York says classes not likely this week

York University strike continues into Winter semester
Posted: January 04, 2009, 9:36 PM by Shereen Dindar

By Sarah Millar, National Post

Thousands of York University students will remain out of classes today as
the strike by teaching assistants, graduate assistants and contract faculty
approaches its third month.

Today would have been the start of the winter term for students at Canada’s
third largest university, but instead 50,000 students remain in limbo as
talks continue between the school and CUPE 3903, whose strike vote two
months ago shut the university down.

Negotiations began again for the first time in over a month between the two
parties on Saturday and continued on Sunday. The main issues include job
security for contract faculty, wages and shortening the term of the next
contract from three years to two.

The longest strike at the university came in 2000-01, when students were
left in limbo for 11 weeks.

York media relations director Alex Bilyk said yesterday it is not likely
classes will resume this week, even if a settlement is reached at the table
in the next couple of days.

“Basically if there were a settlement, the union would have to take that
settlement back for ratification with their members and that could take any
number of days. So it is unlikely that students could be back this week,” he

Mr. Bilyk would not comment on the status of the talks or if any progress
had been made at the table. The last time the two parties met, the mediator
shut down talks on the same day they started because the parties were still
too far apart.

When classes resume, York students will most likely see their reading week
cancelled next month.

Classes may have to be extended into May, but Mr. Bilyk said that decision
is up to the university’s senate to determine. Already York’s senate has
determined 13 days will have to be added to make up for fall term classes
disrupted by the strike, followed by a shortened exam period, before winter
classes would begin.

Students and parents have been frustrated as the two-month strike drags on,
and Mr. Bilyk said the university hopes the dispute ends as soon as

“This has been a long process and a long labour dispute, and all we can hope
is to get an expeditious resolution as possible.” 





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203 responses to “York says classes not likely this week

  1. theowne

    Well, I already expected this so I’m not shocked…anyways, one week to get yourself prepared, study ahead, be ready….

  2. mike

    wow, its gonna be a mission to get back into study mode…good luck everyone

  3. M

    ORONTO, December 11, 2008 — Two cohorts in the School of Nursing at York University will be restarting this Monday, December 15.

    The Executive Committee of Senate approved the Remediation Plan put forward by the Dean of Health and endorsed by the School of Nursing Executive and the VP Academic and Provost on Tuesday, December 9.

    York University recognizes that the strike by CUPE 3903 impacts all members of the York community. However, two cohorts at the School of Nursing, Collaborative Program Students and Internationally Educated Nursing Students, are in a unique position as they must be prepared to write the Canadian Registered Nurses Exam on February 4, 2009. These two cohorts were each uniquely funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration under the understanding that they would complete degree-licensing requirements by the beginning of 2009.

    Successful completion of the Canadian Registered Nurses Exam is part of the licensing requirement. Reviews, preparations and evaluations will be conducted by full-time faculty members of YUFA.

    The deans of all York faculties have, together with the chair of Senate, agreed that this is appropriate in light of current circumstances.

    Restarting classes in all faculties is of utmost importance. The University remains committed to get all of our students back in class as soon as possible. We are prepared to resume bargaining once the mediator decides to bring both parties together and additionally we continue to offer binding arbitration by a neutral third-party as an immediate solution to the current labour dispute.

    Nursing students who choose not to participate in the resumed classes will continue to receive the protections and accommodations set out in the Senate legislation.

  4. MR Two

    Again, similar to Osgoode students. The general masses, however, continue to suffer.

  5. shoelickstudent

    I knew we were not going to go back this week. But I do wonder, Will they be talking tomorrow? What are the chances of having school next week?

    This upsets me because this will be my hardest year of university and It’s going to get compromised and crammed into a shorter exam schedule and time frame. We need adequate time to study for our exams like other students in different universities get. Why do we have to suffer because of this? I hope Professors have some consideration. Not just choke us with material that needs to be done in a short amount of time. But I doubt it, since recently one professor of mine said that there will be no excuses and that our exam will be tough because of all the time we had to study. I worked full-time these 2 months to make up for the money I’m going to be missing from not getting work or an internship this summer. On top of that we miss out on our reading week as well. The time that was granted to us as a “BREAK” to study, be with family, have fun and enjoy ourselves for a week. Now we have to blow threw the winter term like there’s no tomorrow…
    i’m gonna take a damn nap lol

  6. shoelickstudent

    I knew we were not going to go back this week. But I do wonder, Will they be talking tomorrow? What are the chances of having school next week?

    This upsets me because this will be my hardest year of university and It’s going to get compromised and crammed into a shorter exam schedule and time frame. We need adequate time to study for our exams like other students in different universities get. Why do we have to suffer because of this? I hope Professors have some consideration. Not just choke us with material that needs to be done in a short amount of time. But I doubt it, since recently one professor of mine said that there will be no excuses and that our exam will be tough because of all the time we had to study. I worked full-time these 2 months to make up for the money I’m going to be missing from not getting work or an internship this summer. On top of that we miss out on our reading week as well. The time that was granted to us as a “BREAK” to study, be with family, have fun and enjoy ourselves for a week. Now we have to blow threw the winter term like there’s no tomorrow…

  7. theowne


    It’ll be a bit harder, yes, but the professors know that it’s not our fault we were screwed over…they’re going to be understanding of this..

  8. saddi

    in MY OPINION…this will probably draw on until febuary… 😥 im so fed up.

  9. Yorkie

    I wish we could just be given half credits for our courses, full year ones especially. I don’t think anyone really wants to go back now knowing the horrors they’ll have to face cramming the Fall term in with the Winter term now too. I mean, we’ve done at least half a term’s worth of work already, shouldn’t we get some credit?

  10. Eduardo

    The weekend continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scrabble anyone?

  11. HBK

    I really don’t want to go back. Studying for courses after a two month break is going to be hard. Though it would be better if they could give us a weeks notice if classes were to resume.


  12. pass/fail

    i wish the profs would give us the pass/fail option..seriously in my biochem class we should be studying at least 4 new chapters but we don’t even knw wat they r..plus the exam is worth 45%..a true killer..and i also have 4 other new chapters for thermodynamics to study, which we haven’t even talked about with the prof…i have been trying to read ahead but my science courses r too advanced that eveything new sounds like gibbrish to me..and we still have labs due and lab assignments as well..the only thing that can save a student like me is the pass/fail option..i really don’t want my GPA to go down because of this stupied strike

  13. all i have to say is that its gona be difficult as shit to get myself caught up in everything… 😦 good luck errrbody

  14. Suzy

    yea i totally agree….i have no idea what to do for biochem….pass/fail option would be a great help

  15. biochemstudent

    to pass/fail: i’m majoring in biochem at york as well. the first month i was studying hardcore for all of my classes. i even jumped ahead in thermo (i got up to half of chapter 8) and started reading on the metabolism chapter for biochem. but once december hit, i said to myself we’re not going back to school this month and i started working full-time hours in the lab. and now i just started reviewing again and it’s horrible. i’m looking at this material like i’ve never seen it before.

  16. biochemstudent

    sorry the happy face should be chapter 8

  17. caitron

    @ pass/fail
    i’m pretty sure i read somewhere that students ARE going to be given the option of pass/fail… maybe in the bulletin from york on remediation?

  18. Commuter

    @ biochemstudent

    Chapter Smiley-Face is always good though.

