Faculty urge CUPE strikers to accept York offer

The strike began on Nov. 6.

A group of 282 current and retired York University faculty members called on striking contract staff and teaching assistants yesterday to accept York’s latest offer, saying the continuing walkout “will damage the academic reputation of the university.”

The open letter calls the offer “fair and reasonable, and consistent with the most recent agreements of other unionized employees at York.”

The 3,300 striking CUPE Local 3903 members will vote Monday and Tuesday.

The union has many demands, including higher wages and increased job security for long-time contract instructors. York’s offer includes a 10.5-per-cent increase in wages and benefits over three years.

“[The open letter] does generate a lot of bad feelings, it can be divisive … but everyone’s starting to feel very sympathetic to the students, and I think that now has to be our first priority.”

The union shrugged off the letter, and is “wholeheartedly” recommending its members reject the deal.

“Everybody’s going to have their opinion, and far be it from me to tell [York faculty] what to think,” union spokesman Tyler Shipley said.





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80 responses to “Faculty urge CUPE strikers to accept York offer

  1. AndrewB

    They have shrugged off Macleans.
    They have shrugged off The Star
    They have shrugged off The Globe and Mail
    They have shrugged off the government of Ontario
    They have shrugged off thousands of students

    282 current/former profs wouldn’t make a dent.

  2. Warczaski

    “will damage the academic reputation of the university.” ???
    York University never even had a good reputation except the “Schulich” LMFAO

  3. Ian K

    Schulich isn’t the only one with a good reputation…
    Are you from Schulich lol?

  4. @ Meow Mix….Honestly thats how I feel everyday during this strike.

  5. Revenge of the nerds

    hahaha!! to all you jerks who bullied me! whos laughing now!! we’re going to strite for the rest of 2009!

  6. caitron

    hey guys,
    this question is somewhat unrelated to this thread, but i didn’t really want to add to the 200+ posts on the other ones. does anyone know how york determined the plan for the new schedule? under the academic remediation section on the website it says:
    As indicated above, when the fall term resumes, there will be 13 days of instruction (excluding courses taught on weekends). These 13 days will bring all courses to the equivalent of 11 weeks of instruction and they will be scheduled as follows:

    * Courses that meet on Monday: 3 class meets
    * Courses that meet on Tuesday: 3 class meets
    * Courses that meet on Wednesday: 2 class meets
    * Courses that meet on Thursday: 3 class meets
    * Courses that meet on Friday: 2 class meets

    does that mean one week we’ll have wednesday and friday off? or are they gonna re-jig the schedule or what? it’s a bit confusing.

  7. scared



  8. Tyler Shipley

    Im voting NO because girls at York don’t like me.

  9. Girl dont like you for alot of reason Vote Yes, and maybe they wont think you have herpes

  10. Tyler Shipley

    I dont have herpes chinese guy, a girl has never even touched me, so how can I have a std huh? jokes on you chinese guy

  11. christen rosseau

    Hey tyler, u can have me once the strike is over

  12. Tyler Shipley

    Hey Christen, I like you.

    Do you like me? yes no (circle one)

  13. Roon'd

    I’m wondering the same thing caitron is wondering. Answers would be appreciated.

  14. Oh Tyler, Im so sorry, thousand apologies on my end. I got my herpes from Christen

  15. Tyler Shipley

    and Christen got it from Dr.Mamdouh Shoukri…. Christen, I hope this promiscuity stops before we have relations.

  16. christen rosseau


  17. End of joke….back to strike info

  18. Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri

    I don’t have herpes you assholes

  19. Troubled York Desi

    This strike has already made an alcoholic out of me. I look forward to my Daru sessions every 2-3 days more than an update from this fudu university.

    I’m not finna give a damn if a majority of you dont understand what Desi/Daru/Fudu means. Lun te bajo!

    But I am ready to go back to School now. Honest 🙂

  20. me

    oy bhenchod daru peeta hai. besharam.

  21. york student

    besharam is rite…..baadmash!

  22. me- translation

    I declare Jihad on cupe3903 and york university

  23. Im pretty sure desi just means brown not jihad…..but thnx for the racism…ps. I really dont know the definition of desi.

  24. ;)

    main talli main talli main talli ho gayi =D

  25. theowne

    >>>>York University never even had a good reputation except the “Schulich”

    It has a great business and law school and the second highest rated social science program in Ontario….It’s mostly just high schoolers who have low opinions of it.

