MPP Peter Shurman Calls for Resignation of the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities


Not gonna happen Peter, sorry.



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78 responses to “MPP Peter Shurman Calls for Resignation of the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

  1. Yeh, am sure Peter knows it won’t happen!
    May be in the 2010 ‘mega strike’ it would lol

  2. Pally Wally

    Pretty funny how the adversarial politics of parliament echo the collective bargaining process, no?

    Even so – Shurman got pwned.

  3. Pally Wally

    Has anyone called to attention the fact that the ‘defender’ of higher education does not himself have a B.A?

  4. hehe

    i love it during politic things when the random people (“supporters”?) all stand up and clap lmfao… it’s like comedy

  5. A UofT TA

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but CUPE 3902 (UofT) Unit 1 had a majority vote pushing for a strike mandate. However, the earliest a strike can begin is mid to end of January.

  6. yorkstrike2008

    Really, he doesn’t have a B.A. ?

  7. mr schulich

    ahahahaha….the minister of training just got punkeddd…..all he does it repeat the same facts again and again….

    he knows he should resign…hes just there to milk every last dollar possible…[Edited by Moderator]

  8. jk12

    I’m from thornhill and although I a) am a liberal and b) don’t think Shurman’s resignation demands will go through, the man is standing up for his citizens and all the students at York and in the process showing some big cojones…gotta love it!

  9. Bobert

    @Pally Wally

    From another point of view not having a bachelor of arts and going many years of experience making a living without one, contrasting it with the difference in standard of living with people with a B.A may help you understand the value of higher education likely to advocate people get one? I mean you don’t don’t have to have H.I.V or some other S.T.D to promote contraception methods do you?

  10. mr schulich


    raps game at 7pm folks…ring it up

  11. Pally Wally

    Bobert, I think the obvious answer to that argument would be that Parliamentarians are generally not people who feel they’ve been short-changed in life.

  12. Man, it’s all a show now. All of a sudden MPPs are standing up because they want face time for the next election.

  13. undergrad123

    “John holds a BA (Honours) in History from Carleton University, a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a doctorate in Modern History from the University of Oxford where he was a Commonwealth Scholar.”

    from his website

  14. Besides, it totally turned into a cabinet thing. It shifted from York to the resignation of the minister to pretty much Conservatives just hating on Liberals as oppositions tend to do.

  15. mr schulich

    What do people think about the Raptors?…wheres the love at…..

  16. That was awesome.

    Go peter shurman. I don’t care if he doesn’t resign which we know he won’t. Millroy can kiss my a**. He says the same goddamn thing everytime he is confronted by Shurman. At least try and spice things up a bit.

  17. seymour

    Hear! hear! to mr schulich! where is the love at? as much as i love the raps, i don’t think they’re going to do so well this year, unless our defence can step up their game

  18. Pally Wally

    Didn’t Stephen Harper’s government nearly fall last week for (among other things) trying to crush collective bargaining strategies (ie. strikes)?

    The undergrads keep complaining they have no power, but they aren’t willing to use their power (the almighty dollar) to do anything about it. Go on strike, and demand a tuition refund. That will get things moving.

    Asking the government to get involved is so short-sighted (and futile) that it would be laughable if it weren’t the actions of those supposedly pursuing higher education – who should know better.

  19. JMac

    Undergrads hold the weakest position in this contract dispute. I can just imagine that the above poster probably looked around the room he is in looking for approval for his smartass crack about students going on strike to get a tuition refund for the mess he and his friends have created. At this point students are trying to salvage their semester, not kill it by asking for their money back.

  20. B

    The next election is 3 years away! What good is face time right now? The collective memory of the viewing public isn’t all that.

  21. annonymous

    Peter Shurman is the man.
    At least he’s doing SOMETHING to help us undergrad students out…. that’s not something we can say about Dalton McGuinty and the liberals.

  22. Ridculous


    I agree, I spent 4 hours getting signatures for a petition to the senate today. It took a long time because I had to explain so much. That the rally is neutral, meant to address are academic concerns, etc. A lot of the responses were positive today.

