Most Osgoode Classes Resume Dec. 1st


Osgoode students will be back in class on Monday, December 1st after a senate motion passed this week. The reasoning was that if the year were to be extended, the ability for third year students to complete the licensing process (articling and bar exam) would be compromosed, National Committee of Accreditation students (from foreign jurisdictions) must write their challenge exams in January and so the completion of the fall term courses before this is crucial. Students do not have to attend classes and they will be protected by academic amnesty. CUPE 3903 has allegedly said that they will make it specifically difficult for Osgoode students to pass the picket lines, claiming hour and a half line ups.

If there is ever going to be a throw down on the picket lines it is going to be between an Osgoode students and a CUPE member. Hope they catch that one on film, for legal purposes of course…

I know that Osgoode students are getting preferential treatment in this and this angers me tremendously as well. Osgoode students, particularly graduating ones, may have opportunities at risk here, but so do WE! This is a little ridiculous. We are at the end of week three and the University has helped everyone except the undergraduate students.


I am fed up with this crap from the University. The Union has signed no contract with us to provide us with education. The University did and the University is not making any reasonable attempt to fulfill their end of the contract.


Anybody feeling especially rambunctious? 



I will clarify where I stand on this a little bit. I am not angry at Osgoode or Schulich students, how could I? I am jealous if anything. I understand the situation is different for them since they have more YUFA faculty there then the undergraduate students do – what does that tell you about the value placed on undergrads 😉

Nonetheless, we are in week three and what has the University done to even mildly console, apologise or HELP us? I have tried to remain neutral here but I am becoming ever more bitter towards the University as the days go on. The Union is doing what is it is designed to do. The University is NOT! We pay York a whole boat load of money and when classes are cancelled due to a strike they cannot even give concise explanation as to why the strike is taking so long!


Ugh…end of rant. 






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56 responses to “Most Osgoode Classes Resume Dec. 1st

  1. D

    Perhaps it is a bit preferential, but the law students, especially those graduating, have a lot more riding on making sure they graduate.

    “The University did and the University is not making any reasonable attempt to fulfill their end of the contract.”

    Right here is an example of the University trying to fulfill its contract for education, restart the classes.

  2. OOO


    “CUPE instructors teach virtually none of the classes”

  3. wishingiwasgoingbackto

    As a first year mature student, this strike is difficult on all of us.
    I have worked extremely hard to get into school, I have worked hard to get the grades I have received and am looking forward to it being over.
    The Osgood students have seven years in. Compared to our twelve weeks.
    They pay triple the tuition. (I’m sorry I do not feel that the $5000 a year we pay for full time studies is allot to ask for)
    Relax. You are being used as a bargaining chip. Do not let them. You know school will go back in, you know they will give you notice and support and they will have the writing center and the study centers open to support you.
    Try to read, organize some online chats for study groups, you will not loose your year or your money.
    Osgood is different. Some of these students HAVE to pass the bar in order to keep the jobs they have.
    Seven years, we have to have some respect and understanding for them.
    They are in for a difficult time, we should be supporting them.

  4. S

    Yes! This whole strike is ridiculous. I am an undergraduate student in my first year and I’m eager to get back to class. This strike has ruined my entire schedule, set me back on my part time work in the summer (if the year is extended) and as much as I am trying to keep up with my studying, there’s no pressure so I’m not putting in as much effort as I should be.

    My parents never wanted me to go to York University in the first place, and now they are furious. The lack of information is really frustrating. It’s not fair that classes are being resuming for some courses but nothing is being done for the undergraduates!

  5. Curious Yorkie

    Hey guys, check this out:

    This news/video has just released. The reporter said that there are gonna be no negotiations tomorrow… the meeting between york and the union with the mediator is just for the parties to decide whether they have grounds to begin bargaining once again.

    Ridiculous, I say!

  6. Curious Yorkie

    Umm, York strike 2008… I just posted a msg here with a video link abt 10 mins back and now its not here. whats going on?

