News: $100 Relief fund and proposed move up of vote date

This letter has been allegedly released by YFS. I will not validate the information below or confirm its origin.

Dear York Students,


Strike Update:


York University has requested that the Ministry of Labour supervise a forced ratification vote on its recent offer to members of CUPE 3903. While the University indicated that it is willing to begin the ratification vote on January 19 and 20, CUPE 3903 indicated that it is willing to begin the voting process on January 15 and 16. We hope that both sides will agree to begin the vote as soon as possible in order to get all undergraduate students back into their classrooms. To put pressure on the  university to begin the voting process faster please email President Shoukri at 



YFS Relief Fund:


The York Federation of Students (YFS) has created a special Relief Fund for undergraduate students facing financial hardship due to the ongoing strike. Thus, the YFS has allocated $40 000 into the Fund, and undergraduates facing financial distress due to the strike will be eligible for up to $100 in relief. All applicants will be required to present documentation relating to their financial hardship (ex. Receipt for cancelled plane ticket) along with an application form which is available on the YFS website at  Applications will be adjudicated by the YFS Clubs Committee. The deadline  for the application is as follows : January 30 at 5pm.  





Hamid Osman


York Federation of Students

Local 68, Canadian Federation of Students



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22 responses to “News: $100 Relief fund and proposed move up of vote date

  1. because $100 can really do something for a canceled plane ticket.

    can i get a $100 just for being inconvenienced? or maybe for having to put up with this nonsense?

  2. Commuter

    Suggesting the school use endowment money to settle the strike?

    Presenting a petition for the two sides to get back to the table once they were already *at* the table?

    Suggesting that students don’t pay winter term tuition until after we go back, days after the school said the same thing themselves?

    Suggesting $100 to 400 people will make everything better?

    Telling students a date hasn’t been announced yet for the vote and we can make the process go faster by emailing Shoukri?


  3. B

    At least they finally remembered they represent undergraduate students.

  4. Bobert

    Financial difficulties this can’t help you with and some alternatives (and part of this may sound satirical, so this is kind of comic relief) ….

    1)This money won’t help you recover the cost of a monthly metro-pass, monthly GO Pass, or York Parking Permits, Plane Tickets, but it may pay for a Greyhound bus (depending on how early you reserve)

    2) Any apartment that’s not bigger than or is an actual broom-closet (if not a broom-closet in a good neighborhood of Toronto)

    3) You’ll earn more money working 2 shifts at a McDonald with 100$

    4) It may buy you a keg or two, but you might not have enough to cover the cost of equipment to tap said keg or kegs

    5) It will cover a months supply of Jamaican Patties, McDonald Dollar Menu items, KFC Snackers, or Buritos but it will not cover the long term health care costs of consuming said junk food.

    6) It may help paying typical monthly bills like cable, telephone, utilities, but probably not all of them

    7) For commuters who drive it will definitely help recoup the cost of gas, but I seriously doubt even with current gas prices as low as they’ve reached that anyone has been driving back and forth to campus since the start of this strike.

    If that’s the case it may cover the cost of going to a closed circuit amateur car racing track (but probably not the insurance deductible, or medical bills if you into an accident)

    8) If you’re commedicaly inclined (and I am not seriously advocating anything in this one) it will buy you a fair number of lemon cream pies for when we do return we can let our opinion of YFS be known…

    The YFS Does it again! (incidentally I am surprised they didn’t suggest using this money to pay to end strike like last time when they thought they had a genius solution to money that wasn’t actually theirs to spend, i’d almost forgotten they were actually a student union)

  5. Bobert

    hmm that’s supposed to be #8 (not 8) )

  6. LOL

    YFS = Epic Fail

  7. you know what $100 can buy you? it can’t even buy you $99.

  8. theowne


  9. B

    I’d still like to see my 64 cent per credit YFS fee refund. Possibly toss in the CFS fee in there as well.

