Talks are continuing today

As the title says, talks are continuing today. The University offer is being considered. That is all.

Here is a Union update from the inside to members:


Today the Bargaining Team met with the employer to resume negotiations.
We presented them with our framework as established at the November 26th
We received a response of new and amended proposals.

We are meeting with the employer again tomorrow.

We are currently:
Assessing how we will respond to what the employer has presented.
(This assessment will be completed tomorrow morning which is why this
update lacks detail – we are still in the process of determining our
next actions)
Preparing to expand on elements of our proposals that need more attention


Today’s meeting was spent exchanging the new positions upon which the
two parties feel that we can build further negotiations. When we have
something more concrete we will update further.


I am really fed up. I scheduled my ticket to the Bahamas yesterday for the 22nd. The old credit card took a beating but I don’t care. I need out! 





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347 responses to “Talks are continuing today

  1. psych4thyr


    As the title says, talks are continuing today. The UNION offer of 9.25% over 3 years is being considered. That is all.

    I think you meant to say York offer of 9.25%?

  2. Commuter

    Yeah, since when is the UNION offering that?

    And it looks like York is offering nothing new? Then why would they accept that, if that’s the REASON they went on strike to begin with?!?

  3. Mike

    Yeah, it must be the York offer. Otherwise…..yeah….

  4. Curious Yorkie

    Where did you get this info from?

  5. ram

    Joke of the century. Did they not strike because they were not satisfied with the 9.25 % over three years? What is the logic behind considering the same thing if they were against that before? Illogical stupids…

  6. ram

    Where did you get this new info? the info looks like a fake one

  7. Soraya

    You’ve got to be *&%#ing kidding me! If the union is seriously considering that offer all of this is bullshit. ugggggggggggh!

  8. Erin

    Well what does that mean?
    Everyone’s telling me the strike will be over this week. WHY WONT THEY TELL US ANYTHING AHHHHHHH

  9. wtf

    hey wtf is this????

    i hope school doesn’t start now!!!

  10. RR

    This seems fake

  11. wtf


    if so — this strike was completely useless —

  12. MAC

    I think that is wrong…they wouldnt just take The offer they refused to begin with!

  13. ram

    YES. I m pretty sure the piece of information is just to take us on a ride. Let us not be influenced by every body and make ourselves succumb to all these confusions. Let us be clear and strong!

  14. Is it still possible to have class starting monday? I’m assuming no but I wanted to see what others are thinking

  15. Commuter

    To quote somebody (maybe a TA or a CUPE supporter or CUPE member)… “100% no”.

  16. dsd

    I am so confused.
    I think I give up on humanity at this point. 😐
    See you all tomorrow. I’m not wasting any more time here, stressing out and speculating.

  17. wtf

    hahaha i wish i can be like you dsd …

  18. yorkstrike2008

    sorry…University offer…been changed..

    Source: Toronto Star

  19. Frustrated

    “sorry…University offer…been changed..

    Source: Toronto Star”


  20. Curious Yorkie

    Okay, I doubt the info up there. Not to say that yorkstrike2008 would post the wrong info, but I think that the scenario is prolly what York is still offering to the Union. I doubt that the union will accept that offer – if they do, it would be a big time PR disaster.
    Here is a news I found on The Star. Its been posted abt an hour ago.

  21. anonymous

    THATS IT!!!! Thats all that is being considered well i guess there is no progress being under the assumption then that we wont be going back for a while…

    @yorkstrike2008…when did you get this information? today?

  22. wtf

    how the fuck can york’s offer can be considered?? omg

    is the union actually that ****** stupid????

  23. Soraya

    I don’t see where it says they are considering it :S

  24. um…there is a story from the toronto star but it does not say anything about the union considering this offer…

  25. Can you put up a link I can’t find it?

  26. Soraya

  27. Frustrated

    this is what i found – updated an hour ago

  28. yeah I’ve been online all day and haven’t seen anything saying they are considering 9.25%

  29. thinker


    is the union drunk? like why are they even considering the offer now when they striked because of the same offer 3 weeks ago?
    did cost of living suddenly go down?? 😛

  30. Relaxo-Grad

    It’s not the union that offered the same offer as the university. It’s the university holding onto their original union offer which is still being considered…so it sounds like nothing new has been offered.

  31. Soraya

    doesn’t say anything though.

  32. wtf

    useless article — sry to say

  33. RR

    well if that’s the case nothing is happening. BTW, I cannot find this source anywhere. I hope the union will not take this seriously if it is even true.
    “sorry…University offer…been changed..”
    can you elaborate?

  34. the only thing I see regarding the 9.25% in that article is …
    “York has offered a 9.25 per cent raise over three years, and has been suggesting both sides turn the dispute over to binding arbitration.”

    which in no way shape or form means that’s what the union is considering.

  35. Frustrated

    As far as i understand the article is simply stating that no progress has been made

    “York has offered a 9.25 per cent raise over three years, and has been suggesting both sides turn the dispute over to binding arbitration”

    *taken directly from the article.

  36. York Undergrad

    Am I the only one who is fucking confused about what yorkstrike2008 said!? If you are going to post anything, make sure it’s useful and vaid! I know we are a little dumbed down from the strike but still FUCKING USEFUL INFO PLEASE! GOSH

  37. wtf



  38. S

    This is quite frustrating.

    The strike has been prolonged due to the fact that 9.25% is not a reasonable raise, so the union states.

    They are now considering this? So what was the point in keeping the strike up for so long if they were going to consider these terms anyways…

    Thanks cupe, for totally stressing us all out and going around in a complete 360 degree circle and coming back to where you started..and now ruining everyone’s holidays. Thanks so much.

    This toronto star article is like EVERY other article that has been produced about the strike. First, the article begins with updates and news about the strike….THEN the article usually states information that has been known for some time…its retarded but thats how news stories go…they re-iterate information so that people who may be reading about the strike for the first time will have ALL the info. That is why they mention the 9.25% offer by york. They are in NO WAY saying that that is what the university is still offering and what is going on in the meeting…

    Everyone needs to read calmly and without freaking out….

  40. s~

    im confused…
    lol did someone hack yorkstrike2008?
    it doesn’t sound like his usual self
    people chill no need to like rage over this
    swearing aren’t going to get you answers, gg.

  41. RR

    I think after looking at it the reporter is just recapping old info, like just reiterating what the final offer on the table was. We know nothing, she knows nothing……lets keep waiting

  42. Where in that article does it say that CUPE is considering it… either I’ve lost my ability to read properly over the strike or its not there…..

  43. s~

    i meant…swearing isn’t going to bring you answers
    my bad.. sigh i is tired!

  44. Here’s the link again…

    the article just states that talks are continuing today…that is all…the rest is fluff.

  45. RR

    That reporter is so bias I wouldn’t trust her anyway.

  46. Mhm

    you guys are acting crazy… calm down… wow.

  47. dcb


    “sorry… University offer… Been Changed…” is in regards to the original post which was mis-printed as “Union offer”. The selected quote upon which you desire elaboration is simply stating that the mistake in the original post from YorkStrike2008 has been rectified.

  48. Mike

    Yorkstrike accidentally put “The union offer” instead of “The university offer” originally. His post that says ““sorry…University offer…been changed..” is just him mentioning the edit. Relax guys.

    And yeah, I think that is old news that looks like the new offer.

  49. wtf

    san jose sucks

  50. sam

    Wow that article on teh Star says and means nothing at all, if read look it was written at 3:42 the union meeting began around that time, as it says on the cupe site, so basically its alot of bull that we already know.

  51. Curious Yorkie

    @ Mike,

    I thought ‘Yorkstrike2008’ was a girl LOL.

    P.S.: this is ‘just for fun’ stuff. please dont hijack it. let us not let this strike kill our sense of humour as well.

  52. Melanie

    If the meeting went well today then why are they still having their rally on December 3rd? I’m really confused. If you check the Cupe website this information was updated 2 hours ago…

  53. wtf

    i hope this strike doesnt end 🙂

  54. Mike

    hahaha, my bad,

    What was I thinking? Yorkstrike2008 is such a feminine name!

  55. wtf

    haha … i wanna name my daughter that name now

  56. CUPE member with child

    1) The Toronto Star article does not say that the university offer is being considered! I suggest that the author of this site produce a verifiable source to that comment or remove it.

    2) The 9.25% offer is misleading anyways. Once inflation and the benefits offered by York are considered, it’s actually a 1.4% reduction in our overall package. The wage difference of the two sides (11% over two years va 9.25% over 3 years) is NOT far apart. The devil’s all in the details – i.e. the job security of the contract faculty and the benefits reduction proposed by York for GAs, TAs and contract faculty. That’s why there’s a strike going on.

  57. wtf

    but will it last ? :O

  58. Curious Yorkie


    LOL. Hilarious.

