Good News and Bad News

by CupeDoll

2 email items worth telling landed in my inbox Saturday night.  The first was a shout-out for unit2s to rock the YES vote.  Yay!  Clearly, us contract faculty are not entirely without hearts, minds — or guts.

Dear Unit 2 Colleagues,

As you know, a supervised vote has been arranged by the Ministry of Labour in an effort to end the 3 month long CUPE 3903 strike at York University .  Members of CUPE 3903 are being asked to vote on a settlement offer tabled recently by York University .

As Unit 2 members and contract faculty teaching colleagues at York , we are writing to ask your support by voting “yes” to the settlement offer. Only a “yes” vote will end the strike.

There are many urgent reasons to vote “yes” to the settlement offer.

Only a “yes” vote will secure the terms of the current offer, including a 9.25% pay increase, 17 new “teaching stream” appointments at a salary of $70,000, 5 tenure-track conversions, improvements to funds and paid leaves, and a significant expansion of our health benefits program. It is vital to lock in these gains now during a time of economic unertainty. While many other workers face wage cuts and layoffs amid prospects of economic deflation and depression, the 10.7% increase in the value of our copllective agreement will keep us the best paid in our sector.

Only a “yes” vote will return our students to the classroom in time to salvage the academic year. If the strike continues, irreparable damage will be done
to the academic year and will soon result in the cancellation of the summer term — and further job losses for the many Unit 2 members who rely on income
generated by summer teaching.

Only a “yes” vote will enable us to recover 90% of the income we have lost during the strike, as part of the back-to-work protocol included in the settlement offer. If the strike continues we will not be able to recover this lost income. A longer strike will also result in lost EI benefits for many members who rely on them because they will not have worked enough hours to qualify.

The union executive has told members that rejecting the offer will help us get a better deal, but this is not the case. It will only prolong the strike.

The executive tells members that the supervised vote has interrupted a round of tremendously productive bargaining, that a settlement was near and that if we reject the offer we will have another opportunity to resume and equitably conclude bargaining at the table. This is not the case. Instead, in the past week the strike organizers have directed the bargaining team to backtrack on all progress and all agreements made during bargaining and revert to a set of demands dating to November 5th — before the strike began. This directive, in favour of impossible demands, means that a rejection of the settlement offer will undo everything gained at the table — and will also expose us to serious charges of bad faith bargaining. Rejecting the settlement offer will put us further from a settlement than before the strike started.

Only a “yes” vote will end the strike and secure the gains we have made to our collective agreements.

It is not necessary for all three bargaining units to vote “yes”. Even one unit voting “yes” will end the strike, just as it did during the 2000-01 strike, when a “yes” vote from Unit 2 members forced the sides to reach a negotiated solution within 48 hours.

Only a “yes” vote will help mitigate damage already done to York ‘s reputation and our teaching careers. Only a “yes” vote will save the academic year and prevent the damage to our students from escalating beyond repair. Only a “yes” vote will help turn the tide on the the 15% drop in undergraduate applications to York for next year, reported widely in the media — a frightening prospect given that declining enrolment will result in Unit 2 job losses. Only a “yes” vote will secure the gains made to our collective agreements. Only a “yes” vote will end the strike.

As Unit 2 members it is vital that we make our voices heard. Voting “yes” is not only in our best interest — it is also a genuine rescue mission for our students.  But we can accomplish this only if we come out and vote in numbers large enough to make a difference. Every “yes” vote counts urgently — for the sake of our students and our collective agreements.

Let’s do the right thing.  Vote “yes” to save the academic year and end the strike.

Please forward widely.


DATES: Monday January 19, 2009 and Tuesday January 20, 2009. Voting both days from 9-1 and 3-7.

LOCATION: The Novotel Hotel at the North York Civic Centre ( 3 Park Home Ave. just north of Yonge and Sheppard)

Voting is by SECRET BALLOT and is conducted by the Ministry of Labour.

The second item, on the other hand, saddened me.  It was an email from a fellow contract faculty whom I’ve come to thinking highly of.  Long story short, this contract faculty revealed intentions to vote YES — and was told not to expect working at York next year.  Consequently, this one contract faculty has had enough and will no longer apply at York.  Begs questions how many other contract faculty have already had it, won’t even wait to lose their jobs due to declining enrollment expected next year — and won’t be bothered voting this Monday.



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352 responses to “Good News and Bad News

  1. Kelso

    What about all the talk that in fact applications did not go down this year at all, jus that more people applied to other schools AS WELL AS York to keep their options open?

  2. demarche


    First-choice applications to York are down 15%, and overall applications to York are down 10.8%:

    So fewer people really are applying to York, even though applications to universities overall are up slightly.

  3. Andrew

    Kelso, that “talk” was about graduate applications. Undergraduate applications are way down.

  4. AndrewB

    I love the irony. And how CUPE missed it just makes me laugh.

    They want to bring down York, hurt its reputation and fight the power, yet come next year, they’ll be lucky to have a job because no one wants to come here. I’d love to be there when a TA or Contract member who was all far this strike and all for ‘beating the man’ finds out “sorry, because we got so hurt by the strike, our numbers are down and you are no longer needed” is it out for nothing. That might be cold, but that should have been obvious downfall.

    Hell I wish York would have gave into CUPE and what they wanted, signed the contract and on their way out the door, told them “oh by the way, to make this work, we are cutting the contract/TA/GA labour in half. Have a nice day!”

  5. Kelso

    I don’t remember where I read it, it was either a posting on this website or a link someone provided saying that York applications stayed the same but applications to Ryerson went up… maybe it was an article from the star.. oh well.

  6. Kelso

    Ah there you go demarche thanks

  7. Andrew


    That may happen anyway, though not immediately. I expect Shoukri will make it a high priority to reduce York’s dependence on CUPE labor, so that classes can carry on even if they strike.

  8. Kelso

    Yes it would be pretty bad if after all this they will require LESS TAs and LESS contract faculty… it wouldn’t really make me happy to see it happen, but it kind of makes me shrug my shoulders.

  9. ram

    @ cupe doll!
    The good news seem to be a bad news to me. Because it is increasing tension in me for the next two days because of increased ambiguity. the union still says that it is 100% confident that all 3 units will reject the offer. some other unit 2 members here have also said that they are gonna vote NO to the offer. My only question is:
    How influential the person who sent the email is, in the union(unit 2?) ?
    i am so frustrated because of this ever increasing ambiguity.
    I really do not know whether to me worried about going back soon (26?) and doing a compressed school year or sitting at home and finishing only fall and winter yet at a normal pace.
    It has already taken a toll on our peace, money, studies, grades and happiness. STUPID STRIKE.!!!

  10. Yuggoth

    You know, with the rapid advancements in robotics in countries like Japan, we could see teachers eventually being replaced by sentient robots! Must we forget that Big Blue version 2.0 eventually beat Kasparov? It’s sad, because I’ll miss the ways those educated, ectoplasmic hunks used to blush when they were flustered…

  11. u

    @ Cupedoll,

    What do you personally think the odds are of this vote actually going through?

  12. nana

    Ok well according to CUPEDOLL, if this one unit votes yes then we’ll be back probably late next week. However, I don’t understand how she knows that if any unit votes yes the strike is over.

    @CUPEDOLL/anyone else who may know…

    If any one unit votes yes does that mean the strike is over? Where can I find this information?

  13. Mike Oxbig

    why in the world would they accept this deal when the big parts of the deal are hardly better than the november deals?

    if they accept this, they could have negotiated a deal like this during december easily…because it’s not much better than the november deal…just a little better…with perks..

  14. AndrewB

    If one unit votes yes, basically what happens is, the power of the union starts to fold and starts getting pressure from the other half. Think about it, if Unit 2’s (contract teachers) decide to vote yes, then York could very well restart school. The Union has lost 1/3 or so of its members who agree with the deal. I kind of see it as a “no-faith” thing. If a Unit votes yes, it sends a message saying “we agree with what is being offered, and we have no faith in what you are saying you could get us. This is the best we can get.”

  15. AndrewB

    @ Mike

    Thing is, they couldn’t have done this in December because CUPE was still holding strong to its “Demand the impossible” and York was holding strong with its offer. Hence why the mediator ended talks because neither was going to move.

    That will be the massive media grab if this goes through. This offer could have been taken back in November/December, but instead, a 3 month long strike broke out and 50,000 students were left waiting.

  16. ram

    I am really angry at this opportunistic CUPE 3903 members. the whole point behind the strike was to get a better deal. But now, since york is going to experience a decrease in enrollment by 15% , this unit 2 members are afraid of whether they could even get a job here in the next academic year. If they are just worried about making 90% of their lost income, having a job in summer so that they could eat three time a day and finally getting hired for the next year, then WHY THE HELL DID THEY VOTE FOR A STRIKE. Why did they keep us at home for 2 and a half months?
    They could have just said an yes to the previous offer which was not very different from the present one. These adults are just not matured enough.
    I would have held them high in regards had they just accepted the old one and avoided the strike.

  17. D F D

    ” If the strike continues, irreparable damage will be done to the academic year”

    Irreparable damage already happened when the strike went into december and we were told that that we will cram all the material of our courses in half the time.

    Seriously, if the CUPE members really care about their students, once we get back, they should all go extremely easy on us and throw A’s at us as a peace offering. Atleast thats my opinion

  18. ram

    @ DFD
    If that happens, for sure will york degree be under estimated more than it is going to be because of the strike and a compressed school year. Because the averages might be record high!
    But i agree with you that prolonging the strike for 2 weeks more by a No vote is not going to hamper significantly more as our school year has already been done so.

  19. ratkill

    wow. The second email is quite sad. But by not voting and not applying, this CF has allowed the other strikers to win, as there is one less person to compete with.

    Regardless of the outcome of the vote, it is important that ALL members (or as many as possible) show up to vote.

    A Yes vote is the best possible outcome
    A No vote of the same 400 members doesn’t have enough impact as a strong NO vote of 1000+ members.

    At least if people vote, then we will know where people stand

  20. @u: “What do you personally think the odds are..”?

    So wish I had a clue 🙂 But I don’t. And what we say when we’re clueless is that the odds are 50/50.

    @nana: “If any one unit votes yes does that mean the strike is over? Where can I find this information?”

    Good question. I think the university and the unit2 appeal above are going about it the wrong way. They stress how everyone ought to vote YES. But what they ought to focus on are the terrible consequences of all units voting NO.