  23. Pally Wally

    The poster above has no penis. Interesting that you assumed I did, though.

    As Jmac , Peter Shurman and their cohorts are no doubt aware, the university will not ‘scrap’ the semester – as they cannot afford to – and the fear-mongering suggesting that tomorrow’s cessation of parliament has Shurman as its Jack Bauer is farcical.

    Beep. Boop.

  24. Ridculous

    @ PallyWally

    I am confused by poster above did you mean me? And if so please clarify.

  25. Pally Wally

    Just to clarify, ‘the above poster’ was Jmac’s reference to me for some reason and my use of it is solely in reference to their refusal to mention my nick.
    I hope no one reads it as being directed in any way towards Ridculous – or any other ‘above’ posters about which I know nothing.

  26. Boy, what’s wrong with some of you guys? You’re right…I stopped in the middle of my BA program and got into media…I even went to York U for awhile in the MBA program but got sidetracked there too. Didn’t stop me from being successful in media, business, and politics. But now I’m 61 and you’re not!! I don’t need York for myself…I need it for you in Ontario in 2008. As for posturing, the Ontario election is 3 years away and this issue will be long forgotten. I’m here for one reason only…to represent my constituents. Hundreds have emailed urging me to press McGuinty and Milloy on this strike and that’s what I’m doing. It’s your year heading for the scrap heap, not mine! So discuss my motives if you like but know that this is about what’s fair, nothing more.

  27. Pally Wally

    Ridculous – sorry for the misunderstanding.

  28. dsd

    lol Shurman lol

  29. Yushky

    Ya so, obviously back-to-work legislation isn’t going to happen. I’m sure we’ll be back sometime in January, if not February. Happy Holidays everyone!

  30. JMac

    If you are so sure that the university won’t scrap the semester, then why would you suggest that students go on strike to get a tuition refund? Be careful what you assume, or you may just lose your little TA gig.

  31. Pally Wally

    I read the Dean saying the semester won’t be lost, buddy – that is not an assumption.

    Students are saying they have no power – but that is only partly true. They are simply unwilling to exercise their power. Something tells me that if the University were faced with an undergraduate strike, would likely be more pro-active in bringing to fruition the resumption of classes.

    But undergraduates aren’t going to organize in any meaningful way, and will just play the victim, and as a result they can choose to view themselves as powerless – when in fact, they are far from it.

  32. yorkstrike2008

    As much as I think that the comments made towards the Minister in the video are a little ridiculous, we should give Mr. Shurman respect for being one of the only politicians who has tried to, in the very least, bring these antics to the government.

    Some of you dismiss him too quickly. Many of you may very well be here in 2010 when they go for the mother strike, so to speak. Mr. Shurman would be a good ally to have at that point.

    I hope all of you are coming out tomorow!

    good night

  33. F-Ed Up

    @ Pally Wally

    Not trying to be argumentative or anything – just another perspective on it:

    And then there are people like me, who don’t want their tuition back. We want to graduate in June like we’re supposed to, and get jobs in September. We only signed up for a year-long program – and none of us want to still be here this time next year, waiting to graduate and scrambling for January LTO contracts, competing with everyone from every other school who’ve already got a term of work experience under their belts…

    I know part of your point is that if the threat is there it becomes less likely that we actually lose the term (or at least I think that’s part of your point?) but still I don’t think me or my friends would feel to good about demanding something that would do more harm than good, were it to happen.

    Unless I am misreading you – perhaps you mean that we should demand tuition back for every week lost, even if the term itself is not lost? If that is the case, then the above perspective does not really bare on the situation.

  34. anonymouse

    @Pally Wally

    please take off your tin foil hat, an undergraduate strike will do nothing, the great leadership of CUPE3903 and the YFS has told us that they’re fighting to get rid of neoliberalism, so its evident the administration doesn’t care about us, if anything an undergraduate “strike” benefits them, because they can simply disbar all of us for not achieving a passing grade for wasting their time like that. It’s a university we’re students not employee’s, we can always be replaced with people who want to learn.

