Buy your wine, apparently it will help York Students

York is selling bottles of Niagara wine for $20 (come on, a nice bottle of French or Spanish wine is only $10-12) and every purchaser can feel benevolent knowining that $3.69 “from each bottle purchased via retail sale will go to the York University Foundation’s ‘York to the Power of 50’ campaign to benefit York students.” I wonder how that $3.69 is going to help students? More research grants to further alienate liberal arts studies from anying remotely considered professional at York perhaps?

Nonetheless, here is the description of the red:

The perfumed nose delivers vanilla, apple and mixed spice aromas while the flavours offer sweet stone fruit, peach and nectarine, along with  moderating acidity from ripe citrus fruit. This is very generously textured, is medium weight and sports a lingering and well-balanced finish.

That sounds like my life right now 😉






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7 responses to “Buy your wine, apparently it will help York Students

  1. Rocco

    “Buy your wine, apparently ‘IT’ will help York Students”

    When one of the webmasters said that articles would be “screened” before being published, I guess that didn’t include “being proof-read.”

  2. Andrew

    Cool. I’ve decided to get drunk and stay drunk until the strike is over. Somebody come wake me up when there’s a settlement. I’ll be passed out on a bench in York Lanes with my arm curled up over a ratty paper bag containing a brown bottle marked “XXX”.

    Vanilla, apple, and mixed spice … welcome to flavor country!

  3. Prestia

    I’ll be offering my own “house blend” consisting mainly of frustration, abandoned dreams, and melancholy depression.

  4. I’ll provide my own mature blend of piss in a cup.

  5. Pally Wally

    Prestia, I’m inclined to agree that the 2008 York was a particularly tough vintage to swallow.

  6. education is a right?

    I’m with you Andrew…I won’t be sobering up until CUPE gets their asses back to work!

  7. ratkill.2k8

    wine will help me

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