More than 5,000 students can return to class Monday

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This toolkit is a compendium of news and links relating to the strike by Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903, which represents teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants at York University. The strike began on Nov. 6. For immediate information or to report picket line issues, call the Strike Hotline at 416-650-8420.

Senate Executive approvals of classes: More than 5,000 students in four separate areas will be able to resume classes on Monday, Jan. 26 under decisions made by the Executive Committee of York’s Senate. They are:

  • students in the School of Administrative Studies in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies;
  • undergraduates in the Schulich School of Business;
  • students in the Faculty of Education’s Pre-Service Full Time Consecutive Program, for which the Ontario Teachers’ Federation has lifted its suspension of practica;
  • students in the Master of Public Policy, Administration & Law Program in Atkinson.

Units involved have given undertakings that there will be no replacement of work done by CUPE 3903 instructors, and in the case of the Education students, that remediation will provide for the later resumption of courses taught by CUPE 3903 instructors. 

Students who choose not to participate in resumed classes will continue to receive the protections and accommodations set out in Senate legislation.



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237 responses to “More than 5,000 students can return to class Monday

  1. bigD

    Am I the only one that thinks this is bs for all the other students? York is pretty much saying that those programs are more important than others (especially with that atkinson admin crap).

  2. Ms Doan

    nope, its because these programs are not being instructed by CUPE members

  3. Ms Doan

    but i also admit its unfair to other 45k students.

  4. TRUTH

    Hate all the democrats. Electing bbama is a good sign why the capilasim is failing.

    Demand the impossible

    Viva La Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  5. Atkinson student

    I take HR management in the school of admin studies so this is good news but I’m fairly confused. I haven’t seen this announcement anywhere on the main site. Shouldn’t we atleast be emailed? Maybe we’ll hear more early tomorrow morning. But is it only certain courses or what? Because I changed from Business Econ recently and I’m still taking courses from that major. Including General credits. As far as I know my professors were involved in the strike. Should I show up to school on Monday or not?

  6. Asal

    It could also mean they have plans to cancle the year for the rest becaus ethey thing the rest are not smart enough. who knows?

  7. piece of the pie

    It is a tease for the other 45000 students. I just dont understand why it took them this long to realize these programs were unaffected

  8. Hassan *mashed

    @ Atkinson student

    Totally up to you bu persoannly I wouldn’t bother. It seems the year will be cancelled anyway.

  9. piece of the pie


    The only thing that is failing is your spelling.
    You need to research some economic and political history if you really think the demise of capitalism is a good thing.

  10. Insider2

    @ piece of the pie

    As I said, York already have some plans for the rest. Unfortunately cancelling the year is on top f the list.

  11. Hassan *mashed


    I am very angry now (alabina yalla)

  12. ThePicketLine

    So how does this work? If you don’t want to go you don’t have to? How will this impact exams and assignments?

  13. back in class

    York should have done this for everyone to help people get into the study mode

  14. Hassan *mashed

    @ TRUTH

    Hi there

  15. Atkinson student

    @ Hassan*mashed

    Thanks I guess I’ll wait till the weekend to hear more. I do like hearing that I’m in the 5000 students (sorry to the rest of you) but I don’t really want to go if it’s all for no reason in the end.

    Think it’s time to start looking at other universities for a transfer.

  16. back in class

    According to the previous remediations we were supposed to meet on virtual days as well. Is that still applicable for people going back on Monday?

  17. piece of the pie

    They cannot feasibly cancel the year. Stop talking nonsense. If anything, they will cancel the summer semester. They cannot refund the tuition already paid because if you are an ‘insider’ you would know that 40% of the schools operating capital comes from tuition alone.

  18. Soo

    @ back in class

    Unfortunatelly I think insider 2 has a point. I do not understand the exception too if hey plan to get all the people back?

  19. ram

    york is the most disorganized irresponsible malfunctioning that is led by a leader with no leadership traits and that is adept at misallocating its funds but PR tactics. Shame on york! shame on shoukri! shame on drummond! shame on drummond! shame on everybody in york !

  20. TRUTH

    Shame on you ram!

  21. b.ed

    What they said about the B.ed students….is it all B.ed students or just those who are consecutive…are concurrent students still screwed?…..If so, that’s total crap! Why let certain students in the same program back, but not others??

  22. ram

    this time, i do not think the negotiations would last hours together. May be quick 3 to 4 hour negotiations will be good.
    Last negotiations, before they called on for forced ratification continued for 5 days, negotiating 12 hours every day.
    (60 hours of abortive negotiations!!!!)

  23. K


    M dad told me it is very likely that the year will be cancelled. very depressing…

  24. tropical sunshine

    @Atkinson student

    It is a little strange that it isnt mentioned on the main york website but I guess Yfile is pretty official. For the record though, Schulich students received an e-mail from their Dean.

  25. piece of the pie

    K- sorry your dad is wrong.

    There is way too much at stake to cancel the year. that would mean all of york staff would have 1 year off, refund of tuition, loss of tuition, all private businesses would likely close shop, not to mention the bad PR for putting everyones life on hold for a year.

    If they were to cancel the entire year, guaranteed there will be less than 20,000 students enrolled next september.

    Lets just all think logically for a minute.

  26. Atkinson student

    @ tropical sunshine

    I don’t usually go on Yfile. I only happened to come across this as a friend had put it up on her Facebook status.

    I still have questions though. I was taking business economics courses (which don’t come under school of admin studies) and have only recently transferred into HR management. However, I was and am still taking courses under business economics so do I come under this or not?

    Should I show up and see if my profs are even there because before the strike started they told me they were taking part in it.

  27. E.

    I don’t understand what makes these programs any better than the remaining programs/classes still on strike.

  28. rawr

    wait so… is it optional for atkinson students? and what if we’re HR management majors? are we counted into school of admin or are we counted under school of HR? X_X

  29. Atkinson student

    Isn’t there something in the ‘contract’ we sign before we hand pay tuition that even under circumstances like a strike or cancellation of a semester etc. our money is non refundable?

  30. Ms Doan

    also check this most recent msg from President Shoukri who has no concrete plan to move forward with the negotiation.

  31. piece of the pie

    @tropical sunshine

    Thats from the york secretariat. Thats pretty official.

  32. Ms Doan

    what the heck does this mean by ….” Students who choose not to participate in resumed classes will continue to receive the protections and accommodations set out in Senate legislation..” ???

    does it apply to these 5k, the other 45k or the whole 50k students?

    im misled !

  33. Atkinson student

    *whistles to self and drums fingers on desk*

  34. rawr

    alright thanks!!
    so is it optional for us to go back? and what if we choose not to resume now?

  35. Schulicher

    @Ms Doan

    its for the 5k and anybody else that’s in class before the strike is over. YOu basically have the choice not to go to class, not to submit assignments, do work etc, and they must accomodate you once the strike ends.

    How that would work in practice, I have no clue. I don’t think there will be many people who want to call on that option though.

  36. Atkinson student

    Dunno. I’m doing BHRM just like you so we’re both in the same boat lol.
    Just wait to hear something more I guess…

  37. Atkinson student

    *goes back to watching How I met your Mother*

  38. tired of no school

    Okay, so I would like some clarification, if you’re in admin, you’re back in classes (if you want to) but say communications (myself). Not back?

  39. Atkinson student

    @ tired of no school

    Us admin students are as confused as you. No idea what’s going on.

  40. Ed student

    “Why let certain students in the same program back, but not others??”

    Because consecutive students in the 1yr program are applying now and upcoming jobs for 2009 are at stake. If you check your first class account instead of posting stupid questions here, you’ll realize that concurrent students can go back to their practicums. This should be enough to satisfy you until later on 🙂

  41. kawaiihawaii

    It was a little confusing to get that the ADMS courses are back, but I’m glad. Hopefully, this means that ALL the other courses will get back soon as well!
    Its awkward for me, going back to 3 of my 5 classes (other 2 are in polysci and arts). But it beats having no class. In my mind, or maybe i’m just being optimistic, everyone will be back soon 🙂

  42. Atkinson student

    I’m going to wait till there’s an update on my ADMS course page before I show up to an empty class on Thursday.

  43. Atkinson student


    Where is the said article?

  44. WWF

    Hey a question.. If I’m in Faculty of health, but am taking a Intro to administrative studies course…. Does this mean I should go to class for that one course only??


  45. ADMS Student

    I have the same question as Atkinson student. The link is no where to be found on the main page. Kind of weird, eh?

  46. KAZZA

    I am very confused. If students are still protected does that mean the University will still hold exams in these courses. If so will it be easy to differ your exam if you say you support the strike? Are we just supposed to go to our classes as normal next week? There is not much info up there????

  47. piece of the pie

    Im willing to bet adms students will receive a confirm email early tomorrow.

    Or just call atkinson to confirm.

    This is going to be organized chaos.

  48. piece of the pie

    I also dont think its not explicitly stated on the website because this would cause an uproar of 45,000

  49. Atkinson student

    piece of the pie i saw the direct link. i’d like to know where i can access it if i click on the main ylife page first. because i dont see it. this is all very dodgy.

    and yep adms student i guess we’ll just have to wait and see lol.

  50. CUPE member with child


    I think that those of you interested in resuming school as quickly as possible would do well to read Basil’s opinion peace very carefully, regardless of any disagreements you might have towards his positions on unions in general.

