York strike may last another week

Posted: January 26, 2009, 3:59 PM by Ronald Nurwisah 


Photo: It may be another week before back to work legislation can be passed and York University students get back to class. (Peter J. Thompson/National Post)

By Allison Hanes and Sarah Millar

Update: Sarah Millar is reporting on Monday’s debate at Queen’s Park via Twitter. Get her live updates here. 


It could be another week before York University students resume classes after the Ontario New Democratic Party refused on Sunday to help fast-track back-to-work legislation introduced at Queen’s Park to end an 80-day strike by teaching assistants and contract professors.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty convened an emergency session of the provincial legislature in order to salvage the school year for 50,000 students, after a mediator’s last-ditch attempt to resolve the labour dispute around the bargaining table ended in what he called a “deadlock.”

Arriving at Queen’s Park on Sunday, Infrastructure and Energy Minister George Smitherman called the bill “back-to-learning” legislation.

But the session quickly adjourned until today when the NDP caucus withheld its consent to waive first reading of the labour bill. The opposition party’s agreement would have expedited the law’s passage — which requires three readings before it receives royal assent — as happened last April when the Ontario legislature voted unanimously during an extraordinary Sunday session to terminate a day-old strike by Toronto Transit Commission workers.

NDP leader Howard Hampton on Sunday vowed “full debate” on the bill.

The move could push its final passage to the end of the week.

“We’re going to point out that these workers do 54% of the teaching at York University, get only 7.5% of the budget. We believe in full and principled debate,” Mr. Hampton said. “We’re not going to be part of what we think has been a manipulative process from the beginning.”

Progressive Conservative leader John Tory chided Mr. McGuinty for waiting so long to intervene in the strike that has suspended classes for 11 weeks. But he also lamented the NDP’s decision to slow down the return to class at the 11th hour.

“Mr. Hampton is advocating a point of principle that we all understand is something the NDP believes in. I respect that but I think he could have done that today,” he said. “He could have said all he wanted to say in several hours of debate today, he could have voted against the bill — which I’m sure he will do — and then we could have had people back to work tomorrow. I hope he does that tomorrow.”

The Conservative caucus will do everything it can to speed passage of the law, Mr. Tory promised, including limiting all speeches to the one-hour allotted for opening remarks during the debate.

He said neither Mr. McGuinty nor Mr. Hampton have put the interests of students first.

“I’ve been told by the students and by their parents every day counts now,” Mr. Tory said. “These kids have a lot of work to do to catch up. They have summer jobs they want to get, they have permanent jobs they want to take and I just think we are putting their interests behind those of others if we don’t act right away to get this school open, York University open post haste and I think that means Tuesday. It should have been Monday.”

Ontario Labour Minister Peter Fonseca called the NDP’s stalling tactics “unfortunate.” He called on the party to help move the process forward now that they’ve made their point.

“The NDP first off, can stop this right now, and allow students to get back into the classroom tomorrow,” he said. “We’re focused on getting the teachers into the lecture halls, into the labs, and getting the students in their seats learning. We’ll move as quickly as we possibly can and we would hope that the NDP would come on board and do the same.”

Alex Bilyk, a spokesman for York, said what day classes will resume depends on what day the back-to-work bill gets royal assent, since the university is obligated to give students 24-hours notice.

“So if it passes on Monday, they’d be in class on Wednesday,” Mr. Bilyk said. “If it passes on Tuesday they’d be in class Thursday. Wednesday on Friday. And if on Thursday it would have to be on Feb. 2, which is on a Monday.”

York undergraduate students have been out of class since Nov. 6 when the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903 voted to walk off the job. Negotiations broke down in late November and talks did not resume until January.

The 80-day strike has eclipsed the 2000 CUPE strike, when the same union was out for 72-days. In that strike, classes were not cancelled for students officially, though some professors didn’t teach courses.

To avoid any confusion this time around, the university’s senate decided to suspend class for all students.

Hamid Osman, president of the York Federation of Students, said on Sunday another week’s delay getting back to class is frustrating, but he placed blame for the entire fiasco at the feet of the Ontario government.

“It annoys me that it’s been so long,” he said. “My frustrations go from the McGuinty government not investing in post-secondary education, it goes to York University, with three strikes in 10 years. Our frustrations are all around. Students want to be back in the classroom learning and graduating. Everyday counts. It’s counted since Nov. 6.”

Mr. Osman called for York to give students a 12% refund on their tuition given their terms will be truncated by about three weeks. Both Mr. Hampton and Mr. Tory said some kind of assistance for students is warranted.

Mr. McGuinty mentioned extra loans could be made available.

But Mr. Bilyk, the York spokesman, said a rebate is out of the question since the university is going to “deliver” on the school year, albeit belatedly.

As soon as classes resume, the fall term will be completed followed by a brief exam period. Then winter classes will start in a condensed term that will end by the start of June.

Catherine Divaris, co-organizer of YorkNotHostage, which currently has more than 5,000 members, said jubilantly she and others in the group are “absolutely elated,” by the latest development.

“I think we all knew York and the union would not be able to agree on sticky issues,” she said in an interview on Sunday. “It is very late in the game, but at least McGuinty did call the legislature and introduce the bill.”

She added the delay due to the NDP slowing passage of the bill was disappointing but predictable.

“We figured the NDP would do this,” she said. “It’s kind of ironic that the NDP claims to support students and they’re not doing anything to get us back into the classroom after an 11-week long break.”

York University student Kriss Bacon, founder of the Facebook group 50,000 Against York U, called the Ontario government’s bill “too little, too late.”

“I’m already losing 12% of my instruction time and 33% of my yearly income opportunities,” he said.

Earlier last week, members of CUPE 3903, voted 63% against accepting a settlement offer from York.

The ratification vote, supervised by Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, was forced on the 3,340 union members after the union leaders refused to put the offer to a vote.

Afterward, the province announced it was sending in a top mediator. But on Saturday, mediator Reg Pearson told the Premier there was “no reasonable prospect of a negotiated settlement.”

The university said the rejected deal, which includes a wage and benefits increase of 10.7% over the duration, represented a reasonable offer. But CUPE said it’s not about wages.

“These are people who have been teaching at York for 15, sometimes 20 years. They have to reapply for every single course they teach,”said Tyler Shipley, a spokesman for the union, as more than 100 CUPE members protested outside.




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316 responses to “York strike may last another week

  1. TRUTH

    Comrades, I have come here to renew our committment to this fight and our everlasting journey for freedom, justice, euqlity and fairness. This imperialist meida along with their ultra right friends are trying to silence this massive movement which looks for nothing for fairness and basic rights. The capitalist monster of York and their tools in the this shameful government have no desrie to help human beings; all they care about is to help their buttom line and make more money by making others suffer. They plan to make us work under this ruthless conditions so they can ignore the education problem and take advantage of our hard works. That my comrades, it their shameful and hideous agenda and they are determined to put at end to to our massive movement. I tell them, wake up and see the truth. NDP (although very imperliast themselves) have raised some good points

    CUPE will not stop this fight. We will not give up. We will exercise all the options we have to continue this movement and get what we truly desrve. York, along with their capitalist friends cannot break through our strong lines of solidarity and make us slaves. That shall not happen and will not happen. CUPE will not give up this fight. Watch this video as it is a good indicator of our determination to continue striking:


    Demand the Impossible

    Viva laRevolution
    Go CUPE Go

  2. @Truth ….I hope you get hit by a bus….

  3. Undergrad

    why hasn’t this site banned truth’s ip yet?

  4. yorkishopeless

    @Truth…go back to russia…dude

  5. Poor poor student

    @Truth …eat my hate, dickwad

  6. York Student

    If the union gets forced back to work, the university should be FORCED to pay a rebate. neither side should appear the winners here…both sides should be punished!

  7. .

    @ TRUTH, are you a part of CUPE??

  8. Leo

    Hopefully I don’t get bitch slapped for this,

    but what’s the likely hook of a wildcat strike?

    CUPE is crazy, and I wouldn’t put this type of illegal action passed them.

    Thoughts anyone?

  9. lets be realistic

    does Cupe have any lawyers?? i’m just wondering if their taking the BTWL to the supreme court

  10. Leo


    sorry for all the errors, watching a movie, and typing not a good combo.

  11. woohoo

    I’m so happy that the strike is not over, which luckily for me gives more time towards catching up on any pending school work. Once we get back guys don’t expect you’ll be getting a nights worth of sleep , especially for us science majors, since we’ll be PILED with workload due to a crammed semester!

  12. .

    anybody started reviewing school material or just sitting and waiting for a response from the parties??

  13. bigD

    u kids realize the truth is all about sarcasm right? no sane person can write that bs… even at such a leftist school.

  14. Leo

    @ .

    I started finishing up essays that I worked on throughout the break, but lost motivation to finish around Christmas time.

  15. Supposed to Graduate in the Spring

    GO NDP GO!
    I too want to get back in class, its my last year and I want too graduate, but finally the NDP’s are highlighting who the real problem in this strike has been, the York U admin. Strikes are a given right to allow the average worker a voice if unhappy in the workplace… Back to work Legislation undermines that right and takes away any chance of the average worker voicing unfairness in the work place. It just gives the power back to those in Power. Do you all realize that the Top Admin Execs at York are making more in a year then what the entire Union is asking for, and lets just point out, as it has been many times before, that they don’t do the educating, The members of CUPE 3903 do. People in large groups of numbers don’t just decide to go on strike for no reason, CUPE went on strike because there weren’t being treated fairly by the University. I suggest people do their research on the situation and explore both sides before they go bashing the Union.

    I want to get back into classes as much as anyone else, at the same time I think the union has every right to fight the school on this, and I think the NDP are doing us all a service by pointing out the Universities faults in this strike, rather than letting us continue to believe the latest media bias on behalf of York Admin.

  16. Confused and Scared

    Anyone knows whats happening with the latest rumor of CUPE doing somesort of injunction towards BTWL which could delay our return by weeks?

  17. .

    CUPE website is not being updated very often with much information, nothing was said about ” injunction towards BTWL “

  18. Yorkie

    I heard the injunction is a possibility, it would certainly explain a lot of the NDP’s stalling for time, but in the meantime CUPE would still have to work. I’m not sure if the injunction would actually stall the strike on any longer if it happens, because yes it will take a while to get that case in order.

  19. Yorkie

    Well, I think legislation would have been passed by the time that case is ready.

  20. Nice Kid

    Sooo…My question is : why isnt the UNIVERSITY, or any other sources, says its for sure that CUPE cant keep us out after Feb. 2nd??? why isnt anyone says it for sure that the strike WILL end by Feb. 2nd the latest !? Is NDP able to drag / cancel this BTWL???
    PLEASE answer me if u know anything !

