned so far. sounds like a bitch but doable.. hopefully 😦

  23. Elle


    Everyone should be happy! God the way some of you are speaking its seems as if you will NEVER be happy with anything! What a way to go through life.

    Let’s all be happy! We are going back to school!
    We’re going to finish the year one way or another and its finally good to have some confirmation of that. However I know there are some people who have been gravely disrupted by this strike, myself included. Let’s cut our losses and look on the bright side. It’s over.

  24. G

    Well we’re going back and I guess everyone should be happy but they’re not and am not surprise. See you all on Monday and Good Luck with your studies!

  25. jl

    @ed student

    Affect the credibilty of your degree? What are you even saying??? I understand people are confused but so many of the comments and questions here have been borderline idiotic. It will not have any reprecussions in terms of the ‘credibility of your degree’

  26. ED Student

    sorry to be “idiotic” but I was just curious as I’ve heard rumors flying and was just looking for some sort of confirmation.

    clearly none of us will be receiving quite as much education as we paid for this year, considering that the semesters are compressed.

    again, I was just expressing concern over something else that I had heard, thought that maybe it was possible but apparently not.

    Thanks for the confirmation…I guess.

  27. so

    I thought their slogan was “we’ll go all the way!”…..ya, back to class!

  28. GK

    FINALLY!! no more walking from the damn Steeles GO bus stops in the freezing cold 😀

  29. tester

    Where is CMWC??????

  30. so

    @ tester

    It dont matter. Go study.

  31. Hillarious

    Nevermind CMWC, where’s Insider?

  32. blah

    I like how the cupe made it look like they gave in to the btwl for the well-being of the students….they clearly cannot stop the btwl from passing….LOL

  33. Nia

    Stupid CUPE.

  34. so

    @ blah


  35. dsd

    @ so
    lol how very ironic. “It dont matter” indeed.

  36. so

    reasons i dont want to go back

    1) York degree deemed worthless
    2) angry students in the classroom
    3) angry T.A.s in the classroom
    4) The numerous demonstartions that will inevitably take place
    5) workload
    6) stress til JUNE!!!
    7) cant make as much money now
    8) downright lazy now!

    feel free to add some

  37. Yorkie


    Coudldn’t agree more. Especially since my birthday’s coming up this Sun. *sigh* Officially my last day of freedom and therefore happiness…

  38. I CAN’T FIND MY PENCIL!!!! There’s a new species of spiders that made my textbooks their home. Damn…I even forgot where my classes are!!!…….Oh well! SCHOOL’S STARTING!!!!

  39. so

    the reason i dont drop the courses? no guarantee of getting my money back. so dont even ask that question.

  40. who put that stupid picture!!! THAT’S NOT ME!!!!…real original guys.

  41. @ so

    your list sums things up well

  42. whatever

    finally! a bunch of losers!

  43. Yorkie


    Lmao. Better catch those spiders fast!

  44. Yorkie


    Well this blog is officially a place to share stories of grief now that the strike’s gonna be over. So go on people, share.

  45. so

    well, I learned more about politics and labour relations during the strike than i ever will at york.

  46. caitron

    i’m just happy to stop living in limbo… even though i know things will be tough when we go back, at least now we know what’s happening!

  47. snoopy

    After reading all of this, I just want to laugh. It is a completely a JOKE!!! What should I say to the union? Thank you so much, you finally open eyes to look at our 50,000 students and give your kindness after throwing us out of classes for 83 days. “We won’t challenge the legislation in order to get students back to school…”(CP24) Oh, my god! I cannot believe they even use this kind of excuse to escape from their failure. Are they really educated people?

  48. so

    how many students do you think have lost respect for their teachers? kinda like “if he/she is a loser, what does that make me if their the ones giving me directions?”

  49. L. Kardashian

    I’m not in the mood anymore, I dnt know where to start should I finish up each of my three essays for should I review my readings for my toughest class!? :/

  50. so

    @ L. Kardashian

    Go on strike then. Oh, sorry, no one would care if a student did that.

