CUPE – Apple Parody Ads


Funny stuff.



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79 responses to “CUPE – Apple Parody Ads

  1. Pally Wally

    YorkNotHostage/Shurman are so hungry they could eat @ Arby’s

  2. Me, Myself and I

    Were these videos made in order for the union to gain more support and respect? Because they had the reverse effect on me. Not only did my dislike for this union increase, my respect for them greatly decreased… AND now I think they’re pretty lame and have way too much time on their hands.
    I mean, I guess by watching them it shows that I too have too much free time… but whose fault is that!

  3. Stef

    Who doesn’t like Arby’s? Show some love to the roast beef.

  4. Pat

    these are funny but very stupid

  5. olels

    Funny, but there’s some anti-Semitic overtones going on I’m not impressed with.

  6. So many arts TA’s with so much time in their hands, they can make all kinds of cool illegal copy-rights infringed ads

    if they where smart why can’t they come up with something genuine?

  7. dsd

    Was I supposed to laugh?

  8. @ Pally Wally

    Why are they so hungry? don’t get it 🙂

  9. student

    i thought it was funny

  10. frustrated

    wondering why they have time to create these types of ads, but not get themselves working on a quicker resolution.

  11. ali

    just read this news few minutes ago………looks like no signs of ending the strike …….
    govt holidays begins = york student’s early holidays 🙂 🙂

  12. end of #8 = my favourite (on YouTube)

    I think the undergrads need to parody these as well:

    Undergrad 1: I sympathize with York.

    Undergrad 2: I sympathize with CUPE.

    Undergrad 1: But I care about MY education and I want this BS strike to end now!

    Undergrad 2: No, I care about MY education and I want this BS strike to end now!


    Undergrad 1: Let’s hug it out.

    [They hug it out.]

    *plink plink plink*

  13. Woot

    So I guess that back to work legislation didn’t pass?

  14. Yorkie

    No, it did not. Better luck next time Shurman. Legislation is on vacation now until Feb 17th I believe, so no BTW legislation til then. All that’s left is negociations, let’s keep it that way for now.

  15. Stef

    What’s anti-semetic about them? I’ve watched them twice now and don’t see any.

  16. B

    Well, it’s good to see that CUPE is really taking this whole mess seriously and spending their time wisely to find a resolution to this whole fiasco…oh, wait. making inane PR releases is not productive. Nor is it bettering their media image.

  17. Catherine

    Ewwww. These suck. Not funny.

  18. Yen

    You know things have gone badly when scripted (?) youtube videos are up.

  19. Stef

    B, I know, right?
    All that time they spent making/financing those ads (if they were financed) could have been better spent at the bargaining table.
    Neither side is going to “look good” until a deal is reached, regardless of PR.

  20. anonymous

    @soraya that was established a couple days ago

  21. Student

    These were pretty ridiculous. Rather than wasting time and energy and resources on making these videos (which only furthered my anti-unionism) .. why not sit down and work at a solution? Honestly.

    PS: Stick to teaching, because these were pretty horrible. Writing, acting and all.

  22. spellcheck

    @ Adam:

    “if they where smart why can’t they come up with something genuine?”

    If you were smart… yeah, I think you can guess what I’m going to say.

  23. Woot

    Are there any CUPE members that attended the most recent GMM? And would like to share information?

  24. Lenin a Hand

    CUPE’s sexy.

  25. Gabby

    these are ridiculous.. i really wish they would stop bashing the university and start bargaining, they are just making themselves look childish and like they don’t give a damn about finding a resolution..

    so sick of this!

  26. hullo

    I’m not taking anybody’s side but this is pretty lame. Whatever happened to professionalism?

  27. theowne

    Yeah, why don’t you spend the time making these lame and unfunny videos working on more realistic demands?

    Or at least hire a good writer.

    I hate the stupid propaganda that CUPE and the university put out, for them this is all a stupid battle that they have to “win”.

    Are these really two professional organisations?