  21. TRUTH

    Arise, you prisoners of starvation!
    Arise, you wretched of the earth!
    For justice thunders condemnation:
    A better world’s in birth!
    No more tradition’s chains shall bind us,
    Arise you slaves, no more in thrall!
    The earth shall rise on new foundations:
    We have been nought, we shall be all!
    ‘Tis the final conflict,
    Let each stand in his place.
    The international soviet
    Shall be the human race
    ‘Tis the final conflict,
    Let each stand in his place.
    The international working class
    Shall be the human race

    We want no condescending saviors
    To rule us from their judgment hall,
    We workers ask not for their favors
    Let us consult for all:
    To make the thief disgorge his booty
    To free the spirit from its cell,
    We must ourselves decide our duty,
    We must decide, and do it well.
    ‘Tis the final conflict,
    Let each stand in his place.
    The international soviet
    Shall be the human race
    ‘Tis the final conflict,
    Let each stand in his place.
    The international working class
    Shall be the human race

    And so begins the final drama,
    In the streets and in the fields.
    We stand unbowed before their armour,
    We defy their guns and shields!
    When we fight, provoked by their aggression,
    Let us be inspired by life and love.
    For though they offer us concessions,
    Change will not come from above!
    So come brothers and sisters,
    For the struggle carries on.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the world in song.
    So comrades, come rally,
    For this is the time and place!
    The Internationale,
    Unites the human race


    Solidarity Forever

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  22. .

    @ TRUTH, are you a part of CUPE???

  23. Confused and Scared

    @ Nice Kid

    NDP can only delay BTWL for a couple of days. By the time they get to the 3rd debate and vote, the Liberals will only need a majority to pass BTWL and will not care what the NDP has to say. This final vote most likely will happen later this week and therefore we WILL be back on Monday FEB 2nd the latest. CUPE cant do anything about it. Yes they can go to court but getting their case processed through the courts will take a long time and in the mean time, CUPE will have to work. Therefore, we will be back in class by Feb 2nd.

  24. fracas

    I may be wrong on this, but i think that an injunction against btwl, if granted, would mean that the strike would be allowed to continue. so that could buy the union some time and pressure admin to bargain. filing for an injunction is also relatively inexpensive so could really be a strategy the union is considering.

    however, i would be pretty surprised if an injunction was granted. i just don’t see what argument can be made by the union against the bill (the bill doesn’t negate the right to strike, but rather limits in this case to continue to strike under conditions of deadlock). the legislation doesn’t impose admin’s last offer as the final contract, opting instead to send remaining issues to binding arb, so the contract will probably be marginally better than the current offer on the table.

  25. Studying hard

    @ Leo

    I doubt it will turn to a wildcat strike… Tyler Shipley already says that they will not support any illegal activity by TA’s. That’s what I heard.

    Start crunching on those books guys… when we come back it’ll be more like *pull pants down and bend over*. lol.

  26. Nice Kid

    @ Confused and Scared
    then… why doesnt anyone say that for sureee its gonna be no later than Feb. 2?

  27. Leo

    @ Supposed to Graduate in the Spring

    right on!

  28. fracas

    @confused and scared,

    i agree that it’s unlikely that cupe will prolong the strike because it’s unlikely they would successfully get an injunction against btwl, but there is a difference between an injunction and a constitutional challenge. the latter would take years and $$$$, the former would take immediate effect (but would be time-limited ex. 2 weeks).

  29. Confused and Scared

    @ Nice Kid

    I can confidently say that well be back by Feb 2nd. Some people are so confident due to some rumors ciruclation that CUPE will file for injunction in hopes of overturning BTWL. Even then, they would have to make a pretty dam good case why BTWL should be overturned. However, as i stated before, this is nothing but a rumor that may not even be true. So aside from rumors, if we were to look only at the solid facts, theres absolutly no reason to believe we wont be back in classes by next week.

  30. Confused and Scared

    ^ Some people are *NOT* so confident…

  31. CUPE3903 is holding a press conference tomorrow at 9am.

  32. Nice Kid

    @ Confused and Scared
    choob too koon 😦

  33. Nice Kid

    @ YorkIsAwesome
    to do wut???

  34. @nice kid

    To announce ‘what they are going to do next’. Whatever that means…

  35. Confused and Scared

    @ Francas

    thanks for the info regarding how an injunction works. Im by no means a law student(in fact science) but im enjoying learning bout the law and politics due to this strike.

  36. Nice Kid

    @ YorkIsAwesome
    u think theres a chance for them to get anywhere regarding prolongign this strike beyond Feb 2nd?

  37. Commuter

    Why don’t we get a rebate? We’re only getting 23 weeks of classes instead of 26.

  38. Saira

    Hamid Osman should just shut the f*ck up. I’m tired of reading article after article about how he’s been inconvenienced by the strike, when the YFS first chose to side with CUPE. I’ll it a point to give him the finger if I see him on campus somewhere…

  39. Saira

    Sorry, that’s ‘make it a point’ by the way…

  40. Angry

    No refund? are you fucking kidding me? They are not delivering on the year we are getting 3 weeks less and at a time that is not adequate for us at all. If this is the case im gonna transfer next year because I can’t stand giving anymore money to a piece of shit university like York.

  41. Charmaine

    how about the tuition fee rebate? any policies on that?

  42. Angry

    pretty sure I am also going to jump on the lawsuit and sue the pants off this fucking school

  43. Nice Kid

    So….do u think CUPE will get anywhere w/this lawsuit they are trying to make?

  44. fracas

    @confused and scared,

    no problem, and i’m no law expert either:)

    i agree, if nothing else, we all are getting an education in labour law, labour relations, and now parliamentary democracy…

  45. haha lol

    Is the strike over yet, and is there a chance we might get back to classes this Thursday like they presumed?

  46. Rus

    It would be great if we would get partial refund.

  47. mikepwnz

    @ haha lol

    “Is the strike over yet”


    Man, some people need to end their life.

  48. mikepwnz

    @ Rus,

    it would be great, but not gonna happen.

  49. Rus

    @ mikepwnz
    There is always a chance, lets hope for the best.

  50. Angry

    they are not giving us the product we asked for. What they are doing is illegal.

  51. Nice Kid

    do u think CUPE was just Bluffing by ” we will do anything in our power to stop BTWL” ?

  52. Roon'd

    Ugh. Teachers are gonna be pissed as fuck when they get back, aren’t they? I swear if they try to take it out on us, I’m going to bite them.

  53. @ Confused and Scared

    Hey thanks, thats what i heard as well.

    students will be back to there classes feb 2nd as the latest.

    Nice to know that they can finally get back to their classes

  54. NDP fan

    I am enraged as well that there will be no refund. I guess by their thinking, the only way we would get one is if the year is canceled. Even if that happened, I’m sure they’d find a way to weasel out of that as well. I think at this point we should have a choice. For those who choose to take on the pressure of a shortened schedule, go for it. For those of us who don’t and are willing to start off in September, give us a refund or rebate so we can retake the classes on a normal schedule or take our money elsewhere. That would be fair.

  55. NDP fan

    @ Roon’d

    That’s what I fear as well. I don’t see TA’s trying very hard or being generous to us in anyway. I completely expect to get exams that were written before the strike happened and expected to perform as well.

  56. .

    Lets hope that Professors and TA’s will understand us, since all of us had and still have hard time.

  57. Youngster

    @ ALL

    I got a text message from a friend who is at the gmm and amongst their cupe members theyve learned that CUPE does plan on causing an injunction agaisnt the BTWL and using the NDP to stal for some time. They said CUPE is confident that the injunction would prolong this strike much longer,perhaps another month! Theyre hoping that this move will force York to forget about BTWL since it will be injunctioned and get back to the bargaining table asap. Looks like we wont be back for a while!

  58. .

    @ Youngster

    Please, ask your friends when they are considering to put “injunction” into effect ??

  59. Natalia

    so outta this strike i :

    – lost my support for the NDP
    – lost all respect for CUPE3903
    – lost trust in York U

    and hey guess what? we sat on our butts for 12 weeks and really….there was no resolution for it at all!
    what was gained?
    did CUPE gain anything? no.
    did York make any changes? no.
    did students LOSE out? hell yes.

    we are at no different a point than we were 12 weeks ago. and its just as simple as that.

  60. me

    @ all you pissed off about no rebate

    now you know how people who work for york feel. it is completely and ridicously unfair to say three weeks less isn’t less than what you paid for. york nickels and dimes grad students and cupe faculty at every opportunity. i had no prejudices before i came here, and five years later i hate the york admin with a passion. just you wait until they start calling your calls for a rebate “unreasonable” and “greedy” in this economic climate, and start sending out press relelases about it that misrepresent your argument.

  61. Nice Kid

    @ Youngster
    OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGG… ru serios…r u being honest?? please say urnt jus saying that just to make a chaos!
    tell us more pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeee 😀

  62. Natalia

    @ nice kid

    i doubt the whole “one more month” deal
    the reputation of the Liberal gov’t is at stake

    once theyve made a decision along with the Tories
    theyre not gonna sit and watch a whole month pass by stalling this even more

  63. me

    @ all you pissed off contd

    oh yeah, make sure you include interest on the rebate. they’ve been sitting on your money for 3 months, when you could have used it.

  64. .

    Do you guys think that CUPE is just going to give up ??

  65. Andrew

    Applying for an injunction would be a legal hail-Mary pass. CUPE would first have to file a lawsuit, and then apply for an injunction to halt the BTWL while the lawsuit was being heard. However, the injunction would only be granted under two circumstances: CUPE would have to be reasonably likely to prevail in the lawsuit; and granting the injunction would have to cause less harm (to all parties) than not granting the injunction. Either point is debatable, so I would expect an application for an injunction to fail. However, given all the craziness that has happened thus far, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried.

    I am not a lawyer …

  66. Nice Kid

    @ Natalia
    but if the injunction passes, they can prolong the strike longer… no?

  67. haha lol

    @ mikepwnz,

    haha lol, I think the provincial gov’t should place back to work legislation. Seriously, both sides are clearly far apart at the negotiating table. This strike needs to end!

  68. Hassan Kachal

    What is Dalton?

  69. serious

    Is there any chances that this strike end by feb 2?

  70. Nice Kid

    @ Hassan Kachal
    toe kosmaghz bazam peydat shod :O ?

  71. Nice Kid

    @ Andrew
    wow, u have lotza info dude… but listen, why do u think NDP is doing this??? OFCOURSE to buy thme some time 😀

  72. UnderGrad Int'l

    To Commuter and ppl asking about a refund, In one of these same threads on here, in red writing, Alex the uni’s spokesperson said York will not be giving money back due to the fact that when classes do get started, the students will get everything (education-wise) that they expected to receive.

  73. UnderGrad Int'l

    However, YFS has a petition circulating, lobbying for a 12 per cent tuition refund I think it is. If you want I guess you can contact them and get on board.

  74. Taurus

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA……i’m loving it……no skool this week aswell…..yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimuhahahahahahahahaahahhaa…..

  75. Yorkie

    And sign up for that student lawsuit against York. I’ve done both the petition and that. I sincerly hope one of them goes through.

  76. Meryl

    I just finished talking to a family lawyer friend on the phone and he said the possibility of granting an injunction is actually VERY likely given that York is not a public service like TTC.

