Update: Progress Stalled…again


November 30, 2008 – TORONTO, Ont.

CUPE 3903 has requested a continuation of talks with York University on Tuesday, December 2, but union officials say university negotiators are holding up an agreement by refusing to address the key issues at stake in the strike.

The two sides met for three days last week and some progress was made, but union representatives say university negotiators have stubbornly skirted their main concerns: job security for contract faculty, a reinstatement of benefits and funds to 2005 levels, and subsistence wages adequate for the cost of living in Toronto.

“York would rather sit back, fold their hands and let 50,000 students lose their term than make us a workable offer to take to our members,” said union spokesperson Rafeef Ziadah.

Members of CUPE 3903 do more than half the classroom teaching at York yet their contract represents just 7.5% of the university’s $848 million annual budget. Even as the economy slows, revenues are growing as a result of tuition fee hikes, increased graduate enrolments, bigger provincial transfers, and donations to the York University Foundation, according to the university’s own recent financial documents.

“Hiding behind the current economic recession is downright deceptive,” said union member Katherine Nastovski. “They’re obviously putting the classroom at the bottom of their priorities, so we want to know where the fees paid by hardworking parents and students, tax dollars and public fundraising are going.”

Ziadah says she finds the attitude of the York administration and negotiators toward employees and students “shocking.” “What is the university’s game here?” she asked. “We are indispensable educators at York and we’re asking for peanuts relative to the university budget. Their four-year accumulated surplus of $139.9 million by itself is worth twice a much as our annual contract of $62.5 million.”

“Before encouraging the province to get involved, we need to see some leadership from our new university president,” said Nastovski. “President Shoukri needs to step in and press his negotiators to get serious at the bargaining table. “It’s time to stop spending precious university funds on high priced lawyers and public relations flacks and start valuing students and educators by showing some goodwill and negotiating a fair contract,” she added.

The union representing 3,400 teaching assistants, contract faculty, graduate and research assistants has been on strike since November 6.


I won’t get too analytical because it is not even 10 AM on a Monday and I am a broke University student with no school and my coffee isn’t ready yet. So anyways, we are still on “reasonable offers” still people! Both sides have continuously been saying they require a “reasonable offer” to move forward with this process for the last three weeks. The other thing to notice is, in none of these meetings updates do they even mention contract length. It is obvious that contract length is a major factor here and I doubt they have even discussed that in any capacity yet. When and if they come to an agreement on compensation, job security etc. they will STILL have to discuss contract length.

This is not looking good at all. I had some hope with the three days of talks but this recent update just accentuates the distance between the two sides. 

I know there must be many of you who want to get active in pressuring the parties to get back to the table and speed this up. Perhaps, when the next meeting is scheduled (tomorrow has not been agreed upon yet) we can go and rally in front of the meeting hall to pressure both parties to get us back in the classroom. I will look into getting some sign making materials and media coverage for that event if we have enough people that are interested.

Also, at Memorial University a few years ago the undergraduate students and the equivalent of the YUFA union there stood together and pressured the two parties to negotiate and they were able to bring the strike to end in under 2 weeks. So there is precedence for this – please don’t disqualify what we can do. 





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79 responses to “Update: Progress Stalled…again

  1. Ridculous


    I agree with your comments this article just accentuates how far apart they are.

  2. F-Ed Up

    As CMWC pointed out yesterday… how can we do this without seeming to support either side? Without either side exploiting our presence and twisting our messages to support their own accusations against the other (which are unproductive and which isn’t what we as students want to see them wasting energy on right now)?

  3. S

    Now that the strike has lasted so long, and doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere, is it possible for them to be able to cancel the term? Does that mean we wont get our credits, or do they have to extend the term?

  4. yorkstrike2008

    Because if we go to the meeting and not support any way of ending of this – just to end it!

    Everyone from union supporters to admin supporters want to go back to school. We go to the meeting say “get us back into school”. Pressuring the government will be fruitless. The government will not intervene into such a labour disruption. They do legislate back-to-work for public school teachers but that is a special condition and they do permit up to a 2 week strike before that.

    If there are a couple thousand angry students yelling outside the doors of the meeting…the pressure will be on.

