TV Debate Concerning the Strike




Lydon Koopmans of YorkNotHostage, MPP Peter Shurman and Fred Hahn of CUPE.



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51 responses to “TV Debate Concerning the Strike

  1. Undergrad 2

    Hi All,

    Update from York Anti-Strike: Lyndon Koopmans will be interviewed on Canada AM on Monday January 5th at 8:05 am.

    This would be on channel 9.

    The interview will be about how students are suffering. They will also have a CUPE representative and a student in support of CUPE.

  2. j

    hahaha, this was great.

    Lydon looks the most uncomfortable when Peter keeps yelling at Fred.

  3. Commuter

    @ Undergrad 2

    CTV is Channel 8 where I live. :\

  4. someone

    no wonder this hasn’t been settled yet..this fred character is a real idiot. it’s like talking to a child who uses big words

  5. Alan

    OMG. good one Peter Shurman. Fred does not have the ability to debate with Peter at all. Tho I am not ready to go back to school but please put an end to it union. You guys are making it a lose-lose-lose situtation.

  6. Undergrad 2

    Commuter..sorry! Thanks for that.

    CTV Chan 8 or 9.

  7. Prasa U.

    Ouch! I was so surprised when Peter just all of sudden starts yelling at the CUPE guy.

    I mean, not that I support the strike, but that was just a little biased.

  8. Maria

    it was great.. nobody has any sympathy for the Union anymore..

  9. Andrea

    hahahahaha Fred can’t defend the union….makes them look even worse.

  10. s

    Interesting video – but very very biased.

    I am in a bit of a complicated situation when it comes to the strike. I am worried and frustrated about not knowing about what will happen to the rest of the year, let alone when classes will resume.
    YET, I am somewhat sensitive toward the Union. I honestly don’t really care too much about the wages of the TAs, but I am concerned about the contract faculty. I can’t describe how much it angers me when I hear people (especially the media) talking about the strike. They speak as though the Union is only made of TAs and nothing else, which cannot be farther from the truth.

    Questions posed by the hosts in this video are very biased. The woman (Donna?) also went to the point of what I would call insulting a university community. A “real job” is what people should get? That comment was uncalled for. That suggest that all who teach at a university have “unreal” jobs, and the average assumption is that everyone wants a “real job” when they complete school.
    How is anyone supposed to get a “real job” if no one is there to help them complete their education? Teaching, whether it is in an Elementary, Middle, High school or University setting is a “REAL JOB”.
    She also did not allow the Union representative to speak. Notice how she interrupts Fred when he is trying to correct her inaccurate and leading questions, yet she lets the student and MPP speak without interruptions.

    In a debate, all should be given equal say and voice.

    I am disappointed by her lack of respect.

  11. Prasa U.

    Why do my comments never appear and go into some moderation limbo while others get through fine?

  12. annonymous

    that TV news lady rocks!

  13. Undergrad

    January 4, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    it was great.. nobody has any sympathy for the Union anymore..”

    Thats how it should be. I have been against the union from the start. At least make some reasonable demands and I may have supported them.

  14. Wow, I sure hope Lyndon doesn’t end up with any radical TA’s in the near future. lol

  15. yorkstrike2008

    He does look uncomfortable. I am disappointed that when he was asked when the school year was cancelled that he didn’t say for many people it already has been cancelled for financial reasons. There are so many people who can’t afford to be sitting around for a month or two…

    It is good that students are getting a voice in this conflict.

  16. Andrew

    Wow if you ever wanted to see someone get totally owned, you just had to watch this. I’ve said from the start, CUPE has to be the dumbest union because they pick the most ding-dong people to represent them in the media.

    I was laughing at this whole thing, I won’t lie and I’ll be laughing at CUPE when I return. This very well could be my youtube video of the year and its only Jan 4th.

  17. Andrew

    I thought he did a decent job. Can’t ask much for a first year student with an MPP and CUPE member and reporter going nuts on each other. He held is ground and added that voice of the student.

  18. Moving on

    That was the worst interview I have ever watched in my life…reminded me of Fox News with the bullying and unapologetic bias
    don’t get me wrong, I am upset about the strike and disappointed with both sides of this conflict, but I will not accept some anchor patronizing and belittling the work of my colleagues, faculty and students alike
    First of all, who is she to assume that an academic career is some kind of “la-la-land,” university institutions are crucial to the progress of any society and economy, and their faculty and graduate students are submitted to fierce competition, “publish or perish”
    furthermore, these are not only students, they also function as researchers and support staff
    “get out in the big bad world…” guess what…in the big bad world unions strike and it disrupts peoples’ lives,
    in the big bad world, innocent people suffer and life is not fair
    I can’t wait till the strike is over so that I can deal with the consequences and move on,
    that is how life usually carries on in the big bad world

  19. HH

    This Lyndon or whatever guy is using the strike to his own advantage and is building a reputation for his future career.

  20. annonymous

    best interview i’ve ever seen.
    it makes CUPE look like the idiots they are.
    yes it was biased, but with 2 months passed and students still not knowing when classes will resume, the public has a right to attack the people who have kept us out.