    She thinks that NDP is trying to buy time for the CUPE to do the necessary paperwork for injunction process. Apparently it takes 3-5 days to file and get the results.

  77. Angry

    we are not going to receive what we expected when we started the year. Thats whats so crazy about this.

  78. Nice Kid

    @ Meryl
    told u 😀 way to gooo NDP

  79. Hassan Kachal

    @ Nice Kid

    Thanks. Will be back by tomorrow then?

  80. TRUTH

    Comrades, brothers and sisters, in this critical come we come together under the leadership of CUPE to fight this ruthless monster of capitalism. The same capitalism which is grown on the suffering of us workers. We must hold our hands strongly and go through this tough time with determination and passion. One shall not let the sacrifices of CUPE members become fruitless. CUPE members have sacrificed their time and lives for us to be in such glorious battle against injustice and imperialism. We must prove to those capitalist thieves that we are determined, more than ever, to win this battle. A battle for freedom, justice, equality and fairness. Unite and lets stand strong

    I assure all of you comrades that CUPE will stand strong and use all their resources to fight this imperialistic and shameful legislation. CUPE will not give up; not now and not in the future. CUPE will go as far as it takes to get what they truly deserve. For those capitalist student-posing tools here wishing us to lose and saying hateful things, let me say you’ll be proven wrong soon. We will be victorious


    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  81. Aaron

    Give it a rest, Truth. The joke is well worn at this point.

  82. TRUTH

    The only joke is you Aaron trying to pose as a student and making things look different

    I assume, like Cupe Doll, those York paychecks must be very generous to make you such a tool for their objectives. So how much you get per hour posting hateful comments here?

  83. Hassan Kachal

    @ Aaron

    I do not get the joke. What is the joke?

  84. TRUTH

    I’ve changed my mind. I have now become a devout folloer of capitalism. York is right, CUPE is wrong. Sorry for bombarding you with my propaganda over the past few weeks.

  85. Yorkie

    Truth you are shameful even for a Troll…

  86. Yorkie

    At least Trolls stick to their story.

  87. SCR

    lol TRUTH is so funny

  88. TRUTH

    I’ll never give up my thoughts till the last minute. For those posting hateful and misleading comments under my username, you only prove that you are a tool paid by the capitalist monster of York and ultra right wing media

    There is only one TRUTH and the content of my posts which reveal the struggle for freedom, justice, equality and fairness proves that


    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  89. ram

    I was watching the legislature today online. I was just spell bound how HOWARD HAMPTON, PAUL MILLER, TABUNS, CHERI DINOVO, MICHAEL PRUE etc were explaining their stand points. They truly need an applause for just talking so eloquently and the points that they elucidated to the ontario residents. Even though they oppose and delay our class resumption, THEY MAKE SENSE.
    It was so hilarious how the conservatives and liberals were just reiterating the rhetoric ” DEAD LOCK, DEAD LOCK, DEAD LOCK…. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO VOTING ON THE BILL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” No body could LEGALLY take a stand point for what they were doing.

    PAUL MILLER, said that If CUPE 3903 tries to fight this against this at the court, even a bad lawyer could win. (and placed what happened in BC as an example)…. NDP’ SAY THAT CUPE3903 COULD WIN THIS IF FOUGHT AT THE COURT.

    Anyways we have more in the coming days to witness..

  90. TRUTH

    sorry i suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder

  91. Hassan Kachal

    @ ram

    who is paul miller? thank you.

  92. Atkinson student

    *goes back to smacking some Mario Kart ass on the Wii*

  93. MR Two

    I agree, as much as I want to go back to school, the NDP is functioning much more efficiently for their audience than the liberals have for their “supposed” audience. The liberals have done absolutely nothing up until the last week when they should have been pressuring both sides to bargain. As students we have been suffering this entire time and the liberals have done nothing to help us, yet the second CUPE appears to be stumbling, the NDP are right behind them offering their full support and doing everything in the (albeit limited) power to get the ball back into the union’s court.

  94. Yorkie


    I know! It’s totally shameful how te Lib and Cons won’t even take a stand or say anything productive. The NDPs make more and more sense the more I listen to them. I don’t have very many doubts that Cupe will take this to the courts now, I really do hope they get somewhere with that and York gets its ass sued and owns up to what they’ve put everyone through.

  95. MR Two

    A potential problem would be that BTWL seems like a great idea in the public’s eye for one reason – sympathy for the students. Based on actual legitimate reasoning aside from sympathy, I’m sorry to say but from my POV, CUPE/NDP would have the upper hand in an actual court where nothing but factual evidence is taken into account. The fact that 45 000 students are left stranded has absolutely nothing to do with the legality of the strike.

  96. SH

    and do not forget we as undergrads will NOT get a refund and York has NOT paid and will NOT pay the faculty and TAs during the strike.

    So do the math and see how much York is making only for the strike time.

  97. RR

    @Mr Two,

    I completly agree, I guess it just hinges now on timing, such as when they will recieve the injunction- I don’t know how fast this process can work for them.
    I will say this though, if school starts again, but is followed by another strike a week or tow later it would be a living nightmare for the school

  98. Nanometer

    Hello everyone

    I couldn’t follow the legislation today. I was out with my girlfriend today and the funny thing is, I told her I should get home by 2 to watch it on TV. So we get home, and I’m just hoping this thing gets passed so school starts sooner than later. But nothing was supposed to happen according to the plan. My girlfriend starts to play around with me, the next thing I know we are in my parents bedroom and I’m making love to her. Then we ordered Pizza and she left about half an hour ago. So I took a shower and came here to get updates

    So what is happening? I had no way of following the news since I was busy with her and man it was worth it. Is there a chance of injuction? Is CUPE fighting back?

  99. Curious Yorkie

    I saw the debate on TV as well. She was indeed very eloquent. And while I dont want to comment much on that, I am wondering as to what will happen next? If NDP keep on stalling this process till CUPE goes to court, how much longer are we going to be stuck here?

    I know nobody knows the answer to my question, but am just wondering… if the legilation doesnt pass, what happens to us? Are we ever going back?

  100. As students

    As students… the only matter that im concerned with is that we can return to school asap ie at or b4 feb 2nd

    i dont have sympathy for York or Cupe.

  101. RR

    like can you imagine sitting in class finally after all of this, then being told we were on strike again- students would tear the school apart

  102. As students

    As a students… the only matter that im concerned with is that we can return to school asap ie at or b4 feb 2nd

    i dont have sympathy for York or Cupe..

  103. Hassan Kachal

    what is troy?

  104. B.

    ram – are we talking about the same Cheryl DiNovo? Cause nothing that women said was eloquent or intelligent. She came off like a raving lunatic. She was shouting out whatever little though came into her head in a bid to use up the time and stall 2nd reading.

    The women is also known for sticking her foot in her mouth. Nothing intelligent about that.

  105. Curious Yorkie

    @MR Two,

    “The fact that 45 000 students are left stranded has absolutely nothing to do with the legality of the strike.”

    I am glad others feel the same as me. I was agreeing to the points NDP members were making, but at that same time, I was thinking to myself – well, right, but how is it justified that they are holding us hostage? Like I have said before, I am a Masters student, and I have a fieldwork lined up in the summer. It is really important for me to do my fieldwork so that I can write my thesis well. And also, after graduation, I need to be able to tell my future employers I have really done some good research apart from just classroom education. Now that CUPE is striking for *so long* it can cancel my summer fieldwork plans, and if that happens, arent they kicking my career plans down the drain as well? So its like “yes yes, structural problems, i am getting shit, my education isnt valued, i have no money, so i am going to give everyone else shit too”
    Not fair.

  106. MR Two

    It’s the same as when a suspect gets off the hook because of a lack of evidence/misconduct despite the general public’s hatred/disdain and their conviction that he/she is indeed guilty.

  107. Nanometer

    Can anyone please answer my question?

    I’ll repeat my post again

    Hello everyone

    I couldn’t follow the legislation today. I was out with my girlfriend today and the funny thing is, I told her I should get home by 2 to watch it on TV. So we get home, and I’m just hoping this thing gets passed so school starts sooner than later. But nothing was supposed to happen according to the plan. My girlfriend starts to play around with me, the next thing I know we are in my parents bedroom and I’m making love to her. Then we ordered Pizza and she left about half an hour ago. So I took a shower and came here to get updates

    So what is happening? I had no way of following the news since I was busy with her and man it was worth it. Is there a chance of injuction? Is CUPE fighting back?

  108. Hercule Poirot

    It is my honor to be elected by the goverment of Canada to take on this strike matter.

    You might think I am an imbecile detective but please do not understimate Hercule Poirot’s law background.

    Tout de même. I have made enough money to satisfy both my needs and my caprices. I take only such cases now as interest me, and to be frank, my interest in York’s case is, uh… dwindling.

    Now I must go and wrestle with my report to the goverment for next few days and with my conscience.

    Good night everybody

  109. The idiot lawyer who is filing a class action lawsuit against York is on CP24.

  110. Aaron

    Wait, what? This injunction can stop us from returning to school? Uhhh, but that will leave no time for any negotiations to take place anyway considering how far apart CUPE and the York administration are. That means the year would likely be cancelled.

    I will murder every member of CUPE in my dreams if this happens.

  111. Shelley

    OK SO,can someone PLEASE answer: If this legislation is not passed after its third bill and all those god damn political processess. What will happen to the year then?

    York refuses to do anything. The union clearly could not care. So then….?

  112. B.

    The legislation will likely pass. The question here is what happens if the 3903 succeeds in getting their injunction?

    And, there’s no clear answer to that.

    Maybe York and the union will begin to reasonably bargain. Maybe summer will get canceled and the strike will drag on. Or maybe York will resume as much classes/programs/faculties as it can….that’s not all that much though.

    Who knows! Best answer is to wait and see what develops.

  113. Shelley

    Great some more waiting….Either for York and the Union to solve something, OR our student lawsuit to go through, OR possibly this legislation *sigh*

    I don’t know if im more frustrated or sad about how far this has gone. I don’t even know what to expect or how long this still can last…

  114. Tyler Shipley seems very likable.

  115. Yorker

    Does anybody know the deadline to drop a course?

  116. @ Yorker

    @ Yorker apparently it’s Feb 5th. IF we ever go back on/before Feb 2.

  117. @ Nice kid
    choob to koon hahahhahaha
    bi adabbbb

  118. Yorker

    I just tried to drop a course through the net, but I couldn’t drop it because the system prompted the message as below:

    Result: The course has not been dropped.
    Reason: The course could not be dropped because the last day to drop has passed.

  119. Shelley

    So no matter what were back on the 5th max!?!

  120. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again tonight. Anyone that signs up for the class action lawsuit is an idiot. This lawyer is just a scum bag trying to get an extra dime any way he can.

  121. @yorker

    Must be a problem with their system, call them tomorrow.

  122. MR Two

    @ Shelley:

    No, if we’re back by the 2nd or before, the last day to drop a course is on the 5th.

  123. 1styear@york

    I have a question that is slightly unrelated, but I would like to have some prior knowledge when going to student services. To drop a full year course, once I have completed half of the course (so like once the strike is over, if I immediately go to drop a course) is there any basis to get a refund, and what about my marks?

