Save Reading Week


The majority of you have voted to have some sort of movement to have school restart in January. That would be ideal for many people, including me, however after reading many opinions and comments on the matter (below) I am going to tend to agree with everyone who says once the Admin and the Union come to an agreement classes will start asap. That, I unfortunately believe is inevitable. 

Perhaps, it would be much more feasible and towards the same goal to have our objective be to keep Reading Week. Not only is it more feasible to get the admin to agree to but it makes the cause more accessible for those who have special arrangements for second term and more representative of all undergrad students. It seems as though that would satisfy everybody here. We are all trying to salvage some good from this year and I am trying to give the best representation of York Undergrads. 

The underlying point of the matter is that we want the union and the admin to know that we are not sheep! We should not be herded around as such. The strike is a bad situation for everyone but they cannot resume everything like all is well and dandy.

To have this movement we need a clear and well defined objective and constituency. I believe this is the most accessible demand, it is more feasible and will represent the most York Undergraduate students.

If the majority of you seem to agree I will go ahead and draft a petition tomorow and post it on here for reviewing.







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99 responses to “Save Reading Week

  1. psych4thyr

    Seems to me that student are getting punished the most over and over. If the strike were to end today, classes would restart monday… I read on your site that they would stretch till the 23rd of Dec, with exams starting the 2nd week of Jan.
    Im guessing this is a great option for York because they still get to keep the full summer semester and charge for it accordingly. It might work out for TAs because they go back to teaching and do not need to picket in the coldest weather.
    But the students suffer the most. I was a responsible student when I booked my vacation for the 16th of December because that was the last exam that was scheduled for me. Now I am put in a bad situation.
    This strike has screwed over the students more then anyone else, we deserve some sort of compensation, I believe that classes need to be restarted in January with exams held at the beginning of February, that way grades do not suffer.

  2. dsd

    I agree with the message . We should show who really matters here, not just accept that “oh well strike is over let’s all go back and start studying like nothing has ever happened”. It DID happen. We lost 3 weeks because of something unrelated to our education (whatever CUPE members may claim about smaller classes and better teaching, I simply don’t care, it wasn’t their goal here). I don’t want to be studying during the Holidays because of some silly goal of being able to strike in 2 years. The cause is too silly for me to understand. If you WANT a better treatment/pay – then take the 3 year contract!
    All in all I’m pissed that we were kept in the dark all these 3 weeks, and, most of the time, had to speculate. This is not how the party affected the most here should be treated. The party that lets both University and Union exist.
    Pissed. Pissed. Pissed!

  3. uniondues

    Why we should lose 3 weeks in december and more in january, we should start ASA strike over and have exam in the beginning of january,…

  4. uniondues

    york admin and union of course do not care about students, they care about only money,
    this is north AMERICA ,only money talks nothing else,,,,,,,

  5. stud

    @ DSD. Are you really pissed because the issues don’t matter? Or is it just that you are too busy looking at your own acute selfish needs/wants to look at how this might affect you and others in the future?
    Are you really informed of this issues and the impacts?

  6. S

    @ psych4thyr

    I completely agree…but that is highly unlikely.

  7. Jimmy

    @ uniondues

    Having exams in early January would be unethical.
    Expecting students to study during what is probably the most important Holiday week of the year for a vast majority of the students (Christmas and New Year) should not be happening.

    Money talks outside of North America as well. Travel a bit and you will see.

  8. sam

    Does anyone know what time the meeting is, it says morning but not sure?

  9. uniondues

    jimmy , I have traveled a lot ,
    Yes , money is important everywhere , but not like worshipping to money….still they have some values

  10. MR Two

    @ Sam

    I’d like to know too…

  11. jacky

    same as me,
    i came from other country
    my flight i son the 16th and now im wondering if i should go or not
    i menat do we have the rights to go honestly cause its not our fault anyways, its like we don tknow this sort of stuff would happen

  12. Relaxo-Grad

    Why is the time of the meeting as well as the contents of the proposals so hush-hush??

  13. j

    @ Jimmy

    although I fully agree that studying over christmas would SUCK – I think its far fetched to say it’s unethical.

    I’m just surprised at everyone wanting to go back in January. We as students have been complaining about our education being taken away, but if we can get it back now you would rather wait until January? If our education is as important as we keep stating (which I believe it is) we should want to go back ASAP no matter how much it sucks.

