McGuinty recalls legislature to end York University strike

Back-to-work legislation will be introduced tomorrow to bring an end to the York University strike.

This morning, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said in a statement he will recall the Legislature at 1 p.m. tomorrow to introduce the legislation.

“I am asking MPPs from all parties to provide unanimous consent for immediate passage of the bill so that students can get back to school this week,” he said. The premier will hold a news conference at mid-day today.

Earlier this week, McGuinty appointed labour mediator Reg Pearson to “bang a few heads together” and come up with a solution one of the longest strikes in York’s history. The strike shut down the York campus on Nov. 6, when 3,400 teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants walked off the job.

“Earlier today I was advised by Mr. Pearson that there is no reasonable prospect of a negotiated settlement between York University and CUPE Local 3903,” McGuinty said. “The sides are in a clear deadlock, and despite our best efforts to bring the sides together, that has not changed.”

On Thursday the union made a counter-offer the day after Pearson was appointed. It was the fifth “significant” counter offer made since the strike began, Tyler Shipley, spokesperson for Canadian Union of Public Employees 3903, previously told the Star.

The key issues the two sides differed on are job security for professors on short-term contracts, full-time openings for part-time faculty, length of contracts and better funding for grad students.

However, in these challenging economic times, delaying the education of 45,000 people is simply no longer an option, McGuinty added.



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307 responses to “McGuinty recalls legislature to end York University strike

  1. Laura

    Fuck yes. 😀

  2. Disaffected Yufite

    Without unanimous support, it could take up to two more weeks to get classes started again. So indeed blasting MPPs from all parties with emails from now til 1 pm tomorrow is the best thing to do at this point.

    Please, please, please let this pass quickly! We can’t wait another two weeks without even worse consequences.

  3. piece of the pie

    A long time coming. That pussyface union rep Tyler Shipley still gets a punch in the neck from me when i see him on campus.

    ps.CUPE try and fight this. The courts will see through your ridiculous demands and hidden agenda.
    Take your shit bargaining to a garage sale.

  4. Yorkie

    So…Who would actually NOT support BTWL in the vote tomorrow?

  5. RN

    How likely will the opposition parties vote to pass this bill?

  6. Dreamer

    I’m watching it live on CP24 and he’s saying in case he does not recieve enogh support tomorrow, it will take two more weeks to get students back to class!! any ideas?!

  7. Yuggoth

    IF the oppposition votes unanimously, we could be back in class by Monday! If they do not, it could take 2 weeks for the Liberals to get this through.

    So, e-mail your Conservative and NDP MPPs and tell them to vote YES to BTWlegislation. McGuinty is doing the right thing, time is up and we need to get back!

    Though we may go back Monday, it will be up to the University to get things together and THAT will determine exactly what date we will be able to return. I think Thursday or Friday, again assuming it passes all threee readings in the House with opposition voting in favour of the Legislation.


  8. dsd

    It’s about time.

  9. Indira

    I WANT TO GO BACK!!!!!

  10. Commuter

    We can’t be back on Monday.

    What happened to the “at least 24 hours notice”?!

  11. Laura

    The Conservatives are already pretty much 100% in support of BTWL, the NDP may oppose but it’s pretty slim that it’ll delay anything further.

  12. piece of the pie

    NDP is sure to vote no….fuck NDP.

  13. ram

    that CUPE 3903 cowards have not even updated their website with the most recent developments. (BTWL).
    On the day of forced ratification, they actually posted their voted few minuted from the official declaration. I think they have totally lost their energy just like we feel now.
    You know what, in future, no more strikes by cupe 3903 are gonna sustain that long. No member would support such a radical devastating leadership.
    BTWL is gonna pass with 100% consent. TRUST.

  14. Yuggoth



  15. Yuggoth


  16. Victory

    Conservatives are supportive of the legislation. I highly doubt that liberal vote against it considering the stance of their leader. NDP may oppose it but they are too small to make a roadblock to this legislation
    All in all, consider the strike done. There is no chance that this legislation fails tomorrow

  17. danny

    We won’t go back Monday. Tuesday maybe. Because of the 24hour notice

  18. Victory

    Does anyone know how CUPE can fight this legislation?
    What do they have to do?

  19. Yorkie

    Tyler Shipley is also having a press conference at 12:30 and Peter Shurman at 12:45. This is gonna get heated guys!

  20. Michael

    This is an excellent move, albeit 80 days late by our government… The problem of course is that without unanimous consent of all MPPs in legislature, the bill will have to go through all three readings, which could take until the end of the week at least. The Liberals are probably being whipped to support it, the Tories are definitely going to support it, but I think the opposition is definitely going to come from the NDP… There are only 10 of them in the house, but they can stall the bill by sending it through all the readings.

  21. Yuggoth



  22. Victory

    Stop saying government is late to the process
    What do you expect the government do? Issue BTWL during the first week of strike?
    Stop being ridiculous. This is a democracy after all and negotiations are to be respected. So stop acting like something is late. I agree, maybe a week or two earlier would have been better but expecting government to act in November is foolish and stupid!

  23. Yuggoth


  24. G

    This is really good news. I hope it passes if not then maybe 2 weeks? (according to some people) Either way looks like this thing is going to end soon. What am wondering is what will Cupe do now? Are there going to be massive people waiting for us when we get back? (meaning the picketlines).

  25. mikael

    surprise surprise dalton

    could some1 explain y so much hating on ndp? y would they vote against?


  26. Shelja


    However, if we do go back – the proffs and ta’s just might be a bitch to us students, because their forcing them to come back…so lets see after things are official!

  27. danny

    the government made a good move. and who cares if it’s 11 weeks in. They wouldn’t force BTWL in the first couple of weeks

  28. aguyuno

    NDP has always supported Cupe. They’re a “socialist party” supposedly, so they’re more for the workers than they are for the employers, even when that is completely unreasonable.

    Either way, we’ll be back by early-mid February, perhaps even before January is up. Depends how this goes.

  29. support btwl

    Bombard the provincial NDP, both the HQ and MPP’s, with phone calls and emails asking that they support back to work legislation.

    tel: 416.591.8637
    toll free: 1.866.390.6637 (ONDP)

    Without overwhelming public support for BTWL, they’ll support CUPE and delay legislation. Do your part, york students!

  30. Disappointed

    i have no words.. *pure elation* 😀

  31. Yuggoth


    Here’s the thing.
    CUPE is making it sound like the UNIVERSITY is holding out, waiting for the gov’t to do it’s dirty-work? I don’t think so. THE WAITING GAME WORKS BOTH WAYS TYLER! CUPE waited and waited with rejection after rejection, testing the will of the Administration. Had you not put them off with a list of 100+ demands, MAYBE they would have given you a sympathetic audience. This isn’t some flea market where you can expect to lowball the merchant. You have to give them the respect that’s due to an employer who gave you the job in the first place. You cannot have king and castle. BOTH sides are at fault for their competition of wills if not for the utter compromising of the rules of negotiation.

  32. Ava

    I am THRILLED! I really hope all parties vote in favour so we can just go back to school and finish our year! I never thought I would MISS being in school!

  33. Yorkie

    Couldn’t CUPE chanllenge this in court through injunction? After all a provincial government has never legislated workers back in a private labour dispute in Ontario. CUPE could still drag this through the courts because of the precedent it sets, couldn’t it?

  34. Dalton Who

    I can only imagine how pissed and how hard the TAs will be on us once we get back to school…:(

  35. fracas


    actually, the point of objecting by the ndp is a little more than getting ‘cupe sympathy.’ if ndp does not consent to the bill right away, they will have some opportunity to shape the actual language of the bill. it is almost guaranteed that the bill will impose binding arbitration on any outstanding issues. however, there are various possible models of terms of arbitration, some more advantageous to the employer, some to the union. we don’t know which type of arbitration the govt will propose in the bill. i’m assuming that ndp will try to use their role in opposition to get the terms of arbitration that will be best for the union.

    for those interested in arbitration: there are two main models used. one uses ‘sector standards’ to determine which side’s proposals are better. in this case, it would mean determining what is average in the university collective agreements for contract faculty and TAs. given that cupe 3903 has the best contract in the sector, this model would not be in their interest since the sector ‘average’ on most issues is below what they already have.

    the other model is ‘best last contract’ comparison. meaning that the arbitrator will look at the last packages submitted from each side before talks broke down, and come up with something in the middle. this would clearly benefit 3903 and it’s probably what ndp will try to get for them.

  36. piece of the pie

    @ Yorkie
    York and all universities in Canada are PUBLIC. And yes, CUPE can challenge. I doubt they will, and if they do they certainly wont win.

  37. Dave

    Just wondering, if the BTWL passes, is there anything preventing the CUPE from striking again this school year?

  38. ram

    even though i am happy to go back to school, i am sad that none of their demands has been granted by the university. Why is there not a legislature to step into the university’s financial side and force them to give their demands if they really can?
    Why should the union alone be shattered?
    BTWL also means that in future CUPE 3903 cannot strike.
    Tyler shypley has said in media that ” york is passing a very bad message to all employers in ontario. Basically they need not give any of their demands and play the waiting game until the govt decides to step in and clean up the mess.””
    I actually agree with what he feels.
    Also guys there is a press conference by two other NDP’s . there might be more to come.. WATCH.

  39. RJ

    Well it is fitting that McGuinty is pursuing back to work leg. since this mess can be laid at the feet of the prov. govt. and the chronic underfunding of higher ed.

    Ever wonder why your parents were taught by senior tenured professors and we are taught by MA and PhD grad students?!?! Demand for higher ed. has increased, but no govt. gives a damn enough to pay for it.