    Also, Glendon students: can I drop French for the year (it is my first year and I am in 1500) If I am planning on transferring out next year and it is not needed at my new University? And again, what will happen to marks, and tuition money?

  124. Integrity?

    York university is a culpable party in this strike…It is upsetting to think that in the end, if this legislation passes, that York will win. The precedent that this will make is one that will affect everyone in the future. I want to go back to class badly, but the fact that the government would push this through without stopping to think about the impact it will make just for the sake of making a PR move is just wrong.
    York has played the PR game very well…stirring up fears of losing the year etc. As university students, shouldn’t we approach the issue as critical thinkers? I have never been a big supporter of the NDP, but I am with them on this point. The government should be slapping York on the wrist for sitting back and refusing to bargain while putting the futures of its students at risk. York has claimed to care…but the actions taken by the admin has not matched its PR claims. Students should be reimbursed because at the end of the day, we are still not getting what we paid for. Losing the ability to compete in the summer job market would seriously inhibit many students ability to pay for school and upkeep themselves.
    As upset as I am for being out of school, losing money, and possibly losing a summer contract job, I am also very worried that people’s rights have been stomped on from the very beginning of this strike.Not just the union’s, but also ourselves as students.

  125. @Aaron: “Wait, what? This injunction can stop us from returning to school?”

    What’s this “injunction”? Anyone even bother googling when there ever was injunctive relief against legislation? There’s no “injunction”. At best, legislation gets constitutionally challenged years down the road. And even if — 3903 would lose. Since pretending to bargain only at the last split second after getting threatened with BTWL does not mean there was no deadlock. Hell. Everyone knows what the deadlock was — and why. Regardless how many times Shipley repeats it was York not bargaining.

    What’s really important to understand, though, is why Hampton’s NDP are delaying classes by an extra week. See, they really really care about students’ education. And because they really truly believe students pay too much for education — that’s why they help us 3903s ruin the education students already paid for.

  126. Hallsters

    @ 1styear@york

    Im a glendon student you can drop french if you don’t need it if you are transferring, but you will not get your money back. your marks won’t show up obviously because you did not complete the course, that is what my understanding is due to the fact that since there has been a strike, they will be pushing back the last date to drop a class without receiving a mark.

  127. TRUTH

    Shut up you capitalist too. You’ll see how CUPE will fight this legislation and come out with victorious. Be shameful of your lies. Be ashamed of being paid by the capitalist monster of York

    Solidarity Forever

    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  128. Integrity?


    In terms of the full year course, I’m pretty confident that you will not recieve any refund for dropping since that deadline passed before the strike occured. You will not recieve any academic credit for the work you have completed as well. However, if you were to drop winter courses you would still recieve a full refund. As for the transferring to a new university, you may need to consult an academic advisor when classes do resume for more concrete answers.

  129. @ Truth

    I’m fed up with your version of the truth. It’s completely out of touch with reality, you radical communist.

  130. Youngster

    @ Cupedoll

    In another post you stated how you got an email stating how CUPE will go after injunction towards the BTWL. Why are you saying now that it wont work when you just said in the previous post how you were worried about it working. Also, any news on the GMM that was tonight?:D

  131. RR

    God, cupedoll I am so sick of your bullshit- I have been listening to your onesided rag against your own fucking union for too long now not to say something. Just give us the fucking facts- there is no way there is one party responsibe for this situation, that to any observer is painfully evidant unless you have some sort of reason you choose a side based on your own benifits. Such as that Koopmans kid wanting a political career, or Tyler Shriply wanting to work for CUPE national for life. So give it up, you are a waste of breath and space and are so lame that you have fucking catch phrases like ‘loco-local’, or your fucking ‘ruin the education students already paid for’- shut the fuck up already, I have no respect for people like you.

  132. @ cupedoll

    then how would you explain point #5?

    “However, the union could file a motion to get an injunction suspending the application of the legislation until the outcome of the court case, I think.”


    Did anyone attend the CUPE town hall this evening? Any news?

  133. RR

    Sorry Basil but I just cant listen to it anymore- the same comments constantly, the same damn catch phrases, and I know what I mean- you’ve commented on the same stuff before to him/her.
    But im sorry for getting heated, I just couldn’t it anymore.

  134. @Youngster: “In another post you stated how you got an email stating how CUPE will go after injunction towards the BTWL.”

    Nah. Wasn’t me. Just a troll.

  135. TRUTHiness

    CUPE said they’d announce tomorrow what legal action they intend to take, at tomorrow morning’s press conference.

    Court proceedings cannot stall CUPE from returning to work, but a court ruling can cause legislation to be overturned. This is the most likely scenario.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the courts decide what deadlock means.

  136. @ cupedoll

    Here’s the bigger issue, cupedoll. SOMEONE using your screen name, with a picture attached to it, posted the above information.

    I’ve always wondered which one of YOU were the trolls, because there are two distinct accounts. With all due respect, you came along second to the other CUPEDoll…….

    Just pointing out a relevant issue. Clarify for this board what is the meaning of having two people posting as cupedoll..it’s kind of confusing, to say the least.

  137. Aaron

    Thanks, TRUTHiness.

    Well, the Liberals must have consulted with their own lawyers before going ahead with BTWL.

    After eleven weeks, CUPE rejecting a forced rat, the York President announcing that the two sides are at an impasse, and a top mediator informing the Premier that the two are far apart, I don’t see much of a case for CUPE.

    If, if, if IF CUPE did win this though, I can only imagine the riots that would happen at York when classes are suspended after having already resumed.

  138. caitron

    fuck you all.
    good night.

  139. York Student

    is this a joke? That we are not going to be in school, because NDP and its leaders who are comfortably sitting at home can delay this legislation. For what? For more a few weeks as it hasnt’ been 3 months a waste of our student experience and life?

    I cannot believe this . Worse, I wont forget this. Student’s academic life is already ruined and NDP enjoys itself in the media by taking advantage of this delicate situation.

    This is unacceptable!

  140. TRUTH

    I realize how annoying I am being but just because I am a douchebag i will keep supporting the CUPE 3903. Even though our fight is lost we shall never be defeated. I also think i need to fuck myself.

    Solidarity Forever

    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  141. @ Aaron,

    That is precisely the reason I don’t think any court would possibly vote in favour of CUPE….if we’re already back in class, then for certain the legislation stands….otherwise, it would just be devastating!

  142. TRUTHiness

    If this goes to court, the Admin will have to submit documentation to argue against a charge of bad faith bargaining. When (if) that happens, we’ll finally find out if the mediator was correct on saying York was not willing to make a deal.

  143. TRUTH

    What I am really trying to say is…. All the students have already bent over. The damage has been done. We’ve raped your year.

    Your friendly neighborhood CUPE Prick

  144. Aaron

    If this legislation is overturned, this will be nothing short of an utter catastrophe for York.

  145. transfer student who regrets transferring

    @ 1st year at york

    if you drop out now you lose all money for full year courses and lose all credits. you are also put on academic probation for osap purposes.

    my suggestion – finish the year and then transfer. finish allll your courses because other UNI’s will take them as electives if they don’t fit into your new program.

  146. @ Yorkstudent

    I understand your position….I too share that position….but we have to understand that, frankly, the NDP have brought up several important points. At the very least, we ought to credit them for that.

    This province is a joke. In terms of funding for post-secondary education, we apparently rank amongst the WORST in North America! If Hampton was being honest today in the legislature by pointing that out, then this is indeed a triumph for US.

    I guess the reality is, the Liberals were looking for a clever way to steer the guilt to ONDP’s lap. Sure, might have worked. Do I think the NDP need to let go of their ideology and save our academic year? OF COURSE!

    Having said that, I still think that at least SOMEONE in the legislature is speaking about the broad issues that need to be addressed. That, I thank Hampton for.

    Now that he’s spoken his piece, though….it’s time to vote for the students, not the union.

  147. TRUTHiness

    Courts don’t care how devastating a decision may be. They only care about the law. If the Admin really was bargaining in bad faith and the court finds this, the legislation will be overturned. But, only a supreme court decision can overturn legislation. So, as long as you graduate in thenext four years, you’ve nothing to worry about.

  148. TRUTHiness

    Lawyers, please correct any errors I made.

  149. Digital Media Student

    @ 1styear@york

    From what I’ve read through updates every since the strike started, I think that you are able to drop it still and can get your money back. What the senate stated within this update upon after the strike was that whoever wanted to drop a course can still drop it. When the strike started, aka Nov 6, that was the last day to drop it thus the Senate moved it till a few days later if the strike ends so the students get a fair chance of dropping…

    However, I haven’t recently checked…the last time I checked was most likely 2-3 weeks ago? Well I did read it not too long ago but not the whole thing so you’ll have to check it out yourself 🙂

  150. 1styear@york

    Thank you for all your help on my above question, but to clarify: I am planning on finishing the year, but my language placement put me in a French course too high for my understanding and level of experience with the language (which was none). So basically, as hard as I try I cannot keep up, and am most likely failing, or getting a 50 something. I wish to drop out of that course because it is no longer needed since I am leaving York. Is there seriously no way to receive any rebate on tuition, especially considering the strike?

  151. G

    I just finish watching Cp24 the lawyer host was pretty confident we would return sometime next week. Even the cupe guy nodded his head when he said this to a caller.

  152. @ @cupedoll: “then how would you explain point #5?”

    Good question. Here’s some of that text:

    “.. the legislation would remain effective until a court rules it is unconstitutional, which could take a while, certainly longer than the school year, I’d expect. However, the union could file a motion to get an injunction suspending the application of the legislation until the outcome of the court case, I think. There are tests for whether an injunction like that should be granted, one factor of which is known as “the balance of harm” test–would the union suffer more if the legislation remains in effect, or would the employer suffer more if the legislation is suspended pending the outcome of the Charter challenge. That would make for an interesting argument in this case. But I am not a Constitutional law expert. I may find someone who is and ask them…”

    Ok. I’m no expert either. From the little I know though, you can go to court and get a fast injunction without even having the person affected told about it. And this sort of fast/dirty tactic is out of the question here.

    What the text above suggests is, first, mounting a constitutional challenge. Then, once the case is under way, bringing a motion for an injunction. This would not be so fast. Also — I can’t see any way it would work. Remember: this legislation is extremely particular. Any delay would effectively defeat the purpose for which it was drafted. So — would any judge be prepared to defeat legislation on basis of a motion only?

    On top of that — have you heard anything about 3903 mounting a constitutional challenge? Nope. And why not? Because this silly rumour was intended to get us believing a legislation-halting injunction can happen fast and dirty all on its lonesome.

    But it can’t.

  153. TRUTHiness

    underhealingwaters, I agree. The NDP is doing a great service (and I mean this genuinely, unlike TRUTH, who’s a ‘tard).

  154. @underhealingwaters

    Why have I got 2 pictures? Just because the first 1 was assigned to me by Yorkstrike2008 when I first started messaging. While the second 1 I uploaded myself when I got a wordpress account. You know — like when I helped you with your picture.

