Sign Ideas for Rally the Senate

Some of you guys said yesterday that you wanted some ideas for slogans to put on signs for this Thursday. So here are some ideas and a spot to talk about them.


1) Our Tuition = Revenue We are the university’s lifeblood so why aren’t our needs # 1

2) York is a school: So Start Teaching!

3) Our Academics Must Come First!

4) 50,000 on hold!

5)Week 5 and NO talks!

6) We are not pawns!

7) We won’t get a pay raise after this!

8) Pls. help us! We have no voice! 


There are some ideas (1-3 form Ridculous) so you guys can discuss it and throw in some ideas. I’ll add what you’ve posted below to the main post. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL OUT THERE ON THURSDAY!



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48 responses to “Sign Ideas for Rally the Senate

  1. Artem

    Contract faculty + TA’s = 50% of the teaching and 7.5% of the budget.

    50,000 Students = 100% of the learning but 0% of anyone’s care

  2. blackflame28

    … I have no ideas to help out with but I wanted to say “York is a school: So Start Teaching!” made my day. I have been saying that since the beginning!

  3. yorkstrike..

    whats the point…

  4. Ridculous

    Not a sign idea but I will put some flyers up tomorrow (they clear the boards on Sundays). Maybe we can ad a note for sign ideas and questions for the senate. What do you think?

  5. Ridculous

    Just got an e-mail providing more info on papers that may be due on the second day of class. And it raised a good point. So some rough sign ideas in the light.

    SENATE: Papers due 2nd day back to class = We need Academic Remidiation Information NOW!

    SENATE: Class Remediation and Timelines are Essential to our Acadmeic Success!

    SENATE: How Can we do our homework without knowing the weight of assingments due?

    SENATE: No knowledge of Grade Schemes is Unfair!

    SENATE: Completing Assignments without being able to aske questions is unfair!

    Overall, they need work. I wish I could be more concise but I don’t really have the time to work on these today. So, feel free to improve on any of these:

  6. Yorkie

    You know, when you say “We have no voice!” it really hits a nerve with me.

    We have a student government. We are FORCED to pay fees for it every year. Yet they do not represent our needs!! They are clearly incompetent and don’t give a SHIT about students. The only reason people get involved with it is for a nice resume-booster. We need to be able to opt-out of paying that student government fee because it’s ridiculous that we’re paying for a group that has clearly failed its mandate.

  7. Yorkstrike2008

    Great ideas Ridculous!

    I will throw those up right now. Good job!

    Try and get as many people as possible to come. I have about five people who are forsure down!

    If ten of us bring five that’s 50 already!

  8. alien baby

    Slogan ideas:

    “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.” JFK

    “Dear Governor General: Can you also prorogue my rent?”

    “If the senate can’t make this place work, the senate has no authority.”

    “If Barack and Hilary can work it out, why can’t we?”

  9. alien baby

    An employer sees greed.
    A union sees exploitation.
    An undergrad sees lack of Senate leadership.

  10. alien baby

    “Extensions must be negotiated in advance, or late work will not be accepted.”

  11. Commuter

    @ alien baby

    Love it.

  12. yorkstrike2008

    alien baby,

    The first one is excellent that you posted. Make that.

    Guys what we want to do here is not take sides. That is counter productive at this time. We should be defining ourselves as our OWN party pushing for OUR interests.

    That is exactly on the money there alien baby. Good job.

    Will you be coming out?

  13. mr schulich


  14. Pally Wally


    The conservative government is clearly a front for the agenda of the ruling class (or whatever you want to call them) – yet I’m not asking to opt out of paying taxes to Canada.

    Just because York’s student government don’t do anything in your estimation (I agree for the most part); neither do 95% of the clubs that my ancillary fees fund.

    Where do you draw the line?

    Also, I wasn’t around last year – what platform did they run on? What was the mandate that they’ve failed in? Or are you referring to some ephemeral notions of democracy and public service that are difficult to find expressions of in any forum?