  59. TA’s now considering the 9.25% offer from york that was given before the strike? WTF??????????????? ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    This just shows that CUPE 3903 are a union of unstable students. Now they are consider the 9.25% offer york made to them before the strike. Which means TA’s had no real reason to go on for a strike in the first place. I hope they dont even get 9.25% now. For their timely consideration that is way too much of a raise.

  60. Soraya

    CUPE member with child,

    Do you ever receive updates from the inside?

  61. wtf

    yeah — lol please inform us 🙂

  62. CUPE member with child

    This is the last update I got from the inside:

    Today the Bargaining Team met with the employer to resume negotiations.
    We presented them with our framework as established at the November 26th
    We received a response of new and amended proposals.

    We are meeting with the employer again tomorrow.

    We are currently:
    Assessing how we will respond to what the employer has presented.
    (This assessment will be completed tomorrow morning which is why this
    update lacks detail – we are still in the process of determining our
    next actions)
    Preparing to expand on elements of our proposals that need more attention

    Today’s meeting was spent exchanging the new positions upon which the
    two parties feel that we can build further negotiations. When we have
    something more concrete we will update further.

  63. RR

    @at Cupe member with child
    I totally agree, York has been the biggest PR spin doctor and unfortunatly Louise Brown of the Star has bought every word of it…for some reason…

  64. Soraya

    Thank you for that info CUPE mwc. If you receive anything tonight or this weekend please let us know!

  65. wtf


  66. yorkstrike2008

    Cupe MWC

    I will post that in the original post…ok?

  67. Paula

    Okay so this is what i read on the yfs website ( i think it is reliable considering it is from the york federation of students)
    “Negotiations Update: Members of CUPE 3903 and York University are still in negotiations. The first meeting took place on Thursday November 27, and the meetings will continue back and forth until both parties are satisfied with the agreement.

    If an agreement is reached, the proposal will then be presented to the CUPE membership at a GMM on Wednesday December 3, where members will vote to accept or decline the proposal. Wednesday will be a significant day in determining whether the strike will end, or continue.”

  68. wtf

    whats the point? that was yesterday’s update,,,

  69. sam

    @ cupe mwc

    Do you think that all the meeting are over. Or are they still in session

  70. Frustrated

    Correct me if im wrong…

    There is ANOTHER meeting tomorrow??

  71. sam

    @ Fustrated

    I dont think so because the message from Cupe mwc is from yesturday look at the date.

  72. CUPE member with child

    sure, can you also post a verifiable source for your earlier clain or remove it please? It’s obviously causing some ill interpretation of the union, regardless of what some people think already.

  73. wtf


  74. Soraya

    Does that mean we won’t be in school before Thursday?

  75. sam

    Does this mean next week is a right off as well?

  76. @ Soraya

    The earliest the strike can officially be over is Wednesday December 3rd, after they vote on a settlement.

  77. The real Sam

    ^ No it does not, all it means is that we have to wait for further updates.

  78. Melanie

    Okay guys at this point all I need to know is if there will be school on Monday? I think that if someone can at least tell us that we can continue on with our weekend stress free

  79. The real Sam

    My post was directed to Sam, btw.

  80. sam

    @transfer student

    So if they do agree wednesday they must give us 72 hrs notice which means we would be back on the 8th correct?

  81. CUPE member with child

    I don’t know how long the bargaining sessions last. If some progress is being made then I assume they go for some very long hours, so they very well may be still in negotiations as we speak. My best guess from the fact that this is going on now for 2 days is that progress is being made, and that at the Wednesday GMM we might well be voting for ratification of a deal.

    My hopes are that, a) the two teams have come up with a good package that will loosen the noose around my neck a bit, b) that it is significantly worth going on strike over, and c) that we consider whatever agreement might be reached with cool heads at the GMM. If it’s not a good package I’m perfectly willing to vote it down. If it is a good package then I can’t wait to get back to school (although I won’t complain if it’s in January 🙂

  82. Soraya

    Exactly, so the first day may POSSIBLY be Thursday.

    Question: York has said we may have less then 24 hours notice of returning back to school. Can this happen without the union vote? I.e. both bargaining teams settle and agree… York can’t make us return to school without it being ratified. Correct?

  83. @ Sam

    I’m not too familiar with the 72 hour policy. I do know that there has to be a vote, and the earliest that could be is December 3rd. I’m going to say its safe to assume that next week is a write off regardless…

  84. CUPE member with child

    Hahaha, clearly I’m not going to decide what my vote is before I see the details of the agreement (that has yet to be reached). It might not even be an agreement at all, and York might bypass the union bargaining team and force a vote of the general membership! We’re not striking just for the hell of it, despite what some people might think.

  85. sam

    Ya I dont know about 72 hrs I thought I read it on another post that someone wrote a few days ago, ,not to sure about that, but anyways I think that next week will probably be a write off as well meaning we may have to go back for two weeks, what a waste, if they have any hart at all we should just start in january.

  86. flushafleshfarm

    @ tswrt

    That is pretty unclear considering all the different steps required to get the deal done. If the bargaining team accepts the York offer over the weekend, AND ratification is successful at the Wednesday meeting, will we really be back the next day? That would be less than 24 hours notice. Not gonna happen.

    Next question – would they really start on a Friday?

  87. wtf

    some dude stated he read that the meeting did not go too well today — just saying

  88. annoyed

    do you think that we will go back to school for just 2 weeks, i feel the university might cut us some slack… then again, probably not…

  89. sam

    no way in hell the university would say just come back in January no way no how, its business as usual if the strike ends I can tell you that much for sure.

  90. @ flushafleshfarm

    I doubt they would start on a Friday, I could imagine Monday.

    @ annoyed
    I think the university will do whatever is convenient for them.

  91. CUPE member with child

    Just to be clear on something:

    It may well turn out that our bargaining team accepts 9.25% over 3 years (or some 2 year equivalent) but makes great gains in the benefits package. If that’s the case then by no means would it mean that the strike was for nothing. It will depend largely on what the benefits package is and if job security has been created for the contract faculty. For myself, I do see a wage increase above 9.25% to be important, but many of my colleagues have expressed that it is less important for them than many of the benefits. One benefit that’s important to me is the child care benefit. We’ve asked for $150,000 for the child care fund. Currently York only pays enough for 30 children out of a membership of 3400. When my parents were in grad school the university had child care right in the building and subsidized it 100%. This is one of the differences between then and now that we’re trying to claw back.

  92. wtf

    but still, I don’t see why you guys would just agree to York’s initial offer.

    To me that would sound as CUPE were just bluffing all this time and trying to ‘act’ almighty and powerful.

  93. Soraya

    Can someone please answer my question?

    York has said we may have less then 24 hours notice of returning back to school. Can this happen without the union vote? I.e. both bargaining teams settle and agree… York can’t make us return to school without it being ratified. Correct?

  94. wtf

    yes correct — how can the strike end if the union members haven’t agreed to the agreements…

  95. Soraya

    Well, I remember someone saying that if they reached an agreement that it would be over within 24 hours and we would be back in class. I assume that is after a vote though.

  96. VJC

    Re: the idea that no agreement will be voted on until next Wednesday’s meeting :

    I spoke with the union today (called their strike headquarters) and asked specifically about this. I said “if they agree today, will you guys have to wait until your GMM on Wednesday to vote on the agreement?” and she said “No, they can call an earlier GMM as long as they give 24 hours notice”

    So if they come to some sort of agreement framework tonight, there could be a GMM on monday morning. and you could maybe go to school by tues or weds…

    Don’t be too sure that next week is a write-off!!

  97. VJC

    sorry… there could be a GMM by SUNDAY morning, is what i meant to write

  98. wtf

    yeah I agree — but anyways I think we’re speculating too much as of now – this strike can still be long and pass december 3rd if all goes wrong today — which i hope 😛

  99. wtf

    damn thats not good lol


    i’ve had my face glued to this website for weeks….I can’t deal with the anticipation anymore. I NEED AN UPDATE.

    i think i’m losing it for reals…

  101. Commuter

    The YFS is having another townhall meeting. Since the YFS is part of the Senate Executive Committee, they have a partial role in deciding what happens when we go back, and they want out input about how we will resume.

    Taken from a YFS message I received:

    “The YFS will be hosting another Townhall next week (we are still trying to find a location and time). The purpose of this Townhall will be to solicit input on how we would like to see classes resume so, do we want classes in December if it is late, reading week, exams, ect. If you can’t make it and have ideas please email them to The decision is made by Senate Executive Committee and we have a seat on that committee.”

  102. bee

    spoke to a member at the picket line today – was told that when they do come to an agreement, and the union members have okay’ed it, there will be a day in between the agreement and when classes start.

  103. Curious Yorkie

    Why dont these people have the courtesy to inform students about what is happening?!

