McGuinty won’t call legislature back to end York strike

WATERLOO– Premier Dalton McGuinty said Monday he isn’t ready to call back the legislature to force an end to the York University strike, and he wants to see the result of a two-day vote before considering any action.

“It’s in the hands of the parties right now, and that’s where it should be,” McGuinty said after making a health-care funding announcement.

“There’s an opportunity today and tomorrow to bring it to an end.”

McGuinty declined to say whether he thought the months-long situation had reached a breaking point, but suggested a resolution is overdue.

“I am very concerned about the length of time that’s been involved, very concerned about the impact it’s had on students’ studies,” McGuinty said.

“I remain hopeful that during the course of today and tomorrow, all the folks involved on both sides of this difficult issue will understand that there’s nothing more important than ensuring that young people are in the classes.”

The 3,400 teaching assistants, graduate assistants and contract faculty have been on strike since November, locking out thousands of students from their classes.

The dispute’s main issue has been job security for contract staff.

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory said that while he also hopes Monday’s and Tuesday’s vote will resolve the impasse, McGuinty should take action to bring classes back.

“Mr. McGuinty should make it clear – and do it now – classes will be resuming at York University not later than Monday,” Tory said.

“And if he has to recall the legislature to make that happen, he’ll do it. I think that might have a positive outcome on the vote.”

A spokesman for the New Democrats declined to comment on whether the party would support bringing back the legislature to force the issue, saying it wouldn’t be helpful to hypothesize while the vote was taking place.



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55 responses to “McGuinty won’t call legislature back to end York strike

  1. Teju

    vhat I did not know omg we’re are back on the wednesday then? Are we this is bad I didn’t do any read stuff. I feel bad. Are you like seriousness?

  2. Worried

    This is fake do not buy into this and that is a fake cupedoll just trying to stir things up. The strike is not over.

  3. TOM

    For goodness sake………….don’t believe all this crap…get onto the news stations and get real info…this blog, and so many like it, is just a way to vent and spew forth vulgarities….SO MATURE.

  4. oh really...

    Blah. I am just so sick of this strike stuff. I am done worrying and stressing about assignments. I have been out of school too long to even think about working on anything because I basically remember nothing. There is no point on talking about wanting the strike over now or not, because it will suck if it ends tomorrow, but it will suck if it doesnt end tomorrow.
    This is old news already, and school is but a distant memory. Remember how you didn’t remember anything going back to elementary/high school after summer? Well, this is even longer than that break and we are supposed to go back to our unfinished classes we have forgotten about.

    Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

  5. TOM



  6. Trevis

    I hate the McGuinty, a lot. But hey, what can you expect from a slimy Canadian politician. If his kids went to York, I’m sure this strike would have been over a long time ago.

  7. CUPE member with child

    The McGuinty Hath Spoken!!!

  8. CUPE member with child

    Do not criticise the McGuinty!!!

  9. piece of the pie

    Its just a matter of time and persuasion before McGuinty calls for back to work legislature. If the vote ends in a ‘no’, back to work legislation will happen before York capitulates. And if that happens, CUPE3903 will end up with a less favourable contract than is currently being offered.

  10. The Man With The Plan


  11. lun

    how long before school year is cancelled?

    will we be getting our money back?

    fuck you 3903, hope this strike ends soon just so i could walk into into one specific class of mine, kick the T.A. in the nuts, and pass/fail option my ass outta there

  12. tester

    a) The fact the the NDP doesn’t want to comment speaks volumes.

    b) Dalton says he is not ready for BTWL, not he will never ever enact BTWL

  13. okay...

    I’m 99.9% sure the outcome of tonight’s vote

    will be NO.


    I am BORED of this. I wanna go back to school…

  14. Jon

    I remember a time when people who posted here had genuine intent and cared about the news…now we get careless individuals who would rather spread bullshit and lie to everyone than contribute to the discussions here.

  15. piece of the pie


    don’t you think that in itself reflects the frustrations and attitudes towards the strike? I think people have just given up on giving a shit.

  16. Iris

    Can the students not protest against the compression of the schedule? My professors have cancelled some important chapters and schedules and it seems quite unfair to the students. I really hope students come together and demand fair treatment of the course by the professors.