    Right now, I’m logged into wordpress. So the picture now is a little doll. Though you can’t really tell.

    When someone trolls my alias? No picture at all.

  155. Angry

    fuck york…what a piece of shit university

  156. TRUTHiness

    A constitutional challenge is under consideration — as one idea out of many under consideration by CUPE. Again, it won’t keep anybody out of school.

  157. @ cupedoll

    Fair enough. I was quite confused about the two separate pictures haha

  158. Yorkie


    So this supposed “injunction” won’t affect the length of this strike. Is that what you’re suggesting?

  159. @ Yorkie

    I think he is saying that any future CUPE plans wont affect us returning to school in the very very near future.

  160. @TRUTHiness: “A constitutional challenge is under consideration.. it won’t keep anybody out of school.”


    Only thing happening is Hamptonians delaying classes an extra week. Since they so don’t want students overpaying for education — they absolutely must help ruin the education students already paid for.

  161. @ cupedoll

    Your criticism of Hampton is quite fair. His cause is a just cause – but is it morally right to deny us any further our education that we’ve ALREADY paid for? The debate he intends to have in the legislature can be done at a later date.

  162. Stef

    To Truth,
    You know, I just finished reading Animal Farm (to keep my brain from turning to mush) and can I tell you – you sound a lot like Napoleon. (For those who haven’t read it – I recommend it highly).
    It’s a little disconcerting, actually.

  163. miz

    Question…………. I do not fully understand class action suit. If we do get some sort of refund, do we have to pay the lawyers an amount??? I don’t pretend to understand the legalese…+

  164. @underhealingwaters: “Your criticism of Hampton is quite fair.”

    Yes. It is.

    From the start 3903s were claiming, among other things, that harm to students was justified by some greater good. That damages to students were in a good cause.

    That kind of lie is the most standard from totalitarian groups and regimes everywhere and every-when. Makes sense, right? What totalitarian cabal ever comes out declaring: “This is a power grab! You must all suffer for our benefit!” Never happens. What you hear is: “This temporary suffering is for your own good — or for your children.”

    So, when I say Hampton helps 3903 ruin the education students already paid for — just because he doesn’t want students overpaying for education? That’s designed to highlight the absurdity of 3903 and the Hamptonians claiming their actions are in any way to help students.

  165. TRUTH

    Had USSR existed today, nobody would have done this injustice to these defenseless citizens who want nothing but their basic rights. USSR was brought down by the capitalist monsters so they can continue using people like CUPE for their own profit and then use government to force them to work. That’s a shame. It’s shame to see the imperialist media long with ultra right wing friends are supporting this shameful piece of legislation

    Fear not my comrades. CUPE will fight this through and CUPE will not surrender


    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  166. @ cupedoll

    did you attend the town hall meeting this evening? Do you know if there’s any new updates?

  167. tester


    CUPE3903’s quest for their basic rights infringes on my right to an education. Therefore, their quest is a violation of my rights, and therefore unjust.

  168. miz

    please answer..I am unsure of procedure…

  169. ram

    @ all
    Today at the legislature, NDP’ (Hampton, paul miller, tabuns, michael prue) gave a very impressive presentation about their legal stand point of rejecting BTWL. It really made sense. I am sure Most of those people are more knowledgible than this cupedoll and many other people who just post what they want to happen but fail to post what could actually happen in legal scenario.
    NDP’ clearly explained on what grounds cupe3903 could win if fought at the court. The reasons elucidated were also quite satisfying. I would not be surprised at all even if we are out of school once again because cupe3903 got the injunction from the court.

  170. @Truth

    lmfao. I’ve met quite a few radicals. Not just in 3903. 1 or 2 came fairly close. But you take the cake.

  171. Youngster

    does Truth know that CUPE lost and well be back in school by next week or does he just refuse to accept reality?

  172. Yorker

    CUPE has just updated its website indicating three main steps against the legislature.

    1. Reinforce CUPE 3903’s Picket Lines on Monday, January 26
    2. Mass Rally against Back-to-Work Legislation on Tuesday, January 27
    3. E-mail your MPP now: http://demandastance.com/cupe/

    link: http://www.cupe3903.tao.ca/

  173. @ ram

    What is the justification that the NDP gave, if you don’t mind me asking.

  174. Yorkie

    “The Liberals say they’ve put safeguards in place to prevent further delays, such as sending the bill to committee.”

    What does this mean?

  175. @ram

    lol. You were really impressed by the repeated Hamptonian lies? About there having been no deadlock because how eager us 3903s were to bargain? Really? Not kidding?

  176. Yorkie

    They’re not lies. It’s called looking at situation form a different perspective.

  177. jacky

    so are we back to class already or we might still have to wait for another week around?
    is it 100% it will pass? the bill?

  178. It’s 100% to pass. Just being stalled at the moment.

  179. Hassan Kachal

    so are we back tomorrow then? I am very nervous and want to pack my backpack and make my pencils ready for the class. I thank you Dr. Bob spermman for fighting Mr. Mcginty.

  180. jacky

    so we are still out at the moment,
    we are still waiting for the bill to pass? due to ndp is holding up the bill?

  181. @ Hassan and jacky

    We are still waiting for the bill to go through a couple of more readings, then it will pass and be enacted as law.

  182. Nice Kid

    NO jacky! Nothing is for sure yet! NOTHING!!
    the latest news is…
    1) NDP WILL do anything in its power to prolong this strike, that being just 1 more week or wutever, as many days as they are able of !
    2) Rumor has it that NDP is doing all this to buy CUPE some time , so they can take the matter to court and sue York! If so, there IS a high possibility for them to be able to do something, and if able to provide a good speech at the court, they might BE ABLE to stop BTWL!
    3) Government might force CUPE to resume classes n work, while their case is being reviewed and considered at court.But once they are given the right to “legally” continue to strike again, we might get kicked outta class AGAIN 😀
    LOL I know all this is plain ridiculous, but its true!

  183. @ Nice Kid

    Ridiculous, it is. Speculation, it also is.

    No one knows what’s going on OTHER THAN BTWL and that will get us in class. I would consider this year practically safe.

  184. @ Nice Kid

    Think about what you’re saying….

    “2) Rumor has it that NDP is doing all this to buy CUPE some time , so they can take the matter to court and sue York! If so, there IS a high possibility for them to be able to do something, and if able to provide a good speech at the court, they might BE ABLE to stop BTWL!”

    This is utterly ridiculous. ONDP is in debt 4 million dollars, AND it is currently undergoing a complete leadership shift. This ‘rumour’ is practically false.

  185. tester

    ram, you say “It is the right of the employee to strike and negotiate.It is the duty of the employer to do that in a democratic set up.”

    the employer did negotiate and could not meet the demands. like it or not, that is their position. what are students supposed to do, just wait and wait.

    BTWL is the best way to end this everlasting strike. A settlement would have been better, but was unattainable as the parties were deadlocked in certain demands, like tenure for attendance and the 2 year contract.

  186. Nice Kid

    @ underhealingwaters
    U can go shove ur mom up ur ass… and stop creating FEAR among people!
    JUST shut da fuck up wait….!

  187. @ Nice Kid

    Probably this was a comment by a troll?

  188. Nice Kid

    @ underhealingwaters
    this was the result of me and IM SURE many more, just sitting here n watching u say pure, 100% BULL CRAP!!!
    I apologize from everyone else but
    underhealingwaters is sure retarded !!! he/she for sure is getting paid or something by YORK !!! Can’t u see all he says is : ” we will be getting back for sure ” n shit like that !

  189. Opp

    can someone PLEASE summarize the situation right now and how the next events look like????

  190. Hassan Kachal

    @ Nice Kid
    Is underhealingwaters a teacher at York?

  191. Nice Kid

    @ Hassan Kachal
    I have no idea!
    badesham, to sale chandi? reshtat chie?

  192. i honestly wish...

    im not a stupid student who’s just acting like im enraged to bandwagon and seem cool. im a straight A student (with one B+) and i’ve never felt so angry and so enraged yet so helpless at the same time. At first I put the blame onto cupe 3903 who seemed to be the antogonists of this whole situation, however in the end it seems like it was YORK U who was behind all these mischievous acts. And ontop of that the government is supporting York U for this delinquency…are you F*cking kidding me? Hey Mcdickhead, you should try asking the university to abide by the rules and bargain isntead of using you’re widely stretched *sshole as a leeway. Instead of taking bribes…why dont you sit you’re ugly *ss down and THINK! use that thing that god gave you called a brain…how about that huh? huh?

    ps. York u admin and Mcdickhead are both cumcrusts yes yes!

  193. @ Nice Kid

    First year political science student. That’s me. Nice try.

  194. @ Nice Kid

    I’m not sure why you would even think I’m e-picketing for York…that’s honestly the stupidest idea I’ve ever read on this forum, and I’ve been here since the beginning of the strike!

  195. Nice Kid

    @ underhealingwaters
    Go suck ur moms dick, u sicko!!!

  196. @ Nice Kid

    Grow up, and stop trolling around here.

    This forum has become like a wasteland for dumb trolls like yourself.

  197. Yorker

    CUPE has just updated its website indicating three main steps against the legislature.

    1. Reinforce CUPE 3903’s Picket Lines on Monday, January 26
    2. Mass Rally against Back-to-Work Legislation on Tuesday, January 27
    3. E-mail your MPP now.

    For details: http://www.cupe3903.tao.ca/

  198. @ram

    CUPE 3903 had two sticking points: a 2-year contract and tenure without open competition for long serving contract faculty. Neither of these points is negotiable. They’re all or nothing. CUPE wanted these things, and York, rightly, did not. There was no bargaining to be had at all. The “York won’t bargain” ploy is just spin.

    Deadlocks are, by definition, two-sided.

  199. PS

    Possibly, you could be an e-picketer for CUPE.

  200. Curious Yorkie

    I miss “yorkstrike2008” being the active moderator of this blog. He kept things fairly sane here.

    P.S.: No hard feelings Cupe Doll and Basil.

  201. @ Curious Yorkie

    IF I had the ability to moderate this forum, I would. I wish yorkstrike2008 had the time to moderate this forum….but, understandably, this forum is WAY too much for one person to keep up with.

  202. Nice Kid

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW… check this OUT !!!

  203. Nice Kid

    @ Curious Yorkie
    dont worry… Cupe doll is just a paid WHORE 😀

  204. Curious Yorkie

    @ Basil,

    And guys, stop being so mean towards Cupe Doll.

  205. Nice Kid

    @ Curious Yorkie
    no worries… she deserves it 😀

  206. @ All

    Cupe Doll gives us great insight. I would hope we all respect his/her contributions to this forum!

  207. Nice Kid

    @ underhealingwaters

    Didnt i just sau U can STFU ???

  208. @ram

    You are right. 3903s argument would have to be that we 3903s were willing to bargain and only York was not. Because it couldn’t have been a deadlock if only York was refusing to bargain.