  7. olels

    YorkStrike2008, you left out the part about the impact of the strike on legal aid clinics in vulnerable communities. These clinics are staffed by Osgoode students, and the communities depend on them for advice and representation. The Osgoode exemption goes beyond job prospects/exam writing, it affects the communities Osgoode operates in as a whole, and this is tremendously important.

  8. Soraya

    Does anyone know what time the meeting is tomorrow?

  9. Jim

    olels is right. Our clinics service not only York students, but members of the community you have nowhere else to turn. CUPE can kiss my a$$ if they believe their concerns come before my own personal concerns and out low-income clients.

  10. ff

    I don’t see what that has to do with the strike – or attending class?
    Are these paid positions – or for credit? Otherwise, why not conduct the clinics off-campus?

  11. mixed feelings

    I don’ think that Osgoode is getting special treatment at all. Very few of their classes are actually affected by the strike, since only a handful of teaching staff are part of CUPE 3903. Osgoode should never have been affected by the strike in the first place.

  12. Jim

    They are neither paid or for credit. They are volunteer positions.

    Ok, well you go ahead and arrange to move clinical operations to an off-campus location. Let us know when its complete.

    In the meantime I’ll figure out what to do for the year I should be articling. Maybe I can come work for CUPE?

  13. Jim

    Osgoode has very few TA’s and 1st years have only one class that involves TA’s.

  14. Jim

    It amazes me that CUPE expects any student to sacrifice for THEIR goals. Especially students whose lives would have to be drastically adjusted in order to accomodate the strike. Law students are subject to specific deadlines every step of the way. There are deadlines for interviews, for clinical positions, for licensing requirements. Law is regulated by a professional body. They had no choice but to resume classes. Crossing pickets each day is a small price to pay compared to readjusting for a lost semester.

  15. Nathan

    No, I think Osgoode and Schulich are going back to class because they can do so logistically.

    1. They have minimal CUPE staff.
    2. They do not have the numbers of the school.

    Therefore, it is relatively feasible to patch a few holes and deal with any potential issues that might be caused by a thousand students (I’m ballparking the numbers, I really have no idea re: Osgoode and Schulich registration numbers) crossing the lines every day.

    I’m not saying that finances doesn’t factor into this, but Schulich and Osgoode can do this because they can cover the gaps and won’t cause huge traffic issues at the lines. York as a whole however, cannot cover the gaps, and would have chaos at the lines (see 2000/01). That’s why York is staying closed.

    If Schulich had 20,000 students and 25-45% of its faculty was CUPE, it wouldn’t matter if students were paying %100,000 per year, it would still stay closed.

  16. Jim

    Damn, you’re right Nathan. I just made that all up.

  17. Jim

    Certainly traffic considerations were high on Osgoode’s strike resumption agenda.

  18. ………….man i really have no idea what to do now. i had a gut feeling that the strike would end mid next week now i dunno. im finishing up essays now but passed on good work shifts next week just in case school comes back. i dont know what to do now……….theres so much money to be made!!!!!!

  19. Commuter

    @ Mike

    Wait and see what happens tomorrow at the meeting. The tone of that meeting should give you an idea about what to expect next week.

  20. Rob

    I think that the more people complain, the more this strike is going to turn out like the last one in 2000/01. More and more classes that have next to no CUPE involvement will resume, and if the strike is still on in a couple of weeks from now, i think they might resume more classes, CUPE involvement or not. Don’t forget, it was the administration who canceled the classes, not CUPE.

  21. MF

    I wish my grad courses would start again. The strike is hurting more than undergrads. Master’s students that are trying to get into the workforce after graduation (like 4th years) are losing a lot of money with each week this goes on. Consider if you were to make even $36,000 (divisible by 12, makes it easy) every two weeks this goes on, you lose $1,500. Very annoying.
    Also, for Master’s students that are trying to apply for PhDs (or 4th years to masters) at other schools, the deadlines aren’t flexible. I know that the registrar’s office said they would let the other schools’ admission offices know of the disruption, but that doesn’t mean they will wait. The only that aren’t being hurt from this strike are the contract faculty and the TAs that are PhD students… especially those PhD students that are done their coursework… they can work on their thesis with NO annoyances (ie being a TA).

