I am opening up YorkStrike2008

Hello Yorkies

This blog has matured tremendously in terms of its members, readership base, the amount of information available and the broad landscape of opinions circulating the discussions here. It is difficult to know how people can be considered “members” since WordPress doesn’t allow me have a registration just for this blog alone, it will only permit me to require that anyone who posts to be a WordPress member. I thought that would be quite restricting for people and would hinder the discussion and readership that this blog has now reached.

As I have said in the past, the intention of YorkStrike2008 is to have a space where information can be consolidated and opinions may shared as openly and democratically as possible. The purpose was never to rally people around one side or the other, only to have everyone recognise that there are a lot of people who are students and share similar concerns, experiences and opinions. What we have here is something to be very proud of as students. Our Union has all but abandoned us in terms of giving us a voice or even a forum to represent our concerns and opinions. We have made something out of nothing.

Now that I have said that I will get to the purpose of this post. I am opening up YorkStrike2008 to you guys. I have enabled the service that allows me to give you the permission to write posts such as this one that will appear on the main page under your own usernames. The only restriction that I will impose is that you cannot “Publish” but you can “Save” whatever you have written, whatever video you have recorded or pictures you have taken and I will review them only to ensure that they are not vulgar, malicious or in any way inappropriate. I am only one person and I cannot represent all of your thoughts, opinions, concerns and questions – and after all, who am I to do so. 

Once this strike ends this blog will most certainly fall into the depths of the blogosphere along with MySpace and PureVolume. However, I am sure many of you will still want somewhere to ask questions about the new difficulties and choices that this strike will inevitably produce for us. So, after this strike ends it would be excellent if we could turn this place into a great space for people to ask questions and get answers from others, complain and maybe even talk about organising a coup d’Osman. 😉

If you would like to be a contributor and express yourselves on the front page then you must make a WordPress account (you don’t have to make a blog or anything – it is a simple email and password registration that takes 2 seconds) and email me at yorkstrike2008 <at> hotmail.com with the email address you used with your WordPress account. 

This is the description of a Contributor: 

Contributors can write posts, but they don’t have authority to hit the “Publish” button. When they are finished, their posts are in the “Pending Review” status, until a higher-level user reviews and approves for publishing. If you were to use WordPress to publish and online newspaper/newsblog, for instance, and wanted to maintain an editorial process that would have articles go through review by an editor, you could have most of your “reporters” be Contributors, so that it would be impossible for one of their posts to be published without that review. Associate Professors at SMUG are in the Contributor role.






Ps. I wonder if this would be considered Web 3.0?



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66 responses to “I am opening up YorkStrike2008

  1. group blogging is still very web 2.0.

    and in the spirit of web 2.0:


  2. ChairNess

    Huh??? SUMMARIZE!

  3. Good idea. Let’s get CUPE DOLL to do a daily column.

    And where is that whiney crazy lady CUPE MEMBER WITH A CHILD? I know you still read this blog. Start posting again. Your insanity always made me happy!

  4. anonymous

    yesss please we need constant updates from cupe members!!

  5. scared

    hey everyone,

    can someone please talk about how much time it takes to get to campus if you are going by car…i usually turn left at the entrance that says “founders” and comes after northwest gate…and if i had to take the viva on the way back where do I take it from?

  6. Cupe Doll

    @YorkIsAwesome: “Good idea. Let’s get CUPE DOLL to do a daily column.”

    Lol. I’ll do one later today. Maybe I’ll title it CUPE MEMBER WITH TURRETS?

  7. Cupe Doll

    Oops. Tourettes. Good thing you’re not entrusting me with your edimacation right now, eh?!

  8. york student

    @cupe doll, any idea as to where negotiations r at?

  9. SH.

    is it possible that they cancel fall term and start winter term? how much longer can this strike last?? does anybody know for sure?

  10. Bob

    help, cupe members are attacking me with flags

  11. Joey J.

    Please, please please please don’t cancel the year.

  12. D

    the year won’t be cancelled.

  13. students are zero

    @ D

    how are you so sure of this?

  14. sam

    There is no way that they would cancel the year not even if pigs could fly would that happen.

  15. York Student

    i say they just give us our fall term credits and start the winter term right away whenever the stupid strike ends. they owe us for all this bs they’ve put us through.