  19. Jon

    So…no set date yet on the resumption of classes. The guessing game continues!

    Who’s in for alittle wager? My money is riding on another three weeks of strike…

  20. the pass/fail option would be so sweet duude

  21. I hate this...

    I’m in the biochem class as well. For the first month of the strike I did quite a bit of work… got ahead where I could, redid problem sets to practice, etc. but after that I just said ‘f*ck it’. I’m so sick of this strike. If I hated my biochem lab TA before, I don’t even know what I’m going to think of her when I see her after the strike is finally over (unless they just cancel the year)……

    Thanks York U for wasting my money!!! :\

  22. I hate this...

    And my time…… f*ckers.

  23. scared

    are u guys talking abt Biochem (biol 2020)? cuz if thats the case, i thought we skipped chapter 8???

  24. Stef

    I have to go to Scott library this week at some point – has anyone braved the picket lines recently? What kind of delays am I going to be looking at? (I drive, and normally come in on York Blvd, or the oh my lord, I forget the name of the street…not the Chimneystack, the other one, further south.)
    My brain has turned to mush.

  25. Glenn

    @ caitron, soo where did you read this source? was it from another speculation from a previous comment? We need real proof here! =p

  26. mr schulich

    the only thing Chuck Swirsky would say in a situation like this is, “Onions Baby, Onions”

    but im waiting for the infamous line…..”Get out the salami n cheese mamma, this strike is oVAAA”

  27. angrystudent

    shortened exam period?!?!

    I hope York profs take pity on us……

  28. dsd

    York student. True story. Tired of partying for 2 months now.

  29. caitron

    @ glenn
    sorry, i may have made a mistake. it might just say that the date to choose pass/fail will be extended. on the york current students website, under academic remediation it says:

    Some Faculties offer students the option of a pass/fail assessment for certain courses. Where this option is available, students may choose a pass/fail assessment up until the last day of classes.

    my apologies. i thought i’d read that pass/fail options were going to be given for more classes, but i could be wrong.

  30. R


    the pass/fail option is discussed right here…. just as CAITRON quoted!!

    “Some Faculties offer students the option of a pass / fail assessment for certain courses. Where this option is available, students may choose a pass / fail assessment up until the last day of classes. (Students are advised to consider this option with great care before electing it. A pass / fail notation on a course may have a negative impact on applications to graduate and professional programs).”

    What I interpret from this is that we can opt out till as long as we’re having classes… What do u guys think??

  31. Commuter


    We met again at 5:15 with the employer to hear their responses on the items we proposed and to communicate that we now have agreement on
    some modified fund protection language!!

    We forcefully stated that child care is a key issue to our membership, and that even though they have continuously said they are unwilling to
    create any new funds, we remain hopeful that we can make an agreement that would include a new childcare fund that would make up for the
    inadequacies in the present structure. Currently there are only 25 spots for children within the two on-campus daycares. The funding for these spots is, at present, inadequate =96 paying out at only
    approximately 11%. Our proposal for a new childcare fund $115,000 would be crucial for increasing the funding to these daycare
    positions, and also for expanding the aid to other members to help with off-campus daycare costs. We stated again that this is why we are asserting the need for additional funding and for flexibility so that those who use off campus daycare facilities can access subsidies.

    We also discussed post-retirement benefits. Our key concern is that there is a $1500 cap per person, and that there is a total cap of
    $14,000 increasing yearly. They replied that this plan for post-retirement benefits is the same one as offered to CUPE 1356, in 2005. They repeatedly repeated that they want to operate on a “health
    care spending model” rather than a “defined benefits model”. A health care spending model works by giving a capped amount of money with
    certain available services, as opposed to a defined benefits model that continues along a standard health plan coverage operation. They justify the low amount by stating that most drugs are already provided for under the Ontario Drug Benefit, and that the $1500 figure is actually on the high end across the industry. They promised to get back to us concerning what a $14,000 cap would mean when there are enough people in the program that they would be drawing to the maximum.

    They continued to be not-agreeable to both the offset language that would provide for protection against the clawback to wage increases by
    reductions in funding, and also to our proposal that the FGS bursary should be assured by a letter of intent. They stated the same rationale for these issues =96 that the processes involved fall outside
    of the purview of our collective agreement, and they cannot/do-not-want-to encroach upon funding issues determined by the academic administration of the University.

    They also stated that they had no desire to form an all-unions committee concerning developing whistleblower protection for the York community.

    We did seem to be getting closer to an agreement on employment equity language issues. We are awaiting a response on this issue.

    Our proposal concerning Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism training were still not-agreeable to them. They thought that it was better to leave
    it to CUPE 3903 and the Centre for Human Rights to work it out independently of the collective agreements (and, of course, independently of them having to pay for it).

    They are still not-agreeable to any of our class size proposals. They are not willing to modify triggers, or size limits. And they are not agreeable to have broader committees formed that would survey problems related to the academic merger of the Arts and Atkinson faculties. They stated that they thought that there was another letter of intent
    already in the Collective Agreement that provided space for discussion of this issue at the Labour Management Committee.

    In response to our concerns they have now withdrawn their proposal concerning classroom evaluation proposals.

    They also remain not agreeable to a proposal that would ensure that Unit 2 members who are enrolled in the pension plan and must leave the
    university for a time (whether for other work, because there is no work, or for a variety of life reasons) would not be de-enrolled from
    the plan. Once you are de-enrolled, you must then spend 2 years to requalify for the plan. In the past de-enrollement never occurred, but due to a “technological breakthrough” this has as of late been occurring.

  32. Soraya

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we DIDN’T go back next Monday after reading that.

  33. Stef

    POND! Yes. Thanks, J!

  34. tester

    10am, Vari Hall, tomorrow morning

    Be there.

    Spit on CUPE3903 as you pass by.

  35. tester

    actually, spit on CUPE3903 picketers, except CUPEDOLL (do you picket…i don’t think so b/c of your views, but then again, you gotta eat too)

  36. Commuter

    @ Soraya

    Yeah, some of these things they’re arguing over are really stupid and petty.

    Anti-racism training? What’s that like… hypnotism? I mean you’re either anti-racist (which you should be) or racist. I don’t see how you could change this.

    If CUPE had a little secret about it, maybe they should share it with the rest of the world. Maybe then we wouldn’t have some of the social and political problems that we have today.

  37. tester

    Cupe Doll…

    DO you have any horror stories from CUPE3903 members that you can share…
    Like late bill payments, loosing cars or homes?

    Or not being able to afford medicine, food, or gas?

    I know the undergrads are suffering, but would like to hear the hardships of the strikers…

  38. Thinker

    Hey Guys
    Just read this on toronto star so thought i should share it with you people

    The union and york is meeting again tomorrow! http://www.thestar.com/News/GTA/article/561584 they’re really looking forward to resolve the strike it seems!

  39. anon

    well hopefully they will come to an agreement…however i remain doubtful as i have been hearing many ta’s who are part of 3903 and say that they are still far apart and classes are likely not to resume until late january begining of february…put it this way if we go back within the next 2 weeks i will be very surprised

  40. Yushky

    the star along with other sources that arn’t that of yorku.ca are not 100% reliable at this point in time…the truth is no one really knows whats going on…i know we won’t be back this week…maybe not even next monday? it’s wait and see and that’s all we can do unfortunately.

