Thank you and farewell


This is how you look after many hours of finding articles and moderating the forums.

This is how you look after many hours of finding articles and moderating the forums.


Here is a picture of me. If you see me wandering around campus someday – probably looking spaced out – say hi. Cheers. 

Well Yorkies, it’s done – we can continue with our lives now. I never thought that this strike would last 12 weeks. If any of you can remember, I predicted that it would only last 3-4 weeks and that we would be back quickly after the Winter holidays. Unfortunately, I was mistaken and perhaps naive to think so. 

I have put many hours a day into this blog to maintain it and keep it as up to date as possible. Many times I was out and did not even know developments had occurred until several hours later. However, the information was always available on here in the comments section as soon as the developments occurred  thanks to the dedication, curiosity and hard work of your fellow York students.

I would like to thank Basil, CupeDoll, our original anonymous tipster “T” and everyone who made this space such a great, productive and informative place to come. 

This has been a very hard road for all of us, and it is my sincerest hopes that this blog has made navigating these tough times a little easier. 

In hoping this never happens again,





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150 responses to “Thank you and farewell

  1. Glau

    You were great, Adrian! This was the best strike-update site – hands down.

    Now let’s hope you don’t have to use this blog again……..

    Then again, seeing how this dispute wasn’t properly solved – maybe you will D:



    Thank you very much.

  3. Natasha

    Thanks Adrian! This site was fantastic. I didn’t even bother watching the news or checking the york site. This was my go-to. Thank you again for putting so much effort into keeping us informed. It has been greatly appreciated!

  4. Aaron

    Thank you very much. This site kept me sane.

  5. RR

    Thanks for the excellent site- best place for info and not having to go to yorknothostage- thanks for everything guys, see you monday!

  6. ThankyouThankyou

    Adrian, Thank you very much for your hard work.
    Yes, this was the best strike-update site, and I am going to miss those days of clicking refresh buttons every five seconds to see if there is anything new. I enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions, information and even all the jokes 🙂

    Shouldn’t we have party at the pub before we go to school guys? haha

    Thank you very much again Adrian and everyone!

  7. One More Student

    Thank you so much for everything you did for us. When the masses were confused and scared, you gave us hope and eased the tension. The strike would have been much more horrific without your tireless efforts.

  8. Mike Oxbig

    when’s the last date to drop classes without receiving a grade?

  9. Iris

    Wow this site was amazing. Everything was perfectly accurate, if it wouldnt be for this then I would have been completely lost. The YorkU and CUPE websites were very biased and useless but thanks to you Adrian, hundreds of students were kept informed. Although towards the end, some people decided to get nasty, that too was entertaining at times. Bless you Adrian and bless you all!

  10. anonymous

    thank you thank you thank you!!!
    this was my go-to site for all info on the strike
    thanks for all your hard work and dedication

    ITS OVER!!!

  11. j

    @ Mike Oxbig

    Feb. 7th

    thanks so much Adrian! This was a great place to learn, vent, fight.. hahaha and now – celebrate!!

  12. Mike Oxbig

    @ j

    thanks alot…where did you read that?

  13. j

    I’m an ADMS student and was told on Monday.

  14. blackflame28

    Thank you for everything. You have been a source of a lot of information, which I would not have found normally.

  15. Mike Oxbig

    alright thanks…

    cause i read here:

    that it’s 1 week after the exam period?

    but i wasn’t sure if that made sense…

    unless they changed something?

  16. Stef

    Wow. I feel so…


    now that I’m not going to have to refresh every 10 seconds. You guys were awesome (most of you?) and helpful and it’s weird – I felt more connected to the York community in these last 12 weeks than I have in 4 years of being physically present at the damn school.