    Allow me to sum up the options for resuming school quickly:

    Option #1: Pressure CUPE to concede to York’s current offer. So far this has been the tactic suggested by most people on this blog. By pressuring rank and file CUPE members at the picket lines, on this blog, on facebook, in other media, etc. it was possible that these regular rank and file members might concede to the university’s offer out of embarassment and sympathy for the plight of those undergraduate students who wish to return to school quickly no matter what the settlement. There was, however, a limited window of opportunity for in which this option might work. The university called its forced ratification vote which, with the help of angry undergrads, was its only opportunity to break the union using this option. The union’s membership rejected the offer. Now, and this is a fact, the university cannot propose an offer to the union’s general membership without it first being approved by the union’s bargaining team. In other words, it is impossible to simply break the will of the union through its regular members because the regular members have little say as to if they’ll even vote on what the university offers. First, you’d have to pressure the union’s bargaining team to take York’s next offer (or still the current one) back to the membership once again. Not only has all the pressure thus far led the union’s bargaining team to reject the offer, but so has the general membership.

    In short: do you think you could mount enough even more pressure, first on the union’s bargaining team, and then on regular rank and file members, to see this through to a successful resolution with expediance? All signs thus far point to ‘no’.

    Option #2: Exert enough pressure on the Liberal government to reconvene the legislature early and enact back to work legislation. So far some pressure has been mounted on the government through some student rallies and a little help from a conservative MP, but has thus far failed to produce results. In his press release today Dalton McGuinty committed to giving York and the Union more time, appointed a new mediator, and reaffirmed his belief in the bargaining process. While he did indicate that he may eventually attempt back to work legislation, there’s no clear idea as to when – except that it won’t be immediately. Furthermore, even if McGuinty does eventually enact back to work legislation, CUPE may challenge such legislation in the Ontario Court of Appeal (similar to the notion of a “supreme court”). When, if ever, will McGuinty be willing to make such a gamble, and one that he may even possibly lose? The obvious answer is definitely not right away, maybe even no time soon, and maybe never.

    Option #3: Pressure York university to negotiate a settlement with the union. So far it doesn’t appear that a lot of undergraduate students have attempted this option, but have instead opted for options 1 and/or 2. Several advantages to this option: a) cupe is wililng to negotiate so half of the parties are already there, and b) the McGuinty government would much rather see a negotiated settlement than attempt back to work legislation, c) it’s the most likely to succeed in getting classes resumed within the next 2 weeks.

    What are some of the disadvantages of option 3 to some people?

    1) Those who want to see cupe suffer would be dissapointed.
    2) The university would be forced to pay cupe more than it has been offering so far (as of the university’s current offer). This difference would likely be less than 1.5% of the university’s overall operating budget, but nonetheless, those who believe the university is in dire financial straights would not be satisfied.
    3) According to some, the “academic integrity” of the university would be jeoperdaized. Even though there would be no new academic positions negotiated into the contract that isn’t similar to what’s been given to cupe before and nor would they be in great numbers, nonetheless, some think that it’s a step backwards in academic integrity — possibly even worth cancelling a term altogether to uphold.

    In conclusion, for those of you wishing to end the strike “as soon as possible” I suggest you read the 3 options, consider them carefully and critically, and base any actions you might take accordingly.



  51. Ed student

    piece of the pie
    January 21, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    I also dont think its not explicitly stated on the website because this would cause an uproar of 45,000
    Very observant. I’d have to agree.

    This decision wasn’t announced nor sent through to students. Either they want it kept quiet or maybe the admin simply doesn’t know what the fuck it is doing.

  52. Ed student

    CUPE member with child
    January 21, 2009 at 9:48 pm


    I think that those of you interested in resuming school as quickly as possible would do well to read Basil’s opinion peace very carefully, regardless of any disagreements you might have towards his positions on unions in general.

    Option #4: I stop giving a shit about your marxist diatribes which are in the stratosphere now. I used to side with CUPE but then I decided that going back to school to get hired was better than sacrificing my life to you wanting more security in a job you already may have. I am glad to get on with school and life instead of being held hostage by 3,400 people who in truth probably don’t give a shit about my situation or everyone else’s.

  53. Atkinson student

    If they’re not going to announce it shall we sit here pretending we didn’t see it then? 😉

  54. CUPE member with child

    *Basil’s opinion piece (not peace).

  55. Ed student


    Your post contains spelling mistakes often addressed throughout the course of high school. For you to talk about the ‘erosion of education’, you need to look no further than your own post. How can we take you guys seriously if you can’t even spell properly? And you’re fighting for ‘education’? Clowns.

  56. THINK!

    If its not posted from the main YORK website, then do not consider it official!

    Think about it.. when Osgoode students went back.. they announced it ! regardless if it would piss off 50,000+ people!

    It seems as though the mods on this site, prematurely posted this article without proper vetting.

  57. piece of the pie

    I always get a laugh when I hear a CUPE member claim they are striking “for the students”. Greedy pigs.

  58. Ed student


    Is the above a york university website? It sort of looks like it is! Fancy that.

  59. piece of the pie

    A THINK!

    Its posted in the york secretariat updates as well (pretty official).

  60. KAZZA

    So is this article legit or not? Are Adms students going back to class Monday? It is attached to the main York web page so somebody had to have put it there.

  61. Ed student

    THINK! = cupe malefactor.

  62. YorkStudent

    They already announced on the news that Schulich students will be starting back on Monday. The reason for this being, the Dean of Schulich sent an email out to students (and most likely the media) saying that they would be starting. I think its only a matter of time before the other faculties (ie. Atkinson) send out an email. Remember, this was made known (posted) late in the evening. The administrators probably did not want to make everything public yet, until CUPE and York meet tomorrow with the mediator. If this does happen, there will be a lot of confusion, anger, and resentment. I also think this might be a move in order to get CUPE to agree to a settlement. Furthermore, I believe the reason for those specific programs and faculty are becuase they do not have TAs, GAs, or contract faculty teaching the courses.

  63. Atkinson student

    THINK! has a point.

    Like I said Ed Student, if you actually go on the main Ylife page you can’t find a link to said article.

    Also piece of the pie that pdf document you are linking was last updated 11 december.

    Seriously guys….

  64. Ed student

    @Atkinson student

    Ed students have already been advised by their course directors to show up to class next week. This is on top of ed students returning to their practicums.

    Seriously guys…

  65. Atkinson student

    Have fun then.

    I’ll wait on an email.

  66. piece of the pie

    @ atkin stu

    no it was updated jan 21, look at the title of the link. I really dont think the university is duping us here. I guess we will find out for sure tomorrow.

  67. Atkinson student

    @ piece of pie

    sorry missed that. yea i think it’s best to just wait.

  68. piece of the pie

    That would be a real shitter though. It would be like giving a kid an empty playstation3 box for christmas.

  69. Ed student

    lmao potp

  70. THINK!

    YES I see taht you have the direct links…. but use your brain please.

    Try finding those documents from the MAIN YORK page.. i.e. The Main secretariat homepage
    or the MAIN Ylife homepage….
    you will find that they are not available to the public..

    And on the secretariat pdf….. at the very bottom… Do you not see “Updated December 11, 2008” Doesn’t that seem strange to you?

    Lemme guess, you believe all those spam e-mails you get from the ‘bank’ asking for your account and PIN # are really comming from the bank? puhleeeze.

  71. may

    @ cupe member with child, well what about this two year deal, the university is adamently against it, it seems, is cupe willing to give that up

  72. piece of the pie

    @ THINK!
    man its on the main secretariat page.

    Whatever. It is what it is, and we will find out for sure soon enough.

  73. THINK!

    ok on second thought.. Yes it COULD be unrealeased info.. but even in that event, it is still not for public consumption…. brain use is still warranted.

  74. THINK!

    @ piece…

    its not there… on the main ylife page… quit the misinformation.

  75. piece of the pie


    Like I said previously the reason its most likely hidden from front page headlines is because it would cause an outrage.

  76. piece of the pie

    dude I swear its on the main secretariat page, im really not going to spell it out for you, you can look for yourself.

  77. Atkinson student

    it would cause an outrage if classes were resumed and roughly 4900 students didnt even know they were supposed to be back in class.

  78. Ed student


    University-Wide and Faculty-Specific Information on Suspension of Academic Activities: Definition, Extent and Exceptions (Updated: January 21, 2009)

    Readjust your tinfoil hat mon ami.

  79. jacky

    do you think if nothing can be settled this week 26th onwards
    would everything be settled and start school the week after which is 2nd of feb?

  80. CUPE member with child


    Ah yes, I did forget to list that in opposition to option #3 – thanks for pointing it out, and for carefully reading my post.

    To answer your question, it came up at the GMM today with some members interested in dropping it and others opposed. The reasons in opposing dropping the offer most predominantly revolved around the fact that most aspect sof the contract negotiated so far have been done so in the context of a 2 year deal – so nothing has been negotiated for a 3rd year. Unless the bargaining team went back and restaked positions on everything so far, which would be quite time consuming, then as it stands any “gains” over 2 years would be stretched into overall concessions over 3 years. Of course it is possible to make demands for increases to each part of the package for a 3rd year, but certainly not expedient.

    In all honesty a 2 year deal would actually expire in 18 months (?). So worries about a 2010 strike at York should be somewhat alleviated — many highly doubt that cupe members can go through this (especially if its even larger in scale) again in such a short period of time.

    So… that’s still up in the air. It might get dropped, might not, but the thinking towards “conspiracy 2010” is, in my opinion, really misplaced.

  81. CUPE member with child


    i’m still optimistic that we’ll be going back very soon. I’ve called monday, Jan 26th as the return date, and it still is possible, but you might be right that closer to Feb 2nd is more likely.

  82. THINK!

    @piece just saw what your talkin about on the secretariat page.. your right it is there.. My oversight.

