What about the breaks from school?

   It seems as though it is almost unanimous consensus that it would be preferable for both our studies and our stress levels if classes resumed at the beginning of January. Remember, Reading Week has already been cut, the school year will probably be extended by one week for six credit and winter term three credit courses. So if we go back to school next week or even the following week we will have classes up until the 23rd and exams will be scheduled for the first week of January. This seems a little arbitrary and unreasonable to expect undergrads to go back to class at a whim. It cannot go both ways for the Administration.


   Reading Week, for me at least, is the one opportunity in the longest, coldest and darkest term to get a break and maybe even get a paper done. In the past, Reading Week has saved me from not being able to write a paper – and I manage my time well. The work just piles up and the christmas break is used by most to get at least some work done that is due in the second term for six credit courses as well. It seems unfair to expect us to jump back in like this. I doubt professors will give us sufficient time to do all the readings given the need to ‘compress’ schedules.


   Do you think we are within our rights to demand some time off during the break apart from the 23rd to the 5th break? Or, alternatively, would it be better to ask for Read Week back and extend the year by another week? 


My answer: Yes and yes.



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107 responses to “What about the breaks from school?

  1. Y U student

    i totally agree with you!!!
    Its unreasonable to expect us to go back to school within the next week, having classes till the 23rd and then resume 1st week of January. Nobody in this whole situation seems to care what we the students need! At this point, I am not in study mode and can’t imagine writing exams anytime soon. I would, like you said, rather have our reading week back, and just extend the term by a week or two!
    Lets hope it works out the way we would like!

  2. MR Two

    agree 100%.

  3. Another student

    I agree also!

  4. Dave S

    I fully agree with it being too stressful if we come back next Thursday/Friday (and especially the week after that). I would much prefer having admin set a date of a January return to class – but as for it being within our rights to ask – I’m not totally sure. Though you’d think after all that we’ve been through for the past three to four weeks, asking for a mental break and de-stressing is a reasonable enough request…

  5. Erin

    i agree fully. I need time to make some money.

  6. MR Two

    Is there a way to petition to begin in January?

  7. Krisen

    Seriously, what can we do to try and start back in January, even if the strike ends next week?

    I don’t know about you guys, but even though I’ve tried to study/do work, I’m out of my study-mode. Starting next week would really screw me, and I would HATE having to study over the holidays…

  8. adam

    It truly would be unfair to everyone. The holidays are a time to be with family, many people are out of town then. Trying to study over the holidays for exams that could happen right when we get back in January would put York students as a whole at an unfair disadvantage compared to other universities.

  9. Soraya

    Start a petition. So many people have been complaining about going back to school in May or whatnot and how they will lose out on working during the summer, etc. People should/still possibly could work now, catch up on assignments/readings, work out, enjoy friends/family and go back to school in January with less stress and more sunshine in May. Also, people have booked flights to go home in December and see family (either before or during the strike) that I strongly believe should not be cancelled or postponed. Someone start a petition, I will sign it and I know at least 50 others who would too.

  10. For myself, I make money to pay for my tuition and living expenses during the Christmas month. If I don’t get an opportunity to do that this year, I don’t know what I’m going to do

  11. One More Student

    Not to mention that many people have vacation plans over the period of the 23rd to the 5th…how can students be expected to study during that time, especially when many bought their tickets farrr in advance? It is completely unreasonable to ask of us to study during our winter break. It’s called the winter BREAK for a reason.

  12. This is why York often has a poor reputation.

    I do not think classes should start in January. As long as there would be a week of classes left, we should have them as soon as possible. I don’t understand why it is strange to resume classes – nobody has been studying or keeping up with their classes? That’s your fault. If we resume next week that is nearly a month until the 23rd.

    What a waste of time, waiting until january.

    Still, look at the kind of “consensus” we have here. I wonder what UofT students majority would be doing in this situation.

  13. MR Two

    Agree fully. All of my friends @ york that I’ve talked to over the strike will sign as well.

  14. Basil El-Salviti

    While I do understand the argument, the point that would most weaken your argument is that we are not sure whether starting next week would hinder our ability to get back to ‘study mode’….obviously, some students would wildly disagree that starting next week would be off-putting, considering that they can easily adapt to new environments….many of the fears are based on a fear of failure, and I urge you all to get your minds out of that rut in order to see the bigger picture….you will all be just fine if school resumes next week. Consider that, for example, professors are obliged to extend the deadlines of assignments at least another week or two…..they have to work with us, not against us….after all, we weren’t the ones who asked for a strike, anyways.

