Update: Negotiations Progress January 4th at 2:00 PM

Bargaining Update from January 4th

a) 2:00 PM
This morning the bargaining team talked to the employer about many of our priority items that are not necessarily monetary, but that we do not wish to see disappear as we focus on the large monetary items.

We reiterated that we considered it very important to get language to ensure that wage gains don’t result in higher taxable income with less non-taxable income.  There is already language for this in University of Toronto’s collective agreement, and we want it introduced to our collective agreement.  Here is the language for this proposal:

Letter of Agreement – Minimum Funding Packages that Exceed ‘Minimum
Guaranteed’ Amount in the Collective Agreement

The employer agrees that the negotiated wage increase shall not be
offset by a reduction in other funding (e.g. research assistantships,
scholarships) in graduate programmes where the minimum funding offered
to the member at the time of admission is beyond what has been
negotiated in the collective agreement.

Further, the administration agrees that any non-employment monies
(e.g. bursaries, the ‘GFA’ in article 10.12) which did not explicitly
form a part of the minimum guaranteed amount of funding in the letter
of admission to the graduate programme shall not be subsequently
calculated as a part of the minimum funding package.

We also pushed them on whistleblower protection seeing as this is very important in the context of increased private investment in the university sector.  The language:

NEW [Letter of Intent 12]
Whistleblower Protection
Whereas whistleblower protection ensures that research is carried out
in an ethical fashion, and that those involved in research are not
hindered from reporting findings (despite these findings potentially
having devastating effects on the financier of the project and on the
prestige and academic integrity of the University), the parties agree
that members of the bargaining unit and University Community members
may increasingly require this type of protection.  As a result, within
six (6) months of signing this agreement, the Employer agrees to form
an all-unions committee including equal representation from members of
YUFA, YUSA, CUPE 1356, CUPE 3903, and the Administration, as well as
delegates from the YFS and the GSA, to establish whistleblower
protection policies for researchers.

Note: Bargaining unit members reserve the right to use existing
grievance procedures.

On Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism training, they had previously stated through the mediator that the Centre for Human Rights, perhaps did not share the enthusiasm for this type of training.  Today it was clarified that the CHR would be excited about this type of training, but are not necessarily seeing it as essential for this to be done through the collective agreement.  We stated that we continued to want to see this type of training provided, did not consider it a major cost, and likened it to the TA training that occurs for foundational courses.  The language for this proposal:

The employer will fund yearly paid, anti-oppression and anti-racist
training for all employees in order that they be able to identify and
properly respond to work related oppressive and racist situations. The
definition, content and specific provision of the anti-oppression and
anti-racist training will be provided by the Centre for Human Rights
in conjunction with CUPE 3903.

We also discussed the state of the FGS bursary. Their position on the FGS bursary letter of intent is that is not within the realm  a) this is a fund outside of our collective agreements and b) because we are asking for a resumption of the 2005-2006 levels which were referred to as “high water mark” that cannot always be replicated.

Letter of Agreement – FGS Bursary
In recognition of the important role that the FGS Bursary plays in
funding CUPE members who face economic hardship, the university agrees
to maintain the FGS bursary at the highest historical level for all
graduate students This fund shall be indexed to membership growth year
over year on a going forward basis.

We also presented our letter of intent on class size that replaced our prior 3 class size proposals.  This letter is intended to deal with the merger taking place between Atkinson and Arts.  We also represented our concern for achieving proposals that would lower the maximum number of students in various tutorials and labs, reinforcing and locking in the status quo in many departments.  The language for the letter of intent:

NEW [Letter of Intent 13]
Class Size and Teaching Support

In Recognition of the importance of class size and formats conducive
to sound pedagogy, the parties agree, as expeditiously as practicable
following the ratification of the 2008-2010 collective agreement, to
form a Joint Committee consisting of three members of CUPE 3903 (two
from Unit Two and one from Unit One), and three representatives of the
Administration. The Joint Committee shall invite three representatives
from YUFA to participate on an equal basis in the deliberations of the
committee. The Joint Committee shall review class sizes and tutorial
support that Course Directors receive in each of the hiring units

One of the goals will be to investigate the pedagogical rationale for
assigning different types of TA support (e.g. tutor 1-6) and the
different levels of TA support to courses. The committee will report
their findings to both parties within four months of the committee
being struck. The employer shall provide the committee the necessary
resources and information to ensure that a thorough audit can be

The Administration agrees to inform the Committee of any relevant
plans or intentions that might have an impact on class size and TA
support levels.

This afternoon we are going to be negotiating on the big monetary priority issues of job security, increase in graduate student funding, and funds.