    Who’d believe it, though? I mean, it’s pretty common knowledge by now how 3903 was fighting to cripple York as a “neo-liberal” institution, right? It wasn’t secret. Not with so many articles written about it — some of which I’ve quoted here and one of which I took the trouble to absolutely ridicule.

    Not just articles. We 3903s bragged so much how we were demanding the impossible. Got totally exposed for not even letting our bargaining team bargain. And, just before the rat, got exposed again for deciding to go back to our Nov 5 impossible demands. Not only were we not bargaining — our bargaining team wasn’t even authorized to bargain.

    And yeah — at the last split second, after we found out about BTWL, we started bargaining. But it was too late by then. The phone call had been made.

    Personally, I hope we do mount a constitutional challenge. I hope we do throw a hissy wildcat striking fit. So long as it’s only us getting harmed instead of students, I’m alright with it.

  209. @ Nice Kid

    You know, for a CUPE e-picketer, you really are an asshole.

  210. Curious Yorkie

    lol i agree. she’s better than some of the other CUPE trolls who come here.
    Cupe Doll has been here for a long time and she has honestly been quite insightful. And I admire her for not letting the negative comments get to her and quitting this forum. 🙂

  211. B.

    Basil – sometimes you just have to walk away and let the ridiculous comments be buried.

  212. @ B.

    lol, I know huh? I try….but I just can’t stand to see someone think they’ve won, and I WISH this forum could be more heavily moderated….it’s an absolute shame, but at the same time, completely understandable WHY it can’t be moderated as much as some of us would like to see it.

  213. B.

    From 3903’s site:

    WHERE: York University
    DATE: Monday, January 26
    TIME: Three shifts: 7am-11am, 10am-2pm, 1pm-5pm

    In a bid to undermine the strike of CUPE 3903, York University has reopened several classes for 5,000 students out of 50,000. Not only does this violate the picket lines of workers, it discriminates against 45,000 students left out in the cold by York University’s refusal to bargain.

    Are you f-ing kidding me? Now they care about discrimination against the students???

  214. B.

    Basil – yeah, it could use a little heaver moderation or ban some IPs.

    Let them think they won. It’s an anonymous internet forum. If some get their kicks from winning that way, well it’s fairly sad and pathetic.

    Big picture, none of this matters.

  215. Fuc* York University

    This is such bullshit! I want some of my money back or something! I didn’t even get to my mid-terms and they want to end the first term in 2 weeks of us going back! Im so pissed that York is gonna get their way.


    Go NDP!

  216. @underhealingwaters: “Cupe Doll gives us great insight. I would hope we all respect his/her contributions to this forum!”

    Thanks — appreciated. No worries though. The more childish 3903 radicals get here? The more they admit how much I get to them.

  217. You know, if CUPE didn’t ‘kill the rat’, I would have still had my doubts about you. After that happened, though, I was incredibly shocked…..and I believed every word you ever wrote on this forum.

  218. I Love cupedoll

    I just read all of the above posts and I am now in love with cupedoll (real one not the troll).

    I’ve been freaking out over the possibility of an injunction but after reading your posts I feel much..much better. Thanks.

  219. on vacation


    so there’s no chance of an injunction??

  220. TRUTH

    Cupe Doll, you pathetic capitalist tool, the day will come when truth will be known and you’ll be ashamed and exposed for who you are; a capitalist greedy individual who let go of the dignity and rights of the CUPE comrades for your own selfish proftis and the paychecks from York. A ruthless imperialistic behaviour at its peak. You are working with shameful government and their ultra right wing friends to step over these defenseless citizens and force them to work like slaves in the worst conditions possible

    To my comrades, let not the propaganda of few imperialist tools here deceive you. CUPE will fight this legislation and will do all it can to continue this everlasting fight for freedom, justice, equality and fairness. CUPE will use all it can. CUPE will never surrender. We will make history

    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  221. TRUTHiness

    In the last two strikes, student lawsuits against York were thrown out. Don’t think this strike will be any different … unless CUPE proved in court that York was not negotiating in good faith! Only THEN would students have grounds to receive compensation for the strike.

    If you want to sue York, you’d best hope CUPE challenges the BTW legislation.

  222. thanks

    thanks cupe doll and underhealingwaters.. your info has been much appreciated.

    and as for TRUTH- it seems like your losing this battle

  223. Yorkie

    I certainly do hope York gets sued. It’s only fair to those who havebeen treated so injustly. If Cupe helps to achieve that goal, so be it.

  224. hehe

    TRUTH has been watching reruns of Braveheart

  225. @on vacation: “so there’s no chance of an injunction??”

    Not *before* a constitutional challenge. Only (at least) weeks after.

    Is there any chance of a constitutional challenge? Vanishingly slim in (not only) my opinion. Who’ll pay for it?

    And, if there is a constitutional challenge after all? And, if a judge were willing to grant such a ridiculous injunction — not because it makes sense but to show how the courts are more powerful than the government? What would the point be? What would the injunction order? Like, years from now? Go back to striking? Everybody, go back to your original positions?

    Who started this “injunction” rumour, anyhow?

  226. @Truth

    Stop it. I give. You win.

    Just busted a rib lmao

  227. RR

    How can you say that with regards to cupedoll- don’t you remember how he/she was convinced that the ‘silent majority’ would come out and spank the “loco-local”- god I do- what absolutle nonsense- in fact I remember some of the most memorable spewing was around the vote date alone, you should look it up and see cause I think your compliment is unfounded.
    By the way, I am a fourth year psyc student, not a 3903 member- I wish I was so that I would provide pple with real facts, not just bias, tired, rethoric

  228. I Love cupedoll


    Your troll/doppelganger started it.

    All truth does is lie….dude give it a rest.

  229. @RR: “How can you say that with regards to cupedoll- don’t you remember how he/she was convinced that the ’silent majority’ would come out and spank the “loco-local”…”

    I sure was wrong about that one, wasn’t I? Got no trouble admitting it. My loco 3903 local turned out even more ideologically committed than I thought 🙂

  230. YoujustmightbeWRONG

    Cupe doll…

    Sorry but the rumors of a court injunction are turning up from some fairly reputable sources….

    See link…


    A challenge is a very real threat here…

  231. TRUTH

    I suck dick for quarters, then I leave before they pay me.

  232. hereatyork

    An unidentified source is reputable?

  233. haha lol

    Wow this strike has gone on too long! Does anyone remember how to get to York? Where is it again? hehe

  234. YoujustmightbeWRONG

    I know you do truth. The semen is clogging up the arteries to your brain and therefore affecting your intellect. It’s ok. Just do us all a favor and suffocate on burnt ball hair…

  235. That unidentified source could might as well CUPE DOLL’s troll…

  236. With that said, the NDP today did say that they pln on taking this to court.

  237. @ All

    Lets just wait until tomorrow to see if the union has any plans at all that could potentially be won in the supreme court….

    This, mind you, could take a while to even go through….

  238. TRUTHiness

    A constitutional challenge takes years to proceed, and it can’t happen until another court hears the case first.

    Despite the silly Global News article (hardly credible i.e. the article cites an anonymous source), there won’t be am injunction. There can only be a supreme court challenge, and CUPE’s interest is not York but protecting the right to strike. It won’t affect students ever.

    However, it will have monumental significance for organized labour and the right to withhold labour in a strike.

  239. caitron

    hi everyone,
    not like it really matters, but i noticed that someone has been posting with my name. i didn’t read through everything, so i don’t know all of what they wrote. my posts will have a picture of a tree next to my name. please ignore posts by any other “caitrons”. i do NOT write disrespectful, rude posts.

  240. ILC

    I was watching the legislature thing today. You know I hope they do look into it…maybe the York lawyers will will prove how loco-the loco-local really is. I am not sure propaganda will holds up well in court.

  241. @YoujustmightbeWRONG: “Sorry but the rumors of a court injunction are turning up from some fairly reputable sources….”

    Yes, I see.

    “The source says there are a couple of points upon which the legislation could be challenged-including the union’s contention that they are ready to continue bargaining.”

    Sure — that’s what we’d have to contend. Well.. not that we were ready to “continue” bargaining. Just that we were finally ready to “begin” bargaining. Like — after finding out BTWL was only a phonecall away. Maybe even after the call got made.

    Hey — how’s this. To help our credibility with contending how ever-ready to realistically bargain we’ve been? How about we load the gallery with 3903s wearing our “demand the impossible” t-shirts. Still got yours?

    Too bad this isn’t the “injunction” rumour I was inquiring. See — any injunction in the context of a long, slow constitutional challenge already underway? Irrelevant. No distant future judge will order everyone back to their original strike positions.

    I was asking who started the rumour an injunction could be brought to bear on this strike?

    “When asked if the union would seek a court injunction, Shipley replied: “We’re going to explore every possible legal option that we have and I suspect that will be part of what is discussed.”

    Oh — Shipley started the rumour? That explains everything. Lol.

  242. ILC

    I am not sure propaganda holds up well in court, I mean.

  243. j. king

    cupe doll: You do not speak for 3903 Quit using “we” when you mean “I”.

  244. @j. king: “You do not speak for 3903 Quit using “we” when you mean “I”.”

    Let’s try an example. In my last comment, I wrote: “Sure — that’s what we’d have to contend. Well.. not that we were ready to “continue” bargaining. Just that we were finally ready to “begin” bargaining.”

    Now then. Given your binary choice between “we” and “I”. And given your request I quite using “we” and use “I” instead. Let’s substitute as you request.

    “Sure — that’s what I’d have to contend. Well.. not that I were ready to “continue” bargaining. Just that I were finally ready to “begin” bargaining.”

    Now. Put your thinking cap on. Can you tell what the problem is? No? Allow me to assist.

    When I say “we”? I’m not speaking for 3903s. I’m speaking as a member of 3903. Not “for”. Just “about”.

    Do you wish I’d stop speaking about 3903? I have no doubt. Please — do keep wishing.

  245. @ cupedoll

    Absolutely hilarious.

  246. And, j. king? Just to be clear. You probably ought have requests I quit saying “we” — and, when talking about 3903 or in any way referring to 3903 — say “they” instead.

    If so. Are you telling me my 3903 membership does not entitle me to say “we” when talking about 3903? Please — do tell.

  247. ILC

    j. king = owned

  248. j. king

    yeah cupe doll….have to admit you’re a very good man-ipulator of words and of undergrad minds …but your kind of clevernes…well, nevermind….

  249. Rob

    I have figured it out.
    Cupedoll is actually Peter Shurman.
    stop posting on here and get back to legislation!

  250. ZB

    what is a wildcat strike?

  251. Jimmy

    Wildcat strike=a strike that is illegal.

    Basically if they are forced back to work, but they refuse to go back and continue to block the roads, the strike is now a wildcat strike.

    There are consequences for this.


  252. Pingback: Yoyoyoyo « Gabriel’s Blog

  253. jacky

    i want to know
    another week is nex week or when?
    like how high is the possiblity we are gong back to school on monday the 2nd?

  254. Jacky

    I know my questions are stupid and pointless…so if you are annoyed, don’t answer them.