    Although, this is probably all a useless argument since it seems unlikely that an agreement will be reached anytime soon.

  14. strike over soon

    @ psyc4thyr

    Exams in February? That means the Winter semester wouldn’t start until mid or end of February. That’s halfway through the original winter semester and your marks will suffer for winter classes (if you take 3.00 courses), because prolonging the winter semester into the summer doesn’t make sense either, an already compressed semester (summer) can’t be compressed even more. What about students who have to take summer school too, they are screwed until at least Sept 09! And placements for students as well will be lost or need to be replanned for the hours and locations. A start as soon as possible is the best, either way we have to study over the break, being away from material for 2 months , we will need some refreshment.

  15. psych4thyr

    @ J

    There is a difference between being upset over the fact that our school year is disrupted and rushing as soon as possible back to school at the expense of our grades.
    We have endured a month long strike that has (I can only speak for myself) taken me out of “study mode”. Ive read as far as I can on my own, but that doesnt mean that Im excited to get back to school ASAP for 2 weeks and most likely have all my assignments and essay due at the end of those 2 weeks right before the winter break.
    Furthermore, Im sure Im not the only one with vacation plans, profs, TA’s and even York admins want to go on vacation with their families… why should I suffer on my vacation, or even worse perhaps cancel it, because a deal has been reached during the assigned examination period.
    York put out a statement that CUPE has purposely delayed negotiations early, im not sure how much weight that has, but i wish they would actually drag it on till the 20th of Dec.
    OR… be civil and understanding about it, show some empathy. And accept the fact that you for the majority of students, coming back ASAP and having exams in Jan will be detrimental to their grades.

  16. Update

    This is long…but a well written letter from a York Prof to the president. Gives an interesting perspective. Worth taking the time to read.

    Dear President Shoukri: I am a faculty member in the Arts sociology department and I will beretired in 3 days. I have been at York since 1971 and from 1975through until 1997 when the 8 week YUFA strike took place, I havebeen close to and often deeply involved in the negotiating process atYork. Based on all of my experience and insider knowledge of how thisprocess works, I have to say that it is time for a RADICAL change inthe way the York Administration manages its side of the process.Please understand that I am not putting all of the trouble at thefeet of the York Administration side. I know about two sides and howeither side and both sides can get stuck in their principles andpositions. I want you to know that when I have thought it necessaryin the past, I have confronted the union side, including my own unionYUFA, about its responsibility for working toward, through the giveand take of negotiations, the settlement of disputes. However, during one of my deep involvements in the process in the mid1980s, a senior administrator who shared responsibility fornegotiating collective agreements boldly told my side that the onlyway to bring about a resolution to our dispute at the time was forus, the union, to see if we could pull off a strike and that onlywith the pressure of the strike would there be any movement in thepositions of his side. This approach to bargaining has become deeplyingrained in the Administration culture at York. It predates yourPresidency and although it has been shaped from time to time bycharacteristics of particular Presidents, every President at Yorksince the early 1990s has had their term of office negatively markedby the way York handles labour negotiations . Whatever may be theinternal reasons for the long life of this approach, York Universityand especially its educational mission and its students have beenharmed by it. I was present during the last long CUPE strike and now my formalcareer is ending in the midst of this one. I can tell you as a frontline teacher that no one benefits from this. I worked hard onorganising the two courses i began to teach in September because Iknew that they would be my last as a full-time faculty member. Theirpedagogical integrity is now seriously threatened and if the strikecontinues into January as it will surely do if an agreement is notreached now, they will lie in ruins – along with the courses of mycolleagues. We can’t calculate the negative effects on students fromexperiencing one of their precious years in university this way.Imposing these effects on them is a profoundly serious matter and formy part, nothing in these negotiations is worth it. Some body has to take leadership in bringing this to an end. I knowthat you, as President, cannot in good conscience authorise thegiving away of York’s financial stability to settle a strike (shakeyas financial stability can be at this time). But in reality, itcannot be argued with any credibility that CUPE 3903 is going topersist with demands that contain such a potential. I am appealinghere to your Administration’s moral responsibility to take the kindof leadership that will lead to productive discussion and resolutionof the outstanding issues. Among other things, that means beingwilling to show one’s hand first, so to speak, rather than waitingfor the other side to weaken its resolve. This is what I wasreferring to earlier about the York Administration needing toradically change its deep rooted habits of negotiating collectiveagreements. As a new President at York, you have a chance to make this shift inapproach and we – by which I mean not only the faculty and staff butalso our students – are calling on you to do it. In the past,Presidents have tried to stand back from the negotiating process.Having been involved, I understand how that can be a necessary thingto do – to not interfere with or undermine your own negotiators. Butyour negotiators are acting in a context. I am talking about the needto change that context and to take the lead in breaking away fromnegotiating through defensive lenses. Sincerely, Janice Newson, Department of Sociology/Arts