    Thanks so much guys,

  17. To HELL with YORK

    I dont think i need to tell Adrian this as im sure hes heard it numerous times already, but seriously, you did an amazing job with this site and I just want to say thank you. I am going to miss this site for Iv been coming here numerous times a day, everyday since the strike started. I am going to remember some of the characters that are now associated with this site too lol. But, its time to move along with our lives and brace for monday. Then the real battle will start. Thanks again YorkStrike 2008!

  18. Mike Oxbig

    @ Stef

    lol i feel the same way

    whoever made this site did a great job

  19. outy

    Thanks alot Adrian!!!!!!!!!!

    I also want to extend a final fuck you to Cupe Member with Child. and Truth.

    Adrian, Respects

    God Bless.

  20. aRt

    Thanks A Million, Adrian!! U did a SUPER JOB!!! Thanks for making this blog for us and maintaining it so sincerely!! U did a fantastic job!!

  21. Art aka dsd

    Same here.. hehe..
    Anyway, thx Adrian for your hard work, this was the place to go during the strike for any new info. Sadly, there were way too many trolls and immature posters, but this is the nature of internets I guess. None of them are so brave in RL so that’s good. Thx again for your work. Ciao.

  22. soci french

    yeah adrian put his heart into this and his effort did not go unnoticed. no doubt about that.

    and i know your reading this CMWC.

    go fuck yourself!

  23. terran

    Thanks a alot Adrian.

  24. ShaunnyB

    Thanks Adrian. Much obliged

  25. I’d like to thank all the pro union goons who tried to threaten me with my blog posts, and for making me realize that I’m still awesome and that they suck.

    Thanks Adrian for having an entertaining place to read daily for the past three months.

  26. an observation

    Thanks so much, Adrian. As a Cupe Member who always believed that the best interests of the students should be the first priority, I really appreciate what you have done to keep the community informed. This site was always the most relevant because it tapped into the real voice of student’s concerns.

    Welcome back to class.

  27. backtoschool

    Thanks a lot Adrian for providing York students with an accessible forum to exchange information and common concerns regarding the strike.
    Great initiative!

  28. Roon'd

    This site has been bucketfuls of help for me 🙂 you cant imagine how grateful I am to you. Truly and sincerely, thank you.

  29. Rob

    This site was the best out of all of the other ones (york, CUPE, york not hostage) because it did not have a BIAS.
    york not hostage sucks because it claimed to be “non bias” at first, but clearly sided with the administration.
    they suck, you rock.

    as a quote from Ricky (Trailer park boys)
    “i got nothing else to say right now, but the crown and lahey can go fuck themselves” (crown and lahey = CUPE, York, and

  30. Great job, Adrian!! See you in class soon.

    …if not see you here again in 2010!! 😦 Better start reserving if it’s not already taken.

  31. Mike Oxbig


  32. Sepand

    Thanks, Adrian. Great site.
    But CUPE got owned. And i don’t have a problem with that. There’s nothing that I hate more than left or right leaning ideologues who think they’re acting in the best interest of everyone.
    And finally, TRUTH, I hope you live to be 50 and look back at your life and while you’re overcome with remorse, tell yourself “omg, why the @#(* did I waste my life?”


  33. finally a york student again

    FINALLY back to school 😐
    ive forgotten how to read write and study but its ok

  34. an observation

    Almost forgot…I also want to send out a very special note of appreciation to my colleague and new friend, CupeDoll. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would have done without you throughout this ordeal. It is really nice to know that something positive (however small) came as a result of this strike. You spoke on behalf of all the silenced members who could see the real agenda behind our Union’s motives; and for that, I thank you! Please give my gratitude to your other “better” half, and kiss that angel for me!

  35. still doing homework

    thanks to you!!

  36. NotAMorningPerson

    Thank you Adrian for everything. This site has been my homepage and my asylum when I am having anxiety attacks reading the CUPE website! 😀

    CupeDoll: I hated your writings at first, I apologize for that. Now I am grateful you have done.

