Info on Law Suit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a cost to Class Members of joining the Class Action?


Class Members (You) are not liable to pay any of the expenses of the litigation, whether lawyers’ fees or costs. Recovery of costs and other expenses is contingent upon a recovery being obtained (meaning a settlement with York University is reached or damages are awarded by a court). If no recovery is obtained, Class Members will owe nothing for costs and other expenses.

The sole contingency upon which Juroviesky & Ricci shall be compensated is a recovery in the litigation (meaning a settlement with York University is reached or damages are awarded by a court), whether by settlement or judgment. Juroviesky & Ricci will request that the court approve legal fees of 25% of the total recovery in addition to the Juroviesky & Ricci reasonable disbursements in the litigation plus applicable taxes. “Disbursements” shall include but not be limited to costs of travel expenses, telephone, copying, fax transmission, depositions, investigators, messengers, mediation expenses, computer research fees, other computer service fees, court fees, expert fees, other consultation, class action and paralegal fees and expenses. Any recovery in the litigation shall first be used to reimburse disbursements.

In the event that the litigation is resolved by settlement under terms involving any “in-kind” payment, the contingency fee agreement shall apply to such “in-kind” payment.

What about the former Class Action filed against York University because of the strike in 2000?

In 2000, a Class Action was launched by the law offices of Polten & Hodder (Ciano v. York University). This action was dismissed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice before it reached the Certification level. York University made a motion for Summary Judgment on the basis that there was no genuine issue for trial in that there was no “evidence of damages sustained as a result of the strike which was an essential element of the cause of action” and that “[l]oss of class time was not proof of the damages.”

The reason that our Class Action against York University is different than Ciano v. York University is that our claims arise from legislation whereas Ciano v. York University was based solely on common-law principles. Our claims are being made under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 which was not in effect in 2000 when the previous Class Action was launched. Unlike in the Ciano v. York University action, under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 actual damages need not be proven.

If I withdrew from my classes, am I eligible to sign up for the Class Action?

If you withdrew from your winter or fall semester classes and received a full refund of the tuition you paid, you continue to be eligible to sign up for the Class Action. However, any money you have already received from York University cannot be claimed again by signing up. If you have received a refund from York University, the only damages you may receive in the event of recovery in the litigation (meaning a settlement is reached or damages are awarded by a court) is the non-refunded tuition, and those damages outside of the tuition for which you already received a refund.

Additionally, if you have withdrawn from either your fall or winter semester at York University, and you have received no refund from York University, you are eligible to sign up.

Naturally, in the case where the action is unsuccessful, you may receive NO lost tuition or costs.

What if the “Back-to-Work Legislation” is passed?

If the “Back-to Work Legislation” is passed, it will have no effect on the Class Action itself. The action is based on the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, in that York University students are entitled to receive the level and quality of education that they were told they would receive upon paying their tuition. If the Striking Workers return to work, there will be no effect on the past three months and the detrimental effect the Strike has had on the quality of education York University Students would receive.

In the event of recovery in the litigation, what kind of damages are you seeking?

The Statement of Claim is currently seeking the widest range of damages possible. For example such items as loss of income; tuition reimbursement; reimbursement for housing; and other living costs, etc. However the court always has the ability to rule out certain types of damages in our claim, and as such, the claim for damages may be narrowed significantly by the court before or after Class Certification.

Should I return to classes at York University?

This action should have no effect on your decision to return to classes at York University in the event that the “Back-to-Work Legislation” is passed. Regardless of your personal choice of returning to York University or not, you will continue to be eligible to sign up for the Class Action.

May I be punished academically or otherwise by York University for my participation in this Class Action?

York University does not have a policy in writing (that was available to us), regarding expulsion for bringing a cause of action against the University. Nonetheless, everyone in Canada has a right to be able to pursue legal action against any organization, individual, or authority that breaches a contract or fails to provide a service within the specified terms of an agreement. York University is responsible for providing students with an education within and expected period allotted (as pleaded in the Statement of Claim), and any extension of the semester or term would be in violation of the agreement made between them and students. Unless Students agreed in writing to terms stating that York University may expel students and/or void their legal right to sue the school under a valid cause of action, then York CANNOT expel any students for participating in this Class Action and participating in a legal cause of action.

Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that York is going to expel 20%+ of its student body for being members of an injured Class.


Frequently Asked Questions

Press Released from Juroviesky and Ricci LLP:

TORONTO, Jan. 25 /CNW/ – In the wake of the Ontario government’s failure to acquire a unanimous consensus regarding the passage of the York University back-to-work legislation, the law offices of Juroviesky and Ricci LLP have filed a class action lawsuit in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against York University alleging class wide violations of various statutory and common law duties to the students of York University.

The suit claims that the students of York University are entitled to a refund of the students’ tuition and other fees paid to York, and for damages (direct and indirect) for losses suffered by students enrolled in full and part time programs at York University for the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 semester. For further details, please see the press release and materials posted on Juroviesky and Ricci’s website and/or

According to Henry Juroviesky of Juroviesky and Ricci LLP, “It’s unfortunate that this matter has evolved into a stalemate labor negotiation between York University and the Union, and has lost its primary focal point, namely the welfare of the York University students, and as such the only practical option the students have for immediate relief and the possibility to salvage their academic track is via the court system through this class action.”

Note that the detailed statement of claim filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is the result of an extensive and independent investigation conducted by Juroviesky and Ricci LLP. In respect of Canada, to the knowledge of Juroviesky and Ricci LLP, no other statement of claim has been filed in this matter against the Defendant and no other law firms, as at the time of filing its statement of claim, represent plaintiffs in this litigation.

Because lawyers at Juroviesky and Ricci LLP have conducted a thorough investigation on this matter, they are in a superior position to answer questions about the claims alleged in the statement of claim, and can be contacted to discuss this case through the telephone number and/or e-mail address indicated below.
To be included as a lead or representative plaintiff on this matter, you must meet certain legal requirements. If you would like to join this class action as a lead or representative plaintiff, join as a class member, or otherwise be included in the York University Class Action database, please visit the following website: and provide us with the information requested.

More information on this and other class actions can be found on the Juroviesky and Ricci LLP Class Action website at


Statement of Claim:

You can read the Statement of Claim or the charges on York University by the Plaintiff Jonathan Turner. They are pretty  much going after them for unjust enrichment, breach of contract and breach of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).


You can read the full document here: Statement of Claim

You may join the Suit by filling out the form at:


This information will be permanently available under the header title Class Action Law Suit Info



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182 responses to “Info on Law Suit

  1. TRUTHiness

    I was wrong in earlier posts that 3903 would be making a constitutional challenge instead of seeking a court injunction. The opposite is true.

    I post a letter from Sid Ryan and Fred Hahn to CUPE National, in which this is discussed. I post it here and not elsewhere because this may impact the student lawsuit.


    January 26, 2009

    Paul Moist, President


    Claude G?n?reux, National Secretary-Treasurer

    Canadian Union of Public Employees

    1375 St. Laurent Boulevard

    Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z7

    Dear Paul and Claude:

    RE: Local 3903 and Back to Work Legislation

    This letter is a follow up to conversations had with representatives from
    Local 3903 and messages Sid has left for Paul. We are writing to support
    a request from CUPE Local 3903 for legal assistance in the face of
    proposed back to work legislation.