    The more I think about the strike the more frustrating it gets.

    Thanks again for all the great information on the website!

  22. Goon

    CUPE seems totally willing to extend the strike right up to the 80 day mark

  23. MR Two

    Like it’s been mentioned above… york as a whole can’t do anything for it’s undergraduates while the strike continues simply because of volume and traffic. 40000+ (IDK what number osgoode/schulich makes up) students trying to cross picket lines/navigate around campus would be a lost cause. Until the strike itself is deemed over, I don’t see any general york classes being resumed…

  24. Erin

    I mean I’ve been hearing from my friend that the strike is pretty much going to end on Monday. But, I don’t know about you all but I’ve also been hearing it’s gonna go on till January so I haven’t exactly been so motivated to do my work. And now school could start next week and we could be in school through january. Why cant they at least give us some real information?

  25. Yorkie

    “CUPE 3903 has allegedly said that they will make it specifically difficult for Osgoode students to pass the picket lines, claiming hour and a half line ups.”

    This has to be the most childish and petty thing I have seen come out of this strike, slightly edging out the CUPE email sent out last week which referred to Metro Toronto Police as “pigs” and York Security as “toy soldiers”.

    If this is the sort of action that CUPE leadership condones, then York deserves to break the back of the union.

    CUPE leadership seems to be full of permanent students, that special class of person who has no chance of making it on their own and has to hide behind the skirts of academia for their entire adult life. They don’t care, because school is all they have and all they will have. Everyone else be dammed, for they are aimless middle class yuppie children, determined to never, never work a day in their lives

    Disgusting. The whole thing is disgusting.

  26. ams

    OG and Sch are not so reliant on CUPE. But the Fac of Arts, etc. they do depend on CUPE, hence they can hold lectures, but no tutorials?

  27. Commuter

    @ ams

    Half of my courses are taught by contract faculty. It would be kinda stupid going in for 2 lectures a week, and that’s it… no lectures for my other courses and of course, no tutorials. I didn’t pay $5000 for that.

    I only want to go back once everything is settled.

    If I have to wait, I have to wait. I’ve been pretty productive during this time off, and once I’ve done my work, I could use a little break. Because I know the Christmas Break will be spent studying for January exams. Let me have my holiday now once I’ve fully done all my work.

  28. All of my profs are apart of CUPE 3093… all contract…. and I’m sure there are plenty of others in the same situation so we wouldn’t even be able to have lectures

  29. Curious Yorkie

    They cant even hold lectures. Its impossible. Some of the classes have 200-300 students… how can prof be expected to mark assignments and exams for those students? its virtually impossible.

  30. sam

    I’m pretty sure that tomarrow they will agree on terms and we will be back in class by monday. I have herd from numerous people who say they have talked to people from the union and pretty much a deal is going to be made. “Thats what I’ve been hearing, so dont quote me on it, but take it in to consideration.

  31. 1 out of 50,000

    Most speculation right now is wishful thinking.

    Until the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting is known, it’s senseless to say pretty sure on one side of the issue or another.

  32. Worried

    Does anyone know what time the meeting is being held tomorrow?

  33. No idea on the time, but I think “making it difficult for students to enter the campus” is a bad move by CUPE. I know they are picketing and all, but why punish Osgoode students who barely have any TA’s anyway? Note to CUPE: this makes you look bad.

  34. Basil El-Salviti

    I agree with 1 out of 50,000. For all we know, the rhetoric of the union could just be damage control….they’ve been getting such bad coverage, it’s without a doubt affecting their credibility….they could be shifting the blame onto the university’s lap if this strike lasts longer than tomorrow. No one knows the details of this impending deal, though I heard that there is 10 monetary clauses…and 10 non-monetary clauses….we’ll just have to wait and see if the university caves in tomorrow.

