Official Press Release from York

York University urges CUPE 3903 to step back from the brink

Negotiations at impasse; University begins preparations to reduce or cancel summer term


TORONTO, January 20, 2009 — All three units of CUPE 3903 voted against York University’s offer for settlement in a supervised vote that took place today and yesterday.

The results of the vote on the University’s offer are as follows: Unit 1 (teaching assistants) 62% opposed, Unit 2 (contract faculty) 59% opposed, and Unit 3 (graduate assistants) 70% opposed.

“We made it clear before the vote that we were making a fair, reasonable and comprehensive offer to settle the contract, especially in this worsening economic climate,” said York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri. “The Union characterized our offer to its members as a negotiating tactic, but it was not. We have no intention of negotiating for the sake of appearance. This is our offer for settlement. Now it is up to the Union and its members to reconsider their demands and step back from the brink.”

Shoukri said the parties are at an impasse and the summer term is in jeopardy.

“We know this is extremely hard on our students. At the same time we simply cannot sacrifice the University’s long-term academic future, or its financial stability, for short-tem goals. Nor are we prepared to subject our students to another strike in 2010.”

After six months of negotiations and eleven weeks on strike, CUPE 3903, representing contract faculty, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants, continues to seek increases totalling 15.8% over two years (7.9% per year). This is more than double the University’s total offer of 10.7% over three years (3.6% per year).

The Union is also demanding that the University convert contract faculty to full-time academic positions based only on seniority, without review and without evaluation of their academic and research capabilities.

To date the University has not received any comprehensive offer from the Union to settle the strike. When negotiations ended January 9, the Union still had more than 75 separate demands on the table.

“The clock has run out on CUPE,” Shoukri said. “I will be working with the deans and Senate Executive to prepare plans to further extend the academic calendar to ensure that students complete their fall and winter terms. This will mean reducing or, if need be, cancelling the summer term.”

The University will issue a communication to all students and their families explaining the University’s contingency plans for the academic year and the detrimental implications of conceding to CUPE 3903’s contract demands.

Students should monitor for class scheduling information updates.



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168 responses to “Official Press Release from York

  1. ram

    From the media release it is clear that york is still not prepared to capitulate ( and i guess they will not)!! So i am sure this is not gonna end until the govt steps in ( which also is a question mark)..
    Because the release clearly says that it is gonna send a communique about the detrimental effects of conceding to the union.
    I think next week is also a right off!!!!!!
    i wanna know what our original cupe doll thinks?

  2. RejectYork

    Enough is enough. I’ve lost faith in 3903, AND the university.

    Everyone, let’s take the only action we can in ensuring the suffering of both parties involved.

    I know that many of us have friends in high school.

    I also know that many high school students have already applied to york (even though overall applications are down 10% already).

    As students who have been shut out, manipulated, used as pawns, and whose needs have been ignored for far too long, IT IS OUR DUTY to see to it that no one else should suffer as we have.

    We must warn every secondary school student we know. We must tell them to NOT accept admission at this post secondary JOKE. We need to effectively ensure that the number of new students enrolling in york next year is so LOW that BOTH parties will regret ever having put us through this turmoil.

    We need to hit these bastards where it hurts. Less students next year means less jobs for 3903 members. And in addition to that, it also means less income for the university. We can kill 2 birds with one stone. We can get our revenge, and ensure that future students don’t have to endure what we are going through. I urge you, PLEASE convince everyone you know to REJECT YORK.

  3. danny

    In a situation like this, I am totally upset and angered at Cupe 3903, and not so much the university. York has done basically everything they can (except to comply with Cupe3903’s demands of 15.8% over two years. The university can not afford this demand. I’m fed up. Just accept the offer already CUPE3903 you greedy bitches

  4. Cassie

    It looks like less than 50% actually voted

  5. jojojimbo

    I completely agree with RejectYork. I received an e-mail from Queens Med saying that although I may recieve and interview, regardless of how well I do in it (being optimistic of course), I won’t be allowed admission if marks are not received by June 30 ’09.. and this is also most likely the case with all other Med Schools. If I, or anyone else I know, receive the shaft because of the selfish actions of CUPE and gutless position of York, I swear anyone I know will never ever accept a York admission. CUPE is filled with retards, CMWC being a prime example with her nonsensical posts and obvious partial opinions, claiming to be for the students but it’s obvious s/he isn’t. If they were, they’d drop the picket lines and allow students to attend classes and let the University alone feel the impact of TA and contract faculty losses…why drag us into it? What goes around comes around, and I swear CUPE will get what it deserves, most likely with half of them being cut by this time next year and a movement occuring in York similar to UofT, who doesn’t depend on it’s selfish unionized workers to such an extent that something like this would ever occur. I hope all CUPE members freeze their testicles off and/or contract genital herpes before this strike ends.

    Much Love (to non-retards)


  6. juliette

    here’s my question:

    does this mean they will extend the whole year into summer? Meaning we have no summer vacation at all and will be in school through till the beginning of school in september?

    Btw I’m all for the refund campaign yfs forwarded
    to our york inboxes.

    This is just ridiculous.

  7. danny

    to Juliette
    The year will not extend until september. May maybe June depending on when we go back

  8. B

    Definitely May at this point. Right now it remains to be seen how far into June we will go.

