Are you transferring?

A lot of you are talking about transferring from York. If I transferred, though I doubt I ever will since I really love my programme, my profs and TA’s here, I would go out of province and do some research into the labour relations there to avoid another disruption like this one. My question to you guys is: are any of you planning to or have already begun transferring out of York? Where are you going? Are you going for next year or are they taking you for next semester? Has anyone dropped out and taken on full time work and waiting until September? 



G’day guys.



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59 responses to “Are you transferring?

  1. Curious

    To YorkStrike 2008’s Question:

    I am in my first year of Schulich at York and I have already started to fill out the application to transfer to another university if I feel it is appropriate and also depending on how much longer the strike lasts.
    Although I really like my profs and TAs (even if I only spent a couple months with them), I heard from a friend that he really loves his profs at Queens Commerce and the same at Richard Ivey. Right now, I’m just deciding whether it’s worth it and how much trouble it’s going to be…

    If I transfer to another Uni, I’ll have to work really hard during the spring and summer to ensure I have the prerequisites to enter the second year of the program at either Queens or Western.

    Sorry for the long message but you asked 🙂

  2. Ridculous

    Not transferring but I am considering graduating with 3 year BA rather than a 4 year. Which would mean I do a 2nd BA or try for an MBA. I was originally planning to do 4 years then go do either MSW or MPH (masters in public health) but now I don’t know…~sigh~

    I may just graduate when this mess is over then work for a couple of years and do an MBA with a focus on non-profit management.

    So, yes this strike is causing me to re-evaluate my goals/plans.

  3. David

    To YorkStrike 2008 Question:

    I am in my first year of Schulich at York and I have already started to fill out the application to transfer to another university if I feel it is appropriate and also depending on how much longer the strike lasts.
    Although I really like my profs and TAs (even if I only spent a couple months with them), I heard from a friend that he really loves his profs at Queens Commerce and the same at Richard Ivey. Right now, I’m just deciding whether it’s worth it and how much trouble it’s going to be…

    If I transfer to another Uni, I’ll have to work really hard during the spring and summer to ensure I have the prerequisites to enter the second year of the program at either Queens or Western.

    Sorry for the long message but you asked 🙂

  4. Andrew

    Here is the problem with transferring, and I do know this since I moved from Windsor to York last year.

    If you do transfer out, it may cost you credits. In Windsor I was given credits from college and if I had stayed in Windsor, I would have graduated last year and not needed 08/09 to finish. I came to York and went from what should have been my 4th year, to only having enough credits to be in 2nd year, and like 12 shy of 3rd year.

    So with that in mind, no I will not be moving from York. I’m in my final year, and I’ll ride it out. I moved here because they offered more then what Windsor could. My marks have improved at York, and this year alone (even with the strike) I would say it has been well worth it because I found a career path and a teacher who shares the same passion for it as I do. That makes up for anything lost and makes me want to go back.

    With the way York is set up, with classes going year long, I don’t see the transfer rate being high because you basically are giving up an entire semester of classes, and other credits when you transfer. School’s have limits on how many courses they can give you. I believe York’s is like 48 credits.

  5. Andrew

    @ Ridculous

    You may want to really think at getting the 4 year BA. Basically what I have been told throughout my University life is that a 3yr is basically worthless (since they are being removed at some point). I was thinking of dropping back to a 3yr degree when I was at Windsor so I could graduate that semester and be done school, but profs whom I had a great relationship with told me to stay in a 4yr because of how worthless a 3 is.

    It could be different in your field, and I am speaking mostly from my English major terms, but basically this is what I’ve been told.

  6. York Student


  7. RN3rdYear

    I’m transferring…I’m off to UFV in B.C. because they are granting me direct access to third year of their BScN program.

    Although I’m not pleased in having to repeat my third year and delaying my graduation by one full year…I have a great job lined up in the meanwhile and am no longer stressed at what the strike does for resolution

  8. blackflame28

    I’m considering transferring and moving back home (st. catharines). I won’t get my program (professional writing) but I will be with my family again.

    Moving to Toronto to go to York wasn’t worth it in my opinion.

  9. careforyou

    i heard from a friend that if no deal is made before february the school year will be scrapped… is this true or just a rumour?

  10. rosebud

    i’m a 2nd year visual arts undergrad and im thinking of transferring to humber lakeshore campus for packaging design. i’m fairly thankful for this strike as it has given me a lot of time to digest why I don’t like York, and why I don’t want a BFA. Another one of my art friends is leaving too, seems hes going to go get himself a animation degree at sheridan.

  11. Alex

    Applied for an internship starting in january for 16 months so I won’t be seeing York for a while.