  17. piece of the pie

    how do you know that your profs have cut out chapters? they arent supposed to revise the course until the strike is over. Also, what other options do you recommend?

  18. ...

    @ Jon

    I think the people here are starting to lose it. Its been too long since the strike started and most of the people here have lose more than half of their intelligence. Therefore, they start going crazy…..I am one of them.

  19. B

    As it stands, we are missing out on 1-2 classes. If your prof is cutting out work that exceeds that, you should take it up with them.

    This whole our degrees are compromised, our education is ruined business is ridiculous. It is 1-2 classes, not 3-4 or anything drastic.

  20. anonymous

    @TOM: unfortunately you cant get a refund…i have pulled out and im restarting my year next least you dont get a grade when you drop the classes but as for refunds forget it

  21. anonymous

    @okay: thanks for the sympathy..after weeks of thinking about it and discussing it with an advisor it was in my best interests to drop due to my future goal of getting into law school id rather not put that at risk and forget about the money and restart next year

  22. Iris


    You’re right, cutting out a few chapters might not seem that bad, but as my prof just announced, we will have 2 lectures. the first lecture she will discuss the last chapter, explain the rest of our assignment which will be due next week along with our final exam! doesnt that strike odd to you?

  23. okay...

    I’m aiming for Osgoode too.
    I’ve done my readings… but hell,
    you do have a point. At this point
    if I return I’ll probably lose a hell load of marks…

    I have thought restarting my year,
    but then, if I even speak about it
    my parents will hang me =(

    Ah well… I don’t see any chance of the year
    being canceled.


    Can’t believe this strike is STILL GOING ON.



  24. okay...

    talking to anonymous, btw

  25. anonymous

    @okay…thats the thing with the advisor and myself we were discussing that in the end we are leaving everything to chance…my marks could get worse stay the same or better however due to a crammed workload its at risk and id rather not do that…luckily my dad understood what i was doing and there werent any arguments…good luck!!!!

  26. UnderGrad Int'l

    January 19, 2009 at 8:05 pm
    Can the students not protest against the compression of the schedule? My professors have cancelled some important chapters and schedules and it seems quite unfair to the students. I really hope students come together and demand fair treatment of the course by the professors.

    What do you ppl want ?!

  27. UnderGrad Int'l

    So now, when students finally do get back into the classroom, then the students themselves will go on strike and hold rallies and riots about how chapters are being cut and how take home tests are not being given?!

    Come on guys. Seriously!

  28. sigh

    @UnderGrad Int’l

    want this year cancelled so i can start all over again.
    dont wanna risk losing marks. darn.

  29. Iris

    UnderGrad Int’l

    As I have said before, perhaps cutting out chapters might not be such a big deal but my professor is keeping our final exam the second lecture we get back along with our term assignment ( for which we still havent gotten proper instructions). This seems to be absurd to me. We want fair compression, not pure idiocity.

  30. piece of the pie


    well a lot of people dont have time for that shit. Why dont you just take matters into your own hands then and drop your courses?

  31. Cristian

    I hate this strike!!!! >_<

  32. UnderGrad Int'l

    No Iris. what you really want is to have your way in every way.

    Working full-time before I came back to school, my editor would put me on stories that I absolutely hated, and would require so much out of me as a writer. And I hated it, but guess what, I had to suck it up and do it!

    Now I’m not saying students shuld roll over and play dead, but I am sayin that when you guys do get back into classes I think that the professors will be working with the exact same number of days that you are working with.

    Have most students been studying in this strike time? Or have the students been content on just blogging about how CUPE is so stupid and how York is so selfish?

    All I’m saying is, I’m sure that if you guys would be studying what you do know, you would be more than prepared for your exam if its held the first week you get back. Think about it, honestly now, there were not many classes left in the semester before this strike happenned!!!!!!! I’m not buying this lament about oh us Fall 08ers cannot possibly be expected to do our exams when we get back. How dare York?

    Come on guys! When the strike ends, just do your best to complete your semester so the Winter 09 students can get a chance to start classes. 😦

  33. Haiden

    I just read that the strike is over.