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123 responses to “Update: Negotiations Progress January 4th at 2:00 PM

  1. Sad Undergrad

    Wow. They got a lot of big issues out of the way! Where is this information from? I really hope this is true!

  2. intl student

    its good to see that both sides are negotiating actively to reach an agreement. and i sincerely hope the monetary issues are resolved because thats the one causing the problem in the agreements and not the other stuff like health plans etc. lets hope we the students get back to classes asap.

  3. robin

    i can’t really understand this gargin …
    is this good?

  4. they got the pointless stuff out of the way.

  5. Yorkie

    Yea, the big monetary issues are still on the floor…

  6. york student

    if only I knew what any of this hoopla meant….sigh.

  7. MR Two

    Yeah, they got the small issues out of the way, nothing that could make/break a deal has even really been touched.

  8. Alyssa

    I honestly wish the union doesn’t get anything better than what the university offered them before!
    They’re lazy, ignorant pigs!
    They’re doing this in time of recession? Their profs in masters’ should fail them all!!
    And they’re voting AGAINST th government to step in? 3 thousands of these pigs vs. 50 thousands of undergrads they’ve put through HELL?! This entire YEAR is ruined for most of undergrads and who knows how much more!!!
    I openly HATE them.

  9. Jimmy

    Is the meeting still on?


  10. Soraya

    I don’t think school will resume this week. I am thinking we could possibly be in school by next Monday.

  11. Confused....

    @ york student

    haha i’m in the same position …. I have no idea what it actually means in regards to the big picture

  12. Jafac

    “…following the ratification of the 2008-2010 collective agreement”

    So does that line there mean that the university has agreed to a 2 year contract???

  13. transfer student who regets transferring


    I think it means that they will form a committee once York agrees to the 2 year contract, I don’t think it means that they gave in…

  14. Erin

    They think that they can just herd 50,000 like cattle telling u s when to go to school.

  15. E

    So ridiculous…
    2 days to solve the bullshit issues.

    Come on!
    You’ve wasted enough of the students time or money!!

    York U and CUPE 3903 should split the bill on reimbursing the students lost tuition!!
    The students paid for a certain amount of teaching, even if things are compressed and/or adjusted, they still lost time that they paid for.

    Reimbursement is something the students should DEMAND for being forcefully used as pawns in the bullshit game of these two idiotic sides.

    Unfortunately the students will continue to be ignored after any agreement.

  16. polight

    someone please answer Jafac’s question please

  17. Are you people 100% sure we won’t be back at school till next week?…cause that would be awesome, for me at least. I can finally catch up on work!

  18. Soraya

    No, no one is 100% sure.

  19. Commuter

    @ vino

    It takes *at least* 72 hours from the time a deal is reached to when we go back.

    That means, as it stands, you’re safe until at least Thursday.

  20. Commuter

    I should add that figure was reported by CityNews, and it *includes* the time for a ratification vote and 24 hours notice for resumption.

  21. Anon1

    Thought i should post this over here:

    York media relations director Alex Bilyk said yesterday it is not likely
    classes will resume this week, even if a settlement is reached at the table
    in the next couple of days.

    “Basically if there were a settlement, the union would have to take that
    settlement back for ratification with their members and that could take any
    number of days. So it is unlikely that students could be back this week,” he

  22. Commuter

    @ As If

    Don’t be so quick to judge… maybe the guy has been “working” at a job but not doing school work.

  23. Frustrated

    I love how it took 13 weeks of strike for them to actually REALIZE that “hmmm, maybe we SHOULD negotiate!!”

    What a waste of money, i’ve transfered out anyways. Bye bye ridiculous!

  24. caitron

    @ as if
    let’s save the personal attacks. we’re all coming on here to find out any new info, and everyone is in a different situation. i have a friend whose mother was terminally ill (and passed away) while her law professors were on strike. she obviously wasn’t able to accomplish a lot of schoolwork during that time. you know what they say: assuming makes an ass of u and me

  25. Lola

    @ As if

    As a 22 y/o first year student who has been out of school prior to this year i found it extremely difficult to study outside of a scheduled class structure…i just automatically went into work/home mode. Now i’m stuck feeling like an total moron for not getting more done! I do take full responsibility for my lack of discipline, but i seriously doubt i’m the only one!

    Unfortunately not everyone is an “autodidact” as my english prof likes to say.

    As a first year student, how much work do you think you would of gotten done?

  26. caitron

    i’m worried what’s gonna happen to summer school. i need to take 2 classes this summer in order to take certain courses next year (my final year). if i can’t take them i’m screwed unless i try to find equivalent online courses from another university

  27. Name Not Specified

    I know that there have been two months in which to complete work. I’m caught up to date with my work as of Nov.6, but I haven’t done the other assignments because I have questions that cannot be answered. Does anyone know if we are expected to have completed assignments that were due after the strike began?