  9. EnoughIsEnough

    Looks like a 2 yr offer is out of the question

    “We know this is extremely hard on our students. At the same time we simply cannot sacrifice the University’s long-term academic future, or its financial stability, for short-term goals. Nor are we prepared to subject our students to another strike in 2010.”

  10. Kimochi


  11. fed up

    The government will not step in. Trust me. The reality is that this year is soon to be lost, despite what the union idiots are telling us.

  12. Stef

    I agree with RejectYork too,

    I volunteer at a high school and while all my students know that I’m off school because of a strike, I’m now going to tell them the whole truth about the lack of bargaining on both sides – showing clear disrespect for the student body. They can make up their own minds from there, but they will be informed.

  13. Yorkie

    Question, would York be ass enough to actually extend the year into July/August if need be?

  14. MAC

    This Univerity is balls..
    I want my HARD EARNED money back and i regret the day i decided to come finish my BA at York. I don’t work full time and pull a nighters to pay for a half ass education and teach myself while the teaching staff cries and the university steals my money. Screw off.

  15. danny

    Get over yourselves CUPE. York will not give you a 15% + wage increse over the next two years just so you can screw us over again when this contract is up.

  16. Caz-Observer

    If they had given in on the 2 year contract, i bet this would have passed.

    When the Admin stands to benefit from direct bargaining with the province in 2010, why are they so opposed to the idea? Perhaps there are listening too closely to what their ‘friends’ in high places are saying – but that might be something better suited for the Artie Bell.

  17. Yorkie


    How would York Admin stand to benefit in 2010?

  18. Jennifer

    I am so sick of this. I can not believe how much we, as students, have lost. If I had known how long this would have lasted, I would have gotten another job to account for all the hours I will miss in the summer which is putting me at risk for my last year here because it will be much harder to pay for it.

    Two and a half months of waiting around not knowing what to do and what is happening. It is ridiculous.

    So much time lost.

    Thank you to both parts.

    I have lost all faith in this institution.

  19. Clueless

    I was just watching the news and it said that the government will not be stepping in to force the union back to work and he hopes that the two sides can work it out themselves!!!

  20. theowne

    I’ve tried to be rational, I’ve tried to stay calm. I don’t give a shit anymore. FUCK CUPE, FUCK YORK UNIVERSITY, FUCK ALL OF YOU. YOU’RE THE BEST FUCKING PAID TAs IN THE PROVINCE.

  21. yorkstrike2008


    Although I shouldn’t be saying this, I must agree with you. This strike is absolutely ridiculous. My uncle is a labour dispute lawyer, and he says this entire thing is a complete disaster. Also, he says that at this point a resolution is going to create deep wounds that will seek vengeance in the near future…

  22. CUPE member with child

    If I may recommend some wine for this celbratory occassion then try “Wild Horse Canyon” a 2006 Merlot. 🙂

  23. MAC

    i’m with theowne! This is bullshit!!!!!!!

  24. Caz-Observer

    Direct bargaining with teh province means the province is likely to pony up more money for graduate education; potentially a substantial amount.
    When one university strikes – its the greedy TAs, but when 10 Universities go out, and if undergrads join them demanding lower fees – maybe people might start to understand that this is something that goes beyond one university and one administration.
    In short: more money for the university can’t be bad, can it?

  25. CUPE member with child


    looks like you’ve been pressuring the wrong side all along. Try pressuring York University now… they’ve come to the table how many times in 71 days?

    Ah, i’m through trying to convince you of anything. As far as you’re converned we’re probably all still wearing army boots.

  26. MAC

    ya the government isnt going to step in anytime soon because if they gave a fuck, they’d do something TOMORROW!

  27. nuts and balls

    WE(students) Have to create some disturbance fast. We have to stop traffic, turn heads, get someone to listen to us. Lets get something organized for Friday or Monday….I’m serious. C’mon there are over 50,000 of us.

  28. piece of the pie

    I hope York doesnt give these greedy pigs another dime. Its just a matter of time before McGuinty legislates them back to work, then they will wish they took the fair offer.

    You stupid CUPE3903 pigs, I hope out of 50,000 undergrads you fucked over 1 crazy person does something very wrong.

  29. Diamonds are forever

    Come on York. You played your last card and lost the game. YOU MUST GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT.

  30. Yorker

    Where are undergraduate student leaders?

    Why don’t they organize 50,000 students to do something to protect students from University and CUPE.

  31. Tired of it

    Ah yes CMWC, there’s that smugness again. Try working outside of the union fortress, out working in the real world and maybe you’d see how useless unions are. You are viruses that infect workplaces when we have things like a Labour Bord to better handle what you dramatically profess to do.

  32. Soraya

    Hilarious! The amount of rallys being organized right now kills me. Chaos is what it is really.

  33. CUPE member with child

    @Tired of it,

    Guess what – this is not a dream. This is the real world.

  34. nuts and balls

    @ CUPE member with child
    Go screw yourself. Go work at a metal factory like I did to pay for this education I’m not getting. Get back to work you lazy asses. And York…you better find a solution. This is gonna be havoc if the student body unites.

  35. Down with York

    I’m pretty upset as well. My life is on hold. I have basically dicked around for the last 2 months. But here is the solution.

    Forget campaigning. Forget anything. Let’s put our full efforts into deterring students from applying to this shit institution called York. Let our collective efforts collapse the University. That way they learn their lesson.