  28. Me, Myself and I

    Agh. The more i think about these videos the more frustrated i get. They are just ridiculously immature.
    Well I am leaving this weekend to go on vacation and will be as far away from this nonsense as possible.. different country, different continent… hells im gonna be in a different hemisphere! I hope that while i am away CUPE comes to their senses and grows up a little.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! Hope to see you all on January 5th!

  29. Stef

    Me, Myself and I:
    Can I come with?

  30. HAHA man. This was terrible. I like how the entire York University collective was resembled by someone that looks very similar to the school’s president.

  31. hullo

    @Me, Myself and I
    Me too!!!

    But I will be back on the 15th because the way things are going, I presume January 5th start is rather unrealistic.

  32. Resolution or no resolution, I am going back to school on Jauary the 5th . I’ll go to all my classes as scheduled and go over what was supposed to be covered. I [Edited by Moderator] sick of this bull****.

    My degree has been compromised, [Edited by Moderator]

  33. Stef

    Ah screw it all. I’m gonna go up to my waterless, wood stove cottage for a couple of days to get away.
    It’s not Hawaii or Mexico, but it doesn’t have internet, so it’ll be nice.
    🙂 Have a good one, y’all!

  34. MR Two

    See you in Feb!

  35. j

    @ FED-Up

    HAHAHA, I would LOVE to see that be made.

  36. Andrei MR

    From what I understand, the videos were made by MFA students in Film Studies and cost $0 to make.

    Also, from what I understand, it’s meant to boost CUPE morale in the light of the Admin’s nasty press releases. The Admin’s statement that “TA’s make $63 dollars an hour” really upset people. I know it upset me a helluva lot. (If I made $63 per hour as a TA, why could I only afford a rent-subsidized apartment in a dirty building infested with cockroaches?) The Admin’s press releases basically pushed me towards trying to understand my union’s position. I was pretty anti-CUPE before then. These videos boost my morale for sure.


    CUPE is a dirty union and it is CLEAR that they dont care about the students who pay about $5,000 a year for education.

  38. Kelso

    So, I woke up this morning and my dad said that he read in the paper that the government has announced that they do not intend intervene at ALL with the strike, and that collective bargaining is the best way. . . my response to my dad was “what bargaining?” I just dont understand how people cannot be at the table if not every day, every other day trying to figure this out. It blows my mind.

  39. Sarah

    I kind of think these videos are funny…but I would like to see what they would look like if they were made from the University’s point of view!

    but yes, you know things have gone really sour when…

  40. Kelso

    I just found the article online. . .

  41. still doing homework...

    I agree Kelso,

    I was kidding around when I was telling my friends we should lock the two sides in a room and not let them out till they come to an agreement….
    I just cannot picture a solution happening if meetings are not frequent….


    In regards to the ads, the first two were funny, and reasonabl..ish.. the last two were funny in a childish, useless manner.

    None of them let me sympathize with CUPE, … not that I sympathize with York Admin much either.

    I just want to go back to school… oh well. Happy Holidays everyone

  42. Artem

    The most rediculous propaganda I’ve ever seen… CUPE is kinda sexy though

  43. Kelso

    I love that idea STILL DOING HOMEWORK….
    it’s like how when i was little, my mom would tell me I could not leave the house until i was done cleaning my room…

    Maybe Cupe and York should not go on holiday until they are done cleaning up their mess as well… hmm something to ponder.

  44. still doing homework...

    ahahah, that’s true, if it worked for us when we were little, it should work when we’re more prone to UNDERSTANDING LOGIC.

    you know what I realized these ads are missing..
    The undergrad in the background

  45. Andrew

    olels – some anti-Semitic overtones going on? I really do hope you are kidding. If not, you need your head checked, as there was nothing anti-semitic about it.

    Is it sad now that because of my last year and half at York, I am no longer surprised when racial, religious or any other group calls foul. Hell I’m more surprised a week when it doesn’t happen.

  46. @Andrew….

    …I agree. Yes, it is true, the gentleman playing “York” does look a tad bit Jewish. Yes, it is true that “York” is playing the role of a man who is both rich and cheap. However, that hardly qualifies as anti-semitic.