  37. Natalia

    By far the best site for strike info! Thanks so much Adrian!
    This was the only reliable place to come for updates, and it was totally un-biased.
    You did an amazing job 🙂

  38. Tabrias

    Thank you for all your efforts. Though I can not show my gratitude well online I must say that this site was very much appreciated.

  39. Yoooopie

    thank you so much!
    i really appreciate your work!

  40. ...

    @ Adrian

    You did an amazing job with this site and we are all indebted to you. And to all…good luck with your studies!

  41. yorkstrike2008

    Thank you everyone for your kinds words.

    I am very glad that you found such value in this site. It makes the many hours I put into this site very worthwhile to me.

  42. Chris F

    Thank you.

  43. Ruffles the dog

    Bye York Strike! I Love you!!!!

  44. Thanks

    Thanks Adrian for maintaining this wonderful blog =)

  45. Thanks

    I’ll miss reading this blog 😦 Oh well…back to books.

    Good luck with school

  46. HE SPOKE!!! THE MAN SPOKE!…lol. He’s a celebrity! YorkStrike2008 spoke!….anyways..thanks for keeping this site awesome…I just want to give a shout-out to all the people who posted irrelevant things (I being one of them). Now..lets focus on getting back to the studies………….and the GIRLS!!! YEA BABY!

  47. LOL

    Thanks a lot Adrian. You gave an actual forum to vent our frustration, keep up to date, and even attempt to organize rallies for change. You, as one person, did more than the entire YFS managed to do for students during this strike. On the behalf of all york students, I would like to thank you for giving us such an opportunity. You are a good person, may you find success in whatever you pursue.

  48. Confused....

    Thank you Adrian

    T’was the best place to find info!!

  49. Disappointed

    I guess I wasn’t the only one doing the 5 second refresh thing.. good to know lol

    Anywho, Thanks a million!!

  50. I remeber about 11 weeks ago I found out that this blog existed. When I found out, I read a couple of the posts in the comments section and one of them made me furious. Cupe Member with a Child just got under my skin so much. The obnoxious tone to her posts just made me furious. Obviously, when I see an argument, I am going to get angry and respond.

    So I decided to create the lamest nick name I could find. One that was blantantly pro-York. So I came up with the “YorkIsAwesome” and had stuck with it ever since.

    This blog has been an outstanding resource for all of us over the past three months. Not only do I want to thank yorkstrike2008, but I would like to thank each and every one of you NON TROLL posters for keeping me up to date on the strike. It was good to know that no matter what the day or time, I could always come on here to get up to date news on the strike.

    And while I did not agree (AT ALL) with CUPE Member with a Child’s political opinion, I would even like to thank her. Yes, I disagreed with her opinion; however, it was nice to have someone from the union side to give us what information she could provide.

    And obviously, CUPE DOLL, I love you. You have been most outstanding throughout this entire thing. Not sure exactly what your York status is; however, I wish you all the best. I hope that you are in the field of social science, because the social sciences need people like you. Smart people who are not blinded by ideology.

    And in finality, I would like to make one request to yorkstrike2008. Would it be at all possible to keep this blog going for another week? Maybe making daily postings over the next 7 days or so detailing what is going on with academic remedation. I think I am not alone in being fearful of what will happen to us once we start up again, and I know I would at least enjoy a place to come to and bitch about how lame my new syllabus is.

    Thank you everyone.

  51. Digital Media Student

    To be honest, I really did hate the strike…lol
    I’m glad it’s over and hopefully it doesn’t happen within the next 4 years! Switching my program…to hopefully get into YSDN. Digital Media sucks balls (well mainly the math part)…

    PS. Digital Media is a freaken BA degree, how does that freaken work lol?

  52. stoicloic

    Well… it was fun. Great job keeping the body up to speed. While i’d like to say back to school that’s a no go for me as the strike fucked over the winter semester for me. My seasonal job doesn’t allow for strikes. Meh, next year I guess. Hopefully not alot of others are sitting in my position. I feel particularly bad about the union. While I wasn’t for the strike at all, government intervention is extreme in this situation. Essentially they went on strike for nothing, which suits absolutely nobody except he administration. See you again in 2010.