  26. No…..York is a university for the masses, I love it, but it not a high quality school, its good for students who can easily beat the bell curve of all the lesser intelligent members of york. If you can hold a fork you can go to york.

  27. Schulich and Osgood are inside of york….but they have different names for a reason

  28. ;)

    @3rd yr caulmet resident

    yeah desi doesn’t mean jihad.. desi is just a term asociated with south asians in general.

  29. @ thats amores

    Bro I have to steal your last comment

    (At York EVERYONE’s a loser)” I love it!

  30. yorkstrike2008

    Glendon has a good reputation. Come take a course at Glendon, 10x harder than any Keele class I’ve taken.

  31. jason=dumb

    well have fun in February when uoft goes on strike

  32. No i agree Glendon is different, Thats why its not part of york, and its campus is beautiful and the men to women ratio….well….lets just say I want to go there for more then one reason

  33. Austin Vigliano

    out of the 3 units i would assume at least if not 2 vote NO, so what does that leave us with as assumptions..more negotiations starting wednesday? thursday? friday?

  34. Troubled York Desi

    @ me- translation

    Way to get racist buddy. Kurichodh fudu salaah.

    @ me

    Kurichodh fudu salaah.

    @ 😉

    Hmm whats gooood missss?? lmaooo. We should get “tulli” together sometime 😉

  35. aguyuno

    theowne – I think he was saying Schulich has a good rep. And that’s it.

    Which is unfortunately true.

  36. aguyuno

    God. So many trolls have come out to play on this specific comment area.

    This is getting out of hand. I think we need that comment moderation thing back on; at LEAST for people who don’t have usernames

  37. Guess Who

    @ Troubled York Desi

    LOL, way to put it mate.

  38. theowne

    Again I wonder why people think “hold a fork go to york”. The admissions averages are higher than places like UOIT and Ryerson (theirs are in the 70s, while YOrk’s never dips below 79 as a minimum, and most in the 80s). Some programs, like Arts and Humanities, have higher admissions averages than UTSC, UTM, and the same as McMaster. Then you have Schulich, Osgoode, Glendon……and a social sciences program ranked 2nd best in Ontario.

    It’s funny how these things are never based in reality.

  39. strikeliveon

    voteee nooooo

    these are the best yrs of our lives…
    after graduation.. ur life is pretty much over…

    working at a job u hate.. and coming home to wife that can;t cook.


  41. Second year student

    @ jason

    go ahead and leave York. One less anti-semite at York makes it a better place =)
    Don’t put your stupid hate on a blog that has to do with the strike, asshole

    I say the earliest we come back is the 28th.

  42. Soraya

    Can SOMEONE answer my question, PLEASE?!

    IF either 1 or 2 of the units vote YES, would we realistically go back or would the strike go on?

    Please & thanks in advance.

  43. Austin Vigliano

    I’m pretty sure I heard that if any one of the 3 Units vote NO as a majority in their respective unit that it would mean that negotiations would have to continue and that the forced rat. vote chess move by the university basically failed. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. My personal opinion and guess would be that one, if not more then one unit votes NO on this one, however I did read from one of my profs that faculty felt optimistic that this would work. I don’t think it will…we’ll have to wait and see!

  44. LOL

    heard today on the news that high school applications listing york as their #1 choice has declined by 15% this year, and overall applications to york has declined by 10%. I think it’s safe to say that their “reputation” (LOL) has been soiled. Bwahahaha

  45. Andrew


    On the contrary. For each individual unit, if that unit votes “yes”, they have accepted the university’s contract and negotiations end for that unit; if a unit votes “no”, they stay out on strike.

    In the last strike, unit 2 voted “yes”, which would have cleared the way for the resumption of classes even without the TAs in unit 1, who voted “no”. The union’s position was weakened, and both sides wanted to avoid such a chaotic situation, so negotiations quickly ended the strike for unit 1. My guess is that this is the scenario the university is banking on (it’s highly implausible that all three units will vote “yes”).

    However, in my opinion, the most likely scenario is that all three units will vote “no”, in which case we are back where we were before the vote was called. Although the union suggests that the strike would once again end quickly, in fact this situation is without precedent and nobody really knows what might happen. (My bet is that we would stay out for at least another couple of weeks to a month.)

  46. Austin Vigliano

    I could see being off for about that long still..although if it does go another month I may drop out and start again next year..perhaps at another university LOL..we’ll see…but I can for sure see this strike being voted NO on by at least 2 units. So in all likelyhood I don’t think it’s going to work…

  47. Soraya

    Yeah but wouldn’t that cause confusion? How would the students know who is back and who isn’t? Thanks for the imput though!