    Its still not on the Ylife page though, I just want people to think before jumping on unofficial info.
    Thats all.

    I see the outrage reason… but at some point they would HAVE to announce it. They cannot keep that a secret and only tell the affected indviduals.. It would ruin Yorks cred.. Whats left of it….

  83. kasdzmcnxv

    To those posters who are butthurt about this being “unfair”:

    Just because your program is such that it can’t be resumed doesn’t mean the rest of york has to suffer. This is exactly the kind of attitude that has given CUPE3903 such disproportionate impact.

    Labour disruptions should stop whatever needs to be stopped and nothing more- it just doesn’t make sense.

    Sorry the rest of you aren’t back yet, but really it was unfair for schulich to stop from the beginning when in reality they should have been virtually unaffected.

  84. jacky

    @ CUPE member with child

    thank you for answering
    but i have a question , it is still possible that we could go back to school on the 26th even tho both sides are still so far apart?

  85. may

    @ cupe member with child, another sticking point is that job security, which the president addressed and said he doesnt agree with it at all

  86. Ed2

    ditto to what was said by atkinson student…I checked ALL of ylife, and considering this is a prominent issue i’d think that it would be easier to find. York’s website doesn’t have a direct link either, or at least not one that I have been able to find…

    Seems kind of sketchy, I suppose Atkinson and education students will have to wait for email notification to know for sure, as Schulich students already received theirs.

  87. may

    @ cupe member with child, since it stands that cupe wants 15.7 over two years, and york said 10.7 over three, if they change the deal to three years, they will most likely want close to twenty over three years, which is double

  88. may

    They are going to have to meet halfway, and for job security, york will have to concede

  89. may

    I think york might budge a bit, maybe 12 percent over three years, and cupe will have to accept it. I dont think they are going to go as high as 15 over three years.

  90. John Locke

    York just NEEDS to cancel the school year.

    For all the people whining about not cancelling the school year–tough luck.

    For all those, who are saying that the school year can go until August, must be out of their minds. Do you honestly think they will take away our summer and go until August. Brilliant analysis. Then a week (if not a couple days) later we will start a whole brand new school year.

    My goodness, I mean we are all entitled to speculate. But some of you speculate without any educated structure, or simply forget to employ common sense. If we do not go back to school until February or March, they will not take the Fall-Winter term until August. Why would they do this? If the strike was to go until February-March, I would hope this would give them more reason to cancel the school year.

    Yes, there is tons to lose, but do you think York actually cares? To think they do, is unfounded. York will HAVE to find the money to refund everyone. All this talk about York having no money is complete and utter bull-sh*t. If York has to get a massive huge loan we will get our money back, if they cancel the year.

    As for York’s reputation? What reputation? York will accept anyone who has money and a fair-decent average. Contrary to popular belief, York does not have a reputation like U of T. The students who do marginally well, will continue to apply and go to York. Unless you are at Osgoode or Schulich your faculty, school, or department has nothing to lose.

    Again, York NEEDS to either give in or cancel the year. CUPE will not back down. York will not back down. The government will not intervene. The students won’t leave the confines of their office space (or this online forum) to pressure either party. So why should people care if no one is doing anything?
    Sorry to say, this is what happens when you go to a third-rate school.

  91. Atkinson student

    Wow. That was the biggest load of bull I’ve read all day.

  92. piece of the pie

    John Locke needs to get laid. Go to York and find a girl buddy.

  93. John Locke is an idiot

    Believe the president of York or John Locke. A real no brainer.

  94. CUPE member with child

    I can’t say what exactly will be negotiated. As for job security – its nothing that hasn’t been negotiated in previous contracts and there are even some offered in this contract – mostly it’s a matter of how many. Again, this will be for the two bargaining parties to hammer out.

  95. Aaron

    With the appointment of Reg Pearson having been announced, are they meeting tomorrow to continue negotiations?

  96. rawr

    I’m pretty confident we’re going back (atkinson+schulich’s)

    as for John Locke,

    go get a life. If you’re looking for the schools reputation then go for it and hope you’re one of the lucky ones that actually graduate.
    or maybe go back to highschool and take a business course or read a newspaper and try to understand that its not that york doesn’t care, they don’t have the financial ability to do it.

    Don’t go on about the reputation and admissions crap because every university is like that, even UT.
    In fact, UT will even accept people that have an ok average and then just kick them out after. No one publishes all over the place that less than 50% of 1st year UT students actually graduate with bachelors at UT. So go out, and make some friends and ask some questions and go educate yourself a little bit before you start talking nonsense.

    I personally chose York over UT, and I’m damn proud of it, nor do I regret it. It’s not the schools fault that the union is unreasonable.

    PS: from a girl’s point of view, if you do really go to york and find a girl, I don’t think a sober girl would go for you. Just my opinion atleast.

  97. Student

    Are there really only 5,000 students in those four groups they mentioned that might return on Monday? I thought there would be a lot more. Anyone know?

  98. John Locke

    To all those who disagree with me,

    I don’t need to find a girl to get laid. Why would I need to?

    The point is YorkU is a third rate school. You all chose to go to YorkU and you are not getting an education. It sounds like a wonderful choice? Doesn’t it? You pay money to not be educated…

    To believe U of T is not a good school and/or that YorkU is better than U of T is a misguided point of view. Do research in any subject area and you will consistently see U of T researchers cited and/or the authors of journal articles on leading and important issues.

    U of T weeds out the people that can’t take the rigorous academic caliber of the school. Surely, we don’t give out degrees to anyone who has money. U of T believes in academic excellence. Take a look into the academic realms and you will see that U of T researchers have made a far greater contribution to society than that of researchers at YorkU. This is especially true in the life sciences area…

    It saddens me that many people think they can transfer to UofT just becuase they are in limbo. Why would U of T want third-rate students? Just imagine how many students would be complaining that they are not getting low-mid 90s and 100s in assignments. If anyone is considering going to U of T, be warned, our professors do not give away marks. You have to work for it. Yes, it is challenging. But future employers will see that U of T students are of great quality.

    Sober girl? YorkU? Are there sober girls at UofT? I don’t even want to get started on the schools safety record. I mean, how many sexual assaults have taken place on that campus over the past few years? Not to mention the schools history is bland. Oh Yorkers…As the old adage goes, “if you can hold a fork, you can go to york”…

  99. Fat Kid on the Playground

    If you love UofT why don’t you marry it?

    Also: John Locke is for the beavers; uh…UofT is all about John Rawls, now…duh.

  100. John Locke


    …Are there sober girls at YORKU?

  101. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    My relationship with academia is intimate…But I don’t think I need to marry U of T.

  102. Fat Kid on the Playground

    Calling York a “3rd Rate School” seems to indicate otherwise. You don’t know who knows who. I would be careful what kind of crap you talk about entire institutions in academia which is much smaller than you might think.

  103. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    I do not understand what you mean by, “you don’t know who knows who.” ?

    I may go as far as considering it second-rate, but it is definietly not first-rate.

    Why do I need to be careful?

    Are you telling me that it is unknown to the world that YorkU is a fairly crap school? I mean, this is no secret. If so, I am sorry for telling everyone. But doesn’t the public have a right to know?

    YorkU is no where close to U of T. It’s like comparing apples and oranges…

  104. Fat Kid on the Playground

    I’m so effing bored:

    Here’s one for you: since beavers add their labour to nature/unused land/stuff – doesn’t that mean that they have created property under Locke’s definition?

    In answer to your question(s): I have a lot of friends at UofT, most people do. Lots of (cool) people at UofT have friends at York. Some people have family that teach there and vice versa. Relative to Harvard, UofT is a shit school in a lot of people’s eyes. I guess I just mean, you shouldn’t slag off York when you don’t know who has a partner or friend at York (which is usually everyone).

    York has always been a social science school, I can tell you – the rigor you apply is up to the student – and in the end, UofT doesn’t graduate as many people into professorships as you might think, and unlike York they are more self-conscious about hiring their own graduates on. Apples/Oranges doesn’t mean that one is bad and the other is good – just they’re good at different things.

  105. Aaron

    Umm, what exactly is the purpose of this elitism? It is well known that both York U and U of T have fairly lenient admission standards. Just because York is situated in U of T’s shadow doesn’t mean it is a second-rate school. It is a leading voice in the social sciences. Even if you don’t value that, many others do.

    York curves marks just as U of T does, and many TA’s at York are also strict markers.

    There isn’t a substantial difference between a lot of the big universities in Canada. A lot depends on what program you are entering, what kind of school environment you are seeking, and the subjectivity of personal experience.

    I rejected an offer to U of T based on the fact that I didn’t want to be surrounded by competitive elitists (as you are now portraying yourself) on a campus with little sense of community. Also, it has been proven that where you acquire your bachelor degree means little if you wish to apply to graduate school. Your marks are what matter.

    This derogation of York is unnecessary and baseless.

  106. Fat Kid on the Playground

    I agree with you Aaron,

    Let’s really get down to brass tacks. York’s Social and Political Thought program takes on ~10 people a year. U of T’s Political Theory takes on over 70.

    How much individual attention are those 70 getting? If you can use that to bounce into a position with someone at a higher ranked US school – then maybe that’s what you do; but in terms of quality of education you have a huge cash grab there at the MA level; Queen’s Poli Sci MA is even worse. Let’s be honest – we might be a little more touchy-feely at York, but that’s not always a bad thing. IN the end, as much as politics are involved, it’s your work that matters, and York is a great place to live and work and play – when something special is under attack you have to defend it.

  107. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    I, too, have friends and family friends who are students and tenured professors at YorkU. They all know all how I feel. I have a lot of pride in my school. It should be pretty evident.