  35. B

    Wait a minute, you want undergrads to go on strike??? Why the hell would the administration bother with us then? They have our dough for this term and we lack any means to gain a refund for it. The university can simply state that we refused the service in such a situation, or refused the remediation offered in this case. Striking isn’t necessarily a mean to gain grounds. Just luck at the current situation?!? The Union and the Admin are simply waiting things out till they are both in a corner to compromise.

    It is still way to early to start panicking about a lost term and demanding tuition back for that loss. 85 missed days is the magic number here. That’s 17 weeks of missed classes. We haven’t even reached the halfway point.

  36. mr schulich

    you guys need to chill man….you just missed the raptors game yo

  37. Pally Wally

    Where is Shurman on the issue of dropping tuition fees? Perhaps the fact that he’s the MPP of a riding with among the highest average household incomes in Ontario has something to do with why he was nowhere to be found on November 5th; I’ve sent him a few emails asking him to outline why he refuses to speak about tuition fees, with no response.
    I think calling him an “ally” should be done with extreme caution, after all, the people striking are for the most part, students too. I think that needs to be kept in mind when we say someone is speaking for “Students”.

    Undergraduates need to be prepared to lose the year – if you look at how undergraduate strikes have gone down in the past (see Quebec 2005, for example) – in order to be listened to. It is unfair that you have found yourself in this position, and I know a lot of people in a similar spot – unfortunately it doesn’t seem as though either side sees any point in ending this soon, and my bets are on CUPE to win the war of attrition. That is why I think a mass strike of all undergraduates would be the quickest way to settle the strike – or ruin the university. Which is more likely?

  38. B

    Additionally, how on earth are the administration or the union going to feel the impact of an undergraduate strike when classes are canceled to begin with? Do we just show up at York and loiter in the halls versus populating lecture halls, classrooms and the various libraries for no apparent reason? You could say we are on a forced strike right now. What benefit are we getting from it? Is bargaining progressing smoothly? Are the two sides even remotely close to meeting halfway? Hell, the YFS, that sorry excuse for an undergrad student voice, through their weight behind 3903 and achieved squat. Correction, further cemented their reputation as useless body run by a tool with idiotic ideas on using donor money to cater to this issue.

    The only way that an undergrad strike would be felt is if classes were taking place. But in that situation, we would only suffer some more.

  39. Is 85 days including weekends or only the 5 weekdays?

    I’m only asking because 85/7 = 12.14

    and 85/5=17

    I’ve heard 12 weeks thrown around a lot, but maybe its 17??

  40. B

    I’m assuming it doesn’t include weekends since the larger majority of classes don’t have Saturday or Sunday sections.

    Could be wrong though. But it just doesn’t seem likely that the Admin or Union would force it to a cancellation of the term. It defeats their purposes and most certainly will not sped up a resolution.

  41. As if

    ‘calling for his resignation’?

    What’s Sherman smoking? And can I have some of it too? It’ll help me while away the hours during this strike.
    Maybe he got a hold of some Salvia that figured recently in a toronto star article.

    Sherman’s christmas wishlist could read the following:

    1) Big trumpet to match the drum I’m beating already lately.
    2) Megaphone
    3) Latest copy of ‘100 ways to jump the bandwagon’
    4) Lego Soapbox

  42. F-Ed Up

    @ Pally Wally

    I understand what you’re saying, though there is a part of me which refuses to understand it because accepting a notion like this might cause me to undergo a temporary bout of insanity… ha…ha.

    I find your idea intriguing, though I must admit that personally I do not see it as realistic. What exactly do you mean by “striking” or “organizing” to get our money back… is this something that is even hypothetically possible? If so, please explain.

