January 7th to January 24th Negotiations Timeline

This was sent to me by the author. I do not know whether the author has affiliations with either party. 
A One-Sided “Deadlock”

January 7th to January 24th Negotiations Timeline


Wednesday, January 7

The employer gives CUPE 3903 a pass that they call a “comprehensive offer” and asks the CUPE 3903 bargaining team to bring it to the membership for a vote. This “comprehensive offer” fails to respond to the reductions in demands CUPE 3903 made that day, indicating it was likely prepared ahead of time as opposed to as a part of the negotiation process.


Thursday, January 8

At a General Membership Meeting, 85% of the members present vote to deem the Employer’s offer inadequate and send the bargaining team back to the bargaining table.
Friday, January 9

When the employer shows up at the bargaining table, they announce they will be asking the Ministry of Labour to run a forced ratification vote on the January 7th offer.  No Movement from Employer


Friday. January 9- Tuesday, January 20

No bargaining because of call for forced ratification. Employer Unwilling to Bargain


Monday, January 19 and Tuesday, January 20

CUPE 3903 membership rejects (once again) the employer’s Jan 7. offer by a 63% vote.


Tuesday, January 20
The employer announces to the media that they will not be negotiating any further.

No Movement from Employer

Wednesday, January 21

Morning Dalton McGuinty announces he is appointing his lead mediator—Reg Pearson—to bring both parties back to the bargaining table.


1:00pm CUPE 3903 bargaining team returns to the bargaining table. Employer’s bargaining team does not show up. CUPE 3903 Ready to Bargain


Thursday, January 22

CUPE 3903 bargaining team gives the employer a memorandum of settlement offer that cuts demands from a 10.8% increase to a 9.4% increase over 2 years. Movement from CUPE 3903
Friday, January 23

1:30am  The mediator (after having kept CUPE 3903 waiting at the table for a response) announces that the employer will not have a response until the morning.


10am The employer’s bargaining team sends back its next pass which is identical to the offer from January 7 except that it has a new cover page and changes one word.  No Movement from Employer


3pm CUPE 3903 bargaining team communicates to the mediator its willingness to further narrow demands to a few key priority areas, representing a cut of more than fifty proposals and a decrease from a 9.4% increase to an 8.3% increase over 2 years. Movement from CUPE 3903


5pm: The mediator returns with the Employer’s response: they are unwilling to move on any issues.  No Movement from Employer


Saturday, January 24

Midnight: The mediator tells CUPE 3903 bargaining team that he will be calling McGuinty at 7am and that he expects to hear from them by 2am whether they will agree to binding arbitration rather than face back to work legislation.


2:30am: CUPE 3903’s executive and bargaining team vote to reject binding arbitration. CUPE 3903’s bargaining team requests, via the mediator, to continue negotiations with the Employer on Saturday. CUPE 3903 Ready to Bargain


3:30am:  Mediator informs CUPE 3903 bargaining team that the Employer is only willing to continue negotiations if CUPE 3903 will agree to the Jan. 7 offer made by the Employer. Employer Unwilling to Bargain


Noon: Dalton McGuinty announces that he is calling the legislature back for a 1:00pm Sunday meeting to legislate CUPE 3903 back to work because of deadlocked negotiations. He ignores the fact that the “deadlock” is one-sided and that the employer is being significantly rewarded for refusing to bargain for seventeen days.  



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8 responses to “January 7th to January 24th Negotiations Timeline

  1. kasdzmcnxv

    york has been milked dry, what do you expect? CUPEfags, get a real job if money is what you’re after.

  2. UnderGrad Int'l

    Ok do you really think the union had to put this in there (note the capped portion):

    “10am The employer’s bargaining team sends back its next pass which is identical to the offer from January 7 EXCEPT THAT IT HAS A NEW COVER PAGE AND CHANGES ONE WORD. No Movement from Employer”


  3. TRUTH

    This is a video to boost moral and make us even stronger. This video shows our strength, goal and determination


    Solidarity Forever

    Viva la Revolution
    Go Cupe Go

  4. AndrewB

    What’s the matter truth? You changed your tune. No more Demand the Impossible, since now it is getting you kicked in the ass.

  5. nuts

    @ truth

    I don’t understand people like you. If you love the concept of communism go live in a communist country its that simple. Cuba maybe. The problem is you fuckers want your to have ur cake and eat it to. Get the fuck out of our democratic country. I hope you get less than what you are getting now.

    Viva BTWL. Negotiate on your own time not students’

  6. kasdzmcnxv

    > If you love the concept of communism go live in a communist country…Get the fuck out of our democratic country.

    While I agree with your message that people like truth are bad for Canada, communism is a different concept from democracy and they aren’t mutually exclusive.

  7. C'mon

    *Rolls eyes*

    T.A’s better be ready for Monday ’cause that’s when they’re going back to work.

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