  255. ram

    As I’ve said earlier, once I go back to school, I demand that my TA give me a blow job.

  256. As a TA at U of T and a member of CUPE 3902, I know first-hand what these York TAs are feeling and demanding, but I also agree that the strike has gone on too long. It needs to stop and I’m hoping that the same doesn’t happen to U of T.

  257. @ram: “An anomaly can never represent the true group. So be careful in considering her opinions / comments. She has a huge bias in her comments. She is so anti union that one could mistake her for pro university.”

    Once more. I do not represent 3903. I do, however, talk about 3903. Much like anyone else here. And, like many others here — probably more others than anyone would believe — I talk about 3903 as a member of 3903.

    This is where I come to talk about 3903. When I don’t want to talk about 3903? I don’t come here. And when not talking about 3903? I sure don’t call myself “Cupe Doll”.

    As for my “bias”? Totally admitted. I’m not pro York. I am against my loco local. I honestly believe it is evil.

    I’ve been nothing but honest about my bias. It’s up to you to determine whether my “bias” is sensible. It’s up to you to figure out — given the information (not only) I have made available about how 3903 does and doesn’t work — if you wouldn’t arrive at the same conclusions I have.

    All the bitter whining and complaining that it’s unfair the way I’m exposing 3903 info? Excellent. And no way unfair. Because what 3903 has set out to do is not a normal strike action for the benefit of its members and in accordance with its strike mandate. Instead, 3903 set out to cripple York because how “neo-liberal” it supposedly is. That’s no strike. That’s an attempted coup. Since 3903 represents only a minuscule proportion of the York community and has zero legitimacy when seeking to change York as a whole.

    3903 has been holding the entire York community hostage almost 3 months. And even if we 3903s weren’t so ideological about changing York for so much worse because how ideologically loco we are? I’d still be against it. Since not only ruination without representation is wrong. Even alteration without representation is wrong. If any government did that, we’d be right to say it’s totalitarian. And that’s exactly what 3903 set out to do. Become York’s totalitarian government.

    There. That’s my bias. Now then. Let’s stop discussing me. I’m nobody — just another alias on the internet. And this is not the Cupe Doll show. Time to get back to the legitimate subject this forum. This idiotic strike.

  258. TRUTH

    “And this is not the Cupe Doll show. ”

    Yeah, right. RIGHT! [[sarcasm]]

  259. fed up

    truth, it’s time you got a life. Everyone knows you’re mr_marlboro who has spammed every lj community until you’ve been banned. Now that you can post your nonsense anonymously, you’re doing the same thing here. Grow up. Aren’t you like 30 years old?

  260. Nanometer

    If you notice, Cupe Doll is the opposite version of TRUTH. Both are full of propaganda for their political ideas and their hate/love for CUPE. I find it hard to separate Cupe Doll from TRUTH….

    Silent Majority, 3903s turning against CUPE, ratification vote helping York and such. She kept saying those for 2 months and she was proven to be wrong. Yet she comes back again and starts the rhetoric again thanks to the back to work legislation
    I agree with BTWL and I want to get back to get what I paid for (I’m a student, not a CUPE member). I find it amusing that she is using the opportunity to start making inflammatory claims again despite being proven wrong before. It’s sad and it’s even more sad to see people here drolling over Cupe Doll and selectively all of her wrong posts before. Both Cupe Doll and TRUTH are annoying as hell. TRUTH with his/her love for communism and Cupe Doll’s love for new liberalism (read right wings) and Geore Bush style of government. We all know how both of them failed….

  261. ILCD

    Dudes, are you guys just afraid that there is a voice out there that has an opinion other than the mainstream? It is here opinion, she has a right to express it. This is a public opinion page. She has a right to say what ever she damn pleases.

    She has shown insight that no one else has and has said things that need to be said. All you guys have done is try to suppress a person’s right to free speech. You must be part of CUPE.

    The best line yet”full of propaganda for their political ideas”

    You might as well just write off the entire pro-CUPE PR campaign.

    Your posts reveal your fear that there is a member who has the guts to tell her side of the story.

  262. Nanometer

    I dont remember saying she cant express her opinion so please dont put words in my mouth. In my opinion though, she is the same thing as TRUTH. Both are ideologically driven and their post shows that extremely well. I want to get back and I hope that by Feb 2nd I’m back. But I’m not going to stop thinking and listen to someone just because she says something that goes well with my wish. People are just jumping on the Cupe Doll bandwagon without remembering how her predictions before were proven to be wrong. Cupe Doll and TRUTH are true examples of how ideology can twist the facts. The difference between the two is, one goes for left and longs for USSR and the other one loves to badmouth the unions and goes right. Same thing, different directions….

    So, who says that she cant express her opinions? Please quote that part of my post says so. I’m saying that people shouldn’t take her for granted. Little bit of skepticism always helps. So please, start thinking and stop being a drama queen. And next time you claim something, have the evidence to back it up

    I’m waiting for you to prove that I said she cant express her views….

  263. Kiara

    At least one arrested at YorkU union rally
    The Canadian Press

    TORONTO — Police have descended on a downtown Toronto rally where union officials representing striking York University staff are urging the province to push the school back to the negotiating table.

    At least one person was led away in handcuffs as a dozen police cruisers were called in.

    Some 200 people were attending the rally outside the Labour Ministry offices and were marching to the provincial legislature when a confrontation apparently occurred with police.

    The march is now stalled on a downtown street and union officials are urging the crowd to remain calm.


  264. ListlessStudent

    I am a student, one not fresh out of high school, not a good student, but one who wishes to learn. The school is open, there are professors available for contact, but there are no classes, no tutorials, no exams, no credits achieved. York is essentially a glorified library at the moment.

    If you want to learn by your own motivations, clearly York can still facilitate this. If given the opportunity to continue earning credits with supervised independent study, I would immediately take the option. This would probably cause an inconvenience to York, but we’ve all been inconvenienced and they should take some measure of responsibility. I’m against having a compressed curriculum, I’m horrible at chaotic schedules and I see a bleak future if we start back at classes this way. I might end up dropping the year, I’ll see after we start back.

    Having TAs, GAs, RAs, short-term faculty and others on strike has interrupted the York Community. But they have the right to strike, they say they’re being unfairly employed and wish better terms, so much so they have stopped working. While picketing is a reasonable way to protest, with fifty thousand students plus full time faculty and maintenance staff, the union should be picketing the administration not the entire community. If the union wants to get their message out to the York community there are better ways, if they want to be heard by a greater community, there are still better ways.

    Back to work legislation, which I believe had the original intent to force back to work striking employees who are part of an essential workforce to the economy or society. So back to work legislation was used for core services such as emergency services workers, power workers, et cetera. I have a problem with the government using this back to work legislation, because like it or not our fundamental way of life will continue whether or not this union is working. And forcing back this union will obviously not solve any underlying problems; three strikes in ten years would seem proof enough for me.

    I’ve mentioned the administration, the union and the government, so I guess I’ll move on to the students now. We are being perceived as ‘kids’ (See every McGuinty speech) who need a mommy and daddy to take care of our problems and justly so, we’ve done nothing to be proud of. The fact of the matter is I have no idea who or what is representing students. YorkNotHostage and YFS don’t seem to involve me and for that I’m not sure I want to be involved with them. YorkNotHostage in particular irks me, they say they just want to go back to classes but they’ve taken a position where they want to circumvent basic union rights by supporting back to work legislation which I’m greatly apposed.

    The YorkU senate, I’m not too sure who these guys are, they exist to enforce and maintain academic policy and integrity of the school. Would appealing to them if students were to be heard be able to do anything? Having them review the actions taken by administration and possibly reappoint key positions would seem appropriate at this point. Or is the senate responsible for the cyclic nature of employee walk-outs at YorkU?

    My thoughts have turned into questions, and we all have enough of those. I feel at times I want to know everything that’s happening, the entire who, what, when, where and how. I’ve been left with how a lot lately, how did it come to this, how has the administration’s philosophy led to so many strikes, how is it that the solution hasn’t been seen in ten years, how is it that I feel wronged by a place I applied to go to, how am I going to cope with going back?

    As is everyone else involved in this situation I’m tired of it. From my point of view I think the administration should just bite the bullet and accept the union proposed deal. If you give them what they want now perhaps the administration will gain some favour with the union, because this is just going to happen again at the next contract negotiation if this isn’t negotiated out by the bargaining process.

  265. tester

    U of T would never allow one iota of their reputation to go down. Unlike YorkU, U of T has standards to uphold and a public perception. U of T is Canada’s top university (overall). U of T will not allow a strike like this to occur.

  266. Yee-haw. Someone finally called me a neo-liberalist. Now all I’m waiting for is to get called a fascist. And, finally, Nazi.

    Here’s the thing, though. It doesn’t matter. I’m just another anonymous alias on the internet. So however much some people want to make this about me? It isn’t. It’s about my loco 3903 local.

    So — yeah. Glad to admit it. I was wrong about my loco local not being as loco as it got proven to be. Thought there was a sane silent majority would turn out kissing that rat. Wasn’t what happened, though. Instead, our loco turned out way locoer than even I thought.

    See? Being wrong about the rat doesn’t mean I’m wrong about how loco my local is. If anything — it means my local is locoer than even I could imagine.

    Not such a big deal, though. I’ve knew my local was loco a long time ago. Maybe not just how loco — but I knew it was. That’s why I predicted all the way back in November this strike would go like the last one — except worse. Because this time York couldn’t capitulate to our increasingly loco local. Just because how even more ideological this strike is.

    I warned repeatedly about what such ideology would mean to bargaining. How it would result in total deadlock. And how the year would get jeopardized.

    Many here thought I was all about scare tactics. They’ve realized that’s not the case. Not just due my original prediction having been spot on. Also due to my continual exposing internal 3903 dialogue.

    And I’ll continue doing that. Exposing how loco my 3903 local really is. And when I turn out wrong? It’ll probably be because even I can’t quite get my head around how loco it is.

    Here’s another example. I thought BTWL would have had students back to classes already. That us 3903s would have admitted — if not how wrong we been — defeat with some modicum of dignity. Some grace, even.

    Not so. Instead, us 3903s are grasping at ridiculous injunction straws. Never mind how everyone will be finding out within another week how pathetic the straws we grasp for are. How disfigured by loser sores us 3903s are. Never mind. After all the damage we caused the York community we can’t face ourselves or anyone else realizing what losers we have been.

    Too bad. I’m just here to remind us. And regardless how much 3903 radicals try to turn the subject to what a radical I’m supposed to be? I’ll just turn it right back to how downright evil we 3903s have been. How evil we still are.

  267. ram

    Cupedoll is getting out of hand.

    He/she/it is slowly losing any credibility that she/he/it has left. Come on now. You know you are a joke just like York.

    However, I do admit that you seem to know a lot and come across as intelligent. Why are you at York? Why are you not a tier-1 university? For example, U of T or McGill?

  268. ILCD


    We have spend the last three months mired in CUPE propaganda and lies that have pushed this strike on and on and that’s your argument? Dude.

