Back-to-Work Legislation did not pass the Legislative Assembly


I just finished watching the live webcast of the Ontario Provincial Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park and the bill to Legislate CUPE 3903 back to work did not receive unanimous consent. The Legislature will reconvene on January 26th at 10:30 AM. 


65 members voted – YES

8 members voted – NO




Here are highlights of the proposed legislation being debated this afternoon at Queen’s Park to end the 81-day strike at York University. Similar to the bill used to get the TTC back on the rails last April, it would:

• End the strike immediately.

• Impose daily fines of up to $2,000 per person against scofflaws who continue to strike.

• Send unresolved contract matters to arbitration.

• Enable CUPE and the university to agree to an arbitrator, but allow the government to name one if they are not able to achieve a consensus choice.

• Force arbitration to end within 90 days.

• Empower the arbitrator to take into consideration the university’s ability to pay, the economic situation of the province, and the competitiveness of the settlement when compared with other contracts.



Here is the Toronto Star article from this morning explaining what will happen now given that the bill did not receive unanimous consent:


Liberals introduce bill to end York University strike

Premier Dalton McGuinty speaks to reporters at Queen’s Park, Jan. 24, 2009, after the government decided to introduce back-to-work legislation to end the York University strike.

Jan 25, 2009 01:21 PM


The Ontario government has introduced back-to-work legislation to end the York University strike, but it appears unlikely to pass today.

Premier Dalton McGuinty was told by the province’s top labour mediator that there’s no reasonable prospect of a negotiated settlement between the university and the union representing contract faculty and other staff.

The strike has cancelled classes for about 50,000 students at the country’s third-largest university.

Passage of the back-to-work legislation would end the strike by about 3,300 workers, who have been off the job since Nov. 6.

But it requires unanimous consent to pass quickly, and the New Democrats say they’ll vote against the bill.

That means classes won’t start for at least several more days as the bill is debated on first, second and third readings.

York has seen three of the country’s five longest faculty association strikes. Saturday marked Day 80 of the current strike, while in 2001 there was a 78-day strike and in 1997 a strike lasted 55 days.

The length of those strikes are surpassed only by strikes at the University of Quebec in 1976-77 and Laval University in 1976, which both lasted about four months. 




Here is another very interesting article. Tyler Shipley says that the Union is prepared to take the Government to court to overturn the legislation if it becomes necessary.



NDP to delay York U. reopening



York University students will likely return to class a week tomorrow after Premier Dalton McGuinty recalls the Legislature today to introduce back-to-work legislation to end the 81-day strike by teaching assistants and contract faculty.

Hopes that the dispute would be over this afternoon evaporated when NDP Leader Howard Hampton said his party would not grant unanimous consent to the Liberal bill, meaning procedural debates will probably stall passage until late Wednesday.

York officials said that means classes could not begin until Feb. 2, extending the school year until June 2, and costing students one of the four months they have to work or study in summer.

Once the legislation is passed, the university’s senate executive needs time to review the revised faculty programs and approve the new semester schedule before classes can resume, said York spokesperson Alex Bilyk.

The students will be returning to a university that has been sharply divided by a bitter 11-week strike by 3,340 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Mamdouh Shoukri, York University’s president and vice-chancellor, said he will lead efforts to restore the university’s reputation and unity.

“We have a job to do … to rebuild this community and to reunite this community,” Shoukri said in an interview yesterday.

Shoukri said the NDP leader is “entitled to his opinion” but he supports any measure that gets students back to their studies.

“Everything we’ve done along the way was driven by a sincere desire to bring our students back to class as quickly as possible,” he said.

Union spokesperson Tyler Shipley said CUPE 3903 is considering challenging the back-to-work legislation in court.

“We are looking into whether or not this is something that can be challenged, and we’ll certainly take it seriously if it seems like that’s a possibility,” he said in an interview.

Hampton’s decision to withhold unanimous consent capped a dramatic day at Queen’s Park, which saw McGuinty reverse his earlier stance against legislating the strikers back to work.

“There is no … reasonable prospect of a resolution through the traditional bargaining process, so time’s up,” McGuinty said.

On Wednesday, he appointed Ontario’s chief mediator, Reg Pearson, “to bang a few heads together” and get contract talks back on track so that 50,000 students could resume their education.

At the time, the government predicted any back-to-work legislation could be challenged by CUPE under a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that said such moves are “only admissible (in) cases of essential services, administration of the State, clear deadlock, and national crisis.”

Noting that Pearson informed him of the stalemate early yesterday, the premier said “the parties are in deadlock – that’s one of the conditions that have to be met.”

For McGuinty – the self-styled “education premier” who has poured billions into teachers’ contracts, boosted funding to schools, colleges and universities, and enjoyed relative labour peace – the action is a bitter pill to swallow.