    Also, the idea that reading week would be cancelled is, again, speculation. There is the inherent possibility that, say….staff at York STILL want reading week off, too, and as such will press for an extension into the summer, rather than an elimination of reading week…..we don’t know any of the answers that would arise from the strike ending today, and classes beginning next week. There is possibilities that we’ve all been tabling, but I want to point out that it’s mere speculation….nothing more, nothing less….and it will continue to be speculation until the senate makes its decision, after a time that the strike DOES end….remember, it may not end tonight.

  15. Soraya

    sooo if it doesn’t end tonight, then we start a petition? hmmm. Anyone think the strike can go longer than January?

  16. KH

    i just don’t think its fair that we can be the ones screwed by the strike and are then expected to be prepared to be back at school whenever. we certainly need to have some say in when we go back especially since its around holiday time. we should also have a say about whether or not we get a reading week or not. this whole thing is just really pissing me off because we are the pawns! ahhh!

  17. Krisen

    Honestly, if the strike ends next week, or any time before the 23rd, we’re pobably going to have to go back, no questions asked. York wants to make as much money as possible, and they’ll want students back as soon as the strike ends so we can start pumping money into their pockets through parking, food, etc…

  18. yorkstrike2008

    It is more the reading week than anything. I could handle going back to school tomorrow if we had reading week. If we went back next week with no reading week that would not be cool.

    Second term get so damn depressing, cold, work builds up, no sunshine – its dark at 4 pm and the sun doesn’t come up till 8:30 am. It just sucks. Reading week is a must.

  19. Dave S

    @ KH

    I couldn’t have put it better myself!!

    We as students have had ZERO voice in all of this.

    @ Soraya

    It definitely makes more sense to wait for what happens today/tomorrow before jumping to any conclusions and signing petitions =) – For all we know, this strike’s far from being over.

  20. Krisen


    I guess… I’m more of a fan of the christmas holidays. I can still do work, but its a time when all my friends and family come home. Reading week isn’t common to all universities. I guess it dosen’t matter since all we’re supposed to do on these scheduled breaks is study and not have some time for ourselves.

  21. Natasha

    I have the feeling they’ll bring us straight back, which is just a terrible idea but convenient for them. Starting in Jan would probably make everything easier for everybody, and I agree with adding an extra week on again to the end of the term and still getting reading week, most of us use that week to study for midterms and get some assignments done. It’s not like it’s going to make a bigger difference adding a week on to a week that’s already been added.

    Plus, if the strike does not technically end before christmas holidays, and then UFT goes on strike, we might be going through January…

  22. Nellyli

    At this point, I prefer to be back to school in Jan more than next week.
    my reason could be similar to lots of other students here who needs to work during Christmas to pay off rent and other staff!

  23. s~

    January!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  24. student@york

    Im just pissed off… and confused..being an international student… i flew home (half way across the world) 2 weeks into the strike….im a little tired of living life with this certain amount of uncertainty…. its 2 am here and im constantly refreshing the page to see if i should change my flight and return on monday. to top it all… i apparently have to hand all my work in the minute school reopens…and i have an exam scheduled for the first Monday we’re back… are they even allowed to do that??

    I would appreciate school starting in January… but moreover.. even if school were to start next week…. i would like to know in advance…and when i say that… i mean atleast a WEEK..so that us international kids can come back from where ever we are!

  25. adam

    Start back in January!!!! If we went back to school next week and exams started Jan. 5 I think we all agree that our marks will be SHIT!

  26. adam

    When should we be expecting an announcement about the outcome of todays meeting?

  27. Will

    Before this strike was called, a lot of students – myself included – did the responsible thing and waited for their exam schedules to be announced before booking flights and out-of-town vacations over the holidays. If this strike ends before the new year, and classes are re-scheduled until the 23rd, all of the students who played by the rules and booked after exams were announced will have to either cancel, or skip classes to avoid losing the money they sunk into flights and holiday vacations. It would be nice if York and 3903 would take that into consideration if the strike does actually end within the next week and classes are rescheduled to go until the 23rd. I know that strikes are going to leave few people totally satisfied, but that doesn’t make it suck any less.