  21. york student

    oh dear god….i don’t like the strike just as much as the next guy but i feel sooo bad for this fred person…..even the reporter is attacking him, whatever happened to neutral reporting?

  22. theowne

    Well, it just goes to show how disastrous the CUPE public relations machine is…

  23. Pally Wally

    Shurman, without a BA telling Fred Hahn how higher education should be run. Maybe he should read up on 1968.

  24. MR Two

    If CUPE gets owned, I want them to be owned legitimately. Not because some douchebag reporter can’t do his job neutrally.

  25. Curious Yorkie

    Omg! That video was one of a kind. While I must say, I am not really in support of the Union anymore, and would like this strike to end… the way the news reporters belittled the Union member was totally uncalled for! They didnt allow him to speak at all, and kept on talking over him. Really, what happened to neutral reporting? That Donna person needs to go back to school and learn how to conduct proper debates/discussions. Thats what’s going to save her in this “big bad world”. Moron.

    That said – York and CUPE better get real.

  26. JMac

    Fred decided he was going to answer the first question – “Fred, will CUPE consider binding arbitration?” – in a sarcastic manner, by babbling that York was against binding arbitration (at some point in the past), as though what York believed in the past somehow dictates what CUPE should do now. As if that has anything whatsoever to do with today’s situation.

    It’s a good thing he didn’t recall that the union was in favour of binding arbitration last time around – or he would have been telling the world that CUPE is in favour of binding arbitration.

    Then he refused to answer the question asking what the 3 main issues in their dispute are, followed by skirting the question of salary.

    By refusing to answer the first 3 questions asked of him, he left himself wide open to what happened for the rest of the interview/debate.

  27. Brandon

    does anyone know when this footage is from? is the debate from today? (Jan4)

  28. saddi

    Fred Hahn is a douche. He doesnt know what he is talking about…he couldnt even make valid points.

  29. Catherine

    Those reporters SUCK, belittling Fred like that and implying that TAing isn’t a “real job”. Unclassy and uncalled for. And, as shown at the end of the video, these reporters are clearly asking biased questions.

    Then again, CUPE could have gotten a better rep who sounded less compliant and more confident in his answers.

  30. ams

    WOOO Lydon! I wish he was the YFS prez..

  31. un-biased

    I don’t think its fair that CUPE is getting all the blame for this strike, York Administration has to take some of the blame too. They should not have put CUPE in the position to strike by taking care of these issues before the fall term even started. That interview was a joke, and it was clear that the reporter did not know a lot about the issues relating to this strike.

  32. Gunnit

    Since when did that blowhard mark whatshisface get taken off being just a sports reporter?

  33. @ un-biased

    You have to realize, York is a business. Their main goal is to maximize profits in any way they can. CUPE, on the other hand, is not.

  34. F-Ed Up

    I think Fred needs a little more training on completing a television interview, but I thoroughly agree with the comment

    ” MR Two
    January 4, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    If CUPE gets owned, I want them to be owned legitimately. Not because some douchebag reporter can’t do his job neutrally.”

    I also find the anti-intellectual stigma (not to mention the clear personal anger which is preventing her from doing her job properly) of this interviewer to be thoroughly disturbing.

    I already had very little faith in the state of journalism today in this country, but I always took comfort in the thought that we didn’t have a media outlet nearly as incompetent as Fox News. I regrettably stand corrected.

  35. Saddi

    F-Ed Up is right…that was very unprofessional.

  36. RR

    @f-ed up
    I couldn’t agree with you more right now. How is this passing people’s sub-conscious right now- just because some of you may agree with their side on this argument, I think everyone here needs to be a little bit afraid of how this interview was conducted. This is exactly what media bias is all about. For those of you who are aginst the union just imagine how you would feel if this was spinning the opposite argument….you know understand how terrible this is.

  37. RR

    no, this is about a few weeks old I think

  38. aguyuno

    This actually rather freaks me out, RR is correct. Christ, I knew most of the media was biased against cupe, but holy crap.

    This reporter cracks me up though. Silences Hahn to ask a question because he is speaking out of turn, then this politician tool won’t keep his god damned mouth shut for longer than 10 seconds at a time.

    Seriously though, she’s hilarious. And I just got to the part where she shut up the politician, so never mind – that part was worth the wait with the mention of the publicity stunt that this was xD. Still, though, extremely unprofessional. I feel bad for Lydon; he has to sit there next to that idiot politician. I mean all he wants is to go back to school; I sincerely doubt it was his choice to be allied with Peter.

    Whaaatever. Point is, this video is absolutely hilariously bad. Too bad the world of people is not very intelligent or this would give cupe MAJOR points as it shows that people really are biased against them; kinda weird, when you think about it, since cupe isn’t exactly a saint of an organisation either.

    Meh. Let’s just hope this ends before I have to listen to anymore 900 thousand dollar a year rejects who don’t do anything of any use to the world tell me how bad they feel and that they’d help us but all their money is currently being used to stuff their bed back home since they can only sleep well if it’s ontop of millions of dollars.

