The Rat is Dead (It is time to converge on OUR UNIVERSITY!)



I’m sorry and ashamed to be a 3903 member.  It seems only about 1400 members bothered voting — so there may still be a sane, silent majority out there.  But I don’t care any more.  Since they didn’t bother voting — they might as well not exist.  Not as far as I am concerned.  Not as far as students are concerned.  Not now — with the year so clearly in jeopardy.

What now, then?  What can students do?  There’s countless suggestions at the prior “OFFER REJECTED!” thread.  Including this one by “Think logically”:

I personally work at york university… If you want to make a big statement and do it right, go to Queens Park and fight the government.

And just before reading that suggestion?  I was about to retire Cupe Doll.  But that suggestion pissed me off.  So I thought, what the hell.  Why don’t I repeat what I first suggested almost 2 months ago:

Bullshit. You want to do it right? Then don’t go to Queens Park unless you want to get ignored. Don’t fight the government — unless you want to get arrested. Don’t sign more petitions — unless you want to waste more of your time.  [And don’t start lawsuits — wasting more your money and years of time just to find out you’ve got zero legal recourse.]

If you want to do it right then march on York, embarrass the bodily fluids out of York *and* 3903* at the same time — and get the government fighting for you.

Stop and think. News media gets told you’re coming. York gets told you’re coming. 3903 gets told you’re coming. Media is waiting for you. Police cruisers are waiting for you. Picketers are waiting for you.

2000 of you converge just off campus. You peacefully march onto your own campus. You want nothing more than to get either your education or your money back for the education you paid for. You march peacefully onto campus. But 100 picketers try to stop you. Nervous police observe closely. Media cameras pan over you and you can hear a news reporter excitedly speculating the potential for violence.

You are not violent. You are only marching onto your own campus. You have already paid far more than just the right to be there. You simply walk around the picketers, into Vary Hall and Scott Building. You wait.

Not for long. It is too embarrassing for the government that’s already ignored you too long. It is too humiliating for York and 3903. The strike would be over in 48 hours. Whether via legislation or compromise doesn’t matter. Nobody would dare ignore York students longer if you took your own campus back.

If students decide to stand up for yourselves?  March and take back your campus?  I’ll stand and march with you.  And I quote what I already said:

If students do decide to take their campus back I’ll march with you. And I’ll call on all YUFAs and 3903s and York admin that are on the side of students to join us…  I’ll bring a pitchfork (York fork) and silver painted shovel (3903 silver spoon) to burn in effigy.

Well, maybe nix the burning part.  Not peaceful.  But anyway — that was it for me.  Did my part.  Either students decide to stand up — in which case I’ll stand with students.  As myself.  Or students will lie down taking it some more.  In which case I’d rather not even watch any longer.  Either way, Cupe Doll was done.  But then “UnderGrad Int’l” wrote:

CUPEDOLL, please start another thread about students interested in forming a rally please. dont you ahve that privilege on this site? Thanks babes.

So — here it is.  Another thread started.  Sink or swim, flight or fight — ball’s in your court now.  If you have’em or not.  Either way, Cupe Doll is done.  Even I have had enough of Cupe Doll.  Only if there’s anything really important you can email



Here is all the information concerning the organising of a rally:



Time and Place
21 January 2009
19:00 – 22:00

Facebook group:


I urge you to all come to this meeting. These are dire straights and we must unite.



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  1. erin

    WHY CANT THEY JUST FIRE AND REHIRE NEW STAFF???? I knew it. Everyone was so hyped up that we would be going back to school and yet another disappointment. I don’t even want to go back to York. I just think if we do lose the year we ae entitled to get our money back otherwise students should organize a class action lawsuit.

  2. Angry

    we need one spot for comments.. this whole creating blog for each article is annoying and unorganized…

  3. Hate York

    Cupe Doll I AM WITH YOU!!! COUNT ME IN!!!

  4. UnderGrad Int'l

    I move that ONLY and i repeat ONLY info and support behind said rally be posted here. Or ACTIVE suggestion about who can help promote said rally or USEFUL contact information be posted here. PLEASE, consider this the no-whining post.

    With that suggested, some students are organizing a meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at Bethune Dining Hall to roganize a rally. I’m not sure where it’s gonna be or what. I guess that’s why students should be there.

    Will the persons organizing these meeting post the details here finally and once and for ALL.