    In an act of good faith, McGuinty let the CUPE union leaders sodomize him in the ass and then wipe their “love juice” on his mouth….wait, sorry I read that wrong… it’s actually the students who got sodomized (against their will) and still had to take it in the mouth… guess it wasn’t really an act of good faith at all.

  34. Iris

    If CUPE likes to have it their way then I’d like to have things my way too.

  35. UnderGrad Int'l

    Cristian honey, you’re not alone. Trust that!

  36. Bobert

    For people worried about compression don’t you get the the option to use the original syllabus if you don’t agree with the change?

  37. UnderGrad Int'l

    *sigh* See what I mean Iris. Who’s gonna be the mature one in this whole saga? My heart is grieved by this, honestly.

    I just wish that CUPE could have just seen the light long ago, but hey, we’re still here in a strike – 3 months in and still holding on hope that this vote will go the student body’s way with a resounding ‘yes’ to end the strike. But guess what, we don’t know if enough individual members see the light.

    However, we the students have more power than we think. We still have the power to keep a good attitutude and not get bitter about how ridiculous the union has been in the past. We could still look at it like, “guess what! when we get back we ready to work” Work! And not complain our way to failing grades. Cuss actually, that’s what the bitter CUPE memebrs will be hoping. You don’t see how they pulling for the academic year to be trashed. I mean, how wicked is that!!

    (And for students who want the year trashed, you’re just giving up on yourselves before you even give it shot.)

    Bless up.

  38. Iris

    UnderGrad Int’l,

    If I were to have my way, after we’d get back to school, I would have all my classes back , finish this term, extend the winter term slightly into the summer etc etc but I do understand I cannot have it my way. My beef is with my professor, who has kept our final exam during the second lecture, along with our term assignment (worth more than the exam). We still do not know what we have to do for our term assignment and I know a week will not be enough since the final exam will be held the same day. Oh and we have a journal due on the same day and this is not the only course students have on their schedule.

    If the strike wouldnt have occurred then our term assignment and exam would be held during the exam period not during lecture.

    I’m sure alot of students are being lazy but how mature of you to assume all students have burnt their books? I am almost ready for the exam but I have no clue regarding my term project.

    Anyway it must be easy for you to go back to school with no biter feeelings, but it sure aint easy for me to go back with a 1000 watt smile on my face.

  39. MR Two

    I paid my tuition to be TAUGHT. I paid for lecture hours, not to teach myself everything. I want my money’s worth out of my courses, nothing more, nothing less. Whether people keep up with readings means nothing to me, do as you please. The point is we did not get what we paid for. Are we supposed to be ok with that? If you went to a store and bought something, and the product was defective, would you not demand compensation? Same thing, it applies here.

  40. theowne

    Go to sleep……

  41. Ms Doan

    @ Iris,

    the problem is to w ur Prof, its tough for u guys

    i hv no clues how assigts n exams will be compressed in all of my courses, whose Profs all ‘ve vanished since nov6

  42. Iris

    Ms Doan,

    Two of my profs have been keeping us somewhat updated. I suggest that you and everyone else should be prepared for the worst, but we should also ask the profs for FAIR treatment of the compressed schedule and fight (respectfully) for our right.

  43. CUPE member with child

    wow, this site is getting even more awesome. Too bad Lightman’s not here anymore with his ‘dignified neutrality’ position so he can tell CUPE how greedy we are.

  44. UWStudent

    @ Iris

    Iris, you say that you have a term project but you didn’t even start it before the strike began? Isn’t that your fault? It’s a term project so isn’t it supposed to take you all term to complete? If it’s just supposed to take one month or a few weeks to do it, is it still fair to call it a “term project”?

    To be honest, if you had any direction at all from the professor I think you should have started it/completed it. You could have argued that because you didn’t have proper documentation, the instructions that you interpreted yourself are correct (as long as you could back it up to a professor how could he or she argue with you?). Alternatively you could have done it to the best of your ability and minimized the amount of work you had to do to fix your “project” once your school stopped striking.

    One thing we go to university for is to learn how to learn and be independent. It sort of sounds like you were expecting to be spoon-fed for your “term project”. If you just did as much as you could according to the instructions that you had it wouldn’t have been so bad. It really just sounds like you are whining—I mean you’ve had a long time to work on things.