  28. Andrew

    @ Lola

    I wouldn’t feel bad because as a 4th year student I am the same way. For the first week or two I did little work at all. Then instead of working on essays that were not getting done, I did reading. I got the majority of my novels out of the way. Then a week before Christmas I stopped and I haven’t been able to just get back into working. I have been trying to write an essay now for 3-4 days and the language is just not coming out the way I need it to.

    As a first year, probably not much. As a 4th year, well I think I have read 6 or 7 novels, which is about two classes worth, and I haven’t really touched anything from any other class, but novels take up a lot of time for me. So as I said, yeah you may look back and say “why didn’t I do this” but to be honest, it is a HUGE issue with a lot of people. For me it is that threat of missing a due date or not having a reading done on time that makes me do things. Without that due date, I got nothing.

  29. caitron

    @ name:
    profs can’t expect you to turn in assignments until at least one class “meet”. but that might mean you have to complete numerous assignments in one week instead of a longer period of time. some of my profs told us to finish certain assignments during the strike, but it’s gone on for so long that due dates for other assignments have passed. i had several presentations and other assignments that i didn’t have a chance to discuss with profs/TAs that were scheduled during the strike period that i’ve had to put on hold.

  30. oh so confused...

    Are negotiations continuing overnight? Anyone know?

  31. caitron

    @ andrew
    i also have been prioritizing reading over assignments… easier to get myself to do it i guess… but i think our profs will have to understand that there are certain things we can’t really learn on our own. i’m concerned about my stats course. i’m not a math person, but studied hard and never missed a class up until the strike, and did really well on the first exam (worth 50%!) . i can’t just “read ahead” for that class because i don’t totally get it unless someone teaches it to me.

  32. I agree. For the first few weeks I kept up my work. I had a test scheduled the first day back. Am I supposed to keep reviewing the material over and over until they decide to resume classes?

  33. theowne

    @Miss Dee

    Well, you could always read new material, can’t you? In science classes at least, they usually provide you with notes on what we’ll be going over, so I’ve been going ahead and looking at new chapters and doing practice problems, etc…

  34. york student

    @ Andrew, i absolutely agree with u, due dates get you to do things, when u have no idea when school is going to start, it is so hard to motivate yourself to do school work, in fact, i probably got more work done this past week and the first week of the strike compared to the rest of the 6 weeks

  35. theowne

    I get the impression that Arts students actually have assignments that can be completed ahead of time. In Science, our assignments are labs and we can’t exactly do these projects at home…..

  36. MR Two

    @ Theowne

    Yeah man, labs are gonna have to be cut, or we’re doing 2-3 per week and handing them in the week after… I’m dropping a full year course, not worth the confusion.

  37. jk12

    @ theowne,
    i’m a B.A. student and for only one of my classes was I able to work ahead because in the other classes, although my syllabus said X-number page essay due, the profs never made mention to them so I have no idea what the topics are

    @ caitron, i feel you. for my logic class, same thing. i opened my book read a chapter and quickly discovered i won’t know how to draft truth tables until my prof spells it out for me

  38. theowne

    It really sucks…I’m an engineering student and I always have multiple labs every other week, I don’t know how that’s going to be squeezed in, it’s just ridiculous…plus I have two classes in the summer, I wonder if those will be affected….

  39. @ As if

    lol. You’re 100% right. I am a first year undergrad, and I do live with my “mommy and daddy”. And no, I haven’t been working over the break. As for the “You’ve had 6 weeks+ to catch up on work dude”….this is what happened I swear… I was sitting down on a table reading my economics book when a devil came out of nowhere and told me that “the strike will last forever, go party!”. He did this to me for 60 days exactly. Well, I’m sorry, not everybody here has as much motivation to study as you do. As for the living with my mommy and daddy…there’s no need to go there, I’m sure if you’re parents offered to pay for school you would take it in a heartbeat.

  40. Commuter

    Well, I’m an Arts student (first year, which is not how I imagined university starting), so let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing.

    For the first couple weeks it was hardcore school work. I didn’t anticipate the strike lasting so long.
    – Wrote an 9 page essay (15%).
    – Studied for a test I was supposed to have.
    – Did a major assignment.
    – Did my weekly SOSC assignments.
    – Kept up with all my readings.

    Then the end of the fall term rolled around, so I started a bit of exam review.
    – Typed my lecture notes for all my classes.
    – Made exam reviews for all my classes.
    – Did a lot of studying for my 30% exam.