“The process did fail,” he said, criticizing York’s administration and empathizing with parents’ “anger” and resentment.

“Let’s not kid ourselves, York has sustained a bit of a black eye.

“They got themselves into a labour mess and students have paid the price.”

But Hampton said it is the Liberals who deserve a failing grade – for continuing to allow Ontario to lag behind other jurisdictions in post-secondary education funding despite increased investment.

“The McGuinty government talks a good line on education, but is last in Canada in terms of per capita funding of university education,” he said, emphasizing he is not concerned about the NDP being vilified for allowing the strike to continue. “I think the heat should be on the university to go back to the bargaining table.”

While McGuinty claimed that without unanimous consent from all three political parties today “it could take anywhere from one to two weeks at the outside” to end the strike, Hampton said there would be three or four days of debate at the most.

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, whose party has urged back-to-work legislation for months and will support today’s bill, expressed outrage that the Liberals didn’t intervene until now.

“Better late than never,” said Tory, noting he was disappointed that, like Hampton, he learned of the back-to-work initiative from a government news release because the Liberals did not consult with the opposition. “(McGuinty) should be ashamed of himself that he’s let this go on so long,” he said.

To help those affected by the strike, McGuinty promised to extend the terms of government loans, but York Federation of Students president Hamid Osman said that was not good enough.

“Extending OSAP (the Ontario Student Assistance Program) means you’re getting more students in debt,” said Osman.

“Students are eager to get back to the classroom. But our goal is for them to go back to the classroom and to receive a three-week refund at minimum. The school year has been shortened by three weeks,” he said.

This is the second time in less than a year that the Liberals have convened a hitherto rare Sunday session to legislate the end of a strike. Last April, a two-day Toronto Transit Commission walkout was derailed with weekend legislation backed by all three parties.

Enabling today’s sitting is more difficult than the April TTC session because the chamber is being renovated and there is scaffolding in both public galleries.

Workers, who hadn’t expected the House to reconvene until Feb. 17, scrambled yesterday to clean it up, replacing light bulbs and polishing dusty desks.







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130 responses to “Back-to-Work Legislation did not pass the Legislative Assembly

  1. R

    65 yes, 8 no (apparently all from NDP)

  2. Basil El-Salviti

    I am sure that the bill will pass this week. The legislature will reconvene tomorrow. NDP rejected this just for show, to garner more votes…..remember, NDP have lost a lot of ground in Ontario due to Bob Rae’s tenure some 14 years ago, and NOW the ONDP is going through a leadership shift….so naturally, they want to position themselves for the union vote.

    This bill will pass…all that’s happened is that it’s been stalled.

  3. R

    I think for the rest of 45,000 students they should be prepared to go to school February 2nd, 2009. So, please don’t ask this question gazillion times 😀

  4. Basil El-Salviti

    @ R,

    I am thinking like you. Though there is no concrete evidence to support this, it’s a fairly good educated guess. We could be back anytime from this upcoming Thursday onwards………

  5. NDP Owned.

    Gotta love those NDPs. Imagine if they were the majority government…. my annual tax money would be wasted on low class workers and hobos, etc. =.=’ I may as well burn my cash.

  6. G

    @ NDP Owned

    Ok let’s not diss all low class workers just because some idiots don’t know how to bargain it does not mean they are all bad. Even my parents who are union workers know that this union has failed its workers by not getting a deal before this happen and of course the students who are out of school. Cupe gives a bad name to all unions who know how to bargain!


    my name says it all

    God will curse this useless, greedy, selfish CUPE 3903!!!

    Can someone confirm that even IF they fight this losing battle in court, they will still be forced to go back to classes in the meantime

  8. tester

    How is the NDP even a legitimate party. 10 seats out of 107. Pathetic. And yet, they have power.

    YorkNotHostage has more supporters than the NDP!

  9. Commuter

    While I want to go back to school as much as anyone, here are a few problems I have with BTWL:

    a) Totally undermines collective bargaining and signals an employer that they can hold out as long as they want and they won’t have to give in. What a joke, a pointless joke, this has made the strike! There is no “deadlock”… the admin just doesn’t want to (or can’t) negotiate anymore.

    b) CUPE will probably stay on a work-to-rule, screwing the students again, since they didn’t get what they wanted.

    c) Since CUPE’s pissed off, and rightly so, they’ll just probably go on strike in another 3 years.

    Flippin’ fantastic.

    I wish they could have negotiated fairly and they could have reached a collective settlement without the admin lying in bed with the Premier! It was all planned… a forced vote they knew would fail, Shoukri’s re-emergence from obscurity to use the word “impasse”, appointing the judge (er… top mediator) to make sure BTWL would be legal, and then doing this.