  43. Fred

    It seems like there are people here who are willing to sacrifice democratic values for a little instant gratifications which is government stepping into our daily lives and making decisions. Tomorrow it converts to government making decisions about our social life and sooner than later we have government everywhere in our daily lives. This is a political stunt by Shurman to make himself and concervatives look concerned and caring which in reality is neither
    We MUST NOT let government enter our lives. Government intervention is only needed in extreme cases where nothing else works. You dont go to hospital and stay under emergency for a week when you catch a cold. Everything must a proportional response and letting government in is the most extreme for this issue
    As a 4th year student, I’m as concerned as all of you over here but I try to look at the big picture

    I dont mean to be insulting to anyone and honestly I’m not being mean, but there are people here in Canada who are accustomed to other types of government in their lives and think governments must interfere in every possible opportunity; well it is Canada and it based on democracy. As much as it hurts us right now, unions and others have rights in this counry and those rights must be kept nevertheless. These are the same rights that make up the foundation of our beautiful and democratic country.

    You can’t expect to enjoy your own personal freedom and rights but expect unions rights and freedoms to be taken away

  44. Pally Wally

    The reasoning that ‘they already have our money’ suggests that an undergraduate strike would never have an effect. The longer the strike goes, the more class hours will have to be canceled and the more each hour of instruction costs us relative to what was paid. 17 Weeks missed is more than an entire term, or half a term spread over the year – full credit for half a year of work? Sounds fishy to me.
    Suppose another strike in 2 years happens that goes 17 weeks. People will be graduating having attended what will amount to fewer than 3 years of post-secondary, not to mention that OAC was given the heave-ho ~6 years ago. How is York ever going to suggest that quality over quantity extends that far?
    Maybe a strike would be badly timed here, but I think undergraduates need to investigate ways to get the 85 days number being thrown around dropped down – whether that is by demanding tuition back, or by getting professors elsewhere to call into question the education that one can receive in a school year that amounts to <19weeks of in-class instruction.
    While a a class-action lawsuit may be doomed to failure, it is funny that those Osgoode students who once said they would organize such an action are somehow back in class as we speak.

    Fred makes a good point about the slippery slope of government involvement in University disputes – but I would hasten to mention that the enshrined labour laws we have are because government plays a necessary role in guaranteeing the values and freedoms we create. We need to fight for education, now and in the near future because some things, like healthcare require that we all give up some of our personal freedom (ie. income) in order to produce a society in which we can suggest that those that are most deserving get ahead, where we are free to make choices for ourselves fully informed and healthy, as individuals.

  45. Fred

    And stop calling Shurman an ally. Where was this guy when people talked about tuition and government reducing them? How come he never felt so strong about that aspect?
    Is it really that hard to see Shurman’s actions for what it is? The typical “I care and I call the minister to resign” behavior with the obvious agenda behind it?
    How come he never asked the minister to resign because of tuition fees?

    If I’m having government stepping in ,let it be about tuition fees which wont change regardless of the strike. This is something that politicans should care and raise their voices about, not a 2 month strike which has way less impact than tuition fees

    Don’t be naiive and think someone cares because he or she says so

    PS: I don’t have any partisanship in my attitude towards Shurman and his so called “caring for students” campaign. My opinion would be the same if he were a liberal

  46. B

    @Fred – it sounds like your saying that sometimes the democratic rights of one group trumps those of others. Which is entirely undemocratic as well.

    Petitioning the government for help can be seen as an exercise in democratic rights. This wasn’t an issue that was pulled out of thin air. Free citizens have every opportunity to write/call their member of provincial government to voice their concerns and their support/non support for this issue.

    But I do agree with you – allowing the government increasing involvement and control in some areas is a dangerous game.

    @Pally Wally – Osgoode had greater motivation and very very weak ties to 3903. Only two 3903 members have ties to Osgoode. When was Osgoode investigating legal action? Wasn’t it outside pressures that were the stronger force with this case. Law students meeting requirements for the Legal Society and BAR exam. The loss of legal aids in the non profit/low income clinics staffed by law students.

    But, with undergrads, how feasible is legal action towards the Admin and CUPE? How do undergrads fund this? How do we even get the process going? The YFS certainly could have stepped up in such a situation. Yet, they’ve consistently let undergrads down and squandered away the fees we put into that sham of a student union.