    There is an argument to be made that the Provincial Government has not
    met the tests set out in legal decisions that defend free collective
    bargaining. We are very concerned that there will be severe impacts for
    public sector bargaining in the future.

    Local 3903 requires resources to obtain full legal advice and
    assistance. The local wants to explore an injunction against legislating
    these workers back to work. While the chance of this may be slim, they
    also require resources to assess the legality of proposed legislation
    given the Supreme Court’s decision.

    This is not the long process of a Constitutional challenge, but rather an
    assessment of the legality of putting these workers in this situation
    back to work by legislation given the decision of the Supreme Court.

    The proposed legislation will not be passed immediately because the NDP
    are refusing unanimous consent, which provides us with some time, but not
    much, to explore all legal options to defend collective bargaining in
    general and this local in particular.

    We have no choice but to take all measures to defend free collective
    bargaining, especially given our coordinated bargaining strategy in this
    sector and the advanced bargaining in all our sectors. We cannot allow
    the government to feel emboldened by these events to legislate workers
    back to work even faster.

    This is clearly a precedent provincially on the right of free collective
    bargaining and we urge the National Union to provide resources to take on
    this urgent situation.

    It is urgent that we hear back from you on this matter as soon as
    possible and we look forward to working together to assist our members in
    the defence of their rights.

    In solidarity,

    (signed by) (signed by)

    Patrick (Sid) Ryan Fred Hahn

    President Secretary-Treasurer

  2. Ihateyork

    Honestly, i think the entire strike is a joke and have been pissed off about it, but this class action lawsuit is just something being put out by a bunch of ambulance chasers looking for some free advertising and a quick buck.

    “damages for losses suffered by students enrolled ” is a pretty flimsy and weak basis for a tort to proceeded and will likely be tossed out ASAP by any judge.

    Also, you’d be suing the university, which already has seen its funds limited, so…

  3. TRUTHiness

    I agree that a judge would likely throw this out after preliminary hearings, just as was the case in the previous two student lawsuits against York regarding strikes.

    However, if CUPE can prove York wasn’t bargaining in good faith, which is illegal under Labour Law, then I suspect students have a case.

  4. David Allan

    In 2000 it almost cost the guy that launched it $35,000 in lawyers fees for both himself and the school. The Judge ruled that although classes had been missed the students had not lost any money.

    In an appeals court the ruling was upheld as for as damages. But the appeals court did make both parties pay their own lawyer and court fees.

    That one was in the amounts of $90 000 000.00 So I can’t see how this one is going to come out any different.

  5. ram

    People did suffer damage from this strike…AND…will occur loss of income possibly for summer jobs etc…

  6. Dana

    Not to mention people who work to pay their own tuition. Its over 5000 and that can take an entire summer of near overtime hours to save up to pay for it.
    For people from middle class reclaiming their tuition might be the most just thing they get out of this strike.

    If there’s nothing to lose, then why not? York’s the one who did not fulfill its requirements.

  7. Josh

    Together with injunction that will be announced today, this might push York back to bargaining. Things are NOT all on York’s side as many think.

  8. tester

    I’d much rather sue CUPE

    Can someone show me a credible link that indicates that not bargaining in good faith is really illegal.

  9. B.

    York isn’t going to feel at all threatened by this. This certainly won’t be what pushes them back to the bargaining table.

    Waste of time stunt. Much rather have the education/credits paid for versus money.

  10. tester


    I’d much rather sue York.

    This is all Yorks fault. In fact, based on my research their bargaining in bad faith is morally and legally wrong.

  11. ram

    YorkU has been in the media so much lately for all negative things.

    Enrollment dropping…

    Applications dropping…

    Students dropping out/transferring…

    BTWL for YorkU…

    York being the defendant in a class action law suit…

    And there are people who think YorkU is a good school. Give me a break. YorkU is the worst school in Canada. No other school would allow this to happen. YorkU will never be the next U of T, not even close.

  12. tester

    There is a fake tester, who is probably a CUPE troll.

    Fake_tester – show me what research you have done that proves that their bargaining in bad faith is morally and legally wrong.

    Mods, can you IP ban the impostors on this blog. It is really ruining what was once good place for discussion.

    Anyway, CUPE is the devil, and are the ones who should be sued. I am not signing up for the class action because I don’t believe York should be held financial responsible for CUPE’s unethical conduct.

  13. F-14

    Yeah, it is funny how people defend York. I would be very glad to see them get sued and are in financial trouble.

  14. ieatsalad

    @ B.

    “Waste of time stunt. Much rather have the education/credits paid for versus money.”

    But you can do that with the money! Pay for rez, classes, and books.

  15. ram

    @ F-14

    I agree.

    I don’t see how any reasonable student in their right mind can defend York’s action. These people are being blinded by the fact that they may be in class soon. You can’t forget the misdeed YorkU has done. How disappointing, people are not thinking.

  16. ieatsalad

    @ Josh

    “Together with injunction that will be announced today, this might push York back to bargaining. Things are NOT all on York’s side as many think.”

    This possibility excites me.

  17. ram

    YorkU needs to be held accountable.

    The funny thing is, if this case is successful, the ones who did not make a claim, will be wanting there cut–sadly, it till be too late.


  18. David Allan


    They did last time too. I was there, I had to hang around until mid-may. I feel terrible for the students that are going through this because in 2000 we were put in a similar situation. I am now out in the working world and couldn’t help but follow this strike as my education was definitely affected. Not just grades and finances, but the want to pursue a graduate degree was completely turned off by what I saw at the time.

    But what I am tell you is unless someone has a new way of framing the class action they are going to lose. And potentially lose big. In 2000 not only did the court rule dismiss the lawsuit in a motion of summary judgement, but awarded York’s bills be paid by the Student that brought the suite before the court. Bills by both sides totalled $35,000.00. So I hope you are compensated. Sure I do, but I am just trying to show you what history has taught us so far. Especially for those that are wondering how that Class Action Lawsuit ended.

  19. Constitutional challenge = useless for strike purposes. No need to speculate how expensive and unsuccessful the case would be.

    And while I’m no legal expert — what possible difference can legal expertise make?

    Ok — let’s say it’s possible to get legislation-defeating injunctions without any constitutional challenging. Let’s pretend for a moment it could be done with enough legal expertise. So, pretending there could be an injunction, then:

    It would require that there was no deadlock between York and 3903. Otherwise, if there was deadlock, then the BTWL is spot on. Other than being way late, that is.

    For there to have been no deadlock would require that at least one of the sides was continuing to bargain. And — wow, coincidence — that’s the big lie we 3903s and the Hamptons been telling everyone past few days. How honestly, genuinely, conscientiously we 3903s been bargaining.

    Except everyone already knows. Not just how we never got started bargaining — like when wearing our uber-cool impossible demands t-shirts. Everyone already knows not just how but even why we 3903s never got bargaining. Right? We didn’t exactly hide it. It got plenty exposure at this very forum — didn’t it? We never got bargaining precisely because our whole plan, all along? It was to create a deadlock with York. A deadlock lasting so long the year would get not only academically ruined but next to entirely lost. At which point? York would have to capitulate everything impossible we demanded in the first place. And this our plan got affirmed, re-affirmed and quite braggingly declared throughout. Everybody knows.

    But even so. Let’s say our big 3903 lie gets believed. Despite everyone knowing better. Even then. Even taking the question whether or not there was or wasn’t deadlock seriously? That’s a question of fact. And when courts are asked to determine questions of fact? That’s a big deal. That’s what trials are for.