  17. F-Ed Up

    re: jacky
    “i menat do we have the rights to go honestly cause its not our fault anyways, its like we don tknow this sort of stuff would happen”

    I think that this issue should be the priority more than the Reading Week issue. While I agree that it is important to defend that very needed break in the Winter Term, I think that if we are going to fight for anything it should be to protect those who have made significant plans, such as flight bookings for long-distance family visits, from any sort of academic penalties which may result from them missing classes while they are away.

    While I made a joke about “travel plans” last night I seriously sympathize with people who have made bookings or other plans which they cannot cancel without making significant financial and/or personal sacrifices.

    Therefore, if the strike ends next week and we are expected to return to class prior to the Winter Break, I would like to see the time and energy of petitioning, etc. to go towards the cause of these students first, and then to Reading Week.

  18. F-Ed Up

    re: psych4thyr

    “be civil and understanding about it, show some empathy. And accept the fact that you for the majority of students, coming back ASAP and having exams in Jan will be detrimental to their grades”

    I think part of the problem is that we are all trying to argue for a solution which fits the “majority”.

    The reality is that it is difficult in a school this large to determine any common interests for any real majority (I would define this as well above 50% of students).

    What we need to focus on is defending the rights of students in multiple situations regardless of when we return to class, since all of us will be effected differently.

  19. Krisen

    Man, why do you love reading week so much? lol

    For me, its really not a big deal. I would rather get a real christmas vacation.

  20. psych4thyr

    @ F-Ed Up

    I would agree with you, however, as we have seen with Schulic students and a number of international students… exceptions have been made.
    I am not sure how I feel about them being able to go back to school, but the bottom line is that their rights were violated, and as a result they have been protected and they are receiving the education that they payed for.
    I believe we should all receive that type of treatment, its only fair that everyone’s rights are protected.

  21. F-Ed Up

    re: psych4thyr

    “the bottom line is that their rights were violated, and as a result they have been protected and they are receiving the education that they payed for.
    I believe we should all receive that type of treatment, its only fair that everyone’s rights are protected.”

    I would hope that this is something all of us could agree on. But my point is that for several of us (those in professional programs other than Schulic) returning in January is not protecting our rights to education. I posted yesterday about concurrent Ed students like myself: if we are able to return before January, we would be able to complete our only practicum block which would be done in time to include on our resumes for our school board applications in January. If the strike were to end next week and we weren’t returning to class until January, we would miss out on that block, which many of us have already done all of our lesson planning for, and have nothing to put on our resumes. In addition, any extra weeks at the end of the year will delay many important documents which the finalization of our job applications relies on.

    So there are many different siutations here, and I think that we need to remain pragmatic when we make statements about what benefits whom and whose rights rest on which solutions.

  22. F-Ed Up

    OOPS: “consecutive Ed”
    NOT “concurrent”… the concurrents already have past years of prac under their belts!

  23. Tz

    I agree with some of the comments here.
    Reading week is great but I’d rather have my Christmas vacation.

    I am on OSAP and can barely afford to splurge but I worked all summer to visit back- home this year. My ticket has been bought for the 13th because I was done exams by the 10th. This ticket is not returnable. Who is going to pay me the 2500$ I spent along that could have gone towards payment of the loans I have taken out for a decent education.

    Should never have transferred from U of T…I’ve been mentally kicking myself the day this strike started.

  24. psych4thyr

    @ F-Ed Up

    I haven’t really considered anyone in your situation. I think its a great example of the variety of students and the different ways each is affected. I can only hope both York profs and TAs are empathetic to our situations and fair.