    It’s all wrong, unfair, whatever. It sucks.

    The strike has been completely pointless. We just wasted months for nothing… only to have our future situation worse than it was before the strike.

    Howard Hampton has a point… these strikes could have been avoided had the government cared about post-secondary education in this province to begin with.

  10. Insider2

    Thas was what most people expected.

  11. Sincerity

    Someone PLEASE ..shut the mouth of Osman!!!!

  12. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Tester

    Easy….they represent ten ridings in Ontario. Every MPP, unfortunately, has a mandate to govern. That is including the NDP. This is the nature of a parliamentary democracy.

    The NDP’s rejection of this bill is merely political, to position themselves for the union vote. The way they see it, it’s a chance to steal a wide Liberal vote…

    As I mentioned above, the NDP is going through a leadership shift…and it’s preparing NOW for that shift, plus an election….ALSO, it’s trying to pay off it’s 4 million dollar debt… least, the Ontario branch……

    This is a joke, but sometimes politics is the art of selfishness. It’s not like the conservatives aren’t playing politics here, too…same with the Liberals.

  13. CUPE greed fail

    HAHAHA Osman is hilarious!

    How many showers do you think he’s had in his lifetime?
    My estimate is somewhere between 3-5.

  14. Confused and Exasperated

    To be honest NDP are just doing it for show, if they were the majority government they probably would have ended up doing the same thing the liberals did. As it stands though, they are fringe, so they were appealing to their demographic. Essentially at this point, it makes little difference if they support it or not, just if we go back this week or next week, but it doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of union support for their party. With only 10 seats, they don’t want to alienate any of their voters.

  15. B

    Is there some legal step we can take to get Hamid Osman to shut the fuck up????

    Bar him from making statements to the media!

    This guy makes York look like its composed of a bunch of morons and upholds the ‘if you can hold a fork…’ bs.

  16. this strike is a joke

    This strike has been a completly joke.
    Now the union is reclaiming the priorities : long-term contracts!!!!

    Why have you been demanding this since the beginning instead of trying to change the student code of conduct?

  17. Hassan

    What is the CP24?

  18. scared

    hamid osman…was elected as the rep for yfs? wow he doesnt even talk properly. omg what a doofus.

  19. Serge

    One interesting thing to watch will be the extent to which the York administration moves to reduce its CUPE exposure between now in 2010.

  20. Basil El-Salviti

    @ this strike is a joke

    I remember when a TA handed me a pamphlet to explain why we ought to amend the student code of conduct…..I didn’t even understand why this was a point at issue?lol

  21. Osman: do yourself a favor,

    SHUT UP!

    He was saying that he represents the undergrads at York! And that he was against the legislation!

    You suck, man! Speak for yourself!

  22. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Everyone

    Link me to where Osman says he is against this legislation.

  23. Sarah

    I am extremely disappointed with Osman too. The worse thing is that the media now think we dont agree with the legislation (because Osman said -the (president of the student union- he doesnt agree).

    I am not represented by Osman!

  24. Basil El-Salviti

    @ all

    I still don’t see a source for Osman’s comments.

  25. CUPE greed fail

    Osman is a clown. When and how did he get elected? And, does anyone know what program hes in?

  26. Mike Oxbig

    what did this Hamid guy do?

  27. CUPE greed fail

    He was on CP24 after the vote for BTWL in the house.
    This was only like 30mins ago so I dont think you will find a link.

    Ps. He looked extra dirty on TV today, i’m positive he didnt even brush his teeth this morning.

  28. Jeff

    Not necessarily, the court can grant an injunction allowing CUPE 3903 to continue to strike.

  29. AnObserver

    He’s on CUPE’s side, demanding that York return to the bargaining table and the government withdraws BTWL legislation. In other word, he’s in bed with Tyler Shipley. But as a representative of the York undergraduate body, that’s kind of misleading, wouldn’t most of you agree?

  30. Sarah

    He was in CP24 after the vote. Talking non sense as usual.

  31. Basil El-Salviti

    I don’t think Osman has the right ANYMORE to stand up for students. What a joke.

    Look at my opinion piece…that;s the shit I’m talking about. Don’t interfere, just speak in the interests of students!

  32. YorkStudent

    I saw that. CP24 reporters said : it seems that there is a disagreement in the back to work legislation. The union is not satisfied, the students are not satisfied as the Student union president said that he is not in fully agreement with the legislation.

    Something like that.

  33. Mike Oxbig

    crap i apologize to whoever it was yesterday…

    but you posted how it was ironic that loads of york university students vote NDP and now that’s the party who is against getting students back in the classroom…

    this Hamid Gooseman is probably an NDP voter who is just trying to cover his ass..

  34. york123

    Is the BTWL for sure going to be passed? Is there any chance it won’t?