    Also, the people who have organized Facebook pages, I think its a good idea for you to post it here.

    Heck, maybe I will just copy and paste form the previous posts. Brb.

  5. UnderGrad Int'l

    You may want to join this facebook group:

    Basil El-Salviti
    January 20, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    If you’ve got another group, we’ll ask the mod. to post it here, too.

    I’ll email him this link and we’ll see where it goes. I just want to get back to class, I’m tired of being a worthless rag to both the union and the admin.

  6. Franklyn


    We need to do something, and we need to do it now. Let’s start planning, and set ONE OFFICIAL rally date.

    Before we plan any rally though, we need to know what we are rallying for, and make sure that we are all on the same page, and want the same thing(s).

    So let the planning begin

    I’ll get the ball rolling…
    I suggest we gather to show that we are furious at both the union and university, and to shame them both.

    What do you have to contribute?

  7. UnderGrad Int'l

    You are asked to attend these productive meetings:

    January 20, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    If you are interested come to Location: Bethune College Dining Hall

    Sorry time changed to
    Time: 7 pm
    Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

    Please come. We need to show our voice. It is time to really change something in that university!

  8. watchin

    So I’ve been watching this site for a while and haven’t said anything yet as nothing seemed worthwile saying….this post struk a cord though. I was talking with my grandmother yest about the strike and she said if this were in India the students would have done something by now…lol while I’m not encouraging an India-style riot….something proactive by the students is well overdue. We live in a society where we expect to complain and someone else do the fighting (not literally ofcourse), I think it’s high time we as students stood up for ourselves. Who’s in? Any ideas?

  9. yorkstrike2008

    The organisers may email me (see contact info) and I will contact the people from YorkNotHostage. They have done this sort of stuff before, they know about it, they are organised and they have media contacts.

    Set rigid times and dates.

    If there is a meeting tomorrow, I will come.

  10. Hate York

    This is the official facebook page for the gathering tomorrow at bethune !

  11. UnderGrad Int'l

    You may want to join this facebook group as well (different from the first) Please note that all facebook efforts will probably converge into the same event being planned in the 7pm meetings at bethune:

    January 20, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    i started a facebook group proposing a rally in Ottawa or Queen’s Park on the 22nd:

  12. Hate York

    CUPE member with child , we know what were doing, THANK YOU!

  13. Optimist

    Thank you for your input CUPE Member with child, now please leave us alone.

  14. Redbull

    CUPE member with child just keeps going at it.


    i guess redbull gives you wings

  15. pfft, again comment deleted. i’m gonna write an angry letter!!!!

  16. ram

    Nothing can answer but TIME!!.
    In the above article, President shoukri says that union has mistaken the university.”It will not bargain / negotiate just for appearances. It will not bow to the union demands.””
    Read the article carefully!!!!!
    Mcguinty is having a tough time because he has already announced that his govt is reluctant in interfering with collective bargaining, which york has removed out of its options.
    BTWL is really a question mark! Because 77 days of strike did not move the govt even one day and will not any sooner..
    shoukri has said himself that “return to classes is just not soon as we think..” – again in the same article.


  17. Mike Oxbig

    im gonna go out on a limb and assume we won’t have school next week either

  18. LMAO

    LMAOOO CMWC is the energizer bunny..never stops! hahahaa

  19. amee

    cupe doll, it was only 1366 who voted against, but about 2000 actually came out and voted in total. that was actually a very good turnout considering there were only abt. 600 members at the last GMM.

  20. Optimist

    @ ram
    It does not matter what the university is telling the media now. They don’t have an army of angry students breathing down their neck, embarrassing them on national TV. Not yet. We must do our part, regardless of how futile it may seem. Are you willing to sit back and let this go on any longer? Are you going to let 3903 and shoukri walk all over you? Or are you going to stand with us? We must do what we can, we must show the university, the union, the government, and most importantly the media how sick and tired we are. Now is the time to rise up. Now is the time to stand as one.

    I for one will be at that 7pm meeting tomorrow.

    Make your voice heard.

  21. Franklyn

    Well stated ^^

  22. ram

    @ all
    the article(macleans) tells us that BTWL is not in sight any time soon.

    check it for sure

  23. Hate York-NO sorry HATE CUPE

    well said !!!!!!!!!!! Get out there people and BE HEARD. DO NOT let cupe walk all over you! They are partying right now thinking CUPE will just give in soon, thinking they have won. Do not let them step all over us!