  25. Dave

    Well Christmas vacation is guaranteed, so noone need worry about that. That’s a LEGAL right that they cannot take away, but I think that from my standpoint and from many others, especially those with summer jobs, we want school to start ASAP if it means saving our summer as much as possible. That is MY primary concern, along with many others. Whatever else happens is secondary. Certain terms of employment only commence at certain times and if you miss them then you miss them. So as long as I can get as much of my summer as possible then I dont care about the other issues. Cancel reading week, start school now, provided that my summer remains intact. I think you should add that option to your polls. I’m all for a reading week, but if it means extending the term by a week or so, then I think i’m going to have to pass. I’m wondering if York would be willing to hold a little referendum as to whether to keep reading week or extend the year, that wouldn’t seem too unreasonable. As far as things being due at the end of this term. As long as they don’t require anything within the first few days or first week, I think that’s fair to get people back in the ‘mood’ and actually start getting our work done

    On a side note; Great job running this site. It’s kept me well updated and informed as you are always near the forefront of what is happening. Between they York and CUPE sites, there really isn’t much of value, so thanks for keeping this going.

  26. sam

    The meeting is still probably still going on, they must be making ground or they would just have ended talks yesturday.

  27. annoyed

    I think this is all incredibly annoying. I flew home to the west coast at the beginning of the strike. For me to fly back it would be really frustrating, not only that, what about the students who live further who flew home? Also, some international students were told to book a flight home because this was going to last a while, how could the university tell them that? I have tons of friends who booked a flight for this weekend and now have to cancel. If we have school until the 23rd what are those international students going to do? What is the point of them flying home for a week and a half? Then, to cancel our reading week is just more annoying since we will hardly have anytime to see our families. It is a lot easier for people who live in the area of York. If we go back now, our exam period will most likely begin right when we get back leaving those 2 weeks during christmas break to study. Im sure the people who live far away don’t want to fly home to see their friends and families only to study. Also if we go back next week that leaves us 3 weeks. one of which will most likely be spent revising a new syllabus, another which will be a quick review of the material we were supposed to learn, and then a quick review. I would much rather start in January, a fresh new start would be amazing, and i don’t care what anyone says, im willing to take that to the university, they are disregarding a lot of students.

  28. Pretty Fired Up

    Theres no point in trying to save reading week because its already out!

  29. Relaxo-Grad

    (Does this mean that we will for sure not be returning to class any earlier than next Wednesday?)
    Rally Downtown in Solidarity with CUPE 3903 – Dec 3
    Published on 28 Nov 2008

    ON STRIKE AT YORK UNIVERSITY – Fight against the Casualization & Devaluation of Educational Work

    Contract Faculty, Teaching and Graduate Assistants at York University have been off the job since November 6th. December 3rd will be Day 28 of our strike. We are calling on all unions, allies & supporters to come out to show your solidarity on:

    Wednesday, December 3rd, 1pm, at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, 900 Bay St. (Bay and Wellesley), downtown Toronto. LINK HERE for a map.

    CUPE 3903 Strikers, Deena Ladd -Workers Action Centre, Sid Ryan – President of CUPE Ontario, Cheri Di Novo – NDP MPP Parkdale-High Park, York University Faculty Association, Ontario Public Service Employees Union and others…

    We are fighting against the widespread casualization of teaching jobs at York and across colleges and universities in Ontario. Our struggle is for a fair contract, a living wage, job security for contract faculty, and a reinstatement of benefit funds and ensures that university education is accessible to all!
    CUPE 3903 members do more than 50% of the teaching at York University yet our contract is worth a mere 7.5% of the University’s budget! There are about 900 contract faculty at York, some of whom have been teaching there for more than 10 years. York treats them as disposable workers. This strike is about justice and equity. Nearly 60% of these contract faculty are women, a quarter are Aboriginal or from racialized groups, and 28% have children under the age of 18. A number are single parents.

    Ontario Universities and Colleges are behaving like private corporations. If York keeps making huge savings on the backs of those who do the core work of teaching students, the die is cast for post-secondary education throughout Ontario. Tell Minister John Milloy to make Universities and Colleges publicly accountable by putting priorities where they belong – into the classroom and into good jobs.

    For updates and online action visit:
    More info: Katherine 416-828-3851, Rafeef 416-616-4796, Punam 416-779-3032

    Precarious work is becoming a reality for more and more workers in all sectors. Let’s stand together to stop the devaluation of people’s work and lives.


  30. MR Two

    zzz I’m so anxious to find out what’s going on at the meeting..

  31. york student

    I am very confused. On the cupe 3903 strike site there is a new post about a rally that wil be held in Downtown for CUPE 3903 on december 3 rd (this coming wdnesday). I don’t understand why cupe would be planning and publicizing rallies if we are going to be going back to school some time early next week.