  41. pass/fail

    for all of u biochem students..a note of an advice: make sure that u listen to the prof’s lectures cuz apparently all his tests and exams depend on them..he told me that himself..as for thermo pple..our wonderful thermo prof (wanna murder him) has uploaded the new chapters we’r suppose to read ahead..chapters 8 and 11 r ok but the equations r killing me..and chap 9 is making me want to pull my hair out!!! how does he expect us to do this by ourselves is beyond me especially since it seems that we won’t be spending much time on them!!

  42. Thinker

    @ anon

    well i have no other source except for the media and this website! so for me i’m taking everything as a wake up call to get ready to come back any moment! LOL… anyways whatever they decide.. they better don’t rush us up! phew!

  43. Saddi

    hey…so one of my profs emailed me and said:

    ” My sense is that the strike will be forced to arbitration and we will
    be back in class by mid to late January.
    My sense is that the strike will be forced to arbitration and we will
    be back in class by mid to late January.”

    Lets hope so 😛

  44. Thinker

    @ Yushky!

    yeah i know they aren;t 100% reliable but some info is better than no info! coz i don;t think star’s info will be all that skewed and besides the article only states when they’ll be meeting! so nothing like omg classes begin tomorrow sorts! so i guess i can rely on them for these bits!

  45. Yushky

    as far as good sites for info..i’d go with this one and yorku and maybe the cupe site but thats it…although cp24 news did clear up that queens park will apparently not enact btw legislation

  46. Clueless

    Those are the only sources I trust! Do you think we will get an update around 11???

  47. Yushky

    cp24 news just talked live with the rousseau girl the cupe leader or whatever on the phone… she says talks are done for the night but are continuing tomorrow morning

  48. Health care?




    how communist is this union, jesus christ.

  49. Andrew

    Why do you think they are against neo-liberalism? lol Communist ideology for the win!!

  50. YorkStudent

    If this strike continues till the end of January or lets say.. beginning of February, will the faculties start offering the “pass/fail” option?

  51. Undergrad 2

    Here is the Global News coverage from today at 6 pm…

    I’ll put up Lyndon’s interview and City TV coverage tomorrow am.

  52. ChewMeBabe

    I love spaghetti

  53. biochemstudent

    to scared: chapter 8 is for thermodynamics

    to pass/fail: for biol2020, i learned the mistake of doing the questions at the back of the book from the first test. such a waste of time. i just ended up reading his lecture notes for the first two tests and i was fine. and for chem2011, well that’s another story. i never struggled so much for a B. now with this strike, i want the pass/fail option for that class because i don’t care anymore.

  54. Mr.X


    not as much as lasagna!!! ^^

  55. Anyone here taking Accounting (Admin Studies) and is not in first year?

  56. annonymous

    Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism training ????


    i hope they don’t expect anyone to take them seriously.

    by the way this site is my main source of info regarding the strike, it truly is amazing to have this, thank you so much

  57. Cupe Doll

    @tester: “I know the undergrads are suffering, but would like to hear the hardships of the strikers…”

    Wish I could help you out, tester — but I haven’t spoken with other 3903 members about personal hardship. I can only tell you I’ve heard from 3 unit2s and 2 unit1s that they were searching for work — and would probably not be returning to York.

    No doubt there’s far more than the few I’ve heard. The consequences of this fiasco will be dire for all students, contract faculty and York itself — in terms of both reputation and enrollment.

    Makes me pretty angry how my loco local will cost my job. A job I’m *good* at. A job I chose to do instead of chasing top dollars and maximum frills. But this is too much crap. Being contract faculty in 3903 is like being in the bowels of the labour movement while labouring in bowel movements.

  58. j

    @ Cupe Doll

    This is a really random question, but something I’ve just wondered about.

    You’ve said in previous posts that you don’t necessarily want to “out” yourself, etc. But isn’t your avatar a picture of yourself? haha.

  59. Cupe Doll


    I’ve been asked this before. It isn’t. I think Yorkstrike put it there randomly.

  60. j

    haha, okay – makes much more sense!

    Thank you for all your updates 🙂

  61. Dark Knight

    Great. Just great!
    Anyone know if we’ll be getting our money back for a wasted friggen school year?

  62. scared

    yea i agree abt the lecture notes for biol 2020

    i remember him saying in the very first lecture that the hardest part of this course…and the longest is metabolism…we havent even started i dont know how we can possibly finish it in 2.5 weeks……..IM SCARED 😦

  63. ss

    Yea probably on febuary 31st at never o’clock. Lol sorry I’m just bitter

  64. Ken

    I gotta tell ya
    That strike provided me with sometime to catch up with TV shows
    I’m loving That 70’s Show!
    Go get some TV shows and watch it; It is fun 😀

  65. Accounting Student

    @ Vino

    Hey, I’m an admin studies accounting student, 4th year. Anything I can help you with?

  66. Commuter

    @ Cupe Doll

    Who is it even a picture of? lol

  67. Commuter

    “Being contract faculty in 3903 is like being in the bowels of the labour movement while labouring in bowel movements.”

    Haha love it Cupe Doll. Actually made me laugh out loud.

  68. juliette

    @ Ken

    I totally agree with you regarding tv, but the strike also allowed me to catch up on a lot of needed sleep

  69. myself

    why are the first two comments automatically assuming that we’re going back to school next week?

  70. Cupe Doll

    All because of the back to work legislation “leak” — we are flipping right out in 3903. Get this — we’re supposed to shout out at every exposed media source (like @ this forum) how great bargaining’s going. That way, maybe the Liberals will hesitate legislating us back to work long enough for us to finally capitulate York.

    Except bargaining’s not going well at all. Right? After demanding everything impossible and refusing to bargain, it’s too hard for us to just bargain reasonably realistically. Too much like admitting we in 3903 have been complete idiots all along. And we can’t do that. We can’t admit any such thing.

    We’re too ideologically committed to conceive how wrong we’ve been. That’s why we keep thinking there must be some mistake. Sure — the “leak” is from a trusted NDP source. But maybe our source was misled? Like, why would the Liberals risk going to war with the Canadian labour movement over our cute little 3903 local?

    We’re too ideologically committed to even conceive other possibilities. Like that however little, our 3903 local is anything but cute. Since it’s done so much damage to innocent students and has become so despicable in public hearts, eyes and minds — the Liberals have got no choice but give us the severe spanking we so richly and self-indulgently deserve.

    Spanking our little local does not entail going to war with the Canadian labour movement. But there’s nothing small about how despicably we’ve behaved.

    And here’s another possibility we can’t conceive. On account how ideological our thinking is. And that’s too bad — cause this possibility really is hilarious.

    Maybe the rumour concerning pending back to work legislation is indeed false. But not because our trusted NDP source got mislead. Nope. Rather, because the NDP is now ready to throw us under the next bus. Because the NDP is just sick of us. Us in 3903 ruining this academic year at York and causing so much harm and damage, acting so despicably as to bring the entire Canadian labour movement into excessive disrepute.

    The NDP doesn’t need any headlines agreeing to legislate us back to work. All it needs to do is feed us the rumour about back to work legislation. Regardless if true or false — that rumour’s got us flipping right out in 3903. That’s a fact.