  24. Hate York-NO sorry HATE CUPE

    oppppps thinking YORK*** will just give in sorry, not cupe!

  25. UnderGrad Int'l

    Students organizing efforts may wish to email the following for support:

    1. YorkNotHostage:
    Lyndon Koopmans-
    Nora Kharouba-
    Catherine Divaris-

    2. York Federation of Students: asking them to get involved

    3. Dalton McGuinty through this link, (click ‘send dalton a message’) ,. Or fax him @ (416) 325-3745. Or write him at :
    Dalton McGuinty, Premier
    Legislative Building
    Queen’s Park
    Toronto ON M7A 1A1
    4. John Tory, leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party through this link, Or call him and fax and direct email at Phone: 416-861-0020
    Toll-free: 1-800-903-6453
    Fax: 416-861-9593
    Or send a letter to: The Ontario PC Party
    401-19 Duncan Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5H 3H1

  26. UnderGrad Int'l

    tudents organizing efforts may wish to email the following for support:

    1. YorkNotHostage:
    Lyndon Koopmans-
    Nora Kharouba-
    Catherine Divaris-

    2. York Federation of Students: asking them to get involved

    3. Dalton McGuinty through this link, (click ‘send dalton a message’) ,. Or fax him @ (416) 325-3745. Or write him at :
    Dalton McGuinty, Premier
    Legislative Building
    Queen’s Park
    Toronto ON M7A 1A1
    4. John Tory, leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party through this link, Or call him and fax and direct email at Phone: 416-861-0020
    Toll-free: 1-800-903-6453
    Fax: 416-861-9593
    Or send a letter to: The Ontario PC Party
    401-19 Duncan Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5H 3H1

  27. ram

    you know what that article also says that the whole year could very well be canceled if the strike is gonna go for a few more weeks after canceling the summer semester!!!

  28. Franklyn


    My friend, please do not use this page to post speculation. I also ask that you refrain from posting comments expressing your panic here. If you wish to do that, please post under a different topic. Please leave this page as a place where we as students may discuss and organize a rally.
    Thank you, your cooperation is appreciated.

  29. amee

    so to be more exact, about 2400 members came out to vote.

  30. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Franklyn,

    Usually I would make note of comments like ram….unfortunately, his comments are based on actual news reports….though the only thing you have to wonder is how accurate is macleans viewpoint on all this…

  31. ram

    @ franklyn
    No this is not my speculation. the entire york community’s.

    Read the very last paragraphs to see what could happen.

  32. UnderGrad Int'l

    Students organizing efforst may wish to contact the following for support:

    1. YorkNotHostage:

    Lyndon Koopmans:

    2. York Federation of students:


    3: Dalton Mcguinty:

    send an email to him through his website – Or fax him at 416.325.3745.

    4. John Troy, leader of the opposition:

    send email through his website, (put cursor to “Our Leader” list at top of homepage and then a dropbox will appear, click “contact leader”.)
    Or call him at 416.861.0020 (toll free is 1.800.903.6453)
    Or fax him at 416.861.9593

    *If you want to send a letter via regular mail, consult the websites.


  33. ram

    @ Basil – El – salviti
    Thanks for supporting me. I really care for people’s emotions and feelings even more so at this cruicial point.
    @ Franklyn
    I would never post any of my speculations and allegations when it is time to be serious and take a serious course of action. I will cooperate with whatever you plan in this regard.

  34. Franklyn


    Ah you are right, I am sorry.
    We must act quickly then, the deadline to lose our year approaches fast.

  35. UnderGrad Int'l

    Thanks yorkstrike2008. If a rep from YorkNotHostage can come by tomorrow that will be great as well. I’m sure they have great insight.

    Also, I honestly don’t want t read any mre articles and such, r speculationg abut when the year is gnna start. I think I’m sick of it. Let’s just use this thread to get mobilizined please. *sigh*

  36. UnderGrad Int'l

    I also STRONGLY suggest that organizers of the meeting post the link to their facebook page onto previous facebook pages about york university that have been up for longer periods and already have a following. it will expose the event to more yorkies i think. cheerio.