  51. HBK

    I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that classes are starting Monday. Almost makes me wish that I had finished, or at least started, all of my essays and assignments during the strike. Almost. But hey, that’s what tomorrow, Friday, and the weekend is for! What’s life without a little plagiarism? Procrastination. I meant procrastination.

  52. Curious Yorkie

    Some quotes from an article on CP24:

    The union had believed there were grounds for a legal challenge, though legal experts say it’s unlikely the courts would have granted a request that would interfere in the operation of back-to-work legislation.
    “Governments are in the business of making laws, and courts are in the business of interpreting,” said Lorenzo Lisi of Sherrard Kuzz LLP, who has practised labour law for 20 years.
    “Courts don’t necessarily feel like it’s their job to make law — that’s why we have government.”
    Kevin Coon, a labour lawyer at Baker & McKenzie, agreed the chances of such a court challenge succeeding would have been slim.
    “The courts have been reluctant to interfere in back-to-work legislation like this and would very unlikely grant an injunction to prevent the workers from going back in a situation like that, regardless of any kind of court claim,” he said.
    “It’s probably more for the purposes of public relations as opposed to reality, and the union will know that.”
    But Shipley maintained the union did have grounds to take the matter to court.

    😀 lol. this is funny. such a disgrace for CUPE. Whats that expression, “everyone has a right to be stupid, but CUPE just abused the privilege”.
    I am just glad this strike is ending!

    When do we find out what CUPE really got from the binding arbitration?

  53. York Lawyer

    Good thing theres’s a lawsuit or I’d be out of a job. Thanks!

  54. ALEE

    is it over then? school starts monday???
    have they confirmed this?

  55. Roon'd

    Oh good, I was starting to give up hope on school starting >_> .. better get to work on my essays.

  56. dsd

    nobody can confirm anything yet.
    3rd reading didn’t even take place. Nor was BTWL passed yet.

  57. aRt

    CONGRATS EVERYONE!! its good that we all stood together in this… through this BLOG!! Thanks everyone who has helped us staying informed!!

    Just a thought: what does union get now? the last offer proposed by York???

  58. Nice Kid

    Oh come on….ur just tryin to make urself feel better

  59. Digital Media Student


    I believe so…that they get the last offer York proposed…
    However, I might be wrong…cause I remember that either they come up with a more reasonable deal for York or basically use the arbitration thingy from the first proposal York gave them…someone along the lines of that most likely =P

  60. fed up

    Taking the high road? What a load of crap. Even now, they are still feeding us BS. The truth is that they finally got some good legal advice and realized that they never had any possibility of winning a case to challenge the BTW legislation. CUPE is truly filled with a bunch of incompetents.

  61. concrete

    just worked on the presentation i had due on nov 7th 🙂 hahahaha this is all too much. two and a half classes and i’m DONE WITH YORK for good

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  62. concrete

    actually, 3 courses, 2 1/2 classes for one, 2 classes for the other two and THEN i’m done.!!!

    either way, it’s only a couple more weeks 🙂

  63. dsd

    @Nice Kid
    huh? I’m undergrad, how am I trying to make myself feel better?? I’m simply stating the facts, and nobody can officially confirm anything till the whole deal happens for real, ie 3rd reading occurs and BTWL passes…

  64. Jim

    “We have done everything in our power to stand up for the quality and accessibility of education at York… ”

    HAHAHA, yeah, whatever…

    p.s. contract faculty, I sympathize. TAs, consider yourself lucky you have work.

  65. steph

    time to study my pants off. ; _____ ;

  66. Rob

    This feels like the end..
    York outlined the dates to return, even if btwl isnt passed till Saturday (for whatever reason) the date of school is still Monday.

    My piece of advice for the newer students is to remember how your teachers were, if your teacher seemed like a dick then make sure your ahead for that class because they will most likely be unsympathetic to this situation.

  67. Yorkie

    Well we still have a 5 day cushion period where nothing can be due or tests if that makes anyone feel any better…


  68. Taurus

    ONLY 5 DAYZ LEFT….that even makes it WORST….and more scaryy

  69. Obama

    Yes we can!