    Now about the CUPE bastards…well they might be gone but I will be voting Conservative from now on. The liberals support the unions 100%, we’re left out in the cold. Let us change the landscape of Ontarios future and ruin the stranglehold the unions have.

    They destroyed the auto industry. They are slowly destroying education. I will never vote for the liberals again. Neither will my girlfriend. Nor our families.

  36. Soraya

    @ tired of it

    The company I work for has a union. The only thing I complain about is the union dues. Otherwise, I’m thankful for the benefits, etc.

  37. York Undergrad

    I think it’s time to start a petition on how to refund some of our unused tuition back. We were suppose to get 26 weeks of academic instruction but looks like we will be only getting 23 weeks if we are lucky.
    Students must be entitled to a tuition fee refund for the weeks of education that they paid for, but will not get.

  38. Soraya

    @ Down with York

    Why? In a couple years the same thing may happen at all major universities within Ontario.

  39. nuts and balls

    Chaos is exactly what its going to be. Its only a matter of time before things get out of hand. You picketers better look over your shoulders.

  40. Curious Yorkie

    CUPE Member with Child,
    Enough is enough. I have never taken sides before, but this is getting ridiculous. You guys are students, and YOU decided that you wanted higher education. If the income provided by York for your part time TA job is insufficient, and if you are unable to support yourself, then please take up student loans. There is no way you will be turned down for it. Surely student loans will add a lot of debt on your back, but you know what, thats your issue. You decided to study more and if you want to make ends meet and live off well, then you must be ready to take responsibilities that come with that. Its unethical for you to be holding so many students hostage, and happily boasting about it. York is not obliged to meet all your demands. You are not working 40 hrs a day at york and you cannot rightfully demand wage increase and benefits like full time employees.
    You are screwing over the lives of thousands of students. We have our own lives to live – our education is at stake, summer school, summer jobs, international internship etc etc etc. I am a Masters student too. If this summer term gets cancelled, then my international fieldwork is going to be cancelled too, which means that my Masters degree would pretty much be useless simply because of your greed.
    I seriously hope BTWL clicks in and you guys get stuck with a worser deal than what you have now. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. so damn pissed*

  41. Optimist

    @ Soraya

    Chaos… As opposed to the events today where Alex Bilyk was punched in the stomach by a CUPE member. That would be…?

  42. Pally Wally

    Like I said: The “silent majority” is neither.

  43. Kita

    3,500 people are holding 50,000 students hostages!!
    isn’t there something wrong with that picture?
    I totally agree, that we as students must take this into our own hands and start creating pressure on the gov’t, the union and the university.

  44. nuts and balls

    Can we get a petition to destroy Cupe 3903?? They are a bunch of asses you hae never worked a real job a day in their lives. They don’t know how good they have it. While I slave at a metal factory for minimum wage.

  45. Soraya

    He was PUNCHED in the stomach? That’s beyong low, even for CUPE. :s article please?

  46. Kita

    another point,
    aren’t these TAs students themselves, how can they jeopardize their OWN education? they’re missing out on getting their Masters and PhDs.

  47. Diamonds are forever

    @ nuts and balls

    Good idea. We should BBQ too.

  48. CUPE member with child

    @Curious Yorkie,

    After tonight’s vote you are obviously barking up the wrong tree. York university is holding the university hostage by not negotiating with CUPE. So far they’ve barely even come to the bargaining table. If all you care about is getting back to class then you’re pressuring the wrong side.

  49. Soraya

    Am I the only person who doesn’t have negative feelings towards CMw/C?

  50. Pally Wally

    I think, as I have thought all along that students should identify with other students, and their instructors and support them.
    Spreading support or pressure around sends an unclear message.

  51. nuts and balls

    I say we for a mass line and just gracefully walk right over whoever stands in front of us…trample them and take over the University.

  52. CUPE member with child


    Yeah, I saw it on cp24 as well. Due to the camera angle you couldn’t really see anything – but it looked more like a shove. Bilyik was blocking the door and trying to push his way in, and unknown fist or elbow obviously pushed back. Cops came, no charges pressed…

  53. York Undergrad


  54. Optimist


    no article out on the star, cp 24, or globe and mail yet…i guess they’re all preoccupied with Obama.

    Watching CP24 at 11:07 pm i saw George Lagogianes
    break the story. Watch the repeat of the news at 11, it should be close to the start.
    Apparently 3903 members tried to rush into a room where that bastard shoukri was addressing the media. Alex Bilyk tried to stop them, and one member punched him in the stomach. No charges as of yet.

  55. pissedoff

    I have had enough. This is the most bullshit ever. I regret ever coming to this school. Fuck cupe and fuck york.

  56. nuts and balls

    What Cupe doesn’t realize is that they are shooting themselves in the foot. If York suffers they suffer….less jobs for them. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  57. may

    apparently the spokesperson from cupe said if they introduce back to work legislation, it would mean war. I heard that on ctv news

  58. annonymous

    the joke is on CUPE
    most of you will be out jobs next year, because guess what: no body wants to go to a university they know is taught (50%) by a group of selfish moronic leftist pricks who care less about the students than they do the dirt on the floor

    go rot CMWC

  59. York Undergrad

    FUCK OBABA, we are fucking Canadians and 50,000 Canadian students are in danger of loosing their school year and all they can think about is somebody else president!