  37. wow… this is some serious revolution rhetoric you guys are spouting here. You damn right… show your convictions on facebook… where i’m sure most if not all major canadian media outlets go to in order to determine censuses and stats. c’mon man. You think a march of a few hundred hardcore students is gonna change anything. Your year is lost. Even if they go back next week (impossible), you will be in school well into the summer just to get your winter semester finished. Unless you’re all trust fund kids that should seriously affect your plans for the coming school year. Granted this year is a complete waste of time, but it would be an enormous waste of funds holding onto the belief that this will settle anytime soon. Your summer jobs are at stake, and therefore your future fiscal security is as well. OSAP shouldn’t be a necessity because of these two parties.

    If you want to be radical… if you want to make both the university and the union fail… if you want to actually prove that you matter… drop all your courses… and come next year, refuse to pay for the monetary equivalence of the courses you had to pay for this year and didn’t receive because of an interruption of services. It happens with Hydro One when power goes out due to interruptions, why not with a university?

    If you want to hold onto the illusion that all will be settled before its too late to salvage last semester than fine… simply apply for osap for all of next year and forward the tab to york and cupe. Don’t kid yourselves, this isnt the first time this has happend; and if the union gets their way, then in two years time, it won’t be the last.

    Grow and set and do some real. Marching means nothing in financial terms to either party. That’s evidently all that matters. Good night and grow up.

  38. Franklyn


    Thank you for your input. While your above post is your opinion, to which you are entitled I must stress the importance of optimism. Look, the year may very well be lost, our rallies may be too little too late. But who cares? Are we going to continue sitting around doing nothing, ensuring that our education is lost? Well we can, and if that is the path you wish to choose, then so be it. But you must understand there are many among us who will not just sit by idly…not anymore. Enough is enough. It is time we did something, no matter how futile the effort may seem.
    And no, we are not a group of radicals. Our aim is not to punish the university and the union for their childish antics, albeit the thought is sweet. We merely want to go back to class. We want to learn. We want to earn our degrees. We want what we paid for. So no, we will not wait until next year and then refuse to pay tuition. We will stand united, we will march, and we will make our voices heard. Nothing you say, or do can stop that.
    Good night friend.

  39. ZzBrrbpzKZzak


  40. F*** York

    No shit shirlock…^^

  41. nuts

    Let’s UNITE. I’m gonna watch braveheart right now!

    Seriously, tell me when and where. Let’s take York back.

  42. Andy

    Get together a group of even just a couple dozen students and take over the CUPE picket lines (their pylons, barriers, etc.) before they show up in the morning. Doesn’t have to be every picket around the school, but even just one like the main entrance or the Pond Road.

    Make it _your_ picket line, and it will be _you_, the undergraduates, shutting down both York and the union, forcing both of them to listen to you.

  43. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Andy

    Seems peaceful enough, though I have to wonder whether it would erupt into an unnecessary conflict between the union and the students.

  44. Yorkstudent

    Lets go to York now … let’s take our campus back!!!

  45. Commuter

    CP24 says at 10:15 (in 10 minutes) there will be a press conference with the Premier about the strike, and it will be covered live.

    Make CP24.

  46. Dana

    I just want to point out for all the people doubting this rally will work;
    There are 50 000 of us versus 3 300 of ‘them’. Why wouldn’t this be a good idea? I don’t even want the semester or year back, its gone on far too long for the school to be able to deliver a meaningful and proper university education.
    Screw the year, its done now anyways, but we need to show that the 50 000 of us are not just pawns that sit idly by while the union and school ruin our lives.
    The power is in the numbers people! Let’s pretend this is the 1960’s and get out there and make a point of embarrassing the union and especially President Shoukri, who doesn’t have the necessary characteristics of leadership or good judgment to even be in his position!
    Join the facebook group everyone at York and let’s show them what a group of 50 000 angry, poor, starving, intellectually deprived future university grads look like!
    My guess if all goes well, it won’t look pretty!

    York Rally for the WIN!!! 😀

  47. Andy

    @ Basil El-Salviti:

    That’s true. While the union likes to talk a lot about the inviolability of _their_ picket lines, I don’t expect them to “do unto others” and respect any one else’s line.

    But at this point, it is really debatable whether or not conflict is actually “unnecessary”.

    Doesn’t need to be lead to conflict though – just get some students out to stand in front of the CUPE line. Let them pass to reach their own lines of course (maybe with a slight delay), but make yourselves the line everyone sees first, the line encircling both the university _and_ CUPE.

  48. alright


    Lets be realistic. 50 000 pissed of students. 50 000 spread out students. Even if you could get the word to all do you honestly think 10% of them would come out. That would be ridiculous. All that would do anyways is cause more work for the janitors and increase profit for the TTC that day once all the students leave.