  12. Undergrad@York

    I wish I could transfer, but alas, Glendon is where I need to be in order to learn French. Now if only Glendon could separate from York, hire all full-time professors, and become its own little University, then all would be great for us! If I was at Keele though, I would definitely be looking into transferring.

  13. Laura

    Don’t wanna transfer because I’m taking film. U of T is a joke for film, and Ryerson is probably an actual step down from York.

    Besides, if it weren’t for this damn strike, I’d still love going to York.

  14. I am a fourth year student so transfering is out of the question. However, if I am lucky enough to get in, I plan on going onto law school next year. Despite the fact that Osgoode has a high rank, I will only attend that school if it is the only one that accepts me. Since I doubt that this will be the case, this strike will be the reason why I don’t go to York next year.

    As a back up, I am applying to a couple of grad programs. Initialy, I intended on applying to one or more at York. However, due to this strike, I am not appyling to any.

  15. Technically Im not transferring, since I will be attending Schulich starting Sept. 09, which is a part of York…

  16. Kelso

    I agree, that transferring is not really an option for me. I have looked at programs in the past at other uni’s (because I was getting tired of my commute 3 hrs a day) and the courses that were offered were not nearly as interesting as what I can take a York…I dont hate York because of this strike… I just think it is a bit ridiculous in how long it has lasted and how no one has really been at the table. So…nope I’m going to stick it out!

  17. DCB

    I’ve considered transferring, but I really like Glendon. My big issue is the effect of the strike on my ability to work in the summer, so I have considered dropping out and restarting second year in September.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a refund if I were to drop all my courses at this point?

  18. Arjun Gandhi

    I have begun the application forms to transfer to the Richard Ivey. I am currently in Schulich, and while I like it here I would accept an acceptance from Ivey.

  19. clennis

    i hoped to do a phd at york after completing my masters.
    but now i worry that york’s reputation as a viable institution of social science and humanities will be ruined by their shrewd business administration.
    i’m looking to cut and run from york asap.

  20. The senate just updated their academic remediation bulletin…and it says…
    “The Fall term will have a maximum additional 13 days of instruction for courses that meet Mondays to Fridays.”

    I find this kind of confusing…Does this mean that each course will meet 13 more times, or does it mean there’s only going to be 13 days to finish the entire Fall term??

  21. 4th yr york

    GROW UP CUPE…WOW, this strike is out of line and the university sucks at bargaining but is very good at B.S.’ing in message updates

  22. Commuter

    @ Concerned

    That sounds like when we go back, we will have 2.5 weeks of classes at most.

  23. Mike

    I was thinking about dropping out and working full time then continuing school next year in September.

    I know there’s a lot of pros but also a lot of cons by doing this.

    Which would be best? To drop out and work for the rest of the year? Or stay?

  24. Mike

    I was thinking about dropping out and working full time then continuing school next year in September.

    I know there’s a lot of pros but also a lot of cons by doing this.

    Which would be best?

  25. Mike

    I was thinking about dropping out and working full time then continuing school next year in September.

    I know there’s a lot of pros but also a lot of cons by doing this.

    Which would be best in your opinion?

  26. Ashley

    I’m a fourth year history major, and if I could transfer I totally would. Like someone previously said, this strike has given me time to think about all the reasons I hate York. This isn’t the first time York has screwed me over, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. They’re not planning on giving us our money back, right? I wanted to do my masters at York, cause I found a really good program there, but because of the strike, I decided that after finishing this degree, I will never go back to York.

  27. E

    My father has advised me to transfer if this year at york gets scrapped. But i must admit, that i love my program at York, but the strike has turned me off this university. Western, here i come.
    Also, i got a message stating that if the union and the university do not come to a conclusion by Jan 15th, our year is over and school will commence in September. Is there any hard evidence, or legit union or York papers stating this?

  28. B

    Concerned – if you do the math, there were 4 weeks left of classes when the strike hit. Four weeks of classes is definitely not 13 session per class missed. An entire semester is barely 12 weeks of instruction time, 14 weeks with exams.

  29. Commuter

    Could someone clarify what this means?

    “Depending on the timing of the resumption, it may be necessary to schedule classes on days of the week when they are not normally held (that is, on “virtual” days of the week whereby, for example, a Friday class might meet on a Monday).”

    How will that work, if your Monday timetable is already full of classes?

  30. RR

    your guess is as good as mine- I honestly don’t know how they are going to work such a thing. I think that we are going to have ALOT of leeway into how we make up our classes and marks- believe me, the profs will be on our side with regards to letting this go as smooth for everyone as possible. This means that if something dosn’t work for you in your schedule, they will work around YOU. One thing is for certain though, it is going to be a royal cluster fuck of a mess when we return- but don’t fret, it will work to our advantage as much as possible.