    Enough legal expertise could conceivably persuade a court that we 3903s not only kept bargaining — but even got started. Like, before getting threatened by BTWL. But it wouldn’t be any quick injunction all that legal expertise would be getting. It would have to be done in context of winning a constitutional challenge.

    This whole quick injunction to defeat the BTWL pending over our 3903 heads? Nonsense. Loser sores. We just can’t admit to ourselves or everyone else what class A holes we’ve been. We figure if we can only pull it out then we’ll seem like winners again — and everyone will go right back to admiring us. Or at least not ridiculing us any more.

    Yeah. Right. All that’s happening here is the Hamptons helping us 3903s keep students from class an extra week. No amount of legal expertise can enable Hampton’s NDPs to scuttle the year entirely. This is nothing more than the noise of a filthy unconscionable delaying tactic.

  20. I have said this before, and I will say this again. Anyone who signs up for that law suit is pathetic.

  21. tester

    @ TRUTHiness

    Thank-you for clarifying my point.

    As I said before, YorkU needs to remain accountable.

    The actions of this university actions are legally (and ethically) wrong.

  22. TRUTH

    cupedoll always has to take over a discussion, doesnt he?

  23. B.

    ieatsalad – and lose a year in the process? No thanks. Not to mention, if this silliness goes through, how do you people expect York to cover the settlement? This isn’t a win-win.

  24. G

    I was watching Cp24 yesterday for all those wanting to sue cupe we can’t. According to the lawyer we do not have a contract with cupe our contract is with York that’s why we can only sue York. And like truthiness said only if it can be proven that York did not bargain in good faith will this lawsuit have a chance.

  25. tester

    @ YorkisAwesome

    Arrogant and rich people like you make me livid. Just because your parents are wealthy and can afford all of your expenses, doesn’t mean everyone is in such a situation.

    People need to support this as much as they can.

    @ Cupedoll

    “And while I’m no legal expert…”

    After that, you should have stopped typing.

    Don’t you realize, that you are no longer the leading authority on the strike anymore? No one cares about what you have to say. Sorry. You’re couple days of fame are over.

  26. ieatsalad

    @ cupedoll

    so basically, we’re going back Feb 2nd, and there is nothing that Cupe or anyone else can do about it?

  27. ram

    YorkU has the money. Even if all the administrators have to pool in all their salaries (likely totaling millions of dollars) to pay the damages.

  28. TRUTHiness

    “We never got bargaining precisely because our whole plan, all along? It was to create a deadlock with York. A deadlock lasting so long the year would get not only academically ruined but next to entirely lost. At which point? York would have to capitulate everything impossible we demanded in the first place. And this our plan got affirmed, re-affirmed and quite braggingly declared throughout.”

    I don’t buy this.

    we know already cupe was reducing their demands right down to accepting the wage offer, and still the admin didn’t “respond”. so, I don’t think how high or low cupe’s demands mattered. that’s been pretty much proven by what has happened last weekend.

  29. ram

    Cupedoll is no longer a valid resource…

    Remember that lecture on critically assessing a source.

    Cupedoll= FAIL…no, no, I mean…EPIC FAIL!

  30. ram

    Remember that lecture on critically assessing a source.

    Cupedoll= FAIL…no, no, I mean…EPIC FAIL!

  31. ieatsalad

    @ B.

    I don’t understand how this law suit would equate to us losing the year?

  32. Nanometer

    If you notice, Cupe Doll is the opposite version of TRUTH. Both are full of propaganda for their political ideas and their hate/love for CUPE. I find it hard to separate Cupe Doll from TRUTH….

    Silent Majority, 3903s turning against CUPE, ratification vote helping York and such. She kept saying those for 2 months and she was proven to be wrong. Yet she comes back again and starts the rhetoric again thanks to the back to work legislation
    I agree with BTWL and I want to get back to get what I paid for (I’m a student, not a CUPE member). I find it amusing that she is using the opportunity to start making inflammatory claims again despite being proven wrong before. It’s sad and it’s even more sad to see people here drolling over Cupe Doll and selectively all of her wrong posts before. Both Cupe Doll and TRUTH are annoying as hell. TRUTH with his/her love for communism and Cupe Doll’s love for new liberalism (read right wings) and Geore Bush style of government. We all know how both of them failed….

  33. Steve-o

    When will they shut down this cesspool they called a university?

  34. TRUTHiness

    cupedoll’s just raging against the machine.

  35. Steve-o

    Cupedoll is playing both sides.

    You are cunning and sly.

    Cupedoll, you coy transvestite.

  36. TRUTHiness

    And I don’t think TRUTH is serious. TRUTH is trying to parody international socialists, and does it poorly

  37. Tropical sunshine

    @Cupe Doll,

    I would imagine that the onus would be on the Liberal government and other interested parties to prove that CUPE was not bargaining and not the other way around. I would expect the court to ask the government to prove why they need to overrule CUPE’s fundamental right and not really ask CUPE to defend their rights.

    Then again, I am not a lawyer but this is what I would expect as an ordinary citizen

  38. TRUTHiness

    I think youre right. I suspect she is totally playing both sides. I bet she’s rah rah rah supportive of 3903 at union meetings …

  39. ieatsalad

    @ ram

    I think everyone feels that way about whatever is posted here, regardless of what internet handle the information is found under.

    I never leave this site thinking that anything I’ve read is 100% accurate.

  40. Cupe Doll groupie


  41. ieatsalad

    @ Steve-o

    bahaha … you made me laugh.

  42. ram

    TORONTO – The union representing striking staff at York University said it is not ruling out a legal challenge to back-to-work legislation as it called on the premier to push the university back to the bargaining table.

    Sid Ryan, Ontario president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, said the union has instructed its lawyers to “take any and all legal action” to protect the collective bargaining process if the legislation passes.

    Ryan said there is a “strong possibility” of success with a legal challenge but said Premier Dalton McGuinty should use the “space” created by the NDP’s refusal to fast track the bill to encourage the university to negotiate.

    “We’re convinced we can actually get an agreement prior to legislation being introduced, prior to CUPE having to go to the courts for a legal challenge,” Ryan said adding a legal fight would likely further delay students returning to class.

    Earlier this month, members of CUPE local 3903, voted 63 per cent against accepting a settlement offer from York.

    The university said the deal, which includes a wage and benefits increase of 10.7 per cent, represented a reasonable offer. But CUPE dismissed it, highlighting what they see as inadequate job security for contract faculty, who must reapply for positions at the start of each academic year.

    During Question period Tuesday, McGuinty said talks have failed between the two sides and the government now has a responsibility to get students back to class.

    He said he is more than prepared to encourage York to continue negotiating but the province is moving ahead with back to work legislation.

    On Sunday, the government tabled back-to-work legislation in the hopes students could be back in class by Monday.

    But NDP opposition to the bill has stalled that process and the legislation is not expected to pass now before Thursday.

  43. tester

    there is a fake tester posting. it is a CUPE troll

  44. Jigsaw

    TRUTH is Cupedoll I am sure.

  45. ram

    @ ieatsalad

    Sadly no.

    I am pretty sure, some people live by the word of Cupe Doll.

    For example, when Cupe Doll hasn’t replied to a topic, someone will say..”Where is Cupe Doll?” or “What does Cupe Doll have to say about this?” or “Unless Cupe Doll agrees/validates this new piece of information, I won’t believe it…”

    I find it so sad, that many are putting there decisions in the hands of a keyboard warrior. Good grief, we don’t even know if anything he claims to know is true or false.