  104. anonymous

    @cupe member with child:

    is it likely that this strike is ending within next week or do you see this being prolonged just wondering? like was progress good and what not? or have you heard anything besides what you posted above?

  105. sam

    i feel like bangin’ my head on the wall… do they care about the students?! f$#@!!

  106. Frustrated

    So, does all this mean that there could be another GMM over the weekend? which would mean that our classes could start as early as monday or tuesday?

  107. ram

    @ cupe member with child
    please tell me clearly whether the strike would end next week considering the so called progress and series of negotiations which are still not revealed to the students.. I have booked my travel tickets to the US in the second week of december.. Can anybody help providing clear picture?

  108. Soraya

    @ frustrated

    it does.

  109. Soraya

    @ ram

    she doesn’t know. even they haven’t been updated yet.

  110. Commuter

    I feel sick. I’ve heard from some people that we would still have exams BEFORE Christmas if we go back now. WTF?!?

  111. insider

    Looks like more progress in the talks, should be settled soon

  112. Soraya

    pffft. we have every right to call those people stupid. how can we have exams when we have missed so much material?

  113. Not a cupe member, and not with a child

    I think we all should chill out relax, enjoy life a bit more… the strike ends it ends, it doesn’t, its doesn’t…

    Just go sip a nice smooth mango milkshake in front of a nice vintage episode of Freinds… and you’ll see how wonderful life really is :).

  114. gg

    All York students got p0wn3d!!!

  115. ram

    when can we see updates on the union/university websites? any idea?

  116. Frustrated

    @ commuter – I think im feeling pretty sick too….this is just too $@%&ed up now…

  117. Soraya

    no one knows. literally, no one on the outside. only the people who were inside those walls know.

  118. Commuter

    @ Frustrated

    Yeah, I know. I’m getting pretty worked up about it right now. I think I’m gonna shut down the internet for now and just chill for a couple hours before I get back into my work and my bad habit of frantically checking the web for updates.

  119. MR Two

    Man this lack of info blows… if they come to an agreement, what’s with the less than 24 hr notice. That’s pure bs. Should give at least 48 imo.

  120. MR Two

    LOL @ exams before christmas, seriously, I just LOL’d

  121. Curious Yorkie

    lol yeah like everyone here, am also having a panic attack and checking this site like innumerable times. I have an assignment due by midnite today. This website is sooo distracting. Not good. Must continue working. sigh!

  122. how can you have an assignment due tonight?

  123. York Student

    online assignment i’m guessing.

  124. Commuter

    @ Curious Yorkie

    Yeah, they’re not ALLOWED by the Senate policy since the strike has lasted over 14 days, to make you hand anything in now.

    While I’ve done all my assignments, I haven’t handed a single one in (A: the TA’s are on strike; B: it’s against the Senate policy).

  125. Curious Yorkie

    Haha. I have a class at schulich. LOL. So am handing it in.

  126. Ya ive had assignments due including some that were to be sent online and I didnt hand them in thinking I didnt have to even though there completed… should I be worried?

  127. Commuter

    Well my profs never told us to hand anything in, and the Senate policy says you don’t have to. Academic activities are SUSPENDED, which includes stuff you’re supposed to hand in. When you get back, the profs will have to discuss with the class a new syllabus, and the students must consent to it. And even if they did want it in now, I would imagine they would HAVE to give some flexibility to the students if you didn’t hand it in (because, hey, you weren’t supposed to really).


    That’s all I can say.

  128. Curious Yorkie

    no dont be. u cant be penalized for it. my course is a different matter altogether.

  129. MR Two

    I have an assignment due the first day back… finished though so I’m not worried =P

  130. That’s a relief…. I just had a mini panic attack lol thanks for the clarification guys

  131. Curious Yorkie

    lol sorry for confusing you, confused 😦 my bad. I shudnt have mentioned the assignment stuff here.

    lol i feel so attached to this blog and to some of the regulars here that i’ll actually miss u guys when the strike ends… *tear* LOL

  132. haha no probs … I honestly can’t believe that there is no word yet…

  133. Commuter

    @ Curious Yorkie

    Is there any reason preventing us from turning this into a post-strike blog after this is over? Or maybe a pre-2010 strike blog? :p

  134. Soraya

    curious yorkie, asl? just kidding! 😛

    there certainly are some regulars.

    i have an essay due on tuesday if we go back by then. outline tonight. write paper sat/sun. edit monday.

  135. Curious Yorkie

    HAHAHAHA. good one, Commuter. Yeah. We cud use this site to bitch about how this strike has screwed us over and how we are facing extreme school pressure.

  136. CUPE member with child

    I just saw a comment written by a reader of the new Star article that one aspect of the new framework included a union offer of 8% wage increase over two years. While I have no idea how that reader would know (nor can I confirm it) that the union offered 8% over two years, it was indeed one of proposals included in a framework suggested by the union bargaining team three GMMs ago. At that meeting the union actually rejected that proposal.

    As you can see by this, and I’ve stated it before, the wage issue between York and CUPE is quite close – it’s the benefits and contract faculty job security that are what’s really being fought over.

    To those who have asked me for updates – sorry, I have no other information than I’ve already provided. Nor am I aware of any upcoming GMMs other than the one already posted for Wednesday.

  137. Frustrated

    wow….Guys im glad to see some use of “lolz” here

    I’m liking you idea of the post-strike blog Commuter 😀

  138. Ok sorry to be a panic again BUT I just re read commuter’s response…

    “Yeah, they’re not ALLOWED by the Senate policy since the strike has lasted over 14 days, to make you hand anything in now”.

    Does this mean assignments that were due before the 14th day mark were to be handed in still?

    HAHA you guys hate me but I have all assignments finished and I really hope I didnt f* this up

  139. Curious Yorkie

    lol no am sure u wont be penalized by any means, confused. dont worry.

    @ Soraya: LOL.

    @ Confused mwc:
    from your comment it seems like the strike might be ending afterall.

  140. Curious Yorkie

    sorry the last one was for CUPE mwc.

  141. Commuter

    @ Confused

    Sorry I screwed up bad on that one. Let me break it down:

    – Academic activity is suspended. Assignments include academic activity.
    – When the strike is a “short strike” (under 7 days), the Course Director makes the calls about rescheduling stuff after we get back.
    – In the event of a “long strike” (such as this one), the Senate Executive Committee makes the calls when to reschedule exams, etc.
    – The following section says you’re not obligated to do anything right now:

    2.2.1 Students who do not participate in academic activities because:

    a) they are unable to do so owing to a Disruption, or

    b) they choose not to participate in academic activities owing to a strike or lock-out on campus

    are entitled to immunity from penalty, to reasonable alternative access to materials covered in their absence, to reasonable extensions of deadlines and to such other remedy as Senate deems necessary and consistent with the principle of academic integrity.

    You’re fine. My mistake by throwing that 14 day thing in there.

  142. haha ok thanks… thats what thought this whole time but then my mind started questioning

  143. CUPE member with child

    Curious Yorkie, judging by the length of talks it sounds like they’re making progress. On the other hand, even though the wages wern’t that far apart to begin with, the benefit proposals were very far apart indeed. As I’ve mentioned before, when the benefits are included, York actually wanted us to take a 1.4% reduction in our package (something you don’t hear reported by York or the Star, etc.). So on that basis there’s a lot of ground inbetween our position and theirs to cover. It’s unfortunate that the media isn’t covering that aspect, because when the strike’s over and all they report on is the wages, then it will make it seem like nothing was won or lost in this strike except everybody’s time.

  144. @ CUPE member with a child

    Do you think they are still talking as we speak?

  145. Another student

    I too am finding myself checking this site constantly throughout the day.
    I hope we hear something soon – even if it’s just an update on how the talks are going / went today.

  146. Commuter

    @ Confused

    I did reneg on my 14 day thing above and I posted the Senate policy with a link, but I don’t think it’s there yet (it says “awaiting moderation”).

    In short:

    2.2.1 Students who do not participate in academic activities because:

    a) they are unable to do so owing to a Disruption, or

    b) they choose not to participate in academic activities owing to a strike or lock-out on campus

    are entitled to immunity from penalty, to reasonable alternative access to materials covered in their absence, to reasonable extensions of deadlines and to such other remedy as Senate deems necessary and consistent with the principle of academic integrity.

  147. Ok thanks commuter, I hope that you didn’t take my previous statement as an attack on you I was just looking for clarification which you supplied so thanks!

  148. Commuter

    @ Confused

    Oh no, of course not. 🙂

    I was hoping the link I posted went through but it has not as of yet.

  149. fafa

    I have been reading this blog since day one. thanks for it, it has been great. Props to CUPE mwc, your comments, feedback and updates have been extremely informative.

  150. Impatient

    So is it safe to say that if we dont hear about a GMM being called for sunday by some time tomorrow, that there will be no school on monday?