    Harvard is differently at a different level when being compared to U of T. However, consistently, U of T is referred to as the Harvard of the North. While, YorkU has never (and in my opinion, will never) be equated to such a school. Harvard is # 1 for a variety of reasons…the key things being funding/endowments and the years of establishment. However, on an international scale, U of T is doing well. Admittedly, there is room for improvement.

    I understand your point that I can essentially shoot myself in the foot for my views and thoughts of YorkU. I am very careful, trust me. I mean, I would never bring up such a topic in an interview or when I first meet someone. When the topic does come up, I tend to back myself up. However, it bothers me that once I do back myself up, people automatically reject my arguments and consider me as smug or arrogant–as this is not the case.

    The apples and oranges analogy tries to explore the idea that U of T and YorkU are actually not on the same level to even be compared.

    By rigor, I refer to the challenging programs and high standards that U of T has. While in high school, I took enriched/gifted courses as they were more rigorous and challenging. I could have done the other mainstream academic courses, but the program was not as rigorous–rather easy. Too many times, I hear from friends at YorkU who admit that the standards are rather low and the marking is relatively and lenient (primarily social science)…It bothers me because they believe they are so smart, for getting 80s or 90s for what, I consider to be mediocre quality work. Then again, I am basing this on the U of T standards, which is very demanding. Many YorkU students (aside from the business and law schools) admit that it is an easy school. It really does sound like they are giving away grades at YorkU. The school needs to play their part in creating a rigorous program, unless they aim for mediocrity. This is what I argue…

    Perhaps, YorkU is self-conscious about hiring there own kind because they know the quality. Whereas, U of T knows a Masters or Doctoral student is of great quality. You must admit that a U of T Ph.D., and a YorkU Ph.D., in the eyes of an employer are very different. I firmly believe that an employer would not treat both candidates on a equal footing. It is well know that U of T students have to work 10x harder to get 80s and 90s. TAs and Profs consistently compare us to York when it comes to grading…”if you want an easy 90, take the bus to YorkU”

  108. John Locke

    @ Aaron

    U of T admissions standards are very high. I assure you. You can do some research on this.

    I regard the social sciences and humanities as very important to the university and society. Hence, why I am in Soc/Hum/Sci program.

    Do you honestly think that schools don’t take into consideration where your degree is from? An 80 from U of T and an 80 from Trent, is not the same…I would hope that a graduate school would take this into consideration. If a school is known to be easy, it should devalue there marks too.

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    While, I don’t know if this U of T program you speak of takes on 70 students, I will agree with you for the time being. Just because has 70 students, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Political Science Department can’t have a high teacher to student ratio. For all we know the group of 70 can be broken down into small groups with 20 professors.

  109. Fat Kid on the Playground

    I think I would make the general argument, that the schools generally regarded as being on a ‘higher level’ are the ones that have the largest endowment – or in other words: the ones where rich people send their kids.

    Generally speaking, upper-middle class people that I know tend to work harder than the kids I grew up with in a working class town. I don’t blame the kids, or think they’re lazy by nature or something like that – their parents just had no idea what it takes to get ahead, or were totally uninterested in that. York has traditionally taken on (by choice, or by default) more kids from these families and more varied backgrounds. I think it is something we should be extremely proud of.

    I think employers look at work experience far more than a degree – unless you find someone that went to UofT and thinks the schools is great – equally you run the chance of finding someone who went to York and thinks UofT grads are stuck up and elitist – “why would I hire someone who thinks they’re too good for this job?” Academia and the “real world” are two different things, so I don’t think you can really cross over the two things.

    I think a lot of people that do well at York aren’t really aware of how much work it takes to compete at UofT or a big US school; but I don’t think that means you can’t prepare yourself well at York; they’re different learning environments. Ultimately, once you become a self-directed learner, and that’s all you do – then your grade doesn’t matter anymore; it is the quality of your work and how you can live with your own effort. At least this is how I feel.

  110. John Locke

    Derogation? But it is true.

    In short, YorkU is not a top tier school. To think otherwise is baseless.

    Look at the facts.

    I do admit, however, that Osgoode and Schulich are good schools. It is also very clear that these schools stand out from York University. Hence, why they have different names and rarely brand the York University name to these schools. The standards of the above-mentioned schools are very high. Why is it that other faculties at York don’t stand out in the ways these schools do? Why is it that friends at Osgoode and Schulich are of high quality? Why is it that high marks are not given out at these schools? Why is it that these schools have already been back (or are goinf back in the near foreseeable future)? While the other departments/faculties remain in limbo…It is very telling where YorkU has there priorities. York has a high academic standard that they can’t afford to risk (in relation to Osgoode and Schulich).

    Again, look at the facts…

  111. Aaron

    It is interesting that you are using the name of a great philsopher yet commit so many logical fallacies.

    Your entire argument is basically begging the question. You’re arguing in a circle by assuming that it is an unequivocal truth that York is a bad school. There is no evidence to suggest that they are an unreputable institution. At the very least, you haven’t provided any thus far.

    You relied on a hasty generalization by referencing your friends as a basis for proving that York marks too leniently. I can counter that with a similar claim. Many intelligent friends who also go to York have talked of several Professors who marked harshly or wrote particularly difficult tests. It is a poor method for supporting a claim.

    You’re also using an invalid argument by implying that because U of T marks very harshly, it means that York automatically marks leniently.

    “Perhaps, YorkU is self-conscious about hiring there own kind because they know the quality.”

    I don’t think York U is self-conscious at all about hiring THEIR own kind.

    “Then again, I am basing this on the U of T standards, which is very demanding.”

    It does not appear that they ARE demanding enough.

    I could have pointed out several other examples of poor writing in that post. If you are going to be condescending in your assessment of York, you should at least refrain from making such obvious grammatical errors. It would also be nice if you employed better logic.

  112. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    I agree, work experience plays a big part. However, where you completed your degree is also an indicator of what type of person you are. This is also dependent on your marks too.

    I think U of T prepares me well for competing at a big US school. I am also happy that it is challenging. I have a tendency to be less motivated if things are way to easy. Also, the competitiveness keeps me on my toes.

    Grades matter when you need to get into a good grad school.

    Anyways, I think I made my point. It is inevitable to do that, without being branded as an elitist or stuck up. But, what can I do?

  113. Fat Kid on the Playground

    I think you are confusing “expensive” with “good”; as I already pointed out SPT is the most competitive program at York, and probably in the province. Lots of people don’t get in, so they go to UofT, or Trent, or somewhere else.
    Being “good” usually means having the money to keep class sizes small, which is why there is a lot of pressure on York’s smaller programs to bump up enrollments – because we need more money to fund our new priorities (ie. NOT social science).

  114. John Locke

    Admittedly, I have been careless with some of my sentences in my post. However, I am doing several things at once and did not feel like correcting some things. It’s also past 5am…I thank-you for pointing out this. I guess you are destined to argue by critiquing ones minor grammatical errors, rather than the actual argument. Though, I admit, mistakes do happen.

    This is empirical.

    I don’t have concrete research. However, it is well known that YorkU is far inferior than U of T.

    I am done for now as I need some sleep. You will never convince me otherwise. One day you will be working for a U of T grad. Oh, how bitter you will be.

  115. Fat Kid on the Playground

    You have to acknowledge that good students come from all over.
    Not everyone learns well in UofT’s style. It is like law school from day 1 of undergrad.

    There are plenty of studies on how this model of learning encourages certain kinds of learning and interaction – so I’m not convinced it is ALL good.

    Personally, I like it, but to a point. I don’t like feeling alienated from my teachers and peers; you just need to acknowledge that there are other ways of doing things which are just as good, if not better – but that we reward certain kinds of intelligence.

    I had an ongoing debate with a friend about standardized tests. He is a psychology person. I say that these tests reinforce learning ‘by wrote’ and logic; whereas they are less able to test other forms of knowledge – for example: “street smarts” or social skills; his point, and I concede it is good is that they are generally good predictors of success at whatever academic level. Does that mean that you are smart because you aced the LSAT? Well, not necessarily, it just means you are good at what Law Schools want you to be good at – it might not make you suited to be a psychologist, or a doctor, or whatever. In the end, the tests don’t measure some kind of abstract “intelligence” – only what we value as intelligent, and in specific criteria.

  116. John Locke

    @Fat Kid on the Playground

    It sounds like students that do not get in are better off at U of T anyway…

    You won’t change my opinion of YorkU, unless they change their standards…

  117. Fat Kid on the Playground

    I assure, I will never be “working for” anyone; if I get tenure, then I have tenure. If I don’t, I will be self-employed.

    I really hoped that you would see that your vision of UofT as being self-evidently superior is misguided. I wasn’t trying to pick on your grammar – what I’m saying is that generally speaking where the ruling class chooses to get its schooling tends to be regarded as ‘better’ – even if they aren’t always. If I picked on someone for grammar or spelling on the internet, I would open up a whole can of worms on myself that would be too much to handle!

  118. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    Interesting points.

    Anyways, this was a good discussion.

    At least, you were able to carry on a good discussion unlike Aaron…

    I need sleep.

    Go well!

  119. Aaron

    Uhhh, John Locke, I suggest you read the entirety of my post where I assailed your lack of proper logic.

  120. John Locke

    No, I was referring to Aaron…he ruined this.

    You have some points, I may consider…

  121. John Locke


    I have nothing to say to you….

    @Fat Kid on the Playground,

    Till noon break…

  122. Fat Kid on the Playground

    John Locke,

    If you knew what some Professors said about students, I think you might change your mind.