    You know. Not just ruining this year academically like we 3903s already have. Maybe losing a term or a year entirely. And devaluing York accreditation even more than we have. And decimating enrollment to the point unit1s — not just most unit2s — don’t get jobs next year. And just generally making the labour movement and 3903 look like Darth Vader and what’s stuck in his rectum, respectively. Stuck as in “impacted”. As in really labouring but getting absolutely no movement

    All we need for the strike to end is just one unit voting YES. Just like in 2000/01 when unit2 voted YES and the sides rushed like no tomorrow to reach a negotiated solution. Since there was no tomorrow left for striking. 3903 still striking without unit2 would be like Monty Python’s Black Knight still fighting after getting his legs chopped. Ridiculous.

    Finally, I don’t think there’s much hope either units 1 or 3 will vote YES. It’s up to unit unit2 to save the York community again. For whatever good it’ll do — since so much damage has already been done. Still, it *is* the right thing to do. And I do believe if enough unit2 silent majority come out that we will do it.

    Come on, unit2s! Let’s rock this vote.

  21. ram

    @ cupe doll.
    previously one unit 2 member ( cupe member with child) in this blog told us that s/he is gonna vote NO and that those who s/he talked to have been in NO category.
    Has everyone that you talked to said an YES for the offer?? Is this email from a fellow member or from an influential person in Unit 2..
    On friday, YUFA has passed a motion that they will not influence the union members in this vote and that they support a negotiated settlement instead of a forced ratification. So definitely majority of YUFA members stand behind the union (specifically unit 2) members. So you guys do not have an obligation to vote YES for the offer.

    Please post your comments.. thanks in advance

  22. sam

    so there is a big chance of havin’ classes next week?

  23. Mike Oxbig

    so technically speaking, if unit 2 votes yes, the strike isn’t over…all this does is put pressure on the other units?

  24. ratkill

    The are fighting for job security, and yet they singlehandedly reduced enrollment, which will cost job.

    CUPE3903 is simply not the brightest bunch

  25. John

    who cares about the TAs? personally, i don’t use them at all and they deserve no job security. get rid of them and pay the profs more

  26. an observation

    Cupe Doll is referring to an email sent to her/him by me. I am a Tutor 1, Unit 2 contract faculty member for 4 years at York, and I will be voting YES on Monday in spite of being threatened by telephone on Friday that if I don’t support the Union mandate to “kill the rat”, I can be assured that I will NOT have a job in September. I don’t care! I voted in October to reject the strike mandate. I have not collected one penny from in Union in strike pay because I refuse to be a hypocrite by picketing for an agenda I do not believe in. My concern has always been focussed on the damage that this strike has caused the students.

    My decision to not apply to York for September 09 is made on my own volition because I refuse to be bullied through scare mongering or inappropriate pressure tactics but that have nothing to do with whether I am apathetic about the damage this strike has caused.

    To reiterate CupeDoll’s plea: Come on, unit 2s. Let’s rock this vote with a definitive YES mandate to end this strike… That’s the least I can do before I leave.

  27. @ram

    I have no doubt Cmwc is being honest when saying everyone s/he speaks with intends to vote NO.

    Similarly, everyone I’ve spoken with intends to vote YES.

    All this means is that the YES and NO sides don’t spend much time talking to each other. Other than one side threatening the other 😦

    The question is: which side constitutes the majority? And, if the YES side is in the majority — will we come out voting in sufficient numbers?

    Wish I knew. But, again — I’ve got no clue. For sure more exciting than Leaf games, though. Should be a PPV (pay-per-view).

  28. Thank you, an observation.

    I didn’t want to say too much — not my story to tell.

    Always, it is the best and most principled driven out first where corruption flourishes. Yet I can’t help hoping the YES side will emerge so victorious that it will be the person threatened you hesitating to show their face. And that then you might choose to remain at York because it will turn out, after all, to be a place you can be proud to be. A place you can hold your head high.

  29. mat

    The change will come on Tuesday in US, with Inauguration of Obama, which was vote by almost 53% of American, I hope, on the same historic day, bring the change we need to go back University and receive, the education we deserve, we paid for, we yarn for, and we worked for, to all member of Cupe , ” Yes you Can”, vote yes,

  30. ratkill

    an observation:

    do you know exactly who threatened you?

    Also, if you are set on leaving, why don’t go out with a bang. use these threats and corruption to expose the union for what is it…..

    take them down on the way out the door.

  31. YorkProf2

    @ cupedoll/an observation

    Am I to understand that by voting YES, an observation will be denied work not by York, but by CUPE 3903 itself?

  32. an observation

    Thanks CupeDoll. We shall see…we shall see. One thing at a time though. Let’s get these students back to school first! That’s the way I see it anyway. I don’t really care about admissions of guilt.

    ratkill: I absolutely know who threatened me, but one can’t launch a grievance against one’s own Union. Who would I complain to? And since I still plan on going back after the strike to finish the year for the sake of MY students, outing individuals within my Union for inappropriate behaviour would serve no purpose. The only thing I am interested in is doing everything I can to help my students recover and finish their year.

    Vote YES!

  33. YorkProf2

    I might add that the loss of jobs for CUPE is already happening. I’m on my department’s Executive Committee, and in order to meet Presidentially mandated budget cuts we are reducing our CUPE taught course offerings by 35%. This number will probably rise as a result of the strike. We didn’t have a choice. There was nowhere else in the budget to make the cuts. I wish CUPE could be made to understand this.

  34. an observation

    YorkProf 2: The treat was made by a member of the Union, not the University. According to the logic, only a No vote would ensure Unit 2 members enhanced job security for Tutor 1 positions. It’s a crock. Like I said…scare mongering and pressure tactics at work here. I’ve taken myself out of the equation. I don’t care about my future anymore…I want the students back to class.

  35. an observation

    YorkProf2: By the way that was “threat”, not “treat”.

    And lest anyone think that I am gallantly failing on the sword to make a point, anyone with an ounce of sense already knows that the damage caused by the strike will ultimately hurt the very same members that the Union was supposedly supporting. Decreased funding by the government, lowered endowments, decreased enrollment and restricted departmental budgets have got to have impact on jobs. Cutbacks are not going to come at the expense of YUFA other than through retirement. It’s already obvious that it will be at the expense of Contract Faculty.

    I’m just one member who has already figured that out, and have decided not to reapply rather than wait with my head in the sand.

  36. Disaffected Yufite

    @ an observation: many thanks for your well-reasoned and persuasively argued letter. I hope that other Unit 2s will see the wisdom of your logic, and also that there might be some Unit 1s and 3s out there who want to get back to their own academic work and making progress on their degrees.

    YorkProf2 is absolutely right about the budget cuts that units have been warned to expect are already resulting in significant loss of opporunities for CUPE 2s. Not from any misguided sense of vengeance, but because many departments’ approach to absorbing the cuts is to limit elective courses taught by contract faculty. My area is even getting some pressure to cut the number of Cupe 1 lines for next year. And all this is based on decisions made before the strike began, which means things are going to get worse as we start to figure in loss of enrollments and other damage done by the strike.

  37. york student

    so it looks like we are gonna b going back to school on thursday…especially since unit 2 members seen to be keen on ending the strike

  38. Mike Oxbig

    lol why thursday??? we all knows york is a ghost town on fridays

    so for one day of school…just start next monday

  39. ram

    NO No No
    do not jump to conclusions. the above email is an ONE MAN wish / opinion. We do not know which portion of unit 2 members (YES or NO) forms the majority.
    cupe member with child (who represents that category which would vote NO) is not able to her prove her majority neither is cupe doll for her category (YES). It is like coming to a conclusion of which party wins the election even before it has taken place.
    Who really knows what might happen?? Unit 2 could very well reject the offer..
    personally i feel that canceling the summer term and conducting these two semesters at a normal pace is better instead of carrying on with summer too without a break. As it is summer could start only in June. I doubt whether a good number of students would even prefer doing summer at the cost of their already delayed summer jobs.

  40. :(

    Fellow Yorkie, and Dear Cupes (only the one who care by students), I respect all of you, I understand that the strike has caused many problems to the both side, but, the damage it has caused almost 50000 students is unbelievable, after the strike ends, Cupes and York adm are going to make money out of our hard working money earned or borrowed by students. If the strike does not need, it will be a shameful act for almost 50000 sit in their ass, and do nothing, this the first time, I am writing, this a massage to Cupe and York, just watch and listen the act and voices of 50000 students, there will be a chaos, there will be blood ( like the movie), the will be justice for students, I am tired these bullshit speculations, stop these stupid nonsense talk, we will know the result by Tuesday. Mayhem is a waiting for Cupe and York Adm, if there is no solution by Wednesday.

  41. nana


    stop being so dramatic

  42. AndrewB

    This whole comparing Darth Vader and CUPE together also needs to stop.

    Darth Vader was cool, had force powers and a space station to blow up anything he wanted. He never demanded the impossible, he choked it with his grip and took what he wanted.

    Vader > CUPE

  43. theowne

    Ah, grow up people.

  44. John

    That’s alright come sugar daddy ….

    Dance with the beat …

  45. Mike Oxbig

    look…what are the chances of this passing?

  46. ringo

    i like girls toes……yumm….maybbe if i worship my Ta’s feet they’ll let me off the hook??

  47. Matt

    Hi, I was wondering what are the chances of the Ratification Vote being agreed upon CUPE 3903 Unit 2 and if Unit 2 votes yes, is there a chance of classes restarting even though Unit 1 or 3 rejects it.

  48. TRUTH

    It is getting closer and closer to victory. Capitalism is getting punched left and right by CUPE and it is time to win. If CUPE is serious, they must make sure the academic year is canceled so York will be serious about bargaining. And in the future, every other university will be serious as well. This sacrifice is necessary and everything should be given to defeat the imperialists

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  49. TRUTH

    @ TRUTH are u retarded? We live in a capitalist area if you dont like it go to vietnam or something. Cupe are a bunch of shit starters who should all burn in hell….i hope the job losses occur next year…Go recession go!

  50. Impatient


    that means you lose out on work to, genious…why dont u just go suck a lemon

  51. Sushi eater

    With this weather, I think fewer and fewer people ho might say “YES” will be there.

    Damn! My guts feeling tells me it iwll be a big “NO” to York. I hate the strike and CUPE…

  52. Ystudent

    to cupe:


  53. ram

    here is an article published on front page of cupe 3903 website.

    “”Jan 18 2009

    Only a ‘NO’ Vote will Redefine the Probable

    Bob Hanke @ 11:17 am

    We are calling on all CUPE Unit 2 members to exercise their democratic rights of collective bargaining and voting in support of our students and the academic integrity and viability of the academic programs that we teach in.

    CUPE Unit 2 is a diverse group. Some of us are working towards full academic careers. Many others are specialists who only teach one or two courses a year at York, and have other professional pursuits outside of the university. We are all dedicated professionals with families to take care of and we all want to get back to class and to our students. But we also know that we are suffering economic hardship and that people have become weary, bored, frustrated and frightened.

