U of G Reached Tentative Agreement

The University of Guelph and the CUPE Union there have reached a tentative agreement. The contract must be ratified by both sides. No academic disruption will occur. It is a one year agreement. So U of G is not out of the running for the 2010 project. 

This is very interested. Perhaps York will settle with a one year as well. I really don’t know what to make of this. Congratulations to them…





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11 responses to “U of G Reached Tentative Agreement

  1. Commuter

    No way York will settle for a one year deal, only to have a DISASTER on their hands September 1st of next year.

    I’m a first-year… and if they settle for a one year I could be experiencing a strike in each of my first 3 years at York if that’s the case. Wonderful.

    It’ll either be a 3 year (taking CUPE 3903 out of the running for the big 2010 project, effectively ending it) or a 2 year.

    I don’t see them settling for a 1 year. I wonder if it was ever even under consideration.

  2. Confused

    Can someone please tell me..

    WHAT IS HAPPENING?! What does UofG coming to an agreement have to do with York?

    How bad/good does it look like right now.. in terms of the strike ending?

    I am so confused and angry at the same time! I want to go back to school asap!

  3. Rocco

    I am quite happy about this. Two of my friends attend Guelph and were becoming frantic about a possible strike.

    I just don’t really see why this piece of information belongs on the YORK STRIKE website. Sure, it’s news about another university and CUPE union, but it has nothing to do with the labour disruption that York is experiencing.

  4. ThePicketLine

    This is definitely relevant info, as it sets a precedent. However, Guelph striking a 1 year deal to avert a strike is a much different proposition than York resolving this strike with a 1 year deal. I don’t think York can afford the possibility of another strike so it seems that a 1 year deal would be a very unlikely prospect.

  5. Catherine

    York won’t make a 1 year agreement, it’s too risky.


    nice to see some universities and unions care about students, it a short contract but at least they can negotiate for the future.

  7. me

    u of G is runned by a bunch of pussies trying to run away from the problem. GUTLESS.

  8. ff

    Sign a 1-year deal and work without a contract for a year.

  9. Nathan

    If York and/or U of T have to settle for three years, suddenly, the threat of 2010 no longer looms for Guelph during negotiations next year. It’s an interesting gambit – but I really think this 1 year deal is both sides trying to avoid any disruption to the UG school year at all costs.

    However, I really don’t think York would ever do this, unless they were really desperate – i.e. facing semester cancellation.

  10. Serge

    What is the “2010 project”?

  11. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you suggest some more resources please?

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