  5. ram

    Do u guys really want to be back in class before Christmas..? AMAZING…If not then just leave it to the union/university’s discretion. I personally do not want any of my travel plans to be disrupted.. I HOPE THERE ARE MANY MORE WHO FEEL THE SAME WAY AS I DO.. RIGHT?

  6. @ F-ED Up

    I agree with you it would be difficult and it’s impossible to know if they will use it to their advantage BUT it is possible to say things like “We can’t wait, negotiate!” -haha my boyfriend came up with that- but anyway, my point is we can say things that don’t support either side and I think our message would be clear

  7. F-Ed Up

    Yeah, I would be up for that then.

  8. Frustrated

    I really don’t think it makes any sense to return to school if the strike isn’t over by the end of this week. It would just way too stressful for everyone cause I for one cannot spend my entire holidays worrying about finals.

    @ ram — i agree, the yorku admin and union should understand that their students would have plans for the holidays which include travel (most of which is non-refundable), work and family time….

    AND we shouldn’t be the ones having to bear the consequences of this strike ….

  9. MR Two

    LOL… at this point, i’m not doing this. 2 weeks of school then christmas… no thanks. Starting today would be a different story – starting around the 8th? No thanks.

  10. I don’t think this is the right time either… I feel the right time would be either right before christmas break (so nobody is upset about not being able to go on their vacations) or right after christmas break… I feel it wouldn’t be very effective right now because they aren’t having consistent meetings. I think once they have consistent meetings again it would be more effective as we would help to speed it up, but right now it would only be annoying and would mean nothing.

  11. yorkstrike2008

    This whole situation just sucks the big one!

  12. @ yorkstrike2008

    Agreed 10x

  13. anonymous

    Why does it seem as if some of you people are hypocrites? first you guys wanted to go back after Christmas..now some of you guys want to go to this meeting and want to try and get us back in class…as with many people plans have been made and if we go back it will ruin many peoples Christmas’…so unless you truly want to be back before January why bother going?

  14. YUF

    I just wanted to point out something that was said by that chick… the money raised by the York University Foundation does NOT go towards administration fees but to individual faculties and towards bursaries and scholarships for students.
    So, really she can’t count the couple hundred thousand dollars that YUF raises every year towards administration fees, because people who donate to YUF decide specifically what bursary/scholarship or faculty their money goes towards.

  15. lauren

    I think its amazing that so many of you are more concerned about your holiday than meeting some sense of resolve. Why are you even going to school if having a completely carefree vacation is your utmost priority? Your tuition money is being pissed away, time is being wasted, and the majority of what I’ve read is about a grave concern for not having enough time to travel. Its completely ridiculous.

    Personally I’d rather be back in school, working towards finishing my diploma, versus paying York $7000 to sit at home and play x-box, drink eggnog or fly to cancun.

  16. Jenny

    I would be there, if a rally of some sort were to be planned – I think it’s important for us, the students, to express of PO’ed we are about this whole mess. I know it would be pretty silly for classes to restart before Christmas break, what with it already being December, but if we start putting pressure of some sort on them now, then maybe by January, it will have an effect – it’s not as though one rally is going to convince them; it will probably take more than that.

    I would be totally up for getting involved – I’m seething with rage, here, and this would be an excellent way to express it without hurting anyone.

  17. Kiara

    @ Lauren !!!

    I do not think people want to just sit at home and play x-box and drink eggnog during or fly to cancun …
    – People already have plans to go back home and trips booked that are non-refundable.
    – People already have December jobs lined up so they can work to pay off tuition.
    – People have lives that is being disrupted because of this strike!

  18. ram

    @ Lauren.. You are pissed off because your education fees is at stake now.. May be you might not have made travel plans but i can challenge you that there are numerous who have already booked tickets worth hundreds or thousands based on previous exam schedule.. SO WE DO NOT WANT THIS TRAVEL MONEY ALSO TO BE AT STAKE APART FROM OUR EDUCATION MONEY WHICH WE HAVE PAID THE INEFFICIENT UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION.. I am also an ‘A’ average student, but at this moment we know that nothing significant can be done in just a week… WE CAN ALWAYS MAKE UP FOR THIS LOST TIME ANY TIME IN FUTURE.. NO BODY HAS BOOKED TRAVEL PLANS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE AWAY FROM CLASSES.. I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD JUST CARE FOR YOURSELF AND STOP COMMENTING ABOUT OTHERS’ GRIEVANCES.. EVERYBODY IS RIGHT IN THEIR OWN WAY..