    Unfortunately, all indications are that the Employer has no respect for who we are and sees us as the weakest link in a union that represents three units. Their bargaining team has pushed the university into a crisis by not doing what needed to be done in December, i.e. negotiate in good faith. The Administration’s activities over the past few days only further confirm their disregard for democratic processes and a resolution that is professional and ethical. We can be certain of one thing: if we vote out of fear that we will be on strike forever, or panic that the University will not offer a summer term, or that they cannot afford our modest proposals, we will have gone on strike for nothing and will see further takebacks in the next collective bargaining process in a few years.

    As professionals, we have to ask ourselves, “What is becoming of York University?” They have gone to great effort and expense to pressure us to give up our right to collective bargaining by appealing to our “special responsibility as educators.” As dedicated teachers, we are all worried about how we will face our students but we can’t let the Employer treat us this badly. During the last 10 weeks, they have rejected the fundamental principle of bargaining by only negotiating for 7 days. Now they are engaging in deceptive managerial moves to see if we can hold out. If we say ‘yes’ now, those 10 weeks will be a waste. Despite all the Deans claims of “budgetary constraints,” 100 YUFA faculty have announced their retirement by July 1, 2009. The administration also managed to afford to FedEx two overnight packages with their campaign materials. Printing costs aside, this cost about $18/pkg (X 2 envelopes, X 3412 members), which equals $122,832.

    Our Unit 2 proposals are a reasonable compromise and it is neither selfish nor irresponsible to ask for compensation that better reflects our contribution to York’s academic mission. Whatever pressure and stress we are feeling, the financial pressure from attrition and declining enrollment, not to mention concerned students and parents, will be immeasurable.

    All members of Unit 2 are affected by the choice you make. Voting NO will bring about serious negotiation and a quick resolution.””

  54. aaaaaaaaahhh

    Just vote “YES” and end this plz

  55. Southern Tenant Farmers Union


    I guess university knew the outcome of

    this vote from the beginning.

    A “See? We tried our best and CUPE won’t

    listen. It’s all their fault” strategy.

  56. piece of the pie

    im absolutely tired of the CUPE bullshit lies. Those packages cost nowhere near $18 and envelope and I thought this was previously clarified. A local fedex envelope delivery cost my small business approx $5. This is not including the fact that York must have received large quantity discounts. It is also a requirement of the employer to notify union members of the vote via mail.

    Stop lying, stop fabricating, stop distorting, stop the bullshit.

  57. ChinaseChickeing

    my chinese girlfriend has lice and she still has herpes on her forehead.. i think she enjoys it. she doesn’t want to repair herself. So there ya go that is my answer to your question

  58. AndrewB

    @ piece of the pie

    Do you not also find it funny that the number went down? It was $40/pkg and now it is $18/pkg.

    These people must be dumb. Forced Rat is a legal process, just like striking is. Part of that is you must send every member a package at your own cost. What is York going to, put a pdf up and email all the union members?

    I think it is safe to say, logic and cupe should never been in the same sentence.


    This has been on for way too long…


    Vote Yes and put an end to this strike!

  60. CUPE member with child


    Can you cite one instance of somebody threatening you if you don’t vote ‘no’? In case you haven’t heard, it’s a secret ballot, so nobody will know which way you actually vote when you get in there. But please, still let us know about these alleged threats you’ve been receiving.


    By all means bow out of the debate.

  61. mick

    Just dropped my son off at rez…what’s the matter suckies…too cold out for you……get the hell outside where you belong with the dogs..

  62. Pally Wally

    Um…it is Sunday.

  63. CUPE member with child


    Don’t you love these rocket scientists that talk ‘real big’?

  64. mick

    If you are a true union rep..then get out there 24 hours….we are suffering 24 hours a day….go picket….dare ya

  65. CUPE member with child

    oh, a dare? um… still no.

  66. mick

    just like the rest of them

  67. Pally Wally

    a picket line isn’t a blockade.

  68. mick

    picket line, blockade, yellow crime tape…who cares…you are just a bunch of silly children playing in a grown up world….

    in a few years, maybe more, when you have matured, you will look back and realize what asses you have made of yourselves and the once finely reputed York….

  69. Yuggoth

    I believe that those with unhappy lives will continue on living those lives and those that take responsibility for their own destinies will at least be satisfied, regardless of the outcome. Which group do YOU belong to?

  70. CUPE member with child

    “the once finely reputed York”.

    I’m going to get that on the back of the other shirt we were talking about.

  71. mick

    Yuggoth……..I don’t belong to either…I am a humanitarian, a scholar, someone with their life planned out and TRYING to get the education to get there…bye for now……………

  72. Pally Wally

    … good histories do tend to be revisionist

  73. t.a boy

    Honestly as a T.A ive been getting so much abuse recently, so actually im HAPPY you little undergrads and such arent getting your education

  74. Pally Wally

    aren’t you a parent? Either way, I think what Yuggoth was suggesting is that coming to York was a choice. You (or your son) can still read books, and still educate your/themself.

    Funny how we call 3903 delusional at the real world, and then demand that we shelter undergrads from the real world – ie. the world in which people go on strike, and you get inconvenienced from time to time because you don’t have any power…geez!

  75. B

    all history is revisionist.

  76. Undergrad

    CMWC – your smugness is priceless.

  77. piece of the pie

    great attitude you have there TA boy. It is comforting to know that not all TAs @ york think like you.

  78. nana

    @ t.a boy

    lol There’s no need to direct your anger at others. What a sour TA you are.

  79. piece of the pie

    CMWC- as posted above it says the packages were $18. You earlier mentioned that they were $40 and then $6. How much were they really? Since it seems that CUPE is nitpicking in its accusations I think we should at least get the figures right.

  80. Pally Wally

    B, you mean that there is no ultimate “Truth” out there? No objective way to view things? I don’t know that I can incorporate that into my worldview.

  81. B

    The only ultimate truth to life is death.

  82. ram

    @ cupe member with child.
    As an under graduate student, i do have problems because of the strike. But in my personal opinion voting NO is the best, the union (especially unit 2) can do at this point. There is one strong point in this strike that will eventually make york give what you all want. ” LACK OF BACK TO WORK LEGISLATION” . This has been assured by the govt already..
    Common on cupe 3903! unit 2 vote NO to this offer !
    get something really better!!
    I read what happened in 200-2001 strike. Unit 2 who capitulated to the initial offer got much less than what unit 1 and unit 3 got as a result of negotiations that followed the forced ratification.
    That really sounded foolish as unit 2 did dig a grave for themselves.

    The thing is going back on 26th does not make any difference from going back one or two more weeks after . what is already damaged cannot be rectified. so 2 more weeks to 11 month disruption cannot make any significant good.

    Vote No and get some thing better if you have brains..
    I also found this article to be a good read. anyone interested could go and have a look at this:

  83. Pally Wally

    cuz we’re livin’ in a material world…

  84. ram

    @ cupe member with child.
    I wrote the above post in support of you. (against those who are planning to vote YES )..
    Kill the RAT!! force york to come back to the table.
    I am sure there will be many more with me. If not students I know YUFA is also supportive of a negotiated offer.

  85. B

    Yeah, generally I think of Madonna as well when death comes up.

    Just don’t see it; She has not aged well and looks creepy.

  86. an observation

    CMWC: For the record, CupeDoll never said s/he received a threat. I did. It came by telephone on Friday from a colleague phoning on behalf of the Union asking for my support to “kill the rat”.

    Obviously the final vote is secret, but when confronted by someone who I know very well, I am not going to lie and say that I will vote No. So in effect, I outed myself and I am well aware that my honesty will result in compromised collegiality at the very least.

    After an uncomfortable silence, I was told that if I voted Yes, I can be assured that I will not have a Tutor 1 job in September.

    There you have it, CMWC. Does that make you feel better?

  87. AndrewB

    Reading skills…something CMWC has shown she lacks more then once.

  88. Pally Wally

    agreed that she creeps me out – I guess some people might say that there is heaven, or whatever – but they clearly aren’t familiar with my boy Karl

  89. eph

    @t.a boy: students directly influence your emloyment at York through tuition, our numbers are linked to your grants. Most of all, if there are no students at York, there would be no one for you to treach.

  90. Student

    Hey CMWC, go breast feed your child

  91. YorkProf2

    @ ram

    The YUFA Executive is in support of CUPE. The membership has not voted, and indeed, has not been given the opportunity to vote on whether or not to support CUPE. A letter urging CUPE members to vote YES was circulated last week, with 282 signatures. There is no equivalent letter from YUFA members encouraging CUPE members to vote NO. So what support are you talking about? Certainly not mine.

  92. CUPE member with child

    @an observation,

    If that’s true then I’m both surprised and very sorry to hear that. Did the caller introduce him/herself as in accordance with the calling protocol sheet that all canvassers were given and required to follow? They would have introduced themselves even before you told them which way you would vote. You should seriously consider filing a harrassment claim against the union.

    So far I’ve received a number of threats (mostly physical) and mostly from undergrads. There’s also been the financial threats of losing work in the summer and next year from declining enrollment.


    I truly intend to vote ‘no’.

  93. lurker


    Again…please read posts in their entirety before reponding, the ‘an observation’ was clear with the description of the phone call. S/he was taking to a confortable peer–s/he though it was a social call–s/he was threatened.

    Please consider that there are 2 very passionate CUPE groups representing themselves here, no one truely knows how the vote will go until the vote has gone. To think that there is no dirty-underhanded-sneaky-rotten behaviour going on by random individuals on all sides is simply wishful thinking.

  94. Aaaaaaaaah

    Am I to assume then from your post that this calling protocol does include asking individual members how they intend to vote? To what purpose?

  95. an observation

    CMWC: I am distressed to hear that you have been threatened. There is absolutely no excuse for physical threats coming from anyone regardless of what your position is. No one knows what motivates any individual to take the stance they must, nor should personal judgements be made if one respectfully disagrees.

    The caller did not need to introduce him/herself because I work directly with this individual. It was however the first time since November 5th that I had had any contact with this person, so the call was not personal, but no protocol was followed.

    I see no point in filing a harassment claim against this person or the Union since I will have to return to the class once we reconvene. It will be hard enough as it is without stirring the pot. All of our focus should rightfully be devoted to remediation at that point and helping the students recover the year.

  96. Cupe member with Brain

    I will Vote yes, many of my friends who are T.As in Science Dept are going to Vote yes, I need to graduated as well. I am tired this strike. The reason that we are on strike many of us did not vote, the reason, we are going to be back, because, will will vote Yes.