    Sometimes it plays the position of a Cupe Member, anti-Cupe, politician, lawyer, political scientist, or philosopher. My goodness, too many people give him too much credit.

  46. Nanometer

    Just to clarify, I don’t mean to say Cupe Doll and TRUTH are the same person. All I’m saying is that they are both ideologically driven and so everyone should be skeptic of what they say. One goes for right, the other goes for left. The enthusiasm and twisting of the facts though, are all the same

  47. Kiara

    At least one arrested at YorkU union rally
    The Canadian Press

    TORONTO — Police have descended on a downtown Toronto rally where union officials representing striking York University staff are urging the province to push the school back to the negotiating table.

    At least one person was led away in handcuffs as a dozen police cruisers were called in.

    Some 200 people were attending the rally outside the Labour Ministry offices and were marching to the provincial legislature when a confrontation apparently occurred with police.

    The march is now stalled on a downtown street and union officials are urging the crowd to remain calm.

  48. Kiara

    At least one arrested at YorkU union rally
    The Canadian Press

    TORONTO — Police have descended on a downtown Toronto rally where union officials representing striking York University staff are urging the province to push the school back to the negotiating table.

    At least one person was led away in handcuffs as a dozen police cruisers were called in.

    Some 200 people were attending the rally outside the Labour Ministry offices and were marching to the provincial legislature when a confrontation apparently occurred with police.

    The march is now stalled on a downtown street and union officials are urging the crowd to remain calm.

  49. tester

    This is getting annoying.

    The “tester” that is saying a fake “tester” is posting IS the fake “tester”…


  50. ram

    @ all
    The above comments against cupedoll titled ” ram” are not mine. PLEASE WOULD YOU STOP THIS DISGUSTING behavior. Let the moderator check my IP address with that of the above ram. They are different. Please do not mistake those for mine,,

  51. Bobby Brown

    Cupe Doll,

    How are we to believe you are a unit 2 when you don’t even care about SRCs (apparently) and other things that would directly benefit you?

    If you were really ‘principled’ as you suggest you would have gone to the media using your real name – they would have trotted you out as they did Koopmans and other dissenting voices. You could have had a wider forum, you could have influenced more of the people you wanted to.

    No, you’re afraid of losing your career. Aren’t you? You can talk big about being principled when its done under the veil of anonymity but the truth is, at the end of the day you want to protect your own ass/job as much as the next person. You say you’ve “already lost” your job for next year, but somehow, I don’t think you actually believe that. If you did, why not use your real name?
    I’m sure you would find a sympathetic employer, it isn’t as though there aren’t plenty of conservative schools to apply to.

    Cupe Doll has clearly all along been nothing but the creation of the administration, and an e-picketer for them. an agent provocateur. either that, or completely hypocritical. I leave that to her/his conscience to decide.
    unfortunately, you can’t have principles and eat your cake too.

  52. lol @ york

    this whole class action thing is really greasy. I’m sure most of the people joining this thing are the same people whining about how much CUPE sucks, but as soon as they can get money for saying York failed them they switch sides pretty fast. Jumping on board to exploit York’s predicament for a quick buck is unfair to the institution and just plain shameful. Never mind the fact that its a pretty flimsy case AND stupid to put your own university into a financial crisis. Grow a moral conscious.

  53. student

    Anyone who thinks York is at fault is nuts. CUPE’s demands are unreasonable.

  54. Hassan Kachal

    I love York. York is the best school in the World.

    Sorry, what is York?

  55. im so sad at how things ended up. i mean when i was in high school, still innocent and didnt know much about the world, i would have never imagined something like this was possible. everyone is apathetic and indifferent including the govt, york and even cupe. i am left empty 😦


    Anyone who participates in the class action lawsuit should be ashamed of themselves. You will end up getting $100 and the lawyers will get $100,000…..does that making and fricking sense to you? Wake up!!!
    Is CUPE wrong? Who the hell knows. Is York wrong? Who the hell knows…we are all just guessing out here, and sometimes not even doing so with intelligence.

    Let’s stop talking about it….maybe if we stop talking about it…we will magically end up at school on Monday and this will all have been a very bad dream.

  57. tester


    Put York in debt it has to shut down.

    YorkU is simply a crap school.

  58. student

    lol @ york:

    your points are very valid. I am not signing up because
    a) this is CUPEs fault
    b) I don’t want to sue the university
    c) this is CUPEs fault

  59. ILCD

    There are more trolls on here than a bad porn knockoff of Lord of the Rings.

  60. concrete

    Good Lord!! I just heard on 680 news that McGuinty has changed his mind!!!!!!!!

  61. ILCD

    My guess is at least two or three of these posters are using multiple identities to suggest they are more than one person with the same opinion.

  62. @concrete

    are you serious? WTF please tell me you are making this up to cause frustration

  63. tester


    You’re a moron.

    We go to court to seek the answers to the very questions you ask.

    Imagine that, according to your logic, we must not question anything but just accept everything, whether right or wrong. Again, you’re a moron. People are seeking damages as it has affected many people. What about international students? What about those who need summer jobs to pay for school next year? What about those who have to pay extra months in rent? What about those who have other responsibilities? You’re a moron (emphasis added).

    So before you come on here and make silly statements, you need to shut up. Some people have suffered. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you have rich parents.


    THIS IS REALITY! You need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  64. ieatsalad

    @ amber

    concrete said this on another thread:

    “they just said on 680 news that he called york admin to tell them to go back to the bargaining table”

    I have no clue if it’s true or not.

  65. HBK


    I don’t think that would happen now, especially when the BTWL is close to being passed. Probably just another person trying to needlessly excite everyone.

  66. Milky

    I wouldn’t participate in the class action lawsuit. I don’t want whatever minimal % of tuition from York. I just want to finish the year and get my degree and I am sure many feel the same way! Also, I don’t think the lawsuit would succeed anyway since York will deliver the service, just delayed, so it’s a waste of time.

  67. ieatsalad

    * just a note that hasn’t updated any of it’s headlines concerning York since 8:24am

  68. the real tester - MY last real post

    THis is the real tester. I hereby retire from this forum because of the constant annoyance from imposters who post using the screen names of others. From here on out, I will use a different user name, or a different forum.

    the real tester is retired.

    oh yeah,…..ha ha ha ha @ CUPE

  69. ILCD

    Option1: Back to work will still pass in 48 hours.

    McGuinty is being reported on CP24 as telling Howard Hampton he will call the president of York and ask him to have his BT go back to the bargaining table.

    CUPE will take whatever York’s current offer is to get out of the BTW legislation.

    The strike will end.

    The last thing the union wants is BTW. It will derail everything they have planned for in 2010.

    Finally, CUPE B/T and exec will be replaced for being so stupid and not accepting the offer in the first place.

  70. concrete

    Honest to God, i’m not making this call

    call 680 news yourselves

    Dalton has indeed called York admin. 680 MAY have exaggerated to make it seem worse than it is (ie he wants them to try to negotiate one more time before they pass legislation) but 680 made it seem like he literally changed his mind. they actually used the words “mcguinty changes his mind” as the headline during the breaking news portion

    i’m gonna call them

  71. ILCD

    My guess is Syd Ryan has asked Hampton to arrange for one last chance to get the hell out of BTW.