  19. Curious Yorkie

    @ Anonymous,

    The situation is like this: While we do not want school to start right away (this is mostly because of inconvenience – many people have travel plans and for the rest cramming the lost 4 weeks into 2 is painful), we dont want this strike to stall indefinitely. We have paid high tuition fees, and we have earned our way up to get where we are. So this strike affects us the most. We cannot let immature disputes between the union and the university continue without demanding an answer to our questions and concerns.

    I, for one, would be terribly upset if they do not solve this matter before january. I want to get back to classes. I wanna finish everything i had to and i wanna start a new term and move on with my life. Being caught in the middle of this mess is not just unreasonable but its unethical.

    I hope the University and the Union realize what is at stake here. They are playing with our lives and I hope they come to their senses soon.

  20. ram


  21. I

    I totally agree with you Lauren!

    Tomorrow should’ve been our last day of classes with our exams ending in a few weeks. But obviously this is not happening because of the strike.. Who cares about traveling during the holidays.. don’t you want to get the semester just over with? Who wants to stay in school until June? Some of us have credits to complete during the summer and make money for tuition..

    Time is being lost here.. and being off for school for a month already sounds ridiculous! and i cant even imagine not being in school until january.. something needs to be done!!!

  22. oh really...

    To Lauren…

    I get really angry when I hear comments like that about wanting our vacation time. We work really hard throughout the school year in order to have our vacations over Christmas, Reading Week, and summer. We spend countless hours slaving away over papers and textbooks, so of course if we have the opportunity, we will want/need a vacation. We have had no control over the strike, so we still have our original plans that we are keeping. If it were up to me, OF COURSE I would rather have just kept going through class to have a “real” vacation period, but it is NOT up to me.

    Going away or not, our vacation time is still a much needed break. I do not consider this a vacation period because of the unknown class resume date. Who doesn’t look forward to thier reward after some hard work?

    Also, my reading week vacation is another concern of mine, and I am sure many other people too. I book an all-inclusive vacation BEFORE the strike, and even though I am pretty sure we will not have that reading week, I am still going. It is not my fault they messed up our schedule, and I cannot get my money back…I can also NOT be penalized.

    I would love to be back in school too, but I am DREADING the idea of being in school while all other students are working and enjoying summer. Vacationing is what gets me through the school year, so YEAH that is my concern!

  23. Strike Fun

    @ Lauren (and Ram)

    It is important that the extracurricular lives of students be taken into consideration before any decision is made to go back to school in December… holidays and family time included. More importantly however, travel plans and vacationing aside, as a few people have pointed out already resuming classes in December will no doubt come with a lot of pressure and stress which will no doubt be placed on the shoulders of the students who will be expected to be prepared for and complete mid terms some time in January… doubtless without any sort of appropriate preparation. In my opinion the time we have between now and the resumption of classes is much needed as we will all have to be prepared to face the shit storm of death that awaits us.

  24. anon

    @ Lauren,

    We are concerned about our high tuition fees being waste away, however, we also feel that getting back to classes right now and having condensed remediation would be more of a waste of that tuition money as we would not get the best quality that we can for what we paid for. By postponing school, and starting up in January, it would allow for a slightly less pressure remediation period and therefore a better education.

  25. @ lauren

    To my understanding this portion of the blog is to discuss students gathering together to fight for the strike to end not to continue.

    Since there are so many students who do have tickets booked (or whatever their reason is for wishing to start in January) attending these meetings to fight the strike won’t be effective in my opinion as there would be so many people who don’t want school to start again until January. It would be more effective to wait until ALL of us or at least most of us are willing to do something.

    I personally would be fine if school started now and fine if it starts at the start of January just anytime after that is what concerns me most.

    I do understand how financial struggles create mixed emotions … I’m sure most if not all of the people who are saying they want school to start in January are saying it because they may have purchased an $1000.00 non-refundable ticket and some haven’t seen there families for a very long time so its incredibly emotional as well.

    I’m lucky that my family lives in Ontario so its not as much as a struggle for me to see my family, but I feel its important to try and understand how hard it must be for those who do not have family here.