  97. Cupe member with Brain

    not will will, we will vote yes

  98. Pally Wally

    I “need to graduated” too!

    Talk about your all time backfires!

  99. Mark

    York will cave, cupe just has to vote NO, all three units, to get the best possible deal. Reading the article, “redefine the probable” mentions valid points, dont repeat history this time unit 2, vote NO… You will get the best Deal

  100. Mark

    Cupe member with Brain, VOTE NOOOO, dont be foolish

  101. Soraya

    When will we know the results? Tuesday night or Wednesday?

  102. Mark

    At this point, YOU guys stayed out for this long, DONT be FOOLISH, and throw away all those gains, this is a crucial time, GET the deal YOU guys wanted all along…

  103. Mark

    Most likely Tuesday night, because they could resume bargaining on wednesday

  104. Curious Yorkie

    Ok, I was just talking to a colleague of mine, and we were contemplating what will happen with this ratification and beyond.
    In our opinion, if Unit Two were to vote yes, the strike would still not end, because the other two units are most likely going to vote no, and classes cannot restart without the other two units agreeing. This is different from the last strike because back then the senate had NOT officially cancelled the classes like they have done this time around. So, even if Unit Two votes yes then York would have to strike a deal with the other two before ending the strike. Unit two voting Yes would just give York a stronger hold in the upcoming negotiations.
    If all three units vote no, then chances are that the strike will prolong till binding arbitration comes into play. York is not a fool to give in to the union’s demand for a 2 year contract. A binding arbitration would most likely represent a win on this particular front.

    My gut says we wont be back to school this week. Does anyone else feel that?

  105. Cupe member with Brain

    I never wanted this strike to happen. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience. I will vote and vote Yes. Me and my 3 friends are driving there and we are going to vote yes. I do even want to be in this stupid union business, if there is a way, i can opt out, i will do it in blink of eyes. I already got some interviews for professional school, hopefully, I won’t be @ York at last. It is sad, that, that my last year is going to be the worst year.

  106. ChinaseChickeing

    It’s alright PEOPLE! My Chinese girlfriend’s herpes on her forehead IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.. (well that’s what the fortune cookie said.. but that’s what it said also regarding SARS.. BUT ITS OKAY! MADE IN CHINAH CHEEP GOOOD!!)

  107. Bring Students Back ASAP

    Getting students back to school ASAP is more important than getting “the best possible deal”.

    It is known that only a small portion of the TAs acutually voted in favour of the strike.

  108. aaaaaaaaahhh

    Thanks to all Cupe members who are willing to end the strike

  109. Cupe member with Brain

    @ Mark

    Are you a student or Cupe member? cupe memebers have been acting foolish ever since Nov 6. It is time to stop this foolishness, Do you know how long it will take to make up for all those lost wages, the precious time wasted. I do not think, I am acting foolish.

  110. Bring Students Back ASAP

    No Problem.

  111. CUPE member with child

    A note on the price of York’s FedEx’ing:

    I do not know the cost. First I received a memo saying that they cost approximately $40 per member. The next day I received a different memo saying that it was actually $6 (I don’t know if that’s per package or per member). I’ve heard someone here claim that it was $18 (again, I don’t know if that’s per member or per package). I haven’t received the package(s) most likely because York keeps ballsing up my address.

    In conclusion – I don’t know how much York spent on sending out these packages, nor do I know the contents.

    @an observation:

    Whoever called you, (and I presume it wasn’t on official union business?), is a cornhole. At best, it’s better that you find out who the jerks are now rather than later. Again, I’m sorry to hear that happened. I hope there is no serious basis for the threat (i.e. that what they threatened doesn’t happen). By all means every member has their reasons for casting their votes one way or another – as do I. And while we’re perfectly entitled to discuss and debate how voting particular ways will affect us individually and as a whole, there’s no excuse for threats. Please accept my condolences.

  112. Bring Students Back ASAP

    If the majority of the TAs vote NO. The kind of message that they will be sending out is that they rather get the BEST possible deal… and risking the cancellation of this year, than getting the york students back to their classes.

    imo, they wont get much respect when school starts back up again.

  113. Pally Wally

    Cutting and running – not voting in the first place: these are things that lose MY respect.

  114. student

    so.. if the vote ends the strike.. what is the earliest day that we will be back in class??
    Wednesday?? thursday?? Friday???

  115. Unit1 anti strike rebel

    Dear All,

    It is clear the Unit 2 members are selfish and inconsiderate towards the needs of Unit 1 and 3. Before the strike started it was obvious that unit 1 and 3 members had nothing to gain and much to lose but the majority was naive enough to support Unit 2. Now they’re taking money away from unit 1 and 3 to provide money needed to meet some of the unit 2 demands (shame on unit 2). They will vote yes tomorrow and science unit 1 members which make up 40% of Unit 1 will also vote yes because they have a stipend on their contracts that guarantees them $20K/yr regardless of their TAships. Hopefully these are enough votes to stop the strike. So if you belong to Unit 2 or are in a science faculty please come cast your votes!!

  116. Pally Wally

    24hours after they count and announce it. Since the vote ends tuesday afternoon – theoretically they could announce the results a few minutes after that; as it doesn’t take that long to count 3000 yes/no piece of paper. Meaning – could be back Wednesday afternoon.

  117. student

    thanks.. somebody mentioned thursday..

  118. Glenn

    Yes! so there’s a good chance that the vote will pass through then?? I hope soo lol…

  119. u

    probably Thursday

  120. Pally Wally

    well, chances are they aren’t going to announce the results until wednesday morning – in all likelihood, Thursday will be the first day in the event of a Yes vote. I’m just saying, be prepared to go back Wednesday.

    I think this is going to be WAY closer than either Yes or No supporters think. 1995 Referendum close, yo.

  121. Mark

    Actually I am a student who has been reading articles, following the strike, playing close attention to what has been transpiring over the past two months. I have also been participating and reading the discussions in this forum. Now at first I did not support the strike, I thought cupe was being unreasonable with their demands. But.. As time went on I began to realize that york didnt want to negotiate at all. I think if york negotiated more, then their claims that cupe is being unrealistic would of had more validity. They, York, did not want to take the responsibility of putting an end to the strike. Time was of the essence. They should of taken the time to negotiate with cupe every day to end this strike. If York put in more of an effort, and still cupe would not change their demands, then I would of agreed more with the administration. At first, I thought the union was being ridiculous, but as time went on, I realized that the administration did not even want to put any effort into reaching a settlement. Cupe made most of the changes to their proposals, from Nov to present, while york made minor changes. I wonder who was negotiating fairly here…At this point, more power to the union… they should get the best deal… so VOTE NO… and be SMART!!!!

  122. Austin Vigliano

    there is no way we go back wednesday or thursday…even if it all goes well and they annonunce it wednesday then they need at least 24-48 hrs at the minimum to get all ready and let students get back to campus and all that…I would say if this goes well friday or monday is when we’ll start back!

  123. Arun

    Good luck to York attracting, science undergrads.

  124. student

    thats what i thought also.. 24-48 hours to clear up and update the students on what has become of our fall semester/academic year..

  125. student

    i’m guessing thursday or friday at the earliest

  126. Unit1 anti strike rebel

    Anybody that demands job security in a time of global economic uncertainty is unreasonable. 1.1m ppl lost their jobs in the states in 2008 and that number is estimated to go up in 2009. 60000 ppl lost their jobs in Ontario the last 2 months. Sure York could have and should have put more effort into negotiating to try to save their reputation but during these economic times they should NOT have been put in that situation to begin with. CUPE are a bunch of left wing hippies that are not qualified to get tenures so they went on strike to try to convince the rest of us that they have some value to the university. If I were the university I’d sacrifice the academic year to get rid of these people.

  127. Pally Wally

    York is a liberal arts school. Seriously, go to Waterloo or UofT or something if you’re into science.

  128. Cupe member with Brain

    I am going to Vote and Vote Yes
    There is going be Vote and Vote will be Yes
    We are going to Vote and Vote Yes
    There are going to be Votes and Votes will be Yes

    All T.As with Brain will Vote Yes
    We are going See Yes, Yes, Yes
    The whole units 2 say Yes
    Being smart 2 vote Yes

    I had an orgasm after saying yes
    Tomorrow we will all say Yes
    It will a yes and that shall bring student back, there I say Yes
    Vote Yes, Vote Yes, Vote Yes

  129. student

    the main reason why most students may choose york, is if they are intersted in studying business.. Schulic is still considered to be one of the top schools after Western Ivy..
    other programs are a joke.

  130. CUPE member with child

    Yes, that’s right, eliminate more job security in the public sector, crush consumer confindence completely, and make the recession even worse. That’s right, we’d be insane to give anyone in the public sector job security during a recession – we should instead make everyone as insecure as possible. That’s the only way out of a recession.

  131. Mark

    All tas without a brain will vote yes, because you guys already wasted ten weeks, and now u are voting yes, if u didnt support the union, why didnt you just quit your job, and go work at another university… why didnt you go to the gmm and voice your opinion, it seemed at the gmm everyone voted NOOO. Whats different this time.

  132. Unit1 anti strike rebel

    get a real job ANgry… lol

  133. YorkProf2


    CUPE has two major, non-negotiable demands. The first is permanent status for long-serving contract faculty. This is tenure through job action, in total contravention of everything that a university stands for. If they get this, you will no longer be going to York University. You will be going to York College. I would support more tenure-track teaching positions, but they have to be open competitions.

    The second non-negotiable demand is a 2-year contract, so that we can all enjoy this same circus on a province wide basis in 2010. Think of it. Instead of 50k out of class, it will be 300k. I note that CUPE was too cowardly to put this in their Toronto Star ad.

    York has made a reasonable offer, the two ridiculous demands above notwithstanding. CUPE’s movement was necessary, since their initial position was beyond imagination. Do you recall the 41% wage hike? The 115% total compensation demand? That was back in November.

    York is offering 10.7% over three years. 250,000 Canadians will probably lose their jobs this year. 50,000 students have had their education compromised, their chances at graduate school shot, their chances at a summer job shot, and their faith in the most basic functioning of the Canadian university system shot. This strike is the most egregious abuse of union power I have ever seen.

    Vote NO if you don’t give a damn about undergraduates. No matter how you spin it, it boils down to this: CUPE is still on strike, which means that they feel that the things they want are more important than the things have paid for and deserve.

  134. Demanding more in the time of rescession

    Demanding job security in the time of recession..where countless workers have already their jobs, and where a number of big companies which were “too big to fail” fell?

  135. Er, insert “undergraduates” after second instance of things in second-to-last line. Furious=typos.

  136. Mark

    Vote NO, dont be Foolish, do you know how foolish it would look in the media if cupe members voted yes. They strike for ten weeks, they rejected a deal, they dont want, but now they want it!!! Come on MR brian brain, THink about it

  137. @Mark

    Have you any idea how foolish CUPE looks already? Stop the bleeding.