    Guys, I seriously doubt CUPE local 3903 is calling the shots anymore.

    The last think Syd Ryan and all of the other unions out there want is BTW in the university sector. Local 3903 will have to take York’s last offer before talks broke down.

  72. concrete


    meant to say “i’m not making this UP”


    typing too fast

    will call 680 on my break (at work)

  73. @tester

    I am far from rich. I live in a low-middle class family. While I still live with my parents, I pay for much of what I have myself including the vast majority of my meals, my tuition, ect.

    The reason why the people who are going onto this class action law suit are pathetic is because they should know that this has about a 0% chance of sucsess. All it is going to do is waste the time and money of York administration. I don’t know about you, but I would rather york’s money go towards new books, new computers, maybe we could invest in some new study spaces.

    If you are that interested in getting some monetary compensation out of this strike, you should actually look into doing something yourself as opposed to just signing up for a class action law suit. I concede that the likleyhood of getting anything out of York is slim; however, I am of the view that it would be much better to attempt and demonstrate some sort of rally at York and make it last for days/weeks. At least under those circumstances, the middle man would be wiped out (ie. the lawyers) and ll of the money generated would go directly to the students.

    And, the last thing we need is for Yorks reputation to be further diminished. I will be attending Western Law next year, so I am in the group of people whose degree at York will only be a small part of my resume. However, there are a number of people who last educational stop will be York. If our university’s name is constantly in the media in negative light, this could only work to lower your employability.

    While it may not be the best, York is surely not the worst school in Canada. I am of the view that York will never be able to get out of the shadows of UofT. I will always put Mcgill, UBC, and Queens ahead of York. However, it is far from the worst. With that said, I concede that university ranking are somewhat rbitrary so talking bout this matter is a huge waste of time.

  74. caitron

    ya, i read that mcguinty said he would encourage york to negotiate, but that they are going ahead with the BTW legislation. that was all i could find online though…. can anyone expand on that?

  75. Let's be realistic

    @ concrete

    please keep us updated

  76. During question period, Hampton asked Mcguinty if he would call York to go back to the bargainign table. McGuinty said he would. However, Mcguinty sounded like he actually would not. This is not a big deal. It will still be passed on Thursday.

  77. Liam

    @ tester…did you read my post? can you read?
    I said not to sign up because what you will get is peanuts compared to what the lawyers will get.
    the Ministry is setting up a fund through OSAP, so that those who have TRULY suffered financially will recieve support…and No I am not rich, but funny you keep coming back to that. I don’t care enough to entertain your stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid statements, so FU.

  78. Paul Westerberg

    Fuck School, Fuck School
    Fuck My School.

    What’s the matter buddy? Fuck you!

  79. TRUTHiness

    CP24 repeats that, this morning, Howard Hampton pressed McGuinty to contact Shoukri and urge him to resume negotiations.

  80. Love it. Check it:

    @tester: “@ cupedoll”

    @ram: “Cupedoll= FAIL”

    @Nanometer: “If you notice, Cupe Doll is the opposite version of TRUTH.”

    @Stever-o: “Cupedoll is playing both sides.”

    @tester: “there is a fake tester posting. it is a CUPE troll”

    @ram: “The above comments against cupedoll titled ” ram” are not mine.”

    @the real tester – MY last real post: “THis is the real tester. I hereby retire from this forum because of the constant annoyance from imposters who post using the screen names of others.”

    Wasn’t long ago 3903 radicals used to argue with me. Not any more though, eh?

    I know the trolls get annoying. But I must confess getting a kick how insistently they try to discredit Cupe Doll from continuing to expose our loco 3903 local. Encouraging.

  81. ILCD


    Yeah this is what I got too.

  82. Paul Westerberg

    Mirror image, see no damage
    See no evil at all
    Kewpie dolls and urine stalls
    Will be laughed at
    The way you’re laughed at now

  83. ILCD

    I love your posts cupe doll!!!

    tester, ram, Nanometer, Stever-o are all the same person.

  84. Nanometer

    So basically you’re saying whoever that doesn’t take you for granted and completely agrees with you, is a troll. Interesting….

    For what it’s worth, I’m not a CUPE member. I’m a 4th student at York and I have no plan to become a TA or join the union in near future. I do want to get back to my classes and finish what I have paid for. My summer has already been disrupted and I have to let go of summer school and instead work which can potentially delay my graduation as well. So calling me a CUPE troll because I don’t agree with you is simply short sighted. I find your posts to be very ideological. The same with TRUTH. When I read/hear extreme views on any side, I take it with a grain of salt….

  85. lets be realistic

    it seems like we’re not going back next week either….

  86. Nanometer


    In the other thread, you go around accusing me of promoting dictatorship and promoting suppressing views. Here you come and claim we are all the same. This is not true
    I love how your world rocks. It’s either White or Black. It’s either we agree with Cupe Doll and therefore we are logical human beings, or if we disagree, we become trolls and all the same. I love how your version of democracy works

  87. TRUTHiness

    .. oh, and what’s more, McGuinty apparently has actually called Shoukri!

    So, perhaps negotiation continues!


    Now, I hope the four CUPE members who were arrested aren’t on the bargaining team…

  88. lets be realistic

    cupe members were arrested??? lol when and why??
    was it to do with the damaging cars situation on the picket line??

  89. arch

    McGuinty says he’s willing to ask York U to restart negotiations to end strike

  90. Speaking of CUPE members, who is that weird looking brown guy with the beard? He walks around acting like he is the second coming of Fidel Castro. It is annoying.

  91. TRUTHiness

    I’m *not) a cupe troll and I agree that cupedoll is a raging ideologue who can’t be taken seriously.

  92. TRUTHiness

    I take that back.

    what I said about not resuming class on Feb 2, I mean.

  93. B.

    “But McGuinty says his government will still move ahead with back-to-work legislation that’s mired in political wrangling at the provincial legislature.”

    Yeah, that phone call to Shoukri will be really productive!

    Feb. 2nd is still looking mighty possible!

  94. TRUTHiness

    Probably what McGuinty wants Shoukri to do is to have the Admin bargaining team go through the motions so that CUPE can’t argue in court that the Admin was not bargaining in good faith, nullifying arguments made in a court challenge.

    Then again, if CUPE had a case theyd have announced what action they were taking. and they havent done that yet.

    I think cupes case might be on thin ice after all. (But it’s not over yet. )

  95. ram

    This is too much.

    You guys need to grow up.

  96. AJ

    Can somebody please tell me what happened at the CUPE press conference today?
    Or provide me a link where I can find a summary…I can’t find it anywhere.

  97. ram

    Yes, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

    For those who are in need of money should actually go with OSAP if they suffered financially. Yay, they can get more debt due to a dysfunctional university. What about international students who are not eligible for OSAP?

    My, my, some people don’t think anymore.

    YorkU will not spend money on books or study spaces, but rather a PR firm. Why? Of course ,to get their image restored. Some of you believe in York, more than York believes in you.

  98. York Undergrad

    I thought Feb 2nd is a for sure that we will be all going back.

  99. B.

    ram – you can’t honestly think this lawsuit is a good idea without repercussion. That in the (unlikely) event that it succeeds, York will pay the settlement without repercussion to students. This isn’t a win-win situation here. Legal fees + settlement + bad PR this would generate = the students suffer once again. All for what? A couple hundred dollars?