    Also, you say that you are “almost ready” for the exam but you’ve had a super long time to get prepared—actually much longer than you would have had if your school didn’t go on strike. It doesn’t sound like you have a great work ethic (from what you’ve written on here) so maybe you should just stop posting on this website and study more.

    This is a flame but maybe you just need a reality check.

  45. tester

    CUPE member with child:

    Don’t worry. I am still here to let you know you are a one of the greedy CUPE pigs

  46. tester

    CUPE member with child:

    Don’t worry. I am still here to let you know you are one of the greedy CUPE pigs

    EDIT: correct typo…but you are all still pigs

  47. DAn

    Mr. two is absolutely correct. Regardless of the reasons, we, the undergraduates are getting screwed out of what we paid for. I also did not pay full money for a condensed school year.

  48. Iris


    My term project is based on a series of previous assignments, 2 of which we havent gotten back, they havent been marked at all. Without them being marked I cannot move on unless I ASSUME what mark I might have gotten and what mistakes I made and what material I have to use for my final assignment. Plus we will be getting instructions on what material to choose and how in our next lecture, there is no way I can work on it.

    If I had to become an independent learner, I wouldnt have come to university.

    and no I wont stop posting on this website, I dont see why I should.

  49. AndrewB

    @ Iris

    You did come to University to be an independent learner. You decide on what you want to study, not someone else. To many students believe the classroom is the end all of learning but it is what you learn outside the class room that makes you an A student or a D student.

  50. UnderGrad Int'l

    I’m feelin Andrew and UWstudent on this one. Dan and Mr Two, not so much you. Why?

    Okay, if I went to the store and they sold me a defective product, yes, you’re right I would get a store credit or a new one or simply a refund. Believe it or not, you have options. No one is forcing you to stay at York. You can get a ‘refund’ – if you know what I mean.

    I surely don’t mean to come across like I’m running through a pasture and smelling all the daisies and sunflowers as I twirl my skirt with glee and smile toward the sun. HOWEVER, I’ve been waiting for this strike to be done and I think I have gone through several emotions since this all started – slight bitterness, a woe is me attitude, sheer anger, disgust, and finally a sense of near peace that this strike will pass! Hallelujah! And I don’t know about you all, but I am sure glad we are closer to an end than we were three weeks ago when I came here. Okay, it’s not fair – sure! But what do you do if after all your complaining and protesting and they still lay down the law that you have to do the journals and the term papers etc etc in the allotted time. Will you rebel and not do it? But then who will be at fault for your failed grade then? Playing York or CUPe will kinda be a moot point by then, see what I’m saying.

    Trust me Iris, pleaseeee don’t feel like I’m attacking you here. I’m in for Winter 09 and I know that my semester will probably be compressed and that it will run into May possibly, but hey, I guess I’ll just have to find ways to adjust. Or, I could say it’s just too much work and get that ‘store refund’. Nah. I think I have a bit of stickability in me. And I’m sure you do as well babes. 🙂

    Lol. And as a matter of fact, I’m offering you 500 watts of my 1000 watt smile. 😉 But the peddle to the medal gf. But the shoulder to the wheel. Tough it out. Rough it out. And get that A and show the system that it can’t screw you over no more than you allow it too!

    Much love

  51. Teju

    This is awful! Everyone has forgetten everything
    tht theys been taught now. It’s not fair for thee students. I say we all like collectivly come and demand to be registered in the courses we pay for in sept and re-start fresh next sept and keep summer school!

  52. AndrewB

    @ Teju

    That is stupid. Why keep summer school and get rid of everything else? Waste 8 months of our lives just so we can get summer school back.

    And maybe you have forgot everything you have been taught, but I sure haven’t. Granted, I also haven’t been lazy and not kept up studying to make sure I was ready to return at any moment. You generalize way to much in claiming everyone has forgot everything and all of us want to restart the year. Because I sure as hell don’t.

  53. cupedoll

    say whatt!

  54. TOM

    Anyone feeling the tension?? do we havef to wait til 11 to hear the news?? will the outcome be posted here b4 tv ?

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