Notice: Be Aware of ePicketers

Hello everyone

I am writing this to remind you that since this is an open space there are many commentors here who are being paid by CUPE 3903 to spread information, of which the validity and integrity is frequently questionable. I will not block or refuse people the ability to comment in YorkStrike2008 because that would undermine a very important component of its existence; unless they are using profane, threatening, violent or malicious language. Please remember to take everything posted here with a grain of salt and read all words with a critical eye. 

I remind you again of the disclaimer located at the bottom of the main page:


The creators of this site, executives and its affiliates assume no liability for the actions and comments of others. We are also not responsible for any comments made by any media source, individual persons, groups and organisations and will not be held liable for violence or any such propaganda. The sole intent of is to give the York University student body a voice and a community to discuss and organise.

Furthermore, you are legally accountable for anything you say on this website and anywhere else on the internet. If I find threats of violence or recounts of violence I will report such comments with your IP Address to the authorities. Please remember to keep the comments clean and productive.

Thank you



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