    Most Canadian schools are rubbish. They pay these “contracted faculty” crap and pocket the money they would be spending on tenured faculty to line the pockets of administrators and build more shiny glass buildings. If you are smart enough, run to the the U.S. and go to a small elite liberal arts school. You may have a chance of getting an education that does not take place in a factory.

  40. blackflame28

    I’m still scared this won’t pass. We celebrate at every time we think this strike will end and it still continues. Also I have heard some good agruments against BTWL. Such as, and I’m sure most of youhave heard this, Ottawa Transport is on strike for almost as long as we have been on strike and the government hasn’t forced them back to work. I would almost argue that is a more important service and effects more people the York does. If the government doesn’t step in there, how can they argue York is an esstienal service?

    I want this to pass. I want my (our) lives to stop being on hold. I’m not just going to scream with joy until it actually does pass and I see that post that says “STRIKE OVER.”

  41. YorkStudent

    I am afraid that this will make everything drag on forever … much much longer than the strike has been. I hope the government does something … REALLY this time dont let CUPE and York talk.

  42. Michael

    @ Dave: Yes. Back to work legislation forces the union to work on the same contract they had previously been under, until a new agreement can be found. You can’t be forced to accept binding arbitration I don’t think, but there is certainly increased pressure on both sides to come to an agreement, especially since job action is out of the equation.

    Also, the NDP isn’t a socialist party persay… they’re just very much in support of the labour movement, which is why I imagine that they will vote against the bill on principle alone.

  43. F-Ed Up

    ram: “Also guys there is a press conference by two other NDP’s . there might be more to come.. WATCH.”


  44. Lola

    @ dave

    only if Cupe wants to die a very painful death in the media!!

    Oh and what does this mean for Cupe’s contract length? does it mean they won’t be getting the 2 year contract? No province wide strike in 2010?

  45. Yorkie

    @ ram

    Is this press conference with the two NDPs on CP24? At what time?

  46. Yorkie

    The NDPs have a pretty tough choice on their hands I’d say. This legislation goes against everything they stand for. It’s one thing to make this Cupe strike illegal, but to make ALL future strikes illegal. That’s really risky…

  47. ram

    It is from 1 to 1:30. one of my friends called me and gave me this info. I am on residence and do not have cable.
    But for sure, you will be hearing on cp24 later if not live.

  48. Yorkie

    *All future Cupe 3903 strikes illegal that is.

  49. Michael

    @ Ram: The thing is ram, without serious changes to the allocation of funds in the university (which would take a LONG time to change), there really isn’t much more to offer in a time of economic uncertainty… People can say whatever they like about how a university’s funding comes mostly from the government, but there are private funds too that the university relies on… donations are dwindling thanks to bad press, and investments are losing millions thanks to bad markets.

  50. YorkStudent

    @ Yorkie

    The legislation is not going to make strike illegal. It will regulate strike so that 3 months without negotiation will tell to the government that both sides are far apart and they have to step in.

  51. danny

    What happens if BTWL goes into effect? Is CUPE forced to accept Yorks offer? Or do they just go back to the pay they had before? And how long does BTWL last?

  52. fracas


    the govt doesn’t have to declare a job an ‘essential service’ to pass btwl. btwl can be passed if there is a deadlock, which is in my cynical mood what the whole set up with ‘top’ mediator was all about. mcguinty already was prepared with btwl, but wanted to establish an argument for its legitimacy. there was never any real bargaining to be had, as cupe 3903 found out. it appears from all accounts that the union was the only side actually working on changing its demands. there is no report that the employer moved on anything, including non-monetary or low cost items.

    re: union not being able to strike again, that’s not true. btwl is case specific, and used rarely. of course, a long strike like this, that ends in arbitration, is likely to have a chilling effect on members’ ( but also York’s) willingness to go another round any time soon.

  53. Commuter

    So who here is a first-year getting ready for another strike in 3 years? 😦

    Here’s hoping for the government to legislate a 4 year contract.

  54. Yorkie

    *sigh* York has dug its own grave once again. This won’t be the last strike for Cupe 3903 for sure…

  55. Undergrad

    Tiler Shipley is such a tool. He calls this btwl “disrespect to the bargaining process”. Get a clue you idiot, 11 weeks of negotiations means it has failed especially with the retarded demands of your pathetic union.

    I am praying that this goes through, just to see the Union get owned in the ass.

  56. me

    @ Michael
    I suggest you take a look at the York financial documents (available online) to see what percentage of donations and investments the York operating budget depends on. It is laughable to invoke their decline as a reason for a Yorku financial crisis.

  57. me

    Pissed-off TAS aren’t gonna be hard on you. They do that when they care.

  58. madi kusi

    if classes do start this week, or even in two weeks… are we still going to have the pass/fail option on hand?

  59. Tropical sunshine

    If a clear deadlock is the only basis for a btwl legislation, doesnt the fact that the union made some changes in their proposal render that basis invalid? How does the court determine what constitutes a deadlock since there was clearly some momentum?

  60. danny

    @ madi
    I’m sure we will.

  61. Commuter

    @ Tropical sunshine

    I guess whenever one side doesn’t feel like talking and is in bed with the government. 😉

  62. Disgruntled Student

    Why aren’t you guys happier? Like seriously wtf is wrong with you ppl??? Woot! Wooot!!! Fuck cupe, we’re going back!!!

  63. Yorkie


    Lmao. York’s such a goverment whore. ^_~

  64. fracas

    @tropical sunshine,

    it’s a deadlock if one of the parties isn’t moving. it’s quite clear that york has had no intention of improving their offer (even offering a couple more conversions would do it, which would cost them nothing). it’s obvious that york knew btwl was coming. there is no way they would not bargain if they thought that’s all they got left.

    i don’t think this will be challenged in the courts. and i think cupe-national would be making that call, not 3903. i can’t imagine that 3903 would have the money for a protracted legal battle, plus their first legal obligation is to get their members ‘whole’ (legalistic term referring to compensation, outstanding grievances etc). i imagine their efforts will from now on focus on influencing the terms of arbitration.

  65. Scared

    “jumps with joy”

  66. scared

    excited to go back….but damn the TAs are gona be hard on us….i already think they screw us over when marking our exams. NOW, they will be even harder. 😦

  67. clennis

    too bad there isn’t an equivalent of btwl for the university.
    some form of legislation that would force them to accept the unions demands (or come to the bargaining table in the first place!).

    i’m filling out late applications to other universities as of this morning – i don’t want my name attached to a university that has brought about this dark moment in history.

  68. Yorkie

    I wouldn’t be very excited to get back,unless you’re a glutton for punishement.


  69. snoopy

    Personally, I am not against the union extremely. All my point here is that people should ask the right thing at right time. At this moment, the union is asking something that is pretty common in this country. The failure is the timing; they choose a bad time to fight. Also, there is a chinese idiom : you could be against the rule but do not piss off the public.

  70. FUTURE

    While it was not my (or likely any party’s) perferred choice of action it is pleasing to learn that sometime in the near future school will return.

  71. E

    A little late.

    But fuck to the CUPE leaders who will now get little to nothing.

    Ha ha ha.

    You bastards deserve every bit of this.
    Fred Hahn you’re going straight to hell!

  72. Hullo

    awesome stuffffffffffff! someone with balls

  73. There’s no reason for anyone to be scared of their TAs. If they mark by prejudice, then that’s unethical, and grounds for complaint.

    Just because those brats didn’t get what they wanted, doesn’t mean they can be dicks when it comes to our grades.

    I know, I know, they’re already dicks to begin with.

  74. gsp

    @ Tropical Sunshine..
    seems like CUPE moves in tiny increments on very small issues. That’s what they’ve done the entire time, giving the impression they have been bargaining in good faith. It is obvious from McGuinty deciding on BTWL that CUPE hasn’t been moving on any important issues, leaving the 2 sides still extremely far apart. I guess that’s clear deadlock.

  75. Forcys

    @ Disgruntled Student

    It’s not a matter of not being happy that the strike may be over, it’s a matter of uncertainty. Sure the strike looks like it’s coming to an end, and that probably means that we will be back in classes soon – awesome, but the problem is that we have no idea how soon, or under what circumstances. The fact that we now have 3 or so months to finish one term and start and finish another means that there are going to be drastic changes to the way that this year goes, and we don’t know what the university is going to do about that.

    There’s also the fact that we paid for 2 semesters of education and we are getting what is more like 1 1/2. Sure we might be able to fit everything in, but that means that the people who need to work in the summer in order to come back next year will likely lose some of that time that they have to work. People near the school living in apartments whose leases end in April are going to be in trouble, and those of us who can’t afford to pay more rent without working – and whose programs are a little too intense for that to be an option – are going to be in trouble too.

    There’s also the fact that this isn’t necessarily going to happen immediately, it’s all a matter of uncertainty, and it sucks.

    However, the school year will probably be saved, which is great! So even though there are plenty of reasons to be aprehensive, there’s at least one reason to celebrate!

  76. Tropical sunshine

    I cant imagine CUPE not challenging this though. If I understand this correctly, this legislation would be the first time that the provincial government is stepping into a private party negotiation. Just the precedent that this sets would be case enough for unions to literally rally behind CUPE and fight against what seems like an erosion of collective bargaining rights…..

  77. clennis

    “seems like CUPE moves in tiny increments on very small issues.”
    that’s a hell of a lot better than the administration’s policy of not moving at all.
    i guess their unwillingness to bargain may win them the strike.
    great legal precedent.