    Over the holidays, I did a little bit of reading ahead in one of my classes (but it’s a chore to read political philosophy… averaging 10 pages/hour which sucks). I can’t work ahead in any other class, as either we don’t have a syllabus for the winter term, or the course kit hasn’t been published yet.

    So I’m trying to stay 1-2 lectures ahead in the class I can, and I’ve been trying to study for exams later.

    I’ve been doing a lot of work, but I’m not that far ahead. I dread the compressed winter term though.

    The last couple days I’ve gotten some studying done, but I’ve been too distracted by checking the blog and the latest goings-on.

  41. j

    I finished everything that I could, ie. essays, assignments. But have done exactly zero readings.

    I also banked on syllabus cuts, and so I didn’t bother doing 2 essays that I’m almost positive will be removed… on that note, if they aren’t cut – I suck.

  42. Andrew

    I get into the “I’ll do it later” mode. A friend calls and wants to go out, I can always do the assignment tomorrow right? Then the next day comes and something else comes up. Same thing. I’m normally really good about keeping myself on task when in school.

    I got my novels done which I what I really wanted to get out of the way. They are the biggest pain even more so when you have 2-3 to read in a week. It takes me awhile to read, so basically for every novel I finished, I saved myself probably about 10hours of work. (I read slow so I don’t miss anything) That 10+ hours a week will come in handy later on.

  43. theowne

    I’m like Andrew as well, I get into the “do it later” mode and eventually I end up doing nothing. I find it hard to do work without deadlines and without being in a learning mood.

    I know that’s a silly excuse but some people are just like this.

    Now I did manage to read ahead for my math classes, do some physics online assignments, and things like that. But overall I definitely could have done more, but I think it’s easier said than done..

  44. Undergrad@York

    on the note of assignments, I wish that I had a professor that would email us or at least let us know which assignments would be cut, because I fear that I will waste a lot of time writing an assignment and then have it cut from the syllabus. I guess since I had an essay due on the 11th of November, it will probably still be due because most people would have started it, but other than that most of my assignments were due later. Does anyone share my frustration??

  45. theowne

    lol, is As If a Cupey?

    By the way, does anyone know if InkBlotz is open during the strike? I’m heading to York to pick up my OSAP second installment, I was wondering if I’d be able to just drop it off.

    Also it seems like the GO Buses to York are still running, can anyone confirm this?

  46. Dude relax I’m not here to argue with you. You’re saying you’re old enough to pay for your education, ipod, and PS3…all “under 30 years of age”….congratulation!. I’m guessing you’re 29 years old…by then you’d better be paying for school and other things. You can’t compare yourself to me..I’m only 18. And stop trying to sound intellectual, you’re not proving yourself to a teacher…you’re proving yourself to a 18 year old whose just laughing at the comments. We’re here to discuss about the strike, not to argue over little things. Go take a walk old timer, maybe that will cool you down.

  47. blahblah

    As if,
    do everyone a favour and hang yourself.

  48. Soraya

    Commuter made me feel like shit! lol I’ve been struggling to finish a 7 pg essay over the past 2 months (I’m 1/2 way now :D). I’m thinking I’ll have it done by Wednesday night and then its time to catch up on 3/4 of my fall term readings and 2 1-pg summaries. Can’t blame anyone but myself for not using the time wisely.

  49. Soraya

    @ As if,

    I think vino’s point… “I’m sure if you’re parents offered to pay for school you would take it in a heartbeat.” is that if you could have someone or something pay for your school you would take it, whether it be parents, bursaries, scholarships, etc…

    Could be wrong.

  50. @As if

    No I don’t have anything left to say to you old timer.

  51. mizz

    omg…I hate old timers for making us 18 year old feel like shit :// I’d love to know how these old timers were when they were 18 years old. I’m sure they weren’t any better than us…may be worst.

  52. Ken

    Who cares about this “old timer”?

    The guy is obviously looking for attention and trying to stir up some hot discussions

    It should tell you something when someone uses internet and talking to other virtual users to make himself feel better about his “work ethics”….

    Loneliness has its consequences…..

  53. saddi

    @ As if…

    I feel as though your next post should be titled “back in my day”…
    You are sitting there passing judgement on someone who is fortunate enough for his/her parents to pay for their education while boasting about how you’re “old enough to pay for my own education. And my Ipod. And my PS3. Wowzers! Moved out years ago. And I’m under 30” (you forgot to add how you walked 10 KM in a blizzard just to get to school). First off the amount of hours that one would have to work to pay for their tuition and afford rent, I am going to assume, would affect ANYONE’S education (yes even you who uses “big” words to sound smarter). As for being old enough to get OSAP…well your right, you are ;).
    I’m sorry but I am really tired of hearing people attack their fellow peers on this site, because (and I don’t care who you are) it is ALWAYS tacky to hear someone tooting their own horn.