  26. anonymous

    @ Curious Yorkie: I completely agree with you as well, however my interpretation is that if they decide to resolve this thing which will obviously not be this week and to be honest i highly doubt we will be attending school in December as they are still far apart. In addition i understand that we don’t want to be sitting idle either without anything being done. However, some seem to at one [point not want to go back until January but you want to put increase pressure on them to fix the issue, and doing that would ultimately result in us going back to school…correct? I no doubt want to go back however, im hoping for January and the way things are going it looks like it can even go past that mark, but as of now, for those who do not want to go back anytime soon, just sit back and let them deal with it. I agree whole heartedly with what you said, however i feel that unless we want to go back now then we should just sit back

  27. oh really...

    I just heard they aren’t talking again until January….that does NOT sound right.

    Can someone please tell me that is not true?

  28. interesting...

    I noticed today that York has updated their exam schedule for Undergraduates – now it is not available…

    Just for those who are interested to know

  29. Hullo

    Guys I need your input… I’m planing to leave the country on the 13th of December… Is it ok to leave now and return in January???

  30. Curious Yorkie

    @ Anonymous,
    I agree. I think there is nothing that we can really do to get these parties up and talking again. Hell, if york not hostage and other student protests cudnt do anything, i doubt anything we do will motivate the two parties to get back to the table soon.

    Like u, i wanna get back to classes in january, and lets pray that the two parties come back to their senses and make the january classes a reality for us.

    I think if nothing happens by then, we shud all file a law suit against them!

  31. Soraya

    Go ahead and leave. I know so many people who have gone away on vacay. I would too if I could afford it right now.

    As for the strike, I used to read EVERY single post/comment on this site and now I give up because nothing seems to be changing. We’ll either be back in January or later at this point.

    Amazing work with the website, ys2008! I hope you get some sort of award or recognition for all of this.

  32. anonymous

    @curious yorkie: i could not agree with you less!!!

  33. Gabby

    wow, January? where did you read that? Do you have a source?:S

    and as a side note: I really wish both sides would stop putting so much effort to tell us how unreasonable and unwilling the other side is! Neither side is perfect so please shut up and concentrate on negotiating so we can get to class! That is all.

  34. Gabby

    sorry my question was for “Oh really… “

  35. s~

    haha seems everyone is getting
    mega defensive at what she said…
    but i have to agree with people
    you make it sounds so unimportant about
    these events people planned for the holidays
    be more considerate k thanks,
    everyone’s situation is different
    you don’t need to mock people about that,
    you’ll make them angry.
    just cause you can’t afford a vacation doesn’t mean you need to bash and zero out on people who worked hard for their vacations.
    xbox for the win, k thx.

  36. Lola

    My collage (Winters) has been sending me updates everyday, most of it’s useless to me because i get it faster and in more detail here.

    Anyways today i was sent a message saying that if you have plans to go home anytime soon then you should just go ahead and leave. Or if you’re waiting to make plans then just go ahead and make plans to leave.

    I just thought that was interesting advice coming from one of the universities colleges…

  37. theowne

    yorkstrike2008, do you know how summer courses could be affected by this?

  38. Ridculous


    Perhaps we could send a planned e-mail to both CUPE3903’s bargaining team, York’s bargaining team and the president? For example Use a standard letter explaining our need January 4th start date and thus a resolution deadline and have every student send it individually to them on a pre-determined day.

    I agree on a January start date whehter the reason is work hours and providing sufficient notice (my case), family obligations, or vacation.

  39. Annoyed

    Well for me I just don’t know what to do. I budgeted for metropasses from September to the end of November. Also, I have only a week and a half work worth of tokens for January if we hadn’t gone on strike. To be quite frank, if York calls off the strike and we return back to class this month, I am not in the position to go for the month of December because I am out of money. I have no idea if any of you have this issue.

    Last but not least, I am in the concurrent education program and this strike will definitely affect my getting certified because everything will be late going to the Ontario College of Teachers. This may not mean much to anyone else but, getting my transcripts in late puts York teacher grads at a disadvantage because as much as the facutly of Education has tried to reassure the graduating teacher candidates that they have contacted boards of eds. and certifying governing bodies, boards don’t care who is late and they are going to hire who has their qualifcations on time! So, all I have to say to York is, stop bullshitting us and refund us the money we lost being away from school.