  78. gsp

    “i guess their unwillingness to bargain may win them the strike.
    great legal precedent.”
    I know you’re being sarcastic, but I agree.

  79. This little Yorkie

    So, School will resume Monday?

    I need to book my flight..

  80. Yorkie

    So… If Cupe were to fight this, I guess it would be after BTWL passes, right?

  81. Insider2

    The whole idea of York’s media of thigs are going to start on Monday (5000 students, TTC, etc) without talking about the real issue of baragaining is to prepare the public for some interesting and unfortunate news.

  82. Yorkie


    What do you mean by that?

  83. Insider2

    @ This little Yorkie

    No, not just yet. There might be abother 10-14 days before actually York be forced to GIVE IN.

    Details will be on CUPE’s website after todays 4 pm meeting.

  84. danny

    Todays 4pm meeting? I thought it was tomorrow at 1pm?

  85. Insider2

    Most people mix this strike with cases like TTC but it is simply a different issue. People involved here (contract faculty) are going to be jobless anyways (That is what they have been fighting for) so we might expect a waildcat strike.

    In that cases, York will not be able to run many of its classes that are heavily dependent on contract faculty. The will simply refuse to come back. In the mean time CUPE can and will seek to sue York.

  86. Insider2

    @ danny

    No, it is today. There ar actually two meetings.

    1. Emergency Executive Meeting at Strike Headquarters at 1pm

    The Executive will be meeting to discuss next steps.

    2. Emergency Joint Flying Squad-Strike Committee Meeting at Strike Headquarters at 4pm

    The Flying Squad and Strike Committee will be meeting to strategize around organizing, mobilizing and resisting.

  87. RJ

    Yeah, TAs won’t be pissed off. They just won’t have a reason to give a damn.

  88. Just Another Yorker

    Insider2, state your resources please?

  89. Just Another Yorker


  90. Insider2

    @ Yorkie

    I provided some information on this on a few previous posts.

    York has been and is trying to picture this ‘Monday’ as the day that everything would be sorted out the way York wantes. They tried to pressure senate on those 5000 students, work on TTC schedule etc and now this BTWL announcement.

    But most people who ask about why not an earlier date for the BTL since November it is simply because goverment did not want to do what York did with the forced rat and lose the game (silent majority)

    This will turn out to be another challenge for both York and CUPE but I think it will put the York in a tougher position.


  91. Insider2

    @ Just Another Yorker

    I can not call any names but they are York employees from both sides of this matter. If you reed some of my previous comments on older posts, I talk about the new mediator as simply to exhaust another legal possibility.

    I am afriad it will turn out to be the same for the BTWL (similar to the forced rat and new mediator). BTWL will be turned down by several members but then again, goverment can say we tried every thing we could 😉

  92. A to the B

    Yes i know people get mad when people ask when this strike will be over but i need to know when i should book a flight to come back to Toronto. With these new events occuring and McGuinty stating he hopes the students can be back on monday, is this a possibility? Will we be back on Monday, or are the chances of school starting in a week or so more likely?

  93. Pissed Student

    oh boy Cupe3903 had this coming for a long time. What a bunch of stupid fuckers basically taking in the same fuckign deal they would have had prior to the strike. STupid assholes caused us to lose 11 weeks worth of education and totally fucked up our year for what? to have the same offer? I mean, who cares for a god damn raise when people are getting laid off during a RECESSION? HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?

  94. Yorkie

    Howard Hampton and the NDP says they will not support legislation. It’s on CP24 right now.

  95. Ms. Golightly

    seriously, i think Insider2 is on crack. just my personal observation…

  96. ram

    Thanks for all your valuable resources.
    What meeting at 4 pm today, are you all talking about?
    I know the legislature is convening only tomorrow.
    Is cupe gonna meet to organize some thing radical, dramatic, drastic?
    Please,what is that?

  97. Insider2

    @ Yorkie

    As I said, several members of other parties will NOT as well. York is preparing everybody for cancelling the year and using the excuse that they were pushed to do. Very unfortunate in my opinion.

  98. lol pwned

    Commuter – transfer out of york, ur only first year

    back 2 school on monday, guys?

  99. Commuter

    @ Yorkie

    Damnit, I missed it. Is that all Hampton said?

  100. Commuter

    @ lol pwned

    They’re paying me too much to stay. And I’m happy with York… just not the union.

  101. lol pwned

    fuck hampton and ndp

  102. ZB

    CUPE FAILED…let’s see wtf they’re going to do next hahaha

  103. Tropical sunshine

    @Insider 2,
    That doesnt make any sense. Why would York ask 5000 students back to school and then cancel the year for the rest 45,000. How does that benefit York?? They have nothing to gain from it….

  104. Insider2

    @ ram

    This is the entire email sent to CUPE members earlier today:

    “Dear members of CUPE 3903,

    By now you have heard that the province is going to legislate us back-to-work. We understand that you have many questions, comments, concerns, suggestions about how to proceed and that we need to discuss collectively. Please be patient and the Executive will endeavour to release a statement shortly explaining what options we have now.

    In the meanwhile there are two meetings taking place today that we encourage all members to attend and participate in:

    1. Emergency Executive Meeting at Strike Headquarters at 1pm

    The Executive will be meeting to discuss next steps.

    2. Emergency Joint Flying Squad-Strike Committee Meeting at Strike Headquarters at 4pm

    The Flying Squad and Strike Committee will be meeting to strategize around organizing, mobilizing and resisting.”

    I do not thin CUPE needs to do anything radical at this point yet because the BTWL will not get enough votes tomorrow and there ill at least another two weeks before sending things to court, etc.

    In the meantime I think York will like the idea of postponing the school although the state otherwise in THEIR media.

    At some point, it will simply be IMPOSSIBLE to get back all the time wasted.

  105. ZB

    insider2 is a fuckin bullshitter. don’t listen to anything that mofo says.

  106. Commuter

    I hope we go back on Thursday. Because otherwise they’ll have to use that “virtual day” crap, which will mess up my schedule.

    Tuesdays could become Thursdays, Wednesdays could become Fridays… wtf is that lol

  107. lol pwned

    wait , even without ndp’s support, the BTWL should pass, right?

    they need like 50% of the people to vote yes, right?

  108. Insider2

    @ Tropical sunshine

    Exactly. That does NOT make any sense at all and that is what York wants people to think and talk about. They need this critical tme (today and tomorrow) for the BTWL much similar to what they did before the forced rat and then the LOST.

    If you were at York arounf the forced rat. time you would have seen the amount of effort York put into it (sending mails by Fedex, organizing busses, etc) but it did not ork. I am afraid it will not this time as well. You can not beat democratic moves whenever they donot work for you (York).

  109. Commuter

    If there was unanimous consent, they could pass it in like an hour.

    But if NDP objects, it slows it down a bit. It will still pass because NDP only has 10 seats, but by holding it up, they can skew the legislation over to their side a bit… changing some of the wording to support the union a bit more.

  110. Insider2

    @ lol pwned

    No, they need the “YES” from all 3 parties or things will go to court after 10-14 days.

  111. HBK

    I have a question that has nothing to do with this BTWL. One of my profs (they’re part time and a union member) told the class that we would have a test the first day we got back. I’ve read some people saying that the senate had a policy that prevented that. Something about how no tests/assignments would be done first day back from class. If this is true, can someone direct me to some sort of official online documents so I can forward them to my professor? Please and thank you!

  112. sml

    so say if the NDP were to go against this BTWL. how long will it take for it to pass and when will will start school approximately?

  113. Yorkie

    You really can’t blame the union fo wating to resist this at one point or another. If not now than in another strike later.


    They didn’t show Howard Hampton and the NDP directly saying it. It was paraphrased by the news announcer. If this is the case then BTWL probably won’t go forward as fast as everyone thinks. Maybe 3 days at the earliest? Since the parties will debating amongst each other.

  114. mike

    If ta’s give you a bad or undeserved mark. BITCH AT THEM. They held us out for this long, they deserve no respect.

  115. Commuter

    @ sml

    A law student on the Facebook group seems to think they can hold it up about 3 days.

  116. B

    @ commuter – they aren’t using that “virtual day” stuff for atkinson and schulich. why on earth would they use it for every other faculty? where are you getting this?

  117. NDP Already Set to Oppose BTWL

    As if that has stopped the plethora of replica making companies out there (of any product, not just car-related)!

  118. Commuter

    @ B

    They still have it written down in the Senate bulletin I posted above.

  119. clennis

    An even easier way of dealing with it would be to write to the head of your department, saying something like, ‘i’ve heard there are no tests on the first day back from some people, but i’ve also heard from a course instructor that we will be having a test. which one is it?’. they’ll write you back confirming there are to be no tests on the first day back, and they will contact the instructor. that way, you don’t have to confront them directly.

  120. NDP Already Set to Oppose BTWL
  121. 4th year curious

    Our prof also decided to have a quiz and an assignment due on Monday. I have e-mailed him directly about it. I will post his response as soon as I get it

  122. Insider2

    @ 4th year curious

    All the teaching faculty have been asked to accommodate the students and they will.

  123. confused... maybe?

    so what does this mean for 2010??? will there be another strike? i really wish they could just give us an answer, i need to book my flight back!!! advice? should i just book it for monday?

  124. Insider2

    Check the CUPE’s website. More to come.

  125. Commuter

    @ confused… maybe?

    Probably not in 2010, but 2011 is possible.

    Coming back on Monday might be a good idea.

  126. Insider2

    @ confused… maybe?

    No, I am afraid Monday is too early.