  47. Fred

    @ B,
    deciding to shut down classes was the university’s decision. For instance, UofT keeps the classes going during strike and alter the course examinations and their weight. Now I’m not syaing University’s decision was unrealistic, it was better to cancel the classes to prevent any major headaches but the bottom line is, our freedom and rights are not affected by CUPE’s strike. They are pursuing their own right of protesting their employer, and it is the employer which decided to hold no classes not CUPE. We may not like the sound of it, but we look at it objectively and without any bitter feelings regarding this whole mess we see that it is the university that is responsible for holding classes and not TAs

    I’m not supporting CUPE and neither I’m in favor of the York. There are some idealogical ultra leftists at the head of CUPE who enjoy striking and fighting the so called “capitalists”. York is at same time not willing to come to any conclusion and keeps putting our PR to make themselves look good without putting any real effort to resolve the issue. If they are serious about working out this strike, they can put out a reasonable offer and call a force ratifications. This will corner those foolish ideological leftists and let the TAs to make their own decision and not to be toyed for leftists purposes

  48. Pally Wally

    MPP Peter Shurman,

    CUPE3903 is comprised mostly of students – students who see binding arbitration as an untenable path. Are undergraduate student’s rights to be put ahead of graduate student’s rights? Doesn’t the whole situation speak to an emerging crisis in the funding of post-secondary education in Ontario?
    Why not ask the province to furnish the funds to end this strike? Wouldn’t that also get students back in class?

    I don’t know what circumstances surrounded your leaving university – I think that it is excellent that you were able to find a rewarding career without a BA, but I would hope that your time was not cut short due to financial pressure – I would not wish that on anyone.

    There are some serious questions to be raised about the quality of post-secondary education in Ontario, and I think that it would help if you were a voice that spoke to raise those questions, because the students you speak for do indeed deserve to be in class, and they do deserve the best education we can provide them, but part of that means making sure that those that provide that education are afforded the same opportunity.

  49. JMac

    “I read the Dean saying the semester won’t be lost, buddy – that is not an assumption. ”

    It’s funny you CUPE boys don’t believe anything else York admin says…. now you believe this?

  50. Pally Wally

    @Pally Wally – Osgoode had greater motivation and very very weak ties to 3903. Only two 3903 members have ties to Osgoode. When was Osgoode investigating legal action? Wasn’t it outside pressures that were the stronger force with this case. Law students meeting requirements for the Legal Society and BAR exam. The loss of legal aids in the non profit/low income clinics staffed by law students.

    But, with undergrads, how feasible is legal action towards the Admin and CUPE? How do undergrads fund this? How do we even get the process going? The YFS certainly could have stepped up in such a situation. Yet, they’ve consistently let undergrads down and squandered away the fees we put into that sham of a student union.

    Why are we always talking “at” (@) each other, rather than ‘to’ one another? [NP: Why Can’t We Be Friends”]

    The pressure to get Osgoode back was mostly because, yes, they aren’t staffed by CUPE3903 members to the same extent (an benefit of paying about $20,000/year?). The issue of bar exams was a little over-stated, but the legal-aid clinic thing was such a smokescreen; they could have continued to run them as they are a) not for credit and b)not necessary to their program and c) although plenty of programs and services continue to run during the strike, if crossing the picketline was at all an issue, a third-party venue could have been arranged.

    With this in mind, what I was referring to were several posters here and elsewhere, claiming to be law students who wanted to start class action lawsuits to get back to class – my point is that you need to fight with everything you have got. Law students used: tuition (they pay a ton), teaching composition (and faculty that are more likely to scab compared to pinko Arts faculty) legal threats (class action suits), sympathy (legal aid clinics they run), job market and quality of education arguments (bar exam preparation, internship interviews) and so on…

    Undergraduates could get a lawyer to work on contingency basis – that would take a portion of the refund (to roughly 40K undergraduates) of the lost tuition. Someone I’m sure would like that payday. The problem would be finding someone who thought they could win, or someone willing to do it for the publicity. I’m sure there are more than a few unemployed/underemployed law school graduates in the city looking to make a name for themselves.

  51. Pally Wally

    Jmac, Let’s not take his word; then all we have to go on is history, and historical precedence is a dish best served cold, no? Or is it the economic reality of refunding over 100million clams compared to the paltry demands of 50% of York’s teaching staff? I can never remember which.