  60. Disappointed...

    CUPE is useless. They are greedy, selfish and completely dillusional. I 100% support the university. It’s a shame that their reputation is being tarnished because of bad employees. Fire them all. There are PLENTY of people out there looking for jobs who would be more than happy to work. What exactly are they trying to prove anyways? You’re not going to get a better offer, so have fun with that. I have lost all respect for them… I don’t want to be educated by them.
    The thing I can’t figure out is why CUPE is complaining about their job situation. They knew what they were getting in for when they applied for the positions. If you apply for a contract position, guess what??? You’re contract faculty. That’s how it works.
    I think it’s time to cut off their strike pay. Let’s see how they like being on strike then. It’s time that they start to feel the impact of their actions. They should be using that money to pay us back for the missed class hours.
    All I know is that if we ever get back to class, there is going to be some SERIOUS tension between the students and the teacing staff.

  61. screw you

    Cupemember with child, we have had enough of your bullshit. Go screw yourself.

  62. Angry

    GUys talking on this site is useless, unless WE ACT!

  63. annonymous

    i feel bad for york, that they will be losing so many students next year, but it will be a great stick up the ass for all you CUPE members who just wont be needed anymore

    i guess they didn’t think that far in advance
    CUPE = teachers?
    teachers need.. students…….
    wow doesn’t seem so smart that CUPE is driving away all the students

  64. annonymous

    CMWC get off this website
    we are all sick of you
    NOBODY CARES ANYMORE we have all lost complete respect for your union

  65. yorkk

    dont we all just love ppl that say stuff like this

    “If I may recommend some wine for this celbratory occassion then try “Wild Horse Canyon” a 2006 Merlot.” ?

  66. may

    I am so sick of obama, he vows to fix the economy, whatever, the economy is run under free enterprise, catpitalism, how will he fix what bush ruined. Socialism would only work, nonetheless, the york situation is because of this bad economy, and well I guess they cant give them what they want

  67. Soraya

    @ yorkk

    I actually lol’d.

  68. may

    Cupe 3903 is about demand the impossible, which means they wont get what they want

  69. Disappointed...

    @ annonymous
    Serves them right!!! 🙂
    At least something good with come of this!

  70. theowne

    I think I’ve said more curse words in the last 15 minutes than I have in my entire life. I’m not kidding.

    yorkstrike2008 is a better person than I am. If I were the admin I would have banned the fuck out of Cupe Member with Child. Just because we hate the fucking university doesn’t mean we love CUPE. You are both greedy, shi**y people.

    Why the FUCK is an year of my life being wasted and compromised because of these greedy retards? The best paid TAs in the province and contract faculty who aren’t good enough to compete for and earn tenured positions on their own.


    Students seriously we need to do some damn publicity stunts here. Fifty people go and remove all the barriers. Something.

  71. Commuter

    Leslie Roberts reported on Global News that the year might end up lasting until JULY.

  72. Disappointed...

    *** WILL come of this.
    OOPS, my bad!

  73. CUPE member with child

    @screw you

    I’m truly sorry that we didn’t capitulate to York’s “offer” of a contract. Maybe you should go beat up a homeless person, homosexuals or some black people to take out your frustrations. It will make you feel better, and the powers that be will be pleased that you’re being so righteous.

  74. ram

    @ ALL
    first of all, have some logic in your comments
    york just cannot fire all the present cupe 3903 members and hire new people in their place.
    Because only 900 are contract faculty.
    But rest 2400 members are all graduate students who are invaluable financially for the university. These graduate students have already paid the fees and cannot be dispelled from the university just like that. It is injustice. So far WHATEVER CUPE HAS DONE CANNOT BE QUESTIONED LEGALLY, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT VIOLATED ANY LAW. So no body here can be blamed.

  75. screw you

    I am calling cp24 tommrow
    I am going to get an agressive student voice out there and not Lyndon Koopmans who is way to soft spoken to represent the students. and cupe member with child I am going to make an ass out of you on air by mentioning you.

  76. nuts and balls

    Honestly, I’m serious, we have to organize a march and take our school back. LETS THEM HEAR OUR VOICE.

    “Either I will find a way, or I will make one.” *– Philip Sidney

  77. Yorkie


    “Am I the only person who doesn’t have negative feelings towards CMw/C?”

    That would be me as well. I still hate the York Admin more than anyone else right now. I know both sides have played their part in prolonging the strike, but now it’s aparent, York’s gotta get their act together and stop with the lame threats. THEY are just ridiculous now. All the money they lose now, they have no one to blame but themselves. SNAP OUT OF IT YORK! YOU’RE OUT OF OPTIONS.

  78. Good One

    @ CMWC

    Right because we are all bigots, homophobes and racists that oppose unions. You much as the aforementioned expose your ignorance.

  79. sad person

    “I’m truly sorry that we didn’t capitulate to York’s “offer” of a contract. Maybe you should go beat up a homeless person, homosexuals or some black people to take out your frustrations. It will make you feel better, and the powers that be will be pleased that you’re being so righteous.”
    cupe member with child you are a sick sick person

  80. CUPE member with child


    ok, then you can do the soft version of the same thing… go vote conservative.

  81. gll

    “Maybe you should go beat up a homeless person, homosexuals or some black people to take out your frustrations.”

    if anybody should get their ass kicked, its probably you CMWC

    even mentioning the above three categories of people shows how great a person you are.

    sleep on it

  82. may

    @ cupe member with child, I commend u, go cupe go cupe, get what u want, victory

  83. Yorker

    Let’s come up some practical solutions for our own sake. York and CUPE don’t care about us at all, otherwise the strike wouldn’t last so long. York and CUPE are playing blame games, they are using 50,000 students as their chips.