  127. Ms. Golightly

    “Because it requires three readings for a bill to become a law, it is unlikely to pass until Wednesday, meaning the 50,000 students would be unable to return to class before Thursday at the earliest.”

  128. Transfer1

    I am in my first year, how would i transfer schools now if I have no marks to present?

  129. confused... maybe?

    thanks everyone. monday may be a good idea… that way i have time to get settled back in before classes start.

  130. Victory

    My friends, students and comrades, I come to use in this critical moment to renew our commitment to this fight and thank you for your continued support. The students have been the most supportive of CUPE and that shall be acknowledged. The capitalist monster of York along with their ultra right wing friends in government and media are trying to push CUPE back to work and break through our lines of solidarity

    Let me say it clear and loud that CUPE will not back down and CUPE will continue this everlasting fight for freedom, justice, equality and fairness. CUPE will use all it has to fight this hideous undemocratic legislation and protect the rights of TAs and students. To those who think we are beaten, I say wake up and see the naked truth. We achieved victory in the force ratification despite the imperialism’s best effort to suppress us and we proved once again that CUPE is united as one and it functions as one. To you capitalist monsters, I say give up this shameful act of injustice and bargain in good faith. To you supporters, I say many thanks and I assure you, CUPE will continue stronger than ever. As Che once said, there is no giving up….

    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  131. lol pwned

    NDP’s objection will delay bill to end York University strike

    Back-to-work bill could pass by Wednesday, putting students in class as early as Thursday

    fuck you ndp! fuck yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!

  132. Aaron


    If you apply now, they’ll look at the same transcript York assessed before accepting you.

  133. Insider2

    @ lol pwned

    Thursday seems to be very early given that York is counting again on the “majority” that will vote yes tomorrow. It might not happen.


  134. Al

    just heard on CP24 NDP is totally againt BTWL…

  135. Commuter

    @ lol pwned

    That article should say Friday… if BTWL is passed Wednesday, they need to give us 24+ hours notice.

  136. Yorkie


    They are. They are socialist and they will side with Cupe. No surprise here.

  137. Yorkie

    The media seems to know nothing about what the Senate proposes… Whenever they say we weill be back, add a day to it. Lol

  138. danny

    With this BTWL is CUPE forced to a 3 year contract then instead of a 2 year that they wanted?

  139. lol pwned

    @ Yorkie

    u think ndp would realize by now their socialist ways haven’t got them far … guh

  140. I called City TV to tell them that there is a 0% chance of us going back on Monday due to the senate promising us at least 24 hours notice. If this lack of quality reporting is bothering you as much as it is bothering me, call them at:

    416) 591-5757

  141. ram

    @ all
    Why on wednesday?
    If NDP’s resist it till the last, does it not mean that the bill will not pass?
    Why is there three day grace period?
    i m confused!!

  142. Insider2

    @ Yorkie

    Very true. The whole York policy have been to keep the public and media in darkness.

  143. Machinator

    I just hope the backlash will finally start to break the power of public sector unions. Transit workers, emergency services, university staff, mail workers should not have the right to strike – period. In return for losing the right to join a union (how many people in the private sector in Canada are part of a union – oh thats interesting, less than 25% of employed persons) public employees receive extremely elevated wages vis-a-vis the private sector and are essentially immune to recession and other economic pressures – they are essential services, after all.

    For far too long, public sector unions have had an inordinate amount of influence in Canada. It’s time to declare them all essential and finally vacate the farce that is CUPE and its brethren.

  144. Insider2

    @ ram

    Correct. If NDP’s resist it till the last, the bill will not pass.

    The three day grace periodis just misinformation.

  145. Machinator

    “Let me say it clear and loud that CUPE will not back down and CUPE will continue this everlasting fight for freedom, justice, equality and fairness”

    Wow, such flaming rhetoric. Don’t quit your day job – oh that’s right, you don’t have one.

  146. mike

    Wupps, posted it in the wrong thead;


    What is your prediction the duration of the strike from this point. Do you think that this btwl will be passed? If so, what will happen? If not, what will happen?

  147. Andrew

    It would be stunning … let me say that again, it would be STUNNING!!! … if the back-to-work bill were defeated in the legislature tomorrow.

    The governing Liberals have a majority in the legislature. For the Premier to make a huge announcement in the media about the urgent need to recall the legislature, and then to have that initiative immediately defeated, would shatter his credibility and clearly indicate that his caucus has lost faith in him as a leader. He might even have to resign after an embarrassment like that.

    There’s no inkling at all that the Liberals hate their leader, so I’m going to put the odds of BTWL defeat at around 1000-1 or less.

  148. jacky

    excuse me evyerone
    i have a question who is BTWL and NDP??
    thanks are we getting back to class easilest on 26th monday?


    @ Insider2
    IF cupe n NDP keep rejecting the BTWL till like ever , are they gonna be “forced” to get back to work or will the enter the “wildcat” phase of strike :D???

  150. danny

    @ Andrew
    He won’t resign. That’s crazy talk

  151. CUPE greed fail




    What is your prediction the duration of the strike from this point. Do you think that this btwl will be passed? If so, what will happen? If not, what will happen?

  153. Andrew


    I completely agree. That’s why anyone who is banking on the defeat of BTWL is delusional.

  154. mike

    BTWL = Back To Work Legislation
    NDP = New Democratic Party


    @ Insider2
    “Correct. If NDP’s resist it till the last, the bill will not pass.

    The three day grace periodis just misinformation.”

    SO is there a high possibility for NDP to vite against ???
    N will we be entering the WILD CAT STRIKE 😀 ?

  156. CUPE greed fail

    NDP can postpone BTWL for a few days max. CUPE most likely wont bother sending this to court, but I hope they do so they can get another smack by the hand of reasonableness.

  157. Let me explain how this works...

    The NDP can hold up the bill by forcing the rules to be followed. Only if all in the chamber agree – as in every single seat from all parties – will it occur at once. Otherwise, we need it to be done three times.



    What is your prediction the duration of the strike from this point. Do you think that this btwl will be passed? If so, what will happen? If not, what will happen?


    @ CUPE greed fail

    How do u no it will just be a “few” days ???
    N cant u see that insider2 is saying it will most likely fail???

  160. Andrew


    Incorrect. Even with a maximum effort by the NDP, the government can invoke closure and the bill would be passed within a couple of weeks. This happened regularly during the Harris years.

  161. fellocupe

    Thank the lord! We are going back to work!!

    Trust me, about half of cupe (TA’s) are very happy about this… don’t forget we have been missing classes, paying tuition and not getting paid just like the undergrads…

    Don’t worry – no TA will grade you poorly just because of the BTWL, but if you start being rude to all your TA’s they might not be as nice or generous as they used to be! Of course, this is highly dependent on who is your TA (I am sure some are assholes), but all I know is if undergrads start giving me attitude when I clearly don’t deserve it (I have never been for the strike or nor have I ever supported it), then I am not going to be so happy…

  162. Ms. Golightly


    i’ve seen you on this blog for a while and i feel i have tell you with the utmost respect for you as a fellow students to just BREATHE! You will get your education and in a year, you won’t even remember the fleeting anxieties caused by this strike.

    All will be well soon despite the fear mongering of apparent insiders. Don’t let the lack of 100% certainty cloud your reason and make you so anxious!

    I call bullshit on Insider2

  163. danny

    CUPE will fight it I think, but its pointless. You won’t win CUPE. Get over it!

  164. yorkboy

    if a wildcat strike occurs it’s going to be nuts lol


    @ Let me explain how this works…
    sooo… is NDP powerful enough to “if decided to vote agains BTWL “, be able to drag this strike any longer!!!

  166. mikael

    students should get something back…all this time….for wut? honestly, bunch of greedy pigs…the whole lot of them.
    im curious to c what profs are gonna do about grading and evaluations…

  167. Tropical sunshine


    The moment you declare university as an essential service, you have affirmed the right of every single individual to higher studies and the responsibility of the government to provide that service at minimum/no fees. That declaration would severly undermine the position of York University as a cutting edge research institute which is worse than what CUPE can do in any case……

  168. Machinator

    The CUPE are terrified at this point – they honestly thought they could continue with patently ridiculous and over-the-top demands for the whole semester if need be.

    Their leadership is so out-of-touch that I expect an imminent announcement that CUPE will ‘fight the imperial capitalist oppressor’ by ‘any means necessary’. Meanwhile, they are quietly updating their C.V.’s.

  169. Machinator

    “The moment you declare university as an essential service, you have affirmed the right of every single individual to higher studies and the responsibility of the government to provide that service at minimum/no fees. That declaration would severly undermine the position of York University as a cutting edge research institute which is worse than what CUPE can do in any case……”

    Uh – in France Universities are funded completely by the government unlike the unholy public-private alliance we have here, and they retain their capacity for research. I would venture that we could learn from the french experience, and should provide paid university for all students who qualify.

    Please try harder to refute my point, which I would say still stands, that essential services – including university support staff – should not have the right to strike.

  170. jacky

    so when is the earilest would we be back to class if everything goes pass?
    monday ? tuesday? wed? thursday?


    @ jacky
    how about never :D?

  172. Insider2

    @ mike

    A bit hard to say at this point. Maybe after hearing the latest CUPE’s announcement.

    In the meantime, I believe students will have to wait another TWO weeks from now. At the point York might finally sit at the table (hopefully) or the year will be lost (unfortunately).

  173. Yorkie

    Our government would NEVER completely fund our universities. They want to keep their pockets full, just like York. -__-


    @ Insider2

    how certain are u about ur words ?
    could u plz clarify, knowing this is pretty frustrating >.<

  175. jacky

    be for real
    i really need to know
    i gotta know =(

  176. dsd

    Please, for the love of God, stop posting STUPID comments. Nobody KNOWS when we are going back at this point.