  138. Cupe member with Brain


  139. student

    Cupe is hated by everyone..they are idiots.. go back to work… stop acting like you deserve anything better…

  140. At Mark

    @ Mark

    All TAs without a brain should vote yes?

    TAs that believe that this has been on for way too long and believe that bringing the students back to their studies ASAP is of paramount important should vote YES.

    The TAs that actually care for their students should vote YES.

  141. Pally Wally

    CMwC –
    I’m pretty tired of people proffering ‘the economy’ or ‘the recession’ as justification for everything, too. Especially when they seem to lack a basic understanding that billions of dollars are being created (again) on the backs of working and middle class people to fund companies that we have no way of benefiting from.
    York’s always been a school that treated working class and under privileged people well. It’s always an uphill battle to convince people of exactly how fu*cked and blinded to that they’ve been. It is a difficult pill to swallow, and as that pill becomes more and more expensive, with less and less incentive to be taken – I fear that things are only going to get worse.

  142. student

    TAs dont care about the students. its already been proven.. the strike has lasted way too long..

  143. VOTE YES

    Apparently, keeping their face, and not looking foolish is more important than putting an end to this strike that has been on for way too long, without a doubt.

  144. Mark

    You guys will be the laughing stock if the union members accept the offer. You dont strike for ten weeks then all of a sudden say hey lets just accept yorks deal even though we wasted ten weeks. Now come on, that is plain stupid. We strike for what we believe in, but now we dont believe it in anymore. If people did that, what credibility would they have, what integrity, or dignity. Come on cupe walk out with some integrity, and dignity. Dont give in.

  145. CUPE member with child


    Oh damn right, things are going to get really bad for sure. Nor will they have the intellectual wherewithal to grope their way out. Maybe I should have been a doctor or lawyer instead. Serves me right not thinking that ignorance is bliss.

  146. Muted Students

    It’s sad that those whoe are suffering the most from this strike has no real voice to end this…

    Vote Yes!

  147. ANgry

    @ student:
    STOP INSULTING these TAs ut pathetic loser !!!
    if york cared 4 us, they would have come up with a better offer to face the TAs demands!
    Im sure they gain enough money topay for everything n at the end save a good amount for their F*ckin selves!!!
    THEY R MESSING w/ ur brains ppl!
    TAs risked their jobs n did all this, n in my eyes, they r RESPECTABLE people!

  148. Mark

    yes the strike has gone on for too long, but u dont end what you have been striking for because of that. You walk the walk, and talk the talk.. York will give in like the last strike.

  149. ANgry

    @Muted Students

    U better stay SHUSHHH!!!
    cuz all u say is BULL **** ❤
    ahahah loser

  150. TA

    I’m a TA at York Univeristy Glendon Campus, and I would be voting Yes. I hope my colleagues will do the same..

    Voting Yes does not means giving in.
    Voting Yes means doing what is best for the students that the university was created for.

  151. Mark

    @angry because some tas dont believe in something better, they like worse

  152. ANgry

    @ TA

    OH yeah ??? OMG I jus wanna freakin Smash ur face !!
    THEN WHY DA HELL did u reject the last offer? HUH ?
    between me n u :)) … are u honestly retarded ? like u no… sorta havin a F ed up brain maybe ? :)))

  153. ANgry

    VOtE NOOOOOOOO if u DO NOT wanna be remembered as the retarded TAs forever, in the history of mankind =))

  154. Pally Wally


    If I had it to do all over again, I should have gone into medicine. I really liked biology, actually. I think it is true that the more you know – the less happy you are in a lot of ways; you are able to recognize injustice and your lack of power to change that.

    I’m going off the grid after my MA.

  155. Cupe member with two children

    More cred =]

  156. ANgry

    @ Mark :
    dont worry Mark, hes probably contacting his doctor for a refill on his medication for his retarded, dis functional BRAIN =)))

  157. Mark

    @ ta, you are giving in, you dont strike for something u believe in, then walk away..u guys already did the damage… so why are u voting yes. how is that going to repair what u did..remember the last strike, mostly no votes, and u finally got a good deal. Be smart, for the sake of the union

  158. @ Pally Wally

    I have to agree with you on that one

  159. ANgry

    @ Cupe member with two children
    stop getting PREGNANT :)))))))

  160. Cupe member with two children

    I believe in pro life.


  161. Mark

    It just makes me furious to see such small minded people. Such great minds, but yet small. Doesnt make sense

  162. sml

    when will we know the results of the vote?

  163. ANgry

    @ Cupe member with two children

    U can hardly afford one, that’s y u striked in da 1st place, remember :)) ?
    SO tell him to stop =))

  164. ANgry

    Consider it a FAILED voting 😀
    They will mostly VOTE NOOO !!!

  165. Mark

    I hope cupe comes out looking smart, ALL UNION MEMBERS< VOTE NOOOOOOO REMEMbER the last strike…

  166. Cupe member with two children

    Only a small proportion voted in favour of the vote.

    Hopefully, all the TAs make an effort to vote this time around..

    Vote Yes or decide for yourself.

  167. ANgry

    Then u get a better deal 😀
    sooo…my children… all 2gether we say : VOTE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  168. Mark


  169. ANgry

    LISTEN TO ME N MARK ! We want da best 4 u !

  170. Student

    I never even been in one of those stupid GMM. It time to Vote and Vote yes

  171. Lets vote yes

    Lets vote no actually so we can work a job we dont like so we can buy stuff that we dont need.- George Carlin


  172. Honestly, all this telling each other what to vote needs to stop. It is pretty annoying. Each member needs to vote according to what they feel is best for them OVERALL.

    Overall includes your money, your students, and the reputation of the place you work.

    More importantly, each member needs to vote, to support their desired outcome of this vote, but more importantly, to let York know where the members stand. Silent members are accomplishing nothing with their silence. Vote and be heard!

  173. George Carlin= best comedian ever

    GC FTW!!

  174. Mark

    cupe member with brain wont be able to make it to vote anyway, I put a spell on him, hahaha

  175. Mark

    VOTE NOOO. IT MAKES SENSE DOESNT IT< YOU DID STRIKE FOR NOOOO< WHY say yes, when YOu wanted NOOOO for ten weeks…

  176. student

    end the strike…stop ruining so many lives for personal gain..

    get another job if you want more money.. you dont deserve anything better…

  177. have mercy on the students

    they did nothing wrong, and are suffering the most

  178. Cupe member with two children

    Get out their and vote.

  179. Cupe member with two children


  180. at the very least, vote on the offer on the table, not the manner in which the offer was presented, or the idea that a better will follow a NO vote.

    There is an offer to vote on, to cast your vote based on the merit of the offer on the table

  181. Hypocrites

    From day one…York has stated that students came first. Bringing the students back to classes was their number one concern.

  182. @ Hypocrites

    The only way for students to get back stat. is a YES VOTE.

  183. John Locke

    It is so hard to believe that there are so many people who think that if the vote is successful, we will go back to school the minute it’s confirmed.

    Seriously, I know you have been out of school for a very long time, but put on your thinking cap. It will take time for them to organize everything and inform everyone. Expect at least a 24-48 hour turn around time at the very least (if that).

    I think everyone just needs to calm down and wait!

  184. How to get students back asap

    A YES vote is the only way to get students back as quickly as possible.

    Whats with this giving in, dignity, and integrity?

    Your all fakes anyways

  185. Cupe member with two children

    Where’s my friend CMWC?

  186. ANgry


  187. sml

    when will the results of the vote be announced?

  188. ANgry

    @ Cupe member with two children
    shes probably havin fun w/ ur husband :)) jus vote NO

  189. suck my ballsack YORK!

    VOTE NO!

  190. Cupe member with two children

    She wouldn’t. She is a very nice woman, with a strong moral compass.

  191. Pally Wally

    hey – has no one asked:


  192. Mark

    Already 500 members rejected the offer, so come on u few who are the minority in voting yes, be Smart and Vote no.. dont look like a scab

  193. Curious student

    @ Mark

    How do you know that alrdy 500 members rejected the offer

    the vote has not even commenced :S

  194. Pally Wally

    they already threw this BS out at the last gmm

  195. Mark

    ninty percent voted against the offer at the gmm, and there were 500 in attendance, so…. do the math

  196. John Locke

    Scraping the year? Imagine the mass chaos that would ensue. I don’t even think York could coordinate all the refunds. It would be madness!

  197. SumbanthHom

    oh please chinasechickeing…
    China is a thousand times dirtier than India. China still has millaniums to catch up

  198. Soraya

    Oh, the maturity level…

  199. ANgry

    @ Soraya
    babaaa bahoosh! babaaa mature !!! baba danaaaa
    shoma koota bia lotfan 😀

  200. ratkill.2k8

    Mark: you seem to be posting “vote NO” a lot.

    Are you scared of a YES vote

  201. ratkill.2k8

    Mark: you seem to be posting “vote NO” a lot.

    Are you scared of a YES vote?

  202. @ Mark

    Mark is going hard

    He seems to be afraid of a yes vote

  203. ANgry

    @ ratkill.2k8:
    WTF :)) hes not scared u dumb sack of s*it !!!
    whAt should he be scared of ??? are u F ing retarded ???
    A yes vote will jus ruin the whole purpose of this 11 weeks of misery!!!
    TAs stood up n did something which in their heads seemed logical, n in order to gain something at the end ( since its a STRIKE.. DUHHH !!! ), they need to bring YORK to their knees by elongating this strike as much as posssible, till the York ppl come to their senses n started negotionating with these poor TAs for real!
    thats why they should all vote NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  204. John Locke

    Would a moderator, please STAND UP?

  205. ANgry

    OMG!!! I never knew this many retarded people actually live in this world 😀

  206. ANgry

    @ John Locke

    Dude… Its way past ur Zzzzz… time, so just shut that Trap of urs n hit the sack already 😀

  207. TRUTH

    Now is the time to vote NO
    The imperialists are having a hard time and they are using all their efforts to keep CUPE members under capitalism
    Demand the impossible and go for the victory
    Vote NO

    Viva la Revolution
    Go CUPE Go

  208. Confused

    How do you demand the impossible and expect it to be given?

  209. Soraya

    Do people actually think that by coming on this forum and writing in caps – VOTE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO or VOTE YES!! – that it’s actually going to make any sort of difference?

