Radio Call In Opportunity

Here is a message I got from the good people at Z Spot Radio that I am relaying to you guys:


Enough is enough!

The strike has carried over to its third month. Sure it was all fun and games at first, but students have financially suffered too much to view it as lightheartedly as before. As a lover of education (oh, you can pretend), you have lost valuable time and money at the expense of other workers who cannot grow up for long enough to solve an irrelevant dispute. The price the students have had to pay has been completely left out of the equation.

How has the strike affected YOU? Have you been abandoned by your friends who don’t want to be associated with a lazy couch potato? Have you capitulated on this extra time by launching your own business? Or has your IQ dropped by unrecoverable numbers and you are now thinking of making a career as a McDonald’s fry cook?

Speak out!

Z Spot Radio is an internet based radio station that will feature a segment on the extensive York strike on Sunday, January 18th. Join hosts Zaki Zaheer and Gus Babb to share your thoughts on the strike by calling in. Go onto at 5 p.m. TODAY (Sunday January 18th) to listen live. ”

If you have any questions feel free to message back.

Thank you!



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2 responses to “Radio Call In Opportunity

  1. theowne

    How exactly do you call in? There isn’t anything ontheir website about this.

  2. The number to call in will come up when the show goes live @ 5 p.m.

    Hope this helps.

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