  40. Curious Yorkie

    @ Ridiculous,

    I agree. Maybe we shud do that, and CC the media on it 😛

  41. Ridculous

    @ Curious Yorkie

    🙂 CC the media would probably be the most effective thing yet!

  42. Ridculous

    Just thinking: if we were to organize something to that effect since I am on campus a lot during the strike I would be willing to poster around the library and York lanes so other students can join in.

  43. F-Ed Up

    @ Jenny and Ridiculous

    Both of these intelligent individuals have recognized that it is possible to BOTH

    A) Take action now to make ourselves heard


    B) Ensure that we do not start school in December.

    It is HIGHLY unlikely as we enter this week that we will be going back in December, REGARDLESS of whether or not we put pressure on the negotiations NOW.

    As many have pointed out in previous threads, it takes a while to get back to school even after negotiations have settled when it comes to a university strike like this.


    I DO NOT want to wait until January to start putting pressure on negotiations, because I believe that it will take a couple weeks of consistent student pressure and for the huge negotiations to take place before any resolution can happen. Therefore we need to get out there and use our voices and our presence ASAP to apply some pressure so that we can return at the BEGINNING of JANUARY and not the END of JANUARY.


  44. let me learn

    if we take the pressure off until January, nothing will happen until January. Those who want a January start date, it is unlikely that you will be penalized for being absent in December, and if not, well too bad. The important thing is getting this dispute (pissing contest) resolved before these two cash machines destroy our ENTIRE school year. The year is ruined at this point, but not destroyed yet.

  45. Erin

    “York would rather sit back, fold their hands and let 50,000 students lose their term than make us a workable offer to take to our members,”

    So basically we students are sacrificing out time and money to ge tan education but obviously this is just a business. The whole strike is about money and people’s selfish needs. Imagine how much money we are all losing because of this strike. Can anyone say “scam”?

  46. I think that most people are of the consensus that it would be best just to hold off on going back to school until Jan (and no later). While I too am of the view that a Jan start would be ideal, going back any later than Jan. 5th is going to turn me into a mad man.

    I am not claiming to be an expert on all things bargaining related, but from the sounds of it, this strike could very well last well into Jan if not longer.

    Personally, I feel that arranging a protest for tomorrow would be a bad idea. In order to protest, we need to find a way to voice our position which is simply one interested in ending the strike. A rally tomorrow would be poorly organized and would, as CPWC said, just be exploited by both sides.

    So, in MY opinion at least, I feel that we should just treat Dec as a write off and plan for Jan. YorkStrike2008 has a huge audience, and I am sure if he (or she?) wanted to get something started he probably could.

    My IDEAL would be to somehow manage to have daily rallies at York come Jan 5th and just put pressure on York and CUPE to end this nonsense.

    So YorkStrike2008, if you are interested in organizing something like this, let me know. I would be more than weilling to help, and I am sure a lot of members of this blog would be as well. This is not going to be easy. York has almost no sense of community so this might not work. But, if the strike is still on in Jan, I feel that it is worth a shot.

  47. amy doan

    i know i can wait one more week to see how this silly strike turns out. But until next Monday, if things hasnt changed..sorry, it’s time for me to fly out. I need to see my family n do things for my own good.

  48. Curious Yorkie

    Guys, I am wondering… can there be nothing done, LEGALLY, to send a notice to the involved groups about taking the month off to decide what needs to be done and get their asses back to classes in january???

  49. F-Ed Up

    Does anyone know anything about how long this strike can go without resulting in the loss of the term?
    I think we should also be considering timelines like these before we make statements about when we can afford to wait around to take action and when it is seriously required…

  50. Ridculous

    @ F-ed Up

    Very good question! I believe as paying students and futur academic or job deadlines that require graduation. We have a RIGHT TO KNOW THIS! The senate must start explaining the consequences of an extended strike so that we can make informed decisions.