  49. Andy

    Any word on what the Premier has had to say at the press conference?

  50. Dana

    No I honestly don’t expect all 50 000 to show up, but any number greater than 0 would show at least some measure of effort.
    Why not be optimistic and try to rally the students together for our own cause?

    It’s better than continuing to sit back and wait for others to fix the problem, but oh wait, weren’t they the ones who created this mess in the first place???

  51. Yorkie

    “If you could get the word to all do you honestly think 10% of them would come out”

    We should at least try.

    Cupe always made fun of our rallies … by saying that we gather a few number of students and so we cannot represent them.

    I guess this is time for CUPE to see that we are serious about this. We cannot waste our year, our lives because of this strike. for what? We can take our school back, folks! We have to unite!

  52. Confused....

    Is this a meeting or a rally at 7pm ?

  53. Dana

    Not sure, who has actual details about this rally? And who exactly is organizing or should we all just come to Bethune and throw our ideas together and figure out supporters?

  54. Commuter

    McGuinty’s solution = sending in top mediator.

    – Disappointing result from the vote.
    – Most important thing to do to end it is to send in top mediator.
    – Give him limited amount of time to bring sides together.
    – That will happen hopefully today.
    – Thinks that fastest way to deal with it is to send in top mediator.
    – Hasn’t talked to NDP.
    – See how things unfold.
    – Question about if he was to legislate them back: brushed it off and mentioned the NDP.
    – Knows its been terribly disruptive for years (tuition, apartments, summer session lost, lost job opportunities).
    – Anything we can to bring sides together, and that is to bring in best mediator.
    – Started talking in French to a reporters question (sorry!).
    – We’ll give it one more shot, and fastest way is the new mediator.
    – “We’ll send it to the mediator, and see what happens.”
    – Now he gets all angry to a question.
    – If he set a deadline to negotiate, he says they would just sit and not negotiate.
    – Asked them to “bang heads together”.
    – Why no deadline? He ignored the question.
    – Topic changed to senior’s home fire discussion.

  55. Yorkie

    Meeting to organize the rallies.
    We need to put our staff together. I am really sick, but I dont care. I am coming to this meeting! I want to be part of something.

  56. Confused....

    Ok thanks Yorkie

  57. Tabrias

    I won’t be able to make the meeting tonight but I should be able to make it to the rally. I’m with you guys.


    yeah why can’t York break the contracts they made with their cupe staff, fire them and re-hire???

    hell they broke 50,000 contracts with us!!

  59. Dana

    @ Beyond Pissed!!

    Thank you, this is the point I’m trying to make! Its not ok that we paid for a service we’re not getting, and no one seems to want to step up and make a decision to help the real victims of this strike!

    The union members are not victims, they’re just greedy people making unrealistic demands. I see York’s side and I know they can’t bow to meet any/every demand just to get us back (though we would be the best reason to do so)…

    A rally would be the best way to show that we haven’t been just sitting back, the York victims need to be visible to the public, everyone in order for people to realize this is a big deal.

    Also, why not converge at Shoreham just before the Rogers center and start making our way from there when the time comes??? Its a direct path right in.

  60. I’m all for the rally. And I can bring a couple of my friends.

  61. Dana

    Everyone who’s interested join this group and spread the word!

  62. Yorkstudent

    Yeah! I am coming to this rally too.

  63. sickstudent

    Let’s get together! Let’s be united! Let’s show we have a voice!


  64. Yorkstudent

    Now they came up with a top mediator? How about the other mediator? Was the previous one a joker? A not really top – mediator – a medium-mediator?

    That’s such a joke!

  65. York Parent

    OK, folks, it’s over – they had their chance and now you have to take action. It is time to rally, shout and gather together in public places (on campus, and at Queen’s Park for starters). Writing letters and signing petitions, forget it, it’s a total waste of time now – no one is listening. You need to make yourself heard TODAY!!! Wake up – this is your education, your university and your future – So get out there! The media will be all over it and you will get the coverage you need to end this mess.
    It’s up to you now. Drag yourself out of your parent’s basement and get over to the campus NOW!

    (PS – when I graduated from York in the early 80’s 2 weeks would have been a nice break and then there would have been HELL TO PAY!!! – if you let this happen, what will you do if fascists step in and take over your government – sit in the basement and play guitar hero? )

  66. F-Ed Up

    Re: CP24 article:

    I’d like to go there and “bang heads together.”