  32. dharm

    Chill dude….lets the classes start….

    i want to go to school so badly….and come on …\
    i am ready to go in DEC

  33. Diane

    Reading week is TOO far ahead to think about. What is more important is all the students including my self that booked $2000 flights back home. It is more important to save our christmas break because students have already book flights not knowing a strike was going to occur. Reading week is far away and noone will be looking $2000.

  34. still doing homework

    @ Krisen, not saying that you are right or wrong, as there have been earlier statements you have made that I agree with, however, I must say it is a little bit unfair to compare your usage of reading week to others.

    At least for me, I use it as both a break from stress, and the opportunity to catch up on past work, and use it to gain some significant ground on assignments do shortly after (or even a little bit later) reading week. The point is, I use reading week to not only not go to school, but alleviate the work load, both with a goal to not burn out.

    Frankly, breaks are needed, and an unofficial note that I came across in the past, North Americans are worked the hardest and rewarded the least. I think breaks are valuable, both the winter/christmas and the reading week/spring break.. And with that I do agree, this upcoming break would be dreadfully useful.

    I only wish I had the luxury to use it “to go down to florida for a week”

  35. Mhm

    @ york student.
    your right.. the rally announcement says “december 3rd WILL BE day 28 of the strike” and also “york administration representatives” will be at the rally…. From my speculation, i think today’s meeting made progress but in no way ended the strike.
    Personally, preying for january start since i have a ticket booked december 7th (which i booked before strike started). Either way, if i have to miss a week of school, ill manage… But i still want a fresh start in Jan, as for reading week – I don’t really care.

  36. sam

    They updated the cupe 3903 website with something about a rally december 5rd does this mean the talk s went sour

  37. R

    I could not care less about reading week at this point. Going back to school next week is going to be a catastrophe as we all know it.

  38. sam

    Who really needs a reading week only the weak. My reading week is spent doing exactly what I would be doing if classes where in session, getting to stay home or going to school makes no difference.

  39. R


    I am thinking the same as well. I’m sure they have planned it for a while especially that this rally is pretty big. So why not announce it today IF the talks make some progress? apparently it did not so they announce it.

  40. Well only the bargaining team for CUPE actually knows what is going on in the meetings so in the meantime CUPE members must continue on in their strike until they hear otherwise. They probably planned this rally ahead of time, just like their other solidarity rallies.

  41. Curious Yorkie

    Yeah… am wondering too. What’s the meaning of the strike rally? Does that mean that 2 days of meeings between York and the Union were worthless, AGAIN?

    Sheesh. These people need a crash course on “communication”. I think we all need to go to these rallies and hand a book to both the parties. Namely, “Communications for DUMMIES”.

  42. sam

    I would think that now the meeting are over maybe for quite sometime, the union has another meeting at 3:30 so I think the first meeting of the day should have ended by now.

  43. York Student

    who cares about reading week? lol, i certainly don’t.

  44. york student

    actually I think there are plenty of people that find reading week to be a great opportunity to study, catch up on assignments, relax etc….however, considering the situation I think we can all kiss reading week goodbye

  45. Frustrated

    @ sam

    “the union has another meeting at 3:30 so I think the first meeting of the day should have ended by now”

    were there supposed to be several meetings? I thought it was only one meeting.

    can u please include the source as well

  46. Sigh.

    Reading the comments here and other posts o this blog, I must say that not only am I disappointed by York Administration and the Union but I am also disappointed in some of the attitude presented here by students.

    Everyone has their legitimate reason for wanting to not go back to school until January/start immediately/save reading week/whatever else there is. There is no reason to go on calling each other stupid, weak, losers and what have you just because they come from a different standpoint than you do. There is also no reason to think your cause is more important than others, because it is not. Yes, people who have booked plane tickets to go home have the right to complain that they have spent the money and now don’t know what to do if school were to start immediately, but there are also people who really need school to start immediately because they need to submit applications elsewhere that quite frankly, does not care that York is on strike. On the same note, people who want school to start now cannot say that people who would like school to start later because of plans are being ridiculous and that oh my god, they cannot handle school starting immediately, they must be stupid. Everyone sees things from their own viewpoint and everyone’s thoughts are coloured by their own experiences.

    Not to say people cannot complain, they are more than welcomed to. However, the last thing this strike needs now is for students to start flaming each other just because their cases are different than their own. No matter what, everyone is in the same boat: the strike has severely messed up the plans of many many students.