  100. AJ


    we wouldn’t have to pay any legal fees as per an article on this site

  101. B.

    York’s legal fees.

  102. Aaron


    I wholeheartedly agree. What good will this accomplish for York students? We should all just accept the bad situation we’ve been dealt, study hard, and move on with our year.

    If you’re still unsatisfied, transfer to another university (that is a reasonable option).

  103. Rally

    Spread the word and come out everyone.

    York Not Hostage Rally at QP tomorrow!
    Bring signs and warm clothing and spirit.

    over 300 members in this group attending:

    over 400 members in the group attending:

  104. ram

    Umm…I think by the time YorkU pays this money out, most will realize this is a crappy school and will transfer out…I can’t see why anyone will stick around long enough to see another strike. Of course, you should get your cut.

  105. Replacement

    @Paul Westerberg

    One more chance to get it all wrong
    One more chance to get it all wrong
    One more night to do it all wrong
    One more warning
    One more warning sound
    We’re comin’ out
    We’re comin’ out

    One more day anyway
    One more chance threw away
    One more night anyway runaway anyway
    We’re comin’ out
    We’re comin’ out

    One more chance to get it all wrong
    One more time to do it all wrong
    One more night to get it half right
    One more warning
    One more warning sound
    We’re comin’ out
    We’re comin’ out

  106. ram

    Take YorkU down.

    This will teach them a lesson.

    The president will have to drop his supposed half a million salary…

    The ones who do not agree with the strike are likely York Admin. They are trying to discourage students from supporting this as they don’t want a lot of support. It is so sad that many of those who have loss a lot of money financially, are suppose o suffer b/c some don’t want YorkU to lose too much money..wah! wah! wah!…Quit crying and whining…No one cares.

  107. Rally

    York Not Hostage Rally@ Queens Park tomorrow.

    Last time to show the NDP that you want your education back.

  108. Paul Westerberg

    I you will dare,
    I will dare.

  109. Rally

    over 300 attending in the above group.

    over 400 attending in this group

  110. Rally

    Personally, I won’t attend and will condemn all those who do.

    However, I posted this to let those interested aware of it.

  111. Pally Wally

    who woulda thunk Paul Westerberg and the Mats are big fans of Canadian Post-Secondary politics?

    Pretty awesome.

  112. Rally

    Canadian Post-Secondary Politics….

    Wow, how sad, yet true.

    However, I will limit it to YorkU only. Crap university.

  113. Pally Wally

    I’ve kind of noticed that most of the people at those rallies aren’t exactly “A” students. They’re more like the students that tell their friends they are getting “A”s when they maybe got one or two during the semester, but overall, they’re getting Bs, and there is a pretty good chance they aren’t getting into Law School, as they almost inevitably tell drunken members of the opposite sex as they swig down the swill at some fraternity party.

  114. Charmaine

    hi guys, im in my first year taking sociology at york and i wanna transfer to UTM asap, intending to get some courses in the summer. i dont have any credits earned yet so i dont know how the process would be. i dont want to go back to york anymore even if ever classes resume, i plan to just transfer to utm. all my classes at york are full year courses, so does that mean i wont have any money back? please someone enlighten me.

  115. Husker Du

    If I listened to the things that you said
    everything would fall apart
    If I did all the things that you do
    everything could fall apart
    Let’s not listen to the
    things that they say
    everything can fall apart
    Let’s think about our
    actions before we do them
    everything will fall apart

    I got nothing to do
    You got nothing to say
    Everything is so fucked up
    I guess it’s natural that way.

  116. ram

    @ Pally Wally

    Lets be very serious, even if for a moment.

    A York “A” or even “B” doesn’t mean much. It means very little quite frankly. On the other hand, a U of T or McGill “A” or “B” actually indicate a hard working student. The standards at YorkU are a disgrace. I hope the suit is successful, a financial lesson will teach YorkU to get their act together.

  117. Pally Wally

    the logical solution here is to break the social sciences from YorkU.

    Everyone wins. No bureaucracy – anarchy in the applications department! also, the uk.

  118. lol @ york

    @ ram
    I am presuming it’s a typo when you say “the ones that don’t agree with the strike…” and you meant to say lawsuit. I am also presuming you’re simply retarded when you say we are probably York admin. It’s strange how those who criticize York’s position are accused of being members of CUPE and those who criticize CUPE (or money grabbing and opportunistic pigs devoid of any sense of justice) are accused of being York administration. I am a 3rd year student who does not want to see the school I go to and plan on going to next year dragged through the mud in an irresponsible lawsuit. The case is flimsy and the blame misplaced.

  119. Minutemen

    No one! I said no one!
    Im talkin’ about no one!
    I said no one!

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    No someone to emulate
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    Im talkin’ about no one
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    No world,no fair
    Lost hope I no longer care
    Im talkin’ about no one
    I said no one

  120. lol @ york

    and god stop it with the lyrics.

  121. Fugazi

    Anytime but now
    Anywhere but here
    Anyone but me
    I’ve got to think about my own life
    We are consumed by society
    We are obsessed with variety
    We are all filled with anxiety that this world would not survive
    We gotta put it out the sky is burning
    We gotta put it out the water’s burning
    We gotta put it out the earth is burning
    Outrage but then they say…
    Anytime but now
    Anywhere but here
    Anyone but me
    I’ve got to think about my own life
    The world is not our facility
    We have a responsibility
    To use our abilities to keep this place alive
    Right here right now
    Do it. Now. Do i

  122. Nanometer

    Your lyrics are awful
    No wonder music industry is filled with stupid lyrics. There is no talent to write anything

  123. lol @ york

    your lyrics are stupid
    and irrelevant
    you are stupid
    and ignorant
    shut the fuck up

  124. ram

    @ lol @ york

    I am presuming you’re without a functional brain.

    WAKE UP CALL: YorkU’s reputation is down the drain. It is a crappy institution. You don’t want to see the school go down? Well, too bad, it just may happen. It serves you right, for choosing such a third-rate school. It serves us all right. Only Osgoode and Schulich are the only good faculties or “schools” at York. If they could disown from York, they would in a heart beat.

    Come on, surely, you are able to realize that Yorku is crappy and employers won’t look at you the same as they would a U of T or McGill student. YorkU is simply a crappy school. Sorry to say, but the academic excellence is non-existent, minus the aforementioned schools.

  125. lol @ york

    @ ram
    Great. so lets fix all that with a class action lawsuit? your logic befuddles me. Besides, my point has nothing to do with York’s rating as a university and how that should make it legally exempt from responsibility. I’m saying there is nothing more sleazy then suing someone or an administration for something that isn’t their fault. Unless you can make the case that York was not bargaining in good faith, and that CUPE’s absurd demands were reasonable.

  126. lol @ York

    I have a lot of hate for someone that has never said anything approaching intelligent.

  127. Rally

    Ps Rally is not Rally..they are a cancerous CUPE troll doppleganger.

    This site, at one time, had mostly constrictive opinions and posts now it has turned into a dog and pony show. I guess that’s what happens when there is no moderator.

    10:54 and 10:50 are mine.

  128. Joe


    Your comment is presumptuous. At York I have been in physics, biology and biochemistry classes with students from UofT, Western and Queen’s, and they do not outperform York students. In fact, these people tell me in places like Queen’s and Western, their TAs practically baby them during their labs and they actually find it harder to be students at York.