  54. Me, Myself and I

    @ As if

    Do us all a favour and shut up. I live at home with mommy and daddy, they pay my tuition for me and hey, they even bought me an ipod. That doesnt make me any less intelligent than you or less mature or less important. If you want to brag about yourself and your lifestyle then start your own blog. Dont come here and insult others just because they live a different lifestyle than you do.

  55. And he claims hes done all that under 30. Let me tell you something “As if”…by the time I reach 30, I would of had my degree, and a job. And I know for sure I’ll be make far more then you can possibly imagine. Let get off this topic and focus on the real issues.

  56. saddi

    LOL I was being facetious. I am 21 and clearly posses a lot more intelligence and class than you.

  57. saddi

    By the way its “really” not “reallly”…you had an extra L. Do you see what I did? lol I’ll stop now.

  58. saddi

    [comment deleted by moderator]

  59. Commuter

    I think we all need to calm down. I need a drink after reading all this…

  60. MR Two

    I seriously LOL’d… you guys are getting so riled up @ as if’s commentary. Has anyone stopped to think for even a second that they have no idea who is behind the computer and that chances are you’ll never see this person in your life? Does the opinion of someone you’ve never seen before/will probably never see matter so much? By feeding the trolls, you’re trolling as well. I hate having to sift through all this garbage while searching for updates.

  61. caitron

    @ as if
    since you enjoyed my recommendations before, i thought i’d post a link to a video you might find enlightening. it’s called “how to be happy”. it’s pretty elementary, but i thought you might want to start with the basics, since it seems to me that you this is one of the few areas in which you are not well versed (although you seem to be managing the rest of your life – school/work/personal electronic collections – quite well). enjoy!


    @ everyone else
    sorry, will keep the rest of my posts strike-related.

  62. theowne

    Yes, As If, we get the point, you are a very awesome person. Can you move on now? I don’t know about anyone else, but internet ego-stroking doesn’t mean much to me.

    It also seems pretty clear judging from the few comments found in As If’s posts that he is a CUPE member who is upset at the anti-CUPE sentiment found around the net, especially here.

  63. =)

    “As if” if you came to York just b/c you couldn’t get into UofT…too bad for you. But fortunately not everyone is a loser like you and some of us here did get into UofT but decided to come to York b/c we knew the kind of program we wanted to get into.

  64. :)

    as if= fred hahn lol

  65. Me, Myself and I

    Im glad you get your kicks from bashing others over the internet. I have no intention of continuing this pointless conversation with you. The sole purpose of my previous message was to ask you to stop insulting others. Although you seem to enjoy it (“But they keep coming, and it’s fun”), I will ask you once again to please refrain from doing so and to stick to the topic at hand, which is the strike.

  66. Commuter


    We met again at 5:15 with the employer to hear their responses on the items we proposed and to communicate that we now have agreement on
    some modified fund protection language!!

    We forcefully stated that child care is a key issue to our membership, and that even though they have continuously said they are unwilling to
    create any new funds, we remain hopeful that we can make an agreement that would include a new childcare fund that would make up for the
    inadequacies in the present structure. Currently there are only 25 spots for children within the two on-campus daycares. The funding for these spots is, at present, inadequate =96 paying out at only
    approximately 11%. Our proposal for a new childcare fund $115,000 would be crucial for increasing the funding to these daycare
    positions, and also for expanding the aid to other members to help with off-campus daycare costs. We stated again that this is why we are asserting the need for additional funding and for flexibility so that those who use off campus daycare facilities can access subsidies.

    We also discussed post-retirement benefits. Our key concern is that there is a $1500 cap per person, and that there is a total cap of
    $14,000 increasing yearly. They replied that this plan for post-retirement benefits is the same one as offered to CUPE 1356, in 2005. They repeatedly repeated that they want to operate on a “health
    care spending model” rather than a “defined benefits model”. A health care spending model works by giving a capped amount of money with
    certain available services, as opposed to a defined benefits model that continues along a standard health plan coverage operation. They justify the low amount by stating that most drugs are already provided for under the Ontario Drug Benefit, and that the $1500 figure is actually on the high end across the industry. They promised to get back to us concerning what a $14,000 cap would mean when there are enough people in the program that they would be drawing to the maximum.