  177. Insider2


    Yes, but most of the contract faculty ho are invloved will be jobless anyway (due to their CURRENT contract with York) and that is biggest difference btween this and a strike like the TTC one. The part-time faculty do not have any job security.

  178. CUPE greed fail

    This is what is going to happen. 100% liberal & conservative support for BTWL, 100% NDP opposition. Most likely classes will start by next Monday (Feb.2).

    CUPE will challenge BTWL in court but to no avail.

    BTW dont listen to anything insider2 says. He is just a media follower mixed with a few shallow predictions.

  179. yorkboy

    Jakcy don’t count on being back in school monday or tuesday.


    @ dsd
    well said :)) 😀

  181. jacky

    thank you very much!

  182. HBK


    Realistically, considering that NDP is going to oppose the BTWL, we’ll might be back Monday, February 2nd at earliest. If the BTWL passes on Wednesday, and we’ll be given at least 24 hours of a grace period, I doubt the University will start on a Friday.

  183. Insider2

    @ Andrew

    Not in this case I’m afraid. That is why the goverment waited so long because it is a gamble like that the defeated forced. rat. The goverment admin is smarter than York, it seems.


    @ CUPE greed fail
    u better shut ur trap cuz u dont no shit n wut ever Insider 2 says has happened up until now !!! SO SHUT UP n stop dissing him/her

  185. jacky


    thank you for your kind reply
    thank you

  186. Andrew

    If a third of CUPE members voted “yes” to the offer, then probably a majority of them would obey a back-to-work order. CUPE is out of time, and they have systematically alienated the university community to the point that nobody is fighting for them. There is no hope that the legislation will be defeated, only delayed. Hopefully they understand this.

    On the other hand, if the union leadership want to continue, they would destroy themselves. As I said, at least half the union would probably cross the illegal picket line. The great 3903 would be finished. So whether the union leadership obey or fight, it’s win-win for everyone else.

  187. Yorkie

    @CUPE greed fail

    You’re obviously bitter towards Cupe, but I suggest to refrain from stating we’re going back on Monday. It simply wouldn’t make sense. Even if everything is solved by tomorrow, the Senate wouldn’t allow classes to start on Monday.

    Plus NDP resisting the legislation will moslt likely delay things, especially if hey oppose by 100%, so your reasoning doesn’t make any sense I’m sorry to say.

  188. TRUTH = Fail

    Cupe has expressed thier undeniable support for students during this very rough time. Cupe must now acknowledge defeat and realize that they truly aren’t as strong as they once thought. My student comrades have stood strong and will not falter in thier determination to laugh in the face of Cupe, they should have accepted economic reality. Going back to work is sacrifice that Cupe must accept, in order to promote further quality education for all undergraduates alike.

    Viva la revolution!
    Go McGuinty Go !

  189. Andrew


    I’m going to need more evidence for your view than “not in this case”. It is relatively easy for the government to force bills through the legislature, and as history suggests, two weeks is about all they need.

  190. CUPE greed fail

    I said the following monday you clown. (Feb 2)

  191. Iris

    Wow I’m surprised this happenned. I somehow thought McGuinty would never call BTWL. Well, now he did I’m looking forward to what happens next. Instead of wondering about when we will get back, I suggest we start getting prepared for getting back. God knows whats gonna happen when we get back.

  192. Insider2

    CUPE has plans to fight BTWL.

    There will be a meeting tomorrow at Queens Park tomorrow 12 p.m.

    More info to come.

    York has also updated their website which basically repeats hat CP24 reported earlier today 😉

  193. CUPE greed fail

    @ york lover
    Jump off insider2’s dick.

    Even members of CUPE has called him a fraud.
    Just follow the media and you will understand why everything he says isnt so very true.

    A true insider would have known BTWL was going to happen before it was reported.

  194. Yorkie

    @ CUPE gree fail

    Damnit to fucking hell. Ugh, sorry about that. I’ll take back what I said then. ^^

    Too much stress >-<


    Is there any chance that CUPE can defeat this BTWL for good ? or NDP voting agains, can only delay it :(?

  196. CUPE greed fail

    CUPE plans a rally at queens park @12.

    Im going to counter-rally with eggs and paintballs, if anyone is in let me know.

  197. Insider2

    @ Andrew

    Say even the BTWL is passed but part-time faculty can NOT be forced to come back and teach. They will simply NOT.

    And York needs them because there are many classes that are dependent on those part-time people. The whole idea of hiring those people part time and keeping them like that was to pay them LESS than full-time faculty and lecturers.

    Those part-time people do not get paid like TTC jobs and do not have those benefits so they are motivated to quit.

  198. yorkdc5

    Don’t know if this has been posted yet but cp24 says NDP wont back the legislation:


    @ CUPE greed fail
    IM in with u doing urself in front of all CUPE members =))) MUahhahaha

  200. @CUPE Greed Fail

    Insider was reporting BTWL before it happened. That was one of the first things s/he said….

  201. Insider2


    As I said, hard to say at this point. My prediction is that at the endd either York will restart the negotiations or the will call the year off.

  202. FUTURE

    Finally. The wrong solution but finally our lives can move forward.

    Hopefully we can join together as a community knowing that this was not the chosen method of returning – for anyone.


    @ Insider2
    OMG .. WOW… so there’s actually no way in hell that they can make CUPE to start working again, against their will, not even the government???

  204. FUTURE

    sorry the wrong method…

  205. Yorkie

    I hope York loses enough money to teach them to get off their asses and fight their own battles, but not so much for them to become bankrupt. ^_~

  206. Yorkie

    The can fine them at the most, right? If they don’t go back to work? They can’t arrest them, can they?

  207. Insider2

    @ YorkIsAwesome

    I think we could expect things to be delayed another 10-14 days. But be informed that it is what York WANTS but they are acting cleverly to picture it differently. Ou can see it yourself but watching York’s website and seeing how they put up the news.

    There was an emphasis on the forced rat. that it will end the srike soon and after that: nothing York basically backed off.

    And now theyr are highlighing the Monday as the day the strike might end despite the fact that we all no it will not (24 hour notice, possibility of BTWL not passing, etc).

  208. Andrew


    So you agree that BTWL will be passed?

    Since a lot of those contract faculty are likely to lose their jobs anyway, it’s kind of hard to see how that is a weapon to be used against York. I think York would just cancel those classes and move on.

    Like I said, if CUPE wants to fight, it’s their funeral.

  209. dsd

    Jesus Christ motherfucking Joseph and Mary. Would you people start using your own head!? Insider2 is obviously high on crack and his comments don’t deserve any attention.

  210. Insider2

    @ Yorkie

    No arrestin, only fine. But again that can be used against York in this “economic conditions” as York puts it 😉


    oh Mr. Layton,
    why must you do this,
    letting the strike persist

    and, how can you be so blind to see
    that you’re not just hurting me

    but the thousands of masses
    that wish to kick their T.A’s asses

    oh Mr. Shipley,
    if your little game keeps going on,
    my beautiful poems will not be gone

    please just raise your white flag,
    because you’re beginning to look like a douchebag

    Don’t let those Vari Hall doors shut,
    or I’ll give it to CUPE in the butt

  212. So far both the Globe and the Star have reported that the NDP will oppose the bill, so there’s no way we’re going to be back Monday. Earliest would be Thursday…

    But more realistically, I’m pretty sure we won’t be back until next week (February!).

    So, for everyone who’s celebrating, happy new year- I hope this BS doesn’t wreck it for you

  213. Tropical sunshine

    Even though I am not intimately familiar with the French education system, let me just point out that even in France, there is a two tier system with one class of institution being mandated to accept anyone with a high school degree and another more prestigious class of institutions which are allowed to be more selective in their enrollment process. All I am arguing is that if the government recognizes higher education as an essential service, then public universities like York cannot choose to be highly selective in their enrollment process which would ultimately affect what little is left of our reputation…..worse than what CUPE can do..

  214. Insider2

    @ Not this week

    Or maybe even a bit longer.

    Seriously, I think students and parents should push York to settle things properly. That will make things go faster.

  215. CUPE greed fail

    The possibility of BTWL not passing is like 1-5%. Anyone who knows anything about Ontario’s political structure can verify this. Its just a matter of time because there will be some (small) NDP opposition.

  216. Yorkie

    Everything with a grain of salt people. Yes, even for Insider2’s posts. Take up the information and move on. Anything related to the situation is much appreciated. ^^

  217. D-Wreck!

    It’s kind of getting to the point where they all pretty much owe us a free “A+” for when we finally do return.

  218. B

    Layton = federal NDP
    Hampton = provincial NDP

    If you are going to write “poetry” at least address it to the right people.

  219. Insider2

    @ Andrew

    I did not say the BTWL will pass. I think it will NOT and we will lose another two weeks until the last two solutions become obvious:

    1- coming back to negotiation table from York’s side

    2- cancelling the year.

  220. CUPE greed fail

    Insider2 is a CUPE e-picketer.

    Insider2: “Seriously, I think students and parents should push York to settle things properly. That will make things go faster.”

    Please explain how pushing York to settle things “properly” will make things go faster than BTWL.

  221. Andrew


    As I said above, with reasons given, it is delusional to think that BTWL will fail. You haven’t given any refutation, so I think we’re done here.

  222. Yorkie

    As much as I hate to say it, I think it probably will pass and we’ll have some illegal striking on our hands. And I simply don’t see how York can just cancel those classes that need TAs, without a REFUND that is, so I don’t know wat they’ll do.

