Resumption and Revision of Academic Schedule

Welcome Back to Class!

The Division of Students is pleased to announce that Senate Executive has declared an end to the disruption and a resumption of academic activities starting Monday, Feb. 2, 2009. Beginning Monday, students should attend their regularly scheduled classes (for example, Monday classes will run on Monday, Tuesday classes will run on Tuesday etc.).

This Web site will be updated in the next two days as we work to provide students with information on the University’s remediation plans and answers to other FAQs students may have regarding the resumption of academic activities and the reconfiguration of the fall, winter and summer terms.

New sessional dates will be published on the Current Students Web site by 5pm on Jan. 29, 2009. Please check back at that time for details.

General sessional date information (specifics will be provided later):

  Fall Winter Summer
Classes Start Date Monday, Feb. 2, 2009 Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Monday, June 8, 2009
Classes End Date Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009 Thursday, May 21, 2009 SU term: Friday, Aug. 21, 2009; S2 term: Friday, Aug. 28, 2009 (information on other terms pending)
Make-up Days Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009 for 11th Monday class Wednesday May 20, 2009 for 11th Monday class; Thursday, May 21, 2009 for 11th Friday class N/A
Exams Start Date Friday, Feb. 20, 2009 Friday, May 22, 2009 SU term: Monday, Aug. 24, 2009; S2 term : Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009 (information on other terms pending)
Exams End Date Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Tuesday, June 2, 2009 Monday, Aug. 31, 2009 (all terms)
Number of Exams Days 12 12 8
Holidays (University closed – no classes or exams) Monday, Feb. 16, 2009 – Family Day Friday, April 10, 2009 – Good Friday; Monday, May 18, 2009 – Victoria Day Wednesday, July 1, 2009 – Canada Day; Monday, Aug. 3, 2009 – Civic Holiday

The Division of Students is responsible for the following departments:

  • Office of the Vice-President, Students
  • Admissions, Communications and Client Services (including Student Client Services on the main floor of the Bennett Centre)
  • Alumni
  • Glendon Student Services
  • Office of the Registrar and Student Financial Services
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Student Community Development

Each of these departments are poised to assist students with returning back to the University.



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30 responses to “Resumption and Revision of Academic Schedule

  1. Glau

    I’ve been working like a dog the past 2 months.. haven’t opened a single book – but have written my essays.

    NOT looking forward to exams… at ALL.

    Anyone with me!?

  2. Artem

    YES! SO HAPPY! 😀

  3. super stressed

    omg… this is so unfair.. one thing we as student did not start this strick…why do we have to be the one with stress and pressure to finish this year off? we have only 1 month to finish off for fall term? and 2 months to finish off all the new stuff for winter term? i mean come on! we are not robots.. i have 4 courses each term and they are all heavy stuff. we should seriously do something, thye are not giving our money back for one thing. we have lost 3 months already, and now the pressure too?! anyone with me?

  4. Dark Knight

    THANK GOD!!!

    THIS is good news! We’re back to classes…For the rest of you, get off your laurels and get some work done…it was either now or sometime else down the damn road so you should’ve seen it coming…I’d say ..pry open some books that were collecting dust and get cracking…before it’s too late…cuz THEN you’ll REALLY have something to bitch about! For now, things are looking up!

    Good luck with your studies everyone!

  5. Glau

    Can we strike against having exams and ORDER to have take-home exams?

    This will take the edge off for everyone~~~

  6. Undergrad

    looks like there will be weekend exams too.

  7. Mike Oxbig

    when’s the last date to drop classes without receiving a grade?

  8. AJ

    Can somebody please explain to me what this means??

    Make-up Days

    Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009 for 11th Monday class

    Wednesday May 20, 2009 for 11th Monday class; Thursday, May 21, 2009 for 11th Friday class

  9. AJ

    ^ I’m seriously asking…no joke

  10. super stressed

    I am not really bitching here.. all i am trying to say is that why do they do this to us? they were the ones who decided to do this one their own..and now we are the ones who ahve to pay? it’s not about getting back to school, it’s about having enough time to finish it off with great marks. i am sure passing your courses is not an option, since we all need good marks, and we have not done much on september. so to be realistic i have no idea how we can finish everything in less than 3 weeks.