    It has been the job of CUPE to attempt and demonize York as being both rich and cheap. By saying that this ad is anti-semitic, you are essentially saying that no Jewish actor can play the role of a character who is rich and cheap. In my humble opinion, that mindset is anti-semitic. Essentially, you are saying that someone can not do something because they are Jewish.

    Trust me, I am very anti-CUPE. Any excuse I could get to condemn them for being racist, I could take. However, this is not a good one. And shame on any of you for trying to say that. Just remember one thing, the ads never explicitly stated that “York” was Jewish. It was you who drew the inference between “York” and a cheap Jew. So, maybe if you are worried about anti-semitism, maybe you should get up off your high horse and look in the mirror.

  47. Soraya

    The paper this morning said that 60% of the people at U of T voted in favour of a strike.

  48. Fred

    No legislation is a victory for democracy and students so Yeah! Suck it Shurman!
    As for the ads, I found them funny, stupid and poitnless and at the same time props to Apple for the original work which have inspired so many parodies.
    I think regardless of the content, These ads are well produced and acted and they look professional

    PS: CUPE is Sexy!
    PS: There is nothing racist in these ads. Stop being super sensitive. As Andrew said it, not a week goes by without some religous or ethnic group calling foul!

  49. Tera

    Sad – the only word I can use to describe the parody videos. Why? well its abundantly clear that CUPE has nothing better to do with its time OR its money. Clearly their priority isn’t on negotiating or bargaining a fair and reasonable package.

    I wonder… if CUPE put as much time and effort into developing a more reasonable proposal, would the rest of us 50,000 students be able to return to school?

    Just like a MAC, expensive, demanding and hardly worth the fight.

  50. ram

    Please give me your opinion on jan 5 restart.. Looking at the present trend i really doubt whether jan 5 might even be possible.. Robert Drummond (dean of arts and head of the bargaining team (york) has said in excalibur that it might be jan when they find the final resolution for the disruption… I am really worried..

  51. Basil El-Salviti

    @ ram

    Alot of people are speculating on exact dates for the end of this strike, and in my opinion this is an extremely stupid feat of accomplishment.

    Let’s be realistic….anything can happen between now and January 5th. There may indeed be a resolution to the strike. There is the chance that the strike wont end though, and that we will be waiting into January. Hell, there is even a chance that the strike wont end in January at all, and could extend into February – or March!

    Though the hypothetical that the strike could end in February or March is unlikely, based on precedent at least….it’s very possible. Let’s not indulge ourselves in speculation, and let’s base our knowledge on facts. I would presume, only on the assumption that the university will likely find a resolution on the 11th week, as was the last strike, that this strike will end in mid-January. But this is only speculation on past events….indeed, this is a new time, and the strike could potentially extend will into January…..

    I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

  52. alien baby

    @ Woot.

    News from the GMM
    The CUPE bargaining team insists they are trying to get York back to the table but York is slow. Case in point – there was a difference in ‘costing’ something CUPE has asked for. Early last week, they figured out the admin had made a simple calculation error (added the cost of a CUPE demand to every unit 1 and 3 member, when it was a benefit unit 1s already have, thus increase only applies to unit 3s.) It seems to take at least 24 hours after CUPE relays something to the mediator for him to respond, at least another 24 (but sometimes more) to relay that to York, and then 4-5 days and counting for York to respond to him. York is slow.

    There was a lot of talk about forced ratification, and older unit 2s (course instructors) got up and thanked the grad students for supporting them so far, and pleaded not to let a forced rat divide us.

    There was talk about how people can donate their strike pay to the hardship fund, which helps out those who are struggling (particularly people with dependants) over and above what they can make with strike pay, and there was discussion about how we can cut down on other costs to give more to the hardship fund.

    There were some little kids running around, and bunch of tired nerdy academics walking around in snowpants.

    Re: reports of disruptions at Schulich/Osgoode, these were not planned or authorized by any committee of the union, and if CUPE members did it, they did it on their own.

    There was appreciation expressed for the cookies provided at meetings.

  53. BALLER


  54. alien baby

    @ Woot
    Sorry, to clarify – CUPE recognized an error in York’s calculations last Tues/Wed and notified the mediator immediately. There was still no response to the mediator from York about whether they accepted or rejected that correction, as of Wed night.