  39. aguyuno

    God. I just reread my post and realised how pro-Cupe I sounded there. That scares me more than anything else, since I think that union is pure evil.

    Asshole news media. See what you twats make me do?! Bah…

  40. York Undergrad

    Extremely BIAS! Honestly how can Fred even get a word in if they keep attacking him like that.

    The Strike is weak and we all know that but for the media…something that is suppose to be neutral and non bias, to tell their audience it was all Union’s fault!? that is just un called for. The host really should go back to school for journalism and understand always let the audience talk and no one cares about what you think. You are there to get the facts out and operate the debate, not be apart of it. Plus, I personally can’t see a bright future for Lydon. Come on you were giving a chance to speak your mind on Television and you sat there and watch the fight? How does that make sense when you had so much more to say online!? Strike = Weak but
    Union > University! PWND THIS

  41. York Undergrad

    O yeah, they are saying the Union is responsible for this mess… how come no one mentioned about Work to Rule. The strike isn’t something that just happened out of the blue, the Union gave York a heads up when they had work to rule and stopped answering e-mails from students… did York do anything about it!? No. There knew there would be a strike and could have prevent it but no they let it keep going and now we (the students) are sitting on our bed in our pajamas rotting and debating with each other over the internet. Wow this is what I call University 101. Hey! Crazy host lady, guess what? we are in the BIG BAD WORLD!

  42. aguyuno

    No offence if I’m wrong, but with a name like “York Undergrad”, you strike me as a likely cupe person sent here to get us on your side…

  43. Moving on

    @ aguyuno
    just because someone recognizes that the administration also had a role to play in this mess does not mean that they are CUPE!!!
    I am tired of the black and white picture painted by some of the posts on this site…

  44. Cincinnatus C.

    For what it’s worth, Fred Hahn is not (as far as I can tell) a member of CUPE 3903. According to his bio on the CUPE-Ontario website, he is CUPE-Ontario’s secretary-treasurer.

  45. Enough!

    I think ppl not having any “sympathy” for the union is a moot point at this stage. The greater issue here is, unfortunately, what sympathy will be left for York University once this is all complete.
    Why is the third (i think) largest university in Canada even in the position where striking is even a go-to for its professionals!? I can’t wrap my mind around that.

    I seriously think this excessively long-winded strike needs to be resolved ASAP!! Come to an agreement and get on with the business of running a university and ‘redefining the impossible’. This is absurd to sayt he very least. The high cost of education – especially for international students who travel thousands of miles to attend York – is no frivilous matter.

    Come on guys, when will enough be enough! It is January 6th! Hasn’t this gone on long enough?!I can’t find a word suitable enough to express how utterly ridiculous this power struggle is … and I say power struggle because it obviously is more about power and control than money. Come on, let’s bargain here. No more games!

  46. Ryan S.

    Is anyone else feeling uneasy that majority of comments and media attention about the students are from First Year Students? I haven’t read seen any coverage that would at all reflect how the strike impacts my academic career. I’m not out in the media for my own reasons but where are the graduating students in this mess? I know we are are losing in this matter but I can’t take a lot of the students’ opinions at face value. A year out of graduating students lives is a much more expensive cost (application fees, future jobs that depend on the completion of your degree, completion of theses, etc.).

  47. j

    I noticed that myself, Ryan.

    I’m a 4th year though! … and absolutely terrified that I will have to take another semester because I won’t be able to do summer school – bye, bye 5 months of my working life/ability to apply to new schools at a decent time.

  48. kc

    Re: Ryan S. / J

    Actually, there’s a new video up now where Lyndon and a fourth year student are interviewed about the strike:

  49. Enough!

    You know what’s really sad – Ryan and other graduates, international students, undergraduates, work study students – everybody is too wound up on this robotic, “Well what about Me. What about Me. What about Me. What about Me.” trip. I’m sure exactly how one student’s or group of students’ interests are more of a priority and a concern than others. Each student represented in the base number – 50,000 is greatly and immensely affected here. I’m sure if you go down the line and appraise the costs you may be suprised to find that figures are close.

    I applaud this young man (on the clip) for taking up this mantle though he is a new student – whatever his motives may be. It would be great to see more senior students out there doing something proactive and speaking for the freshmen, sophmores, and juniors. The more senior students have a more audible voice in such matters. But no, for many of them, silent contentment is more profitable and it is too old outside to step out of the warmth of his/her own individual interests. Why not let some other student raise the voice in this battle.

  50. Ryan S.

    Ah, thanks for the link kc!

    RE: Enough- I thought I was writing as sensitive on the matter as I could but I can see how you misinterpreted what I said as a me-first attitude. I just thought for me personally, it’s been 2 months of reading about TA’s, First Year students and International students. My point was probably similar to what you argued, that everyone has different concerns and I want to see a more diverse depiction of how this strike has affected the entire student population.

    It wasn’t meant to be that serious either. But thanks, no worries.

  51. Enough!

    😦 My apologies. I feel closure coming for all students concerned though. So, “Forward. Upward. Onward. Together.”

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