  223. Insider2

    @ CUPE greed fail

    We will all see how fast the BTWL process will be 😉

    We all saw the fate of forced. rat, new TOP mediator and etc. I am afraid there is going to be another disaster* for York coming.

    * I would have called a “challenge” butI think that is the term 😉

  224. CUPE greed fail

    99.9% BTWL will pass.
    To think otherwise is uncivilized.

  225. Insider2

    @ Andrew

    You might be done but we will see by tomorrow 😉 I do not thing I have provided an false information on this website so far ( I hope I have not)

  226. OBAMA

    I can fix everything. Don’t ask me to explain how, but I can fix everything.
    All the time.

  227. Insider2

    @ Yorkie

    York can NOT move without the part-time faculty (forget the TAs) or they have done already. There are many classes dependent on them (part of the reason York has 50 000 students).

  228. Just Another Yorker

    Sigh. i feel like i’ve been living the same nightmare over and over the past 2 and a half months.

    insider2, you’re driving me insane.

  229. Nobama


  230. Insider2

    @ Just Another Yorker

    I am sorry. I can actually stop writing here if that’s what most people want. No problem.

  231. OBAMA

    I’m busy, changing the world.
    You can’t feel the change?

  232. Yorkie

    @Cupe greed fail

    It’s a more reputable resolution to the strike. I think we can all admit that everyone is being selfish here , INCLUDING undergrads. Undergrads don’t can how we get back just that we do get back. We’re no bettre than the rest of them and don’t you dare try to argue otherwise.

  233. Machinator

    @tropical – I disagree completely.

    Current standards mean that academic requirements are compromised so long as the prospect is able to pay the required tuition. Granted, they cannot be simpletons, but it certainly does not provide opportunity for the ‘best and brightest’, rather, it provides opportunity for those best able to afford it.

    A strict requirement of a high level of academic success for entrance coupled with free tuition ensures the democratic ideals we all hold are actually upheld. If given the choice between an aristocracy and a meritocracy, I’ll choose merit everytime.

  234. CUPE greed fail

    I hope you realize the difference between the ‘forced rat’, mediation, and BTWL. From the sounds of it you don’t.

    McGuinty fully knew that this would be settled only by legislation and appointed a top mediator just to save face. This way when CUPE challenges BTWL he can express that all other resources were exhausted.

    Do you really think this was a knee jerk’ decision?

    This is my prediction to pan out. BTWL legislation will pass with NDP opposition. This will delay but not stop the process. Binding arbitration will occur after BTWL has passed. Students will be back to class by next monday (Feb.2) CUPE will challenge in court but to know avail.

    After 80days of failed negotiations and ending up at square one I fail to see how your claim that pushing York to settle things ‘properly’ will be faster than BTWL is relevant.

  235. G

    What about this news that the NDP are going to delay the bill meaning we could start on Thursdays instead of Monday like was planned. Check for the latest news. I don’t see the point in doing this if we are going to start this week anyways why delay the inevitable?

  236. Machinator

    @ tropical, we also have these alternate institutions, they are called colleges, and I am not advocating we get rid of them.

  237. Aaron

    There is nothing more CUPE can really do. If those TA’s or contract faculty don’t work, they’ll get fined, will be receiving no money from either York OR any strike, and will have a hard time finding work elsewhere (especially in this economy).

    They’re trapped.

  238. Just Another Yorker

    Insider2, it’s not your writing that’s the problem. it’s your lack of sourced information that’s driving a few people over the edge.

    yeah yeah we should all take everything we read here with a grain of salt but i think at this point, everyone has hit their last nerves.

  239. Aaron

    How would things move faster with negotiations when York already presented a final offer that was drastically less than what CUPE has continued to demand? Get real. This was the definition of a deadlock.

  240. No panic

    As much I want go back, but It seem, we are not going back soon, my suggestion is aleast another two weeks.

  241. danny

    I don’t think York will cancel the year. thats rediculous.

  242. Here

    Sorry, but Insider2 is either an idiot or misinformed.

    York will NOT be going back to the table. Why would they? They have received what they wanted. This will go to arbitration like they offered all along.

    The NDP can only hold up legislation. because they will not grant their approval to unanimous consent, legislatures have to go through all 3 readings. Therefore, unless they fillibuster, the bill gets passed on Wed. or Thurs and we’re back in class 24 hrs after bill is passed.

    The year won’t be cancelled.

  243. Insider2

    @ Aaron

    But they have NOT been receiving any money from York since the beginning fo strike. I gather most people do not know this.

  244. Here

    No. They’ve been getting $200/week in strike pay from CUPE.

    I also suspect that thi Insider2 is not the same as in previous threads. Prior to this he/she gave unverifiable but plausible info. It does not appear to be the case here. Squatter?

  245. aRt

    We’ve all waited long enough…. I dont think that the two parties will return back to work without being forced to do so…. first there was voting for forced rat that everyone rejected then, there is voting for BTWL which is also being opposed. The main problem here is that these selfish snobs arent in our place…. Their time isnt being wasted or salaries lost!! They are going on like they always have…. But no one bothers about our time, our financial standing, our problems…..

    Its a shame how all of us havent been able to form a movement that would trouble the both parties and force them back to work….. We should do something (ANYTHING!) that would make them think about us…. n not their BS PR strategies!! Look at our strength …. We’re 50,000 people out here and if we all come out and force the asses to bring this to a conclusion, we have greater chances of being back in classes but just sitting here, writing our opinions, fighting, arguing (all among ourselves) will NEVER help!! If anyone can take them back to work then its us, the students. And its high time we all stand up as ONE and push them to take us back into classes!! There is no other alternative to it!!!!!!

  246. Here

    @ aRt

    Don’t worry. This is put of the hands of both CUPE and York. Just get ready for class at the end of this week or early next.

  247. Disaffected Yufite

    NDP opposition will certianly delay the passage of BWTL. I think the prediction of just three days is optimistic, especially since McGuinty himself anticipated a delay of 1-2 weeks without unanimous consent from the opposition.

    It also seems reasonable to anticipate that there will be a wildcat strike once legislation inevitably passes. The question will be what percentage of the membership is committed to continuing to strike under those conditions, and what percentage might be ready to acknowledge that given this deadlock, arbitration is the only way out of the stalemate.

  248. Andrew


    Given that 40% of Units 1 and 2 voted “Yes”, and given the small numbers on the LEGAL picket lines, it’s hard to imagine that there exists huge support for an illegal strike.

    The CUPE leadership would have to be unimaginably thick-headed to try to stay out illegally. It would accomplish little and rip their union in half. Which, given all that has happened so far, is not to say it won’t happen, but if it does the effect will be minimal.

  249. M.

    can’t we all just agree to ignore insider2 until s/he just goes away? addressing his/her comments is an exercise in futility because s/he is full of shit and really has no idea what they are talking about.

  250. In the event of wild cat strike, will CUPE members be able to picket and block traffic? Or woud just strike simply just be them not showing up for work….?

  251. Aaron


    I agree. At this point, all CUPE can realistically accomplish is reconvene for another strike in a few years. By that point, I’ll graduate York and never return. This school is simply too unstable.

  252. Student with cat


    I am first year student as well and I called Ryerson to inquire how to transfer without having any marks or courses completed. Basically you have to apply as you did from high school, but send your york transcript with it, which will show the courses you attempted to take at York before the strike. You can order transcript from York Passport online and it costs $10. The application deadline for fall 2009 is March 1st. You send the application online, same as you did for York.

    Ryerson also offers part-time courses, which you can take without being registered in any program, all you have to present is the proof that you meet pre-requisites. These part time courses for summer start early May and you can start registering for them in March. You have to come in person to register for these courses.

    I believe same goes for UofT, except their application deadline is earlier in February.

    I would suggest to wait till end of February before applying to Ryerson and see if we go back to school or not. In case we don’t, you can apply for fall semester and take 2-3 summer courses there as well. I don’t think York will give us money back for the fall term tho. 😦

  253. what if...

    What if the BTW legislation passes (regardless of when) and CUPE decides to challenge this motion in court, as per the Supreme Court precedent? Will we still be able to resume classes while the court proceedings take place?

    (Let’s try not to have a debate about the B.C. ruling and its applicability 🙂

  254. Here

    @ Aaron:

    I agree. My grad schooling will not be done here. I would have preferred to do the M.HRM here but I’ll find somewhere else.

  255. btwl= hope

    does anyone know what unis have contracts expiring in 2010? people shouldn’t be lindly transferring especially considering (maybe) in 2010 we might be one of the only unis not in a legal strike position (i am guessing binding arbitration will most likely lead to a 3 year contract and not a 2 year contract)

  256. Here

    @ btwl=hope:

    All contracts for the units expire at the same time.

  257. Andrew


    Do a google search for “cupe watch 2010” and click the first link.

    (I would put a link myself but then my post would get sent to purgatory)

  258. Moving on

    NDP is opposing the bill tomorrow
    might be back to school on Thursday at the earliest

    I am getting tired at playing this guessing game

  259. ram

    All 3903 Members, CUPE Locals, students, friends, and allies urged to come out
    When: Sunday January 25, 2009 at 12pm
    Where: Outside of the Provincial Legislature building at Queen’s Park

    Premier Dalton McGuinty has announced Back to Work Legislation for CUPE 3903, that has been on-strike since November 6, 2008. The provincial government parliament is meeting on Sunday January 15, 2009 at 1pm to discuss Back to Work legislation for CUPE 3903.

