Please Rescue Us, International Socialism (part 2) — We Are Being Legislated

by CupeDoll

CUPE3903 ruined our academic year.  Totally ruined this year academically.  But, finally, with legislation pending like a long-lost sword of Damocles over 3903 heads, chances are now excellent the year will not be lost entirely.   And while the damage done the York community — including ourselves — is tragic, the relief is almost comic.  Almost. Here’s why.

Panic wasn’t even thinly veiled in the urgent call to action — to support CUPE3903 — distributed at 4:39 a.m. this morning:

…  now they are threatening us with legislation. Let’s be clear, this threat serves to stall negotiations. Back-to-work legislation does not occur in our sector. If it should pass it would be a precedent-setting attack on workers in Ontario, an attack on public sector unions, an attack on organized labour.

Wrong.  Our 3903 local has been so ideologically loco in the way we’ve been striking out — to cripple York rather than benefit our own membership — we have totally distinguished ourselves from other public sector unions.  The legislation pending over our heads can be called an attack, honestly enough.  But not an attack on workers, unions and labour in general.  This attack is targeted most specifically.  It is an attack on 3903 only.  Our loco 3903 local has so distinguished itself from sane, responsible organized labour — we’ve given organized labour everywhere such a black eye — even CUPE national now participates attacking us.

Just what public enmity 3903 has incurred from all quarters was fully corroborated by one 3903 member’s eye-witness report, distributed at 5:37 a.m.  this morning:

The situation is pretty nuts. I was at the hotel from about 11:30pm to three in the morning and it’s clear that the mediator is completely
within the pocket of the employer. Both the mediator and the reps from CUPE national (!) tried to pressure us into accepting binding
arbitration on all outstanding issues.

So — just to get this straight.  Everyone has turned on our loco 3903 local.  Even CUPE national.  And while it’s ever so clear how completely the mediator got bought by York — what about CUPE national?  Did York buy CUPE national as well?  Did York go out and purchase our entire Liberal government?  This is an outrage.  The funds York expended purchasing CUPE national ought to have been used to comply with our impossible demands instead.

None of this means, of course, that our loco 3903 local admits how totally wrong we are.  Not for one moment.  In the bargaining update issued 5:12 a.m. this morning, the concluding paragraph declares:

While it’s still possible that we will be able to extract some miraculous movement from the employer tomorrow, the more prudent final message of the evening should be: Prepare for a mobilization against what appears to be a looming back-to-work legislation!  The fight is not finished, folks!  In fact, if events do follow this route, then perhaps we have a new chance, a chance at making our long and hard strike meaningful on a more widespread political level…

Seriously.  Not kidding.  Tragic — yet so comic.  Because if our loco ideology were either true or even coherent?  If there were any institution or government actually practicing “neo-liberalism” in this day and age?  We 3903s would be the poster-kids for the young neo-liberals in training.  We’d be the neo-liberal youth movement.

It’s the students that are the powerless, voiceless, alienated, victimized, oppressed here. And far as students are concerned — who are the oppressors?  York and, much more so, 3903 — that’s who.  The 3903 grad-student leisure class, the 3903 exploiters-in-training, play-acting how to become a niche ruling elite on the backs of students’ labour.

Had we 3903s not been quite so insanely ideological?  We might have puckered, scrunched face and kissed the rat.  Ratified what, in all realism, was a tremendously generous offer.  We didn’t, though.  Now we’ll be reduced to begging for the offer we rejected.  We clung to our impossible demands like utter ideologues — and it looks like we’ll finally be getting that back to reality spanking we so richly deserve.



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31 responses to “Please Rescue Us, International Socialism (part 2) — We Are Being Legislated

  1. dsd

    Well written article. I’m glad that there are Union members who can see the situation clearly.

  2. ||||||||||||


    Is no one going to say it?

    Ok, I guess I have to….

    “Shut the fuck up, you spotlight-loving, know-nothing piece of shit.”

  3. Bob Sternman

    Cupe Doll,

    I guess with the recent turn of events, you can retire.

  4. Andy

    “The 3903 grad-student leisure class, the 3903 exploiters-in-training, play-acting how to become a niche ruling elite on the backs of students’ labour.”


  5. Disaffected Yufite

    No, frankly I hope that CUPE Doll doesn’t retire any time soon. Sourced information regarding the facts on the ground is most welcome here. And if the loco local ultimately decides to continue with an illegal wildcat strike, then that information will become even more valuable. I for one appreciate it.