  70. Nanometer

    We get to see Blondes at York with their big boobs again
    I miss them

  71. Yorkie

    This makes me thankful that I’m not a full-time student in the Winter term! (Only 2 courses)

    But that’s about the only thing that makes me happy about this right now. ><

  72. Yorkie


    Try something called the internet you’ll have some luck there.

  73. Obama

    @ Nanometer

    Yes, its true.

  74. Deborah

    “our students back” … ??? said Tyler.
    I am a little bit suspicious … (our??? you certainly dont have my mind and spirit with you .. so .. I am not at your side)

  75. dsd

    I lol’d

  76. article

    So I sincerely hope the ta’s and profs don’t try to dump too much on us…also..they may be stepping lightly because SO many students are uptight with them………

    Now…what about getting some money back?? rez, tuition, meal plan etc…

  77. Nice Kid

    @ dsd
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…ur so dumb..thats wut im sayin…it will be passed…no doubt! so it 110% safe to say we r back on monday !

  78. rob

    I’ll admit i miss the york womens.

  79. Please play fair

    I dont miss the York women. They’re all too bitchy and only concerned with looks. But they are quite nice looking…but so so full of themselves…

  80. dsd

    @Nice Kid
    hey, moron, someone asked if it has been “official”, and I simply answered that it’s not. Now take a ride to the stfu land.

  81. Nanometer

    We all miss York blondes. They have word class boobs

  82. Nanometer

    We all miss York blondes. They have world class boobs

  83. haha lol

    I love the cute asian women there =p

  84. AndrewB

    Kind of funny we don’t see CUPE Member with Child around here anymore. Of course I don’t think I’d show my face either after my union in which I was a vocal member;

    1) was voted 3rd biggest villian in 2008 in Toronto
    2) Hated by all media, parents, students in Ontario
    3) have set back union’s
    4) have hurt the chances of the 2010 being a success
    5) didn’t make York give in to all their demands

    wow, the list just keeps on going.

    ‘Demand the Impossible’ sure worked well for you.

  85. Theowne

    Nice! Now I can study hard, get good marks, and transfer out of this horribly-run-don’t-care-about-academics- terrorized-by-union craphole that is called York University! Hello, McMaster!

  86. Alan

    I dont know what to do now. I am scared to go back to school and fail all my courses coz I know nothing now and forgot how to be a student already…

  87. student with vengeance

    anybody have any idea when the year will actually end? I hear from those that the last strike school ended in the middle of may…This strike didnt go on much longer, so what do you guys predict? I know its been asked a thousand times but i have a job offer that i need to respond to and i have to give them some sort of rought guesstimate of when school will be done…im hoping before the 24th of may official classes will be done and exams will start..if earlier even better

  88. One More Student

    If we go back Monday (which is 99% certain), then the school year will probably finish around June 2.

  89. Jimmy

    Funny how CUPE member with child kept using “capitulate” a lot when referring to York. Guess she is not laughing now 😀

    But I know I am. 😀


  90. Caigus

    Nevermind. It didn’t turn out very well.

  91. ram

    At least we still have the Class Action law suit to cripple YorkU.

    Hang tight all, YorkU students will not allow the York admin to go on this rampage.

  92. angrystudent

    June 2nd……Man oh man….One of the big bonuses of university is getting that nice 4 month vacation to to make some cash, maybe take a short vacation…wind down before the next year….THANKS CUPE. AND we have exams in basically 2 weeks…I have already applied to 2 other schools.

    Lets get our tuition back. York at least owes us this….

  93. Nice Kid

    @One More Student
    it more than 100% dude… wut r u sayin !

  94. yorkishopless

    are we still getting partial refund from the classes that we missed for almost 3 months??? I’m in my first year, and I’m planning to withdraw from my program, because I need to start working full time by April. I don’t want to study until JUNE and i am giving up…and probably start applying to another college on September. This is my first university experience and it sucks being part of this ridiculous waiting game. If anyone wants to flame me for being a loser then you’re welcome!!!