  35. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Jeff

    Doubtful. The Libs have already pandered to the media, and given it the appearance that everything that can be done has been done…..CUPE have lost, whether you think that is unfortunate or not.

  36. Hassan Kachal

    Who is Osman?

  37. Basil El-Salviti


    99.9% it will. I think. haha

  38. Dd

    Nah, Osman is on a short leash by the CFS. They tell him to bark, he does.

  39. YorkStudent

    @ basil

    I agree with you completely. Come on, how dare he speaks in front of tv saying that he represents the students ??/

    We have to show our own representation!

  40. Basil El-Salviti

    I forgot to add that is still a possibility though.

  41. WOOT!

    WOW…there goes another precious week of summer.

  42. CUPE greed fail

    If anyone would like to let Osman know what a great job he’s doing by representing the undergraduate student of YorkU, here is his contact info:

    Hamid Osman, President
    Phone: (416) 736 – 2100 x. 33627

  43. Hamptons

    EVERYONE better get ready for school on Thursday. Parliment will settle things tomarrow and school will start on Thursday so it will not mess up the scheduale of students for the strike started on Thursday November 6th. GET READY FOR LOADS OF WORK AND STRESS 😦

  44. Sarah

    Let the union cry now …

    And I think York adm shouldnt be so proud either.
    They never really try to bargain.
    That’s the reality of our world now, wake up call for unions – in order to adapt to 21th century.

  45. Student

    Then next time move your fat asses and vote in YFS elections instead of coming here and acting like bunch of spoiled rats
    It’s your fault that he gets elected. You dont vote and show no interest; this is what you get! So you have no right to complain when you make zero effort to choose your YFS president….

    And please remember the third reading itself wont make it 100%. The NDP can still send the legislation to the committee for a review process. As the liberal leader said, this thing can go for two weeks at its longest

  46. Basil El-Salviti

    @ that person impersonating me

    DON’T ever take my name and do that. I swear that would be the end of any helpful commentary on this board for people who may actually WANT some reality.

    I did NOT say “I forgot to add that is still a possibility though.” This bill will be passed. all that’s happened is that it’s been stalled.

  47. Sarah


    Hey keep your comments to yourself if you dont know the facts.
    I voted and I know many people who voted.
    But how could we know that this president will turn out to be completely misguiding from his politics?

    You dont know the person until the moment where he/she has to show some leadership.

    BTW, same for the union. I wasnt completely against it until I saw that they just care about themselves.

  48. Student

    Stop threatening the others on this board
    This is not Middle East. Violence doesn’t solve anything!

  49. Sarah

    @ Student

    Oh gosh .. here again the argument : let’s compare everything with the Middle East?

  50. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Student

    Noone threatened anyone.

  51. Nigger

    we need to go back to school so i can chop those girls

  52. AnObserver

    Not a good idea, seeing as your IP is logged now. The administrator of the site made it very clear he intended to overturn IPs to the authorities for any comments like the one above.

  53. Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to oust Osman? He has been a complete disgrace to us through this entire strike. All him and the yfs have done is acted as a mouth peice for CUPE. I really think that we should just get trid of him and annoint Yorkstrike2008 and Lyndon Koopman dual King’s of the YFS.

  54. Student

    @ Sarah
    I decide that I should keep my comments to myself or not not you. It’s called free speech and I can say whatever I feel like saying. If you don’t like what I say, just ignore it

    For every person u know that voted, I know 10 that didn’t so it’s their fault that they get someone like Osman. Next time the election comes up, they bette move those fat asses (caused by constantly eating doughnuts and junk food) and bring their fat bodies to vote. When you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. It’s that simple. If you fail to understand it Sarah, ask someone to break it down to you step by step. I haven’t got time to do that

    As for Osman, it was always obvious that he is not a good leader. Whoever that thinks otherwise frankly shouldn’t be at the University unless they vote based on other attributes such as ethnicity and such

  55. Mike Oxbig

    look on the right..there are links of the Hamid guy making comments..and others also

  56. Mike Oxbig

    i am going to watch the clip right now..and you’ll see my opinion of this Hamid guy in a few moments…

  57. Student

    @ Sarah,
    The Middle east comment wasn’t directed at you

    And for those immature posters saying nasty stuff, go back to your basement and play with your toys. Your IPs are logged now, so you might want to think twice before posting such ridiculous comments

  58. Thomas

    I’m still looking for the “threat” that was made.

  59. Osman changes his mind

    Intersting, yesterday he had this to say:

    LMAO, even CUPE’s lapdog Hamid Osman is changing sides.

    Hamid Osman, president of the York Federation of Students, also praised the government’s move.

    “I think it’s a good move,” he said. “I think it’s the number one priority for students to get back to the classroom.”