  53. Disappointed


    have you considered deferred standing?

  54. bern

    thank you soooo much! 🙂 you did such an awesome job

  55. Someone's Mother

    I am the mother of a student at York, and for the past 3 months have felt somewhat voyeuristic checking this page everyday! Your comments have made me feel old, outdated, impressed, grateful, outraged, embarassed, sympathetic, and motherly. Like the others, this was my go-to page regarding the strike. My child, like most of you probably, thinks that “not much” is a suitable answer to most questions. I spent the last month emailing every gov’t department and official, the school and the union to let my feelings be known. I’m am very happy and relieved that classes will resume on Monday; your lives can return to some sort of normalcy again. So, thanks for this awesome site. I’m very proud of you. Now to the rest of you, eat right, work hard, have fun.

  56. G

    thank you for this blog it was by far the best place for information.

  57. ...

    @ Someone’s Mother

    MOM!!!What are you doing here! I’m here starving myself and you’re out there writing posts! Your son is dying here…lol.

  58. concrete

    thank you!!!!!!!!

  59. s~

    hm…so its a three year contract this time right?
    k guys, see you in 2011 😉 just kiddingg !

  60. question

    To those who already resumed their studies, did CUPE remove the picket line already and which routes do TTC buses take now?

  61. Maria

    Adrian: I am a mother too and I congratulate you for your work managing this site. This was too my go to page, but regarding my every day life for the last three months.
    I wish you, along with all the students, a productive year at York.
    Un sitio de pelos, genial.

  62. TRUTH

    Thank you comrade for this website. It was an exciting ride during the last three months
    This is without the doubt the BEST website about the strike and the related news. Thank you so much

    PS: I’m gonna miss doing Socialist parody as TRUTH

    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  63. CapitalistWarrior

    you mean… you lied to us? It was all fake? 😐

  64. @….

    That was hilarious.

  65. mother from Nova Scotia

    This is my daughter’s first year in university and although the strike was troublesome by times it was also an excellent learning experience. My husband and I checked this site several times a day for information and it was informative and hmmm entertaining by times. Thanks for all your hard efforts and hope you had a wonderful holiday in Mexico.

  66. Confused and Exasperated

    @TRUTH yeah props to you man. I can’t believe how many people you managed to piss off over the past 3 months, damn impressive man, damn impressive.

  67. D

    Woooo bittersweet end 🙂 Maybe I’ll come back oneday when I’m bored and have the time and read through the posts again 🙂

  68. Jason

    Cupe you have just been owned

  69. First and Last Post

    I can’t say thank you enough Adrian..

    The timely and judicious(mostly) information I received from this site was invaluable during this arduous strike. First time posting for me and hopefully the last as well~

  70. Strike?

    Lets home strike wont happen again?

    yea, I bet. Well, if you are around for another 2 years, there will def. be a strike again.

  71. yet another mom

    I too checked the site almost every day for three months. I was at various times appalled, amused, impressed, saddened, and occassionally, enlightened. Thanks for keeping it going and for always trying to be impartial. Good luck to all of you in them next 5 months. You can get through this.

  72. Curious Yorkie

    Thank You, Adrian. Your website has been the best and most informative tool during this strike. I still remember the first day when I came and posted here, and how excited we all were that we didnt have to work on an assignment due the next day. 3 months gone by soo fast. I digress, but the point is, you did a great job. Thank You!

  73. Curious Yorkie

    And thank you to Cupe Doll too 🙂

    P.S.: Have a great year ahead 🙂

  74. SumbanthSingh


    people from mainland China have dirty bums 😦
    from experience of recent trip

  75. LarrisAndocilla

    to SumbanthSingh:

    REALLY? =O!

  76. SumbanthSingh

    Yes i took a trip to SKorea, Japan, China and Thailand very recently. It was for leisure.