  71. stoopid student

    I’m screwed.I have not studied at all this entire two month period..why try to move ahead at a rapid pace when majority of certain course material needs clarification from profs and the same lazy bastard TA’s who make my life hell at the picket lines on the rare occasions i head to campus, my brain is scrambled..NULL motivation to do anything except work and try to save for the summer months i will be losing..
    True Joke ?? I was at york for the entire period of the first strike…the gods are trying to tell me to just quit the idea of post secondary education..talk about a trying time, damn skippy it is….. a.k.a the “Job” Syndrome (biblical reference)..this is going to be one helluva year.

  72. wow

    wow…this is amazing 😥
    what a university…
    geeezzz i wantt to study ….!!!!

  73. ahhhh

    So CupeDoll… what I got out of your last post is that the strike will end soon because CUPE 3903 members are worried. Is that right? CUPE 3903 members are worried because a “trustworthy” NDP person leaked the news about back to work legislation possibly being passed soon. So if that is the case.. when do you think we will be going back to school at the earliest rate?!

    By the way.. this is just my opinon and I don’t mean any harm. Many people I know enjoy reading your posts because we all appreciate the news you bring to us. But do you mind cutting it short? I am sure you know what I mean. You are a TA. Get to the point and stop telling the whole story. (e.g. when you started talking about how CUPE misbehaved and needs a “spanking”…that’s just playing with your words) Often after reading your posts.. I am more confused than satisfied. I personally believe that it is unnecessary, but then again, thats just my opinon.

    Nonetheless, I still really appreciate your posts and thank you in advance!!~

  74. Ernie

    cupe are one of the most inconsiderate bunch of pple ever! I don’t see why the cupe group can’t be disbanded and employ each one of you seperately.
    I can see having a union at times can give rise to bullshit. I just want to get back to my studies amd u greedy guys are not helping matters. Pretty sure not all of you wanted this strike to drag as long as it already has. I hope this bill gets passed quickly so you guys get your acts together.

  75. Confused and Exasperated

    I know it’s a recession and there are lots of layoffs and all… but York and Cupe really didn’t have to go and fire their frontal lobes.

    This strike, and at times this forum (when a couple of CUPE members and CUPE Doll wind up talking to each other) seem to have denigrated into the dogmatic tantrums of my ‘intellectual superiors’.

  76. @ Accounting Student

    Thanks for answering. My question would be..how much different is 3rd and 4th year compared to 1st and 2nd. I hear the first two years are practically identical, and that you pretty much just take elective courses.

  77. Flying J

    CUPE doll’s posts are the only ones worth reading in this entire forum. Stop asking him/her to rant, because those rants are the only thing that is entertaining about this strike. I like getting the low-down from a rogue union member disgusted with the childish antics that CUPE 3903 has demonstrated through this entire labour dispute. It’s even more entertaining when other union members try to debate CUPE doll’s posts and deny their ulterior motives. Thanks for the good work, CUPE. Personally, I think you are a guy based on your prose. You write like a guy, just as Pally Wally writes as a feminist deeply entrenched in post-modernism. I choose not to elaborate any further. Too much work to get done this week in order to get caught up.

  78. D

    I personally love Cupe Doll’s posts, they are a fantastic read. Very entertaining, whimsical, and at the same time insightful…. don’t change a thing Cupe Doll:D

  79. disaffected yufite

    Indeed, many thanks to CUPE Doll for posting such insightful and informative messages! One of the main reasons I regularly check this forum.

  80. Guess Who

    ^ LMFAO.

  81. Guess Who

    I was pointing at shoelickstudent

  82. Woot

    I dont think thats the acutal Cupe Doll, the actual Cupe Doll has a picture !

  83. @shoelickstudent:


  84. F-Ed Up

    lol for real x10 at Flying J

    I find it great that you include “I think you are a guy based on your prose” in your compliments to CUPE Doll. Because otherwise she’d just be a raving hysterical bitch.

    (Deep, deep sarcasm. But thanks for the laugh.)

  85. Cupe Doll


    Nope, wasn’t me. Guess that picture does have some use…

    @Flying J: “Personally, I think you are a guy based on your prose. You write like a guy…”

    Lol. I work so very hard at writing like a real guy. Like a real man, even.

  86. Accounting Student

    @ Vino

    They are quite different in the sense that you mentionned. By 3rd and 4th, you don’t really have any electives left if you plan on pursuing the CA designation. If you look at the checklist of courses required for the accouting prog at atkinson on the atkinson site, you’ll see that in 3rd year, you have to take finance, tax, two intermediate accounting courses and so on. In 4th year, you’ve got two tax courses, two advanced accountings and a few others. It’s a good program though, good luck!

  87. Mike Oxbig

    so whats happening now?

    any school this week?

  88. @ Mike Oxbig:

    How long is a piece of string?

    …I don’t know.

  89. A

    Day three of talks at York U to end strike

    TORONTO – Talks are to resume, Monday, in yet another attempt to end the now two-month long strike at York University.

    It’s day three of the negotiations with the help of a mediator.

    The talks are scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

    Fifty-thousand students have been shut out of their classes since November 6 of last year, when 3,400 part-time teaching assistants and contract faculty walked off the job.

    The two sides returned to the negotiating table Saturday for their third attempt at reaching a deal since the strike began.

  90. Glisten

    @ Mike Oxbig:

    School tomorrow. Haven’t you been paying attention?

  91. j

    Once again, I have a question completely off topic and self fulfilling.

    Does anyone know what happened with the summer semesters back in 2000/2001?

    Personally, I need to be able to take some summer courses – and I figured if they were scrapped in 00/01 they will likely be scrapped this time around, and if they went on.. well then I have some hope.

  92. jan

    hey just to comment on the pass/fail option, the real proof is on the university website as an update. They are offering the pass-fail thing, but they make this big show of cautioning everyone against it blah blah blah…i’ll try to find the link for it and post it.

  93. j

    @ yorkstrike 2008

    could you please remove Poli Sci Students post.

    it is NOT an update.. its a link to porn.

  94. jan


    check that out, under the “changes to academic regulations” heading, it has the pass/fail details.

  95. mature student

    Does anybody know what was the final result for the CP24 poll?

    … just curiosity

  96. p-ed off

    Poll Result

    Should the provincial government step in to force binding arbitration and end the York strike?

    Yes, they should (59 %) 4871 votes
    No, they shouldn’t (38 %) 3098 votes
    Maybe (3 %) 256 votes


  97. mature student

    @ p-ed off

    thank you!

    I don’t think it is going to be of any help, but it is good to know what is the opinion of the majority.

    They should pass a BTW legislation. I don’t know of any other country of the world where a strike can last so long. I should say … a developed one.

  98. Tropic

    @mature student,
    Strikes usually dont last this long in any undeveloped part of the world. Most people in those areas cant afford to go on strike for this long.

  99. mature student

    So that leaves Canada or let’s say Ontario – I don’t know about other provinces – alone in the absurd.

  100. yorkstrike2008

    “They should pass a BTW legislation. I don’t know of any other country of the world where a strike can last so long. I should say … a developed one.”

    It bugs me when people make uninformed comments like that. Many “undeveloped” parts of the world (if we can even use such ignorant terminology) have much more sophisticated educational systems than Canada has. Mexico and China for example produce some of the most intelligent minds in Science and Technology, while India and Bangladesh are consistently on the forefront of social sciences and the humanities. There are very rarely labour disruptions there.