  28. L

    I am sure that for most of us, reading week is a blessing much needed during the long, cold, dark, and stressful winter term. However, it comes at a cost of losing out some summer time. For some, that may not be an issue. Others, like myself, who work primarily in the summer, or have other plans that require the full summer term, would rather lose the reading week. The preferences are individual. For as many people that would sign the would-be petition for reading week, there would be many others against it.

    Ideally, of course, we keep the reading week and the full-length summer term. But ideally, we wouldn’t have this strike in the first place. Yes, we didn’t have a say in whether the strike will happen or not. But the strike is on right now and we have to face the fact. So, better than complaining about (1) possibility of going to school next week and not being “in the study mode”, (2) losing out time to work/study/go on vacation during the winter break/reading week/ summer, use this time that we all have right now productively… no offence to anyone.

  29. Still doing homework anyways... (miraculously, albeit sluggishly)

    While I see the benefits of returning to school after the holiday season (all provided on the speculation that the strike will terminate for january – although it is likely), and see the rather negative aspects of returning now, studying over the holidays and reducing potential wage earnings, I personally believe that no matter what we say, do or achieve in getting a voice for the student population will sway what the adminstration/senate will do. This opinion (and that is the key word) is based on the pure observation of the treating of student population by both the York Admin and Union prior to and during the strike. The statements are void of actual sympathy and actions of both sides are done for what is best in favour of not the student body, but for who they represent.

    My own personal opinion of what I will do in whichever situation… work as hard as possible, don’t burn out, and most certainly relieve as much anxiety by not worrying what happens. Let the chips fall where they may, and play with the hand you’ve (we’ve) got.

  30. Really Screwed

    If there is a petition, I will be the first to sign in it! A few months ago I booked a trip for the first week of January…and to think we might have exams then…I am losing my mind!!

  31. sar

    There’s no way it would be fair to ask us to start up right away again. However, I think it would be nice if the strike is resolved soon, if we were given some idea of what the compressed courses were to look like asap so that if there is a huge load of reading to do in a very short time (which I’m sure we’re all expecting) maybe we could get a head start on that now and be ready for classes to resume in January.
    If the semester was going as planned and we were still in classes, they would be over next week anyways so it’s just ridiculous to go back now, especially for those of us who had exams scheduled to end early!
    Also, it makes me so angry when people say that we have been lucky to have this time off so far, but I don’t see it as luck at all. We’ve been stuck out of school, with no indication at all when we will be going back, and I don’t know about everyone else but most of my profs have not sent a single email regarding work that can be done during this time of “limbo”. I don’t mind getting to sleep in, and yes I’ve been able to work a few more shifts, but I would much rather be completing my education thank you very much.

  32. Fred

    We students don’t have any power. The union and Administration play their own game and leave us with no options and more stress. What is this?
    They ruined my chrismtas break this year. Instead of having my exams done and enjoying my break, I have to constantly think about the exams and get ready to write tests while everybody else have nothing on their mind.

    This is ridiculous. Yes I’d love to get back starting January and extend the school year into May. I do understand however that there are other people getting screwed by this

    Thanks to the union and administration, we are screwed no matter what….

  33. Sanjeet

    Is the strike done then?
    when will classes resume?

  34. L

    Man, I’m getting really pissed off at all of this.
    It annoys me that I have to check the status of the strike every single day and I’m worried about the holidays since I already bought my plane tickets according to the school schedule.
    None of my classes had exams on the exam period since we were supposed to write/hand-in before Dec 5th. So I booked my flight to leave TO earlier and miss few days of school in January.
    My grandparents are sick and this might be the last time i’ll see them.
    I hope they come with a concrete resolution today, because waiting without knowing what to do is really annoying.
    If there’s a petition to begin in January, i’m totally in.

  35. hannah

    This is in response to Basil El-Salviti.

    I get what you are saying…sort of. But the point that YOUR argument is lacking is the students who will not/are not here to just jump back into classes in w whim if the strike ends.

    People forget that NO ALL students live in the GTA. Those students are lucky. They can go home, and return when the strinke finishes. Unlike myself who lives in BC. I cannot go home and wait. I have to wait dirty north york at an empty university. We are the ones held hostage here!

    My plane is booked and I will be gone on dec 3rd. if classes are to resume until the 23rd who will pay to change my flight? And since that will obviously not happen..how is it so easy to demand my presence?

    I am tired of being held hostage. I am going home!! I deserve it!