  77. m19

    thank you sooo much for this website. it kept me sane and helped me get through these past three months. i wish you the best as we head back to school 🙂

  78. demarche

    Great work, Adrian! By far the best site to check in on what people are thinking.

  79. peter mansbridge's ghost

    thanks for putting this up and maintaining it, all the best

  80. Milky

    Thanks for the site 🙂 much appreciated~

  81. cupe troll

    ya, thanks.. for nothing. you made us look bad. so all us e-picketers are going on strike and will not be posting here anymore until adrian apologizes to us. we will cripple this site

  82. Cupe Doll


    Hope everyone got a laugh. Try and keep smiling, everyone. It’ll suck for a few months — but years from now this will become a great anecdote 🙂

  83. any final words

    and final words Cupe Member with Child..

    your awfully quiet..not the usual you i must say

  84. Thank you, Adrian, for the acknowledgement at the top of the story. haha makes me feel special=P

    I am going to miss this community. It was MY go to place, as well; I knew more than some of the picketers I met at York haha!

    Thanks to EVERYONE for making this site such an informative venue! We’re all indebted to each other here.

    Special thanks to CUPE Doll, but also…CMWC. CMWC is my tutorial leader, and I always valued this persons opinion regardless whether I agreed or disagreed. This individual truly is brilliant…I will be excited to finally have a class with this person! (I will protect the persons identity…sorry guys!)

    Your friendly Yorker,

    PS – See you all Monday!!! Lets get back to a NORMAL life.

  85. @CUPE DOLL

    There’s really nothing great about the past 3 months that I can–at some point in the future–look back on and laugh.

  86. Are you going to tell us Cupe Member with Child’s true identity?

  87. yorkstrike2008

    Yes this blog will still exist, and I will post as much as I can during the next week for those who want to discuss different options and what is happening with remediation etc.

    I will never delete the blog. There are over 200 blog posts and nearly 8,000 comments here. I am sure this will be a valuable resource to someone at some time in the future.

    Again, I thank all of you. Your contribution to this community is more valuable than you can imagine.

  88. YorkDelivers

    Thanks Adrian! Great work with the site. I’m still going to be checking this several times per day out of habit for a week or so! See you all in class!

  89. Deborah

    Thanks Adrian … you did a great job!

  90. Cupe Doll

    @kavisolo: “There’s really nothing great about the past 3 months that I can–at some point in the future–look back on and laugh.”

    No, I meant the post just above my last one — from “cupe troll”. Written by me. A CUPE 3903 member. Trolling. Meant to be funny. Guess it wasn’t though — since now I’m explaining it 😦

  91. Thank you Adrian for this blog; as every other poster said before me, I constantly referred here to get information on the strike. I think if you ran for YFS President, you’d have a good chance of winning…just make sure you run under “YorkStrike2008” so we know it’s you ;).

  92. ram/tester/John Locke/Bob Sternman

    Hello All:

    I shall reveal myself.

    A student from U of T.

    I hope you all have enjoyed my posts and commentary throughout the last couple of weeks.

    This was a very interesting social psychology experiment.

    Go well.


    ram/tester/John Locke/Bob Sternman

  93. Moving on

    Good job!!!! This was really a learning community.
    Good luck to everyone from the bottom of my heart as we “move on”…..

  94. no longer disgruntled yufite

    Many thanks to Adrian for creating this site and putting so much effort into keeping it up to date. I was addicted to this site from the first time I found it, checking it many times a day to see what I could learn about new developments and diverse perspectives on the strike.

    CUPE Doll has been my hero throughout this ordeal. Much appreciation for the demystification and pragmatic analysis!

  95. I still think we should try and oust Hamid Osmon.

  96. schulicher

    u did a really gd job..thanks so much for all the work. Good luck with school!!!!!