  16. ram

    @ cupe doll
    today i asked one of the picketers in sentinel road about classes starting next monday. She said it is actually too soon and that in the best case scenario we shall be back by next to next week.(19 Jan). Please can you let us know what is happening at negotiations? today is the fourth day and yet they have not disclosed anything. What is your opinion on this?

  17. still doing homework...

    I just went today.. took about 5-7 minutes with 5 cars in front of me to get past picket lines, around 2:15ish…

    (Monday, Jan.06)

  18. Aaron

    I strongly suggest all of you study all the material for the fall semester now. Study as if you have exams coming up.

    I’m losing my mind here. How many days are they going to negotiate without actually reaching a deal? Just settle it already. What a travesty.

  19. York Student

    @ students are zero

    i guarantee you they will not cancel the year. but let’s say they do. then they better give us all of our money back or they’re going to see 50 000 lawsuits filed against them.

  20. yorkstrike2008


    That is good advice. Everyone should start studying their fall term material as suggested. When we get back, professors are going to want to cover a little more material and then we will have exams come at us like ninja trained spider monkeys…

    It is going to be really sloppy.

  21. anonymous


    cupe should be spat on

  22. caitron

    @ scared
    they’re keeping cars ~ 2 mins each i think. so it really depends on how many cars are there at that time. i walk thru the picket line @ pond and sentinel all the time and nobody has ever even spoken to me, but my sister and her boyfriend drove thru and waited about 8-10 mins b/c there were a bunch of cars in front of them.

    in terms of viva, i guess the stops are different based on the different lines (purple, orange, etc.) here’s a link to a commuter alert:

    hope that info helps you!

  23. sam

    The cupe set up a meeting for thursday is it a ratification vote? maybe anyone know

  24. caitron

    @ sam
    i think that meeting has been scheduled for quite some time, so it doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be a ratification vote (unless everything is settled by then)

  25. york student

    i thought that a rat vote took place over a couple of days or something

  26. tester

    Are there any updates from today’s talks?

    Do we know if they are still talking (as of 6:45pm)?

  27. scared

    thanks caitron and still doing homework!

  28. KAZZA

    Not sure where to post this, but I am looking for some resonable explanation as to how the government could end a legal strike. I was under the belief that since the strike was legal and since University is not an essential service the union members could not be forced to work, or work to rule by the govenment. I believe if the University wanted to they could legally fire the T.A’s contract staff ect. Please clarify if you actully know if not it is all good I am waiting to hear from some ppl as well

  29. students are zero

    how am i expected to complete work if the courses will be modified ? What do I do?

  30. yorkstrike2008


    The government can pass back-to-work legislation which would effectively make their strike illegal. They would never do this though, it would undermine labour and usually only do this with essential services. They will, if anything pass binding arbitration legislation. That will force the two parties back to the table with a one week grace period, after that period the government will appoint a council that will find the most equitable settlement and force a ratification.

    The University CANNOT just fire Unionised employees for striking. That would be the biggest lawsuit you’d ever see…

  31. yorkstrike2008

    @students are zero

    For courses to be modified from the original syllabus there has to be a vote within the class to change it and a majority (I believe 75%) must vote yes. Even after this, the professor must be flexible to accept alternative assignments.

    Do the work that was assigned. It will not go to waste.

  32. Sick of this

    Anyone with the negotiation update? What happened ?

  33. Disillusioned

    Personally, I spent the first 3 weeks of the strike completing all of the fall-term assignments. But then I had no choice but to take my kids out of daycare – I couldn’t justify spending $1800/month while I was at home. I also took a part-time job in the evenings, so now I am totally behind in my readings and forget pretty much everything I had learned. I quit a good job to go back to school and now this happens. I need this strike to end so I can finish what I started and get back to reality.

  34. Tree

    Hmm…any chance the strike would last another 3 weeks..? I’d really like to go celebrate my grandmas 80th birthday with her…and this may be the last time I see her in a while…

  35. tester

    any updates yet?

  36. guys chill




  37. tester

    how do you KNOW the year won’t be canceled?
    Are you Dr. Shoukri?

  38. oh really...

    Clearly they cann’t cancel the year because it will completely destroy what little is left of York’s reputation.
    As much as I do not want to go back anymore because my books are collecting dust on my shelves, the other day I thought we were going to be back by next week, so I told them to book me at work according to my first semester availability…which is basically almost nothing. So, it we aren’t back next week, I will be KICKING myself and bored beyond bored…oh, and will have no money as well.