  36. sam

    It would be wrong for us to go back now and have exams when we get back from the break thats bull our marks will suffer, we the students should voice our concerns, but they probably wont listen anyways, like always, students come last even though were paying for our studies

  37. uniondues

    why january, study now, we have lots of time.

  38. Mhm

    I prey they do not resolve anything today 🙂

  39. thinker

    I agree that the classes should resume by january, as we have lost our time anyways and also the momentum to study.
    christmas break are supposed to be enjoyed and i guess no one wants to study during the “holidays”

  40. sam

    Does anyone know anything about the meeting, i wonder if it is already over or not, but I dont expect to anything by today, at least im guessing.

  41. amy doan

    who causes all the distress n now students are the only ones suffering…

  42. Soraya

    I heard something about the meeting being at 7. Don’t quote me.

  43. sam

    Thaths the union committee meeting not the york/union meeting

  44. Unfortunatley in this situation, beggers can’t be choosers. We won’t get to choose when we get to go back to class once this agreement is finally reached. When the agreement is reached, we will be going back to classes within 24 or 48 hours. I mean, if an agreement is reached on december 20th, I highly doubt that they would bring us into classes for 3 days, but then again we all really can’t say…the administration is the one that makes the decisions (however this would be a pretty poor decision!) I guess my point is that if we all want to get back to classes, we can’t be complaining when the strike is finally over and we can get back to class. Whenever it is is whenever it is. We just have to deal with that. 😦

  45. Basil El-Salviti

    We are all making the assumption that exams will begin right after the Christmas holiday. It could be a couple of weeks after…considering we’ve missed a few weeks, I’m sure exams are thus postponed at least a few weeks……wait until an announcement is made, because exam dates and suggestions can be voiced to the senate prior to them being made….ALSO, I believe we should give the YFS a point to try and redeem themselves by asking for our exams to be postponed till maybe a few weeks after the holidays. After all, they have a lot of kissing up to do for us if they think the same team will be re-elected….

  46. Prince

    Does anybody know how long the school term is extended? How many days/weeks is our term going to interfere with our summer considering that the strike ends this/next week. Will we have our marks on time to apply to med school?

  47. adam

    We’ve missed 3 weeks of school.
    Going back Dec. 1 would give 3 weeks of classes until Dec. 23 (mandatory break).
    Logic says exams would be right after the break. The university has too much to lose to push exams back into late January, that would extend everything further into the summer.

  48. Chanel

    I agree completely. Going back next week instead of in January would be horrible. At this point, going back in January is the best situation possible.

  49. adam

    Also, I dont think it’s fair for ‘annonymous tipsters’ to be coming on this site stating that the strike is over without providing any support for this. I’ve heard the meeting has not yet begun, how could the strike be over………………………

  50. Basil El-Salviti

    Well, I am sure that the university wouldn’t force us to immediately write exams after the Christmas break. They have to work with us, not against us. Besides, as I mentioned way above, all this talk about when exams will be scheduled….or whether the strike will even END today for us to go back next week….is mere speculation on our parts. No one really has a clear answer, even insiders. So let’s wait and see what the outcome is first, and provided that classes resume next week, we begin to communicate with our course coordinators and those officials within the university in charge of working out a final exam timetable….

    No point to use fear mongering in here if the clear answer is that no one knows what’s going to happen.

  51. Basil El-Salviti

    To your final point, the anonymous tipsters that come in here without any verifiable evidence should be ignored. It’s safe to say that there are some people behind a computer that love to scare people….and it seems to be working for some (not suggesting it’s worked for you, Adam.)

  52. Art

    Most of you guys act like the strike is gonna be over by tomorrow.
    Negotiations between the Union and the University only RESUME today. Doesn’t mean it will be successful. With all that is at stake here, I highly doubt we will have to worry about going to school in the first days of December.
    Again, this is only my thoughts, so don’t quote me..

  53. Ak


    Thu Nov. 27 2008 1:56:38 PM
    York considers union’s offer after mediated meeting

    The meeting is over lets see what York decides to do.

  54. Francis

    Latest news on CP24 basically says that they met this morning and the University is “considering” the offer behined closed doors as we speak….

  55. art

    i personally pick my winter courses, plan my courseloads, and practically schedule my year around the fact that I will have a reading week in february to get things done…cancelling reding week will ruin me. I was not aware of this strike and the possibility of reading week being cancelled when i picked my courses last June, so it is unfair to impose a cancellation right now. I know I don’t make a strong argument, but it has the advantage of being true

  56. Taka

    Again, this is why York has a poor reputation.

