Are you coming on Thursday to fight for school?

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Please come to hold a neutral demonstration outside of the Senate meeting on Thursday Dec. 11th at 2:00 PM @ Robert McEwen Auditorium, Schulich School of Business, Keele Campus to give undergrads a presence and pressure these bozos back to the table before we lose anymore school!





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41 responses to “Are you coming on Thursday to fight for school?

  1. Literate Person

    Lol nice post. Am I coming? No. Are either this post or this whole blog neutral.. ? No. Do I want to go back to school in December? No thank you. Will there be another strike if they do not come to a mutual agreement, without being force by Bill 135? Yes.

  2. AL

    Good luck with that guys!
    I prefer staying in the warm bed after hard day of making money and enjoying my time off school!
    Your “50,000 poor students who demand school back” statement is not correct!
    50,000 …
    Good Day!

  3. Basil El-Salviti

    @ Literate Person

    Must be a TA.

    I hope to be able to make it.

  4. F-Ed Up

    @ AL
    I’m working, too. I had another possible career lined up before I came to York. But I didn’t pay York this year’s tuition so that I could continue to work my boring dead-end job for the rest of my life.

    I’ll be there, barring any unforseen cosmic intervention.

  5. york student

    i want to make it as welll….i haven’t brought my december buspass (obviously) but if i can convince some of my friends…I will come! and pple who are enjoying this nice holiday…be warned that we will all be royally screwed if this strike goes pass Jan and the way things are going now it could!

  6. Relaxo-Grad

    @ Literate Person,
    So much cynicism. Good grief! I would hate to sit beside you in class, what a downer…

    Kudos to YorkStrike2008 for actually taking the initiative to DO something about our situation. This has been the most informative and non-biased hub for strike victims and even strike protesters.

    I want to go back. I’m in no hurry to get there, but damn skippy I’m going to get my degree this year one way or another. Both sides in this conflict are acting like stubborn, egotistical brats, but if I can lend a hand in an effort to at least get them back to the table, then why the hell not?

    We all know that we will likely not see our classes before Christmas (don’t be a tard and ask me for a source, use your common sense). So, if there is some slight, minimal chance that a student rally will nudge them toward talking again, I’m all over it, and I think that most students who are interested in graduating/continuing their degree should pitch in also. We’re not rallying for either side, we’re rallying for our education.

  7. Have you seen what it looks like outside?!

  8. yorkstrike2008

    @ kavisolo

    Wouldn’t you rather be finishing school indoors right now instead of in sunny oh so sunny June!

    Come on guys! Let’s get out there!

    I will be bringing five people! If you can all do the same we’ll have over a hundred tell everyone to come and to check out this site.

  9. Where on campus is the Robert McEwen Auditorium ?

  10. blackflame28

    I’m so upset! This is the second rally I’ve heard about that I’m unable to go to. I’ve been lucky and been able to get full time hours during the strike but I still want to show my support… I’m with you in spirit!

  11. ram

    I think it is utterly useless to have the rally looking at the polls. 87% so far has said no while only 13 % is ready to come..If we do not have more students, we would be unnoticed because a small number no way represents a visible majority……

    Do you think York which was unaffected by the various solidarity rallies by CUPE 3903 joining hands with other unions OR even by the anti strike rally by “yorknothostage” and shurman’s BILL will listen to us??? We will just make a fool out of ourselves.. I would say ” Let us all sit at home and be silent spectators to this DRAMA”…..Nothing can force them to sit at the bargaining table if they are not willing to…..

    The only hope is shurman’s bill..(which has no guarantee)…

  12. Ridculous

    @ confused

    It is in the Schulic School of Business. Just north of the Bennet centre (where student client service is) or just east of the Accolade East building.

    My next post will contain a map (so it will be in post purgatory for a while). It is in building 42

  13. Ridculous

    @ confused

    It is in the Schulic School of Business. Just north of the Bennet centre (where student client service is) or just east of the Accolade East building.

    My next post will contain a map (so it will be in post purgatory for a while). It is in building 42

  14. nellyli

    I would love to attend this rally, however, at this point, I need to work for that day and to be honest, I can’t afford to go back to school on December because I need to work to save money for next year, thanks to this strike!!!!

  15. j

    Thank you so much, yorkstrike2008, for giving us a voice!

    I would have loved to come out and support our education, but I’m sadly getting my wisdom teeth out that day :s

    I hope more people come out, I’m sure even a small rally will have an effect!

    Great job!!

  16. Ridculous

    @ Ram CP24 said only 30 students went to the back the work legislation rally yet it still go noticed by Queens Park. I don’t think we will make a full of ourselves. Also, it will makes a point to the senate regarding information.

    Heck, I’d still go and ask the question with only 1 other person. In my opinion, we need more information from the senate regarding timelines, remediation and its the senate that decides so they might as well hear our concerns.

    I will post around the library today.

  17. F-Ed Up

    @ yorkstrike2008

    I think maybe you should also put something in the main post indicating that this isn’t a demonstration asking to go back in December, since people still seem confused by this whole Dec/Jan issue for some reason…

  18. nellyli

    Thank you. F-Ed Up for pointing out this point!
    yorkstrike2008, You got my support in spirit 100%!!!

  19. ram

    Yeah! RIDICULOUS makes SENSE!! haha

  20. Jovana

    I’ll be there!!!!

  21. Erin

    I would love to come but I have a dentist appointment :(.

  22. motivated

    I will definitely be there!

  23. Yorkstrike2008

    Please tell me that you are trying to go out and contact other people about this rally. Have you contacted any of the York papers?