    Beep. Boop.
    Beep. Boop.

    Hurry Jack Bauer!

  52. jojojimbo

    I’m pretty sure that the deadline is 12 weeks…then they cancel the semester…but i’m not 100% on this, I’ve heard it on AM 680 on my morning drives I THINK….weird I can’t pinpoint it exactly…but they also said 12 weeks then mentioned how the last major strike ended at 11.5 weeks to avoid cancellation…

    Just something to think about for anyone who’s so sure that this semester won’t be lost…you never know…

  53. Impatient

    Has anyone else seen the videos on that cupe posted about york university and how the mean the big bad university is to the lil old union?

  54. Impatient

    I also find it quite humours how cupe claims that being paid what, $400/week for doing 10 hours a week is not fair, whereas the union is paying them $200/week for doing 20+ hours of strike duty a week. Whose putting who in the poverty line now?

  55. hahaha im too lazy to watch this bullshit cause thats what it is. i can predict with great proximity the level of bullshit spewing from his mouth…

  56. Stef

    Pally Wally,
    I love it. As soon as I read the beep boop I knew what you were talking about.
    I keep comparing this to 24 too. (The more you watch, the more you see conspiracies everywhere!)

  57. hullo

    who the hell is this guy??? Annoying

  58. Kaze

    People should just start setting cars on fire and trashing sh!t. That’s how it’s done in Greece and it always seems to get people back to their day jobs. What the hell is this bs?

  59. Hameed

    loll according 2 my uncle..this is all fart and no shit..gotta love that..

  60. Andrei MR

    @Peter Shurman MPP:

    “It’s your year heading for the scrap heap, not mine!”

    We know where your heart really lies, Peter. You’re only interested in popularity. You’re a weak member of the Ontario Legislature, in my opinion.

    And, I’m one of your constituents in Thornhill, by the way.

  61. annonymous

    @ Andrei MR:

    Haha are you joking? Do you see any of MPPs trying to get us back in class? I for one am appreciative of his effort. Lose the ignorance, no one else is out there fighting for the undergrads……

  62. Dale

    @Andrei MR… I’m also from Thornhill as well…. kind of ashamed that this man represents us.

    @annonymous: Just because you “see” someone acting in a certain way doesn’t mean that they are acting genuinely, or that there isn’t an ulterior motive driving Shurman’s actions. That’s politics for you.

  63. tester

    Regardless of why Peter Shurman is supporting the students, it is important to note that his objective is the same as ours, which is getting back to class.

    I don’t care if he is acting genuinely, or if he has an ulterior motive….at the end of the day, he wants what we want, an end to the strike.

  64. Ridculous

    Well, I am going and even if no one goes but me(unlikely) I will at least have 3 pages from a signed petition.

  65. Andrei MR


    If you really think Shurman’s looking out for undergrads, I feel very sorry for you.

  66. Pally Wally

    As I’ve already asked- wouldn’t pressuring the Province to pony up the funds to York also be a solution that would get us back in class?

    It also respects the right to barter your wage value on the supposedly free market. So, it is a pretty conservative solution – one might even say – ‘neutral’ as it really only holds the province to honouring its mandate to support education.

    Shurman is politicking as much as the next person, and backbencher’s bills – especially from the opposition – are extremely rare to see passed, almost as rare as invocations of the notwithstanding clause.

  67. who cares

    ive stopped even careing at all…

    im 4th prestige on call of duty world at war… and im getting amazing at guitar hero!!
    strike FTW!!! lol

  68. ehnoneyemoose

    collective bargianing blah blah milloy is a B!+<H
    its amazing how people get into government…

    milloy only gives a crap about himself
    side vs side bs… whatever… but COME ON… there should be legislation passed that if the col-barg agreement isnt reached by date XX/XX/XXXX then BACK TO WORK legislation should follow up …
    the unions are calling NDP, LIBERALS, BLOC… to form a co-alition of forces so the govt gets more votes because harper is trying to pass the bill for no STRIKES … which i LOVE… our strike is purely political and wont get resolved because of it… harpers, POWER play, (the other bill not allowing gov’t parties to access public money) has put our school on hold as well as the country, i dont blame harper i love him… but its just bad timing…

  69. JMac

    Maybe students aren’t interested in pressuring the province to “pony up” more money for the strikers, who many feel have unfairly put students’ lives into chaos and maybe their year in jeopardy, and who also feel that TAs are compensated adequately for what they do.