  60. Mike Oxbig

    maybe that was the wrong clip…because i dont know if he said anythign wrong in that?

  61. Student

    Osman has been supporting CUPE from day one. Right now it’s too late to change sides

  62. Mike Oxbig

    oh i see

  63. Sarah

    @ Student

    You misunderstood me. I am not here to compete with you under the terms of who knows more people who vote for Osman (or not) …
    HOWEVER, I will politely dismiss your advices on the deliberation of our democratic process , and conclude (because you are a man without time) that you should not generalize the facts, such as

    – some people did vote for Osman and now regret.
    – some people do not eat fast food
    – some people do eat fast food but dont have a fat ass (genetics!!!)
    – some people think that their arguments are very complex and prolix – so that they recommend you to break it down – when in fact everything they say is so cliche!
    but we agree on a little thing : Osman is not (definitely) a good leader.

  64. After watching that Hamid Osmon clip, now I feel real bad about not voting in the last election…

  65. dsd


    “It’s called free speech and I can say whatever I feel like saying.”

    “When you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.”

    “And for those immature posters saying nasty stuff, go back to your basement and play with your toys. Your IPs are logged now, so you might want to think twice before posting such ridiculous comments”

    Logic. It’s an amazing thing.

  66. Yorkstudent

    I didnt vote for him either. I feel bad too.
    That’s a lesson to learn.
    Do not let other to speak in your behalf. I think york students should be more active from now on.

  67. Student with fears

    I will go to the rallies. I think that’s the best way to show what I think.

    Let’s vote for that guy from the yorknothostage group for president of YSF !
    He is good!

  68. Student

    @ dsd

    I’m really amazed how you are putting three completely different subjects to make your case (in case you had one)

    “It’s called free speech and I can say whatever I feel like saying.”

    She asked me to keep my comments to myself. My comments are not in anyway harmful to anyone. This is what I think of the current situation. There I express my opinion. If someone finds it too harsh or too general, then that’s his/her opinion and she is entitled to it. But he/she cant tell me to keep quiet and tell her what she likes to hear.
    I hope this is clear

    “When you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.”
    And what is undemocratic with this sentence? People come here and keep complaining that Osman is this or that. Everybody knows Osman sucks as a YFS leader. If you cared enough in the first place, then you would have voted! That’s why there is an election. We need strong leaders to represent students in these kinds of situation. When you don’t care, when you don’t vote, then why do you keep complaining?

    “And for those immature posters saying nasty stuff, go back to your basement and play with your toys. Your IPs are logged now, so you might want to think twice before posting such ridiculous comments”

    So people coming here, choose those kinds of usernames and make those kinds of comments are okay by you?
    You might want to read what he wrote before defending him!

  69. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Student

    “So people coming here, choose those kinds of usernames and make those kinds of comments are okay by you?
    You might want to read what he wrote before defending him!”

    Maybe it’s just me….but what are you talking about?lol

  70. me

    i have heard from other sources what is posted here on another thread – that the two sides were only a million dollars apart when deadlock was called. (the operating budget is 850 million). this is not about cupe bankrupting york, and it’s not about 2010. you guys need to wake up. york is screwing everyone and letting cupe take the blame.

  71. Student

    Look up the comment made by a poster above AnObserver

  72. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Student

    Ah…I see it now. I’ll ask the moderator to delete that, which I wish would have been done a while ago.

  73. Digital Media Student

    We might as well have a freaken vote for the students to decide on what to do…so much for “we must think of the students since they are not getting proper education”

    The 45k students left should vote whether or not the strike should continue and whether the stupid union/ndp shit should just stfu about wanting more job securities or whatever.

    I just hate how so many people around me are like: “Hey you’re going back to school on Tuesday latest, because McGuinty is finally trying to bring the BTW legislation”…

    CLEARLY, having too much hope just fails because if you do have too much hope depending on political power and something DOES screw up then what are you going to do…suicide? Die?…

    Similarly enough, in US…people have so much hope in OBAMA. However, once he screws up once is that the end of the world? Hmmm most likely because people just depend on him as if he was God to save the world…

  74. dsd

    @ Student
    Of course that comment is not OKAY by me. But it’s freedom of speech, isn’t it?
    And about voting. I sure as hell can complain if I didn’t vote (again, freedom of fucking speech allows me to). If I chose not to vote, it doesn’t mean that I’m a “fatass constantly eating junk food and doughnuts”, it simply means I didn’t see anyone running for president who would truly represent me. The system has failed. I don’t want to pick between a douche and a turd just for the sake of voting. I don’t see the point and I DO NOT vote. Simple as that. And since I didn’t vote, I don’t see how that douche (Osman) can speak on my behalf.

