Petition for Rally the Senate

A member of our community has put together a petition that we can present to the Senate on Thursday. If you are a York student and you want the Union and the University to know that we want this settled quickly then sign it please and and get as many signatures as possible. 

There will be further information on how all the petitions will be collected coming soon.

Here is the petition everyone:

Strike 2008 Petition



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9 responses to “Petition for Rally the Senate

  1. j

    im confused if we all sign this online how can everyone sign it?

  2. yorkstrike2008

    @ j

    Print it off and get as many people to sign it as possible. I will be talking to the creator of the petition to discuss the possibility of an online petition to facilitate more participation, especially on facebook.


  3. Commuter

    A suggestion: I would add student number to that petition, in order for the receiving party to verify that you are indeed a York student. 🙂

  4. An online version would be excellent!! It would solve my little personal quandary quite nicely!

    Thanks to the person who put this together and as always to yorkstrike2008 for facilitating this!

  5. Ridculous

    Just added a facebook page for the petition. I am not on facebook normally so I am not sure how it works. If you have know of groups or people I should invite as friends let me know.

    I have updated the petition list to include student # thanks for the suggestion.

    The link:

  6. tester

    has the media been invited to this rally?

  7. tester

    hello? has the media been invited to the rally?

  8. Ridculous


    I e-mailed cp 24 and by sheer luck spoke with a reporter from City in VariHall today.

    The petition went well, I have 3 pages.

  9. Anonymous

    Any news of an online petition yorkstrike2008?

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