    “Developed” is not a synonym for “orderly” or “sophisticated”.

  101. mature student

    I intentionally said “develop” because all the countries that I know are Europeans and North Americans, those actually are develop countries, maybe not so elderly (for sure in some cases) or sophisticated. Because I don’t have any knowledge about the rest, that what I said “develop”, for not mentioning all the countries I was referring.

    But I am sorry if I made an uninformed comment. This will be my last one.

  102. JMac

    When you are asking yourself how this CUPE group can afford to stay on strike for so long, consider that once the strike is over these TAs will likely get paid the same amount, or close to it, that they would have if there hadn’t been a strike at all. That is of course provided that the semester isn’t lost.

    And don’t forget the strike pay they have been collecting for the last 2 months for picketing and reading and commenting on blogs and news sources.

  103. Worried

    Does anyone have any updates on how the bargaining meeting is going today? I know yesterday we had a few posts about what they resolved but nothing has come through today 😦

  104. baby monkeys

    What the heck went down in the meeting today?

  105. pissed off commuter

    anybody know what’s going on with the parking passes?

    F*uck CUPE

  106. Suzy

    Do you already have a parking pass?

  107. @ Accounting Student

    Thanks. What elective courses did you take in 1st and 2nd year?..I took Humanities (9 credit) and now I’m regretting it because its not my kind of course.

  108. Pingback: Top Posts « WordPress.com

  109. pissed off commuter

    Suzy: I bought a full year pass back in September.

  110. js

    @ pissed off commuter

    I also bought a full year pass in Sept. I was worried about the same thing as you. I emailed the parking dept. and was told that the permit would be extended till the end of classes.

  111. Confused Student

    Hey everyone…was just looking at this site…and it says we’ll be back in class on thursday?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    wats really going on here?????????????

  112. Confused Student

    sorry wrong link…here is the correct one..


  113. Pally Wally

    That web address is obviously not the CUPE’s. That page 404’d for me earlier today, so I imagine someone might have been trying to graffiti it.

  114. Pally Wally

    by that page i mean the real one

  115. Yorkie

    Fake, fake and more fake. Try typing in the original address and see what you get, lol.


  116. Sam L

    Next is CUPE gonna ask all Israeli students to wear a yellow star so that we know who they are?

    I can’t believe an idea like this was even proposed.

  117. Joe

    haha… yeah I was just about to post about the national too. wholie. glad its not real.

    it really got me going though.

  118. Yorkie


    Ah, so this one’s a fake too?

  119. Tom

    No Yorkie – that one’s real, and that one’s disgusting.

  120. Bob

    Apparently president mamdouh shoukri and ex president lorna marsden of York university will be performing a duet together once the strike is over called “we hate that we need you cupe”

  121. ShaunnyB

    The Israel article is absolutely disgusting. My own personal views aside, the fact that these assholes have been campaigning for weeks and weeks to stand up for justice and rectitude, and then they turn around and commit such a blatant act of discrimination? It’s REALLY tempting at this point to start fighting back

  122. Confused and Exasperated

    Guess they do need that race and sexual orientation after all… I hardly think it’s necessary to even support Israel to respect that there is distinction between the Academic and Military sides of a culture.

  123. Accounting Student

    @ Vino,
    I took a number of econ and psych courses through faculty of arts. Agreed, though, I disliked my humanities course as well, but that was a required course…I didn’t take it voluntarily! Good luck!
    (Sorry to those who only want strike information and are reading this)

  124. Accounting Student

    Wow, and I just read that article and am appauled.

  125. F-Ed Up

    Even their original boycott back in 2006 (when I was still a member) made me extremely nervous. I am so very happy that I’m no longer part of this union!

    On a fun note:
    “However, Mr. Ryan said the resolution was a reasonable response to Israel’s attack on the Islamic University, which he likened to the torching of books by Nazis during the Second World War.”

    The irony (?) of this statement made me lol.

  126. sad

    After reading the national post article i sent an email out to one of the woman featured in the article. Does anyone know Sid Ryans email? Also, the article has left me feeling sick to my stomach and disgusted. We live in a country that embraces equality and freedoms and for them to want to take them away is disgusting. If they take the Israeli academics away, why not take away other religions/ races rights to Academic activities at school. They are no better then Hitler, and what they are doing is the root of hatred towards Israel and the Jewish community. I was not aware that there was so much anti- semitism present in Ontario, but now i know. These people better get ready for a large backlash from supporters of the Israel/ Jewish community, and even from people who know its just plain wrong. They wont know what hit them when the time comes, and i guarantee they wont like it. I just cant stress enough how wrong this is, in this day and time to do what they are doing. We all need to rise above it and show our support.

  127. ss

    I am really confused. Does someone mind clarifying…are they really proposing to ban Israeli professors or academics in Ontario?

  128. sad


    Well they are threatening it, they have a meeting Feb 9th or something to discuss it. I am pretty sure it has already taken place in Britain. here is the website again take a look at it…


    Also if everyone feels as strongly as i do about this little “ban” and wants to complain please send an email to cupe! and attention it to sid ryan. this has to stop!!!

  129. Tom

    Is it just me or is this union (or at least its leaders) radical in every possible way?

  130. ss

    Whats going on in Gaza both saddens and sickens me…and I pray for those people everyday, but banning Israeli academics…is crazy…if we allow this then what other freedoms can they ban?

  131. Tom

    It’s quite sickening on both sides, I agree. You should note, by the way, that pre-Enlightenment Europe and pre-war Germany did exactly what CUPE is proposing here before exterminating Jews. This is really, really disgusting.

  132. sad

    its not what is only going on in gaza, but israel as well. for years gaza has been bombing israel (sderot, gadera etc) and finally they are retaliating against the terrorist organization hamas. Any life lost is tragic. and i agree with TOM, what cupe is trying to do right now is incredibly reminiscent of the holocaust… whats next in this world we live in.

  133. ss

    well ACTUALLY Israeli’s are occupying Gaza and they have been doing so for two years. If the palestinians are retaliating its because of the endless road blocks and terrorizing of innocent civilians…also the fact that Israel is “conquering” palestinian neighbourhoods…making thousands of people homeless. Please remember that the Israeli army (the 4th strongest army in the world) and terrorist groups like Hamas only exist because of those reasons.

  134. Davey

    Please stop your anti-semitic gibberish. There are two sides to every dispute.(being a university student you should know that!) Banning Israeli profs is completely asinine, and very offensive both to Jewish students at the school and democracy in general.

  135. sad

    Israel is not purposely attacking and terrorizing citizens as you say. They give out warning for civilians to leave before they bomb a place. And i know how strong the Israeli army is, but how long did you want them to wait around and watch the Palestinians bomb Israeli cities without retaliating. They are protecting their citizens just as much as the Palestinians should be. What about all the Israeli citizens who have been killed in suicide bombing? Israel is not targeting citizens, they are targeting hamas, and the places that they know hamas supports.

  136. Helena

    Wait… wasn’t CUPE demanding ANTI-discrimination/racism/etc. training as part of this whole deal?

    Just how deep a hole do they want to bury themselves in?

  137. ss

    Davey im not writing anything anti semetic if you scroll up i said that banning Israeli academics is terrible. Are you just reading the last posts? If so please scroll up. and the minute someone tries to ACTUALLY show both sides of the dispute you call them anti semetic. please tell me how that works again?