  39. For those who want to feel slightly better about the fact that school year won’t be canceled. I received this letter from the dean of Schulich a while back:

    Without a doubt, the past six weeks have presented all of us with serious challenges. The current situation has been particularly hard on our undergraduate students and their families. For everyone, York’s current labour unrest has been made even more stressful by the world’s ongoing economic turmoil.

    Our undergraduates are concerned about making up Fall Term classes and exams missed because of the strike. Rest assured. The 2008-2009 academic year will be completed. As soon as the strike has been settled, York’s Senate Executive Committee will announce new sessional dates for classes and exams for the 2008 Fall Term and for the 2009 Winter Term. The new 2009 schedules will allow Schulich undergraduate students to make up classes and exams missed during the strike.

    As you can see, he is confident that the school year will not be compromised. Not 100% evidence, but maybe some solidifying evidence.

  40. NotAMorningPerson

    I really don’t know what to study for my math course. Whatever material we covered in class we were tested on in the midterm. After that we did not really learn any new material.

    Should I study the unlearned material or go over whatever we’ve learned so far? Ugh I am so confused and frustrated!

  41. tester

    But if the University can’t afford CUPE’s demands, and CUPE will not accept the university’s best/final offer, then what?

    Wouldn’t the year be canceled at that point?

  42. tester

    And copied from the YFS facebook group:

    “Hi Everyone,

    There will be an emergency YFS Board meeting held tomorrow at 3 pm in room 307 of the Student Centre. The main discussion point will be the creation of a relief fund designed to provide financial reliefe for students that incured extenuating fanancial hardship as a result of the strike. All YFS member are allowed to attend the meeting. More information on the relief fund will be provided at the meeting.”

  43. you are so not the only one in the same boat (bored and broke)…
    and now the government wants me to give them money back for some reason.. hahaha money I DONT HAVE… stupid tax audits for reasons i can’t comprehend

  44. still doing homework

    *@ oh really, my last message
    sorry web form misread

  45. Clueless

    Does anyone know the exact amount of days at which they could cancel the year? Rumor has it 85 days is the deadline???

  46. Commuter

    @ NotAMorningPerson

    Maybe e-mail your prof and ask?

  47. Meenaz

    Heyy I think that all of you guys are pretty pathetic right now. You have asshole A and asshole B arguing over stupid postings insulting each others nicknames and such. You losers are already attending a school which is on strike and I guarantee half of you guys are unemployed as well depending on OSAP .. leaving you at BUM status. Do something more productive with your time. Go find a day job. Say what you want about me but I do not attend York. I have a job. So what can you say? You dont like my name? Well neither do I. So go sit on my finger and rotate. if not you can all blow me

  48. Env. studies student

    ok…I’m going back to rez this weekend…trying to track down the prof that gave the assignment, but we weren’t allowed to ask questions. This is where we left off and it is difficult to write about something that hasn’t been taught. There is no way we are prepped for exams…..this is just stupid…and all the wasted money…rez, meals, etc.etc….yippee..it’s been fun…………York? hey neighbour, find a more reliable university….york doesn’t give a crap…

  49. mark

    question………….why are there TA’s at all…???????

    Used to be that profs taught…..

  50. Yushky

    ok think of the size of some york u classes and labs, etc and then ask that question again

  51. Ken

    and I Jizzed in my pants!

  52. still doing homework

    lol, hey meenaz..
    isn’t it kind of ironic that you’re disapproving of folks insulting each other; yet you insult the community for being in bum status..

    in all fairness it would be kind of difficult to get a day job when you can not tell your potential employer how long you could stay on for, let alone guarantee at least two weeks worth of working ‘during the day’

    don’t you think?

    and believe me, if i were at all 100% positive at how long i would have been out of school, and being able to pick up a second job be feasible.. I would have.
    I’d be pretty cheesed if the year got cancelled for several reasons, including knowing i could have had a “day job” starting in september….

  53. Svenn

    Hi guys, even if the tuition balance on our york financial statements online says its due by January 10, we can ignore that because the registrar is going to modify those dates? We wouldn’t be penalized for this in anyway??

    I don’t wanna pay my remaining balance when classes hasn’t even resumed, let alone the winter semester!! They should change the deadline when we resume the winter semester, once we finish our fall exams

  54. Dale

    @still doing homework:
    “lol, hey meenaz..
    isn’t it kind of ironic that you’re disapproving of folks insulting each other; yet you insult the community for being in bum status..”