    The solution is simple. We know York admin won’t budge and we know that CUPE won’t budge. Agree to binding arbitration and accept what an impartial arbitrator decides is a fair deal. Why are you so afraid of that?

  70. Commuter

    @ Pally Wally

    That is a solution, and that was brought up in the Legislative Assembly today by the Member from Spadina.

    He told John Milloy that the York strike (and the possible U of T strike) are due to the Province not providing adequate post-secondary funding.

    What was John Milloy’s response?

    1) “We encourage both sides to get back to the table.” – an irrelevant remark given the question

    2) He said that education has been thriving under the McGuinty government – B.S.

    3) “University operating budgets have increased between 50-140%”

    With respect to Milloy’s 3rd comment… I wonder why? Can you say skyrocketing tuition fees and failed leadership from Queen’s Park?

    Milloy and his comrades need the boot!

    And as far as back-to-work legislation… didn’t happen. Legislative Assembly is out for the winter break and nothing was passed.

  71. Commuter

    @ JMac

    This is why they are afraid of that:

  72. JMac

    It is obvious by what union members and supporters have said on here that they intend to stay out until York gives in, because they feel that York cannot risk cancelling the semester and returning what could amount to over $100,000,000 in tuition refunds.

    CUPE has no regard for the undergrad students whatsoever or education in general, they are simply out for themselves.

    Unfortunately, this is like a young person being treated with disrespect by a law enforcement officer. You know you didn’t do anything wrong but you also know that the cop holds all the cards, and if you protest, you risk further repercussions. So you put up with it, and shut up.

    You walk away from the situation with a sour taste in your mouth about about cops and authority in general.

    In the case of this strike the majority of students will walk away at the end of all this with a bad taste in their mouth toward unions and everything they stand for.

    Some will have a bad taste in their mouth about York and universities in general.

    People will definitely be transferring out of their programs if they can to one where teachers and admin get along better than they do here. Some will be counselling prospective York students or family members to choose another school.

    York suffers and education suffers.

    You’d think in this time of economic uncertainty that this union would have sense enough to accept the same deal that everyone else is getting in education.

    CUPE sends their messengers on here to suggest that students should protest by striking or mobilize and picket the legislature so they will “pony up” more cash for the TAs.

    CUPE didn’t think this thing through carefully enough. They could have gone on a work-to-rule campaign instead of striking. They could have stuck to the 10 hours per week instead of the 40 to 60 that some claim they spend doing all that TAing. Instead they are very happy to screw with the lives and pocketbooks of 50,000 undergrads as long as they get their deal.


  73. Commuter

    @ JMac

    They were already on a work-to-rule. And it got quite annoying after TAs kept refusing to respond to student emails.

    But I can’t say I disagree with anything you said.

  74. Pally Wally

    Jmac’s police abuse is interesting. Perhaps a more apt analogy would be an abused woman with children. In either instance the idea that the ‘solution’ is to ‘shut up and take it’ seems somehow inadequate to the kind of world I want to live in. If what we want is a University which produces citizens unsympathetic to – and even incapable of – a critical view of authority, then this is a much darker time than anyone can imagine.

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  76. JMac

    @ commuter

    Maybe it got annoying but at least students were in class.

  77. JMac

    No Pally Wally, an abused woman is not a more apt analogy. In that case, at least the woman has the power to leave or to contact authorities to help stop the abuse.

    Undergrads have zero recourse in this stoppage and any CUPE propogandist who comes on here and says otherwise is just as dishonest as any of your phony Youtube videos.

    And ‘Shut up and take it’ may somehow seem inadequate in the world YOU want to live in but it doesn’t seem to bother you to put undergrads in that exact situation in order to try to achieve your own selfish goals.

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