  6. yorkboy

    @ cupe doll

    you talk too much

    Go build a snowman or something, get off your computer.

  7. Filip Ferdinand McCollum

    As a member of YorkNotHostage, I have always felt a bit guilt-ridden at focusing my negative attention on the union as opposed to York itself. Although York has not been free from my criticism, the union’s audacity constantly amazes me. At times, I am so shocked at their words and actions that I second guess myself. I silently wonder and reflect “maybe I am the one who is crazy, maybe the union really is right.”

    Thank you for allowing me to feel sane by pointing out the insanity of others.

  8. kasdzmcnxv

    why so much hating on cupe doll today?

    Cupe Doll: you are amazing, most of us love you.

  9. cupe doll sucks


    Most of us HATE YOU.

    people like you are the ones who hurt york’s reputation.
    I can’t believe someone as stupid as you is teaching at a university.
    It is embarassing.
    get a life.

  10. @kasdzmcnxv: “why so much hating on cupe doll today?”

    Seems I’ve struck another 3903 nerve — and this one’s a real gusher :-0

  11. Cass

    Don’t retire cupedoll, you’ve been the best source of information this strike

  12. EnoughIsEnough

    Even though I haven’t posted much, I’ve enjoye CupeDoll’s postings (as well as others) – most of her predictions have come true. Don’t listen to the bullshit and keep us informed, although it seems like this stirke will be over in a few days. Thanks though.

  13. guyatyork

    That some of you think Cupedoll is the best source of information about this strike, and that you represent the scholarly potential of York undergrads (and some Grads) makes it more embarrassing to be a student at York than the strike does. Have you ever heard of the concept of “Critically Evaluating Information”?? In 15+ years of education?!!

  14. Yet another yorkie

    I love you cupedoll!!!
    What would we do without you?

  15. tester

    CupeDoll is the best. The info that he/she provides is very insightful, and often puts together things that don’t make sense.

    CUPE3903 – even CUPE National turned on your bargaining…..doesn’t that tell you something?

  16. guyatyork

    You like the info she provides because it is what you want to hear, it makes you feel justified and directed in your anger. Simple psychology, which CupeDoll is manipulating, and you guys are too lost in your emotions over the strike to realize it……

  17. tester

    guyatyork: i am not manipulated into anger towards CUPE or lost in my emotion.

    I have X amount of contempt for CUPE and York. They both failed me here. But if a CUPE defeat gets me to class, then I can accept that. Same with York, if they had been defeated.

    And Yes, I like the info she provides because it is what you want to hear….the same can be said with Dalton McGuinty this morning

  18. Kelso

    I said it before and I will say it again. You can’t always get what you want… it took you 11 weeks to realise this… and yes you should have taken there offer, now you have NOTHING.

    boo hoo

  19. guyatyork

    More than CUPE are defeated by back to work legislation. Democracy and freedom are also defeated.

  20. j. king

    hey cupe doll,

    do you go to the gmms? why not attend and speak there like you do in this forum? who are you? and why aren’t you using your real name?

  21. guyatyork

    Tester- your message indicates one of the problems here. Your comment is all about you. if Cupe or York gets YOU to Class……they both failed YOU. What about the rest of the undergrads? What about Society in general? CUPE has been fighting a fight bigger than just a year of university. They have been fighting for working class citizenship, which has been shrinking for the last 30 years as standards and money has been sequestered from them to the rich. Neo-liberal economics is to blame. Who will gain back equitable conditions for working class and allow them to re-enter Canada’s shrinking middle-class (an indicator of the health of society) if not Unions? We live in this society, and benefit from all the sacrifices our ancestors made in the past to give us the democracy and freedom we have today. These things come at a cost, and through sacrifice. This time it has been our turn to sacrifice for the better good, however most have not been able to see past their own self-interests.

  22. Chris F

    I was also wondering whether else thought the union’s bargaining tactics were ridiculous. I’m sure that some of the union’s members are wonderful people, help old ladies across the street and all that, but due to their actions I’m forced to hate them. I hate the union and it’s members for what they have done to me. I feel very uncomfortable being full of so much anger.

    On the bright side, this experience has shown me that I really, really, don’t want to do graduate-level studies at York.

  23. ram

    My query is : If NDP’ continue to oppose the bill even during the debates, will it pass?
    What should be the case for this bill to not pass?
    any answer?