  151. CUPE member with child

    Here’s a really interesting letter that was written by a sociology professor (not a CUPE member) who is on the verge of retirement and has bargaining experience with the university. I think it speaks volumes as to why there was a strike in the first place. It’s addressed to the university’s president:

    Dear President Shoukri:

    I am a faculty member in the Arts sociology department and I will be retired in 3 days. I have been at York since 1971 and from 1975 through until 1997 when the 8 week YUFA strike took place, I have been close to and often deeply involved in the negotiating process at York.

    Based on all of my experience and insider knowledge of how this process works, I have to say that it is time for a RADICAL change in the way the York Administration manages its side of the process. Please understand that I am not putting all of the trouble at the feet of the York Administration side. I know about two sides and how either side and both sides can get stuck in their principles and positions. I want you to know that when I have thought it necessary in the past, I have confronted the union side, including my own union YUFA, about its responsibility for working toward, through the give and take of negotiations, the settlement of disputes.

    However, during one of my deep involvements in the process in the mid 1980s, a senior administrator who shared responsibility for negotiating collective agreements boldly told my side that the only way to bring about a resolution to our dispute at the time was for us, the union, to see if we could pull off a strike and that only with the pressure of the strike would there be any movement in the positions of his side. This approach to bargaining has become deeply ingrained in the Administration culture at York. It predates your Presidency and although it has been shaped from time to time by characteristics of particular Presidents, every President at York since the early 1990s has had their term of office negatively marked by the way York handles labour negotiations . Whatever may be the internal reasons for the long life of this approach, York University and especially its educational mission and its students have been harmed by it.

    I was present during the last long CUPE strike and now my formal career is ending in the midst of this one. I can tell you as a front line teacher that no one benefits from this. I worked hard on organising the two courses i began to teach in September because I knew that they would be my last as a full-time faculty member. Their pedagogical integrity is now seriously threatened and if the strike continues into January as it will surely do if an agreement is not reached now, they will lie in ruins – along with the courses of my colleagues. We can’t calculate the negative effects on students from
    experiencing one of their precious years in university this way. Imposing these effects on them is a profoundly serious matter and for my part, nothing in these negotiations is worth it.

    Some body has to take leadership in bringing this to an end. I know that you, as President, cannot in good conscience authorise the giving away of York’s financial stability to settle a strike (shakey as financial stability can be at this time). But in reality, it cannot be argued with any credibility that CUPE 3903 is going to persist with demands that contain such a potential. I am appealing here to your Administration’s moral responsibility to take the kind of leadership that will lead to productive discussion and resolution of the outstanding issues. Among other things, that means being willing to show one’s hand first, so to speak, rather than waiting for the other side to weaken its resolve. This is what I was referring to earlier about the York Administration needing to radically change its deep rooted habits of negotiating collective agreements.

    As a new President at York, you have a chance to make this shift in approach and we – by which I mean not only the faculty and staff but also our students – are calling on you to do it. In the past, Presidents have tried to stand back from the negotiating process. Having been involved, I understand how that can be a necessary thing to do – to not interfere with or undermine your own negotiators. But your negotiators are acting in a context. I am talking about the need to change that context and to take the lead in breaking away from negotiating through defensive lenses.


    Janice Newson, Department of Sociology/Arts

  152. Fred

    This is a deep letter which explains lots of things
    Anyways; any new updates?
    Is the negotiation still going?

  153. Commuter

    @ Impatient


    @ money magnet

    I don’t see much to laugh about here, to be honest.

  154. CUPE member with child

    Fred – I have no idea if negotiations are still going on. I’m anxious for fresh news like everybody else.

  155. Fred

    Thank you “Cupe member with child”
    I’m anxious to see what happens

  156. caitron

    i wish they would post updates on how the talks are going… 😦 i guess they’re still negotiating….

  157. Concetta

    Hey guys

    Hang in there. I know it is very frustrating!

    Also can anyone tell me why the posts such as the last one has the time 4: 04 pm. It is 9 :37 pm now.

  158. RR

    Just found this on the YFS thread:

    Hey Everyone,
    Just wanted to give a heads up that meetings did take place today and will continue tomorrow. We will update you with more information about how the talks are going when we get it.

    So another day…

  159. Ryan

    If they reach an agreement today/tomorrow, how likely is it for classes to resume on Monday? I heard that if they reach an agreement today or tmr the union can hold a GMM on Sunday and classes will resume within 24 hours: Monday.

  160. caitron

    @ RR
    was just coming back to post that as well! lol

  161. JMac

    Wow, lots of panic here and that’s understandable.

    One of the things that happens in this type of collective bargaining situation is that when a mediator, who is appointed by the Ministry of Labour, sees that the sides are moving in negotiations he or she will ensure that the 2 sides keep going until a settlement is reached.

    If they are scheduled to meet tomorrow , that is a good sign for everyone.

    One of the most important things that the mediator and the 2 sides MUST agree to is not to divulge anything to anyone about what is going on in negotiations. If someone who has been in those negotiations is out there telling people that they counter-offered 8% over 2 years or whatever, that person is a moron for breaking what was probably an oath to keep quiet.

    Tomorrow may be a very long day at the bargaining table. A settlement may be in sight and if one is reached between the negotiating teams a union meeting could and should be called within 24 hours. A vote could be called the following day.

    One thing I should add. If the union team were to agree to terms and go back to their membership they would likely be recommending acceptance by the members. If, for some reason, the members don’t like the deal and turn it down, it puts the bargaining team in a bad spot – going back to York admin with their tails between their legs.

    If a settlement is going to be reached it will likely be this weekend. If they can’t reach some kind of agreement by Sunday I wouldn’t be surpised if the sides walked away and didn’t meet again for several days or even weeks.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  162. RR

    lol, we all must be searching non stop!

  163. Fred

    Unfortunatelty a settlement is being reached
    That means going to classes up to December 23rd instead of getting to spend the most important holliday of year with yiur family let alone all the vacation plans and such

  164. Frustrated

    What i am not understanding is that if the union and Yu admin are reaching some kind of an angreement from the talks that took place yesterday and today (and supposedly tomorrow as well) Why is the union going all out and sending facebook messages to it’s group memebers to come out for the rally taking place on wednesday Dec 3rd and support their cause…it seems like they’re just misleading us with conflicting information flying everywhere…

    This uncertaintly is driving us all pretty nuts…..

  165. Fred

    not to mention that you have to spend those few days of your holiday to study for your examd because once you get back you have to write your exams
    Right now it seems clear : Forget about your christmas break and also your reading week. You’re getting none. Too bad York didn’t let me know when I paid my tution for this semester

    Three weeks of stress and no education + no christmas + no reading week = totally awesome!

  166. yorkstrike2008

    The time issue is because WordPress is based on San Francisco time. San Fran is like 6 hours ahead of us sooo…

  167. flushafleshfarm

    @ Fred

    Can’t you at least say you have reliable sources? lol.

  168. Concetta

    Thank you yorkstrike2008!

  169. flushafleshfarm

    San Fran is like 6 hours ahead of us sooo…


  170. Fred

    @ flushafleshfarm
    It’s all very clear at this point. If a deal is reached, that means going back to school. It’s perfectly clear that York won’t go out of his way and tell people to stay home till January. School will start as soon as the deal is confirmed with Cupe and we’re back to school till December 23rd. York will not ignroe the rest of the December just to be nice (unfortunately)
    With two weeks spent on school, you can bet the exams will be held as soon as possible when back from Christmas. That means once you’re back, you gotta write your exams so we waste no possible time going into the second term

    Also York will do whatever it can to end the second semester as soon and possible and that means no reading week. We are losing our reading week regardless of a deal being reached or not

    It doesn’t require any sources….
    Do you think York will simply tell us “see you back in Jan”?

  171. Nice

    Thank you so much!

  172. Guitaraholic

    Thank you!!!….

  173. Hot Water

    I imagine The December 3rd rally is not solely for York University, its for Uof T as well. Its held downtown and its awfully close to the UofT strike vote. In that case, it would be in the interest of CUPE to get as many members out there and that includes York CUPE members regardless of the status of the strike. I dont think we should solely connect the status of the York talks with the rally.

  174. bonaventurakevin

    thank you

  175. mike

    For a University that makes so much money York should treat their TA’s good. If ya can’t run the University without them then i’m sure you can pay them enough to be able to pay for food and rent!

  176. Glenn

    Hahhaaaa, @ Fred, where are you getting these sources from?! This can’t be all true

  177. CUPE member with child

    Yorkstrike2008 – are you going to remove the obviously false header for this string that York’s offer of 9.25% is being considered? Otherwise provide a varifiable source.

  178. yorkstrike2008

    York blows so bad. I hope profs will be chill and give us some nice alternative arrangements to finishing off the semester.