  84. student with vengeance

    cupe member with child is the biggest loser in the world, you tell us that we are pressuring the wrong side to bargain? you lazy fucks never came to the bargaining table throughout december- you could have came a bunch of times but didnt..why? cuz you guys are lazy greedy shits who wanted to prolong this shit to get your message across….go get a real fuckin job…i hope your child rots from not being fed (oh wait your already overpaid so im sure your rat of a child you call a person is eating fine right now)…bottom line is that you t/a’s are never going to have a future…i know someone with a very high position in a top international bank who was told to not hire any york graduate students…and you know why? cuz you lazy ass complaining unionized fucks have tarnished your rep permanently, yet you think your cool boasting about how tuff you are by voting no- wait till your little strike is over and your dream world is crushed…everyone hates you now, not just students…good luck getting a job…you guys better look out now, cuz while you are blowing eachother tommoro at your little vote party or at the picket lines, guranteed your gonna meet some angry people, and i really hope they do some angry things to ya guys…..even if this strike doesnt end, atleast that will make me happy- hopefully they can actually get to you and knock some sense into you

    p.s. i hope your kid doesnt grow to be as stupid, greedy and retarded as you (how did you get to be a t.a. with this dumb brain anyways?)

  85. gll

    such heinous comments coming from you CUPE member with child

  86. jojojimbo

    Is it just me or are all union members retarded? Especially with a dumbass comment like that

  87. CUPE member with child

    Since, I do not have job for three months, I need to buy food for my child, I will suck for money. You can find me on Pond Road.

  88. danny

    @ CUPE member with child
    We are not barking up the wrong tree. I respect York more than any of the CUPE 3903 members. I don’t care how many times they have been to the bargaining table. They have set there offer, which is more than reasonable (especially during this economic time). They cannot afford to offer you double of what they are offering you now. You are screwing everyone over including yourselves. York is down 15% in application this year and this is the highest number of student applications sent out in Ontario, even more than the double co-heart years back! Because of the strike, york will have less students next year resulting in YOUR job loses in the years to come. They will not be able to afford to pay all of you greedy scum bags. Therefore, union members will be fired.

  89. cupemember with child

    I am a moron. You are all right.

  90. yorkk

    I have quoted that from CMWC just to show how fake that person is.

    Nobody appreciates comments like that.


    you included a smiley face

    here it is what you typed

    If I may recommend some wine for this celbratory occassion then try “Wild Horse Canyon” a 2006 Merlot. 🙂

  91. no need to impersonate CMWC anymore ppl

    s/he has done himself/herself in

  92. Soraya

    @ Yorkie,

    I agree, CUPE knows it won’t get all of its demands but they just want better than what York has offered. They have what? 150 mil for the 50th celebration. Give me a break. I’m not stressing. I’m in my 3rd year. I’m using the time wisely. Whatever will be, will be.

    Anyways, time for bed because I want to be at York early tomorrow so I can get some work done.

    peace out.

  93. CUPE member with child


    Ah, you’re onto something there… enrollment is going up everywhere and increasing revenues “despite” the bad economy… expect for York who wanted their workers to take concessions. I wonder why that is…

    Is it really that much of a no-brainer?

  94. no need to impersonate CMWC anymore ppl

    s/he has done himself/herself in.

  95. Yorkie

    @student with vengence

    Umm… As far as I know it was Cupe that always offered to bargain while York stonewalled. Whenever York asked to go bargain, Cupe agreed. They never “opposed” bargaining in December, just to get that part straight.

  96. nuts and balls

    Cupe picketers clear the way at those barriers cause we’re coming to run you into the ground biatches….I’m gonna run you with my Daewoo Lanos assholes

  97. theowne

    Hey, CUPE member with Child, it’s not our fault that you couldn’t get a tenured position by your own merits and are stuck as contract faculty. So why are you taking it out on 50,000 students?

    If you’re a TA, though, than you’re just greedy, period.

  98. Yorker

    York and CUPE are calculating that what is the maximum sacrifice we can offer and who is going to take the blame at the end. If we don’t act for ourselves, nobody will really care about us.

  99. may

    I dont understand, intelligent people with an education, or getting an education, acting like this. university is supposed to make people polished, refined, and this is the outcome, how sad

  100. Yorkstudent

    “Maybe you should go beat up a homeless person, homosexuals or some black people to take out your frustrations”

    Please everyone … respect! respect!!! This is so sick!

  101. may

    stop the comments, and articulate your thoughts with some intelligence people, and respect peoples opinion

  102. gll

    that is what CMWC wrote

  103. theowne

    LOL Listen to CmwC’s stupid rhetoric.

    Enrollment is down because there’s been a FUCKING STRIKE for three months screwing up undergraduates education. Who the fuck wants to go to a school like that? You’re fucking delusional if you think otherwise.

  104. nuts and balls

    How can we get refined..if we haven’t been in University for almost 3 months.

  105. gll

    @ yorkstudent

  106. may

    everyone has the right to peaceful protest

  107. Al

    Let’s Rush the picket lines!