    *rolls eyes

  210. ANgry

    @ TRUTH
    we love u man! we love u …

  211. brutal


  212. ANgry


    BELIEVE me abji Soaraya khanoom, there are lotzaa blind asses out there 😀

  213. ANgry

    @ Confused
    by voting NOOOOOOOOOO 😀
    its that simple man 😀
    jus 2 letters, and the TA’s will get wut they have suffered 11 weeks to get !
    a N and an O = NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    easy enough :D?

  214. John Locke

    @ ANgry

    I shall quote myself…

    “Our deeds disguise us. People need endless time to try on their deeds, until each knows the proper deeds for him to do. But every day, every hour, rushes by. There is no time. “

  215. ANgry

    @ brutal
    go dude, we got ur back

  216. theowne

    LOL this place is so funny. From the random VOTE NO to the guy ranting about capitalism to the Chinese guy dueling with the Indian guy.

  217. ANgry

    @ John Locke

    i see ur still awake 😀 dont make me tell ur momy that u’ve been such a bad boy =))

  218. ANgry

    @ theowne:
    I no eh? LOVZ it ❤

  219. Cupe member with two children

    Get out there and Vote!

  220. Mark

    Why would I be scared, I simply thing it would be embarassing to vote yes for a deal you were striking against for ten weeks. It looks really bad on the union, and would be a foolish move, one that undermines the whole collective bargaining process and the right to strike… THINK About it LONG AND hard…. You shouldnt of gone out on strike at all , if u werent out for the longhaul…its like someone that goes to york but doenst finish their degree..

  221. VOTE 'N' TO THE 'O'

    Come on sleeping till 2pm everyday is great.y go back to school??

  222. ANgry

    save urselevs people!!!
    oh n go watch TAKEN
    its awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤
    don forget to vote NO

  223. .

    For all the hype about hybrids and electric cars, the best way to reduce our carbon footprint is to make the cars we’re already driving more efficient. But switching a vehicle to alternative fuels or getting a plug-in hybrid conversion is expensive, and the IRS, foolishly, doesn’t cut you any slack for it.

  224. ram

    All what i request the union members is PLEASE VOTE NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO..
    Because it will make me feel doubly unhappy if the 11 weeks of sitting at home was fruitless. You fools could have very well accepted the offer in november and avoided a strike. How fools are we, the students ( The puppets in this puppetry show) .
    If you just want to make us detest you all by making the 11 week useless, then VOTE YES.

  225. Mark

    Dont back out now….strike to win, not to lose…vote no, and be winners, victory is so close, u just have to cast that ballot, and vote no to win

  226. @ .

    Well…think of this. If I claimed a plug in conversion or conversion style of any type…how would the IRS even know I actually had done it on my car? Short of getting an audit (unlikely for the majority of taxpayers) Millions in taxes that could be spent on roads or education, would instead be given as tax breaks for people who didn’t even convert their cars, but looking to save money on their taxes, and lo and behold, yes some would get caught, but the cast majority would not.

  227. Pally Wally

    the best way to make today’s cars more efficient is for us to “Get on (The TTC)” – it also happens to be a good way to make the poorest people LESS mobile.

  228. @ .

    Even with half of the cost covered, the ROI is bad unless you drive a lot.

    The better investment is to require manufacturers who sell their wares in the US to equip 40% of their fleet with hybrids and alternatives (not E85 though, because E85 is a bad substitute on several levels), with a $3000 grant per car manufactured (manufactured in the US), paid to the manufacturer.

  229. Mark

    @ Ram, YES, very well put, I commend you

  230. @ doesnt give a shit

    you fail to realize that the middle east is beginning to adopt nuclear power solutions while still selling their oil. The UAE just signed an agreement with the US on Thursday that will provide them with resources to build power plants and give them future energy WHEN they run out of oil to sell. Your plan will fail. 😉

  231. Mark

    @ Brian with the brain wherever he is, he needs to think long and hard about his decision, because I think I could NO stamped on his forehead may make him change his mind.

  232. cars are not the problem

    Cars are not the problem, their fuel source and emissions are.
    AS someone who lives in suburban America (and has worked in large cities and lived in Europe), I can tell you there will always be need for cars.
    Putting rails everywhere will be disruptive to the environment and just simply impractical.
    Please get a clue!

  233. ANgry

    @ VOTE ‘N’ TO THE ‘O’:

    Boooo, u suck dude, I mean get a life, y would u wanna sleep n do nothing everyday???
    thats ur life goin to waste!
    people think im sayin ” vote NO ” cuz i havent done sh*t since Strike started!!!
    But 4 ur information y’all… I have almost finished reading n making notes on all my courses, I even finished chem n Calc.
    so there u freakin idiots who think im a lazy bum n havent done crap!!!
    There’s logic behind my words!!!
    it jus makes sence!!! Why did u start this mess in da first place!!! r u freakin insane?? did u jus wanna make us go through all this Crap for nothing?? atleast make something GOOD out of it !
    Let this strike n all this trouble have a meaning!!!

  234. Bored

    Anyone now any good porn movies??…im getting really bored at home

  235. imo

    As for all this nonsense with plugin hybrids and other electrical cars… until we have more nuclear or clean burning coal plants to support our power grid, these are still not ‘clean’ even if they have zero emissions. The supposed cause of global warming (carbon emissions) is primarily still being contributed to by coal burning power plants… in volumes so far in excess of what modern gasoline burning engines cause as for them to be considered negligible. Coal… being used to charge these vehicles.

  236. Mark

    Yes @ angry, or PEOPLE WILL be even angrier to think a union went on strike for nothing…..

  237. ignorant

    If you don’t stop complaining about tax breaks on green hysteria, the IRS won’t hesitate to happily remove any tax brakes – also those on SUVs – to make the system “just”. That is what happened in some European countries. Don’t be silly

  238. ANgry

    VOTE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! Ram is soooooooooooooo makin sence people, so is mark n so am I 😀
    listen to us, it actually all make sence!!!

  239. @ ignorant

    We know the solution to get people to drive less, use more fuel efficient cars, and cut the burning of fossil fuels. It’s been CLEARLY illustrated over the past 12 months. Raise the price of gas. $5-$7 a gallon should keep things moving in the right direction. We became so fuel efficient (on a per person basis) so quickly that the tax base for highway maintenance was obliterated within months. Keep the ball rolling!!

  240. Mark

    I am am also appalled that their actually is people out there wanting to vote YES. That is inexcusable, plain nonsense. That shouldnt even be given a thought. That should be the furthest thing from their minds.

  241. Mark

    anyone who is voting yes should not have a union.

  242. ANgry

    @ Bored:
    Get the Fuk outta here u nasty sack of shit!
    U r a disgrace!!! U hear me…??? A BIG FAT NASTY disgrace to all mankind!

  243. Mark

    @ bored, that is gross

  244. John Locke

    @ ANgry

    Unfortunately, John Locke never sleeps…

    “The improvement of understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.”

  245. straight

    Let’s get something straight:
    The IRS doesn’t choose to tax or not tax ANYTHING. Congress makes the code and the IRS is only allowed to execute it. Lobby CONGRESS to change the tax code but bitching about the IRS is ridiculous. The IRS only works within the laws Congress gives them.

    Your headline is ignorant and misleading

  246. Yorkie


    I’m with you on that one. I don’t think this forum will make a huge difference in the long run. I’m not necessarily on Cupe’s side, but I KNOW I’m not on York’s side. They’re the ones that have been stealing my money in the first place anyways. I would like to see York pay for what they’ve put undergrads through. I would never trust a major company/institute like York anyways, I don’t think anyone should.

    And to all Cupe members, do not be a part of a Union if you’re just going to strive for different goals. In a way, that’s why this ratification vote has happened. Unions are meant to be “united”, right?

    But this is your fight, so I can only hope the union actually makes good on their threat to teach York a lesson. All this time better not have been in vain, for some stupid deal that hasn’t changed one bit. For your sakes I hope you will be ready to be shunned even more if you take this deal. I know I will be pissed, even as an undergrad, to have wasted my time for that.

  247. To HELL with YORK

    Doesnt matter if the strike ends Tuesday now, the damage is done. I know that when I get back to school, i will be raped by my Calc, Chem, and Bio teacher. These are courses that you cant cut out this chapter because we need this for next year or this assignment(because science courses really dont have any assignments just tests and labs)

    I thought Id do my undergrad at York instead of U of T in hopes of getting better marks improving my chances of getting into medical school in Ontario. Now my marks will be fuked, I wont get into Medical school, and my life will be over. Thanks York. Wheres that razorblade…

  248. ANgry

    @ Mark
    this is so sad 😦 Y everyone is acting sooo stupid 😦


  249. YS


    have fun. i know i am with my right hand.

  250. conversion

    Many don’t consider the cost and environmental impact of such a conversion. Much of the ‘cost’ of one of these conversions is to pay for the energy required to manufacture it. How do they power equipment, heat buildings, and acquire raw materials to build these? Oil. An environmentalist would do better saving the environment by keeping his 1970’s V8 boat than to buy a new hybrid, or ‘convert’ his vehicle.

  251. ANgry

    @ To HELL with YORK
    u jus read my mind! WOW its kinda freaky, i was jus talkin on da phone w/ my friend n said the exact same words as urs!

  252. John Locke

    Voting “Yes” is simply foolish at this point. I mean, yes, it has inconvenience 50,000 students. But, when you fight for something, you don’t do it for as long as you can…then give up after. This is a lesson for all. If you are going to do something, you will do it wholeheartedly and follow through or do nothing at all. What would be the point of giving up at this point after fighting for your “rights”…

  253. @ conversion

    My dream car is a 1970 Dodge Duster conversion. I want two Chevy V8’s in it. One to power the vehicle and the other to sit that and burn 50 octane gasoline 24/7.

    Why? I want the most inefficient car money can buy so I can use it as much as humanly possible.

  254. ANgry

    * pukeeeeeeeee * to YS n Bored!
    Get a life, will ya?

  255. ANgry

    @ @ conversion
    Jus vote NO n I will get one for u =))))))

  256. Ann

    Im a ta at york and IM voting NO

  257. Claire

    I will be voting no as well

  258. nuts

    The point is they don’t understand how the real world works. All these liberal enviro-nutjobs are stuck in their dream worlds of “what if” or “how it should be”, instead of “how it really is” and “does this make any sense” world like the majority of Americans are in. They need to stop shoving their utopian dreams and wild fantasies down our throats and just face the facts. We will continue to burn oil and coal because it WORKS and the infrastructure is in place for it all. Unless any of these enviro-nuts can show a plan that requires ZERO self-sacrafice then screw em. I’m not here to save a planet that doesn’t need saving in the first place. And even if it did need saving we aren’t powerful enough to do a damn bit of difference. I’m here to protect and save myself, my family and my children and to hell with everyone else. And we ALL should be that way. Work hard to get what you want for you and your loved ones and stop blaming everyone under the Sun when you don’t always get what you want.