  31. Commuter

    @ RR

    You think they’d modify what our exams were supposed to be like (ex. make it a take-home, less material on it, have it as an in-class test)?

    Would totally suck having a Wednesday lecture to learn new material, and then have an exam on it the next day!

    I have been studying a few hours each day to be in as good a position I can be when we get back… whenever that is.

  32. Marj

    We are beginning to face the fact that this is a lost year, and it was a huge mistake to enrol at YorkU.

    We are submitting requests via our lawyers for reimbursements….

  33. ams

    I am happy at York and love it! The Education program is one of the best in the country.

    Hang in there, York isn’t the only one that will be affected in 2010.

  34. B

    Won’t legal fees and what not be just as costly as term 1 tuition?

  35. F-Ed Up

    “Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a refund if I were to drop all my courses at this point?”

    While others have stated that this is no longer possible, I have heard from several people that others have been able to do just that – basically cut and run with at least a partial refund (a full refund on Winter term, of course) to take a year off and work.

    If I were you, I’d find out directly from the registrar’s office, to be sure. Making an assumption will not benefit you in either scenario.

  36. F-Ed Up


    I posted another response to your question about refunds but I screwed up my email address on the poster info so it’s awaiting moderation.

    Basically, I’ve heard conflicting answers on that question, and apparently there are some out there who have been able to get refunds, though I am not sure if these are full-year refunds, or partial Fall and full Winter refunds.

    So, you should definitely go directly to the registrar to inquire about this and get the real answer. Even some of the information available online is confusing/misleading.

  37. Marj

    Thanks F-Ed Up and B….

    legal fees..a family member is doing the preliminary work….a friend is a lawyer…cost will be minimal. But thanks for the input.

    I have letters to Dalton McQuinty, and the Federation of Educators…and on and on……I will not sit back and give York my hard earned money and get nothing for it…rez, mandatory meal plan, etc. etc..I am so fed up…..Thinking of taking a trip down to York and insisting on a refund…anyone done this with success??

  38. B

    You can write as many letters as you want. More often then not, it’s intern reading them and shooting off the standard reply. I filled such a role once.

    Plus, the gossip about people being successful at getting partial refunds if any money are probably bull. The only way to know for sure is to go try yourself.

    This strike could very well end in January. The year won’t be lost and their will be reasonable remediation. Why the hell set yourself back an academic year if you’re not in a situation where you have to? Money or a year of your life? Yeah it sucks right now, it’s not going to be an easy thing to ride out, but when the term resumes and things settle back into pattern, it will just fade into distant memory.

    Should, and it’s not very likely, the year be lost, well take into consideration what happened with a few of the Ontario colleges a few short years ago when a strike forced the cancellation of the term: students were offered a choice between refunds or credit granted based on the work completed.

  39. Jordy-n

    I spent the last couple of nights lurking UofT web pages of the programs I had been accepted into when I did my selection process last year. Thinking — you know — what’s the point in attending an institution that has a culture of this kind of thing.

    After I had gotten past my fit-of-anger stage, I realized that there are many reasons why I chose to attend York in the first place, and that had the strike not occurred, I wouldn’t have been thinking so negatively about the school.

    I’m afraid that if I did start greasing the wheels any further than investigating what kind of credits would transfer, the process, etc, that I would really just be doing it to feel like I’m actually in control of my education, or doing something about the situation, when transferring could indeed just be more sacrifice.

    This whole thing just has my moods swingin’.

  40. Andrew

    You people really need to stop thinking the school is going to shut down for a year. It just isn’t going to happen. If anything, they will just remove summer school and push the semester into that. They will not be able to pay back every person because money you have paid has already been spent.

    I don’t hate York, I hate a group of people at York. I’m fairly fine with all my teachers in my class, and have really no issues with the school its self. I have been to 3 schools in 6 years. No matter where you go, you are going to find something you hate and feel you are getting screwed. That is just the joys of the system.

  41. Andrew

    And all this stuff about lawyers and that, well you’re basically wasting your time and money. Unless you can find something illegal they are doing, you are basically just letting your emotions take over. My dad keeps saying we should get a large class action suit, and my answer is “who am I going to go after and why?”

    Can’t go after the union, they have a legal right to strike. Can’t go after the school, their hands are tied with a strike going on. Strikes at schools have been happening for years and it will always happen. Hell strikes happen all the time in the business world, and it is the legal right of a union. Yes you paid for a service, and that service is not being given to you right now, but the same thing happens with other things. Remember when TTC went on strike? Anyone with a bus pass bought service and couldn’t use it. But no one could file a lawsuit because it’s a legal right. The service would be returned when the strike is over, and either a refund will be given or service will resume as normal.