  24. Your Father

    Cupedull is an attention whore, and a plague upon the intelligence & credibilty of this site as well as the people who view it.

    If I found out a dumb, misinformed patsy like Cupedull was my TA I would demand a refund and question York’s overall status as a university.

  25. dsd

    @ j. king
    lol looks like a CUPE member is pissed! boohoo
    What she is writing is what you do not wish to hear. Go fight neo-liberal pigs somewhere else. STOP fucking up my education.

  26. Bob Sternman

    Oh geez, I mention how Cupe Doll can retire, and everyone goes loco.


  27. Tatiana

    Reading comments is always a treat, it serves as a reminder that there will always be equally self-righteous opposing opinions. Arguing with people on their opinions is often fruitless. (unless of course your so very good at manipulating people that you can get them to rewire their thought process…. or your a jedi)
    It was well written CupeDoll, perhaps when school starts maybe you could give my TA a few tips on proper sentence structure.

  28. AnObserver

    @ guyatyork

    So let’s get this straight… because I fear if I listen to just a little bit more of your rambling, I may actually believe it.

    1. You’re blaming the poster to whom you replied of being selfish? Really? These comments are opinions. They are representative of the poster and no one else.

    Therefore, if the poster says that York and CUPE failed HIM/HER, how can you despute that? The sentence was “They both failed ME here.” Had he/she said, they have failed “US”… then maybe I could see your contest to his post.

    That said, in the very next line, you attempt to speak on behalf of York Undergrads… interestingly enough, something that most here would disagree with you on.

    2. “Society” in general is represented by the government. If it isn’t… then you are to blame. If the government does not represent you (in the majority), then either a) you did not vote or b) there are many others whose opinions differ.

    Either way, when a democratically elected government (of the people) chooses to end a strike in the interest OF THE PEOPLE who had elected it… well, in my book, that’s democracy at its finest!

    3. They are battling for the working class… mhmm. I think that’s where you got me. I could have swallowed the “societal” impact you claim or the undergrads who “support you”, but really… Do you seriously consider MASTERS and PHD students/professors to be WORKING CLASS? I mean honestly?

    “Working class” people drive buses, weld steel, sell newspapers, clean streets, even teach in public schools. WORKING CLASS PEOPLE do not study at a Master’s level at an institution of higher learning.

    I implore you to ask your TA or your contract faculty whether or not they consider themselves “working class”. Most Master’s students are probably here to AVOID being part of the working class.

    Let’s not forget the overriding issue here. TAs are not WORKING CLASS. They don’t work! They are students with part time jobs! Are you suggesting your local Starbucks Barista go on strike demanding $30/hr for making your morning capuccino?

    Of course, if you define anyone that works as working class… well then yes, I suppose you’re technically correct, a technically correct boob. We can’t all be lottery winners you know…

    4. Our ancestors gave up their lives to give us democracy, not unions. Democracy != Socialism. Sorry. Democracy implies “will of the people”, not “will of the members-only union”. Communism on the other hand… that’s your friend right there.

    5. And finally, yes… I agree, that a victory by the union should come at a cost, it should come through sacrifice… of union members! Not the institution, and definitely not the students against which they are striking!

    6. “Many have not been able to see past their own self interests.” Yeah, that’s a shame, but I suppose that’s once again the “democracy” you speak of. In democracy, everyone has a voice to speak for THEMSELVES. Everyone contributes their desires and the majority win. So please, take your commy-socialist ideas elsewhere… to somewhere that cares. The former Soviet Union comes to mind in fact…

    And before anyone jumps me on my apparent “racism” towards the Soviet Union, I was born there. I respect the good and the bad that the USSR represented, but at the end of the day, there was a reason my family moved away. 😉

    Ah, that felt good. Democratic enlightenment at its finest. Long live Canada, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

  29. Bob Sternman


    Looks like Cupe Doll isn’t attracting a plethora of comments as is usual….

    Looks like isn’t the God of this web forum anymore…

  30. miz

    ya know, I sit back and

    These children are angry and justifiably so. They made the decision and worked hard to further their education…a dream for so many…

    And it has been ripped out from under them, and they are pissed…

    It’s always about the money..and this world..has true job security…??

    Think about the lives affected by all this crap…

    and have a cozy sleep…

  31. alum

    @ AnObserver…AWESOME response 🙂

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