    Now give me my damned Chevy V8 and stfu.

  259. Claire

    I am not giving in at this point.

  260. John Locke

    @ To HELL with YORK

    I am sorry to hear about your problems. I really think, it would be best to cancel the school year, when I hear situations like yours. At least, if people decided to come back next year, York could put a credit on your account. If you don’t want to come back, York should refund you your money.

    U of T will remain one of the greatest schools in Canada. If you can hold a fork, you can go to york…This is simply why Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Hall Law School do not have the “York University” name attached to it on most literature. And if it does, it is in small print or simply necessary…

  261. Soraya

    @ Yorkie

    I’ve finally begun to finish and essay and hope to start readings soon (catching up – my own fault) so I’ll take a couple more weeks.

    On a side note, I really believe that half of the people that are complaining about the strike would shut up if they were in CUPE’s position. Sure, a lot of them are radical but many of them aren’t. Everyone does what they can do get what they want. Sometimes it affects 50,000 people, sometimes it affects a handful. You do with what’s given to you.

  262. Yorkie


    “Anyone who is voting yes should not have a union.”

    That’s more or less what I was trying to say but less harsh sounding, lol. About not being in a union unless you all strive towards the same goal.

    In my opinion, those ‘union’ members that do not want to fight, should just leave and get another job elsewhere. After all another reason for unions existing is to create change and York definitely has to change.

  263. Soraya


    *an essay
    *does what they can to get

  264. John Locke

    I agree with Mark. At this point, you are either all in or all out. At this point, there needs to be a decisive answer. For all the people who constantly complain that this isn’t fair…WE KNOW THAT! As the classic cliche goes…”life isn’t fair.” This situation just reinforces that notion. It sucks 50,000 students are in limbo. However, if they are going to fight for something, they might as well give it all they can…

  265. Yorkie

    @ Soraya

    I’m still behind in chemistry readings as well. ~_~

    “I really believe that half of the people that are complaining about the strike would shut up if they were in CUPE’s position.”

    That’s true. No voting Cupe members, I know you’re all just expressing yourselfs (or epicketing, I’m not sure), but you’re only hurting your own cause by blurting it out over and over again.

  266. Hiya

    @ To HELL with YORK

    I feel the EXACT way you feel. Im feeling my chances of not getting into Medical School in Canada slipping away with each day the strike continues. My marks were good in Bio but in Chem and Calc i somewhat slacked off (this was my first year in Uni so i wasnt prepared i guess) and paid for it with below average marks. However, i felt that if i could study hard enough i could reverse my marks into average to good and than in the next 3 years really push myself and not make the mistakes i did this year. However, once i got into that state of mind. The strike happened. Now im sure i will not be able to reverse my Calc and Chem marks once the strike is over. If anything, they will worsen. Anyone know what Unis dont look at 1st year for Medical School? I think ill be applying to those ones 😀

  267. ahhhh

    Cupe members should vote a NO. Whoever votes a yes is a re**rd. STOP taking UNDERGRADUATES as your stupid excuse to “vote yes”. if you vote yes, it is because your fine with the offer. Don’t try to make yourself look so fabulous because your going to vote yes FOR THE UNDERGRADS. thats all bull. if you really cared about the undergrads, you would have voted a no to the strike in the first place. You would have gone to more GMM’s and voted for a yes to end the strike. At this point, when you are that much closer to a deal with york because rat vote can only be used once, you are willing to give in to BASICALLY NO INCREASE from the previous offer. All the offer that cupe are getting from the .7? whatever increase since november is all money you have to apply for. it’s not even “real money”. come on. funds are given to transsexuals and sex change or something? Please, if admin is taking this seriously, (not that i have anything against transsexuals) but this wouldn’t’ be a top priority for them to put “moneY” towards it. All these monetary increases need to be applied for. It’s not money that are given to each member. You have to be qualified. The deal is ridiculous and if you have been striking for 11 weeks now, you might as well just go on a bit longer and get something more worth getting.

    whoever is going to go vote yes tomorrow are ret**ds and are the most inconsiderate of the undergrads. you wait 11 weeks before you give in because “you want to get 50 000 undergrads back to class asap” yeah. all bs to me.

  268. ANgry

    PEOPLE save ur breath!!!
    Smart people no what they MUST do and will vote no!
    n we cant be responsible for the retarded ones 😀
    like COMEEEE on!!! why is this so hard to understand???
    ok…we were all happy n s*it & suddenly strike happened… 11 weeks gone n all the strikers did was reject the stupid, similar lookin offers from york !
    they did awsome cuz thats what they went on strike for! its easyyyy…. u want something thats ur right, n is not bein given to u, u go on strike, cause pressure n finally DO GET what u wanted !!!
    SO by voting Yes, u jus make an even dumber fool outta urselves n will always, ALWAYS, always be remembered as the ONE & ONLY STRIKERS who gave up and ended up w/ nothing but swears n curses from strudents!!!
    so do what is right !!!

  269. Hiya

    Im also hoping that York can give a pass and fail option so Medical schools wont look at my 1st year grades but i heard that pass/fail can only be used if you have one semester done or 24 credits. Guess i can only apply to Med schools that dont look at 1st year

  270. ANgry

    @ ahhhh
    WOW… Impressive

  271. ANgry

    @ Hiya
    is there such a med school :D?
    I would def. need that

  272. ANgry

    VOTE nooooooooooooooooo !!!
    stop BS ing n remember the REASON u went on strike for…. GOSHHHH!!!!
    U demand stuff that is STILL not being given to you!
    COME onnnn TAs! They used u !!! they tricked u, or atleast amied to trick u all along! they made u guyz wait for 11 weeks n offered u nothing but ridiculous pieces of crap !
    they tricked uuuuu !!!
    They are making you end the strike that you started, by telling u to vote yes!!!
    DONT U all just notice how F ed up they r ???
    wait till u get what u always wannet and is ur right!!!

  273. Yorkie


    Totally what I was thinking. Yes voting Cupe members, just don’t. Either don’t vote at all or vote no, because if you’re an angry undergrad like me, we don’t want your charity, the bs about ‘vote yes for the undergrads’. Please… If you didn’t want to strike or ever gave a DAMN about the undergrads you all should have bothered to come to the GMMs in the begining and SPEAK UP. You have no sympathies from me.

  274. undergrad

    the strike will get resolved either on thursday or monday we will be back in school, thats a fact. cupe members (unit 2) will vote yes because they got wat they wanted but the other 2 units got f****d over by these illiterate ppl. all this was just a wast of time and money and i believe as undergrads we should stand up and riot or do something. We are the ones who are giving the whole of york business. WE SHOULD TAKE IT FROM THEM! this has gone 2 far

  275. s~

    I agree. “Yes” voting CUPE members, we don’t want your “sympathy”. Please, don’t show up, because if you vote yes, all the time that everyone missed was for nothing.

  276. tester

    @ ahhhh

    I disagree. On behalf of those who want to go to class, any YES vote is a YES vote.

    And voting YES does show consideration for the undergrads. Voting NO doesn’t.

  277. Yorkie

    All Yes voting Cupe members should be viewed as traitors in the eyes of undergrads, honestly… Please don’t waste our time.

  278. ANgry

    @ tester

    ARe u able to SHUT UP all by urself or do u want me to help u shut it by shoving my shit down ur throat???
    hurry n pick one!

  279. B

    Pass/Fail is only good for electives. It’s a tricky option that could potentially screw you over.

  280. Confused and Exasperated

    I must say, this forum quickly degenerates to awesome proof of what a York education gets you… the saddest part is half the times its some ideological teacher.

  281. undergrad

    if something like this happened in europe there wouldn’t be any cupe members alive or there would be no york left if the strike went as long as this. This is fucking ridiculous. I cant believe the 50000 students haven’t done anything, where the fuck is the head of the student union?

  282. SumbanthHom

    It is entirely China’s fault! OH NO!

  283. B

    ^he’s supporting cupe.

  284. Mark

    It has gone on for this long, cupe get what u want, and vote no. DONT lose the fight. STRIKE FOR YOUR RIGHTS, walk away with what u started the strike for, A good deal….

  285. ANgry

    @ SumbanthHom
    *ehem* enough laughin! Leave the poor china guy alone 😛

  286. Dray

    I’m Unit 1 and will vote ‘yes’ to effectively “stop the madness.” No doubt CUPE has many, many legitimate concerns, but negotiations and picketing have both been managed atrociously. If “an observation” really was told she’d be denied a job by 3903 for voting ‘yes’, then (s)he should know that my vote of ‘yes’ is for him/her.

  287. Mark

    I hope all cupe members make the right choice and vote no, because this is what the strike was for….not to give in and say yes to york. That will go against everything the union worked so hard for. You dont go out for ten weeks for nothing. Believe in what u went on strike for, and stick it out to the last second. VOTE NO all union members of cupe 3903…

  288. undergrad

    unit 1 and 3 are getting f****d by unit 2 who are the art students?! haha well they will be taking money from you and giving it to them.. dumbasses!

  289. ?

    the only ones who will not get affected are the science department because of there contract

  290. Mark

    @ dray, then why didnt you voice your opinion at the GMM. Why didnt u go out and publish pamphlets then against the union if u want to vote yes. Why didnt u put more of an effort then to get your voice heard, with people who support u… maybe u could of had some power at the bargaining table, and have the union change their demands, or all these people that will be voting yes… why didnt u speak up then…

  291. Mark

    maybe because u are a coward, and u are scared of the big union or is is the university now…

  292. Mark

    VOTE NOOO, because everything would be a waste otherwise, and will look very bad on all you union members….

  293. The Man With The Plan


  294. Mark

    You dont go on strike to accept a bad deal, especially after ten weeks, why didnt the university have this ratification earlier if the union members were going to vote yes… would of saved alot of heartache, and time. By voting yes, u are making the university look good, because they picked the perfect timing, they want you to vote yes, so the union will look bad, especially after being on strike for ten weeks. They allowed this to happen, not the union… NOW VOTE NO…

  295. Mark

    @ dray the only madness is a yes vote… because it makes u look mad…

  296. mary

    I will be voting no, I am in contract faculty. I have been out this long… not going to give in that easily

  297. mary

    @ an observation, hes making all that up, no one is threatening us to vote, dont believe that, lol

  298. Dray

    I changed my mind Im voting no, I just got hit in the head, and I realized that I was being stupid, thanks for that

  299. Dray


  300. Cupe member with Brain

    Good News, I have just received an e-mail which is confidential. The 96% of unit 2 will vote yes, 52 %of Unit 1 will vote yes, and 48% unit 3 will vote yes. This very good news. Go Yes Go.