  48. Glenn

    Yes, this is a good sign -_- ‘ faculty urges cupe strikers to accept offer’ Lmao

  49. Valerie

    Anyone planning on going to the vote location on Mon/Tues with signs saying “Vote Yes!” or anything? Is that legal?

  50. ChinaseChickeing

    the strike will surely end this week. because my chinese girlfriend has vag-abomination on her forehead and she cooks from it

  51. Mike

    WHY HAS THE VOTE DAY BEEN CHANGED TO NEXT WEEK????????????????????????

  52. ...

    who farted?….i know one of you did!! I can smell it.

  53. Soraya

    @ Mike,

    What are you talking about?

  54. ChinaseChickeing

    Mike are you chinese? what in the world you talking about

  55. Commuter

    Boy this blog has gone downhill fast.

  56. B

    You can say that again.

  57. Mike Lee

    I am talkinnnnng about the vooooote foooor Moday has been moved. (Chinese acent)

  58. Josh

    I heard some rumors today

  59. ChinaseChickeing

    Wau Hi Ning Ting Pung Noi Lau Lie Chu Ti Ching Law Mein Buong Song Chong Chui Leee?

  60. theowne


  61. @theowne

    Omg dude dont say such ignorant things about ChinaseChickeing mom

  62. theowne

    I hope no one reads Japanese because it was kind of offensive, just kidding lol

  63. theowne

    The moment of truth approaches….I’m pessimistic and think CUPE aka Satan will all vote now, york won’t capitulate, and giant green monsters will attack the city.

  64. Jason

    Fuck York, Fuck CUPE fuck em all….capitalist demands > students needs= fucked up world…..were the future doctors and lawyers of these bastards FUCK THEM

  65. Baker

    hey guys
    im a T.A at york so far and basically its gonna be a NO across the boards…dont know if im supposed to be telling you that but good chance we’ll be on strike for another 3 to 5 weeks

  66. Troubled York Desi

    @ Baker

    That’s funny. Because I’m also a TA with the Chemistry Department and we were going to vote “yes” because we’re running out of lidocaine (you know the stuff that helps make cocaine) because, frankly, we cant live without snorting it.

    We’ve also got the Arts TAs addicted to PCP now so I’m not sure what they will vote. I’m not sure how we will survive without crack if this drags on.


  67. Glenn

    @ Baker,

    haha, I don’t think we’ll be on strike for another 3 to 5 weeks, that’s just impossible for York lol

  68. bigtophatman

    I am pretty sure I saw the Arts T.A’s earlier today digging snow forts, trying to defend themselves from the radioactive snow squirrels

  69. One More Student

    Well, I’m officially going to stop reading the comments on the blog from now on. I used to find some useful/insightful info a couple weeks ago, but now it’s turned into a breeding ground for immature trolling and flaming. Congratulations, being off for 2 1/2 months has driven you all insane.


  70. ChinaseChickeing

    Chin Chu Ni Hao Lung Mo Fok Lai Chu Chung Doi Mi Lah Tong Roi Pah Keng Doi?

    well i hope no one can understand Chinois because I just dissed the fuck out of theowne..

  71. SumbanthHom

    uhhh ChinaseChickeing, the brown ones are now here and i hope you 2.5 billions aint afraid to face our billion of browns. Bring IT

  72. theowne


    No, we don’t carry dog flavoured sushi.

    KIDDING lol


    There aren’t 2.5 billion Chinese people.

  73. theowne

    P.S. You sound like a five year old. (SumbanthHom)

  74. Pally Wally

    some serious moderation needs to be done in here – might as well just delete everything afaic.

  75. Lun

    This is like that youtube vid where that fat bitch starts singing on the table and leans too far ahead and busts her tailbone in probably 2 or more locations

    poor table

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  77. education is a right?

    “but everyone’s starting to feel very sympathetic to the students, and I think that now has to be our first priority.”-humanities professor Bernard Lightman
    Is he kidding?? NOW they are starting to feel sorry for us…a little late, and besides we will NEVER be the first priority.

    And seriously I agree on the moderating of comments….If you don’t have anything at least slightly intelligent to say (i know it’s tough we’ve been out of school for a while) then FUCK OFF. Not only are you wasting our time with your nonsense but it’s also very racist.

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