  55. afds

    yea, im going to agree, cupe is pretty sexy. york looks like a character from curb your enthusiasm. dont remember which

  56. anonymous

    @alien baby…even with that correction i mean there is still many more demands which still must be adressed so that correction will it make that big of a difference?

  57. anonymous

    as of now it seems as if york is laying back as its going to be vacation time..i figure in the upcoming new year more advances wil be made

  58. nikgs

    We want Pinkerton.

    Saddest part about these ads is that apparently they were made by the same people responsible for over 50% of my education at York. Wish I could get my money back for the semester :/

  59. nahhh i gotta admit thier futile attemts make those ads pretttty funny

  60. york2


    find a way to show your dissatisfaction, or cause them some financial setback that negates the gains they have gone on strike for.

  61. annonymous

    the real irony about this is that they want us to gain support for cupe, yet it is them who are responsible for potentially getting rid of our reading week and possibly extending our school term

  62. Joyees

    I hate Mac ads…the Mac is always a pretentious asshole who skewers facts to make the PC look way worse than they are.

    Funny how CUPE are the Mac…

  63. Blue

    Well done Chris,
    About time someone found a bit of humor in this terrible situation… i always found it a little bit funny to start out with.

    Hope things work out for you guys

  64. education is a right?

    Mildly entertaining, but more so immature and a waste of time! How about go back to the bargaining table instead of making silly copyright infringement ads?
    And STILL DOING HOMEWORK is right…wheres the undergrad in these? Once again we are the only ones without a voice!

  65. nikgs

    I don’t see how York2. Stuck for ideas. Getting to the point where I don’t see how I can financially finish the year tho, so I don’t see why I can’t sue to get back tuition and living expenses.

  66. Impatient


    You can’t because it’s in the Universities Disclaimer for Students;

    “York University disclaims all responsibility and liability for loss or damage suffered or incurred by any student or other party as a result of delays in or termination of its services, courses or classes by reason of force majeure, fire, floods, riots, war, strikes, lock-outs, damage to University property, financial exigency, or other events beyond the reasonable control of the University. ”

    I’m not gonna post the link, because then this post won’t make it to you.

  67. An undergrad.

    In the first video, “York” is wearing a scarf draped over his shoulders which is reminiscent of a Tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl worn during prayer.

    Typically, the Tallit will be used to cover the head and shoulders during prayer, symbolic of reverence and submission of one’s headship to God. The significance of the shawl is quite deep within orthodox Judaism.

    However, if not engaged in prayer, the shawl can remain draped around the shoulders:

    Not sure if this is what they were representing via the”York” character in the first video. However, it was the first thing that did come to mind.

    They should be cautious.

  68. sangee

    this is why we shouldn’t give children a union.

  69. Stef

    @ An Undergrad,
    Oh, Sweetie…he has a crystal ball – he’s a fortune teller. It’s like a 10 year old’s Halloween costume. Except a 10 year old would break the ball.

  70. Impatient

    It’s just a scarf on his shoulders, you can go buy them pretty much any where now. If you wanna start getting in to it, those scarfs actually resemble the traditional outfits people have to wear in the middle east, pretty sure the muslim religion wears them? Correct me if I’m wrong. How many people wear them as a style now around school and you don’t hear anyone complaining?

    Besides, during prayer are they usually holding a crystal ball?