  95. York Undergrad


  96. Paul

    After all this lost time, frustration and unnecessary waiting it turns out nothing has changed. CUPE has lost their “battle”, York has lost their reputation and we, the students, have lost our (full) education. This is like a slap in the face–to place our lives on hold for three months and in the end have NO gain to ANY side seems ridiculous. We were pawns in a game of chicken.

  97. york student

    ye right as if york is gonna give us a paper saying sign on the dotted lines to get your money back. A lot of people say they go to york to drop the fork. Well this year i think york did a great job of not only dropping the fork but also shoving that fork up 45,000 students ass.. if york had any dignity WHAT SO EVER they would obviously return our fucking money (i dont care about the time cuz they cant return it)

    anyways my predictions for the rest of the year is:
    brace ur self boys and gurls


    and if you don’t like my comment i couldn’t care less (I’ve learned that from my university)

  98. TRUTHiness

    Without CUPE challenging “deadlock” in court, the student lawsuit has almost no chance of succeeding.

  99. TRUTHiness

    I would agree with Cupe Doll that she doesn’t deserve to have a job next year.

  100. ZB

    school will end sometime around end of may or at most the very beginning of june. i was hoping to take summer school since im already behind a year in my program, but im having second thoughts now. anyone else taking or thinking of taking summer school?

  101. M

    I just wanted to throw this one out there:

    For those of you who have followed the blog since the very very beginning, I do believe there were some courageous men who were going to grow ‘strike beards’ that they would not shave until the strike had been settled.

    I’d DEFINITELY love to see those right about now.

  102. sml

    @HBK … who do you think you are some playa who thinks he’s a hustla cause he fukin cheats. well fuk you and i hope u mothafukin fail bitch for slacking you mofo and you kno wat u can do???? SML

  103. HBK


    Dude, that was so pointless. So pointless. Ugh, I have to stop telling you to read this blog.

  104. sml

    @HBK … ok dude thats a lil freaky, i dont even kno you and idk who the fuk u are but please if u see me at york uni stay the FUCK away from me. and styll instead of making yourself look stupid on this site , why dont u just use that time and for cse or economics BITCH N SEC FOR LIFE

  105. R


    Your post pretty much sums up everything. +1 !!!

    Basically what we are witnessing right now is the failure of our democratic system. CUPE 3903 sure would love to defend their rights and all – but the hard reality is that MOST of CUPE 3903 members have been living on $200 per week I believe which amount to $800 month (that, if they do picketing 20 hours per week). CUPE 3903 I believe is not in the capacity to pursue another months of legal battle even if they want to. YorkU in this situation hold more oxygen tank than CUPE 3903 as they are more capable to hold out for longer time.

    Well at least now 2010 there will be no strike for YorkU as I’m fairly confident arbitrator will push the 3 years deal that YorkU wanted.

    2011 strike anyone? 😀

  106. iphone

    once the bill has pass, we 100%will back to class?

  107. R



  108. iphone

    so 100% we will be back on monday for sho?

  109. aRt

    @ M
    I definitely agree with u!! I really wanna see those giant beards now!! WHo had said that theyll be volunteering for it????

  110. Aaron

    What an historic mess this turned out to be. After three months of both parties refusing to negotiate fairly, countless ineffectual protest groups, a blitzkrieg of anti-union media propaganda, and the spread of false rumours, we now return to class. The best part of all? Nothing got settled. Not one issue. That means lucky (foolish?) students who decide to stay on at York for grad school will surely enjoy another prolonged strike in four-five years.

    Personally, I will get my degree from York and run as far away as possible.

  111. Bezelbub

    i hope you kids like your sloppy joes real sloppy

  112. Adam Sandler

    Lady your scaring us

  113. C'mon

    @ Aaron

    “Personally, I will get my degree from York and run as far away as possible.”

    Totally agree with you, but I think you’re deluding yourself if you think CUPE 3903 will wait 4-5 years before striking again. Try 2011.

  114. C'mon

    @ Bezelbub

    Stay off those cheap drugs.

  115. ram

    Run from York!

    For the smart york students (yes, I know an oxymoron) go to U of T, McGill, or Queens.