    As for me, I just want them to actually keep us updated about what they are doing. I want to know so I can adjust my plans accordingly. Original plans are beyond repairable now, I just want to be savage as much of it as possible and not be surprised by a sudden: “Hey, you have to hand in your assignments NOW!”

  47. This is just my personal guess with a bit of reasoning behind it..

    I believe that talks are still going on because , like I said above, it is only the bargaining team that meets with the mediator and the administration (not sure if the administration has a bargaining team too but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did) and all other members are pretty much left in the dark until the meetings end. So I’m thinking that the strike committee meeting could technically be held without the negotiating meeting ending since its only the bargaining team that is in that meeting.

    But like I said, this is just my take on it all.

  48. sam


    If you look on the cupe 3903 website scroll over the calander for today and it gives you a schedule of events

  49. student 49,568

    Is this strike over yet?

    I’m sick and tired from this and just wanna get on with school…..and I’m bored

  50. @Sigh,

    I would have to agree with you. I think we all just need to relax and take it for what it is. We sure can’t change it so we might as well make our peace with the fact that things aren’t how we thought they would be this year…and I, for one, sure had trouble doing that. Now, I’m just hoping for a resolution so we can all start to move on with our lives 🙂

  51. jacky

    yes i can see
    today the 28th
    there is an event call “striek is is for you”
    its one of their meetings LOL
    so are we not gonna have any results with in the nex week or 2?

  52. Frustrated

    ah, that explains we’re left in the dark once again…….

  53. student 49,568

    Personally, I don’t think the strike will end any time soon, so for those of you worried about a december start….don’t.

  54. Regina Falangie

    I can do without Reading Week… I only have 3 classes during the Winter semester anyways and if I want, I just won’t show up to any of the 3 and have my own Reading Week!

    But I ABSOLUTELY would HATE IT if I had to go back to school next week and have exams right after the break!

  55. dsd

    I personally have only one problem with this strike, and it looks like I’m not alone.
    Yes it sucks we are not receiving education we paid for. Yes it sucks there’s a possibility we will be studying our asses off during the Holidays. Yes it sucks strike might even go into December and who knows even further. Yes it sucks Summer courses might be cancelled.
    It all sucks, but I DO NOT wish to be kept in the dark. They are wasting my time, not letting me get back to my life without worrying everyday and furiously smashing my F5 key. That’s the biggest problem I have with this stupid strike.

  56. ram

    @ student 49,568
    I would love a january start. But how can you be so sure that no settlement will be made anytime soon. The fact that the administration has accepted the proposal and started negotiating is itself a phenomenal growth. Would it not look ridiculous if talks break again after these recent developments? would they not look irresponsible and inefficient is they are not able to come to a settlement in a week having accepted the framework proposal of the union? GOD.. I am totally frustrated..

  57. jacky

    to everyone,

    this is what i think,
    well my situation is im a citizen, but i was brought in Hong Kong, i came back for univerisity so yes, my flight back to HK would be on the 16th of dec and its a round ticket, ive already planned the day because all mjyh exams ends before that, therefore i jus dont know what i could do , either do i stay or i leave but the main point is the booked it already nothing can be change.

    as far as i see, the osgood law peoiple can be back into school on monday and the cupe 3903 has said that they will give them a hard time for them to enter the campus which means the strike should be still going on, and now as we see hte cupe3903 website , they are going for a rally on the 3rd and nex week is 3 weeks away from the actual holiday date which is the 23rd, therefore , what im tryin to say is, probably the strike might not gonna end and theres no point of ending it because theres only 2 more weeks left if i dont count next week causei doubt anything could be agree

    agree of what im saying?

  58. Frustrated

    @ dsd

    i totally agree with u on the f5 key :(…..i do not see why we have to continuously keep guessing the next steps of the union and yu administration.

  59. R


    If I were you, regardless what is the ‘interpretation’ of the situation right now. It’s best to call the ticket agent / airline to ask for a class upgrade which allow at least flexibility in worst case scenario. Perhaps costing you $100-$200 more but you have the peace in mind that your round ticket will not go to waste should there will be class / exam to commence in January.

    Also, if there is exam in January – what is the point of going back to your home country if you have to study?

  60. flushafleshfarm

    F5 = refresh!?
    I just doubled my efficiency!