    We have a good part of a month before christmas break should begin.

    We’ve lost weeks already.

    And yet everyone hopes for MORE time wasted. Everyone prays that we can spend even MORE time not being in class, our money wasted.

    Listen, if you want to earn money, or you hate going to school, maybe university was not a good choice for you.

    For people who are actually invested in their education, I DO NOT want to skip a PERFECTLY USABLE 3 weeks of class before the Christmas breaks just because some people are lazy or want to take advantage of a strike to earn money.

  57. adam

    You’re right, it did scare me 😉

  58. @ Adam

    I’ve heard that the meeting has already begun and is in process right now. I heard it started this morning. Just goes to show the difference in information we are all getting!

  59. Soraya

    The ball is back in York University’s court after a mediated meeting between administrators and striking teaching assistants.

    In Thursday morning’s meeting, the union tabled what it calls a fair offer. University negotiators are now huddled behind closed doors discussing what do with it.

    Contract faculty and teaching assistants have been on strike now for three weeks.

    Despite the walkout, a second wave of students will return to class on Monday. The Osgoode Hall Law School will restart classes for 870 students in its Bachelor of Law program.

    About 230 business students returned to class this week to avoid disrupting international exchanges.

    – CP24

  60. Hey,

    Just letting you guys know that I ended up talking to a couple members of CUPE3903. According to them, there is no chance in hell that we will be back in school next week. Obviously you need to consider your source, a front-line CUPE3903er probably does not have all of the information in the world. However, they probably have some. So to make a long story short, I would not stress too much about next week.

  61. Alrighttt…now we wait and see what they do with it.

  62. ams

    um, WHY are people complaining about reading week? What about the fact that we have had THREE weeks off! If some people fail to use that as time, then they suffer. That’s not York’s fault.

    People need to realize that they need to start doing hmwkr, 3-4 hrs a day never hurt anyone!

    I’d prefer to be back in school ASAP.

  63. Soraya

    Watch us not even get a response today…

  64. I want to be back in school asap too ams 🙂 I’m with ya.

  65. Soraya

    Technically, we didn’t have to do anything during the strike.

  66. sam

    I agree with you, and they better hurry up and tell us so i can go on with my life!!!!!! I need to work so i can make more money but if were back im screwd !!!! soooo lets get a move on this!

  67. Tom

    @ams: You have to realize that people can’t do anything regarding second semester at this point in time (unless they have a year long course); generally projects and the like are piled up around reading week, so no matter what time is/has been available up until now, that does create difficulty.

    I’m just anxious to know what’s going on at this point, really.

  68. ron

    i agree with just starting classes in january. i know a lot of people have made plans to go abroad for the holidays, and have planned way in advance prior the strike. in some cases, it is impossible to change the dates for plane tickets etc. it would be unfair to people who have made plans for the holidays to cancel all plans

  69. ram

    truly speaking, students in many faculties did not have to do much because the first midterms covered pretty much what was covered in the first half. Before anything could be done in the second half the classes were shut due to the strike. So, i strongly feel that even if classes begin next week, we should be given time for the exams when we come from vacation so that our marks are good enough to look at.

  70. j

    I have scheduled my undergraduate timeline around taking summer school courses – so I just PRAY that they do not take away a summer semester.

  71. Still doing homework

    @ams, in agreement with Tom…
    all of my courses are year-long, along with my previous year of year-long courses… even with having the readings of what is to come for the second half (for 4 of my 5 classes) I do not have the assignments that will be assigned (and done) during the reading week section.

    From first hand experience, second semester is ALWAYS heavier than the first semester, thus upon completion of this semester’s work, next week and the xmas break will be dedicated to examination preparation and trying to make a dent in next semester’s readings. (that was the initial goal during xmas holidays anyway)

    without the break, i personally, and any other student in my position face a bigger stress in time management and work-load balance with down-time.

    Furthermore, I know for a fact that I am in need of summer courses in order to complete my degree.. which means, if the year is pushed into the summer break, consequently having little to no break between the regular school year and summer… I and any other student wishing to take summer classes will receive little to no break before a new round of studying/working is given to us.

    I am conflicted between wanting to go back to school both now and later… both situations offer not so good consequences.

    Also, please remember that MUCH of what is being said is speculation…

    Wait until your profs indicate to you what their decision is with course material and assignment weighing before attempting to “control” future study planning.