    YorkU needs to learn they cannot treat us like sh*t.

  116. Serge

    This is the absolute stupidest press release I have ever read. Whether or not CUPE goes back to work has NOTHING TO DO with whether or not they sue the province. They can do both. It’s really not a problem. If they’re not suing it’s cause — duh — they don’t have a case.

    This press release is basically CUPE tucking its tail between its legs, running off into the distance and turning around for a second on the way to yell “o ya! we haz won!” Uh, u haz not.

  117. The Man With The Plan

    lol i can’t wait for people to start bitching about how hard the work load is and how tas suck and what not. than i will say, i told you stupid idiots they should of canceled the year

  118. Yorkie

    @ The Man With The Plan

    Exactly. I’ll so be there to tell all the nay sayers to cancel the year, I TOLD YOU SO!

  119. ram

    @ The Man With The Plan

    You’re so correct.

    Wait till June rolls around…

    Everyone will be complaining about 50% exams and 50% papers and how there marks are down…

    You all need to support the class action law suit…

  120. Artem

    I feel like I just lost 100 pounds, so light I can fly! So glad we’ll be back in school! No matter what you say and no matter how screwed up it is going to be, I still want my degree. Everything else is secondary.

    All things considered, I’m glad the government stepped in – it was the only solution to get us back quickly!


  121. Yorkie

    Be happy while it lasts… Probably won’t be singing that same tune come exam time.

  122. so

    I now have an essay worth 85%!

  123. “At least we still have the Class Action law suit to cripple YorkU.

    Hang tight all, YorkU students will not allow the York admin to go on this rampage.”

    @ ram

    Cripple York? All that will do is jack our tuition further than it’ll already go up — even BEFORE the ridiculous union demands (I’m so glad they’re getting binding arbitration forced way up their asses).

    York’s in the poor house, especially with a drop in applications. Sure, you might get a couple grand from the lawsuit, but you’ll be paying 10K more the next year.

  124. SaytheObvious

    so no one has said it it, and we all know it’s in everyones mind so I will say it…


  125. B.

    ram – Your blind belief in this lawsuit is hilarious. Even CUPE was smart enough to realize that lawyers are nothing more then wasted time and money and their lawsuit had a better chance then this class action piece of junk suit. Even though their lawsuit was a long shot.

  126. aguyuno

    I have my doubts the lawsuit will work, but I still signed up for it. Will it jack tuition prices for next year? Possibly. Do I care? Fuck no. Ain’t like I plan on coming back to this POS school.

    Gotta find me a college program within the next week so I can dip…

  127. article

    So this is it…now, how do I get some money refunded to me..and everyone else….3 months of stupid……

    I want tuition, meal plan, rez, unused books etc etc compensated….Class action?? do we have to pay anything out of pocket win or lose? I cannot affort to lose and do they take a percentage of our ‘winnings’??

    cool to be back…not cool to be Cupe Doll…we’ll miss you next year.

  128. Impatient

    Bill just passed third reading, looks like school is a go for monday 🙂

  129. PokeAwesome

    Didn’t read all the comments. Too many but I lol’d @Pissed. I’m not a York student but I 100% agree with you.

  130. pp

    Well, you still have the option to stick to the original syllabus if you don’t like the 85% exams.

  131. aurumgirl

    I was at York years ago when they had a very long strike. I stopped attending classes just after the strike started–crossing a picket line made it obvious to me who was winning out by keeping the strike going, and it wasn’t the striking support staff and TAs. I think I missed about 7 weeks of school all together before the strike ended (and the strikers made massive concessions). Cost to me? Minimal. In fact I made money. I took on more hours at work (I had two jobs during my entire university education anyway, it was a bonus for me to make more money with my newly found free time); I took as much time as I needed to do my assignments as they had been spelled out according to each classes’ syllabus, so missing classes was not the catastrophe many people like to say it is, and in the end I did as well as I would have if the strike hadn’t taken place, so all this complaining from students is hard for me to believe.