  71. Update

    Shoukri’s statement on the necessity of “finanacial restraint” at this time (see main page of York website) which he restated in very similar terms at the senate meeting last night. I also thought this sounded fishy so I asked a financier friend of mine (BAH applied economics, MA financial economics, current Baystreet investment banker) to deconstruct the argument about endowmnetrevenue for me. Here is his reply, which he has agreed should bewidely disseminated : “This really pisses me off. His board obviously told him what to say. Just because the market value of the investments has lowered does not meanthat the investment income/dividends will decrease by the same amount. Theyields (Annual cash payout/market value of the security) on most Canadiansecurities have increased in the last few months, as stock price drops haveoutpaced dividend payout decreases. All an endowment should really care about is “how much cash does this poolof assets produce per year?” They don’t buy assets to achieve short-termcapital appreciation, they buy them for their annual cash distributions. The York portfolio likely consists of a significant amount of fixed incomesecurities. These securities may have decreased significantly in marketvalue as credit spreads have widened, but that has absolutely no impact onthe actual cash received by the security holder (absent bankruptcy). Therecan be mark-to-market “gas” without any actual impact to cash flow. Another example would be if they own some real estate investments. There maybe a huge correction in market value of the asset, but the annual cash flowsproduced from the asset might not change at all (assuming rent and operatingcosts stay more or less constant – not unreasonable). Assuming they have along-term view, they shouldn’t care if there are occasional mark-to-marketlosses on the assets, as long as they consistently pay out cash to thebeneficiaries. What the impact will be going forward is anybody’s guess, but it would bevery interesting to understand what is actually in that portfolio to betterunderstand the impact on annual cash flow generation of the endowment. York is a joke. They are using the so-called economic crisis as a means topreserving the size of the endowment (ie. not paying out dividends / incomeand leaving it in the portfolio, artificially propping up the return of theportfolio, instead of doing what it is there to do: Fund the services thatstudents are ostensibly paying for.” Given that York’s board of governors contains former CEOs and CFOs ofmajor financial institutions, I don’t think we can read Shoukri’sstatement as anything other than a) a clear manipulation of the factsand b) a further attempt to make CUPE’s demands look unreasonable andits members uneducated in matters of economics. SHAME!

  72. nikgs

    @ impatient

    Yea I know, just an unfortunate situation. Should have gone to trade school!

  73. Ridculous

    ~sigh~ This York/Cupe war is growing tired and does nothing for anyone’s spirits.

  74. Mark AMR

    @Update: “BAH applied economics, MA financial economics, current Baystreet investment banker.”

    Sounds like a plan for me.

  75. Okay ..This is completly ridiculous–while many of us are stressing over what is going to happen in the new year–they are spending their time making these ads to prove … what? Personally, I don’t care anymore if they get anything.. I just want to get back to school in Jan.

  76. Thomas Barany

    So….the Union has enough time and money to do this???? While the students waste their lives away waiting!!!!???


    My greatest dream is that this would be some form of copyright infringement and that Apple would sue their asses, and THEN they can cry about not having enough money.

    In case nobody noticed, we are in a recession! Come the F%#% on!! GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY!

  77. sdfsf

    Every member of CUPE should be fired, starting at the top.

  78. BackInClass

    I realize that the strike has been over for quite some time now, but I’d like to make a few things clear. For those of you complaining about the time, effort and finances CUPE has invested in these videos, you’ll happy to know that they didn’t cost a cent. Furthermore, the actors are MFA students who are also the 1st year Undergrad Theatre student’s acting instructors…in fact, the actor playing York was my instructor. For those of you saying that the Union needs to spend less time making films and more time at the bargaining table — did you know that the University was only willing to negotiate on eight out of the eighty some-odd days we were out of class? EIGHT. It had nothing to do with the Union’s willingness to bargain and everything to do with the University’s. Moreover, the people who created these videos are only doing what they know how to do to influence change: they’re writing, acting, creating; how could you be angry with them for that? And for those of you complaining that the acting sucks, both of these actors (Chris Karczmar and Claire Wynveen) were in York’s recent production of “The Bundle” — I literally WEPT in that show. I have never been so moved by a performance before. So before you go judging them based off a parody that’s MEANT to be mediocre and cheasy, why don’t you show some support and buy a ticket for a Theatre @ York production and see what we’re really made of. And my last comment: antisemetic? Are you kidding me? Chris Karczmar IS Jewish — what does that have to do with anything? The actor himself is a Jew; so for you to think it’s antisemetic for a Jewish actor to be performing…well, dude, you pretty much sound like a racist yourself. Alright, that’s my rant. Chris and Claire, you guys are fantastic, I love you both. These videos were great and I laughed a lot. Catch you on the flip side.

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