YorkU Website Down

The YorkU website is not loading on any of my 4 browers (Firefox, Safari, Camino or Explorer) and pings are showing no response. Hopefully this is just site maintenance but I was wondering if anyone could email me the documents that were released today so that I can post them on the main page. Thanks!



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10 responses to “YorkU Website Down

  1. Commuter

    Site works fine for me. But if anything new is posted, I will share.

  2. j

    it also is working fine for me – and the only thing that is posted there is the release from Dec. 1st

  3. yorkstrike2008

    Yeah I have it working now too…who knows?

  4. flushafleshfarm

    remove thread?

  5. Stringofstrikes

    guys please tell me whether the govt will enact back to work legislation…the anti strike group students have had a meeting/rally in downtown asking for back to work legislation.. Can anyone say the probability of this actually happening before 23rd december? PLEASE???

  6. Vaseline

    When does the house (provincial) close for Winter Holidays?

  7. Stef

    I think I read somewhere that the government won`t enact back to work legislation because it sets a dangerous precedent. I don`t believe they`ve ever done it before for universities because it is legally the union`s right to strike if they have followed protocol, which CUPE 3903 has.

  8. Stringofstrikes

    THANK YOU STEF. I appreciate it…

  9. Commuter

    @ Stringofstrikes

    Plus, even if they do it, they must enact it by the 11th because they get off for a 2 month break then. So we would know soon anyways.

    And if this is relevant here, the Senate plans to set a deadline date between the 15th-17th for returning to class, as per Lyndon Koopmans.

  10. who knows how long this will last…

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