  138. sad

    I feel for any life lost, whether it be palestinian or israeli, but before blaming the Israeli’s you need to look at the other side and maybe research the past few years, and the bombings in Israel.


    @ Davey

    its true, its offensive to every citizen of canada. Canada is a country that prides itself on freedom of speech etc. and now they want to take that away from thousands of students is horrific and disgusting.

  139. Davey

    Anyone who defends a terrorist organization as a necessary result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is either:
    b)completely ignorant

  140. ss

    Sad. I have a good friend who is Canadian and served in the Israeli army for 2.5 years. what you are saying is a lot of propaganda that north american media has warped. If you actually go to Israel and read some of their local news papers you will see what is really going on. Like I said my friend told me a lot of scary and disguisting things and that is why I wrote what I wrote. I know that hamas is a terrorist group I have never doubted that for a second but like I said hamas and others like it are formed for a reason. also the amount of palestinians that die on a daily basis dont even make it to the news half of the time. One must always question something before believing it blindly.

  141. ss

    LOL i did not defend a terrorist organization. Are you reading what you want to see or what I am actually writing down. I am sorry to say but I think it is you who is ignorant. There are many arabs and Israeli’s living peacefully together in Israel, what I am merely trying to point out is both sides of the story. I am talking about the innocent civilians who are dying everyday not about HAMAS or whoever you think I am talking about.

  142. sad

    @ SS

    Has it ever occurred to you that i lived in Israel for 9 months? No, probably not. Have you ever even been to Israel? I also have two very good friends from the US who are in the Israeli army right now fighting in the ground war. Also i have a lot of family in israel as well, i know what is going on there and im not spewing out propaganda, it seems that you are. A lot of the news stations are very pro Palestinian and do not show much of Israel, or the amount of people killed over there. Like i said, go back in time a few years and research the amount of qassam rockets that Palestinians have shot into Israel over the last few years. It sounds as if you are a bit pro palestinian to me, but dont question my knowledge of Israel. I know what is going on there, and I know the army is strong and i sure as hell know that they are retaliating from years of bombs.

  143. sad

    and ss,
    you seem to be ignoring my point of how israel sends warning to the Palestinian areas with civilians before they bomb, and no, i dont mean a warning of 15 seconds unlike Palestinians. I mean an actually warning. They are aiming for Hamas and areas that Hamas inhabit, not civilians.

  144. Davey

    I absolutely believe that both sides are culpable in this conflict!
    The only thing warped is your logic. I think you have been watching too many Michael Moore docs. You weren’t questioning anything. You were deducing a conclusion using totally biased logic.

  145. TT

    @ Davey,
    First of all, SS mentioned previously that they did not agree with banning Israeli profs and how destructive this action would be to our democratic principles (you can look it up right ahead of your comment and some others 🙂 )
    Second, it is absoltely evident that there are evils on both sides, as both parties have undertaken vicious actions. ‘
    Saying that, I do not understand how ANYONE who contains any sense of human decency can actually make excuses for ANY civilian deaths, whether Palestinian or Israeli. Is it fair to watch a Palestinian child dying on the street and then claiming that this is only a result of the evil actions of Hamas who choose to hide behind the civilians? So then, because Israeli lives are being sacrificed and taken (and viciously and wrongly so), it is then a fair token to sacrifice the life of innocent civilians and children in order to attempt retaliation?
    The point is, there are arguments that can be made for both sides, rooting from historical conflicts and abuses to modern day mistreatment and terrorist actions. Each side can make a case. Each side has reasons. Each side continues to sacrifice their civilians for the sake of their cases and reasons.
    At the same time, I am neither Israeli or Palestinian, so I can comprehend the nationalist tie and therefore bias that comes with a conflict such as this….I guess it is too idealist to hope for unification at least among us here….

    “when the love for peace can overcome the love for power, the world will know peace”

  146. ss

    Can you explain then why there are over 500 palestinian civilians killed since dec 27 and over 2000 wounded…if this is such a fair “war”. why are there innocent children being killed? I dont understand the justification. If you are the 4th strongest military power in the world? When you OCCUPY somewhere you cant call it defending yourself…
    Im laughing out loud right now because I am not against Israeli’s or Jewish people at all. I am against the army and the government who are systematically killing innocent people and calling it “defense”. I am really confused as to why you need a tank to defend yourself from teenagers with rocks.

  147. sad

    this is the problem with war, its retaliation. People are killed, and others retaliate. It is not fair, nor is it nice, but it is life and it happens all around the world. I am not condemning war, nor am i condemning lives lost. But what i am saying is that israel does not purposely kill civilians, it is regretful that children are dying in Gaza, it is also sad how many children have died in Israel due to bombs.

  148. ss

    btw Sad I wasnt ignoring you (and this is the last thing I am going to say about this topic) but when you give people warnings and then set up road blocks at every border of almost every village/city and then not let anyone through even if they have their valid papers…how do you expect them to flee.. and to where?

    Anyways I am sorry if I have offended you…but like TT said there are two sides to every story.

  149. Davey

    “well ACTUALLY Israeli’s are occupying Gaza and they have been doing so for two years. If the palestinians are retaliating its because of the endless road blocks and terrorizing of innocent civilians…also the fact that Israel is “conquering” palestinian neighbourhoods…making thousands of people homeless. Please remember that the Israeli army (the 4th strongest army in the world) and terrorist groups like Hamas only exist because of those reasons.”
    Hmm… was I wrong to surmise that this quote is slightly biased in one direction? Give me a break.

  150. sad

    @ ss,

    Once again your not listening to me. Israel is not purposely killing Palestinians, you are watching far too much news. And dont kid yourself Gaza is not just full of teenagers throwing rocks, they have rockets and guns as well. Your facts are solely based on the news. I guess we live in a society where we rely on the news to make an argument. Israel is defending themselves and their people, as they should, and as they have a right to do. I understand how strong the army is, but they can not just sit back and watch gaza bomb the hell out of them over some time. They retaliated, lives were lost on both sides. The Israeli army are not monsters or beasts, they are protecting a state that very well could be destroyed, and with the destruction of the state of Israel comes the destruction of the Jewish people

  151. ss

    its not biased its the truth given to me first hand BY an ISRAELI soldier. And again it is true that groups like Hamas do exist for those reasons…for the same reason it is mandatory for Israeli citizens to join the army. I guess everyone has THEIR REASONS?

  152. Davey

    Why don’t you present the two sides to the story instead of producing pro-Palestinian propaganda?
    Sure, you opposed banning Israeli profs. (as any educated person should!) Why then did you feel the need to continue an uniformed diatribe?

  153. sad

    I think your friend in the army has a warped sense of the war. I have many friends in the army, and like i said a couple who are in gaza as we speak… and they dont say half the stuff that is coming out of your mouth. I dont think you know much about Israel, you should probably take a trip down there and experience first hand the life of an Israeli. They are wonderful kind hearted people who would not hurt a fly unless they truly had to.

  154. ss

    hold everything else you said for once second….

    “with the destruction of the state of Israel comes the destruction of the Jewish people”

    thats BULL!! You guys just recently formed the state of Israel…and trust me I think after all that the Jewish people have been through they are a little tougher then that.

    anyways I am not getting my info from the news actually. I dont watch the news at all when they talk about whats going on in g Gaza except for the death toll…you keep ignoring the fact that my friend was a soldier.
    anyways. Please stop…this is YORK STRIKE…lets stick to the real topic.