    Also, I don’t think UofT’s ‘standards’ are all that impressive all the time. If you ask me, there are some fairly obvious ways to get good grades there with a minimum of effort.

  123. Aaron


    You have nothing to say because your argument was poor from the beginning.

  124. John Locke

    @ Aaron

    That is not true.

    This discussion was between Fat Kid on the Playground and myself.

    Then you stepped in and began to be nit picky on my minor grammatical errors. You were not here to discuss the issue, but rather attack someone on something relatively minor and unrelated…

    It is like someone who is losing an argument, then says…”Well, you’re stupid” et cetera…

    Oh Aaron…

  125. Fat Kid on the Playground

    Social contract theorists – can’t take the heat!

  126. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    How can one get grade with minimal effort? This is news to me…

    I am interested to here how some are getting away with working hard.

    I would hope the standards are fair and consistent across the board. It would sadden me, if it wasn’t.

    And yes, I have met my fair share of pretentious and pompous professors. Not all the profs are saints, that’s for sure.

  127. Fat Kid on the Playground

    I’m finishing a paper – right now the last half a page just says “screw Flanders” like 80 times.

  128. John Locke

    Was that directed at me?

    I am thinking so…

  129. John Locke

    Good luck on your paper…

    Oh man, I just realized, that once the majority gets back on this forum and sees the discussion that took place (that’s if they bother to read it)…a furry of opinions will ensue…

    Oh well…

  130. Fat Kid on the Playground

    Well, it helps if you are already a cute girl and you TA/instructor is a male. That’s always a good one.

    You can just buy papers, which is another good one, especially if you have cash money. A friend of a friend once told me he wrote 10 papers a week for over a year after graduation. Even that stupid can’t catch that scheme. That is actually more like cheating, but desperate times – also I think Will Ferrel plays this guy in some movie I saw in the last few years.

    Flattery is good, or just writing a paper on an idea you can tell the prof will use (based on their current/latest writings) – this might not SEEM as easy, but it really is. I’ve seen so many Profs just chop down blow-hards spouting off the last thing they read by whomever (these days you can tell who just discovered Zizek and also when it is a mistake to make that public – lol)

    I can’t give away all my secrets though. Because I will write a book one day exposing supposedly awesome institutions! (Just joking!)

  131. Fat Kid on the Playground

    Who cares what people say or think? They don’t own this sapce.
    If they have used the internet for more than a year and can’t filter information like “Fat Kid + Locke are having a discussion which is NOT relevant to my interests” and realise they should skip everything we say, that is their problem, not yours or mine.

  132. John Locke

    @ Fat Kid on the Playground

    (Firstly, I am glad this discussion didn’t end off, like most on this “forum”, where someone starts trolling, spamming, cursing, or simply going nuts…It was civil)

    Anyways, I do admit, I have heard stories and rumours of TAs being nicer to girls et cetera. While, I haven’t heard this at U of T (though, it is possible)…TAs dating students? WT*

    The program likely wouldn’t catch your friend, assuming it’s his original work and a properly cited paper. However, U of T takes those things very seriously. I remember reading cases of people getting suspended, expelled, grades of zeros in a course or the assignment, notations on transcripts, and the most extreme case…A student got their DEGREE RECALLED. Oh my gosh…I would cry, if such a thing happened to me. Imagine, 4 years all down the drain. It is too risky.

    And yes, it is very strategic to write about a topic that your professor or TA loves or is passionate about. However, this probably happens everywhere.

    Err…I have class at 10AM…YAY! This will be great. I blame this forum and insomnia…

  133. chan

    I am personally all for school resuming but does anyone kind of feel like this notice means nothing? I am in Atkinson HR but my courses were gen ed…. So essentially if my course is gen ed and not based in Atkinson I am still SOL?! I am not trying to come off as a prick or anything i feel sorry for everyone I am sure a lot of you are like me and were supposed to grad this year but now that seems all but bleak. (Personally i had a job already and lined up overseas… how can York compensate me for that one…).

    I dunno how to feel about it all I can do right now is email all my profs… The way I see it is that York just wants to hold some of their reputation Admin Studies has a lot of “reputable” programs and seeing as they are already expecting a loss of enrollment next year i can see this as a push to cut their losses in a way? In theory we should all boycott their classes seeing as we can’t get punished for it anyways plus it might give York the message that “We as a Student body aren’t pawns for them to play with” we should ALL be going back Monday not just a measly 5000.

    I frequent this site for my updates and this has been the only one to get me so worked up. I can see the light on both sides but this is just dumb. We are all students there is no reason why some of us should get “lucky” and get to resume our classes. If anyone wants to bash and flame me go right ahead.

  134. Positive

    John Locke your comments are not positive or helpful. I don’t know why you would waste your time.

    Education is not only about getting good grades or into grad school, it is about developing as a human being, being part of a larger community and meeting friends who stick with you for life.

    I’ve hired 100’s of people from executives on down the ladder in a number of functional areas. Where someone was educated is certainly not the main criteria in the decision process.

    York cannot afford to cancel the year financially nor from a reputation point. Eventually the Liberals will intervene if it goes that far.

    Take a breath, don’t think about school for a day or two and then get back to reviewing your work and reading ahead.

    This is not the end of the world. It is a bump on the road of life. More of these will happen. We will be stretched financially and emotionally again. Accept that, have a positive attitude and make lemonaid out of lemons.

  135. I must say, CUPE 3909 has rendered bargaining a completely pointless activity. If anyone from the union happens to be reading this comment, I suggest you read up on my literature, specifically the part about the maxims and universalizability. Do I need to bring up the “D” word?

    Oh, and John, I must say this “inter-net” device is quite an ingenious contraption, no? Do you recall the instance when you were not able to reach me via ground mail? I presume this inter-net would have kept you from the folly you experienced that day!

    Good day

  136. aguyuno

    Aaron; do not respond to such obvious trolling. Halfwits like Locke up there aren’t worth the god damned time of day.

    The elitism of a school as equally shit as York is truly hilarious. Oh well. Enjoy your strike in 2010, Locke, you ignorant gasbag.

  137. aguyuno

    In all seriousness though, what’s next? A ryerson tard going to come here and tell us that because they have a half-decent journalism program, the entirety of their known-to-be-a-hell-hole school is better than York? God, I can’t wait.

  138. R

    Just received this message from one of my profs for atkinson students. its the message from the dean, forwarded to all the professors to continue classes on Monday.


    At its meeting today, January 21, 2009, the Executive Committee of Senate agreed to a request from the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies to resume classes starting Monday, January 26, 2009 for students enrolled in courses in the School of Administrative Studies. The request was conveyed by Dean Lenton on behalf of the Faculty and School who passed a motion to request early remediation last week. In making its decision the Executive Committee took into account the following factors:

    – the ability of the School to resume a full and integral instructional program;
    – externally-mandated requirements for certification and sensitivities associated with the confirmation of eligibility to write professional exams;
    – confirmation that there will be no replacement of work done by CUPE 3903 instructors; and
    – assurances that students who choose not to participate in resumed classes will continue to receive the protections and accommodations set out in Senate legislation.

    Further details pertaining to the early remediation of the SAS courses will be forthcoming tomorrow as well as other plans to support the return of faculty and students. In broad strokes, the fall term will be completed over the three weeks of January 26, February 2 and February 9 (Sunday classes would count in the following week). The exam period and break between terms will occur in the weeks of February 16 and February 23.

    Proposals about the winter and summer terms will be forthcoming after consultation with the Registrar’s Office.

    During this remediation, all classroom sessions will be recorded and images of material shown or distributed at class will be made available to all students via the internet or using other methods including special sessions and/or internet postings.

    Remediation for students who do not wish to begin early remediation:

    The School will respect the wishes of any students who do not wish to begin early remediation. Accommodation will be arranged by course directors with the help of our area coordinators.

    Rhonda Lenton
    Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies

  139. nuts

    @ John Locke

    I know several people who were kicked out of the honor program at YorkU and re-applied to U of T and got in. Higher standards I think not. However, they are much more better at handling bullshit like this.

  140. fracas

    this new allowance sounds like what happened in 00-01 strike, except it’s on a smaller scale. basically, classes in these programs taught by non-CUPE instructors can restart. however, students who don’t want to cross picket lines, either out of principle or because they don’t want to deal with delays etc, don’t have to start until the strike is over (as per senate policy) and so instructors may have to teach the same material twice. this is why at the end, YUFA members during 00-01 strike ended up cancelling their classes for the most part – because most students weren’t showing up and they didn’t want to do the course twice.

    it will be confusing, as many rightly worry, because most of the affected students will still have to wait around to get back to their classes taught by CUPE 3903. so this will stretch and perhaps lessen the workload of these students, but will not entirely protect them from dealing with the overall post-strike remediation process.

    i would imagine in light of this, that the picket lines will be strengthened since there will be expectation of higher incoming volume of cars. so people going by car should account for some delays getting onto york grounds.

    this is no doubt a new pressure strategy by the administration. these programs could have been omitted from the very beginning, yet the president and senate executive included them in hopes of maximizing their leverage. it didn’t work, so now they are backtracking.

  141. John Locke

    Unlike ryerson, U of T does not have only one good program.

    To deny that U of T is a superior school is baseless.

    U of T trumps York. Of course a forum filled with mostly York students are going to classify U of T as a bad school. You simply can’t deny the facts. You know when it comes down to it, U of T is the best in Canada. McGill is close but will remain at a strong second. York? It has never been seen as the top university and it never will.

    Come on now, if you can hold a fork you can go to York.