    Neither option is in any way desirable, but life is filled with difficult situations. This, will be one of them during your post-secondary years.

  72. york u student

    to ams

    some of us need a reading week. I am in a year round program and a one week break helps alot!

  73. York Student

    I hope they won’t reach an agreement today and for classes to start in january. I don’t care what others think. If school does start in January then too bad for the folks that wished it started earlier. I don’t want to spend my winter break f**kin studying for exams. Plus, we’re not supposed to technically do any homework during the strike unless our profs actually assigned them. Sorry if i sound selfish, but this strike’s been pissing me off and right now I’m at the point of deciding whether or not to transfer out of this shit school.

  74. york student

    looks like the meeting is over…guess we are just gonna have to wait


  75. ams

    Technically no, but the YU website does have stuff about how to keep up with skool work. Also, all of my profs have told me to continue on with school work. One of my prof’s said not to worry about the small assignments but begin the major paper.

    To me, it seems common sense to do some work during the strike. I don’t give a crap about getting a reading week or not because these three weeks are a long long vacation.

    Anyways, I don’t mean to sound harsh, yes people are not required to work. But if there is news about the strike ending, OPEN UR BOOKS, DO YOUR READINGS!!! I know I have! I didn’t do squat during the first two weeks, but this week has all be about homework.

    I’d rather sit my butt in school during reading week, then waste my time in the summer.

    As for the second semester, yes for the 3.0 credit courses, I agree it is hard but let’s also remember the Prof’s will have to make changes and condense stuff. Also, I don’t think all students just have 3.0 courses– I may be wrong but in the Fac of Arts and ED there are full courses. So I guess people should prepare for their full year courses.

  76. Krisen


    all my courses are 3.0 credits. Most upper year science courses are scheduled for 1/2 a year, not everyone at york does arts 🙂

  77. Any news on the meeting today?

  78. Tom

    @ Curious

    Just what Soraya posted, as far as I know.

  79. sar

    reiterating my point from earlier, some profs are refusing contact with their students during this strike. I only have one prof who has sent us work that we can do during this time, and what will be cut from the syllabus so I have only had the opportunity to “keep up” with one course. The other profs have not provided any hints or help as to what we can do during the strike to ensure that we are keeping up with our course load. Sure we can go by the original syllabus, which I have done for a couple of my heavier courses, however, how much of this will be cut out when we get back to classes and the try to cram everything in?

  80. ff


    there is a senate policy on this sort of thing. worst case scenario, petition for extensions, etc…it sucks, and hopefully you have some good marks in the books already to base your argument on. In any case, I am sure things will shake out pretty much the same as they would have any way.
    I still expect to be graduating with high distinction or whatever they call it here.

  81. ams

    @ Krisen, yes in those cases, Profs and YU need to be considerate and give time but I don’t want another vacation.

    If this strike is going to go into the long haul and YU refuses to open the schools, perhaps profs need to start thinking about the winter term then.

    We do still have stuff like family day, long weekend, etc.

    What I would prefer is if classes go back in Dec., then exams either be changed to take home exams due in Jan oR be held a week after we resume classes in Jan.

    I figured other faculties work differently and this is why I think the profs and everyone has to smarten up and figure out something that helps undergrads without giving them an extended summer.

    That said, people should also start doing hmwkr WHERE they can. Ex, I finished readings for a class all the way up to March.

    I understand a lot of students don’t have that but I am tired of those people who go “I hope skool starts in Jan because I didn’t do any of my work and now I don’t wanna study over the break”. I have absolutely no sympathy for that.

    If nothing is done by Dec1, YU needs to tell the profs to reconsider their syllabus and get it send out to students or posted on the course websites.

  82. Commuter

    @ ams

    I’ve spent the whole 3 weeks doing all my fall assignments and finishing the readings for the fall term, as well as studying for a test. This strike has NOT been a break for me.

    Now it looks like the Winter Break will be used studying for exams, and with the possibility of no reading week, it looks like I will not have a single day to rest up till the summer.


  83. ams

    @ commuter

    oh man, I feel for you! I have in the CONED program..so last year, 6 courses each term, plus part time job to pay for all this AND a volunteer placement. In the fall term last year, I was on campus 10 am to 10pm on MON and TUE.

    then in the summmer, I did summer school from May to Aug…and then worked full time in Aug…back to school in Sep, same drill… and now this silly strike…

    when we go back, i have a shit load of stuff to do and hand in….and let’s not even begin my school placement.

    and this is why i have little to no sympahty for these TA’s. Contract Fac, I feel for but these TA’s are bloody selfish. As is York.