    I have a philosophy course and only 20% was finished when the strike went on (don’t even get me started how much this course sucks). 15% paper is almost done so 65% of this course has to be written in what…3 weeks? Oh nice!

  179. Fred

    @ Glenn
    I don’t have any sources. My thoughts are based on the information I’ve been following on this excellent blog
    If the strike ends by early next week, I’m pretty sure classes will resume. York wont give us a month off just to sit home. They aks to get back to class and when they do, it wont be just for a week. There will be two to three weeks of school and by December 23rd we get off to enjoy our christmas

    Also given the length of the strike, the reading week is already cancelled. They will cut all the possible free days to prevent the extension of school into May

    I’d love things to turn out differently. But that’s how it looks to me at this moment

  180. Fred

    And I forget to add, exams will be scheduled as early as possible into Junary. Given we’ll have classes in December, once we get back we ought to write those exams

  181. flushafleshfarm

    @ Fred

    I was mostly kidding. My conclusions mirror your quite closely. Expound my friend! Expound!

  182. Stef

    I am disgusted by both sides. The fact that we as an undergraduate body (which represents, oh, 50, 000 students?) has to scrounge like vultures for information is pathetic. I have looked at York’s website and do you know what their main news headline is? Something about a marine biologist. Their strike update has been the same for the last 56 hours. Despite the fact that talks must have ended today.
    The union is no better. If I wanted to see the picketers I would go and stand in the cold with them.
    At this point, I hope the strike goes on and the university has to refund us all of our money. And that at least 10% of people transfer out. And I hope that it gets really, really, really cold.
    There. Both sides lose.

  183. Stef

    Sorry – I mean, “If I wanted to see pictures of the picketers instead of information on their strike page I would go stand with them.”

  184. Commuter

    @ Stef

    I know this is cynical, but maybe they want to settle this weekend because we’re supposed to get a major winter storm on Monday? 20 cm.

    That could be one of the reasons for these sudden negotiations. 🙂

  185. Stef

    Commuter, love it. (If the strike doesn’t end, I’m going to go tobogganing – burn off some steam!)

  186. Just Another Yorker


  187. CUPE member with child

    Stef, I can understand why threre’s little information on the negotiations – any hints as to actual numbers being negotiated end up being grounds for the bargaining teams to be flooded with phone calls and emails attempting to sway them one way or another.

    With that sais though I’m also dissapointed with the lack of even minimal information. York’s website could at least say that they’re at the table negotiating. The Cupe site is a little better, but again, can’t divulge any details. They could at least let us know if they’re going to be back at the table tomorrow.

  188. jacky

    i have a questions,
    so they are going to have a meeting tmr?
    and its possibly strike could be end on sunday?

  189. dadddaa

    ok u guys do realize that whether we like it or not the exams will probably take place AFTER the christmass holidays..however we will probably end up finishing this year in May, which i don’t really mind..the only problem that i have is the fact that they said the prof were to reduce the assignemnts and the tests for this semester and yet no prof is indicating which assignments or tests…i don’t wanna study for something that will not be required later on..last week i spend 5 days memorizing all countries of the world plus their capitals for geo and later on they said that the map quiz is cancelled…ITS SOOO DUMB!! YORKU AND PROFS SHOULD TELL US THEIR PLANS AND STOP LEAVING US IN THE DARK!

  190. amy doan

    let’s loose ppl.. go watch some movies n stop speculating awhile

  191. yorkstrike2008


    Capitals of Luxembourg and Monaco? 😉

  192. Mike Oxbig

    yeah i’m with Jacky, just want the bottom line,

    what are the chances of there being school on monday given what everyone is hearing

    that’s all i really care about, i don’t care about the details when it comes to stuff like this, that’s other people’s problems

    just what are the chances of school starting monday

  193. Commuter

    @ yorkstrike2008

    Nice one. 😉

  194. dadddaa

    same as the country names for both of them!!!

  195. frustrated

    will they be negotiating on the weekend?

  196. YS

    i just noticed there’s a tiny smiley face at the top right section of this site 🙂

  197. gg

    on another note:
    @ yorkstrike2008
    how much was that ticket to Bahamas? I am considering a small vacation for myself, from all of this mess of school we call York.

  198. @ gg (not that you asked me)
    I just booked an all-inclusive to Mayan Riviera, Mexico for $650.

  199. @ Hot Water (like 24 posts up)

    There is nothing to suggest that the rally on Dec. 3 is for U of T. Their union website doesn’t mention it at all (

  200. Mike Oxbig

    are there any poker tournaments or anything run at york? or do any students run any poker nights?

    did anyone know a worker at york was in the wsop main event final table?

  201. Mhm

    Lol i have an all inclusive trip to punta cana december 7th (booked before the strike) 😛
    *crosses fingers for january start*

  202. yeah I leave the 13th, so I have my fingers crossed too

  203. CUPE member with child

    I have just received some detailed information on the negotiations, but considering this sites continued ignoring of my request to remove the hugely innacurate heading of the thread, or to post varifiable sources, I have no desire to share my information.


  204. Curious Yorkie

    aah! dont leave us stranded CUPE valued Member!

  205. @ CUPE mwc

    that’s kinda immature, seeing over a hundred people read this. Don’t mention it unless you want to share 🙂

  206. Frustrated

    great, our last source of information has given up =(((((

  207. Fred

    Come on “Cupe member with Child”
    Don’t students get scerwed enough?
    All we want is some little info about how things are happening
    I know in no way it’s your responsibility to keep us updated, but you could give us some info about how things are happening so at least some people know if they need go ahead and do something about their christmas plans
    Man it is a real torture….

  208. annoyed

    the people who respond on this site have nothing to do with the creator. so it is insanely immature for you to flaunt that you have information but will not share.

  209. dadddaa

    @CUPE member with child


  210. sad

    I think its horrible you won’t share your information, I live out of town and i just want to know if i can go home and see my family. I live on the other side of Canada. Not to mention my dad has been in he hospital for so long. please tell us

  211. dsd

    @ CUPE member with child
    You gave me yet another reason to transfer from this shitty school somewhere else. Thx. 😉

  212. CUPE member with child

    yes, that’s true – it’s none of your faults. But I do hope that you will also pressure the moderator of the site to provide accurate information that can be varified. I’m not sure how ‘private’ the information I received is supposed to be, but considering that the university side is telling you nothing at all, I will at least give you a small chunk of it – summarized in my own words:

    Although the employer and the union have both revised some parts of their positions, the two parties are still far apart on many substantial issues. The Union is, however, pleased to see that the University recognises the importance of some of these issues and talks will continue.

  213. thank you so much now its time to sleep chyeeh

  214. Just Another Yorker

    double sigh.

  215. Mike Oxbig

    lol may be a small chunk to you…but to most of us thats all we need….

    based on that…there probably isnt going to be school next week

    and in all honesty..if there is no school next week…just scrap the semester…give us our tuition back…wasn’t the semester supposed to end on wednesday?

  216. Frustrated

    does it mean a GMM meeting is possible over the weekend?

  217. dsd

    @ CUPE member with child
    Thank you for the information. I might have been rude in my previous post, but that’s seriously how I feel at this point. Thx again.

  218. anonymous

    thank you for the imo portant info cupe member with child it is much appreciated

  219. YS

    greatly appreciated CUPE member w/ child!

  220. dadddaa

    thanx soooooooooo much cupe i guess so far next week is still off..YESSSSSS…MORE BREAK AND LET THEM REMOVE ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND TESTS SO THAT WE ONLY HAVE TO STUDY FOR THE EXAMS!!ok thats too much hope but oh well

  221. Mike Oxbig

    lets call cupe member with child Nicole

  222. Mike Oxbig

    on a brighter note…the liberals and ndp are trying to destroy canada

  223. CUPE member with child

    Seeing as talks still need to resume, it would be insufficient time to call a GMM for this weekend (even Sunday).

    My feelings on this from what I read in the updated information:

    If I didn’t have to be walking the picket line over the next couple weeks in order to get my strike pay (which I’m happy to make my contribution for), my child and I would take the gamble and go home to see some family we haven’t seen for quite a while.

  224. Frustrated

    lovely…thanks a lot Cupe mwc…:D

    I can actually sleep in peace now..

  225. sad

    amazing thank you

  226. One More Student

    @CUPE member w/ child

    Regardless of whatever views everyone here holds on the strike matter, I think I speak for everyone when I say that even that small tidbit of info you gave us was a refreshing change from the complete darkness we’ve been kept in by the University and everyone else. I thank you very much for it.

  227. Ryan

    CUPE MWC you are our only hope.