  301. ?

    if u got a brain then use it.. how can u know that? confidential my ass… thats bullshit and the most stupidest thing i heard, cupe member with brain, go develop a brain

  302. yorkiee101

    so guys, what do you think they’re goin to vote?

  303. yorkiee101

    personally i want them to vote yes so we can go back back to school
    but then again if we had no school for 10 frikkin weeks.. for them to BARELY get a raise.. it will be SUCH A WASTE !

  304. Cupe member with Brain

    you may be laughing at me now, you shall see it by Tuesday night, if you student which I think you are, stop wasting time and open your books and notes, or shall receive a big F in your T

  305. ?

    if they vote yes i will personally create a riot and persuade undergrads to riot. this is not right.

  306. ?

    listen brainiac, what u just said doesn’t not make any sense and i’m sitting with a ta and he’s laughing at u.

  307. anonymous

    does anyone know if i were to take ayear off if it will affect my honors degree?

  308. brutal

    @ anonymous – no it will not. I am considering doing the same thing.

  309. ANgry

    @ Cupe member with Brain
    can u just GO F urself for us?? 😀
    oh n dont forget to vote NO

  310. Cupe member with Brain

    if you guys, had B+++++ls, you would have rioted long time ago, I doubt it, Go study.

  311. anonymous

    o ok thanks brutal then i know what im doing tomorrow c u next year york

  312. ANgry

    @ ?
    its OK! U need a brain to understand all these!
    This cupe w/ brain clearly doesnt have one, u can tell how much she would love one from her name here =))))
    this “supposedly” cupe member ( i F ing doubt it ) is Bluffing! theres NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way all the TA change their mind in such a short time, since 90% of them rejected the last York’s STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Offer !

  313. ANgry

    @ Cupe member with Brain
    Im doing an essay here, n if u dont shut up, I will shove my monitor up ur ass 😀

  314. ?

    of course s/he is bullshitting… i’m sitting with a ta that was against the strike and now he’s goin tomorrow to vote NO!

  315. ANgry

    @ ?
    say hi to him 4 me n say hes DEFFFFFinitly doin the right thing!

  316. Cupe member with Brain

    you should laugh at yourself, I am not even going to be at York. going to Professional school, you future is laughable at york..I feel very sorry for you, first, people like, they wanted to come back to school, back in Nov, when it seemed that York Adm and Cupe could reach a deal, everyone was f**king crying about their stupid trips, when they did not, people like you start saying, we are going lose our summer, we need to get a deal fast, now, we going to vote yes, stupid people like says vote no

  317. ANgry

    @ Cupe member with Brain
    for some reason i feel like i need to poop BIGTIMEEE everytime i read ur posts 😀

  318. ?

    shouldnt u go to sleep cupe with brain? u haave to go place ur yes so u can feel proud of nothing u dumb piece of crap.!

  319. Cupe member with Brain

    May be you have anal leakage, it is o.k, once i become a doctor, I will treat you. in the mean time stop feeding yourself the junk

  320. The Man With The Plan


  321. Pally Wally

    cupe member with a brain – you do know York has no medschool, right? doh

  322. ?

    its ur junk hes eating cupe member with no brain

  323. ANgry

    EHEMMMM… LEmme clarify My BRAINLESS friend!!!
    I am perfectly healthy, n the reason i wanna head to WC is everytime u piece if SHITTT right something…is…simply YOU!!! 😀
    ok so now that u finally understood how disgusted u make everyone in here, u can jus shut the fuk up n go Zzzzz…its wayyyy past ur bed time loser, oh n one last thing 😀 get a lifeeee on da way 😀

  324. Cupe member with Brain

    I am not going york, there 6 other medical school in Ontario, which I received interview from all of them. Even UBC for MD/PHD, f++Ker like ? just be angry. I never said York has medical school. Its the best school to score A+ . I will enjoy every moment except the last year. Guess what. I used the strike time to finish a lot of paper and submitted for publication, it people like you who are suffering, I do not even care about the 20,000 dollars/yr and all grand and scholarship I have received, the reason I want to vote is to help you guys, it seems that you guys are Retard.

  325. Cupe member with Brain

    Mr. Angry I think you are suffering fro Irritable bowl syndrome and diverticulitis, do not worry, my scope will help you.

  326. Cupe member with Brain

    I am not the one feeling to poop, you are, if you feel the pain do not worry, i will inject some Thiazines in your as you can choose, if want i can inject Ketorolac in you big fat ass.

  327. Hate York

    Omg where is a moderator. Kick these idiots out of here NOW please. STOP THE RIDICULOUSNESS ON HERE! Comment intelligently or shut your traps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  328. Lola

    this blog has seriously degraded…

  329. Cupe member with Brain

    Angry, you need some sedative , i will inject you with Nervoplex, usually used for angry animals like dog and monkeys. You seem to be one, you have started this name calling, u need to end otherwise your life you will miserable

  330. Cupe member with Brain

    Usually, we keep, insane and angry animals in the zoo, you belong to zoo, I have shirt for You ‘ Zoo York’

  331. Meow Mix

    All the Cupe Members can anal fuck themselves. Fucking Bitches.

  332. Daniel

    Vote NO.
    Stick your guns you cupe bastards.
    Also I don’t wanna go back at this point, cancel the semester.
    This whole thing was bullshit.

  333. Yuggoth

    So very sad. What once was a forum meant for information and possibly intellectual discourse has sunk to the lowest common denominator of base humour and child-like screeching. There’s a point where the noise becomes so much from you (and I think you know who I’m talking about on this forum) that it just blends in and nobody hears you like traffic. I vote that this forum gets back on it’s feet cuz I feel like leavin’.

  334. John Locke

    @ ANgry

    I am going to have to ask you to stop with your trolling.

    As far as I am concerned, the mass messaging and the unrelated posts are unacceptable and will stop now.

    Your vulgar language is not appreciated.

    Please be advised.

    John Locke (aka Mr. Moderator)

  335. Dray, the Genuine Dray


    In fact, I did my part to organize people in my department. You don’t actually know who I am.

  336. YES

    ANgry has really showed his intelligence level through his postings. I don’t think other Cupe members are that unprofessional.

    The only reason why the strike didn’t end earlier, was b/c Union bargaining team was speaking on behalf of it members… At least now the members will have the chance to speak for themselves.

    YOu may get a better deal now, but will lose your jobs to budget cuts later… You do the math.

  337. tester

    Dray said: “In fact, I did my part to organize people in my department. You don’t actually know who I am.”


  338. Nia

    CUPE makes me laugh.
    Now they’re worried about losing their jobs? It’s no surprise the economy is going to shit right now. In fact, it wasn’t surprising that our economy was declining LAST NOVEMBER. But still, they decided to strike for a better deal. Clearly not the best time.
    Is it only now they realize they’re replaceable? Is it only now they’re afraid of losing their jobs? Thousands of Canadians have already lost their jobs. They’re not invincible, and they should know that.

  339. just a random Yorkie

    Just read comments from people like “ANgry” and you can tell what kind of stupid, illiterate, dumb TA’s we have. I mean “NoOoOoOo <3" does not seem to be the style of a TA. I think she just CAN GO FIND ANOTHER FUCKING JOB, ALONG WITH MARK AND EVERYONE ELSE BECAUSE, YOU KNOW WHAT, I FUCKING HATE YOU, I HATE THE UNION AND I HATE THE T.A.’S! GO PICKET AND FREEZE YOUR ASSES YOU FUCKING SELFISH BASTARDS.

  340. AndrewB

    So what CMWC, we are suppose to put up one human interest story of a cupe member?

    Maybe we should start posting human interest stories of the other 50,000 people involved don’t you think? Got to keep things fair now.

  341. Voted Yes

    Go YES GO

  342. That Person

    @Cupe member with Brain

    Just wondering do you believe that York is truly very easy to get an A+ in science courses compared to other Uni’s because i head different just wondering your insight Thanks

  343. yorkie

    cupe member with brian is retarded…it is not easier to get higher marks at york science compared to other unis…except for maybe UTSG…i have plenty of friends (who are in york science) who have siblings in science at other unis, they say that when they compare tests and labs, it is not even that the end of the day it is who you are as a student that counts

  344. Cupe member with Brain

    @ That Person, the best Profs and excellent teaching who are helpful, make it easy to score A+,and most importantly a great study ethic and hard work, overall, it makes it easy.

  345. Perplexed

    i find the posting by cupe doll perplexing. how have you come to the conclusion that enrollment will be down? the Star article suggests that APPLICATIONS will be down from the previous year. applications can be down but full enrollment still occurs. that’s because the demand is much greater than the supply. there are many more applicants than there are openings. across the board york generally experiences about 25% more applicants than student positions. therefore the suggestion that people will lose their jobs is as bunk as your application-enrollment theory.

  346. 3rd year n counting

    Having read quite a few posts on here, it amazes me how illiterate some TA’s are. And these people are supposed to be educating us? LOL.
    You have to read some of the posts twice just to understand what they are getting at…

    Plus, just as a side note, being a TA is not a real job anyway, it is something you can / have to do in order for you to stay in the academia and make a career out of it. I see what my TAs do, and please, a chimp can do their job sometimes.

    PLEASE stop being such commi-oriented self righteous morons and VOTE YES, so the rest of us can go back to our damaged degrees and get our marks and move on with our lives. And if you REALLY need an outlet for your socialistic emotional needs, write a book. Someone out there will appreciate it.

    (just make sure you use spell and grammar check while you’re at it……………………………)


  347. John Locke

    Some of you lack good judgement skills, and frankly are very gullible. Some of you go on to say that the “TAs” on this forum are illiterate and can’t write well. Did it ever occur to you that some of these people are not actually TAs, but rather trolls? Simply because someone claims to be someone ONLINE, does not make it true. By the way, I am Donald Trump, nope, I am Mahatama Ghandi, nope, I am David Naylor. People, you have to take everything on this forum with a grain of salt…

    It is so sad how everyone on this forum is crying over all the trolls and the misleading information et cetera. Who cares? This is just an online community. My goodness…Are you people serious? Some of you appear to be losing sleep over this…

    Sad, oh very sad…

  348. Meow Mix

    John Locke is from the show “lost” lol….

    the point is…The TA’s suck balls…their worse than 2 girls 1 cup… fuckin bitches can eat their own diarrhea shit.

  349. seriously?!

    I would just like to express my disappointment in the conduct of the members of this forum. I relied on this blog to keep me updated and hear differing sides of the story, not to be bombarded with people’s disrespect and name-calling, and forcing their opinions on one another. I thought that university was a time for students (including TAs) to mature… I was obviously mistaken….

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