    They continued to be not-agreeable to both the offset language that would provide for protection against the clawback to wage increases by
    reductions in funding, and also to our proposal that the FGS bursary should be assured by a letter of intent. They stated the same rationale for these issues =96 that the processes involved fall outside
    of the purview of our collective agreement, and they cannot/do-not-want-to encroach upon funding issues determined by the academic administration of the University.

    They also stated that they had no desire to form an all-unions committee concerning developing whistleblower protection for the York community.

    We did seem to be getting closer to an agreement on employment equity language issues. We are awaiting a response on this issue.

    Our proposal concerning Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism training were still not-agreeable to them. They thought that it was better to leave
    it to CUPE 3903 and the Centre for Human Rights to work it out independently of the collective agreements (and, of course, independently of them having to pay for it).

    They are still not-agreeable to any of our class size proposals. They are not willing to modify triggers, or size limits. And they are not agreeable to have broader committees formed that would survey problems related to the academic merger of the Arts and Atkinson faculties. They stated that they thought that there was another letter of intent
    already in the Collective Agreement that provided space for discussion of this issue at the Labour Management Committee.

    In response to our concerns they have now withdrawn their proposal concerning classroom evaluation proposals.

    They also remain not agreeable to a proposal that would ensure that Unit 2 members who are enrolled in the pension plan and must leave the
    university for a time (whether for other work, because there is no work, or for a variety of life reasons) would not be de-enrolled from
    the plan. Once you are de-enrolled, you must then spend 2 years to requalify for the plan. In the past de-enrollement never occurred, but due to a “technological breakthrough” this has as of late been occurring.

  67. Commuter

    @ =)

    Yep, I got into U of T but I chose to come to York. 🙂

  68. HH

    You ppl need to stop with all this BS. Let us focus on real issues here.

  69. :)

    As if…
    let me guess? Bullied in school…misunderstood by parents…? Its ok…lets hug it out 🙂

  70. @ As if

    lol. I bet this is what you’ve been waiting for. You’re not here to talk about the strike, you’re just here to start shit. The way you respond to other people’s comments seems as though you’re the one that’s hurt. If you’re so intelligent, why haven’t you gotten your degree..since you are almost 30 years old. And don’t tell me York screwed you…you weren’t intelligent enough to graduate so you come on these sites and pick on the undergrads and make yourself “seem” intelligent. At the end of the day, you’ll only be lying to yourself.

  71. Confused....

    @ Commuter

    Thank you for posting the update … what do you take of it?

  72. Saddi

    [comment deleted by moderator]

  73. Ken

    How old are you guys?

    Seriously stop with this nonsense discussion. This is internet folks. Why Do you feel so insecure about someone’s posts that you keep responding back?
    Don’t feed the “troll”!


    So what does the new update man?
    What do you think Cupe Doll?

  74. Saddi

    [comment deleted by moderator]

  75. Saddi

    [comment deleted by moderator]

  76. theowne

    Well, it means we definitely aren’t going back this week.

  77. caitron

    i think this may have been on another thread, but a CUPE member who’s a york TA posted that although they have settled a number of less contentious issues, they’re still pretty far apart on some of the major points (possibly what’s mentioned in commuter’s post). so while it’s a good sign that some things have been resolved, it’s not over yet. i also received an e-mail from one of my profs earlier today that said “no classes for at least a while” (which is pretty vague….)

  78. Hopeful

    I have never commented here before. I normally just read comments and then go about my business, but to see someone so pathetic, who is probably not satisfied with the way his/her own life has played out, put other people down for being fortunate enough to have parents that are willing to help them get through school, successfully (and debt free once they have completed their education), forces me to leave a comment. Yes, I understand not everyone is as lucky as I, or as anyone else who has it easier financially, but that gives you absolutely no right to pass judgement on anyone. I’m sure a lot of us DID get accepted into more renowned and prestigious universities, but chose to attend York for our own reasons. We knew what our goals were (at 18 years old) and determined that York was the University that would give us the best education in that field. I myself, am a procrastinater, but that in no way means that I lack intellect. You don’t know any of these people that you are bashing personally, so how can you decide how intelligent they are. But one thing is for sure, they definitely have more class then you ever will. And if pointing out the grammatical mistakes that others make is making you feel better about the obvious flaws that you possess, then maybe you should really consider reading the article that Caitron posted on how to be happy. Or maybe instead of spending the large sums of money you make it seem you have for someone under 30 on material things like electronic devices, go to Chapters and buy a self help book, and work on improving your person.

    As for the rest of you, I wish you nothing but success in your futures, and advise you all not to take assholes who like to put others down to make themselves feel better seriously. Let’s all hope and pray to be back in school as soon as possible, so we can get the education we (or our parents) are paying for! =)

  79. Hopeful

    And just in case, that’s obviously directed towards AS IF

  80. Me, Myself and I

    @ Hopeful

    Well said =)

  81. york student

    @ Hopeful, well said is correct.