  97. Former GAC co-worker

    No way! I had no idea it was your blog Adrian! Great job and like the other posters, I’d like to say thanks for keeping up a blog that was the first site checked out for recent updates…good luck to you and everyone else with the rest of the school year

  98. Aaaah!!! I keep trying to stop reading this blog now that the strike is over, but I can’t…I just can’t!
    But seriously Adrian, you did an amazing job. Thanks again.

  99. jaycee

    Thanks for always trying to keep this thing up to date. I would check this blog EVERY NIGHT to see if there was anything new. Not only was this my go-to place, but this site kept me sane. And reading all of the comments from all the multiple personalities playing devil’s advocate made for some pretty interesting, and sometimes humorous discussions. Thanks for everything guys. And thanks to you Adrian! You’ll definitely get a “hello” if I see you on campus!

  100. Brenda

    Thank you Adrian for keeping us all up to date on my son’s (frosh) experience during the strike. Best place by far to be able to understand the situation and share perspectives. God Bless.

    From an appreciative West Coast Mom

  101. B.

    YorkIsAwesome – agree with you there. So much fail from Osman and co these past 12 weeks.

    yorkstrike2008 – Thank you. It’s so odd how this little blog made one feel so connected to the YorkU community all of a sudden. Going to miss it.

  102. piece of the pie/CUPE greed fail

    Thanks a bunch man. Definitely great for keeping me occupied and letting my frustrations about the strike. BTW TRUTH is the most entertaining person ever…period.

  103. yorkstrike2008

    I still think we should oust Osman as well.

    He did nothing but pick his nose and play with his blackberry for three months…

  104. angrystudent

    thank you thank you!! You did an amazing job keeping us all up to date. I found this place more helpful than any other site, or newspaper for that matter =D

  105. Ross

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you around Glendon? My apologies if I’m wrong.

  106. piece of the pie/CUPE greed fail

    I agree Osman did nothing the whole strike…well I know one thing he didn’t do for certain, and that is a take a shower lol.

  107. sarah

    I remember the night of Nov 5th as I was sitting by my laptop , swearing at york for not updating any news about the strike on its website and at my TAs for not replying to my emails…untill I finally came across this blog and posted the first comment with a heart full of appreciation…since then, there has not been a day , if not an hour, which I did not refer to this blog to get a peace of mind if not any news…now it just seem to have become a habbit, or maybe I’ve become addicted to having such a neutral informative source of news…one more thing about this strike and this blog..I learned a lot about where I go to school!!!

  108. Koffi

    This blog was my homepage for 70 out of the 80+ days this strike latest. Thanks for keeping the undergrad hostages informed!

  109. Meow Mix

    Thanks man. Your the best for this site.

    I will now resume laughing at the CUPE members.

  110. Sarah Clarke

    thanks, i will miss my daily routine of going to this website. haha i love that you exposed yourself at the very end, completely different from my imagination! you were a huge help.

  111. R

    THANK You so much for the time and effort you’ve put to this site!

  112. fuck the year

    Thanks Adrian. Cheers/

  113. b.ed

    Thanks Adrian for an amazing blog! I’ll have to find something now to replay my daily habit of checking this website! Best of luck on all your future endeavors:)

  114. Ms D

    Simply put, ‘you are my best friend for the past 3 months’. Thank you for your mostly updated news here. And please do not delete this relevant blog because future YorkU’s generations definitely need it for any potential strike-related concerns

    [Sorry for off the topic] but anyone here knows about Market America-a type of mkt network ‘unfranchised’ company? Friends have told me for a very good P/T job opportunity by joining this co’y to earn extra money while in school (couple of hundreds dollars-up to more than a thousand dollars/ wk, of course it depends on the sale volume). Is it a scam, anyone knows ???

  115. Ms D

    @ Adrian

    See u around campus, wish u all the best for the coming years at YorkU

  116. KJN27

    R0ck on Glendon!

  117. KJN27

    P.S. Adrian, I used to serve you sometimes at the Bistro…before they shut it down:(

  118. Hot Momma

    @ Adrian

    You are daaaamn sexy, what are your digits?