    What gets me is that students are STILL so gullible as to blame the strikers for the strike–when I was studying at York it was really the students who were clueless about actually working for a living who held this kind of attitude. If you’re angry at anyone, you ought to be angry at the university for breaking its contract with its employees–same as its done this time around. It’s the school’s administration which underpays staff and devalues those providing the education on which they trade…they want very highly qualified educators, but they want to pay them nothing and give them nothing in terms of security. This is not the “high quality” education your tuition pays for–your tuition isn’t paying your instructors’ wages. Now, if the school doesn’t value its instructors enough to provide them with fair recompense, you ought to know that as a student, that university administration just sees you as a deep pocket to pick clean. It’s not the instructors who are ripping you off there, because their pay is minimal compared to what administrators are paid for managing the university–those are the people your tuition support. After all, they’re not selling you an education, they’re selling you a degree that’s supposedly going to get you a good paying job in the end.

    I remember I was earning about $15 an hour, on average, doing the part time work I was doing while I studied at York. And that was in the 80’s. I bet all those instructors on that picket line would be lucky to get that now, an hour, for teaching at York University.
    If you’re a student who’s silly enough to devalue the work they do for you, then you’re too silly to realize you’re paying an awful lot of tuition for education, via educators you don’t value enough to support through a strike.

    I don’t think York University is alone in this, I think other Ontario Universities are also shortchanging educators in the same way, and by extension, shortchanging students, too. Too bad. All it means is that an education from a Canadian university isn’t going to be considered a very good education.

  132. JessSane


    let me start by saying – i agree with most of what you wrote, BUT…

    very few undergrads make $15/hr. A lot of us end up taking government jobs over the summer that pay minimum wage because we want ‘experience’ so that we can actually get a job when we’re done – because EVERYONE has a degree now. Lots of places are more willing to hire college grads because they will work for cheaper, and won’t stir up the pot as much because they don’t have the same sense of entitlement as ppl with BAs…

    We already know how tough the job market is, and so this strike puts a huge dint on that for people already under pressure to start working and paying back the huge student loans accrued thanks to how shitty we’re funded ourselves.

    to me the solution is obvious: less loans more grants and scholarships. that way, at least the best and brightest are having their way paid for them. but no…that’s just not how it shakes out now.

    I understand a lot of the bitterness towards the union, and even though I agree it should be directed at our class enemies – there are just as many students now that think they’re going to be high paid lawyers and doctors that see this strike as what might get in their way. this is really a shame. I don’t think it is for lack of the teacher at York, which is probably just as radical as it ever was, but more so due to what is being handed over to them out of HS.

    anyway, excuse the poor format here – in a huge rush.

  133. aguyuno

    Look, cupe petitioners, your god damn strike is over. Stop trying to salvage your rep by coming here and making everyone feel bad for blaming you.

    Is it entirely your fault? No. Does that matter? No. We are frustrated. We already KNOW York is run by slime. But frankly, we all expected better from our TAs, most of which some of us look up to. Now, we don’t know who to trust, so yeah – a lot of our blame goes to CUPE.

    Can you honestly claim your demands were sensible? I’m not saying York argued in good faith, but come ON. You’re already paid better than everywhere else, this is a part time job, and for God sake you’re STUDENTS. You don’t want this money? Go work in Walmart!

    That’s all I’ll say. Frankly, I’m tired of arguing with idiots who still try to make this strike a debate. The strike is OVER – further arguing about it is just friggin stupid.

  134. JessSane

    maybe they aren’t all cupe petitioners, since they aren’t getting paid – what is the incentive?

    why is it that you insist that everyone HAS to be thinking for themselves all the time? people liked to believe that cupedoll was out for ‘the students’ more than the union; it’s called pollyanna syndrome

    like it or not, this is going to be something that a lot of people are going to continue to feel for a long time. and the effects ARE going to be felt in the class room. people on all sides are trying to make sense of this – so to suggest that cupe got their comeuppins seems to miss some major points –

    whatever – there is generally little point in even responding to people that just want to vent at who they perceive to be the aggressors. its funny that people with so much education decided to side with a big institution, and not the poor teachers – this is something that I can understand will take a lot of people in the profession (or training to be) a long time to get used to.

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