    You are also suggesting people are seriously dumb and read everything as gospel. I hate when people assume that other’s aren’t intelligent enough to think for themselves, evaluate what they read and make their own opinions.

    She is one point of view. And a good one to have. The extreme CUPE propaganda machine needs to have a critic. Cupedoll, God love her, has taken on that role.

  269. ram

    Cupe doll,

    Please admit you don’t know everything. You are not an expert. My goodness your smugness is revolting.

  270. concrete

    OMG….McGuinty has backtracked!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. Nanometer

    You failed to provide an evidence for your claim. You said I have suggested to suppress her views. I’m asking you to provide evidence for that claim

    What I am saying has nothing to do with her expressing her views or not. She can stay here and type 100000 posts/hour for all I care. I’m suggesting (and you fail to understand this) that people should be critical thinkers and don’t take everything they read for granted because it says what they like to hear. People should stop being spoon fed with information and shut their brains off. We are all university students. Being a critical thinker is a major part of it

  272. me

    cupe doll’s style reminds me of someone…who is it? oh yeah, ann coulter.

  273. ieatsalad

    @ concrete

    “OMG….McGuinty has backtracked!!!!!!!!!!!”

    say what?

  274. concrete

    they just said on 680 news that he called york admin to tell them to go back to the bargaining table

    i’m in tears 😦

  275. ieatsalad

    @ concrete

    for serious?

    bahh, now I must go on a google search.

    CP24 just finished talking about how we’re going back to school soon times.

    well I guess yay for democracy?

  276. Hostage

    CP24 just announced that Hampton had McGuinty call the university and ask them to spend the next 24 hrs before the legislation passes negotiating with the union. So it will still pass they just want to give them one last chance to work it out themselves. At least thats what it sounded like.

  277. concrete

    @ hostage

    I hope to God you’re right and that’s really all it is b/c 680 LITERALLY just said, less than 30 mins ago that “mcguinty changes his mind on btwl”…then again, it’s news radio and they may have just been saying that to get listeners’ attention

    if that’s the case, i’ll call them to complain

  278. Curious Yorkie

    I am going to cry.

    These politicians and union leaders need to be ashamed of themselves. This is not a time for ideologies. The academic lives of 50,000 students is on hold and these people are sitting in their high chair debating whether or not to pass a bill. I agree the points raised by NDP and the Union are valid in their own right, but at what expense? How can anyone help but feel hostile in a situation like this? For god’s sake, we are students, LET US GO BACK TO CLASS AND LEARN SOMETHING!


  279. Nanometer

    More like the academic lives of 45000 students

    5000 other students happen to be more important to York than the other 45000!

  280. Curious Yorkie

    Right. I have had enough with the politics of York, CUPE and the actual politicans. God!

  281. angry observer

    I’m amazed how many pricks here trash talk YorkU and lick balls of other universities. U of T is garbage compared to some other schools in the States, should I start bringing out the stats now? ~40,000 of us are depressed that we can’t go back to this “shitty school”, so please, do shut the fuck up and go back to your precious uoft.

  282. Aaron

    I can’t find anything on the internet about 24 hours more of bargaining between York and CUPE. Was that just bullshit?

  283. Nanometer

    @ angry observers
    I agree. There are lots of folks who have no sense of gratitude. They keep repeating what someone says without actually thinking themselves

    York is a good school. And I want to be back to school. I enjoy my time as a student there. Truthfully, one’s success depends on their motivation and hard work rather than what school they did their education in. I know many folks who have no post secondary education and yet they have better lives than the educated ones. If York is shit, then leave. Nobody is forcing you to stay in. It’s your choice, don’t go around and badmouth it then

  284. RN

    Does anyone know if second reading will take place today?

  285. B.

    Appreciate the privilege that is education.

    Belittling this or that school makes us all sound like a bunch of overindulged whiny brats. Get over it already.

  286. Curious Yorkie

    Finally, some sensible comments. 🙂

  287. Pally Wally

    To the <3’s of UofT,

    Don’t get me wrong, UofT is a great school, but York is too.

    What you really fail to see is that an education is what you make of it.
    At university no one forces you to come to class, no one forces you to do the readings, if you want to pass, and just get the piece of paper – it is pretty easy so long as you can string a couple sentences together. That is JUST as true at the UofT as it is at York, don’t fool yourself, or (if you go to UofT) puff yourself up, about it.
    In the end – what you come out of an undergrad is what you put into it. I know that sounds kinda Beatles sounding, but I’ve found it to be true.

    A degree only means what you want it to. This is why i think it is so sad so many people waste the education that so many people fought so hard to afford them.

  288. ram

    @ angry observer

    U of T is a better university all around compared to YorkU. No ifs, ands, or buts. We all know this. Our parents know this, our friends, family members, and our colleagues.


    Schools like U of T and McGill could play at the same level of many schools in the U.S. I mean, they aren’t at the level of Harvard or Yale, but they are good solid schools, given they are public and not private (like the US schools). Interestingly enough, U of T is being compared to other schools in the U.S. while no one will even dare to compare YorkU to any U.S. School. While international rankings are scrutinized and subjective at times, YorkU never appears on this list. However, U of T consistently does and is usually in the top 25 in North America. U of T has built strong connections with elite U.S. schools. For example, research institutes, exchange programs, research fellows, research partnerships et cetera. YorkU? YorkU? Where is it? Not even close to being on the prime of the research stage. When doing research consistently you will find U of T researchers being cited. York? Are our professors sleeping? Or, maybe striking.

    Good grief, it is a shame.

    U of T also hires professors that are from the best of the best schools all around the world.

    U of T is no striking every other year.

    U of T is better than york.

    York is garbage and we should all leave to show them a lesson.

    U of T is an all round better school.

    Many of us go to York as they accept lower averages, give out tons of money for mediocre effort, it’s relatively easy, and the school aims low for standards.

  289. ram

    @ Pally Wally

    Yes, you can work hard, learn, get good grades, and take as much as you want out of YorkU…However, it doesn’t change the fact that the school is crap.

    It is the perception of the public.

    When one says they go to U of T and the thoughts that generates, to a potential employer (or anyone else) sends a different picture versus saying you went to YorkU. You know it is true.

    When someone says they went to U of T, you know they worked hard, they underwent some serious challenges and had to do 5x the amount of work as a Yorker. We all know that they are graded harder (we hear them complain)…

    When people think of York, it is not of prestige and excellence…People automatically think of lazy and unproductive students. Not to mention, all the wise cracks about the university being easy.

    Why is it that U of T et al., are constantly graduating amazing people doing amazing things (i.e., Rhodes scholars etc) while York’s only claim to fame is that we had a 12 week+ strike….

    Why is it that U of T professors are finding cures for diseases and are leaders on popular topics…

    Why is it that every week when I read the paper, it is more news about U of T…

    Then I hear, “York is a good school too”….

    What a skewed perception Or perhaps denial?

    York is NOT a GOOD SCHOOL.

    Cesspool at best…

  290. Pally Wally

    UofT has more money than York.

    Let us pretend that UofT and York are people.

    What kind of people would they be?

    Which one is ‘better’?

    I like to think of UofT as a professional, like a Lawyer or a Doctor. And I like to think of York as more of an artist. I don’t think one is ‘better’ than the other, i think both have qualities which are enviable in the other.

    Maybe you see them differently. I think this idea that York should try to be exactly like UofT is regrettable, and will ultimately result in some Jude the Obscure shit.

  291. Pally Wally


    you seem set in your ways, and you don’t really want to hear what anyone is saying. I’m not going to continue wasting my time talking to you.

  292. Commuter


    This is what the NDP keeps saying… that CUPE and York are resuming bargaining this afternoon.

  293. Joe

    It’s people like ram that give UofT a bad name; ram is obviously getting an ego trip from demeaning the real efforts of students to feel better about about his/her own accomplishments. Let’s stop feeding the fire.

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  296. RaM

    @ pally wally and every other person who has read the top posts and become frustrated:
    The above posts are not written by me. I am the original ram. I still have high respect and regard for whatever york has provided me. It has given me wonderful NSERC, RAY opportunities under good professors. All what matters is what you get out of an institution and not where you come out from.
    PLEASE STOP IMPERSONATING ME. From now on i am gonna change my name from ram to “RaM”
    ‘ram’ will now become “RaM”.

    York is a good school too. But it still has to improve in science and engineering in order for it to be considered on par with other school like U of T or waterloo..YORK can do that. It has good faculty…

  297. tester

    You can’t get much out of a crappy university…

    Why? Lack of good profs = lack of good funding = zero opportunities for the school to flourish.

    The research that YorkU profs do is so sub par.

    U of T doesn’t have a bad name…RaM is boosting U of T if anything. Probably b/c he loves it.

    Sadly, the U of T name means more than our name…We aren’t even in school.

    Plus, if it seemed like YorkU produced below average students before, now it will be even worse. Imagine what employers will think of us now…You went to YorkU? Happy striking!

    Grrr…everyone says that York is still a good school. Sure, we may think that but at the end of the day, what other grad schools, employers, and people in the “real word” think of us, will matter if we want to advance.

    Once we graduate, they will take a U of T graduate over us any day.

    Is it fair? Nope.

    But hopefully Shoukri will be fired, York will be sued, and BTWL will fail.

    Then we will all transfer out and the school will become the cesspool it is, except there will be no students. Only the ones with low averages and marginal intelligence well stick around.

  298. b

    @supposed to graduate this spring

    even if the admin staff does get paid more, than ta’s is that because admin works full time, and ta’s work part time (about 10 hours a week) so it makes sense if admin works more hours, so they get paid more? i have also heard that ta’s at york get paid one of the best salaries in Ontario’s universities. i mean if these ta’s want more money, they can apply for loans like the average student does. even if CUPE is not “getting enough benefits or wages or enough job security” i don’t think they have the right to walk off the job for this long a time if what their job is to Teach students! i no longer support NDP, i think its unfair for them to delay the passing of back to work legislation. us students are getting left behind. its not fair how CUPE’s problem has become the student’s problem- cause now we’re not getting treated fairly, we’re missing out on our education which we paid for is important to us.

  299. lisa


    yes, York does not have a good reputation right now, but how do you know that U of T is a good school? i heard they are planning on striking in Feb. Have thought of transfering- and have no idea what school to switch to.
    Any thoughts on Ryerson

  300. lis

    this strike has definitely destroyed York’s reputation, and will take a few years for the number of applicants to go back to the way they were. what a silly thing to do CUPE, going on strike for so long, no parent is going to want to send their kid to York now…… its too bad

  301. PokeAwesome

    I really don’t see what all the fuss is about Universities here. Perhaps if you intend on staying in an academic setting then it may matter. Do you think a business will just hire you based on your degree? No. In reality a degree is just a right of passage. You are qualified to apply, great! It’s up to the person to actually land the job… (Creative, great communication skills, etc)

  302. lisa

    that’s true, its not just about what university you go to, it doesn’t matter that much. The only thing i’m worried about is that york may go on strike again, and maybe theres other universities out there that don’t go on strike as often as york does. (they’ve had 3 strikes in 10 years)