  82. Hopeful

    @ Me, Myself and I

    Thank you! =)

    @ As If

    When numerous people are telling you that you’re a douche, it’s clear that you need to work on your personality, not me.

  83. Hopeful

    Thanks Vino and york student!

  84. Irritated

    I never thought I could hate someone who I’ve never even met before, in a matter of 10 seconds…

  85. Ken

    You know if anything, As if had success in trolling and going off topic and it’s all your faults for giving him the attention he is begging for
    Don’t complain about As if. You are all spending time answering him as if (pun intended) he matters or something

  86. GMR

    as if,
    self confidence is usually just projected with a certain ease. but good luck with your new technique, hope it’s working for you.


  87. theowne

    Can you guys stop talking about As If, I visit this site for strike updates, not to hear some guy stroking his ego and a dozen people responding to him.

  88. Hopeful

    @ As If

    If you want to continue on with your arrogance and make yourself feel worth something, you go ahead. I personally don’t care what you have to say about me, I just can’t stand dumb assholes who put other people down (even if it is tonge *AND* cheek).

    Out of respect for others who use this site for information, I will end this nonsense.

    As I said previously, good luck to all. Hope to be back soon.

  89. Yorkie

    @As If

    Get off this forum. I’m not passing judgment, just get off.

  90. Yorkie

    Alright then where were we on the topic of the strike then? Caitron, you think they’ve only scratched the surface then basically? They still have the main issues to iron out.

  91. Basil El-Salviti

    Stop the constant gossip. Noone knows what’s going on at this point, and I suggest we stop trying to contaminate the negotiations process by constantly reeling information directly from our asses.

    Let’s wait for real concrete information to come before we begin speculating on when classes resume.

    Yorknothostage.com did a pretty dumb thing when Koopsman went on TV and declared 12 weeks the deadline before classes are cancelled at York for the year. Wow, what supreme idiocy. It’s this kind of action that, while it comes from the desire to bring good, has seriously damaged negotiations between the two sides.

    Let’s keep our mouthes shut and wait for NEWS, not speculation.

  92. Artem

    I like turtles.

  93. Yorkie

    It’s better to make educated guesses though. It’s a psychological thing, makes you feel in control even when you’re not. They’re not predictions, they’re comforts.

  94. saddi

    They definetly have a lot of work ahead of them. At this point I think we all just have to concentrate on getting back into study mode…I know I’ve procrastinated for too long…but that’s just me :-p

  95. @ saddi

    lol. I hear you! I’m gonna finish my readings so I don’t have to come back here complaining about more time.

  96. Jiggs

    so im confused…what exactly happened today? Its obvious they havn’t reached an agreement but are they meeting again tommorrow or any time in the future? Are they closer to reaching a settlement?

  97. HH

    This is my guess on what will happen:
    The negotiations will continue tomorrow; however, they will not reach an agreement tomorrow. It took them two days to discuss less important issue so it will probably take them several days to go over issues such as job security, and funds .
    I think they will reach an agreement on Thursday, have a GMM on Saturday .Then the members will approve taking the offer. York will update its website saying an agreement has been reached giving us a 48 hr notice. So we should be back in class next Tuesday if not Monday.

  98. B

    General question to all in regards to yorknothostage.com: How is Lyndon Koopsman (sp?) qualified to speak on behalf of students? Why is this guy on air making remarks without fact? Is it all because he came up with yorknothostage?

  99. HH

    @ B
    I completely agree with you. I think Lyndon Koopman is trying to use this strike to his own advantage. I bet this guy is just trying to build up his resume. I don’t believe he is qualified to speak for the entire undergrad community considering the fact that he does not know what he is talking about. He mentions during his interview that we could lose the year hahaha that’s impossible!!!

  100. Artem

    Unfortunately he fell victim to camera-pressure, said some things he should not have said. He also did not speak for the entire undergrad community, the media just grabbed someone to “represent” the student body. He got a couple of minutes in the spot-light. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, his words don’t carry enough authority to alter the course of this strike in any way or form.

  101. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Artem

    While I agree that his words don’t contain much authority, it is inevitably confusing many people.

    Here’s the deal, on my end: amongst my peers, I’m the one who knows a lot about the strike. Not that I claim any knowledge on the negotiations, I just claim to know exactly what HAS occured in the past, and that’s all. That being said, nearly ALL of my friends, and people I don’t know, have asked me the same question: is 12 weeks the deadline before we lose our year?