  75. Mike Oxbig

    probably someone just fooling around…

    people don’t need to worry…agree or not…BTWL gives student some short-term certainty…we are guaranteed to be in class within two weeks…

    most likely next monday…february 2nd

  76. Hassan Kachal Khan

    So will the year be cancellede anyways?

  77. Basil El-Salviti

    Is anyone following the CP24 poll? Oddly most people are thinking the BTWL might not go as smoothly as possible.

  78. Just Another Yorker

    Let’s just all relax now. We’ve waited almost three months for this nonsense to end, a few more days aren’t going to kill us. It’s obvious that we’ll be back in classes soon now and hopefully will not have to come back to this site any time soon.

    Start doing som readings to catch up if applicable or work a few more shifts to make some cash. Eat some cookies, get some fresh air and C-h-i-l-l out.

  79. Basil El-Salviti

    @ that person impersonating me

    Please stop. I didn’t write the comment about the CP24 poll.

  80. @ oxbig

    i agree, from what i have read so far… it seems to me that all the students will [guaranteed] be back to their classes within two weeks max.

    about fucking time.

  81. Mike Oxbig

    that poll is asbolutely hilarious and shows how ignorant people really are to how this province functions politically…

    do you think students will be back in school this week?

    and the first option says “Yes. I think most politicians are worried about the students losing their year”

    well even if most politicians voted in favour, as they did, we most likely wouldn’t even have school this week..

    for school this week, we needed unanimous consent…and this became public knowledge before the poll started…

    if anything…vote no or maybe…but definitely not yes…

    that poll shows that 25% of people are either ignorant or highly optimistic…and if you’ve been following this whole thing…you definitely wouldn’t be optimistic…

  82. Back to Learning!

    I am proud to say I am in my third year, I have voted for every YFS election (and referendum) and have NEVER EVER voted for Osman. Nor have I voted NDP.
    The last genius idea of the YFS was to increase the “PER CREDIT” funding towards student activities fees. However, they explained it as a per course increase. And no one came out to vote (aside from YFS members). So it passed easily. It means we pay a lot of extra money each year to give to Osman and his cronies higher wages. What a joke!
    Osman is an absolute waste of space. He does not represent the undergrads whatsoever. Nor can he speak properly. Nor can he keep a consistent position. Is he for BTWL or against it? Does he support CUPE 3903 or is he against them? Is he for the undergrads he “represents” or is he against them? Who knows!

  83. @ oxbig

    I meant within two weeks span

  84. Basil El-Salviti

    Stop impersonating me, it is getting old!!!!

  85. Mike Oxbig

    @ @ oxbig

    Well, let’s hope so. But from what I have seen so far, you simply never know!

  86. Student

    @ Student
    As said in my response, my comments are not harmful in anyway to anyone. Its my perspective. That comment is a threat. I don’t know how you can put that under the freedom of speech. It’s full of hatred (the username) and the content has zero value

    I agree with you regarding the Osman vs. nnother Douche. But the fact is, student apathy is evident to everyone. I’ve been at York for 4 years and it has only got worse. That douche speaks on our behalf (unfortunately) because he is chosen by students. Hard to believe eh? Unfortunately, media wont go out and say how many little votes (out of the 500000 number we get to hear everyday) he got in the election

    We might get better candidates if we start to be more involved in the university and YFS; till then, we have earned the right to be represented by Osman, as pathetic it might sound….

  87. Basil El-Salviti

    Please please please! stop it. This is the real me!

  88. Back to Learning!

    As well, Howard Hampton is completely inaccurate in his statement after legislature today.
    -54% of the teaching is done by CONTRACT FACULTY
    -the individual’s who claim to be living below the poverty line are the Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants who are STUDENTS! Contract faculty are not paid below the poverty line, and that is if they only work at York. Most of the Contract Faculty have other jobs either teaching at other universities/ colleges or other professional careers (my one C.D. also does consulting for a school board) and these combined incomes come nowhere near the poverty line.

    Contract Faculty and GA/TA should not be in the same union. It gives idiots like Hampton the idea that he can blur the statistics to create sympathy.

  89. Student

    Correction, I meant @ dsd

  90. Digital Media Student

    For those who keep saying “have you been looking at the CP24 poll” I think you guys are idiots…

    It’s an online poll, on the freaken internet…ANYONE can go on to vote. So technically as accurate it can be, it’s not really fair to just have all hope on what the poll tells us…it’s like risking too much. Also, lots of people thought the Union was going to vote yes to the deal when they had the ratification voting.

    Maybe it’s just me, I think I just want to my money back and kind of get over with it. I need to find money and even right now trying to find a job is super hard. I think the fact that there’s a recession, jobs are harder to find but also that we have “York U” as our university that we go to…within our resume pretty much makes the employer reject us.