  129. Pally Wally

    you might want to look at what I wrote in the other thread going right now –
    or you could read “The Failure to Fail”

    which calls out all universities for passing people who don’t merit it.
    It really makes no sense to talk shit about York for something that is a sector-wide practice. (ie. taking the money of dumb kids for profit$)

  130. lol @ york

    A lot of these posts are just retards using other peoples names… I didn’t say “I have a lot of hate for someone that has never said anything approaching intelligent”. I sincerely wish these people would get banned already, I like this website because it is a great forum for intelligent discussion on issues regarding this strike. Things like that ruin it.

  131. Pally Wally

    when i say “dumb kids” i don’t mean they actually are dumb, i just mean that is how they are perceived and treated – some schools like York are less harsh with their treatment, and actually encourage students who are further back to catch up, where at some other schools there is no shortage of people to replace the drop outs or take 6-7 (or more) years to do a 4 year degree because they have to work.
    If that is what makes a school ‘good’ then, maybe what is ‘good’ – is not.


  132. Pally Wally

    lol @ york

    when i read that – i understood it wasn’t you. This is because intelligent people know how to read. that you felt a need to clarify you did not write that makes me think maybe you don’t think we’re all that intelligent after all.

  133. Shemr

    CUPE just confirmed their file for injunction. They are very confident that they will get it before thursday.

    The CUPE site is being update. Stay tuned.

    Go CUP Go!

  134. AJ

    Shemr…please stop…thanks

  135. UPDATE

    In light of all these contradictory and falsifiable information…what’s really going on?

    -injunction or no?

    -are we going back to school on feb 2nd or no?

    – what the heck is REALLY going on?


  136. ram

    Ummm…York played role in this strike. They were not bargaining in good faith.

    They claim they don’t have any money, yet the president is taking up half a million plus in salary and benefits every year?

    You got to be kidding me.

    York is a crappy school and needs to be taken down by the law suit and by CUPE or whomever…

    Disgusting how they waited, 12 weeks…Sad, I tell you.

  137. caitron

    @ charmaine:
    if you drop your courses there is no guarantee that you’ll get all (or any) of your money back, but at an info session recently the registrar’s office said the petition’s committee will be sensitive toward students affected by the strike. what you would have to do is drop your classes and file a petition to get reimbursed. you also have to write a letter detailing why you should get your money back.
    go to this link on the york website and it will walk you through everything. good luck!

  138. caitron

    was there another vote today, or just more angry debating?

  139. juda

    york sucks. im dropping out and going to U of T.
    i want my money back. now.

  140. Shemr

    @ UPDATE

    Updates from unit-2 and 3 will be posted soon.

  141. lol @ york

    so who does more work and has more responsibility then… a TA or the administrative head of a large university. I am a bit confused. Besides, you can’t say the university wasn’t bargaining in good faith if all they did was say no to CUPE’s repeatedly unreasonable and ridiculous demands. Don’t get me wrong, I have no great love for York University, and I have tried (even now after all that has happened) to be sympathetic to CUPE’s cause. I just don’t see how York could have done anything differently.

  142. ndp is a joke

    The NDP is a joke and this lady from Nickel-Belt is a bigger one. Let’s get it over with and move on so the real victims here, the students, can get back to class.

  143. Pally Wally

    don’t be ‘a victim’ – take them to court.

    or better yet – do some studying. it is your education, after all.

  144. York Administration

    Press Release:

    CUPE 3903?s last offer was more than double University’s last offer

    Union added back previously dropped items
    TORONTO, January 27, 2009 — On Wednesday, Jan. 21 Premier McGuinty
    announced that he would send in his top mediator, Reg Pearson and provide
    him ?with a limited amount of time to explore the possibilities of bringing
    the sides together? to ?give this one more shot?. York welcomed this
    initiative and looked forward to working with the mediator in an effort to
    reach a settlement.

    Unfortunately CUPE 3903?s offer still had 42 outstanding proposals and put
    back on the table a significant proposal that had previously been withdrawn
    by CUPE 3903 thereby pushing the parties farther apart:
    ? CUPE 3903 put back on the table a ~LMinimum Guarantee? proposal for
    Unit 3 members. The cost of this proposal alone represented an increase of
    23% ($1.6 million) to the current Unit 3 agreement.
    ? CUPE 3903 also increased its proposal for Unit 3 GA bursary funds
    above the amounts previously tabled.
    CUPE 3903 also continued to demand a two-year collective agreement in an
    effort to coordinate future strike activity with other CUPE Ontario Locals
    in 2010.
    The total cost of CUPE 3903’s proposals was still at 15% over two years or
    7.5% per year on average. The University?s offer for settlement was 10.7%
    over three years or 3.5% per year on average.
    York?s President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri said:
    ?York?s bargaining team spent over 40 days in negotiations with CUPE 3903
    beginning in July of last year. After six months, which included 11 weeks on
    strike, the Union?s last offer was still more than double the University?s
    offer for settlement. That is an impasse by any standards?.
    Two independent Ontario mediators also confirmed that negotiations were at
    an impasse.
    York has tried to get our 50,000 students back to class at the earliest
    possible moment and offered to accept binding arbitration before the strike
    Our primary and fundamental interest is getting our students back to class
    as soon as possible and this legislation is the only certain way now to make
    this happen. The parties are in deadlock and the summer term is now in
    jeopardy ? we need to get these students back to class immediately. ?
    – 30 –

    Alex Bilyk,
    Director, Media Relations,
    York University

  145. Pally Wally

    how is 15% more than twice as much as 10%?

    what am i missing? I think nothing – seems like another talking point like how TAs are paid “$63/hr”

  146. Pally Wally

    i guess he means 7.5% (2year avg.) x 3 year contract = 22.5%.

  147. York Administration

    In our universe, 2 + 2 = 5, 15% = 2 * 10%, and 30 days = 40 days.

  148. TRUTHiness

    (posted above as “York Administration)

    Well, 7.5% really is more than double 3.5%. But remember that, while the Administration says CUPE’s demands are 15% over two years, CUPE says its demands are 8.7% over two years. Somebody’s costings are too optimistic and somebody else’s costings are too pessimistic.

  149. scared

    i really hope btwl passes ..if they go back to the table things will take longer. its very sad and pathetic.

  150. The Bill just passed Second Reading

    The Third Reading is deferred until tomorrow, until after Question Period.

    Expect Royal Assent Thursday.

  151. .

    I am so lost, no or very little information is give, :(((((

  152. Што, Где Когда ???

    Whats going on?

  153. M

    As a student, I am hopeful that we get to go back to school soon… but I’m wondering:

    Does anyone know whats going on with CUPE taking legal action? Are they going to file and injunction or not? and if so what does that mean in terms of when we can go back to school? Will we still go back if the legislation is passed even if CUPE files an injunction?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m not so well versed in laws concerning labour disputes.. this is my first York strike. (lol)

    If anyone who knows something on the subject could post that would be a great help! thanks 😉

  154. aguyuno

    Wally? I’m fairly certain they meant the 3.5% a year as opposed to 7.5%. Not 15 vs 10. 3.5 is, obviously, less than half of 7.5.

    Anyway, ram, are you retarded? You DO know that the TAs at York are paid better than at any other university? Don’t get me wrong – they’re not paid great either. But they’re paid a fuck load better than they are at, say, your ass-pal U of T.

    I hate to use an old addage here, but if you love U of T so much and hate York… what the HELL are you doing at York? I have a feeling you’re just that John Locke retard on a different name to be quite honest. He curiously seemed to disappear after I ripped him apart last time, and yet here you are, waving the same god damn flag.

