Invalidating the recent “Why is York really sending 5000 students back?” Post

by the anonymous writer only known as B. 

According to a recent post by an anonymous contributor, there are two repercussions to the resumption of classes for 5,000 students:

1. The first implication is that: Obviously, there would be plenty of students who decided not to resume class. I am predicting 5%-10% at the moment for Schulich and even greater for Atkinson. This will force University to provide accomodation and arrangement. This will result in additional cost in hiring lecturers / accomodating two different sections now. 

2. The senate can easily say that they will do whatever it takes to ensure students who don’t go to class will be protected. At the end of the day, uninformed student will decide not go to class? will that student be screwed? most certainly.

These theoretical repercussions are quite uninformed and not researched. 

To begin with, the claims that the university will be forced to hire lecturers and incur additional costs in the process can be disproved by the following statement from released to address remediation concerns among ADMS students:
“For students who do not wish to resume courses until the strike is over, materials will be made available as alternative remediation. If you choose this alternative remediation, in-class sessions will not be available to you.” 

-Message from Professor Paul Evans, School Director (January 22) found at

The university is not incurring any additional costs by having to hire lecturers to hold different sections for those students choosing not to participate in the resumption of ADMS courses. They clearly state that there will be no in-class sessions for those who forgo the ones taking place during this return to classes beginning the week of January 26th. 

Secondly, the Senate has approved the resumption of FALL courses and full year courses. Not the start of Winter term. When Fall semester remediation concludes, there is a winter break scheduled. If the Senate will approve resumption of winter remains to be seen. Thus, the chaos predicted isn’t at all relevant.


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  1. Bob Sternman

    I will acknowledge that I at least skimmed through your article…

    It doesn’t look like it garnered ANY ATTENTION…


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