    We have two demands:
    1) That the Provincial government NOT enforce Back to Work legislation;
    2) That the Provincial government place pressure on the York bargaining team to negotiate in collective bargaining

    • The York bargaining team has made NO EFFORT to collectively bargain during this round of negotiations
    • The Liberal party and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty have done nothing to pressure the York Admin’s bargaining team to collectively bargain
    • The latest move to enforce Back to Work Legislation is an unprecedented attack to labour rights to collectively bargain in Ontario
    • CUPE 3903 has maintained that it is willing to bargain until a negotiated settlement is reached
    • CUPE 3903 urges the members of provincial parliament to allow collective bargaining to continue and refrain from interference
    • Back to Work legislation is an attack on labour unions in the province of Ontario


    Members of CUPE 3903 will receive picket pay for attending the rally.

    This rally is endorsed by the CUPE 3903 Executive.

    The above plan is on the cupe3903 website.
    We have some messy situations ahead… Be ready

  260. J


  261. CUPE greed fail

    yea CUPE3903 everyone (York, mediam students, government) is wrong and you are right. Everyone is against you for no good reason.

    There is only so many times you can play the ‘innocent’ role, then the truth eventually comes out.

    There is no way all these parties can be wrong and CUPE be right.

  262. Haiden


    Silly CUPE …. I hope you get NOTHING !!!!!

    I pray that you start off worse then before…lol

  263. boohoo cupe

    @ ram

    Rally for cupe for what??? to put our lives on hold for another 3 months!!!

  264. CP24 Daily Poll results so far:

    Do you think the province waited too long to legislate an end to the strike at York University?

    Yes! These students have been out of school for 11 weeks! 70%

    Maybe, but intervening in a labour dispute puts the province in a difficult position. 6%

    No. It was right to wait until it was advised by a mediator. 5%

    I don’t agree with back-to-work legislation in this case. 19%

    This is not a scientific poll

    Here’s the link if you’d like to vote:

  265. Kiara


    Provincial NDP leader Howard Hampton says his party won’t support the back-to-work legislation set to be introduced to Ontario MPPs on Sunday.

    While McGuinty asked for all-party support in order to get the bill passed in one day, NDP opposition means it could take up to two weeks to pass the bill.

    If it does pass on Sunday, students could be in class as early as Monday morning.

    Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory says his party will likely support the bill.


  266. Here

    Their scared because they know that any rational arbitrator will side with York. Simply, CUPE’s demands are so far out of line with the economy.

    If my initial demands are a 100% increase and lower them to 99%, I’m bargaining but not faithfully. So I laugh when I hear them state that their bargaining.

    It’s the last gasp from a drowning man.

  267. RR

    If it goes to Wednesday, then I cant see us in class till Friday given their 24hours notice- so its up to the school to decide whether to start on friday or next Monday- what do you guys think?


    anyone who shows up at that rally tomorrow should be ASHAMED. this is no longer about YOUR right to bargain, it’s about OUR right to an education! i can’t take this anymore.

  269. Students Not Important to NDP

    Now that the Ontario provincial government has come to its senses, with back to work legislation, we have one more hurdle to cross. Howard Hampton and his merry band of orange [ maybe red?] socialist NDPer’s could delay the process just long enough that it could still jeopardize the year. He has decided not to support this legislation, possibly delivering a fatal time delay to the process.
    This position is from a party that states that it is for the average every day person. I guess that means that in the NDP’s eyes, that the students don’t count or are below average.

    Apparently, ruining the education of some 50,000 students is not important; below the needs of every day Canadians.

    While this orange party has many good ideas for Candians, this position of Hampton’s also means that with this type of irresponsibility , that they can never be trusted to be a governing party at either the provicial or federal level. This probably is a good awareness for us before we ever consider empowering this party as an official government at any next election, federally or provincially.

  270. CUPE greed fail

    @ students not important to NDP

    Of course NDP couldnt careless about the students affected. Most of their supporters have never been a student.

    Sad, but true.

  271. Thankfully McGuinty got off his high horse to finally start legislating CUPE back. It’s taken two months too long. We knew that was the only possible resolve since the start of December. I don’t know why he didn’t.

    CUPE – Take the kick to your ego. You could use it. Life isn’t fair?Find a new line of work. I hear McDonalds is hiring….

    You tried your strike, clearly if it was reasonable, York would have offered you something, seeing how its not reasonable ESPECIALLY in these uneasy recession times where York doesn’t even know where they’ll be in 3 years.

    I sincerely hope that the NDP doesnt try to throw a wrench in the gears of this legislation. IF the bargaining table had made more motion than a ‘still life’ painting, then perhaps let them talk. Unfortunately, that was not the case, so it’s time for CUPE to work-to-rule.

    Seems like half of you already accept some of York’s offerings.

    TA’s are stubborn folk.

    It’s about time we got back into class. If you’re upset about the money you’re making, just think of how much we’ve lost by the postponement of our lives.

    C’mon Dalton, I don’t want to have to run over any more strikers when i drive into school on tuesday

  272. Yorkie

    Don’t bother humouring the parties. They won’t listen. This still isn’t about students. It’s about workers and MONEY.

  273. RR

    @Students Not Important to NDP
    Stop losing your shit and scaring people, there is no way in hell the year is going to be lost, they are not preventing anything other than having debates so that the union gets somewhat of a fair hand under these circumstances. Even if class does start next Monday nothing is being jeopardized- the summer term wont even be canceled- so calm down and let the process work.

  274. Yuggoth

    NDP doesn’t even recognize the suffering of the students. Hampton said that Ontario is the most underfunded province in terms of education. When a reporter asked him about how his potential opposition to BTWL affects the students after this ordeal he effectively said “it’s not about that”.

    Well, excuse me, but what is it about exactly. Capitulating to your supporters while turning a blind eye to thousands of potential voters. I can’t wait until the next election. I will make sure you stay at 10 seats or less and that your party fades into obscurity.

  275. Commuter

    @ CUPE greed fail

    Actually, myself and many people I know (students) voted NDP in the last election, albeit federal.

    Most of my friends are NDP supporters.

  276. Yuggoth

    Regardless if the NDP opposes, it will still go through and they will further define exactly who THEY support. I only hope that that is clear to all students. They claim to fight for the ‘little guy’, but what they mean is the little guy with big enough pockets.

  277. Law gurl

    Hey all. Here’s a letter I just sent to all NDP MPPs and which I am forwarding to the media outlets in the hopes of putting some pressure on the NDP. You should also send your complaints; at the very least, maybe we can embarass them into action.

    Dear members of the NDP,

    According to you website, “New Democrats stand up for students.” I find that difficult to believe, given Mr. Hampton’s recent statement of your party’s intention to oppose the back-to-work legislation tomorrow, which, if passed, would put an end to the disastrous York University strike. You also claim to support affordable education, but this too I cannot reconcile with your position on the back to work vote, since thousands of York students are seeing their prospects of meaningful summer employment–a major source of funding for their education–disappear as we speak.

    You claim that you will fight the bill because you support unions and the right to strike. But what about the rights of York students to an education, an education, moreover, that they have paid good money for? The unions have spokespeople and representatives who fight for their rights–CUPE’s actions have made that quite clear. But nobody, NOBODY has spoken up for the rights of the York students in this situation! It is appalling that you, as elected officials who are supposed to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, have decided to put your own ideological interests over the interests of those who most deserve representation in this case–the York students!

    It is bad enough that the McGuinty government let the strike drag on for this long. For your party to then delay this action any longer will only add insult to injury, and I can promise you that the students will not forget it. Should you decide to take this route, I can guarantee that the 50 000 York students, their families and their friends will look to cast their next vote elsewhere. With two sisters at York, and an Osgoode Hall law student myself, I can tell you that this is certainly how we feel. Mr. McGuinty and his party have already lost our support because of his inaction thus far.

    My fellow students and I intend to initiate a campaign, come next election time, to remind everyone that your party refused to stand up for the rights of York students when it mattered most. Right now, the only people advocating for our rights are the PCs, and I assure you that they will be the party of choice for the thousands of York students and their families and friends come next election circuit–not to mention for the thousands of other York employees and small business owners and their families and friends who are suffering huge financial losses because of the lack of customers on campus. How further ironic for your party, since you claim to support small businesses and those receiving minimum wage (as many of the York employees, again mostly students, used to receive before they were laid off because of the financial repercussions of this strike).

    Please put aside your blind support of ideology and do what you were elected to do–speak for the most vulnerable. It’s about time that the victimization of York students be brought to an end. If you claim that you support the negotiated process, then I ask you this: how much longer are we supposed to wait for these two sides to arrive at a solution? What if it takes another 80 days? What if it takes another year? What do you say to the students then, all of whom paid thousands of dollars and have suffered significant stress and frustration for an education they will never receive? Are we supposed to continue to cross our fingers and hope that something will change, like we have been for the past twelve weeks? The sides have had MONTHS to reach a solution through mediated discussions. Their time is up and students shouldn’t have to pay the price for their bad faith dealings any longer.

    Make the right decision tomorrow. If you fail to do so, I imagine there will be grave repercussions for your party in the next election. Since York students have been denied a voice throughout this entire debacle, I promise you that we will use the only outlet that is open to us–our vote. The public outrage that has been expressed so far over this ridiculous situation should already tell you that much. As a law student, I know that I will use all the means at my own disposal now, and in the coming years as a lawyer, to address the injustice suffered by York students in this strike; should your party choose to increase our suffering, you can expect many years of deserved bad publicity to come.