  228. New Student

    In an earlier post, I read that YFS was going to be conducting a townhall meeting to discuss when/how classes and exams will occur. There was also an e-mail link where we could send our input. Finally an opportunity to have a voice! I encourage everyone to send in what they believe would be ideal and hopefully after reviewing our responses the senate will come to a fair outcome. Here’s what I sent:

    As an undergraduate student currently affected by the strike, I’d like to offer my input regarding when classes and exams should resume.
    Based on the many comments I have been reading on various websites and blogs re the strike, it seems that a January start would be preferable
    for large number of students. ( – one example)
    Considering that the original exam schedule had already been released prior to the strike, many students have already booked holiday flights
    (many students would’ve completed exams by the 15th)
    The strike has already taken a financial toll on some students as it is, and I think losing out on paid flights would
    only be adding gas to the fire.
    I also believe that students have a right to enjoy the holiday season with their loved ones “stress free” without having to study for exams.
    This strike has caused a lot of stress for the students and some consideration on the University’s part should be without question provided to us!
    It is undeniable that this strike will result in having to make many adjustments and even sacrifices, but I firmly believe that we’re sacrificing as we speak.
    Please consider resuming classes Jan.5 possibly compressing the 4 weeks of classes missed into 2 weeks.
    Exam period from Jan. 19 – 31 (this is very possible if exam scheduling is condensed)
    Feb 2 begin 3 credit winter courses
    Full year courses should consider dropping a major assignment.
    At this point I know a lot of students would like to keep reading week, but I’d give up reading week in order to enjoy my holidays.
    If reading week were to be cancelled, at least we would have enough notice and there aren’t any major holidays that I know of that
    occur in that time period.
    If we have to spend an extra couple of weeks in school in May for exams, at least the weather will be pleasant and hopefully so will “morale”.
    Thank you for your taking your time to read my concerns, I hope that the input will serve to be useful when formulating your decisions.

    Happy Holidays

    Here’s the link…;

  229. RR

    @Cupe MWC
    Thank you so much for this info, on behalf of us undergrads here thank you so much. What a nice change, I can fall asleep now.

  230. Hameed

    oh if they are far apart still…then the strike will last for another week??

  231. Who's always on here =S

    Just an observation… CUPE posted up a position for deputy treasurer on Nov 27th and the duties start on Monday. Apparently it’s to help the treasurer with handling increased payroll/other money stuff.

    My point is, the speculation above might be right. Cuz if talks are going well, they wouldn’t need more people to deal with the financial aspects of the strike. Thoughts?

  232. Who's always on here =S

    looks like it. Plus CUPE’s looking for a deputy treasurer (position posted on the 27th) that would start on Monday. That can’t be a good sign…

  233. Jon

    As long as they (the union and admin) are talking and not acting like children, I’m happy. Though it does seem like a waste of time to accept an agreement of 9.25% for 3 years when they went on strike because they didn’t want a low figure…it baffles me what kind of minds must work there.

  234. amy doan

    huh? ppl seem they can put their minds at peace. i need to read what CUPE MWC wrote

  235. amy doan

    but where was it started ?

  236. amy doan

    alrite, got it! That makes sense to me since nothing has been settled down that both sides could not reveal any further info. But at least they should have words to us * York site is totally outdated * Many thanks to CUPE MWC

  237. art


    ps: cupe mwc you rock!

  238. ram

    long live CUPEMWC. An air of freshness around this website.. thanks a lot.. but does anybody know whether there is a meeting tomorrow ? Or are they again meeting only on monday? please help

  239. silent till now

    I’m reading the comments and people are freaking out!…relax guys its friday night…go out drinking!!!…too many ppl are stressing its a weekend calm down…whatever happens happens…u guys stress so much now i dont know whats going to happen to you guys when you get older. Fridays done but enjoy your saturdays!!!! live and laugh people


  240. Worried Union Member

    Most 3903 members are just as frustrated as everyone else about the lack of information. Cupe Member with child says that they don’t want the bargaining team/exec to be bugged with emails but this doesn’t make sense. They’re likely to get a lot more emails just asking for news.

    3903 has always been bad at letting rank&file members in on important news unless the exec wanted them to do something …. like stand on a frozen picket line like we’re doing now.

  241. Worried Union Member

    Worried about the strike ending without you knowing about it??? ……… Here’s how it will work.

    If you don’t hear anything assume they are still talking. If talks break down one or both parties will hurry to blame the other, and we’ll all see that on their websites.

    If an agreement is reached it will probably appear on the York website first b/c the university will want to trumpet the news and Cupe will still be trying to put together its claims about how it “won”

    Classes can’t start quickly after a settlement is reached. It will take at least a few days so don’t worry that you have to be back in class the next day.

    Before the settlement is final it has to be ratified by the members. It always takes a few days to get a vote together. The GMM for Dec 3 would be the earliest a vote could happen.

    If there is a positive ratification then classes could restart, but probably not until the next week although it is possible they could start the next day AFTER the members vote.

    After the last strike all course outlines had to be revised. If you have essays due on the old schedule, don’t assume they are still due on the same date. They’ll be due later or might even be deleted from the outline.

    BTW I DON’T have any information on the negs. I’m waiting for news like everyone else.

  242. MR Two

    that’s a breath of fresh air! Thank you CMWC, I can take my monday shift with a little more confidence!

  243. yorkstrike2008

    @Cupe MWC

    If they were in meeting yesterday and then again today then they are obviously considering something. For your sanity I will remove 9.25% and put in “offer” 🙂

  244. Commuter

    @ yorkstrike2008

    This Globe & Mail article mentioned that they do not know if they are meeting today.

  245. sam

    I dont think they are meeting today because the article was from yesturday meaning they met the 27 and 28 says nothing about 29th.

  246. Sorry, but which article?

  247. sam

    The star, the link posted on this website.

  248. Oh ok, I thought you meant there was a new one

  249. Commuter

    @ sam

    I’ve heard from a few union members that they are meeting today.

  250. Ryan

    Strike has ended. 😦

  251. VJC

    All you have to do is read the comments above, like this one:

    RR // November 28, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Just found this on the YFS thread:

    Hey Everyone,
    Just wanted to give a heads up that meetings did take place today and will continue tomorrow. We will update you with more information about how the talks are going when we get it.

  252. Hey Guys, it’s saturday,

    and yup they are meeting again today.

  253. Frustrated

    morning fellow bloggers…

    so nothing much has changed over night i see…

  254. Jimmy

    Man this waiting sucks. I almost wish the talks would either break down or they reach an agreement because this lack of clear info is unpleasant.

  255. yorkstrike2008

    No, nothing much has changed. I doubt they will meet this weekend though. I hope an end is near. This blog is ridiculous amounts of work 😉

  256. Commuter

    @ Ryan


  257. VE

    This comment isn’t about the bargaining issues, but I’m just tired of being left in the dark by York.

    Couldn’t profs email or post online some sort of updated syllabus? Who wants to do assignments that may be cancelled or read chapters that may be removed from the course material?? What a waste of time!

    Also, why does York have that page about “Keeping up with your studies”? I thought by senate policy we are NOT required to do any work on the strike.. I’m tired of all this contradictory information AND the lack of any information at all!

    York needs to address their ISSUES and their students.. yeah basically, I’m sick of York’s shit!

  258. Commuter

    Latest message from YFS:

    “We are not sure if the strike is going to end soon but when it does the Senate Executive Committee will be deciding on what to do with classes and exams. For example will classes start in December or January? The YFS has a seat on this committee so we want to get your feedback about what you want to see happen. We will be having a Townhall next Thursday (time and location not confirmed) or you can email your thoughts to”

    Please share your opinion with them! 🙂

  259. MR Two

    @ Commuter

    If it were over, we’d hear about it ASAP from York itself trying to be a media hound.

  260. sam

    What source if any do the people have that there is a meeting going on today, the closest thing we have to any information is the article in the Post saying they are unsure.

  261. I don’t think anyone actually thinks its over… I think most of us are just wondering what happened yesturday and if in fact they are meeting again today… we are just looking for neg. updates

  262. sam

    I hear you but to many people are making things up, the last thing I herd was rom Cupe mwc sating that the negotiations are far apart that being last night, so I dont think that they have agreed on anything yet.

  263. Sorry, I didn’y mean to speak on behalf of others … I only assume we are wondering the same thing

  264. Jason

    So it they resolve this today, then the union can call a meeting on monday, and we can be back by tuesday, or if they resolve it tomorrow, they call a meeting for tuesday and be back by wednesday… hummm, or just resolve it at the wednesday meeting and be back thursday, which wouldnt be feasible, because everyone should be starting at the same time, monday, so they will get the same amount of classes for everyone which is only fair I think… so next monday, the 8th???

  265. Commuter

    @ Sam

    I’ve heard from a CUPE member on Lyndon Koopmans’ Anti-Strike Group that they are meeting today.