    Only, I mean literally. Three Stooges style.

  67. Unfortunately

    A lot of these suggestions have been posted but i’ll say them again:

    – Post on other York facebook groups about the rally

    – Text all your friends to go to York in the event of the rally; if it can work for viral marketing no reason it wouldn’t work here.

    – Contact student and anti-strike groups, its easier to gather large amount of people when you invite already established groups.

    – And the largest concentration of York students exist on campus in residences and the village – distance isn’t a problem for these people.

  68. Just another Yorkie

    Here’s an idea.


    Let next year have the least amount of students applying to York in all of history. Help lower the chances of the 2010 strike.

    I’ll be at UWO. Cheers!

  69. UnderGrad Int'l

    Unfortunately, you’re right. Come out to the rally meeting tonight and voice these opinions.

    Organizers, there is also a “York University Anti-Strike Group on Facebook so post something on there. Peace.

  70. UnderGrad Int'l

    “Unfortunately” as in the username of the person who posted

  71. UnderGrad Int'l

    And YES i agree, it’s time to weed out the comments from the riff-raff on all of these threads. Who knows who’s loggin on, McGuinty’s staff may be loggin on here. It seems that people who post a bunch of cuss words and sexual comments on such a blog have low self-esteem. I am actually embarrased FOR them since they are obviously NOT embarrassed for themselves.

  72. seriously?!

    I cancelled my facebook event, hoping that this meeting would suffice. At first, I agreed to come, thinking that the meeting was tomorrow at 11 am. Unfortunately I have been scheduled to work tonight (taking advantage of making money while I can), so I won’t be there, but organizers, please post any decisions, thoughts, proposals on this thread so that I can join you next time!

  73. Confused....

    Are others still gonig tonight to organize?

  74. i still want to go. i would like it if other people are there too though lol

  75. Confused....

    I won’t be able to make it out to the meeting tonight but I will come to the rally whenever it is and continue to discuss here as well

  76. Yorkstudent

    We will post everything about tonight. Dont worry!

  77. Confused....

    Ok great thanks!!

  78. Reasonable Person

    Who the hell is going to care about another rally?

    A rally gives the news organizations one story to talk about.

    You have to organize people to get in there and harass these people, CUPE, York Admin, and the government, to their face. Crowd their offices, waste their time, screw everything up for them.

    Don’t plan another rally, for gods sake, do something USEFUL.

  79. RR

    I am 100% in- lets take OUR campus back

  80. me

    @ beyond pissed

    York and CUPE have not had a contract together since August 31, 2008. But you are absolutely correct that York has 50 000 contracts to provide service to you, that it made without securing that it had employees to provide it.

    York has had the right to hire replacement workers this whole time.

    Why don’t you ask them why they haven’t?

  81. AndrewB

    @Reasonable Person

    I have been saying the same thing since the start. Having a rally before didn’t change the minds of people. Presenting a petition for a deadline didn’t help.

    You either need to do something on such a large scale it gets massive media attention, or you have to do something over a long period of time.

    If they want to rally, fine, but one rally is going to do nothing. “oh the students rallied for a day and are pissed…what else is new?” Basically they need to be out there every single day if they want to make any noise what so ever. You can’t just take over the school for on one day for a couple of hours, it needs to be over a period of time. Do different things every day. There is more that can be done then simply getting a bunch of people together and having one mouth piece on a mic say how unfair everything is, while the others sit around and listen.

  82. UnderGrad Int'l

    Rally doesn’t have to be traditional yano. It can be even a silent protest where voices are voiced through placards, it can be a ‘rally’ where students take a seat in Vari Hall and do not move for hours. It can be a ‘rally’ where students take to York Boulevard and stand right beside CUPE members and say absolutely nothing just holding placards and being present. It can be a rally where students may even go to McGuinty’s office and demand a meeting (maybe it wont be granted but it would show presence). Or maybe a rally where students demand a meeting with the York president.

    If you come out to the meetin you will be able to give your input. Don’t diss the event before it is even mobliized guys.

  83. lets rally mothafuckassssssssssss! we will show cupe that they arent the only ones that can mobilize the masses. cheyehhhhhhh

  84. UnderGrad Int'l

    Where is bethune College on this blasted york map?