  108. CUPE member with child


    This isn’t the average group of undergrads – at least not those in liberal arts programs. Some of them might be trying to get computer science degrees, geography, or business management. At the young ages of 19-23, these are the ones who have nothing to do with no school on and are looking for someone to hate-on. I’d be out at the celebration, but there’s a babe sleeping in the next room that I can’t leave alone. And I have to admit that this is somewhat fun.

  109. gll

    “Maybe you should go beat up a homeless person, homosexuals or some black people to take out your frustrations”

    Even mentioning beating up a homeless person, homosexual, or some black people is sickening beyond belief.

    I feel sorry for your child CMWC

  110. Yorkie

    Regardless of what these Cupe-hating people think, I still want CMWC here to let us in on any further negociations and/or BTWL possibilities. Don’t shut off another source of information, people.

    And respect at least to others on this forum too, please and thank you.

  111. nuts and balls

    That’s what I say, we have to instill fear…like they’re doing to us. Fear of losing a year, a career, OUR DREAMS

  112. Soraya

    Couldn’t help myself from refreshing. Ftr, I’m, 21 and have more than enough on my plate. I just like/need to keep myself informed. Gnight!

  113. CUPE member with child


    ok, then go hate-on some Mexican, jew, palestinian, or other underserving arab. Everyone here is looking for some scape-goat, and they’re obviously not going to get any movement out of the union, so who else takes the fury of the Western working and middle class? Let’s face it… all the groups I’ve mentioned have taken a kicking every time the economy goes sour and insecurity increases.

  114. Yorkie

    Could we drop the racist comments please? They have nothing to do with this…

  115. CUPE member with child

    Oh Christ, I left out the gypsies. Nobody even hears their screams when the boots get swinging and its time for vengeance.

  116. theowne

    Yeah, right. Read what CmwC just wrote:

    “And I have to admit that this is somewhat fun.”

    Of course it is. Fun and games.

    How do people this callous exist in the real world?

    Fucking ridiculous.

  117. student with vengeance

    kudos to york! everyone who thinks that york is at fault for this is stupid…think about it, if you have something and someone who works for you asks for it, even though you already give them MORE than enough, are you just gonna bend over for them and take it in the ass????tell me would you? i wouldnt! i commend york for taking such a hardline against these greedy pricks…its a recession folks and you were doing just fine, so suck it up and shut the Fuck up! I hope York doesnt back down for these idiots…I cant wait to see the TA’s little selfish dreams be crushed by either the government steppin in (but their too pussy since they support lazy ass greedy unions such as 3903) or york not giving in (york should just fire these idiots from the start and restructure school to resume without them- the smart way like UofT)…and after your little campaign goes to shits, your futures will too when no one will want to hire you! i cant wait till i get back to class and talk with my ta’s- especially this one guy who hates the world/ the system/ etc….man im gonn have some words for him and even after those he better give A+++, likc my balls, and serve me a milkshake cuz if not there will be problems

  118. CUPE member with child


    There’s a difference between being racist and talking about racism.

  119. transfer student who regrets transferring

    to all the people who were looking @ BTWL

    I’ve talked to many TA’s and Contract Faculty, and even if BTWL was enforced, they would go back to work but not do their jobs. They would be in attendance but would not teach. Therefore, I’m glad the government is stepping out because the “quick” (and I’m hesitant to use the word quick) fix would cause more damage. Also, as a second year student, I am GLAD the University is not giving into a 2 year contract. Why? Well, because I don’t want to go through this bullshit yet again when I’m graduating. I hope the University waits until the Union comes down from cloud 9 and actually puts forth some realistic demands.

  120. Yorkie


    Nonetheless, stick to the matter at hand.

  121. Yorkstudent

    You are so ridiculous CUPE member with child.
    No wonder why your words are shallow, your rhetoric lacks grace and off course you are a merlot person … someone that enjoys merlot certainly does not know anything about wine. Needless to say, you are, my dear, a fraud.

  122. gll

    you were doing both being racist and talking about racism

    first you suggested to a member of this thread to hate on those groups mentioned above to release his her frustration.

    Now you say “ok, then go hate-on some Mexican, jew, palestinian, or other underserving arab”

    I was not hating in the first place, so why would I “then hate on”. lol

    we [students] are directing our anger at CUPE

    then you put ethnic groups into the picture.

  123. gll

    digging a deeper hole?

  124. CUPE member with child

    I want suck some dick for money, I need Money, pay once and get suck twice

  125. Yorkie

    Either way another strike’s a coming, either get out or tough it out.

  126. gll- for those impersonating CMWC

    I understand the reason behind it

    but s/he alrdy makes enough of a fool about him/herself.

  127. piece of the pie


    You are an unethical, unmoral, heartless, uncompassionate human being.

    It sickens me to know that there are people like you on this earth. I truly feel sorry for your child and his/her father.

    I pray that your child grows up with some morals and decency to make a positive contribution to society.

  128. Yorkie

    “Take everything read on this forum with a grain of salt.”

    Remember that one? Most of the time it’s not even the same person posting as CMWC. Use your brains people, geeze.

  129. CUPE member with child


    Communists, gypsies, homosexuals, arabs, jews, Mexicans, etc…

    Didn’t half of them go to the gas chambers, while the others were simply out of reach?

    But of course that couldn’t happen here, right? After all, us Canadians must be bred differently… we must have different DNA or something.

  130. CUPE member with child

    @piece of pie,

    Learn how to read between lines. That’s half od what univeristy is all about.