  266. CUPE member with child

    yorkstrike2008 – I still find the header misleading, and considering the cry out for accurate information I think it’s vitally important that you be very cautious what’s in the header. “The university’s offer” that you say is being considered by default is put in the context of the Star’s article – which only mentions that they’ve offered 9.25%. This is still hugely innaccurate. As I’ve said countless time on this blog, the wage issue between the two parties is not far of. The real battle ground is in the benefits package and job security for contract faculty (Unit 2’s). I will momentarily post the new update I received in full that will certainly underscore the accuracey of what I’m saying about the wage issue not being the deal-breaker. NO major news outlet NOR the York’s website are reporting this. You have the opportunity here to provide the most accurate information of any news source as to what this strike is about and what’s going on in negotiations. It’s great that you’ve provided this forum, but I urge you to step it up a notch and be the most accurate.

  267. Jason

    So we would have about two weeks of classes before christmas holidays, when were exams suppose to finish

  268. sam

    All I can say is that York Admin is F#$Ked up for leaving us in the dark like this that crazy, total BS, how could we trust in a school that doesnt trust us with info.

  269. Jason

    did they have exams up to the 23rd of december before this all happened

  270. Stef

    Hey CMWC,
    I know you’ve got beef with the header, but let’s all cut the moderator some slack. This poor guy/girl (has this been confirmed yet? My vote is for girl!) has been working so hard to provide accurate information, it’s got to be exhausting. I’m sure as soon as they have a reliable source that they can quote from they’ll change it.

    I just can’t imagine how tiring this must be, reading every single post and digging for info constantly – I get angry just going to each side’s homepage.

    Let’s all show some love people. (By the way, CMWC, you’re a great spy – you should wear sunglasses and a hat and trenchcoat today.)

  271. Commuter

    @ Stef

    Ala Carmen Sandiego? :p

  272. CUPE member with child

    This is the latest bargaining update that has been distributed to the Union membership. As you can see, the wage issue (9.25% vs 11%) is not mentioned. This is in part because the two parties are NOT far apart when it comes to the wage. The key issues for both the Union and the University are the benefits and job security for contract faculty (unit 2’s). I have inserted my comments throughout the update in square brackets:

    The Bargaining Team met with the employer yesterday and today to emphasize areas that must be addressed to end the strike.

    Yesterday we presented the Employer with our revised framework and they presented us with some revised and new proposals. Their new proposals do not come near to reaching the heart of our key demands, however it is good to see that the employer has recognized the importance of certain important issues. The following are some of the areas where we have begun negotiating:

    • We would be willing to accept their counter proposal on vision care to be set at $400 every 24 months (up from 300 every 24 months and down from our $450 proposal), as well as their proposal that “paramedical services” (including chiropracty, physiotherapy, massage therapy,
    naturopathy, podiatry, psychology – now covered only by our Extended Health Benefits plan) would be moved into the normal insurance plan. However, they have offered this with the condition that we delete the existing 175k Extended Health Benefits Fund, which we must insist on retaining for the purpose of covering other necessary health costs and for subsidizing extra costs incurred by members.

    • We are excited about the inclusion of “fund protection” – which would ensure that future membership growth does not affect the level of
    funding per member. However, the employer has only attached this “fund protection” to a limited number of funds. Without adequate catch-up of all funds, targeted growth to certain funds, and an expansion on the funds that would qualify for indexation of the proposed “fund
    protection” we are not yet prepared to settle this issue. The employer will thus have to make more significant strides in order to lead us to
    [This is seen by many in the Union to be very important. Since our last contract in 2005 the university has increased our enrollment by 28%, and plans are underway to increase graduate student enrollment even more in the coming next few years. Many of our benefits and funding are a fixed dollar amount over the entire union, so increasing the size of our membership is a means by which the university can increase its own funding through tuition fees and government transfers, and simultaneously lower our funding per student by a hefty amount – 28% since 2005. The Union’s position is to restore these funds per member to 2005 levels and “index” these funds to any increase in enrollement]

    • One exception to the funds that have not acheived sufficient catch-up levels is the UHIP fund, which is a fund to pay for half of the health
    insurance premiums of international students that is not covered by FGS. The combined sum of the Unit 1 and Unit 3 funds will now reach
    77,000, up from 44,500. This will cover all of our current international members and leave 9,000 that can be used to subsidize insurance premiums for family members.

    • Another positive move was the inclusion in the Unit 3 Collective Agreement of many leaves that are now in the Unit 1 agreement .

    • We also saw a first overture on the idea of post-retirement benefits. However, as it is would only cover $1500 per year, this still promises to be insufficient for retirees whose health bills will undoubtedly exceed this limit if they have any serious health problems. Consequently, we responded that this offer is clearly insufficient and we will be pushing to raise this limit.
    [This is an important aspect of the package for contract faculty. Imagine working your whole working-life at a university, teaching classes and performing student and committee services – just like tenured faculty do – and then you retire without any benefit package whatsoever!]

    • The key sticking point remains ensuring job security measures for Unit 2. In response to our suggestions of an renewed SRC program (which has the full support of the YUFA executive), they have offered 10 positions of a 5-year teaching stream YUFA appointments (spread over their proposed 3 year contract). Unit 2 CUPE members with 5 or more years in
    the affirmative action pool would be able to apply to be moved to YUFA with a 4.0 course load + service for $60,000. Currently we have 67 members that would be eligible for SRCs, and we are seeking a 3.0 course load at $75,000, which not only takes into account job security but acknowledges the important role that these members of CUPE have contributed to the York community. Not only are we unwilling to accept
    this proposal, but YUFA is very unlikely to accept the two-tier employment structure that it would institute within their collective agreement.
    [This is another very important aspect of the contract. Unit 2’s – contract faculty – are currently forced to reapply for their jobs every semester/year and make far less money as tenured profs for doing the same work. Many contract faculty have been hired semesterly/yearly by the university for well over 10 years, but still have to go through the hiring process as well as receive less wages and benefits from the university as a tenured professor would. The Union hopes to re-introduce a system (which had been used and worked well before) by which contract faculty with many years of service (I think it’s 10 years) can be given longer reknewable contracts at pay and benefits that is closer to what tenured faculty make. In this round of negotiations the University has offered that a pool be set up whereby a limited number of them can be given a 4.0 course load for 60K and transfered to the Faculty’s union YUFA, rather than remain CUPE. This workload is still larger than regular faculty and the pay is still less, so as suggested, the unioin is hoping for further movement in the employer’s position.

    While these developments are not all that we would hope for, we are encouraged that we have resumed fruitful negotiations. We spent the bulk
    of today developing responses to the employer’s proposals, and going through our outstanding non-financial proposals by reasserting our position on some, while revising and withdrawing others.

    We continue to seek more serious movement in our stated key areas of job
    security for Unit 2 [contract faculty], raising the Minimum Guarantee for Units 1 [TAs] and 3 [GAs and RAs], and restoring our funds to their levels prior to major membership growth [28% since 2005]

    We will be meeting tomorrow…

  273. Commuter

    @ CUPE member with child

    WOW… thanks for updating us!

    No mention of the contract length. Interesting.

  274. sam

    So does this mean that teh strike wiont probably end this up comming week.

  275. ram

    its really interesting why the topic of “2 YEAR CONTRACT” has not been mentioned. But looking at the outstanding issues yet to be discussed about, can you [CUPEMWC] predict just approximately when it might end? Is it even possible to finish the negotiations with a new deal ready for ratification on wednesday GMM? just tell us your thoughts.. YOU ARE THE ONLY RAY OF LIGHT (HOPE) for us.. I pray to god for your success..

  276. R

    @CUPE member with child

    Thank you! Again, reinforcing Commuter’s confusion – it is very weird there is no mention about the contract length, have we looked into the wrong page this entire time?

  277. Anonymous

    Thank you CUPE MWC.
    This puts the potential length of the strike in perspective.
    Any idea about the soonest date by which everything can be resolved?

  278. Commuter

    @ R

    I don’t see why the union would not publish this update. It makes them look good and not greedy (even if the 2-year contract is still a big concern).

  279. sam

    It doesnt seem like they are going to be close to an agreement anytime soon, tHEy are still far apart on many issues, although who knows. I dont see us going back until at least the 5th

  280. ram

    i agree too. Because they have just given some important issues here. There have to be more issues which are yet to be opened and discussed about in the meetings. So i do not see classes resuming anytime nextweek.. Lets us still wait for the big mouth to open(UNIVERSITY).

  281. Impatient

    I wonder if I should just book my trip for the 20th and hope the prof’s dont screw me on the last three days, thats saying if we’re back by then

  282. CUPE member with child

    I really can’t say when it’s all going to be over. While they may reach an agreement by the GMM Wednesday, it’s also possible that the University will play a really dirty trick by making an offer that the Union bargaining team declines, but the university can force the general membership to vote on it (circumventing the union’s bargaining team). I hope they don’t do that, but it is possible.