    This strike will only further damage the reputation of a 2nd-rate, if not 3rd rate school.

    If you have never heard of all the wise cracks about York, you will hear it now, given the never ending strike.

  142. nuts

    @ John Locke

    are you a U of T grad/student?

  143. John Locke is Spalding, from Caddy Shack

    What a knob ….

  144. Sigh

    soo that means i can go back to my adms classes..
    but what about other classes that are not in atkinson faculty?
    so do i not go to those classes??
    i’m soo losttt..:(

  145. schulich/atkinson

    I’m a schulich student whose also in an AK econ course how the hell will my schedule work jesus christ??!!

  146. Ihateyork

    @John Lock

    I did my undergrad at UofT, and am (trying) to do my masters at york. unfortunately, a bunch of blowjobs who read Naomi Klein in high school and first year and were so “inspired” by her turgid prose and pandering childish ideas that they decided to make the battle against neoliberalism their life philosophy

    Anyway, UofT is a superior school in all regards. York is a total joke.

  147. ADMS student but not taking any ADMS courses this term

    alrite , Question

    in case i am an Adms student, but not enrolling in any Adms course this term, am i “qualified” to be called back?

  148. tester

    From what I understand about classes resuming, if you class is ADMSxxxx, that class is resuming, and you should go.

    Yes, you don’t have to return until the class is over, but I think you have been blessed with the opportunity to learn, and should return to class.

  149. Ava

    This is ridiculous! While I am genuinely happy for those students who get to go back to class, I think its stupid that the school gets to pick and choose who they want to send back to school. First, exchange students, then law students, then Schulich, and now some other faculties.

    I’m not saying don’t send those students back, I’m saying send ALL of us back already. This thing has dragged on long enough.

    Its funny, when this strike began, I was on the union’s side, now I simply think they are being selfish and juvenile.

  150. Woot

    U of T, TA’s striking soon? First week of February I heard? I think CUPE 3903 might hold off until they see what U of T gets?

  151. alee

    This doesnt effect me. I’m in vanier taking business & soc. but I have a friend in Schulich, we’re in the same econ leture though – wouldn’t it make sense that everyone could go back to classes if they had class that was only a lecture.

    How is our prof, who teaches both of us, my schulich friend and I in the SAME lecture, supposed to test us. If she gets more lecture time? grrrrr


    ya they never should’ve cancelled classes unaffected by cupe.

    anyway if they’re bringing some back, we will go back eventually because keeping track of different enrollment and financial deadlines would be nuts

  153. alee

    I should just go to them anyways…I suppose?

  154. B

    alee – if your econ class is offered through Schulich. You might want to look into it, chances are your back on for that class.

  155. Ava

    Well if you’re in the same lecture class, I think you should just go back anyway, even if you’re not technically supposed to.

    a) how well do you think they can keep track of who is in what faculty – no one would notice you’re not “supposed” to be there

    b) you would benefit from extra lecture time

  156. B

    If your class is back on, you can go back. Where are you getting this ‘I can’t go back because I’m in this and that faculty’?

    I’m not in Atkinson but the ADMS course I’m taking is back on. Read the Dean’s message, it says courses in the faculty are back. Meaning courses offered through that faculty. Not all classes are back, just those offered through the specified faculty. It’s not like Schulich or Atkinson students will suddenly be able to resume classes taken offered from other faculties simply because they fall into Schulich or Atkinson.

  157. Got No Clue!

    say that you don’t end up going to class, how would that work in terms of remediation. On one of the posts it says that the dean of Atk said that the profs will accommodate for those who didn’t end up attending class but how does that work? Would we also get the 12 days back in class and 13 days exam period?
    Another question:in one of my adms class i have a group assign that is worth 40%, but on the senate policy it says that nothing worth over 20% can be given to the students, would we have to hand that in or not?
    Also, is it true that you don’t had anything the 1st week of class?
    Thank you for whoever can give me info on these matters.

  158. B

    Nothing is due the first class back. Syllabus adjustments will be decided upon during that first class back.

    They are taping everything from the classes that resume – at least that’s what the Dean of Atkinson wrote. Fair bet that if you choose not to go back, your remediation will just consist of video lectures from those that did go back.

  159. Last Semester @ YORK

    @ AVA
    “I think its stupid that the school gets to pick and choose who they want to send back to school. First, exchange students, then law students, then Schulich, and now some other faculties.”

    Only the faculties who do not have Cupe TA’s or contract staff are the one’s granted to go back.

  160. R

    @ Got No Clue

    I just got a mail that i already pasted above…. it says that all lectures will be recorded and materials for assignment, etc would be available online for students’ access… so i dont think u really have to attend all the classes.

  161. ADMS Student Confused!

    so guys………… r we going back to adms xxxx classes but what if they are in curtis halls????????????????????? are they cancelled?????? or continuingg somewhere else????????

  162. Atkinson student

    I only have one ADMS course this term and the prof is awesome enough to post everything on the course site anyway. Including recorded lectures and any announcements. I also emailed him during the strike. So what I’m essentially waiting on is a return email or an announcement to show up on Thursday (for the lecture). If he continues uploading lectures and teaching us via the internet I really don’t feel the need to confront what will be an angry and most probably a larger than usual picket line. I don’t have the energy to walk across in the cold and face a bunch of idiots for just one class. Call me lazy. Call me smart.

    I’ve still not received any email informing me of the resumption of class.

  163. Atkinson student

    @ ADMS Student confused.

    I’m not sure why you think a Curtis Hall lecture won’t take place…?

  164. Confused....

    @ Meeting student or anyone else who attended the meeting

    any new updates and info regading the rally?

  165. Got No Clue!

    what about the profs can’t give or ask us to give anything that is worth more than 20%, is that true or was i misinformed?

  166. ADMS Student Confused!

    @ Atkinson Student

    It was written in the ylife article that the curtis lecture halls and stedman lecture halls are locked and will not be opened until after the strike is resolved.

    Exact words:
    Curtis and Stedman lecture halls closed: Effective immediately, all class and special function bookings for the Curtis and Stedman lecture halls have been cancelled. The lecture halls and classrooms have been closed and locked. There are some offices in these two buildings which will be kept open.

  167. Socks

    Found on the YorkU Site.

    Media Release Archive

    Students in four units can return to class Monday

    TORONTO, January 22, 2009 — Students in four separate areas will be able to resume classes on Monday, Jan. 26 under decisions made by the Executive Committee of York University’s Senate. They are:

    students in the School of Administrative Studies in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies;
    undergraduates in the Schulich School of Business;
    students in the Faculty of Education’s Pre-Service Full Time Consecutive Program, for which the Ontario Teachers’ Federation has lifted its suspension of practica;
    students in the Master of Public Policy, Administration & Law Program in Atkinson

    Units involved have given undertakings that there will be no replacement of work done by CUPE 3903 instructors, and in the case of the Education students, that remediation will provide for the later resumption of courses taught by CUPE 3903 instructors.

    Students who choose not to participate in resumed classes will continue to receive the protections and accommodations set out in Senate legislation.

    Can someone make some sense with this for me?

    What does this mean? What are we going to class for, what education will we be recieving? Is there a point to going back to class?

  168. Atkinson student

    @ ADMS student confused.

    Then I suggest you email your professor for the courses you have taking place in the Curtis and/or Stedman lecture halls.

    If your class is back on then he/she is sure to reply and tell you what to do.

  169. R

    is anyone taking remediation classes? n not going back?

  170. Claire

    As far as I’ve seen around campus, most of the lecture halls are open. So I guess there’s no harm in going or if you really want to, call your program and check. I’m sure that people who answer the phones haven’t had much to do lately.

    And as for the UofT vs. York discussion…I’m not going to pour dirt all over UofT but let me just say that all of us chose York for a reason. And I know for a fact that mine wasn’t because its a “third rate” school.

    @ John Locke
    And let me assure you that a lot of people at York find their program challenging, and not because they’re stupid, or didn’t take gifted courses in high school, but because the program is actually good. I guess you are just too blinded by your obsession with UofT to consider our side.
    And I know a lot of people out there who would much rather hire a York graduate with good marks and skills needed to succeed in real life as oppose to a stuck up UofT graduate with a broom up their ass, who doesn’t give a crap about anyone else. That won’t get you far.

  171. Let's do something!!!!


    Thats the opportunity to be together and united and show to York and the union were are together and want to make a difference

    two events:


    We are holding a demonstration outside John Milloys office. We are demanding answers to why there has been so much inactivity from the government.

    – a QUESTION you would like to ask him
    – an OLD textbook or notebook
    – SIGNS with questions or statments


    And directions to john milloy’s demonstration:

    Closest Subway Stations is Wellesley Station.
    Walk West on Wellesley to Bay Street.
    Go South on Bay Street to Arrive at 900 Bay Street.



    Queen’s Park. This time, we mean business. Come out and support your voice as an undergraduate student. Tell your parents, bring your friends. This rally will only succeed if everybody comes out to show the government that we mean business. We need a united front here!

    The rally will take place on the south lawn of Queen’s Park.

    If you haven’t come out yet, this is your chance and the most important event you can attend!

    – an instrument!!!
    – a personal statement because THERE WILL BE A MIC!
    – signs signs signs!

  172. back in class

    I just wanted to let all the ATKINSON BAS students know that only “ADMS” courses are starting from Monday onwards.

    Source: My professor sent me a mail highlighting the same.

  173. Claire

    @ Lets do something!

    I think it would be a good idea to post those dates separately on the main page and on facebook. Because not too many people will go through all 175 comments on this thread

  174. Confused....

    @ Let’s do something!!!!