  119. carleigh

    Thanks for this blog. I would be lost without it!!

  120. Desk Rabbit

    Adrian, I’d like to add my immense appreciation to the list here. YorkStrike2008 has been my homepage for the last three months and I’ve spent many a good hour refreshing the page over and over again.

    Thank you for keeping me sane! The confusion alone would have killed me had I not this resource. You are like Iron Man and now everyone knows your identity, and they celebrate you.

  121. Hot Poppa


    You are daaaamn sexy, what are your digits?

  122. Hot Cocoa


    You are daaaamn sexy, what are your digits?

  123. Bobert

    Thanks for setting up this Website, and i’d like to thank all the contributors and frequent commentators on here: yorkstrike2008, demarche, basil, dray, cupe member with child , cupedoll, pally wally, and anyone else I forgot to mention.

    Unlike some of the short remarks some people have made in here ridiculing cupe members, I don’t think its right to do so. We all study, and work on the same campus whether it be undergraduate or graduate student, contract or tenured faculty.

    We all had our interests at stake in this strike and we shouldn’t insult people for stating their position on the issue regardless of whether or not you agree with it.

    My only hope is that York AND Cupe finally learn from this experience….

  124. BigBlackGhettoBooty


    You are daaamn sexy, what are your digits?

  125. Jon

    Thanks for all your hard work Adrian. This site definately clarified alot for all of us.

  126. BigWhiteUpscaleBooty


    too bad, he’s mine!

  127. hi! I just want to belong! lol.

  128. MediumSizedPurpleBooty

    Me too!

  129. Theowne

    Thanks a lot for this website, a great place for undergrads to rally together.

    Too bad it got spammed by CUPE members fighting with each other in the middle, but it was a great resource.

    I checked this site every day.

    Please keep it running!

  130. still Jafac

    Your name might be Adrian but you’ll always be yorkstrike2008 in my eyes!

  131. Saira

    Well, I know it’s already been said many times, but thanks for all the effort you put into the blog, I really appreciate it 😀 It was very frustrating having to see the so called “updates” that were on the York website… you did a great job!

  132. Thinker

    Thanks a ton Adrain!! 🙂

    God Bless ya! and Good Luck for your future! 🙂

  133. tired of it...

    just wanted to say thanks for all your work. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work went into this site. This site became my “go-to” place for info throughout the strike.

    best wishes.

  134. Kat

    Thanx very much, u kept us updated!
    Best of luck to all of you, guys!

  135. Another student

    Just wanted to say thank you. This is an informative help and it was really helpful over the last few months.
    Thanks for all of your hard work.

  136. Another student

    Sorry – meant to say informative site.

  137. Yen

    Thanks so much Adrian!

    You should have told us what kind of beer you like and You would have had 10000 people offering to buy you it! 🙂

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  139. Elizabeth

    Thank-you for putting so much time and effort into this blog, it has really been a great help during the strike and a lot more understanding than the York website 🙂 On behalf of myself and many of my York friends, thanks again!

    All the best of luck, and let’s make back to school some fun..Although many of us might dread going back so late into the year!


  140. Eli

    Thanks for this site! i think we all really appreciate the effort you have put in to keeping us all up to date.

  141. Hot Cocoa

    is it just me or do you look like a terrorist?

  142. b

    Thanks Adrian! You did a great job!

  143. JR

    Thanks for everything, Adrian. This was the best source of strike updates anywhere on the net, and a great place for people on both sides to post their opinions.

    I also want to thank CUPE doll for her informative posts, TRUTH for the entertainment, and Cupe Member With Child for presenting an alternative view.

  144. Theowne

    I bet if I see him on the street I’ll say “hey, yorkstrike2008! what’s up?”

  145. juda

    thanks dude. you are amazing.

    fuck york.

  146. How has everyone found going back? My professors have been almost too nice.