    I have to go out for the afternoon, so I won’t be able to respond to any questions until much later. Have a good day, y’all!

  283. Commuter

    @ CUPE member with child

    Well we know what you have to do in that case, vote NO if the offer is unfair!! 🙂

  284. Frustrated

    thanks for all the feedback CUPE mwc…cause clearly our university is not being helpful in any manner…

  285. Will

    CUPE MWC, your information is so unbelievably appreciated. We’re just a bunch of anxious students throwing out guesstimations with no idea what’s going on. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed! 🙂

  286. Another student

    I’d also like to thank yorkstrike2008 for setting up this website. It’s great having a reference site to go to. (and a place for people to vent too!)

  287. @CUPEmemberwithchild

    that was so typical. flaunting information that wasn’t even that good to begin with. that’s the kind of behaviour that paints a bad image of the union. you guys make yourselves out to be d*cks.

  288. Steve

    OMG OMG OMG , I jus found out that my parents have bought tickets for a flight on 18th Dec….this is SHITTTTT !!! I dont wanna go back to Class before x-mass… It jus doesnt make any sence 😦 U no how much money will be lost if we return the tickets, n its not just me! I bet SOooo many ppl have bought tickets already 😦

  289. dsd

    @ kavisolo
    Choke. She’s the only good source we have, go troll somewhere else.

  290. Mike Oxbig

    my birthday is on wednesday, the day of the vote…i wonder what kind of birthday gift i’m going to receive out of it…

  291. stacy

    can we really go back tro school during what was supposed to be exam period?
    i would have been done everything dec 2nd if it wasnt for this strike
    i already booked a trip since OCTOBER! and i leave dec 5th
    i have cancelation insurance but WTF
    this is redic

  292. pp

    so the meeting started at 1pm today…i wonder how long this one will be..

  293. let me learn!

    pp… do you know the start time of the meeting?
    do you have a source/link that you can share?

  294. Fred

    This is madness!
    We all should hope the strile lasts till the end of December!

  295. It still might who knows!

  296. @ pp

    Where did you see that it started at 1pm?

  297. Commuter

    @ Fred

    I agree. And the differing stories/interpretations gets people really confused. Sort of like that song, Hot ‘n Cold. :p

  298. Mike Oxbig

    apparently there was a rumour that if the strike went until the new year that the 1st semester would be scrapped and we would get a tuition fee refund which we would probably just put towards semester 2…

    what is the validity to this?

  299. I haven’t heard that yet. What would happen with full yr courses if that was true?

  300. dadddaa

    u knw wat..this is realy stupied..i mean some pple did already book their flights for this week or next week and its not their faults that they cannot cancel them right now..i think that if the strike should end in the coming week then we should wait till january for courses to resume..and as for the profs they should try and send us some messages on wat chapters to study and wat assignemnts to do!! also we have the labs to worry about..i mean will we still be doing our labs or not or will some labs be…its really frustrating

  301. Mike Oxbig

    well full years, nothing would happen, it’s obviously alot easier to amend full year courses than half year courses because there is still an entire semester left to change full year courses

    so i guess it just referred to half years

  302. Commuter

    @ Mike Oxbig (yeah I get it, clever lol)

    Can’t be true… YFS members (who are part of the Senate Executive Committee) have encouraged students to send their messages in, voicing their opinions about when we should go back, because they have a say in it.

    A by-choice January return (which is being contemplated) shouldn’t even be considered if it would come with that penalty, so I can’t imagine that the Senate would even consider something like that if it meant: a) refunding our tuition; b) losing our term.

    If they’re even THINKING about it as an option, it CAN NOT come with such a penalty. If it did, that would be illogical.

    Could you see them WANTING to refund:
    $2500 (fall term) x 50 000 = $125 000 000


  303. Steve


  304. Commuter

    (I know that figure is an exaggeration because not everybody is enrolled in a half-year course, but you get what I mean.)

  305. Steve

    OK, so where is the VOTING on this blog goin to go?
    Who is going to see the results?
    Apparently alotttaaa ppl want it to be a Jan. return to classes!
    N wut daaa hell r they talkin about for 3 days?
    I hope on wednesday, the union memebrs jst vote for a big ass NOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOooo!!!
    I dont want thissss… Im goin to ose alotta money on my booked tickets 😦
    n its not my fault!!!
    The fUKINg University has to pay for my tickets

  306. Mike Oxbig

    well pretty much we can look at it this way…if the vote is negative on wednesday, there probably isn’t going to be school until January…

    there wouldn’t be school next week, and maybe not even the week after, which takes us to the 15th

  307. annonymous

    You can still leave on Dec. 18… even if we’re back in class missing 3 days isn’t the end of the world… relax.

  308. Dale

    Are we sure there can’t be a GMM called for tomorrow?

  309. pp

    to those that were asking for the link which said 1pm meeting here it is:

  310. jacky

    then after 15th
    one more weeek of school then we are off to holiday

  311. “@ kavisolo
    Choke. She’s the only good source we have, go troll somewhere else.”

    Top that with the fact that everyone kisses her ass the minute she gives off the information. It really wasn’t anything substantial.

  312. Fred

    We are left in dark by University and CUPE.
    Students are indeed paying the price of this whole mess….

  313. Commuter

    @ Dale

    They would need to give their members at least 24 hours notice… if you don’t hear anything by the dinner hour you can virtually guarantee that there won’t be.

    Plus, based on that publication of what happened yesterday, there’s NO WAY they could have settled ALL those issues that they were so far apart on, in ONE day.

  314. pp

    I have posted the link which says the meeting was planned to start at 1pm…it is just awaiting moderation.

  315. Nathan


    As a fellow Union member, if this – “it’s also possible that the University will play a really dirty trick by making an offer that the Union bargaining team declines, but the university can force the general membership to vote on it (circumventing the union’s bargaining team). I hope they don’t do that, but it is possible” occurred, and the GM STILL voted to accept the deal… wouldn’t that mean that the BT was negotiating while out of touch with what the GM wanted?

  316. Steve


  317. lol @ Mike Oxbig ‘s name

  318. Kris

    @ Fred:
    “This is madness!”


    i joke, i joke, now back to serious strike talk. 🙂

  319. CUPE member with child


    if the university forced a ratification vote on an offer declined by the CUPE bargaining team, and it passes then I think it would either mean, a) the union bargaining team has been bargaining out of touch with the views of the membership, b) the membership doesn’t understand the full implications of the offer and and thus accepts it anyways, c) a combination of the two above.

  320. uniondues

    are they going to bargain tomorrow too?

  321. Mike Oxbig

    so whats happening…anything new?

  322. Steve

    LEts all of us have a meeting one day 😀

  323. Mike Oxbig

    all i wanna know is what are the chances of there being school this week based on what we know..gimme a percentage…30% 40% 70%? what

  324. Commuter

    This is from the National Post. Did they just say they might shorten the CHRISTMAS BREAK? I thought they were NOT allowed to do that?!? Plus they want us to study over that shortened break too?

    “After two days of negotiations, a deal between York University and striking workers has not been reached, the National Post has learned.

    “Talks are still continuing, so we’re very positive about that,” CUPE 3903 chair Christina Rousseau said. “But right now, no deal is reached.”

    Rousseau said the union had hoped that the new offer they presented to the university would have made some leeway, and that it is disappointed that it did not.

    “We’re going into our fourth week this week, so we’re hoping this can get settled soon, but right now it’s not looking like that.”

    CUPE 3903, the union representing teaching assistants, graduate assistants and contract faculty walked off the job on Nov. 6. The union is looking for a wage increase and better job security for contract faculty. The university has maintained that binding arbitration is the only way to reach a deal as soon as possible.

    50,000 students at York University have been out of classes since the strike began, with students at the Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Hall law school returning to classes in the last week. Due to the length of the strike, students will now have to make up the time either over the Christmas break or next summer. Exams were supposed to start for the students next week.

    “It’s very inconvenient for them, we’re really working hard to reach a settlement,” Rousseau said about the students who are out of classes righr now. “We’re just hoping that once classes are resumed that senate will make the transition back as seemless as possible.”

    More details as they become available. “

  325. Commuter

    @ Mike Oxbig

    Based on that article I posted, and this comment by the CUPE 3903 Chair:

    “We’re going into our fourth week this week, so we’re hoping this can get settled soon, but right now it’s not looking like that.”

    I’m gonna say 10%.

  326. Commuter

    @ Myself

    Source for my article (I would have posted it with it but I didn’t want to have to wait for moderation):

  327. Nathan


    In the case of b) and c), should it not be the Union’s responsibility to educate its rank and file?

  328. Mike Oxbig

    there would be a deal right now if both sides loved each other

  329. Steve

    I HoPEEEEEEEEEEEE nothingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg happens!!!

  330. SARA


  331. Steve

    @ sara

  332. I think i’m going to drop out

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