  91. Mike Oxbig

    okay you’re impersonating me…

    why would i write something with complete certainty…

    and then a few minutes later say…”you never know”

    you’re insulting oxbig’s intelligence

  92. Basil El-Salviti

    I officially resign my posts from this forum.

    This is an incredible joke when people on this forum can’t even respect the integrity of the discussions.

    I didn’t sign up for nonsense like that.

    I have emailed the moderator.

  93. Mike Oxbig

    Mike Oxbig 11:29 a.m. is a fake

  94. Basil El-Salviti


    Basil El-Salviti
    January 25, 2009 at 11:33 am

    I officially resign my posts from this forum.

    This is an incredible joke when people on this forum can’t even respect the integrity of the discussions.

    I didn’t sign up for nonsense like that.

    I have emailed the moderator.

    That was the real me.

  95. Mike Oxbig

    @ Basil..

    i bet it’s the same guy impersonating me

    someone call Barack

  96. ram

    This is just a question out of inquisitiveness
    What should happen to not allow the back to work legislation to become passed? (having the same political set up).
    Is it at all possible? or is the maximum damage only a delay and not stoppage?

  97. CUPE Members hanging on a thread

    Cupe members are using dirty tricks since they know once they get back to school… they are going to get it handed to them.

  98. Mike Oxbig

    @ ram

    even though this is a democracy…the government has the guns…anything the government says they want…it will happen sooner or later…

    BTWL will kick in sooner or later

  99. quote

    “York officials said that means classes could not begin until Feb. 2, extending the school year until June 2”

    we will be back in two weeks time.

  100. Student

    @ Basil and Mike
    Stop feeding the troll. Unfortunately chances are you get lots of immature posters on forums that need no registration. Tell moderator to put a picture or something as your avatar so you get differentiated from the fake ones

  101. jacky

    could not begin until feb 2

    so we will start school on feb 2 or that week of feb 2?

  102. Mike Oxbig

    what the heck did i do?

  103. Mike Oxbig

    This is getting redicolous. It’s not me.

  104. the week of

    the week of feb 2nd

  105. Mike Oxbig

    student must be a liberal

    always hiding behind authority and complaining to authority, sticking your nose in other peoples’ business..

  106. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Student

    Yhanks. I will. But I ‘m not going to post on this from again.

  107. Mike Oxbig

    @ the week of

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  108. Basil El-Salviti

    ” Basil El-Salviti
    January 25, 2009 at 11:42 am

    @ Student

    Yhanks. I will. But I ‘m not going to post on this from again.”

    Only a matter of time before this gets sorted out. I don’t understand…what joy do you get from pretending to be me?

  109. Basil El-Salviti

    @Basil El-Salviti,


  110. Soraya

    Will it pass tomorrow or is the NDP going to wait until Wednesday?

  111. ram

    Nope. NDP’s will oppose till the end. they have determined their mind.

  112. ram

    I have a question. This thread has a long article about tyler shypley planning to challenge this at the court if possibilities exist.
    But in cp24 he said the union will instruct its workers to go back to work.
    Why is sid ryan silent? cupe silent? do they not have plans really to fight against it?
    Some inside union news will be appreciated.

  113. Soraya

    I thought they were just postponing for political show?

  114. Student

    At this point, it’s really important for union to prevent any leaks outside. I’m interested to know what union has in mind aswell, but I doubt they decide to go against the legislation. They might sue the government, but @2000 is too much for majority of the members (if not all) to to let go and continue picketing

  115. B

    There was a statement earlier from Sid Ryan denouncing this move and praising Hampton for opposing it.

  116. CUPE greed fail

    NDP only has the power to delay the process, not stop it all together. They are fully aware all they can do is postpone, so yes it is for show. Again, this delaying the inevitable is at the cost of the students.

  117. B


    Published on 25 Jan 2009 at 07:19 am


    January 25, 2009, TORONTO, ON – Premier Dalton McGuinty should be telling the York University administration to go back to the bargaining table instead of introducing back-to-work legislation to end the strike by members of CUPE 3903, says CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan.

    “We are firmly opposed to legislation that ends the collective bargaining process,” said Ryan. “There is no reason to bring that process to a close when the union has tabled a much altered position.”

    Ryan welcomed the decision by the Ontario NDP to refuse unanimous consent for introducing legislation today (Jan.25).

    “The NDP is standing up for the rights of workers,” he said. “And, they are creating additional time that could be used by the parties to negotiate a settlement before the bill is passed. McGuinty should be telling York’s administration to get back to the table immediately instead of relying on the provincial government to do their work for them.”

    If McGuinty truly wants to help resolve the key issues in the strike, said Janice Folk-Dawson, chair of the CUPE Ontario university workers coordinating committee, he should put adequate funding into the province’s postsecondary sector.