  85. ys

    wont be able to come to the meeting but will come out to a rally or two when planned! 🙂

  86. UnderGrad Int'l

    Ok, for anyone else who may be lost, it seems to be building 12 on your campus map. Gee. thanks you ppl.

  87. UnderGrad Int'l

    see ya, ys

  88. TRUTH

    Insult is the way you capitalist tools try to silence the freedom loving humans fighting for their rights. You try to make everybody shut up so you can advance your agenda and continue using people as bunch of tools to make profit for yourself. That will not continue and CUPE will fight hard to bring justice to the people it represent. This is the fight for a better world and in 2010 it will become even bigger so you capitalist monster who survive on someone else’s suffering better get it together

    Students have tremendously shown their support for CUPE and their comrades. CUPE and students are brothers in arms in their quest for justice and freedom. They have repeatedly shown their desire for school year to get canceled. They are also gearing up for the 2010 which will be important

    “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall”
    “Until victory always”
    Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  89. Franklyn

    @ Truth

    LOL, Your post would make tremendous sense if it was not a sac of steaming shit.

    1. WE are trying to silence freedom loving humans fighting for their rights? LOL! WE are merely exercising OUR rights.

    2. We’re trying to advance our agenda by using people as tools, so we can make a profit? Hardly. We as students just want to get back in school. YOU; i.e. CUPE 3903 has been using US as tools. We have been pawns in this game for too long. We are tired of it. As for turning a profit? Are you stupid? We don’t get paid. We paid tuition. We are not receiving an education, although we paid for one. This is not about us making a profit, this is about us taking back what is rightfully ours.

    You can come here and post all the Che quotes you want, but the truth is, and will always be the same. Your cause is not righteous. You union assholes knew what you were in for when you CHOSE to work at york. WE STUDENTS did not, we signed up for an education, for classes, for degrees. We were duped and now we are in this mess, NOT YOU. YOU caused this mess. YOU decided to walk off the job. YOU are depriving us of our education. Do the job you agreed to do, for the pay you agreed to, and stop criticizing us for demanding what we paid for.

    Good day sir.

  90. Andy

    Whoever is behind the “Truth” posts; that’s an excellent parody of an irrelevant far-left communist die-hard, though you could make more liberal use of the word “solidarity” to make it that much more perfect. Regardless, great work, I haven’t seen such great satire in a while.

  91. UnderGrad Int'l

    That was such a wonderful rally meeting tonight. Kudos to the organizers AND the students for turning up.

  92. Confused....

    What was the outcome of the meeting?

  93. meeting student

    I just came back from the meeting in the Bethune college … and I am really happy, many of us showed up and we are organizing now a mass rally that will take place on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY!!

    Spread the word! It is time now to show that we are united and Cupe and York have to stop playing games !!!

    I will announce the rallies later tonight!

  94. York Student

    Hey guys! We might have arrived at the same time!
    Yeah .. the meeting was really successful – many students showed up!

    The info about the rallies will be posted here later on .
    All the suddenly I have a positive feeling … we are all coming together for the same cause : To go back to school ! And that’s going to happen if we stay together

  95. Waiting for info, guys. I spoke with a few 3903s — and if students seriously stand up and march, some of us will stand and march with you. Not just 3903s. I hope individual YUFAs as well.

    It’s all about students now. You are the oppressed. Given how we 3903s and York have oppressed you — it has made both 3903 and York indistinguishable as oppressive ruling elites. And while none of us dissident 3903s can be seen as organizing or inciting students against York our employer or our own loco local — those of us with a couple molecules of conscience to rub together can and will support you.

    But you’ve got to finally mean it. Stand up in sufficient numbers to get your campus back. Let me know — either here or email

  96. airhorn

    air horns… and lots of them

  97. gurjinder singh

    Haha York still on strike! LOSERS!!!

  98. soo man yung

    Ya… good thing i didnt go to york lol

  99. Suzy

    yea its gud that u dont go to york cause we dont need loosers like you at YORK who just randomely come up on this forum since u’ve got nothing better to do!

  100. Suzy

    and anywayz who the fuck wants to know ur opinion

  101. New Yorku

    I am coming to the rallies!!! I just heard negotiations (again)are not progressing.