    It may only be under $50 but it’s not like all this EPIC FAIL by the YFS has earned it.

  10. yorkstrike2008

    Someone make an epic fail video of YFS and I will post it 🙂

  11. lolwut

    @ kavisolo


  12. ams

    did the YFS/CFS not give lots more money to CUPE? Why don’t these people offer something substantial?

  13. ams

    I did email the pres abt moving the date, I got a return receipt, which means he’s reading them…so do it guys!

  14. brutal

    ahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaah this is amazing. 100$ are you fucking kidding me? FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLL. 40,000$ allocated for students…. gee thanks.

  15. Unknown

    For how many days strike has to go on for university to cancel the full year?

  16. B

    In response to the Don’t Pay A Cent YFS campaign and since Osman is checking his email, may I suggest emailing him the following…

    Subject: Demanding YFS fee refund.

    Dear York Federation of Students,

    My name is [Insert Name] and I am a [year of study] year student in the [Insert Program of Study] program at York University. I am writing to convey my frustrations and grievances about the current labour dispute between CUPE 3903 and the York Administration.

    [Please insert your grievances here]

    I lived up to my end of the deal when I paid my YFS fees, but the YFS failed to live up to its end of the deal in providing representation and a voice for the Undergraduate student body. It seems you have forgotten that you were elected to represent Undergraduates. You failed to seek out and protect my best interest as a student and the thousands of other undergraduates. That is why I demand you refund my 64 cents per credit. Your efforts to date are not even worth 64 cents all together.

    Without an ounce of regret,

    [Insert name and student number]

    Contact info for the YFS Exec:

    Hamid Osman, President
    Phone Number: 416-736-2100 ext 33627
    Phone Number: 647-448-2823
    Email Address:

    Gilary Massa, VP External
    Phone Number: 416-736-2100 ext 77679
    Phone Number: 647-869-2101 Email Address:

    Loveleen Kang, VP Operations
    Phone Number: 416-736-2100 ext 40536
    Phone Number: 647-895-2102
    Email Address:

    Nila Zameni, VP Campus Life
    Phone Number: 416-736-2100 ext 77675
    Phone Number: 647-330-3306
    Email Address:

    Krisna Saravanamuttu, VP Equity
    Phone Number: 416-736-2100 ext 20253
    Phone Number: 647-448-0576
    Email Address:

  17. In case anyone forgot/didn’t realize, the YFS has successfully stifled free speech by banning groups whose views are contrary to the executive’s.

    I don’t think any of you support censorship, and regardless if you want to help bring down this stupid organization then it’s more fuel for the fire (adding to the long list of grievances already full of strike-related problems).

  18. education is a right?

    HEY it’s the YFS! Finally poking their head out to try and pretend they are doing their job for the students!

    where have they been this whole time? Sure as fuck not helping us in any way….and $40 000?? That’s not even a whole dollar for each student!
    Thanks a lot YFS.

    @ B that is a great idea and a good letter template. I will definitely be using it, thanks.

  19. sam

    let’s see………70 days since this nonsense began….$100.00 if I produce a plane ticket…major inconvenience to all students…total bummer for all students……York’s reputation down the toilet, my reputation for going to York a major source of comedy for my peers…..yep, toss me that c note…I;ll put it towards the rent, phone, hydro, gas, water…food, etcetcetc………..

  20. B

    education is a right? – thanks, it’s not really mine though. I just altered the letter template the YFS sent out to students with the pointless Don’t Pay A Cent campaign.


    wait a second..only 400 students will get the $100???!?!?!?!?!?!?…BAHAHAHAHA…i think the YFS should take that money and shove it….honestly why are they even trying to do something now..when they could have done something much earlier in this strike?? it because when we get back to classes there will be an election again??..and they are trying to get votes??…highly doubt it…nice try YFS… 🙂


    and for the 49, 600 students..who dont get the $100..they get an agenda from the YFS LOL..since thats what they are good at giving out

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