Remember, Remember the 11th of December

Don’t forget to come out tomorrow at 2PM outside of the Schulich School of Business to Rally the Senate. You will see a whole bunch of people so don’t be shy and come join us! Even if you don’t have a sign your presence is voice enough.

Hope to see you all there!

Good night




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32 responses to “Remember, Remember the 11th of December

  1. Commuter

    Good luck with the rally!

  2. tester

    YorkStrike2008, you should email ALL the media outlets (TV and newspapers and radio) and invite them to the rally. Press coverage is always good for our cause.

  3. naw yo bun that idea. just chillax and everything will take care of itself. until then have a dance with maryJ and let the uplifting sounds of your friends and dream trance lift you to a greater place.

    i love you all!!! drive safely and i hope we all get through these difficult times. 🙂

  4. hullo

    I’m not coming.

  5. bituary


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  7. good to see ppl coming out and getting the voices of the students heard. kudos.
    i wont be attending however.

    i think its common knowledge now that we will be going back in mid jan. looks like that back to work legislation will get our asses back in classes

  8. Commuter

    @ mike

    I’m confused… how do you figure that? It seems contradictory- we’d be back mid-January, but because of back-to-work legislation?! The legislature is shutting down today… no sign of back-to-work legislation.

  9. MR Two

    Heading to work now guys =\

  10. Sorry guys, got sick today and can’t make it. Please post pictures and have a detailed write up when you get back. PLEASE! And good luck.

  11. mr schulich

    I heard Chuck Swirsky is coming?

  12. @ arber

    ill be there if you show up.

  13. Chuck Swirsky lives and works in Chicago now :S.


    Every day it looks more and more likely that we will have this semester cancelled. Meaning I will have wasted 3 months of schooling for nothing. I think that if this semester is cancelled the University should pay all thier students for time wasted at school for no reason. I am barely getting by right now and if this semester extends into the summer i will be losing over 1000 a week which is what allows me to break even and save for the following year. I just hope this ends soon or else i will have some serious problems such as planning my wedding for 2010 which was the year i was suppost to graduate but if semester gets cancelled it will put more unneeded pressure on my shoulders. Yet again Thank You York for being inconsiderate and Selfish and caring so much about students neededs and not your own right

  15. Ridculous

    Well, I am going and even if no one goes but me(unlikely) I will at least have 3 pages from a signed petition.

  16. anonymous

    does anyone know what todays meeting is about? i hope you guys are not pushing for a december start back to school that will ultimately ruin most peoples’ christmas plans

  17. Confused....

    I will be there and I don’t think anyone will push for a December restart seing that Monday is the deadline

  18. anonymous

    gotcha ok i was wondering whther or not you guys are pushing for that

  19. anonymous

    @confused do you know what this meeting is about?

  20. Ridculous

    I have copied and pasted the meetings agenda below:

    Notice of Meeting

    to be held at 3:00 pm. on Thursday, December 11, 2008 in the
    Robert McEwen Auditorium, Schulich School of Business, Keele Campus

    1. Chair’s Remarks (Nov 27, 2008)

    2. Minutes of the Meeting of November 27, 2008

    3. Business Arising From the Minutes

    4. Inquiries and Communications

    4.1 Report of the Senators on the Board of Governors (Synopsis of December 2 Meeting)
    4.2 Report of the Colleague to the Council of Ontario Universities (COU Update)

    5. President’s Items

    6. Committee Reports
    6.1 Executive
    6.1.1 Nominations for Election to Senate Committees
    6.1.2 Summary of Actions Taken Before and During the Disruption of Academic Activities
    (For information)
    6.2 Curriculum and Academic Standards
    6.2.1 Establishment, Master of Financial Accountability Degree: Statutory Motion
    6.2.2 Establishment, Master of Financial Accountability Program
    6.3 Academic Policy and Planning

    7.Other Business

    H. Lewis, Secretary

  21. Ridculous

    Basically, when I petitioned and handed out flyers yesterday. I told students the rally was very loose and that they could bring a sign, or just be present to show the senate that the care about their academic school year. I also, invited students who may have specific concerns or demands to write them down on a piece of paper and try to hand them to a senate member when they are going to the meeting.

  22. anonymous

    awesome thanks for the info

  23. Confused....

    anonymous you should come what do you have to lose? I don’t live close to the school but can you afford to lose the year? I can’t so its time we start to do something

  24. anonymous

    i got nothing to lose in actuality i want to come but i cannot due to having a broken leg…and so it makes it extremely difficult for me to get around i have a car but i cant drive cuz its my driving foot…but good luck to all of you..i dont want to lose my year however being truthfully honest i dont want to go back in december

  25. anonymous

    although i am not coming i have let many of my fellow colleagues at york know what you guys are doing and if i am correct many of them are attending theyll be a little lost on what to do but they are attending anyways

  26. yorkstrike2008

    Well hey everyone I am here at schulich right now. It’s not cold at all really. I’m the guy with a bunch of red signs!!!

    Come down.

  27. Yorkie

    No December start, if that happens I’ll know who to blame…

  28. F-Ed Up

    Good luck guys!!!

  29. anonymous

    @yorkie: im with you 100 percent

  30. Sug

    What can we do in the next few days to push for classes to resume before the drop dead date of Dec.15th?


  31. Ridculous

    @ All

    Just got back and I saw the red signs good job. The petition is gathering signatures and can be submitted to the secretary for the senate executive committee which meets this coming Tuesday.
    Post here if you want details and I will provide my e-mail to those interested in helping.

    NOTE: The next senate meeting is January 10, 2009 (diff. from senate executive meeting). The meeting are open to all York university members (which includes all students) due to the strike the meeting ends with a town hall where concerns, questions can be brought forth.

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