  155. Davey

    “for the same reason it is mandatory for Israeli citizens to join the army.”
    It is mandatory for people in many other countries to join the army! (the ever menacing Norway being one!)
    Nice going.

  156. ss

    warped sense of war sounds like an oxy moron. Is war anything but warped? On the both sides I mean.

  157. sad

    this page is for topics due to education. and this stemmed from the fact that cupe is attempting to ban all israeli academics. So truthfully, i have every right to discuss what is going on, as it has to do with this new legislation. And yes with the destruction of Israel comes the destruction of the jewish people. i think you are misinterpreting what that means. I am not saying they will disappear as a whole, but what i am saying is it will start the beginning of a whole new era of Jews, ones that have not ever been able to experience Israel and all that is has to offer. It would be a new generation, maybe they would be stronger, but a world without Israel, the only Jewish state, would be something terrible in my eyes.

  158. sad

    and i am in no way ignoring anything about your friend, in fact i brought it up twice already addressing the fact that i too have friends in the army.

  159. ss

    Ok let me clarify my point in the first place. I abhor terrorists who kill innocent Israeli citizens in order to achieve their goals. However, I am also critical of the Israeli government for its tactics in confronting terrorism and for the forced ghetto-ization(?) of the Palestinian people. Both of these groups of people have knowingly killed innocent civilians in order to achieve political objectives. PERIOD.
    the reason why I kept backing the palestinian argument is because you and davey are both looking at it from one point of view. which is why I said the things I did.
    But dont call me anti-semetic because I keep my mind open to all possibilities.

  160. Davey

    Okay. I’m done arguing. Peace and love. Let’s worry about getting back to school.

  161. ss

    Peace to the middle east lol

  162. sad

    and like i said. the Palestinians do not care who they bomb unlike Israel who does not purposely bomb civilians. I do not think you are understanding the fact that Israel is targeting Hamas, which is all over gaza. Unfortunately as i said, civilians either hide Hamas, or do not listen to the warnings to evacuate. Forced “ghetto- ization” does not even make sense, this is not the holocaust we are talking about. this is war, and I am sure if the situation was turned around the Gaza was bombing the crap out of israel, you would not be saying what you are saying right now. Yes Israel’s army is strong, yes i support Israel, openly… because they are in the right in this situation, they are not a terrorist nation. Like i said, go visit Israel, maybe then your opinion will change.

  163. sad

    agreed, this is done. the debate is over. back to school.

  164. ss

    I think instead of me going to visit Israel, you should instead go to palestine…how about you see how far and how real the gettoization of these people are. for you to say that Israeli’s do not purposely bomb civilians is a joke. YES THEY DO. and so do palestinians. they do it to each other. for you to say that Israel is right in this situation just shows how ignorant you are. how about you go look up the definition of a terrorist hunnie. Because terrorism doesnt mean you are muslim or arab. Israeli’s HAVE INDEED terrorized palestinians…and if you dont believe me or my Israeli friend then you should like i said go visit those places.

  165. Pally Wally

    This really has nothing to do with the strike, aside from the fact that the Local happens to be a CUPE union.

    The bombing of the University is horrific, and a crime against academics everywhere. I don’t understand why anyone would suggest otherwise; however, I’m uncomfortable with the politics at play here.

    Are we to ban American or British academics because of the “preemptive” war in Iraq carried out under similar rationale? I don’t see much difference between the cases (but again, I’m not ME scholar – so feel free to enlighten me) my question is, if CUPE/SidRyan aren’t going to condemn the war in Iraq and academics that support(ed) it, what gives them the right to pick and choose who gets vilified?

  166. Wow

    I think Sad is living in another world if she thinks that there is a “right” in that situation.

  167. Tropic

    Even if this resolution banning Israeli professors does not get passed, just its mere existence raises serious issues about CUPE that I dont think we can ignore.

    What exactly is CUPE (for all practical intents and purposes)? Is it only just a labour union?

    How much power does CUPE have in universities to further their interests? Can they go about making resolutions (such as this one) that are against the spirit of academics and hope to impose it on us.

    Why is CUPE bringing divisive politics into the univeristy? Who holds CUPE accountable for its actions?

  168. sad

    i never once blatantly said their is a right or wrong. in fact through out this whole thing i have said that i feel for any life lost. and it saddens me whoever is killed whether they are Palestinian or Israeli. and as i said before, war is war, there is no right and there is no wrong, im saying the facts on israel and im giving my own opinion. as you are as well. You can believe what you want about Israel, just as I will too. I think we need to leave it as it is what it is, you believe what you believe and i will too. Through it i will still stand with israel. and for you “WOW” im not living in another world, im saddened by any war anywhere, im saddened by deaths etc. And I am aloud to stand up for what i believe in

  169. sad

    @ Pally Wally

    I liked your point, What gives cupe/ sid ryan the right to pick and choose. There are many wars and problems through out the world why are they just punishing one. To me, this all seems quite holocaust- esque. Truthfully, whoever this was happening to it would seem very holocaust esque. like i said before in a country that glorifies freedom and speech and prides itself on multi culturalism/ diversity…. some people are quick to take it all away

  170. sad

    i think we have all seen cupes true colors come out from this strike and from these recent articles in the national post. If they can want to ban all israeli academics in ontario, really… what else can they do, i think cupe has gone too far. I think this strike is ridiculous and i think the people who run cupe are over the top and ridiculous as well. I wouldnt be surprised to see how many people get up and leave ontario schools due to this problem.

  171. Pally Wally


    I agree – it isn’t up to a labour union to put restrictions on intellectual freedoms of speech and thought. If we don’t accept people we disagree with openly, how can we ever change their minds (or perhaps even, come to understand that they might actually be right)?

  172. Wow

    you never once blatantly said there is a right or wrong….? ok then:

    “Yes Israel’s army is strong, yes i support Israel, openly… because they are in the right in this situation, they are not a terrorist nation.”

    Umm YA you did. People like you are the reason why there are wars like this. you say you are “im saddened by deaths etc.” (ETC?)…
    I dont believe you are…if so you wouldnt think there was a right or wrong…

  173. Bobert

    I don’t know where you get your facts but Israel is the 23rd largest army in the world (by active troops: 187,000) 11th in number of reserve troops (485,000), that’s about 20th in the world by total number of troops (584,050) and 20th in military expenditures (9.44 Billion).

    As for why groups like Hamas exist, part of it is because of Israeli policies but a country does have a right to defend itself. Don’t tell me you don’t realize Hama’s has the unfortunate habit of hiding in civilian neighborhoods, and their difficulty in distinguishing between government-army-and civilians.

    Whats worse is the sad fact that groups like Hamas prey on the ignorant impoverished people of Palestine, they’re funded by countries like Syria and Iran among other donors who’s only interest is to increase their own influence in the region. In turn Hamas “educates” these people and convinces hundreds to use themselves as human shields with the promises of great rewards in the afterlife.

    Meanwhile the people who head this very organization people who preaches this value of fighting for Palestinian Muslims (because who cares about these minority Christians and Jewish people its not like the land holds any importance to them) the so called “leaders” : Khaled Mashaal , Ismail Haniyah, and Mahmoud Zahar they’re hiding they don’t take a second to think about peace because their only reason for existence is to get rid of their enemy.