    I agree with Claire, maybe email yorkstrike2008 with all of the details and I’m sure a new section would be created because of course we need lots of people to see it!!

  175. ram

    hey all
    here is an article that explains why mcguinty will not pass BTWL.

  176. John

    @ John Locke

    york does have a good standard….i got into UofT for life sciences while i got rejected from york for a bio major….im a U0fT student and i dont think its a great school…they dont even care about their students…..

  177. Yorkstudent

    CUPE DOLL … yorkstrike .. any adm that could post the info about the rallies?

  178. ram

    @ all
    does anyone know where cupedoll and cupe MWC are now? it is close to 1 pm. By now there should be some news about the negotiations. I really want to see a reliable person either from univ or the union side. Anybody here?

  179. K

    sorry..guys…just wanna know

    does anyone know when is the due date of dropping a course? i know it’s extended…but then what is the exact date??

  180. sara

    For those of you who are still confused whether ADMS courses will be open on Monday or not, i just called Atkinson office and asked about this news, and the adviser told me ADMS courses WILL BE OPEN on Monday, but the details will be released this evening,

  181. Rooony

    @ john locke

    I understand your views and points and agree with you completely that UT is a better school than York by reputation. As a business student, I am pretty sure I will have a harder time obtaining marks in UT commerce compared to Atkinson.

    The only question I have for you is a simple one. What is your purpose to come on this forum and blatantly state your view that “UT is better than York for this reason…” I am pretty sure that more than half of the people here know that UT is better than York but this is their school which is also a representation of themselves in some ways. So when you come in and say these things, what did you really expect people to say to you? This is not a direct stab at you in anyway, I was just curious on your purpose on this forum. This is a forum to inform the students on what’s going on, let’s not put more wood to the fire in an already embarrassing situation.

  182. R

    @ john locke

    I completely agree with Rooony… If u study at York, then stop spurting dirt on it and if u are in UofT then what sense does it make coming here, reading our blog and telling us how our uni is… we are more informed than anyone else but we all are in York and I am sure 90% of us are proud of it too…. we are going through some really bad times and we dont need to be told how other unis are in comparison to ours…. so I would, personally, suggest you to mind your own business…. n if u really are in UofT (which i highly DOUBT), u shouldnt be sitting there, insulting us…. rather you should go and study for a bit as its not easy to score there… We all really wouldnt want you to be a part of York..!!

  183. schulicher

    @john locke

    I am sure Schulich program is better than the commerce program so you can shut up now. Admission for Schulich requires at least 90% in gr12 and i remember commerce is only 85%.

  184. John Locke

    To all the people that commented on my discussion,

    1. Firstly, I would like to confirm that I do go to U of T. I am on this forum as I am very interested in this labour dispute that has been going on since November between CUPE and York. I found this blog rather intriguing. The various political tactics, misinformation, and speculation is all very amusing.

    2. The discussion was primarily stirred up early this morning around ~4-6am between “Fat Kid on the Playground” and myself. You can review the posts, which will show how we got into our little debate.

    3. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a stuck up U of T student with a broom shoved up my as*.

    4. I am glad some of you are able to admit that U of T is a good school and exceeds in many areas, when compared to York.

    5. My goal was not to poke fun of York students…(again, review the posts that took place)

    6. I did go to school today and have studied. Hence, why I haven’t posted a response till now.

    7. I admitted that Osgoode and Schulich are really good schools…I, too, agree that Schulich’s undegraduate program is better that U of T’s commerce program. However, I won’t go a long rant about the plethora of strong faculties and departments that U of T boasts.

    8. @ John

    Not everyone will like U of T. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is not a good school. So many factors to take into consideration…

    Anyways, I shall continue to be a silent observer, in what soon may be, mass pandemonium…

    I still have a strong sense of pride…


    i want to transfer but i have 13 credits completed already. i know the limit is 10 (2 years), but won’t schools make exceptions for us??

  186. sayeed al-jarah

    john locke,
    get the f*** off the island.

    warm regards,

  187. aguyuno

    (This whole post is directed at John Locke. Just a warning.)

    No one cares about your strong sense of pride, John. No one cares about how “what do you expect people to say this is a york site lolololo”. No one cares which school is better.

    U of T, back in the day, excelled in every regard. These days, they just don’t give a fuck. I went to their presentation thing at the Convention Centre back in 2006. It was a joke. I commented on it to my father and he said “Well, it’s mostly because they don’t have to care since people will got here anyway”.

    Yeah. Great outlook on life, guys.

    In no way do I defend York. As I’ve stated earlier, I fully intend on going to a college instead once we go back to school (I’m waiting for school to start first so I can mock my TAs a bit before dropping out and switching schools. Plus, I don’t want to take the chance on not getting accepted to a college somehow; so, York is my extreme back up plan). But do NOT pretend like York is fucking Trent, okay? It is still a good school. And in more than one regard, trumps U of T. Arts programs are better, Schulich trumps any of U of T’s equivalents, and hell, while this strike may be irritating, it proves that the TAs here at least have balls and aren’t stomped into the dirt like they are at U of T. But then, I suppose that doesn’t matter either. Your guys will be going on strike too soon enough, mark my words.

    Saying York is better than U of T is baseless? What about what you’re saying? You’ve yet to back up your claims of the alternative. All you’ve done is quote that ridiculously outdated adage of “If you can hold a fork, you can go to York”. What is this, the 1950s? Things change, kid – grow up and realise this.

    Obviously, this is a public forum and so I’m not going to tell you to leave. I don’t care if you stay, it makes no difference to me. But people here are already upset enough over this strike. Thinking you’re cool by landing some meaningless low blows on these students is kicking us while we’re down. If that makes you feel tough, by all means, keep it up. But this is the last you’ll hear from me.

    Not like it matters, anyway. Just like you did with Aaron, I’m sure you’ll completely disregard this post as well. Because when you’re confronted with any real logic about your shitbox of a boring, run-of-the-mill school, you do what all people of your type (the cocky, arrogant, I’m right and better than you cause mommy say so type) do. You throw your dumbass adages (or equivalent of an adage) security blanket at no one in particular, prance about preaching about how maltreated you are (THIS IS A YORK FORUM. IT’S 6236322 VS 1. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT), and then continue to stay here ANYWAY even though anyone with any god damned sense can tell you’re just a troll.

    That’s all. I needed to get that out of my system, and I’m feeling much better now. I don’t care that he won’t read this post; I’m done. Idiots like him just bug the hell out of me.

  188. nuts

    @ John Locke

    Wow I guess your U of T degree got you a lot of time to be on this forum all day. At least I have a reason to be here. Get a life.

  189. R

    hey guys… does anyone know what the picket lines are like?? i know that GO buses arent entering the uni but where do they drop us off and how much walk do we have to take to get into YU?? n do picketers bug those on foot tooo??

  190. theowne

    Hey R:

    The GO Buses stop at Keele/Steeles street just outside the university. You can just walk on foot through the parking lot, you don’t even need to go through the picketers.

  191. Atkinson student

    @ R

    I know someone at Seneca and she told me the buses stop outside the campus (right where the last bus stop is). You have to walk the rest of the way. Killer in this weather.

  192. theowne

    @ People judging John Locke

    Of course, I agree that John Locke is a moron. He repeats his “hold a fork go to York” stuff, yet according to CUDO our admissions standards match or exceed the many surrounding universities including Ryerson and UTSC.

    However, UofT St. George has higher standards.

    I am a York student and I will defend York when people claim that anyone can go there (which isn’t true). Not to mention our Arts program that is second highest rated in Canada, or our law and business schools.

    But York isn’t as strong as UofT. We aren’t as academically focused and we have a LOT more lazy people inside. UofT is a huge, bustling research center and an academic core of the city and even the country. They would never allow the university to be shut down for 3 months. It is just too embarrassing for a university with the stature of UofT to do such a thing.

    Say what you would, but this strike wouldn’t have happened this way at UofT.

  193. ram

    science department at york has very few good research oriented professors. So york does not have that research image a much U of T does. I am in applied math. I do have an A standing. But when i tell people that i go to york to do a science degree, they just look at me with wonder. Public is still not convinced of york as a good science institution I guess.
    York definitely has a long way to go in science fields to get the same respect and reputation as it does for Arts, schulich, osgoode.
    It could be partially due to relatively less number of graduate work done at york in science fields. (especially Math, physics and other pure sciences).

  194. picketer hunter

    You cannot compare U of T to York as a whole. Maybe on a program basis. For example: UofT commerce has the same admission standards as York Atkinson Admin Studies, and lower than Schulich.

    Also, consider the fact that UofT is more than twice the age of York, twice the amount of time to develop infrastructure, faculty, and reputation.

  195. gsp

    @ John Locke – do you take courses at York and Uof T? I was just wondering, because I notice you say “our year” and “we will” in your first post on this page(see below). Maybe I missed something, but seems like you started off this post as a York student and then became a U of T student as your posts progressed….I must have missed something, right?

    “For all those, who are saying that the school year can go until August, must be out of their minds. Do you honestly think they will take away our summer and go until August. Brilliant analysis. Then a week (if not a couple days) later we will start a whole brand new school year.”

  196. picketer hunter

    the people who say summer may be taken away arent as funny as those who think the entire year will be canceled. Those people make me lol!

  197. aguyuno

    Theowne – I can agree with you on that one. But, then, that’s likely because you’re not shoving some dumbass catch phrase down my throat while stating those points of yours xD.