    “With adequate funding, York wouldn’t have to deny job security and decent incomes to contract faculty who do more than 50% of the teaching. The same applies at all other universities in Ontario,” she said. “It’s time to address the issue of contract work in a serious way.”
    Sid Ryan will address a rally today by CUPE 3903 members and supporters at 12 noon at Queen’s Park.


  118. Basil El-Salviti

    stop impersonating me, I have never posted any comments here prior to this one!!


    nah the NDP is going to oppose it again tomorrow, but probably by tuesday’s third reading, they’ll give in, no? it is just a brief PR stunt to satisfy their voters. how would they even postpone things? the second reading is tomorrow and it won’t be unanimous but will pass, so tuesday is the final reading. a bill doesn’t need to be unanimous to pass, but to do another reading that same day. if it were unanimous, they’d have done all three readings and it would’ve passed all at once today. but it just delays it by like two days.

  120. Soraya

    I don’t understand…

    Do they or do they not need it to be unanimous? If the NDP conitnue to reject it, what happens? Do they just bypass them or what?

  121. FL

    @ Beyond Pissed

    I totally agree. Even Hampton has said he’d only push it to Wednesday. I think he’s just going through the motions of union support, but won’t take it much further than that.

    And I’d love for CUPE to try to take this to court. There’s a good chance they’ll lose and create a precedent that will give governments greater authority to intervene in strike situations. Right now, unions act as if they are above the law, and I think the courts are just itching for the right opportunity to put restraints on their powers.

  122. Do Your part

    I do agree, York should be spending this time bargaining, as Cupe has thier backs to the wall, and would be in a position to want to backtrack on some demands. Instead of demanding the impossible like before. They were only doing that before because they didnt think the government would step in. You see how fast Cupe was willing to negotiate once they saw McGuinty plan.


    No to pass a bill, it must be voted on three times (three readings) and only a majority is needed, not unanimity. The first reading/vote was today and the result was 65 to 8. So the the majority voted yes, so it passed the first reading. Because it wasn’t accepted unanimously, the second reading won’t be until tomorrow. If it were unanimous, they could procede to the second reading today, and if that were too, they could’ve done the third, so the bill would have been passed all in one day. Since it didn’t, we wait until tomorrow… obviously it will pass again (majority rules), but we don’t know if it will be unanimous. If it is, they can do the third reading too tomorrow, and so it’ll pass again and end of story. If it’s not unanimous tomorrow, the third reading will be on Tuesday, and it will pass (majority rules). So it’ll end either tomorrow or Tuesday.
    Whether they’ll take a few days to do admin stuff, we don’t know. But it sounds like they will since Bilyk announced we’d go back on Mon Feb 2nd and classes will run until June 2.

  124. Charlie

    You are all selfish and lazy!!! Go out and work in the private sector for $8/hr and then we will see how hard you really have it! Spoiled, privledged, winers do not generate any sympathy from people who actually work really hard in this city. Especially in these difficult economic times. And we all know that you should have been on the picket lines when the temperature was really cold…but you weren’t(we have pictures). It must be nice to pick and choose when you’ll be out there and when you don’t feel like it!

  125. Basil El-Salviti


  126. Wiz

    Strike again and run away with me on a rollercoaster ride
    Strike again and see your wildest dreams slowly come alive
    Strike again and gotta break the rules and party all the time
    Strike again we gotta steal the show you know that ain’t no crime
    So steal all that you can
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    Let’s shout, break out
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    So go walk out the door
    Get down….get on the floor
    Let’s shout break out
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    And when strike comes your way
    You’ll know its here to stay
    You’ll steal the chance ‘ cose
    You’re the thief of rights
    You’ll win with a glance
    And walk away with your fights
    There’s no more there’s no backing out now

    Strike again and make the whole world crazy set your spirit free
    Strike again and take a break right now come celebrate with me
    Strike again ‘ cos all I wanna do is steal the show some how
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    Let nothing get you down
    Go out and paint the town
    Let’s shout break out
    Come on once again lets hear it
    ___Rights are reserved___

  127. Pingback: OMFG. « ramble on, rose

  128. @ All

    The posts above, for the most part, that are titled under my original name Basil, are not true. Though I assume the majority of you gathered that.

    I’ll be using this screen name from now on.

    -Basil El-Salviti

    PS – I would appreciate these stupid games stop now.

  129. Desarae

    I am a first year student at York University and I’m sick and tired of all of these false hopes. The government should step in and should have stepped in a long time ago. These people are selfish and don’t care about the students of York University. I have future plans and if I don’t go back this week, my plans are going to be “set on fire”. I also believe that the school should refund a portion of every student’s tuition for the weeks of school we have missed (Nov 6- Dec 23/Jan 5- Jan 26).

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