  15. F-Ed Up


    The only one on the list in the main post that makes me a bit squeamish is #2 – sounds a bit like the teaching staff are being targeted (though I know that’s not the intention).

    As for my own contribution… All I can think of is making a short mock grading list with 3 requirements… something like “working with others,” “efficiency,” etc… each of which is followed by an “F” grade lol what can I say, I’m an Ed student.

  16. alien baby

    I won’t be there, ’cause I’m affiliated with CUPE and could contaminate your neutral position. But I support you fighting for your voice!

  17. Commuter

    Negotiate don’t procrastinate.

  18. suddenly

    “York University Hates People”

  19. ams

    I’ve seen this before so I don’t take credit for it..


  20. ams

    Another one:

    Can students also strike because the YFS has failed them?

  21. nikgs

    “Will Drop Pants for Education”

  22. tester

    CUPE3903 does not care about undergraduate students.

  23. tester

    Dr. Shoukri does not care about undergraduate students

  24. tester

    Undergraduate students have nothing to gain and everything to loose in this labour dispute

  25. tester

    Dalton McGuinty: don’t YOU care about US?

  26. tester

    DIE CUPE3903 DIE

  27. We can’t wait negotiate!!!

  28. dsd

    “50,000 pissed off students is not pretty.”

  29. @tester.

    Mind if I rip off that poster? lol

  30. tester

    which want do you want to rip off?

  31. Pally Wally

    $6000/year and
    THIS is the
    Best Slogan
    I Could Come
    Up With

    Me Need Teachers Back

  32. F-Ed Up

    I think Pally Wally and nikgs are tied in my mind.

    What about a Mastercard type thing:

    Tuition (price for four years – let’s assume for average undergrad), Housing (price), Transportation (price), A More Certain Future for York Grads: Priceless


  33. F-Ed Up

    (oooh and then on the back it could say: “There are some things money can’t buy. Apparently a conscientious educational institution is one of them.” I know it’s too long but maybe I could squeeze it in…)

  34. Schulicher


    Is some letting the media in on the protest?

    That would be a good idea.

  35. @ F-Ed Up

    haha that’s awesome!

  36. testing

    so really, how many people are confirmed attend this rally on the 11th?

    I don’t want to go and hold yorkstrike2008’s hand

  37. yorkstrike2008

    @ testing

    Aw why not?

    I’ll put up a poll. We had nearly 200 people say they would come out last time. Even 50 would be great!

  38. education is a right?

    “Honk if you like your right to learn”

    “How come everyone has a voice but the students?”

    “Without class there are no students; without students there is no money to pay your salaries!”

    “All I want for Christmas is my education”

    “I should’ve gone to U of T…” (haha!just kidding)

    These are weak but thats the best I can do whilst sitting on my ass getting dumber by the day!

  39. suddenly

    “It’s all York fault”

    “Can I strike too?”

  40. jfjc

    Yorkilling Me

  41. Ridculous

    Great ideas!

  42. blahblah

    “i went to york and all i got was this crap education”

  43. Jovana

    “Education became a prisoners dilemma’s game.
    We, students, sadly became the losers”.

    ‘We spend too much of our time worrying about the mosquitoes and not enough time concerning ourselves about the health of the pond –

    We want our right to education!!!”

    “I am not a marionette!”

    “York Student Code of Conduct:
    – In how to be a York student:
    1) never ask when you will be able to go back to class in a case of labour disruption;
    2) never learn the principle of minimum moral obligation in ethics : to act so for the benefit of others by always preventing and avoiding human suffering”

    ” 21th century labor disruption solutions: A Bailout for York University !!!”


  45. for serious though

    Please end the strike; watching The Price is Right all day has lost its novelty.

  46. for serious though

    Please end the strike; watching the Price is Right all day is losing its novelty.

  47. education is a right?

    haha…the price is right had very little novelty in the first place…sorry ‘for serious tho’…

    I will be there with a sign saying “All I want for Christmas is my right to the education i’m paying for” and possibly some more slogans i havent decided on yet…
    See you all there!

  48. prodigy

    umm sorry yes you are pawns

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