  11. super stressed

    where did you get this schedual, cuz i cant find it on york u website. can someone put the link to this information above, PLZ. tnx in advance

  12. Mike Oxbig

    @ AJ

    make up dates for days we missed…in the fall term we probably didn’t get an 11th monday…

    so on february 18th…instead of having a wednesday class…we’ll be having a monday class…

  13. j

    @ AJ

    following Senate policy all courses must complete atleast 11 classes.

    We will be missing a Monday/Friday class due to Easter, and so they have to be made up.

    So, if you have a class on Monday, your last class will be held on Wednesday May 20, 2009 and if you have a class on Friday, your last class will be held on Thursday May 21, 2009.

  14. worried

    Can anyone say totally screwed?

  15. Deferred exams

    I deferred an exam in October, and was supposed to write it mid-November. does this mean my prof can schedule it during the first 5 days or does the 5 day cushion period include having no deferred exams?

  16. Finally

    Does anybody know when the last day to drop fall courses are? I’m stuck in Dr. Pietro’s chem 1000 class. It was hard enough before the strike (class average was around 35%), I can only imagine the hell it’s going to become on Monday. If anybody knows the drop deadline, please post it here.

    Thank you

  17. @ Finally

    And @ Mike Oxbig

    I pulled this off the Registrar’s site

    Last date to drop courses without receiving a grade March 10

    U can follow that link above for more useful dates

    See you in class guys

  18. This new schedule is such nonsense. The fact that we do not even have a single day between when classes end and exams start is such bullshit.

  19. s~


  20. Basil El-Salviti

    this is bullshit, no one is gonna get good grades because of this, we should definitely do something

  21. Disappointed

    Don’t they have to establish some sort of curve…

  22. A silver lining??

    Just checked the york website…it says for the Fall term courses, the last day to drop the course without receiving a grade is now MARCH 10…which would be after fall exams have ended.
    Is this right? If it is, that would be greatttttt!

  23. Thinker

    WOW!!! Its awesome!! Finally I’m going to c york and my profs!! 🙂 Although I know we’re screwed big time but I’m so happy to be back! 🙂

  24. frustratedstudent

    we lose money
    we gonna fail
    our heads are gonna swell tryna cramm all this stuff in a short time
    like WTF??
    i say lets boycott all classes :). Do our own strike thingie thingie..
    …oh and did i mention we have no free summer this yr?

  25. super stressed


    I totally agree with you. I understand ppl are so happy to see school again and what not, but lets be realistic that we NEED TO GET A GREAT MARK…i am in 3rd year and it’s so hard to get a good mark without strick, we have not done anything and 2 and half weeks is definily not even close to enough to all these things. ppl are just super happy to get back to school, but it seems they are forgeting the main fact…. at the end of this we are paying a high price for someone’s else stupidity.

  26. super stressed

    ppl are droping courses now, for those who are not the chance of getting a good mark is unlikely…the money is gone, time is waisted, and true no summer, cheers to that everyone….hating york and its soo called fairness to students.

  27. ram


    Now the Yorkers realize they are getting screwed?

    Too late to support the NDP.

    How sad…

  28. The Man With The Plan

    LOL @ People Who Are Bitching That Have 2 – 5 courses. I have 5 courses… and they are all HEAVY Stuff

  29. angrystudent

    I have 5 classes to…-.-********* And exams in two weeks …..oh boy

  30. soosie

    you guys had all the energy to bitch about how bad you want to be back in school. Well now you got what you wanted, and personally I think we’re screwed in a bigge way now. I’ve checked on my moodle and my professors are not in any way being understanding or lenient. (I’m a 3rd Year Biochem major by the way) Therefore I say we protest and boycott York for screwing us innocent students over. They are not reimbursing us for lost days of teaching. Come on guys! Don’t you see it!?! Stop bitching at the NDP and the union and so on and so forth! It’s York that really screwed us by compressing schedules just so that they don’t have to cancel Summer semester and make THEIR moolah.