  198. John

    @ John Locke….
    dat is exactly my point….just like not everyone likes UofT…many people may not like york…dis does not mean they are bad!….couple of ppl cant decide york’s credibility…..every university in this country is good…so plz stop comin on dis site….u shud have better things to do rather than make ppls life more stressful by talkin bad about their uni….dis website is for strike info….not for u!….to come here and brag about UofT…..u r makin UofT look like a uni full of snobs and losers that have nothing to do!…

  199. FUTURE

    I 2nd that sayeed

  200. F-Ed Up

    I don’t have time to read this whole massive thread but if there is still any question out there about whether or not this announcement is official, I can guarantee you that it is because I had class today. I just got back.

    So yeah, it’s real. Either that or 50 people are playing a very elaborate trick on me.

  201. Atkinson student

    @ F-Ed Up.

    I thought classes were supposed to start on Monday.

  202. Rooony

    To anyone that are wondering about the senate protection policy, my friend called today and asked them about it and here is what he said:

    The “accomodations” thing means that if you don’t want to do your remediation now for whatever reason, you don’t have to. They will give you access to course materials and let you write the exam later. But there won’t be additional classes held so if you don’t go to these classes once they start up you are kind of on your own, I think.

    Hope that answers some lingering question marks.
    They should have let these schools go back a while ago because we don’t even use CUPE. Now this just creates more chaos. Although I’m glad school is back for some of us, I didn’t think that York could have made this situation more worse then it was.

    p.s. Am i the only one here that can’t remember his schedule off the top of his head? lol

    take care guys

  203. mikael

    lol same roony, i had check my york u account to remember my schedule lol

    i bet the libraries are pact with ppl who are studying now…i heard they were deserted before all this…

    can someone confirm pls:
    only the ADMS courses will be available come monday?
    ex: MODR or HUMA courses, altho in atkinson faculty will not be present


  204. j and a


    why the fuck do they get to go back.
    that is all.

  205. j and a

    one last thing, all T.A’s can suck the cock i may or may not have. But either way you T.A’s deserve a cum shot in the eye and to have your testicles electrocuted and vaginas sewn shut.

    fuck you, greedy pigs

    disclaimer * besides the fact that you are greedy pigs, this msg is in no way violent or a threat.

    ps cunts!!

  206. Atkinson student


  207. may

    what a pleasant message, how refreshing, lol

  208. may

    just what i needed to read today,

  209. may

    who says something like that, that is crazy

  210. Master of Limbo

    I guess Environmental Studies at York is a crock-of-shit program, since we’re not going back like the other more worthy (or $ making) programs starting on Monday.

  211. mikael

    can someone confirm pls:
    only the ADMS courses will be available come monday?
    ex: MODR or HUMA courses, altho in atkinson faculty will not be present

  212. Atkinson student

    @ mikael

    Sorry was just about to reply when I got distracted by the message above lol.

    Yea I think what you are saying is the case. I have a HUMA course but I am 100% sure my professors for it are CUPE members and will not be returning to class. It’s only ADMS courses for us! 🙂

  213. back in class

    @ Mikael

    I recieved a letter from the head of the IT department saying that only ADMS courses will be resuming. Other courses which include ECON or any of your gen eds are not resuminf as of this monday.

  214. FYI ADMS students

    Got an email from the Atkinson’s Student Association. Wanted to let you guys know you can get your questions answered here.

    Strike Update: Town Hall Q&A

    Monday January 26th, 4:30 PM, Accolade West 109

    Hello fellow Atkinson students

    Do you have questions about the strike or questions pertaining to your major? Are you wondering how the strike may affect the remainder of your courses? Graduating this year and need answers?

    Then come out to our Strike UPDATE: Town Hall Q&A session on Monday January 26th, 2009 at 4:30 PM in Accolade West 109. The event is hosted by the Atkinson Students’ Association in cooperation with the Atkinson Office of the Dean. The meeting is specifically geared for Atkinson students who have burning questions that they need answered. The Town Hall panel consists of:

    Rhonda Lenton, Dean, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies
    Hugh Shewell, Associate Dean Students, Atkinson
    Marie-Hélène Budworth, Master, Atkinson College
    They are more than willing to update students, answer questions, and provide a direct line of communication between students and the Dean’s office.

    The Atkinson Students’ Association (A.S.A) believes you have the right to be informed and have your voices heard!

    So Speak Up Atkinson!

    Kind Regards, The ASA Board of Directors

    Atkinson’s Students’ Association

    Phone: 416-736-5880
    Fax: 416-650-3728

    346 Student Centre
    York University
    4700 Keele St.
    Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

    Office Hours:
    Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm
    Friday: 10am-3pm

  215. Glenn

    Haha I don’t get it, if these classes that are resuming on Monday, not run by Cupe members, why did they cancel these particular classes in the first place? -_- Surely, that was a waste of money and time for those students in those respective programs imo. Its a waste of money and time for all York undergrads!

  216. mikael

    great, thx for the reply guys.

    will b thr on monday.

  217. Atkinson student

    @ Glenn

    I think it was generally because York was trying to co-operate with CUPE or something like that. Also a few professors were supporting their fellow union members even if they weren’t a part of it.

    All seems unfair to the rest of us though. I’m glad to be back to atleast one class anyway. Haven’t heard anything from my prof yet but hopefully he’ll have recovered from his hangover and updated us by the weekend.

  218. clever.

    i think j & a make some valid points.

  219. yorkiee101

    where do I find out what courses are back on?

  220. miz

    PLEASE moderator…………do not accept anything from the pig…J and A…………..disgusting………guess little kids like to get all the dirty words out to make themselves look and sound tough….too much time on their hands..pick up a book children

  221. b

    so why did it take 3 months for them to figure out that students in admin and education can go back? took them that long to figure out they dont have ta’s?
    what about the rest of us? wtf. not fair
    we can do it without them ta’s

  222. Ms Doan


    ADMS courses are all held for students, n follow their usual schedule/ time/ place (should check ur course webpage for any updates any time b4 Mon)

    I have only 1 out of 5 courses resumed, so finger crossed for the other 4.

  223. F-Ed Up

    @ Atkinson

    Yes, classes are to start officially on Monday, but our class met yesterday (with the professor) to discuss how this will proceed – we’re in the Ed program and must return to practicum very soon, so we needed to sort out scheduling ASAP.

  224. NATHAN

    So like someone above said, does anybody know if the classes that are held at Curtis Lecture Halls or Stedmin Lecture Halls will still be cancelled or will they still be held…

  225. j

    I am in no way affiliated with ‘j and a’ .. just to make that clear, haha.

    And is John Locke seriously still posting on here?

    I just transferred to York from UofT. UofT is filled with awful people like you, which the teachers pander too. People like me, who realize it DOESN’T MATTER where the heck your undergrad is from get annoyed with this kind of attitude and transfer out.

    My first (2 months? haha) of York have been amazing, I have incredible professors and am finally getting the education I want (… minus this whole strike thing)

    Shut up and go back to Robarts.

  226. John Locke

    @ j

    Perhaps you were put on academic probation, simply because you didn’t make the cut.

    I am glad you are getting top notch quality education at YorkU…or maybe not. Hopefully, no regrets.

    I am not awful? Sorry, you’re wrong.

  227. John Locke

    I love Robarts. The third largest university library in North America.

  228. j and a

    @ MIZ

    first off, you have to call me dragon.

    and i am not a child. I want to cock slap you with the cock, i may or may not have, right across your dirty little face.

    im going to go play with my hotwheels now.

  229. j and a

    @ john locke

    *anally penetrates john locke*

  230. AP

    To John Locke and others arguing:

    I go to Schulich and John Locke is totally right. You can argue that York is good in social science or politics, but the fact is that those courses just teach Marxism and a bunch of other left wing mumbo jumbo. U of T is much better than York, but I have to argue that Schulich is better than U of T’s business program.

  231. Pingback: Top Posts «

  232. ADMS Student in Last Year

    All of my courses are ADMS, and all but one of my profs have emailed the class to confirm resumption of lectures. I would advise those who are unsure about whether their ADMS course is resuming to call (416)736-5210 and confirm.

    I’m upset that not everyone is going back, however this strike has probably been a bit more frustrating for ADMS students up until now. Look at it from my perspective. All of my classes were cancelled even though none of my profs are in the CUPE 3930. ADMS contract faculty do not belong to the striking union. Most, if not all, ADMS courses don’t have a tutorial with a TA, just lectures. On the rare occasion, TA’s will mark our work, however we never meet them and the professor actually reads over the assignment (and sometimes re-grades it) before recording the mark. In fact, most of my profs have been accepting assignments over the strike and keeping us updated on what to expect when we return. It’s one thing to be mad if your TA’s and contract Profs’ decision to strike is negatively affecting your education, but cancelling classes for those in my position is unreasonable. And trust me, I know many people, myself included, who have been making complaint after complaint to the ADMS department about this, prior to the topic of this board.

    I sympathize with those not going back. York shouldn’t have suspended these courses in the first place, because now it’s even more frustrating for the other 45,000. Honestly, you need to critically think about why the university might be sending those back who are not affected by the strike. What could that possibly mean for those who are, more specifically their school year? If the emerging possibility of a cancelled year frustrates you, know that this feeling can be easily converted into motivation to act. Even though I’m going back, I still intend to participate in the rally at Queens Park. Don’t wait for the summer term to be cancelled. Do something now.

  233. finally back

    Faculty of Ed students went back yesterday (Thursday) and resumed our practicums today (Friday). I’m glad in a way but feel bad for the other 45k who must wait out even longer. Like the article says, we don’t get taught by our CUPE professors so right now but we are catching up on practicum time in schools as well as a couple courses not affected by CUPE.

  234. j & a


    thats a no to the anal?

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