  61. Soraya

    @ ram

    How do you know for sure they have accepted the proposal?

  62. ram

    the fact that they have started to negotiate and are willing to negotiate further based on the newest proposal by the union is indicative of the acceptance of the university for the proposal CURRENTLY. But anything could happen in next few days..

  63. @soraya
    The admin didn’t see the proposal and then walk away from the table saying that there was no point in negotiating (which is what happened last time)…this time both sides are actually negotiating so the administration has accepted the ‘proposal’ and are starting to negotiate for real

  64. jacky


    yes i understand you,
    well ive called like a week ago
    and if upgade its not only 100-200 its about 1000ca
    because my ticket is those kinda like in a package with its cheapest price which i paid already before i came therefore cant change any at all
    but will the exam be the first week or sec or third?

    and im trying to say is that what my concept is do you gusy think or agre with it?

  65. Soraya

    So… that means we’ll probably be in school by Monday or Tuesday.

    I’m pissed. That means I have to cancel all my driving lessons, doctors appointment, gym time, etc. Mother f!

  66. jacky

    nahh dont think so

    wed they are going on a rally

  67. ram

    No soraya.. you do not have to be that pessimistic .. We still have some hope that one more week would pass by without classes..

  68. Soraya

    Between the 15th and 22nd I had booked all of this. One more week isnt going to help me.

  69. Biased Much.

    I don’t understand why this new poll exists. I think that students have made it clear that they would prefer a January resume… Instead of accepting that and working towards it, this new poll comes up, with the blogger’s own agenda, rather than the clearly expressed veiws of the students, inspiring it. I say you take this confusing poll down and make the clear objective of which you speak be A JANUARY RESUMPTION!

  70. student 49,568

    @ ram

    this is just my opinion, I don’t think either groups care if they look ridiculous or irresponsible, so far I think they have done a good job of doing this and both have been, putting their own interests ahead of the real priority here….the students.

  71. jacky


    you know after next week,
    we only have 2 more weeks
    so yes do you think the union would want to jus woke for a week or 2 before the holiday?
    i guess not its like why cant they wait till jan then

  72. Mhm

    why are people freaking out about being on school monday??? Its currently friday afternoon and we still have no news…. there is DEF no school monday!!! Even if a tentative agreement is reached (very unlikely that after 3 weeks everything resolves in 2 days)… it still takes time until classes are resumed… it’s a process. Personally, i don’t see classes coming back untill earliest being dec 8 which is stupid, because there would be no point.

  73. jacky


    yes becuase 1 week or more
    its holiday

  74. just a student number

    I’ve missed so many practicum days!!!!!

    @ dsd
    Cancel the summer semester???
    Can they do that?
    I have to take classes in the summer, its part of my program.

  75. Frustrated

    @ Mhm

    I hope you’re right, cuz a lot of us have work scheduled and other important things to tend to apart from the stress of this strike….

    resuming on dec 8 would be absolutely ridiculous….i dont see how the student body and make up for the missed assignments and mid terms in just two weeks prior to the christmas holidays…

  76. F-Ed Up

    FYI Toronto Star just posted an article one minute ago stating that talks “continue today”… so I’m guessing they’re not finished with their little meeting yet and/or there’s no info on any (if any) decisions…

  77. sam

    How is it possible that after all this time meaning the meeting being this morning nobody knows anything not us, the news or the union sites whats going on?

  78. M

    I have all full year courses with no exams. I dont see why full year courses cant start back up in Jan. I need my holidays.. its not like we had a huge vacation these pasts 3 weeks, most of us were still studying and doing work, myself included, and were completely stressed out because we didnt know what was going on with the strike itself. I would really like the time off to get to spend time with my family. I know my situation doesnt involve everyone (I feel for the 3.0 people) but I dont see why they need to mess with the schedule of full year courses. Plus, I think the people with half year courses would appreciate not having to attend full year classes while viciously trying to study for their half year exams.

    I will be really upset if I am forced to come back in December. I have plans that cant be changed, people I want to see, things I have to do over the holidays. I did not sign up for this back in September when I applied to YorkU.

