I’m at Schulich!

Hey everyone, I am down here at schulich waiting around. It isn’t very cold out at all. The entrance is the one right on the corner facing the student centre and the commons.

I am the guy with a whole bunch of red signs. Come down everyone. It will be fun and you can stretch your legs from all the veggin’.



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34 responses to “I’m at Schulich!

  1. Andrew

    Please tell me you’re not the only one there. That would just become a massive fail. lol.

  2. Basil El-Salviti

    I am pretty much at work right now. I wasn’t able to come since I got called into work early. Sorry guys!

  3. Anonymous

    I really hope others showed up too….

  4. nellyli

    Just came back from work, so how was guys? Any progress?

  5. nellyli

    how was it? Typo!!

  6. Ridculous

    @ All

    Just got back and I saw the red signs good job. The petition is gathering signatures and can be submitted to the secretary for the senate executive committee which meets this coming Tuesday.
    Post here if you want details and I will provide my e-mail to those interested in helping.

    NOTE: The next senate meeting is January 10, 2009 (diff. from senate executive meeting). The meeting are open to all York university members (which includes all students) due to the strike the meeting ends with a town hall where concerns, questions can be brought forth.

    (Also posted this under Dec. 11 meeting)

  7. CanCan

    So just wondering… what are the results from today’s senate meeting? Anything released yet?

    What about the legislation thing that the MPP was trying to pull?

  8. nellyli

    So are we not going back to class on Dec at all? Is it confirmed?

  9. Andrew

    They are not talking, and its December 11th. Hell Dec 1st, I knew we were not going back till the new year.

    For all you people concerned about plane tickets and other plans you have on, just go. At most you miss one week, and I can’t see anyone getting all mad over one week when they are on vacation. Hell I’m not going away and even if we did go back for a week, I’d still stay home (sarnia) because I’m not wasting my time driving up for a week to turn around and come back.

  10. Ridculous

    No, we are not going back in December unless a miracle happens between now and Dec 15th. There was even mention at the meeting of the strike continueing into February but it is important to emphasize no one has a crystal ball. I

    What is obvious is the 2 sides are still far apart.

  11. anonymous

    k i guess even without the crystal ball we can conclude we aint seein school in december so nothing is probably going to happen

  12. Commuter

    @ CanCan

    The bill didn’t have a 2nd reading, the government didn’t introduce their own legislation, and now the Legislature is on holiday.

  13. pinkgiraffe

    I believe CUPE was at Schulich yesterday as well. They went as carolers and sang their own version of “Let it Strike! Let it Strike! Let it Strike!” (Let it Snow) throughout the Schulich marketplace and hallways.

  14. ram

    I just saw an article right on the front page of CUPE 3903 website.. they say that they are gonna counsel members for a strong rejection even in the forced ratification if it was done on the present offer.. I can also sense that they are really determined to get what they want….

  15. Worried

    How did the rally go today?

  16. Heres my view at the current situation, until the back to work legislation is passed York has nothing to fear, that is why they are pulling the strings for so long, they play it safe…

    PS: It is safe to conclude that we are not coming back to school before Jan.

  17. Commuter

    @ HA3AP

    There won’t BE back-to-work legislation.

    The bill Peter Shurman introduced calling for the legislation didn’t have a chance to have a second reading before the Legislature took their two-month holiday break. Also, the Liberals didn’t introduce their own bill, and the Member from Spadina presented a stack of petitions against back-to-work legislation.

    The Assembly is out until February 17th next year. If you’re counting on anything from the government, there won’t be. It’s up to the two sides now to settle this.

  18. why me?

    Who is the member from Spadina?
    is there an email address for him/her ? 🙂

  19. hullo

    Okay I am really curious yorkstrike2008…. How many people actually showed up today?

  20. MR Two

    We’re so screwed… see you guys in February (if I decide not to just scrap the year and work)

  21. york student


    “let it strike, let it strike”….for a group of people that want sympathy from the undergrads, they(CUPE) sure have an obnoxious way of trying to get it.!

  22. RN3rdYear

    After all this news in the past week…i’m beginning to side with the idea that CUPE will hold on to their position until York caves – as York cannot afford to reimburse all the student’s tuition…forcing York into a position where they have to pay out.

    Just my opinion.

  23. Commuter

    I heard 6 people came to the rally yestersay. 😦

  24. Commuter


  25. hullo

    Don’t worry man… if this thing goes past mid January… we will have a real rally.

  26. Confused....

    Then it will most likely be too late… its important for us to take action every chance we get

  27. Confused....

    If the 12 week thing is true waiting until mid January would be pushing it… I say of we are not back by the 5th we need to take action right away

  28. anonymous

    so i guess we can surely say no class in December then

  29. Kelso


    Is that what will happen, we will get our money back? I just assumed that if we lose our year, our money will ride over to next year, and they will pretend nothing ever happened . . . 😦

  30. Worried

    Listen I think everyone needs to stop worrying. We are not going to lose our year. Remember the last time of the York strike was 11 weeks and they did not lose their year. We are in week 5 so I pray everything is resolved by January.

  31. education is a right?

    Only 6 or so of us actually showed up! We did our best and it wasn’t a total fail, but still pathetic…where were the rest of you who said you were coming? It’s going to be pretty hard to show them we want to have a voice also if we don’t have more support…

  32. Commuter

    @ why me?

    Rosario Marchese
    MPP Trinity-Spadina (NDP)

  33. Commuter

    And he’s a fellow, by the way. 😉

  34. kkkk

    im guessing the rally was a fail. there’s been no write up for it.

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