  131. UnderGrad Int'l

    Anyway, I hear that tomorrow night at 7pm in bethune dining hall, some students are organizing a meeting to plan a rally. Interested students and supporters (hopefully no CUPE spies) are invited to attend.

    Ok, I am officially beat from all this talk tonight. I think I have settled in my mind that once again the union has emerged on top. but is there still hope? come on, there just has to be. goodnight to all

  132. piece of the pie


    Im in my second undergrad, i know what uni is about. Your mindset is disgusting, I truly pray for you.

  133. ron

    “piece of the pie”, “nuts and balls”, and “student with vengeance” are on the right page: FUCK cupe after saying no. i know they are expecting a repeat of the last time they pulled the strike card (york to cave in within the week), but if it were up to me, during the next GMM the building would cave in. as a result, clint eastwood would volunteer to instruct 50, 000 york students and we’d be done with it. but i know its not a perfect world…so in that case i hope the building just caves in.


  134. Yorkie

    Clearly you people would rather pick fights amongst each other, rather than debate about anything productive about the strike, so I’m out.


  135. gll

    I just simply stated that you have made a racist comment, and I hope your child did not turn out with such a mindset.

    There is no need to explain yourself.

    and “But of course that couldn’t happen here, right? After all, us Canadians must be bred differently… we must have different DNA or something.”

    sarcasm? ’cause racism and discrimination obviously happens here, but it isn’t tolerated anywhere.

  136. gll


    “does not turn out”

  137. b

    don’t go to York! wtf. i wish i never picked this school. cant believe the union voted no again. we should definitely get our money back! this isnt fair! CUPE members- why the fuck did you pick to go on strike during an economic recession- how do you expect to get what you want when people are losing jobs. what a waste of time waiting for the strike to end. i feel like i threw my money away- thanks a lot York and CUPE- thanks alot for screwing our education, time and money

  138. gll- im off to bed as well

    The important thing is bringing the students back to school ASAP.

    I just could’nt stand some of the heinous comments CMWC was making.


  139. CUPE member with child

    ok, so you people want to talk seriously about solutions rather resorting to stupidity? Then enough of this blowing up cupe offices, ramming people with their cars, or gang-raping people on pond road… after all it’s all the equivalent of what fucking Nazis do and I haven’t heard a single person deplore it.

    So, here are where things are at:

    Cupe voted to reject the contract accross all three units.

    Now York cannot reach a deal to resume school with cupe unless the cupe’s bargaining team agrees to a deal first.

    So, you can carry on pressuring cupe to come to the bargaining table, which they’ve been wanting to do all along anyways…

    Or you can stand outside the legislature… which not many people are going to show up for anyways…

    Or you can start pressuring the university to come to the bargaining table and resolving this quickly. So far I’ve barely heard a peep on this blog calling people to do that.

    There’s your solution.

  140. lisa

    @cupe member with child

    why the fuck are you telling someone to take their frustrations out on homeless people- hope all the people in the union aren’t as nasty as you.

  141. cabby

    wowwww i say lets just bomb york.

  142. Or not

    instead of bombing york, can you just do funny and candid interviews with the players?

  143. CAMPOUT

    Lets have a CAMP OUT outside Shouri’s office… DAY AND NIGHT.. do not leave until this is over! I will bring a BBQ and sleeping bags.

  144. Optimist

    Join this facebook Group

    It’s time for us students to take back york. If you’re with us, join.
    If not, stop complaining.

  145. TRUTH

    The victory is close. York has paid bunch of capitalists tool here to say negative things about CUPE and pretend they are mad

    Everyone is well aware that students are supporting CUPE and they want their school year canceled as an effort to help CUPE get results. Dont get played by those ignorant paid tools here or their imperialists media friends. The fact is majority of students are in favor of fighting this capitalist monster and break new barriers. So now the goal should be to cancel the school year and put York in a tougher position

    Demand the Impossible

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  146. Or not

    hey, aren’t the majority of CUPE members students?


  147. @ TRUTH

    “Everyone is well aware that students are supporting CUPE and they want their school year canceled as an effort to help CUPE get results.”

    which reputable source did you get that from?

  148. @ TRUTH

    I believe truth was talking about students that were not TAs

  149. JMac

    I am not really surprised at Cupe Member with child’s behaviour here tonight. I knew he/she was a phony from the start but I think its pretty clear now what kind of person he/she is.

    It takes a pretty small (or really stupid) person to come on here and gloat amongst the students who CUPE just screwed. On one hand its amazing but on the other hand really not very surprising.

    I hope its clear to most of you now that 70% of these CUPE members don’t give a shit about the students.

    But I believe students now do have the power to make the government legislate an end to this childish strike. But it will take people peacefully protesting en masse … I think someone mentioned , stopping traffic.

  150. Yorker

    January 20, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Join this facebook Group

    It’s time for us students to take back york. If you’re with us, join.
    If not, stop complaining.

    This is what we need!

  151. fuckcupe

    @ cupe member with child

    fuck your child you stupid cunt. i hope its the homeless guy/girl we beat up.

    ps: go drink some wines that wont be mistaken as sewage. or does the strike pay not go that far?

  152. Mega Blooper




  153. Mega Blooper

    i wonder what it will be like going back to class and confronting our TA’s etc. who have been pro-strike all this time. I know not all of them wanted this strike, buti’m worried im going to feel some terrible resentment towards many of them.