  79. thinker

    i realllllllllllllllllllly hope classes resume in january!!!!!!

    it makes no sense to go back to school now for 2 weeks!!!!!!

    i’l keep praying that they don’t get everythg resolved so soon!! lol

  80. F-Ed Up

    @ sam

    the answer is simple: they’re unproductive w*nkers

    I mean…

    I’m starting to lose my diplomacy :S

  81. TA's opinion

    I’m a TA and I can say that for my class, there is absolutely no way I will penalize anyone who doesn’t show up for a Dec. class if they already had a ticket booked for after their exams were scheduled. Please don’t pay more money to delay your flights, etc. We will work it out, and if in the extremely unreasonable and unlikely event that my course director scheduled an exam for late December, I would write, mark, and conduct a make-up myself, for all my students.

  82. Stef

    Has there been any word from the meeting this morning? Considering the last few have ended after 15 minutes of “talking” I’m not expecting this one has lasted 6 hours. C’mon spies, I know you’re out there!

  83. Frustrated


    the meeting was supposed to start at 3:30…my guess is that its still going on….

  84. sam

    That messed up thats all I have to say, maybe we should all transfer to Uof T or Ryerson or something

  85. Stef

    Thank you, Frustrated. If they’re 55 minutes into it, this is a “good” sign.

  86. I thought they said it was friday morning?

  87. Stef

    “3903 Negotiations Update: Nov 28

    On Thursday, the CUPE 3903 bargaining team met with representatives of York
    University to restart negotiations for a fair and equitable contract, with a
    view to ending the labour dispute that began on November 6th. After a full
    day of talks, the two parties agreed to meet again on Friday morning (Nov.
    28) to continue with negotiations.”
    Hm. Hey, Frustrated, where did you get your info? (Cause if you’re right, this is just another example of the misinformation out there, like we need another).

  88. sam

    @ STEF

    thats not the meeting between the union and york that(3:30 – 5:30) meeting is just the union in which was set up long before they even knew their was barganing going on.

  89. Curious Yorkie

    ahahahaha. i love the tension in this room. u cud like cut it with a knife.

    oh, how i wish there were some hidden cameras in the rooms where these meetings are held so that we cud all know whats really going on.

  90. Stef

    PS – I love that it’s “Confused” who asked the question…

  91. hahaha well I still am quite confused

  92. Frustrated

    I think i ought to change my name from Frustrated to “Frustrated and Confused”

    as sam said..that meeting is the union meeting….found on their website (on the calendar)

  93. sam

    The Cupe 3903 website is updating photos of the strike big help instead of helping us out their wasting there time putting up picyures of themselfs wasting our time lol

  94. ram

    To avoid further confusions, i think it is recommended that we just stop hallucinating and wait for the university or the union to show us what the reality is.. We should be knowing something by tonight.. (i hope).
    What do you all feel?

  95. yorkstrike2008

    @Biased Much

    The last poll did not have the options that this one does. I have not discarded the opinions left in that poll. I think demanding a January start up date if this exams goes too far is not feasible. Demanding reading week back is. You think I have some magical powers here to tell the admin to do stuff when I don’t. Everything is up to you guys. I am just trying to facilitate an open and democratic space and process here. That is all.

  96. Hot Water

    I feel that the fact that a CUPE rally is taking place on December 3rd is not really an indication of the status of the York talks. For one, its happening Downtown where UofT is and we all know that the strike vote at UofT is happening soon…

  97. caitron

    hi everyone,
    my biggest concern/frustration (as other people have mentioned too) has been the uncertainty of everything during the strike. i had to make a rule for myself that i could only check for strike updates twice a day because i was obsessively checking, trying to find out when we’re going back! 😛 not knowing has made it extremely hard to know whether to accept future shifts at work (which we may have to back out of), whether we’ll be able to visit family over the holidays, etc. etc.
    i totally agree with sigh, who noted the importance of appreciating the diversity of people’s situations – i joined a facebook group to find out updates on the strike situation, but it basically erupted into people arguing with each other, name-calling, etc. because they have different opinions. i just want updates, not to read angry posts! everyone is affected differently, and it’s ignorant to assume there is one outcome that will please even CLOSE to a majority of students.

  98. Commuter

    The YFS is having another townhall meeting. Since the YFS is part of the Senate Executive Committee, they have a partial role in deciding what happens when we go back, and they want out input about how we will resume.

    Taken from a YFS message I received:

    “The YFS will be hosting another Townhall next week (we are still trying to find a location and time). The purpose of this Townhall will be to solicit input on how we would like to see classes resume so, do we want classes in December if it is late, reading week, exams, ect. If you can’t make it and have ideas please email them to The decision is made by Senate Executive Committee and we have a seat on that committee.”

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