    Mr. Hampton, as the leader of your party, I hope you understand the gravity of your decision tomorrow and impress this on your fellow party members. You might think that the fall-out from your action will only be temporary, but I remind you that York students represent a major part of the electorate for the next few decades, and we all have good memories–it’s part of our job as students.

    So please, do your jobs tomorrow. Don’t reply to my letter with your sympathies or your assurances that you “understand” my position, but that you have “other” interests to consider. And please don’t tell me to contact my own MPP, or that there is nothing you can do, as many replies from government officials often read. Instead, follow through on your promise to “stand up” for students. If you decide not to support the legislation, I will have to assume that the interests of over-represented unions matter more to you than those of the completely under-represented and vulnerable students at York. I suggest, in that case, that you update your website to reflect your true position on the issues.

    Yours truly,
    A fed-up York University student

  278. Yorkie

    So is this just like a secret ballot vote, except at the government level?

  279. Moving on

    @CUPE greed fail
    “Of course NDP couldnt careless about the students affected. Most of their supporters have never been a student.

    Sad, but true.”

    wow, that is one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read on this blog. Majority of NDP supporters in Toronto are university students. Most of my friends at UofT were active members of the party. Many of my profs are proud NDPers.

    please think before you write.

  280. Yorkie

    @Moving on

    Many people on this blog are ignorant. They come here to blatantly vent 90% of the time.

  281. Aaron

    Just because the NDP support the poor doesn’t mean their supporters are comprised solely OF the poor. I usually support the NDP, but this time I feel like they are being ideologues themselves rather than looking at the context of the situation.

    After a forced rat vote, weeks of negotiating, and the top mediator in the province being brought on board, the two are still at an impasse. Regardless of whose fault it is, it’s a deadlock that needed provincial action.

  282. Yuggoth

    I can assure you of one thing. The one thing that students want most right now is to go back to school. The party that makes that take longer than it should will be, regardless of their intent, facing a few thousand student voters who I will make more than sure to remind of the two months that they had to endure, only to wait another two weeks for no-good-reason. That is all.

  283. me

    @ insider 2

    i believe everything you say. someone should be looking closely at york’s finances. someone should be asking…for 3 months york has been earning interest on all your tuition money, PLUS interest on the wages it’s not paying CUPE. that’s not chump change.

    they’re also supposedly paying a shitload of $$ in union busting professionals, who clearly don’t deserve their salaries.

    here is my prediction. i think some of york’s investments were invested in bernie madoff’s ponzi scheme and it’s either lost or worse..they are going to have to pay back what they earned on it.

  284. Here

    Not a secret vote at all. We’ll know who voted in what way. Libs & Tories for. NDP against.

    When I told my trade union father about the BTWL being introduced he said good. He understands that this has nothing to do with protecting the rights of the vulnerable. Why the NDP don’t get that, I don’t know.

    @ Moving on:

    He said the majority of NDP supporters were never students. Outside of the university environment I think he’s right. Inside the ivory tower, you may be. If you think that’s ignorant, you might want to get out more…

  285. caitron

    just watching cp24 – they agreed that the earliest we could be back is wednesday or thursday, and that the NDP is planning to oppose BTWL. NDP is a “workers party” – sooo much of their support comes from the autoworkers/steelworkers/etc. unions. if they didn’t oppose BTWL they would be in trouble.

  286. me

    @ insider 2

    to clarify, it really does seem that york is doing everything it can to prolong this strike (while blaming it on cupe), so that they can cancel the year.

    i can’t fathom why they would want to do that unless it has something to do with their fiscal calendars and what’s on the books at year end.

    if they’re just trying to break the union they’re going about it in a totally incompetent way with no regard to undergrads. they could have done half this stuff two months ago.

    something is rotten the state of north york.
    follow the money.

  287. Moving on

    Law gurl, I respect your initiative to contact the NDP. You are taking action and you should be commended for that.

    That said, the way the NDP behaves tomorrow will NOT sway my vote on election day. I am not going to blame the NDP for the mess made by the union and York administration. Plus, political parties are responsible to multiple stakeholders, not just York university students.

    I think we are pawns in a bigger game that we refuse to acknowledge and if we think that the conservatives are our allies, we will be deeply disappointed. They would sell us to the devil to uphold their ideology.

  288. Moving on

    @ here

    ok let us say that outside the ivory tower, most NDP supporters “were never students.” Would you go as far as suggesting that majority of them do not have children in university or college?

    Either way, this debate is inconsequential to the issue at hand. I apologize for wasting the blog space.

  289. G

    @ moving on

    I agree most of the NDP’s voters are union workers it does not surprise me that they are supporting them even though it sucks for us students. They will work for those that support them and let’s be honest most students do not vote for the NDP me included.

  290. Yorkie

    So, it’s a majority vote for each party then? That how it works?



  292. Disaffected Yufite

    Even though Hampton has come out against the vote, that’s not necessarily mean everyone will vote along party lines.

    Best case scenario: What if even Hampton is only going through the motions because he’s not comfortable about the precedent this sets and can’t afford to be seen as not supporting workers in a labour dispute? If he says the opposition will only delay the bill for a few days, perhaps they’ll do what they have to do because of their party platform, but do it quickly. Surely at least one of these MPPs has a son or daughter enrolled at York. I’m hoping that in respect for what’s at stake, the NDP will only make as much noise as they feel necessary before letting this go to a vote.

  293. yorkboy

    That’s what it sounds like yorkie

  294. CUPE greed fail

    NDP gain student votes because they support the lower class, while in school, students are lower class. Once out of school, many have a change of political heart. Also, note the type of students who are NDP supporters. Definitely most business or economics students do not vote NDP. Perhaps being a business student, and a conservative voter, I am biased.

  295. CUPE greed fail

    Hampton supporting BTWL would be blasphemy.

  296. M

    @ disgruntled student:
    Are you either a first year sociology or first year psychology student?. . Just wondering because you sure sound as stupid as one!

  297. UnderGrad Int'l

    I missed the rally planning meeting today. What is happening in light of this new development!


    new posts on cupe website:

    Dear members of CUPE 3903,

    By now you have heard that the province is going to legislate us back-to-work. We understand that you have many questions, comments, concerns, suggestions about how to proceed and that we need to discuss collectively. Please be patient and the Executive will endeavour to release a statement shortly explaining what options we have now.
    1. Fight Back to Work Legislation!
    Be at Queens Park tomorrow (Sunday) at 12 p.m.
    3902 (U of T) will be at the rally in large numbers tomorrow in solidarity. In addition, 3908 (Trent) is planning an action at McGuinty’s office in Ottawa.

    2. Townhall Meeting.
    Monday, January 26: 6pm-9pm. Trinity St. Paul Church, 427 Bloor Street West
    Members will likely have many questions about this, and so this townhall is being organized to try and address member concerns.

    3. GMM. Tuesday, January 27, evening.
    Details to follow.

    Joint BT-Exec Statement on Binding Arbitration

    To the members of CUPE 3903:

    Early Saturday morning, January 24, 2009 the Bargaining Team and the Executive of CUPE 3903 held an emergency meeting. We voted, by a substantial majority, to reject binding arbitration and to offer to continue to bargain.

    York University made it clear that they had no intention of bargaining. The mediator indicated that York held their position on the basis of both economic feasibility and principle. Although we significantly lowered our demands, York made no movement and offered the same pass that members rejected by 63% in forced ratification.

    At midnight, the mediator made it clear that if 3903 did not accept binding arbitration, then they would be contacting Premier Dalton McGuinty, and the outcome would be back-to-work legislation.

    We feel that it was inappropriate for the mediator to set us this impossible choice between binding arbitration and back-to-work legislation, with a 7:00am deadline. Although we have no way of knowing how the employer was treated, from our point of view, the responsibility fell on our union to decide between two unpalatable choices.

    The Bargaining Team and the Executive feel that our demands are fair. The mediator asked us to reduce our demands to a few key priorities. We dropped our demands on wage increases in response to feedback from the membership at the January 21 General Membership Meeting. We withdrew over 40 outstanding proposals. We continue to emphasize that minimum guarantees, job security, and child care funds are essential to our members. Because York offered a three-year deal with a two-year funding structure, with poor back-to-work protocol, we were unable to accept their offer. At the same time, York has made it clear that regardless of how often we lower our demands, they dismiss the value of our members, and refuse to give our members the respect they deserve.

    We are convinced that by rejecting binding arbitration, we are keeping members’ best interests in mind. We lose very little by refusing binding arbitration. We have rejected binding arbitration since bargaining began, and it would be inappropriate to accept it now. We considered carefully the larger political implications of our decision. We want to continue to bargain on our own terms. We refuse to undermine the dignity of our members by accepting an offer that our members already rejected.

  299. Sylvia Bereskin

    So here’s my question. With York’s history of these strikes, and repeated “screwing” of its students, why do folks continue to apply there? I’m unfortunately a CUPE member myself (would quit if I could) and honestly I’m tired of hearing about the dignity of the workers with total disregard for the dignity of the students. What really surprised me a couple of days ago, when talking with a York student, was that in the end we give huge amounts of money in the form of tuition without a real contract for anything in return. How long should that continue?

  300. Bob Sternman

    U of T = ivory tower

    Damn all those smart students getting an education they paid for…

  301. Pingback: Gavan Central » York University Back-to-Work Legislation Round-up

  302. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty supports the right to strike by CUPE 3903 and we will continue to be there to support them.

    If the McGuinty government enacts a law to force these workers back to work the workers should refuse to follow such an unjust abuse of their human rights!

  303. Basil El-Salviti

    @ OCAP

    Excuse me? That had to be one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read on this forum. Abuse of human rights…………….that’s a laugh.

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