  42. Kat

    I agree with the poster earlier on that said the 3 year BA isn’t the best option. I was able to land a good job in the psychology field with a BA but it’s rare (and they only really wanted me because I’m bilingual and went to Glendon). Said employer also encouraged me to go back this year, and finish up the 4 year BA which I’m now doing. As for grad school, York is the only school I applied to. We may as well just keep riding it out, we’ve already come this far. We can enjoy the holidays and worry about it in the new year.

  43. Andy

    @ YorkisAwesome

    Osgoode was only off for three weeks, and we’ve been back since December 1st. Sure, the strike did screw up the semester a bit, but I highly doubt that if there is another strike (like in 2010 if the union gets its way) the school will even shut down at all.

  44. Vee

    I was thinking of transferring, and I had even started looking at other programs from other schools, but I think I’ll just stick it out and stay at York. I’m in my second last year, and I really do like my program; it’ll also get me prepared well for my career. Unfortunately, it’s the only one of its kind, and I don’t like anything else enough to switch out, so I’m kinda stuck.

  45. G

    i think it might a little too late for me. =/
    i only have 9 more credits to go. and i’m near positive no other university offers the same courses.

  46. ram

    @ york strike 2008
    Even if the year was lost i think the university is not obliged to return the money as some body else also had pointed sometime earlier in the blog. But how do you know for that sure that the year will not be lost.. I think we most probably will end up with a eleven week strike followed by a forced ratification as a negotiated settlement is just out of sight over the holidays..But what if the forced ratification fails??

  47. Gaetano

    I have already re-applied to the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and University of British Columbia, simply because I was at York University for the simple reason of convinience. This is rediculous, and im switching.

  48. cabby

    definately considering transferring now. however i have no idea how that would work because i’m in full year courses — how can another uni accept me if they don’t know any of my marks? might be a stupid question, but i transferred to york from college and it was a pain in the ass to do it when there WASN’T a work stoppage.

  49. Fed Up

    I’m a nursing student in my third year at York and I’ve considered transferring because of the strike. However, most likely only some of my credits will transfer to another school which means I’ll graduate late.
    I’m also concerned about the prospect of a Cupe strike affecting most or all of the Universities in Ontario in 2010. I seriously doubt York is going to give Cupe 3903 a two year contract since they don’t want to do this again in two years. If I stay I graduate on time and avoid another strike at a different school.
    I did originally plan on returning to York to complete my Masters in Nursing. Now, I think I’ll go somewhere else.

  50. Jack

    @ Laura

    So true!
    What year are you in? I’m in film too.

  51. Rosh

    I would seriously consider transferring if I wasn’t in my 4th year and just wanted to graduate!

    All I want for Christmas is for this strike to end!

  52. Sho

    After I completed my first year
    and get york’s god for saken credits (because they wont give me my money back probably)
    I will be transfering out of province
    to Concordia uni in Montreal
    If i stay at york odds are I will have to deal with another strike by the time im in 4th year
    so screw york.

    good bye

  53. BAS at Atkinson

    @ Andrew: Totally agree with you, If I were to transfer out of York, it’s gonna affect my transfer credits I received when I got into York.
    And about the maximum credits York might give you, I got 60 credits, but not all 60 are applicable to my program, so I could use use like, 30+ of them.
    About 3-year or 4-year degree, again, agree with Andrew, even with a 4-year BA, you’re not guaranteed to find a job, let alone 3-year one. You should get into something specific when u choose education and career paths.

  54. Adam

    I figure even with remediation and an extended year, a lot of students have a tougher winter semester than fall, applying to myself as well. Also taking into account the huge break we’ve had, my guess is a lot of people haven’t been keeping up with their readings as well as they’d like to. That being said, I’m going to continue full time work in 2009 and just in case there is a possibility of the year being cancelled, I won’t drop my courses until the strike is over. I can make money between the beginning of the strike and next September to more than offshoot the money lost from the wasted fall and year courses. Losing a bit of money isn’t nearly as bad as jeapordizing my marks by cramming everything.

  55. dissapointed

    i’m not sure if this question has been asked..but does anyone know if i’ll be able to transfer to another university if i’m a 3rd year student? is it worth it? do you think i’ll get all my credits?

  56. Muneeb

    I hav the same question, i started jan 07 as first year, and now i wanna transfer to u of t, since i hav moved further from york last year utm would be more convenient for me now. can i transfer, its okay if i loose some credits but not a lot

  57. Lindsy

    I am a 3rd year nursing student, can I transfer?

  58. YS

    definitely thinking about it…

  59. Jess

    can any film students give me a heads up on some of the interview questions they ask to get in?

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