    LOL… I was thinking the exact same thing… maybe this guy should be going to school instead of working, he may benefit from it. :p

  55. Jafac

    Svenn poses a good question, anybody have an answer?
    Along the same lines, I noticed on my account that they stopped the late fee interest charge. So my balance has been the same for a couple of statements now. Did anyone else notice this?

  56. Joe

    Check this link out with regards to your student payment. Apparently, the Jan. 10 due date has been extended?


  57. YS

    so i guess i don’t have to stop by york this saturday then.

  58. CanCan

    Ok good. That makes sense about extending the deadline.
    We’re getting the OSAP installment too… nice.
    One thing I’m happy about lol.
    Yaaaaaaay government’s money!

  59. Worried Union Member

    Anyone with OSAP or other student loans … even if York’s not charging you interest on your tuition it’s a good idea to make sure your lender (Ont. government, bank etc.) isn’t charging you interest or deciding you’re not a student anymore because you haven’t registered or paid tuition. Sometimes if they do it’s hard to get reverted to student status. This might not be an issue if you’re registered for the full year already but it might for some people.

    Not trying to panic anyone but I used to have a student loan and keeping my interest-free status was always a pain. It’s just worth checking out.

  60. jack frost

    I wish i went to another University, this is dumb, i am not going to graduate on time now!
    you don’t see this type of dumb strike at Western, Waterloo and even UofT, why was i greedy for that $3000 scholarship money! It has Schullich for crying out loud! i guess it goes to show how good the “management” is eh?
    YORK SUCKS, thanks

  61. ruffled feathers

    York strike almost over
    Last Updated: Tuesday, January 9, 2001 | 7:32 PM ET
    CBC News
    One of the longest University strikes in Canada is almost over.
    Details of the tentative agreement were given to the more than fiteen hundred teaching and graduate assistants, but aren’t being released publicly yet. The union says it did win its main demand: a guarantee that tuition hikes won’t erode its members’ wages.

    The agreement was reached after three days of intense bargaining.

    The striking teaching and graduate assistants will vote on the tentative deal on Thursday. If they vote yes, classes could resume as early as Thursday afternoon.

    Students face 22 days of makeup classes, exams, plus a late start to the winter term. They’ve already begun to return to campus, but many wonder how they can afford their extended year.. and forego jobs.

    In fact, some students are so angry, they want to sue the University.. they’re trying to organize a class action lawsuit.

    The university recommends that individual students who face extra strike-related costs apply for a bursary. But it doesn’t plan any other compensation for things such as lost job opportunities.

  62. ruffled feathers

    so cupe doll – will your membership accept this deal (others: see york website for deal details)…

  63. Commuter

    @ ruffled feathers

    Why does that say Tuesday, January 9, 2001?!?

  64. Commuter

    That article is from the last strike lol

  65. ruffled feathers

    wrong article – here is the university’s offer – cupe GMM tomorrow…

    Negotiations update: York presents comprehensive settlement offers to CUPE 3903 Units 1, 2 and 3
    TORONTO, January 7, 2009 — After 5 days of making some progress in negotiations, the University today presented to the Union enhanced offers for settlement totaling 10.7% over three years.

    The University has asked the Union to present these comprehensive offers for settlement to its membership for a ratification vote at the earliest opportunity.

    These enhanced offers include a 9.25% increase in wages plus significant benefit and other improvements over the term of the new three-year collective agreements.

    The University’s comprehensive offers for settlement address the key priority areas identified by CUPE 3903, namely:

    – Enhanced job security for contract faculty through 22 new full-time faculty positions

    – Further increases in Funds to reflect recent membership growth

    – Indexation of Funds to address any future membership growth

    – Tuition protection for the full term of the new collective agreements

    – Increase in minimum guaranteed funding for graduate teaching assistants

    The University firmly believes that these comprehensive offers for settlement of 10.7% over three years are fair, responsible and sustainable – particularly in this worsening economic climate.

    As time is of the essence for our 50,000 students, the University has asked CUPE 3903 to present these offers for settlement to the membership for ratification as soon as possible.

  66. ruffled feathers

    it is – sorry i pasted in the wrong thing – but the employer has put a deal on the table (so no more bargaining…) and now the union must will take it to the membership to ratify – but will they recc’d it? and then will the membership accept it? and if not, then what? will cupe accept a 3 year contract among other things? the questions continue…

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