  84. Still doing homework

    ams, i agree with you… for those who chose to do absolutely nothing definitely not the wisest decision to make for the past few weeks…

    it would be very considerate for professors to let their students know (if at the very least) what they may plan on doing.

    i believe that at least two of my professors are not under Cupe3903, and I truly would have appreciated some form of contact from them.
    Simply so that I could have an idea, alas, that did not happen.

    i’m hoping some profs are looking at this website and seeing legitimate like your last one.

    Although ironically, the reason I’m only commenting / reading on this site so frequently today is because I am dragging my feet through a rather difficult assignment I wish I had some help on. Sadly, not only is the TA part of CUPE but so is the Prof. consequently I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, I do not want to push this assignment back, but neither am I able to fully understand it either.

    Here’s to hoping some profs are understanding to the hardworking and dedicated students upon returning to the classes.

    PS, good work at reaching your readings all the way up to March… I would ideally like to be where you are.. 🙂

  85. Kam

    For me — I had a mid term which was scheduled during the first week of the strike and that of course got cancelled. SO over the last 2 weeks I have been stressing out because I have no idea when I have to write that mid term if we are to resume classes on monday. It’s unfair to us to be given such short notice.

    The profs should not expect hundreds of their students who have to keep up with their life apart from school to be prepared for such instances.

  86. Still doing homework

    *comment correction/edit*
    *and seeing legitamate comments…

  87. Ridiculous

    So wait a second…
    We complain that we want to go back to class asap. We try to push CUPE and York to bargain and resolve the issues with the contract. However, now we only want it resolved if we go back in January?
    Where the heck is the logic in that?!
    I really do not care how difficult or stressful it is, I want back in class now. I have done a little work during the strike, but I will pull a week of all nighters to get things finished if it means going back before the holidays. I’d rather have a month of stress than miss out on precious working days during my summer.
    The nerve…

  88. Mike

    I am from Nova Scotia and it is unbelievably frustrating not knowing when I can go home. I can’t get a job because I have to go home for Christmas, nobody would hire me. All I am doing is sitting here wondering if this strike will ever end. I can’t go home and work at my old job because I don’t know if classes will start up again as soon as I get home. It may not be that big of a deal for people who live in the area, but for people that have to travel to go home I need information. I am broke and I want to go home but I can’t. I can’t win.

  89. ams

    @ Kam,

    my hist prof told me, the uni really can’t screw you like that. i am 99% sure exams and assignment will be scheduled back. i wish more profs had been like my hist prof, he was very calming that the uni would not screw up this bad once classes resumed.

    he said that once classes resumed, the profs have to discuss and agree with a FAIR schedule with the students.

    @ still doing homework

    yes, this totally sucks. all this work and shit and doing it without no guidance.

    i say do as much as u get and have a list of questions ready.

  90. poor student

    ok, i agree with the majority, that we should restart in jan. At this point its too late to start back up…

    i haven’t had some of my midterms yet… which means midterms, papers and finals all in the same month!!!!

    thats complete crap!

  91. ams


    uni can’t do that and won’t do that to you.

  92. still doing homework anyways...


    I feel for you, and I believe that everyone is feeling that same frustration at varying degrees…

    Unfortunately.. there’s nothing we can do about it. I believe that it would be nice that we can, at the very least, have a promise that we will be given a certain set amount of days to prepare returning to classes.

    At least for me, even with a job in the city, I cannot accept shifts too far in advance, and I know that I am most likely in an unfavourable position to apply for jobs for what would have been normal non-school days.

    This strike has brought out many negative, and maybe even selfish feelings of the york student body… as I mentioned a few days ago… the true meaning of education is truly lost (although the inane cost of education was probably a pretty big indicator that education has been redefined by corporations)

  93. Lex

    I don’t see any problem with resuming classes right away. I hope that’s exactly what will happen.

  94. BB

    I’m an international student. I came back home due to this strike. The ticket was highly expensive. Tickets are expensive and only one flight a day. The flights are also really difficult to get on during this time of the year. If they start school next week or the week after would be ridiculous. I would have to do the impossible of getting a flight and plus i doubt we would be told in advance when school will resume so we, international students, would have to come back the next day which is like mission impossible.