  51. Relaxo-Grad

    I’d agree to sending a pre-determined letter on a pre-determined day to flood their inboxes

  52. caitron

    @ annoyed:
    i posted something about ed students on another thread too (my sister is in ed) – they’re in a rough position. not only have their practicums been cancelled (meaning they don’t have that experience for their resumes, they’ll have to do their whole blocks whenever classes finish in the spring. that means having to wait to start summer jobs, etc. etc. PLUS the delay of transcripts. i think a lot of ed students are hoping to go back ASAP because of these factors.
    @ lauren
    i don’t think it’s fair to assume that everyone wants the x-mas break to laze around or go on a fancy holiday. i know people who have family living out of the country who haven’t been home in a looonng time and worked hard to save money over the summer and during the school year so they can go home over x-mas. they’re already worried about the money/classes they’ve lost and can’t afford to throw their nonrefundable tickets away. a lot of those people are committed students who wouldn’t want to miss class; they basically have no choice but to go on their holidays. they’re saying they would study over the holidays but it’s impossible for them to be physically present in class during that time. i also know people who are single parents who were hoping to pick up full-time work over the break – they (like a lot of us) have been waiting in limbo during the strike, not sure whether to schedule extra shifts at work for fear we’ll have to go back to class. they depend on the x-mas break to make extra money. a fancy vacation or eggnog-soaked boozefest is not in the cards for a lot of people.

  53. Frustrated

    @ F-ed Up

    I was talking to a friend who was a part of the last strike which lasted 11 weeks. According to her (and dont hold it against me if this turns out to be in correct as it is coming for a third party source) her tuition for that term was carried over into the new school year, therefore she didnt have to pay for her entire first semester the following year.

    Since we dont know how long this strike will last, its hard to say what will become of the tuition feez that we as full time students have paid….

  54. F-Ed Up

    @ Frustrated

    Thanks for passing that on. I haven’t heard much about the last strike anywhere.

    I’m in the one year BEd program, so I’m more concerned with the number of weeks it takes before we lose the term.

    Personally, I can’t afford for my one-year program to turn into a year-and-a-half… I’d rather lose the money I spent on the term than lose a potential entire year’s salary 😦

  55. Dray


    “her tuition for that term was carried over into the new school year, therefore she didnt have to pay for her entire first semester the following year”

    I was around eight years ago and I’m quite certain that’s false. Did she overpay, perhaps?


    Great post!

  56. Dray

    @Curious Yorkie:

    Negotiations won’t take a hiatus during the holidays. Picketers will, but negotiators won’t. If they want to keep talking, they will.

    In 2000/2001, York broke off talks and then forced a ratification vote. Since Unit I voted against ratification, the strike continued on. If York kept talking, maybe it would have ended sooner — it would have ended the same way, anyway, since CUPE essentially won that strike.

  57. Curious Yorkie

    @ Dray,
    So you are saying there is nothing we can do except wait for York to “give in” or “start talking”?

    They have a month. They shud do watever they have to, but we shudnt sit idle in the meantime. we shud be doing something to get back to classes in january.

  58. Frustrated

    @ Dray, no she didn’t over pay.

    who knows…i don’t believe anyone anymore =/ …

  59. prodigy

    mann..you swazas aint going back to fuvkkin school man…you mofos are going to be fucking taking out loans until the cows come home!

    i say you guys start to preapare a class action law suit..stupid ass canadians.

  60. Hullo

    @ Prodigy. Very mature mate. Hope you do not speak like this in public.

  61. Impatient

    Is it just me or with all those scheduled guest speakers coming in over the next few days for the picketers, does it seem that the union is expecting not to settle on the tuesday meetings, if it happens.

    lol @prodigy, american’s once again displaying the amazing ability at how to speel engrish

  62. ram


  63. Does anyone know exactly what happened during the last strike? How did it come to an end? What was the outcome? I have heard from some people that they canceled an entire semester. I hardly doubt that, but that is what I heard. Does anyone know where I can find information on that last strike?

  64. gina

    If we are going to protest then we should make our position known so that either side cannot use our protest as supporting them. We want enough times for exams and assignments. And let’s not forget tuition we deserve some of our money back. I know this is too much to expect but am really angry that they can just take our money and we have not been in school for almost 1 month now! We should be clear about what we are protesting and what we expect and not be caught off guard by questions from the media am assuming will be there.