    Of course I am not saying Israel is any better at this, past governments have ranged from Hard Line military intervention, to rapprochement and at some point they’ve all fallen apart. But you trying to tell us one is worse than the other doesn’t help, because they’re both idiots

  174. Davey

    “Are we to ban American or British academics because of the “preemptive” war in Iraq carried out under similar rationale? I don’t see much difference between the cases (but again, I’m not ME scholar – so feel free to enlighten me) my question is, if CUPE/SidRyan aren’t going to condemn the war in Iraq and academics that support(ed) it, what gives them the right to pick and choose who gets vilified?”
    Took the words right out of my mouth! What about Russian profs because of the attack on Georgia!

  175. I understand this is a sensitive topic and, although I readily admit I’m biased (as other people on this forum are – despite how much that believe themselves to be “neutral”), I hope I don’t come off as trying to attack anyone. But I’d like to make a few points.

    Firstly, CUPE is not asking that the Israeli academics be banned because they’re Jews. The article makes it clear that their opinion on the current war on Gaza and the bombing of the University is the issue. Also, as someone else pointed out, this is nothing new. A large majority of British academics proposed the same thing last year due to, what they felt, were apartheid policies in Israel. I`m not saying any of this out of agreement, but I think comparisons to Nazi Germany are inappropriate.

    Secondly, Hamas didn’t start “bombing” Israel for no reason at all. Israel, despite the ceasefire agreement, kept it’s blockade of humanitarian aid of food and medical supplies going to Gaza months before this conflict. That’s not to say that justifies Hamas atacking civilians; I condemn the killing of civilians on both sides, but please don’t have a black and white view of this conflict. Refer here for a nice summary of events leading up to this conflict.

    Thirdly, more than 600 civilians in Gaza have died in a matter of days. It’s really hard to believe that Israel really cares about civilian life with such numbers (less than 1% of that number died in one year in Israel).

    Fourthly, criticism of Israeli policies does not equal anti-semitism. If that was the case, then criticizing Palestinians would also be anti-semitic since they`re Semites too.

    Fifthly, “Yes Israel’s army is strong, yes i support Israel, openly… because they are in the right in this situation”.

  176. sad

    I meant they are in the right with bombing hamas. not innocent civilians. the war is not right, no war is right… but when it comes to hamas, i support what israel does. believe what you want about me “wow” truth is you dont know me, or anything about me. I want peace just as much as the next person, but i do support a war against terror and hamas. I do not support war in general.

  177. saddi

    um bobert I didnt say anything about largest army actually. I said 4TH strongest you know why because they are fighter jets and tanks etc etc and yes they are. do your research 🙂 in that case then china has the biggest army but are they the strongest? NO America is and do you know why? Um because they have all the weapons….*sigh*

  178. Confused Student

    is it true that we will be back in class in 72hrs??..this is what i heard on global news..please confirm

  179. sad

    and like i said i will stand up for what i believe in but do not tell me its people like me who are the cause of war when you know nothing about me.

  180. Yorkie

    Wow, well can’t believe that’s actually happening. It doesn’t influence what I thik about the strike, but their politics there do scare me. Well, not horrbily, that bullcrap just won’t get passed, not gonna happen…

  181. sad

    @ Yorkie,

    It is scary that cupe thinks this way. And i really hope it does not get passed its inequality. If that is passed, it makes debates like this one not possible anymore.

  182. Yorkie

    @ Confused Student

    You can’t believe everything you hear on the news, nothing is official until you see it posted on the CUPE or the Yorku website. The decision would still have to be voted on. End of story.

  183. Yorkie

    If you do rely on the global news, they also said we wouldn’t be in school this week, period.

  184. Commuter

    The news was simply stating that WHEN THEY SETTLE it will take AT LEAST 72 hours to get back to class.

    They haven’t settled.

  185. annoyed

    will they ever settle!?!?!?!!?

  186. Yorkie

    Plus CUPE has the GMM this Thursday, so no way we’d be in school BY Thursday. IF they do have an appropriate offer on the table, then that’s when they would vote on it.

  187. Yorkie

    Just outta curiosity, how long can they realistically keep negociating? Like what was they longest they’ve ever negociated for in a strike?

  188. Yorkie

    I have another question.

    If ay of you have looked at the york strike facebook site, Jeremy Slater (York staff member I think) made this post:

    “I was looking at the date for when we believe will be the earliest day for class, January 21. The required time to lose the semester is 12 weeks and we are only in week 7 of the strike.”

    Anyone, Cupe Doll, are you able to confirm this?

  189. B

    In regards the the media circulated 72hours till resumption of classes notice, York has already addressed this and stated that what the media is saying is false.

    Negotiations continuing: a reminder and a correction to media reports

    TORONTO, January 4, 2009 — York University wishes to emphasize that it will not be commenting on the progress of negotiations between the University and CUPE 3903 while these negotiations are taking place.

    The reason for this is to protect the integrity of the negotiations process which is complex, delicate and highly iterative. It is not helpful to the negotiations process for details of the ongoing discussions to be published while the two parties are at the table.

    Secondly, contrary to recent media reports, any resumption of classes is governed by the University Senate and classes cannot resume until after a tentative settlement has been ratified by the Union’s general membership.

    Students should verify any media or blog speculation by checking http://www.yorku.ca. Details regarding Senate Executive academic remediation plans can be found at http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/Strike2008/Bulletin%206%20UPDATED.pdf.

  190. B

    …and the Senate has said once a settlement has been ratified, 24 HOURS notice.

  191. Yorkie

    And that ratification has to be made public first. So until then, we don’t know, I guess…

  192. Soraya

    I’m going to York tomorrow to finish writing my essay so that I stop freaking out about it. Wish me luck.

  193. RR

    cupe website states bargining will be continuing tomorrow (wednesday the 7th)

  194. Bobert


    I was hoping to avoid a follow up to this little dialogue since I kind of sort of have a bit of experience in the field to talk about this stuff,

    but the top four based on actual firepower is : the United States, Russia, China, India, much further down the list you have North & South Korea (whom both BTW are armed to the teeth, because when you’re still technically at war you need to be ready just in case someone sneezes what with the giant line that cuts the length of your peninsula)

    Moving along you’ve got Egypt (which the U.S each year contributes roughly 35% to their military budget), Pakistan, Japan, Turkey (who just happens to be a NATO member) along with the rest of some of these NATO countries: France, Germany, U.K, Spain, Canada, and finally Sweden (which does come up slightly stronger than Israel, then again Conscription does help)

    Oh and lets not forget Iran (who did manage to fight an 8 year war, and is kind of sort of bothering the United States and the EU right now with their supposed ambition to build Nuclear Weapons) and Saudi Arabia I am sure they’ve both got enough oil money lying around to buy upgraded military hardware.

    alas I digress…

    good to know the bargaining continues I wonder if it will bear any fruit.

  195. Commuter

    @ B

    No, the media is not lying on this one. They are INCLUDING the time for a GMM, ratification vote, and notice to students. That would be 72 hours.

    York is saying 24 hours notice from the time the deal is RATIFIED.

    The media is saying 72 hours from the time a TENTATIVE agreement is reached.

    So both are right.

    Hope this clears that up.

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