    If you are just getting people from this blog to come, it will be a poor turn out. But if it is advertised everywhere, I think it could go well.

    Another thing though, even if Thursday is not a sucsess, I think that we should try and make this a regular thing. We should TRY to be outside every senate meeting, and every CUPE GMM.

    If we are persistent, than we could (hopefully) attract more people to come out.

  24. sam

    This was just posted on the yorku website dont really know what they are trying to prove, we alreday know what the offer was, just a stunt to make the students feel bad for york i guess

  25. Ridculous

    @YorkisAwesome great idea!

  26. Ridculous

    I have printed 30 flyers today but I am running late for work, so I will have to post them around school tomorrow. If anyone wants to help let me know, I’ll be postering around campus during the noon hour.

  27. ram

    hey guys! I found the recent update on the university’s website regarding the offer they provide CUPE 3903.. I am not sure whether this is acceptable by the union…

    I do not know whether this is the newest offer from the university or the same old one with just the date changed…

  28. alien baby

    Don’t get discouraged, you won’t make fools of yourselves. You don’t have to adopt the protest model of disruptive demonstrations if that’s not the mood when you get there. You can politely walk up to invidivual members of Senate going in and out and introduce yourself, and your concerns.

    I would also recommend you scrutinize the “Powers of the Constituent Governing Elements” document of the university (find on webpage) to figure out how the university administrative bodies work, so you can best tailor your protests.

    For example, the Senate has exercised its authority to suspend your classes. But it is a separate governing body from the BOG, who manage the money. The BOG’s jurisdiction is more directly responsible for labour operations. You should look at their meeting schedule too.

    The Senate has several avenues of influence. They can take on the responsibility of resuming classes in spite of the strike. They can pressure the BOG to pressure its administrators/workers to negotiate harder. They can lobby the president to intervene.

    Good luck!

  29. yorkstrike2008


    I have actually had a meeting with the Yorknothostage people this morning. They will be helping out with the advertising of this event for sure. As for newspapers, I think it is too soon for them to do much about it. I think I might make a Facebook group about it. Other than that it is word of mouth.

    About 100 people would be more than enough for what we are going to be doing anyway. I am sure once we get this ball rolling speed will pick up and we will get more turn out.

    I will contact Excalibur and other media outlets to notify them of the event.

    We have 60 people already just on this site and Yorknothostage will be doing some advertising so I am sure we will be fine my friend.


    Great man! Thanks for the help.

  30. ram

    For those of you who might be interested, please check the york website for a detailed settlement offer that they are willing to give the union… My previous comments having website links are waiting for moderation.. I do not know whether it is the newest offer or just the same old one with the date changed… Please somebody throw light on this…

  31. play “we didn’t start the fire”.

  32. Basil El-Salviti

    @ YorkisAwesome

    Fantastic idea. Though I’m not sure if it’ll fly…

  33. Student Victim

    I think this is a great idea. I agree with what some other have said; that we shouldn’t feel discouraged or anticipate a low turnout. I am personally frustrated by this strike and the way its being handled by both sides so I will show up to voice my anger. I feel its the little voice that us students have in this whole mess, so we should take advantage of it.
    Btw, is it okay to bring signs?

  34. t-monster

    The turnout at the York-Not-Hostage demonstration was actually about 60 people. I was there taking pictures of it. The EXPECTED turnout was about 30. Looks like cp24 reported this number before they even got there.

    But the point remains: Not many students show up for these things.

    The union brings in many outsiders who are actually paid to attend their rallies, because they’re union employees from elsewhere. The union also buses people in, feeds them, etc. So they can manage a turn-out of 300 people for a downtown rally, or 300 people for a picket-line rally.

    No student group has the resources to do that. Except for the YFS, and they choose to devote their resources to helping the union.

    I say, take a page from the York-Not-Hostage playbook. Set expectations low. What was billed as a small media stunt involving a few dozen dedicated activists at Queen’s Park was in the end a mini-rally with attendance at twice the number expected.

    By the way, I second Literate Person’s comment. A rally at the senate meeting is about the farthest thing from “neutral” you can get. What’s the point of protesting a senate meeting? To put pressure on the university. To do what? Obviously to accept the union’s demands.

  35. Ridculous

    As per Alien Baby’s suggestion I looked up the powers of constituion document and I have provided the link here:

  36. Ridculous

    While my post is in purgotaroy I’ll copy the senate info here:

    Responsibility for the academic policy
    To establish councils in the faculties, schools, or institutes
    To determine and regulate standards for admission of students, curricula, and requirements for graduation
    To conduct examinations and appoint examiners
    To deal with matters arising in connection with the awards for academic achievement

    To recommend to the Board the establishment of faculties, schools, institutes, departments, and chairs
    To confer degrees given by the University through the Chancellor
    To confer honorary degrees
    To be consulted by the Board on the affiliation of the University with other entities

    With the Board:
    As to the appointment of the Chancellor and President
    Prior to conferring honorary degrees

    So, as we can see the senate pretty much has absolute power over our academics. We can even petition to be back in school despite the strike in January. Or petition for special consideration academically or for a specially appointed “strike council” to oversee case by case situations such as international students on visas etc.

  37. education is a right?

    @ yorkstrike2008, you deserve a round of applause for organizing this site. Until this I was confused, uninformed, in the dark and feeling quite useless…now I am still most of those things (because lately it seems thats what being a York student is all about) but not nearly as much! I will most definitely be there Thurs and if you or any other student on this site would like help flyering/spreading the word feel free to email me at:

    ps…I also sent out emails to our mpps and recieved 2 responses…

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