  65. KC

    I want to start school again preferably in December. Either way, even if we begin in Jan we’re gonna be crunching time. AND, I have summer vacation plans so I’m not exactly keen on doing school all the way into summer when I could have been done in friggin April. Well…May? I’m guessing had we started school back up again.

    I think it was Lauren who posted what I felt in perfect terms. People are angry that the strike is going on but they don’t want school until Jan? The hell, that’s way too long! Stinks for those who bought plane tickets already though. I’m all for vacationing in December, and I usually do but even I wouldn’t in the midst of a strike. To each their own though.

    Anyway, I like the idea of hundreds of protestors yelling outside the doors to get these babies talking again. York is being really stupid right now. I like how we struggle to pay the tuition and we’re not even given a proper place to present our own issues with the strike.

    I know CUPE MWC was posting some info on this blog the other day.

    However, I have to say I find it absolutely despicably sick how we have to grovel like animals to find a shred of information as to what’s going on with this strike and negotiations.

    Thanks a lot, York! You’re really a class act when it comes to knowing how to treat your students. This goes to both sides. Flame all you want! =)

    PS: I’m a first year and my sympathies go out majorly to those who are international, on visas, have a limit as to how long they’re allowed on their res, and all 4th+ year students in danger of missing important deadlines and potential job offers!

  66. @Gina

    I agree 100%. Well, not with getting money back. We WON’T get any money back so I think arguing for that is a bit silly. However, I think that we need to outline some clear objectives. If we just go in unorganized, we are going to just end up solving nothing.

  67. Woot

    Are there going to be negotiations tmrw?

  68. the mediator has confirmed that there are NO further negotiations are scheduled…cupe were lying…..

  69. Tom

    Mediator confirms no talks scheduled between York, CUPE 3903

    TORONTO, December 1, 2008 — Below is the text of a statement by the mediator in the labour negotiations between York University and CUPE 3903. The statement is reproduced here in its entirety:

    “For Release By the Parties. 8:30 p.m. December 1, 2008

    The mediator has advised the parties that although there has been some movement in recent days, the parties remain far apart on the key issues in this dispute and that a settlement is not close at hand.

    Therefore, there are no further negotiations scheduled at this time.

    The mediator has asked the parties to review their respective positions and will remain in contact with the parties with a view to returning to the bargaining table if and when a reasonable prospect for settlement exists.

    Greg Long
    Ontario Ministry of Labour”

  70. Commuter

    Thank you, Tom.

  71. Tom

    I think this pretty much confirms that I’ll be bugging York to get my courses deferred… or I’ll end up dropping for the year. One way or another, I think I’m going to study abroad for a while.

  72. Mike Oxbig

    Tom how do you do that? get your 1st semester courses deferred?

  73. Tom

    It likely won’t happen, and it’s wishful thinking on my behalf, really. I just plan on arguing with admin for a bit and seeing if I can pull it off somehow.

  74. Tom

    **Typically in order to defer a course you need to have legitimate reasoning (i.e. I deferred a course last year because I had undergone surgery and wasn’t expected to recover for a fair amount of time), I don’t know that this would be considered legitimate

  75. Dray

    Curious Yorkie:

    “So you are saying there is nothing we can do except wait for York to “give in” or “start talking”?”

    No, moron. I’m telling you that both sides are not going to stop negotiating during the holidays. What the hell’s wrong with you?!

  76. Dray


    The CUPE member is right.

  77. Worried

    Here is the latest. I thought they were suppose to talk today. This is so frustrating! See below.

    Mediator confirms no talks scheduled between York, CUPE 3903

    TORONTO, December 1, 2008 — Below is the text of a statement by the mediator in the labour negotiations between York University and CUPE 3903. The statement is reproduced here in its entirety:

    “For Release By the Parties. 8:30 p.m. December 1, 2008

    The mediator has advised the parties that although there has been some movement in recent days, the parties remain far apart on the key issues in this dispute and that a settlement is not close at hand.

    Therefore, there are no further negotiations scheduled at this time.

    The mediator has asked the parties to review their respective positions and will remain in contact with the parties with a view to returning to the bargaining table if and when a reasonable prospect for settlement exists.

    Greg Long
    Ontario Ministry of Labour”

  78. Woot

    Thanks for the updates guys/gals.

    This power struggle is wearing down my patients!

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