  102. may

    where did u hear this

  103. ram

    @ NewYorku
    could you stop speculating things. If you are so sure, could you tell where did you hear this. when ? who told you? do not post such baseless comments and make us irritated. Already we are, by both the parties. Please do not play the game rubbing salt on the wound.
    I do not mind hearing a negative result, but cannot stand bogus comments.
    if you are true, prove that here.
    sorry if this is harsh. But cant help it.

  104. soo man yung

    awww…. is little suzy upset she cant go to school? well your crappy spelling and grammar show exactly what kind of retards get into york.
    Too much time on my hands? lol yeah thats what happens when you’re an engineering student, but hey you have to admit waterloo >> york

  105. ricedick

    too bad waterwoo is full of nerdy asians with zero personality, who are virgins and probably will be into their late 40’s

  106. New Yorku

    wow guys … i was talking about the rally organized by yorknothostage. I saw the info in this forum.



    We are holding a demonstration outside John Milloys office. We are demanding answers to why there has been so much inactivity from the government.

    – a QUESTION you would like to ask him
    – an OLD textbook or notebook
    – SIGNS with questions or statments


    And directions to john milloy’s demonstration:

    Closest Subway Stations is Wellesley Station.
    Walk West on Wellesley to Bay Street.
    Go South on Bay Street to Arrive at 900 Bay Street.



    Queen’s Park. This time, we mean business. Come out and support your voice as an undergraduate student. Tell your parents, bring your friends. This rally will only succeed if everybody comes out to show the government that we mean business. We need a united front here!

    The rally will take place on the south lawn of Queen’s Park.

    If you haven’t come out yet, this is your chance and the most important event you can attend!

    – an instrument!!!
    – a personal statement because THERE WILL BE A MIC!
    – signs signs signs!

  107. Fearloosingtheyear

    I dont think the rallies will work out by pressuring sides to bargain .. dont think York gives a crap about it.

    But I will go to the rally on Queen’s Park … this government has been so inactive and stupid! Why do we have a government that cannot act and help the community???

  108. Jonathan P.

    Hi, all!
    Ok first lets stop this racist garbage, thats not what this place is for. As a York student, i find these times to be tough. My plans for the summer are ruined and even when theres some hope, the government wont step in. Like WTF?!?
    We even have to think of the impact that this has on everyone associated with York. The rep of any york degree has gone down so you can bet that there will be fewer applicants this coming year. I also feel sorry for others like the custodial staff that have their hours cut. So ya im really hating this thing rite now.

  109. UnderGrad Int'l

    What’s amazing is that other students outside of York come here bragging about who York is on strike. But at least this institution is fighting so that in come 2010 York will be safe and unimpacted by the expected province-wide strike. so why areeee you bragging again? York students amy very well have to console you if and when your school goes on strike. Go figure.

  110. Confused....

    We need times for these rallies!

  111. UnderGrad Int'l

    @ confused

    Monday is 11:300 am at 900 Bay Street

    Wednesday is 10:30 am at the subway station then marchin on through U of T to Queenspark

    Next planning meeting: Bethune Dining Hall on Saturday @ 12pm

    York Student maybe you should add the times and let the admins add it to the thread above in place of where the meeting is announced. along with a link tot he Facebook page where more comprehensive info is and the where the flyers can be downloaded from.

  112. dasewola kabir

    Hey i want to come to the rally. Can we burn stuff? Im good at burning and destroying stuff! Like a Ontario flag or sumthing. Is that legal? And can we bring our own megaphones?

  113. picketer hunter

    @dasewola kabir
    Yes. We plan on burning the CUPE office and the goal is to do with Tyler Shipley CUPE spokesperson in it.

  114. man this strike is really getting to me.

    Monday is 11:300 am at 900 Bay Street

    Wednesday is 10:30 am at the subway station then marchin on through U of T to Queenspark

    we should charge THROUGH U of T… literally.

  115. tired of it...

    I have been thinking that if people want to go back to class, maybe that is exactly what we should do… Get as many students as possible to simply return to their classrooms at their regularly scheduled time and invite all non-CUPE staff to join them if they wish. The buildings are open and the time can be used to study together, and pick up where our classes left off, improving our situation when the strike finally ends.

    I realize that this would not be easy considering the financial problems the strike causes, and people need to work, but I do feel that it would send a message. Imagine if classrooms were full again, not because we have to be there, but just because we want to learn? I believe that this would tell York that we are there to learn – with or without CUPE – and would put pressure on both sides to bargain seriously.

    Any thoughts? Am I just crazy???!?!?

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