    It’s such a stupid question, honestly. All because Koopsman runs his mouth on TV like he knows everything, and people BELIEVE him.

    Also, with all due respect to people on this board, CUPE doll has been pressing this issue on us like it’s actually legitimate. WE’RE NOT GOING TO LOSE OUR YEAR, BECAUSE LOSING OUR YEAR HAS OBVIOUS DIRE CONSEQUENCES THAT WOULD FRANKLY CRIPPLE THE UNIVERSITY.

    Get real guys. Lets wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks, and let’s only report on NEWS, nothing else.

  102. B

    Exactly. He ran his mouth off and made us all look like irrational fools.

    Losing the year is a long shot. Losing the year would cause the province to pull public money from York. This would cripple and devastate the university in so many ways.

    His words may not carry authority, but by being in the spotlight he becomes the public’s image for York students. He should have thought about his actions far better then this. Addressed the situation with a more academic and informed route. Instead, he makes irrational and uninformed leaps. He’s also completely playing into the hands of the union by perpetuating this none sense about a lost year.

    Sadly, the YSF – the elected student voice – fails us here too. They are the ones that are suppose to step in with such things. Yet, Osman threw his support behind cupe and kicked us all to the curb.

  103. E

    Guys, dont bother responding to this As If person.
    It’s obviously some ignorant troglodyte who has nothing better to do with their time than to argue with others over bullshit things….instead of discussing important things

    Wonder if he works for York U or CUPE 3093???

  104. annonymous

    if the Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League can have strikes and LOSE an entire year then YES it can happen to a university!
    yes the university will lose credibility and money, but the kind of money they are losing is pennies compaired to missing out on an entire year earnings/ stanley cup playoffs!!!

  105. B

    That comparison privately owned sport franchises versus Academic institutions that receive public funding in a variety of ways is irrelevant.

  106. annonymous

    if it can happen there it can happen here
    there’s much less money at stake in our circumstance

  107. theowne

    Can someone answer my previous question please….are the GO Buses to York still running?

  108. B

    Yes they are. But they don’t cross the picket lines till 7pm-ish so they don’t drop you off at York Lanes.

  109. sassofrass

    @as if

    knowing u can remain annonymous on the internet makes you behave like a know-it-all 5 year old.

    so go ahead, i left a few typos in there for your miserable ego to correct…

    /btw, how did you get into the grammar police? was it hard work and an attitude problem or just a lifetime of douchebaggery?

  110. B



  111. sassofrass


    im sorry but this is a place where people come to get information and ask/answer questions.. we are all in the same boat.

    and ‘as if’ thinks they have some higher standing where they can not only tell someone not to ask a specific question, but then attack them personally as well as profess their own ‘personal greatness’ for no reason whatsoever.

    i personally don’t give a sh!t that ‘as if’ lives on their own, pays for their ps3 (are you kidding me, how is that relevant?) This person is a serious sadsack who gets off on insulting strangers, im just pointing that out.

  112. As if


    A day later and I’m still going on strong getting idiots riled up. Your nick is lame too, fag.

    Best regards and feel free to fellate me.

  113. Ophelia

    Negotiations continue tomorrow, check out CUPE’s website.

  114. sassofrass

    thats twat i thought.

  115. you guys make me laugh. “as if” pretty much accomplished what he wanted…oh teh internetz.

  116. D

    Guys, seriously, behave -_-

  117. concerned

    please refrain from posting bargaining updates such as these. this was an internal update from one of CUPE 3903’s listserv, intended for 3903 members only. unless you have retrieved this information from 3903’s website, it is not for public dissemination. Both 3903 and York are under the agreement that for negotiations to take place in fairly and in good faith, bargaining must happen at the table and *not* with the public. circulating information such as this does not help the bargaining process.

  118. concerned

    please refrain from posting bargaining updates such as these. this was an internal update from one of CUPE 3903’s listserv, intended for 3903 members only. unless you have retrieved this information from 3903’s website, it is not for public dissemination. Both 3903 and York are under the agreement that for negotiations to take place in fairly and in good faith, bargaining must happen at the table and *not* with the public. circulating information such as this does not help the bargaining process.

  119. Bob

    @concerned, people can post it on here, its freedom of speech

  120. Bob

    @concerned so stop your ranting

  121. concerned

    “It is not helpful to the negotiations process for details of the ongoing discussions to be published while the two parties are at the table.”


    this is one thing that both sides actually agree on.

  122. Bobert

    Sorry but CUPE members and the University are there to serve the community and its students, The government pays you, WE pay you. I value the need to keep some information privileged to keep the integrity of negotiations, but at least give us a hint, instead of just propagandizing day and night.

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