  154. rational

    honestly I am surprised people have not gotten violent yet

  155. rational

    @ truth
    Go fuck yourself you liar

  156. may

    apparently if their is btw legislation one of the cupe spokesperson said its going to be war

  157. So fed fed up

    Ironic about CMWC on about “go beat up a homeless person, homosexuals or some black people to take out your frustrations”, about “hate-on some Mexican, jew, palestinian, or other underserving arab”, about gas chambers, etc. The funny thing is almost all the TAs, especially the humanities ones like CMWC, are basically white people from little towns and all that, then talking about how they’re all down with all of us. Please. Why the he*l are they in unions anyway? TAs are contract workers. Lecturers are contract workers. They do not have jobs. They have temporary positions. It seems to me that CUPE will basically sign up any warm bodies with a pulse, and York was stupid enuf to go along with it.

    What YOrk needs is a real administrator who will say, fine. Enuf. No more lecturers. No more CUPE running contract positions. Profs, we’ll pay you extra to teach another course. Grad students, if you want to TA then great, otherwise actually shuffle off. This is a fricking university where you come to learn. If you want to pretend you have a real job where someone tells you to what to do then go out and get one.

    I am so so so sick of unions, especialy Public Sector ones. Has anyone looked into how TAs and so on can resign from CUPE? I definitely know a bunch who are fed up with it. I am PEEVED.

  158. Do I want this degree from this school?

    @ CUPE member with child,

    I have been reading some of your sarcastic comments, in which I can understand your frustrations aswell. I feel the undergrades are taking their anger out on websites – which they are left without an education at the end of the day. However I don’t understand why you are taking this so person to the point where you must respond with sarcastic comments. I can honestly say out of the 50,000 undergrades no one would want to be taught by you. Why don’t you spend some time with your child instead of coming onto this website and defending yourself. Its useless.

    Anyways Everyone, Im sure we all want our money back, or even if we knew it was going to last 11 weeks we could have seeked full time employment, rather we were left on a string.
    Its a capitalist society, and York being big in the Social Science Department, this is perhaps their chance to fight for what they want from the institution. But what Ive learned is that, capitalism will always win. I can applaud to all three units for fighting for what they want or what they potentially “think” they can get. But its time to open your eyes and look at the real world.

  159. Or not

    Looks like in the “real” world, unions exist, and so do labour laws.

  160. fellocupe

    Given the level of cupe with a child’s immaturity reflected by her uneducated comments – i would guess she isn’t even a graduate student at all! If she is it must be for some half-ass program.

  161. RJ

    Yeah it is frustrating as hell, but given some of the horrid comments, I suspect York’s admission standards are too low, at least in some half assed program. The fact is york is the second most applied to school in the province.

    And a school’s reputation has little to do with damn TAs or a strike. It is the quality of faculty, research, and programs. We are in the third biggest centre for academic work in Canada. Ya think you gonna get it better at a Brock or Ryerson? My cousin at Brock says her TAs are hopeless! U of T went through the same crap 10 years ago.

  162. piece of the pie

    Actually Yorks admission standards are amongst the highest.
    copied from yorku:
    Fall 2008
    Program Faculty cut-offs
    Environmental Studies mid 70s
    Fine Arts mid 70s to mid 80s
    Glendon mid 70s
    Health mid 70s
    Liberal Arts & Professional Studies most programs, mid to high 70s
    Criminology low 80s
    Administrative Studies mid 80s
    Schulich low 90s
    Science most programs, mid to high 70s
    Engineering mid 80s

  163. Schul

    Schulich is goin back:
    Dear Schulich BBA and iBBA Students,

    You are by now aware that the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3903 representing teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants at York University voted against York’s offer for settlement in a supervised vote that took place on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

    Immediately following the announcement of the outcome of the vote, the Schulich School met with the Executive Committee of the University Senate. I am very pleased to report that our request to restart classes on Monday, January 26, 2009 for Fall undergraduate BBA and iBBA courses has been granted. This only applies to BBA and iBBA Schulich-based business courses. The Committee’s decision took into account a number of factors including the ability of the School to resume a full and integral instructional program.

    Specific class schedules will be sent to you in a separate e-mail by week’s end. As well, I will be communicating with your parents as I did in December. This communication will be a personalized letter sent to them by Canada Post. A copy of the letter’s content will be e-mailed to you for information.

    I wish to assure you and your family that the essence, reputation and value of your Schulich undergraduate degree will remain intact.

    I am grateful to all of you for your patience during the interruption of classes. I look forward to welcoming you back to Schulich.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dezsö J. Horváth, CM
    Tanna H. Schulich Chair in Strategic Management
    Schulich School of Business
    York University

  164. lisa


    ( ) insert donation here

    thanks for taking our money

  165. Machinator

    CUPE member with child – get a real fucking job.

    I dont know what world you live in that a 15.8% collective increase in pay is realistic?

    Basically, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

  166. Machinator

    “Everyone is well aware that students are supporting CUPE and they want their school year canceled as an effort to help CUPE get results”

    Are you mad? That is an honest question.

    It is difficult to fathom how CUPE thought they could hold York students over a collective barrel while crying about pay and job security. Newsflash: there is very little job security in the marketplace generally, and pay increases should be based on merit, not mandatory based on years of service. Further, do you really think being a TA is a permanent career? If so, that is just plain sad.

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