    People who go to McGill deserve their marks. No doubt. But I got into U of T with my 70 average in highschool just as easily as I got into York. There’s nothing special about U of T; at one time, it was Godly. Now? Now it’s just another generic university like the University of Wisconsin or something.

    People like you will be chanting quite a different tune when U of T’s strike hits the same god damned point. And I promise you – it will. Hell, it’ll be WORSE since they’re not paid even close to as well as the York TAs are. And you just know those retard admins at U of T aren’t going to want to give up a dime. You think bargaining that isn’t in good faith is bad? Try not bargaining at all.

    I signed up for this lawsuit personally. Why? Because ALL universities are jokes, and I’m fucking tired of it. Just like highschool as an institution is reaching the end of its ropes, universities will be the next to go. More and more people are seeing just how god damned pointless and how much of a colossal waste of cash this is. If I get even SOME of my money back from this lawsuit, I can sleep happier at night knowing this wasn’t an enormous time waster for me.

    Pally Wally – I still do think you’re a cupe e-petitioner, but at least you don’t hide it like the other idiots do, so for that I give you credit. Everything you said about York and universities in general previous to my post here was entirely right, both about the percentage thing, and about the whole “What’s good may not be good”. Well put – I couldn’t have said it better.

    Also, to all the tools here riding Cupe Dolls ass for having the NERVE to state the truth… the hell is wrong with you? Yeah, of COURSE she wants her job and that’s why she’s anonymous. S/he never denied that! You telling me you agree with everything your jobs do? That you’re omg in love with your part time employers? I worked for Ontario Place last year – that place is a HUGE rip off and I hated everything about it, but fuck man money is money, so I stuck it through. Of course at home I told everyone I knew about what slime balls they are (you know the entire park doesn’t even recycle? Like, at ALL? Yeah. True story.), but I still stayed just to get the cash out of it.

    Cupe Doll’s the same way. She wants her job, but she doesn’t think we should be suffering. So back the hell off, idiots. You’re not even making any SENSE with your attacks, let alone being on the right side here.

  155. me

    notice how the admin steers their PR away from the issue of contract faculty, again? no mention of it.

    that’s the real sticking point, but that’s the issue where public sympathy would side against York. So this whole time, it’s been blah blah, greedy TAs, stupid master’s students, when really it’s about some decent conditions for long-term Unit 2s with PhDs.

  156. RN

    I think second reading was deferred until tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken

  157. The Bill just passed Second Reading

    No. Second reading was passed today.

  158. RN

    on the legislative assembly of ontario website it doesn’t say the vote was carried, unless it hasn’t been updated yet

  159. York Administration

    “Union added back previously dropped items”

    (but the union dropped many more demands to focus on unit 3 demands, which are modest)

  160. JOhn

    is humanities courses part of atkinson?

  161. Commuter

    @ The Bill just passed Second Reading

    Just watched the evening news and they said it did NOT.

  162. RN

    I don’t think the second reading was passed either…If the readings keep being delayed we won’t be back in class by Monday but instead it may take up to 2 weeks as McGuinty said previously.

  163. JessSane

    makes no sense for the NDP to filibuster all day for no reason.

  164. B.

    They can’t stall 3rd reading too much. Discussion is tighter during 3rd reading. As long as this passes by Friday/Saturday, we are good for Monday.

  165. Yorkie

    So, safe to say the second reading was not passed today?

  166. Cupe Doll

    @Nanometer: “So calling me a CUPE troll because I don’t agree with you is simply short sighted. I find your posts to be very ideological. The same with TRUTH. When I read/hear extreme views on any side, I take it with a grain of salt….”

    Your trouble is that when you arrive here surfing a wave of trolls and start comparing Cupe Doll to TRUTH — you make an ass of yourself.

    Absolutely — take what Cupe Doll writes with a pile of salt. But find out what Cupe Doll has written and contributed to this forum. The debates involving pro-strike 3903s including Dray, Clennis, Cmwc and Pally Wally; anti-strike 3903s including anObservation, CitiZen and Worried Union Member; the articles where Cupe Doll exposed and critiqued the 3903 ideology; the predictions Cupe Doll got wrong and right; the agreement and disagreement from YUFAs; and, most importantly, all the prior dialogue with students. If you had taken the trouble to find out how the Cupe Doll alias gained credibility here? What Cupe Doll’s arguments actually were? You wouldn’t have come in all eager and earnest to share your insight that the Cupe Doll alias and the TRUTH alias struck you so similar. You’d have known what an ass that would make you sound like.

    Granted — you don’t seem just another 3903 troll. You do, however, seem naive and ignorant. Either of which is forgivable but, in combination.. rather pathetic.

  167. haha lol

    So what is the chance we’ll go back to school on Monday then?

  168. Charmaine

    has anyone here actually dropped all their courses and filed a financial petition?

  169. clam

    “If you had taken the trouble to find out how the Cupe Doll alias gained credibility here? ”

    I wouldn’t call it ‘credibility.’ (snort!)

    “You’d have known what an ass that would make you sound like.”

    well, i’ve seen everything youve written. given that, he doesn’t sound like an ass at all.

    He sounds like someone able to reason critically, something you, cupedoll, cleary are incapable of doing.

  170. Cupe Doll

    @clam: “He sounds like someone able to reason critically, something you, cupedoll, cleary are incapable of doing.”

    There’s more to formulating your thesis than just bold asserting.

    You’re on the right track — but try thinking of your thesis as a “because” statement. Thus, instead of “He sounds like someone able to reason.. because you can’t,” try either of: “He sounds like someone able to reason because..” and/or “You sound like someone who can’t because…”

    At this stage, stick to just one assertion in your thesis statement. Make sure to justify it really well. Particularly avoid terms like “clearly” and “obviously” — as well as phrases such as “it goes without saying” and “there’s no need to explain or justify.”

  171. Fearful Student

    I love Cupe Doll
    if you are a girl, I ‘d ask you to marry me.

  172. RaM

    The cupe3903 website says that they are expecting york at the bargaining table so that they can use this PRECIOUS 24-48 hours to reach a negotiated settlement before the thursday thereby making this legislation unnecessary.
    But later this evening York was contacted by a govt spokesperson to restart talks with negotiations which is when ALEX BILYK has said that york does not have any plans to restart negotiations.

    So guys, the bill WILL pass on thursday and become a law.
    CUPE will fight against this constitutional breach at the court as said by SID RYAN. He feels that there is a strong possibility of success if fought at the court. He has also added that If union goes to the court it might delay the resumption and prolong the strike. So there is more to come in the next few days. We will wai and watch

  173. RaM

    by the way
    RaM is the old original ram. I found that many have impersonated me in other threads. So from now on ram will be RaM.

  174. RaM

    @ aguyuno

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

  175. zsirrom

    Fail….lawsuit is one word

  176. JessSane


    but Dr Zizek says “of course” like every 3 sentences, and he is so uber kewlllllll and he makes like 20 books a year. obviously, you don’t know what yor talking aboot.


  177. aguyuno

    Lmao. Want to give a reasoning behind your baseless accusations of me being correct there, Ram-o? Or you just going to continue pretending you’re right, hiding behind your falsities?

  178. Sarah

    Urge as many York students as possible to sign up for the Class-Action Lawsuit!!!