    Also, I have a flight booked to come home December 13 to come home because my exams where suppose to have finished by the 12th. I would have to change the flight. This all requires MONEY. The money is one thing, Flights is another. There will be no flights to go home. There all booked out!! What then?

    We are put at a great inconvenience here. We need compensation or something. They need to be thinking of us, that is, how are we, the students, affected by there decisions. I think we should resume classes in January. Also, I believe we should have reading week. We shouldn’t have to suffer anymore than we already have, for what does not concern us.

  95. BB

    I also have plans to reading week. This is ridiculous!!!

    PS York need to sort dem self out

  96. Krisen

    Again, these “take home exams” con’t apply to every course… how would that work in a chemistry, physics or biology class?

    We’re screwed whatever happens lol

  97. Strike08

    I must admit, it is kind of amusing that if you follow the threads on this site from only a day ago most people are expressing their anger about the strike and not getting back to school. Today, with the word that the two sides are talking everyone is angry that we might go back. My advice is this: We need to accept that whatever happens, happens. Life isn’t fair, no one “owes us anything” and we should make the best of a bad situation. If you choose not to study during the break…that is your choice, you will have to live with the grades you earn when school resumes. If you study everyday and do well. Great. Your choice.
    This may be a wake up call for some of us, but this is how the real world works. Ask your parents if they have ever had a deadline changed at work. Then ask them how many days their employer “owes” them at Christmas or if they ever have to do work on weekends and holidays.
    University is a time where we need to realize that our education benefits no one but ourselves and our futures. If we don’t want to be here, we don’t have to.
    Lastly, on the same note, if you think it is mandatory to take a week off for “spring break” and the university is scheduling classes through this time. Your choice, no one is taking attendance.

  98. Alison

    I can’t believe you people. What have you been doing the last three weeks…you want MORE time off? Why are do you all keep saying this is unfair? because for the first two weeks of classes you dank and frolicked and totally goofed off. now that they are talking about going back to school, you realize you’re not ready. grow up. I want back in school. I want this to be resolved now. I do not want to go to school through April and May. Let’s go to Dec 23rd, that way we get our reading week and we finish on time in the spring.

  99. i think we should start again in january.
    i will sign it.

  100. pl

    All we can do is hope that the university doesn’t accept the unions demands. So that the strike will continue through december regardless.

  101. York Undergrad

    I am down for starting school in January after the break (It makes more sense this way) There is no way I can write any papers or exam right now! NO EFFIN’ WAY!

  102. B

    For goodness sake. All you people that have flights home booked and what not, as long as you handled things pre-strike, go home. You’re in the clear. Stop pushing for a January start so the rest of us can continue to suffer.

    There are grad school deadlines to meet. Students on exchange who need to be home asap to start their next semester – Schulich isn’t the only school with exchanges. Pushing for January will only mean that come May, when we are all still stuck at York making up for lost time, you’ll be bitching about how you should have been home/started work/gone traveling/graduated a month ago!

  103. climbing

    “Remember, Reading Week has already been cut…”

    Where did you get this information? I am Student Senator and the Senate has not decided on this matter yet. Please, check your sources, misinformation just adds to the confusion and does not help anyone…


  104. Pretty Fired Up

    Just because they say York is consdiering the offer, it doesn’t mean this is over. They don’t even have the decency to keep up updated, so i wouldn’t even really assume much right now. This could all be bull and there may still be much more to handle before we go back.

  105. Jason

    This strike is ruining everyones christmas holiday plans, why dont they tell us whats going on, this is unfair

  106. b

    so I was reading that CUPE and York had another meeting and both sides “are still far apart” what is going on? how come they haven’t gotten anywhere yet? This is getting to be too much stress. i have no idea what is going to happen to our year- who knows when we’ll go back to school. this is frustrating and unfair to students. in our economy, where many people are losing jobs- shouldn’t the CUPE union acknowledge that they are striking during a very inconvenient time- why should the university give them money that they can’t afford? and where do these teaching assistants think York’s money is going to come from? they are dreaming. shouldn’t they be happy they at least they were offered a 10% increase over 3 years. everybody wants to get paid more- why do they have to strike this long? i bet some people would be envious of teaching assistants at York who have been layed off from jobs. i heard at magna, that they have to shut down companies in a few months- because the economy is bad- so these teachers should just accept what they are being offered right now.

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