  35. uniondues


    Irregardless what the union members say, it takes two parties to make an agreement. Now if the union is prepared to give up everything and agree to the terms which the administration has set forth, then this whole strike was a waste of time and the students have ended up being the culprits.
    If what your saying is true, then the union is starting to feel the effects of the cold weather and now want to come back into the warm confines of the university.

  36. s~

    @ uniondues

    it hasn’t even been that cold though lol

  37. Curious Yorkie

    Yeah. Here is today’s excalibur web addition. It has all the detailed info (except when exactly the meeting is tomorrow!).

  38. sam

    Does anyone know if we do go back on Monday, will the University continue with classes until the 23rd?

  39. That’s what I’ve heard. And it makes sense that they would considering the school is open until then and then off until the 5th of January.

  40. Eager/Confused

    I dont think it’s fair that Ozgoode students are resuming classes. I’m a fourth year student and I’m worried about graduating and the fact that none of my applications have been extended for graduate school and my Honours Thesis is also at stake. I think York needs to stop pretending they have a reasonable argument against CUPE and agree to their demands. It makes me sick the way York is describing the situation on its website; like it cares about us students. Sometimes you forget York U is a business but this is a clear reminder of their principles.

    Ugh. Hope tomorrow goes well!

  41. 1 out of 50,000

    It’s up to the Senate to decide.

    It’s waste to speculate on these things. When the time comes, we will all have adequate notice that classes are back on.

    Like Basil said, the optimistic tone of the Union for tomorrow’s meeting is just pr spin. Their public image hasn’t been so great and they were very late to the game in refuting the admin’s campaign against the union. Additionally, their next GMM isn’t until Dec. 3rd. Bargaining isn’t a simple sit down and shake on it process. The BT still has to take this back to the Union and ratify it. There is a process to follow.

  42. Commuter

    @ 1 out of 50,000

    Would that mean that a ratification vote could not be held until the 3rd, if a settlement is indeed reached?

  43. Sam

    @1 out of 50,000

    If you go on Cupe website it states that they have a meeting set up at 7:00pm with the strike committee.

  44. Curious Yorkie

    @ Commuter,

    Seems like it. But they may move faster if things look good tomorrow.

  45. 1 out of 50,000

    From the CUPE website:


    Wednesday, November 26: 4-8:30 pm
    Meron Banquet – 1600 Steeles Ave. West

    Wednesday, December 3: 4-8:30 pm
    Trinity-St Paul’s Church, Sanctuary – 427 Bloor St W

    Thursday, December 11: 4-8:30 pm
    Meron Banquet – 1600 Steeles Ave. West

    What meeting are you referring to? The strike committee doesn’t decide whether the Union will accept a new deal or not.

  46. 1 out of 50,000

    While you say it is a waste to speculate on things, you are merely doing the exact same thing.

  47. Sam check the calendar and see what it says 7:00pm Concord Cafe.

  48. 1 out of 50,000

    I’m just pointing out facts and how the process works.

    Not saying things will go exactly as is. Just pointing out what’s set in place right now. The outcome of tomorrow meeting could change all that or not. But as of right now: the Senate will decide class remediation, the union has the above mentioned GMMs scheduled and nothing gets the go ahead without a ratification.

  49. --

    the damage is already done. Going back now= No Christmas holidays. Its going to be real fun writing an exam a few days before new years.

  50. Jason F

    I whole heartedly support CUPE even though Law students at Osgoode are in such a difficult predicament. While it does seem too harsh at this point for students @ york, we must beg to not think about the current state but also for our future. Also upon reading previous posts it can be seen as if Osgoode students dont rely on CUPE staff a whole lot and can still continue studying for the examinations. While it is so much easy to point fingers and in this circumstance it’s CUPE, they must not be criticized, held responsiblie or be liable for the future of Osgoode students and students in general. They are only trying to be fair and i am confident to say that if you were in there position you would be feeling the same.

  51. amy doan

    No matter what the outcomes of tmr meeting, i will be finishing my assigts over this weekends. Time wont wait for me, and i at least need to catch up my own plans. Untill now, i have had enough stomache tumbling from this dictatorial strike. Hope it ends soon n the administrators would give students considerately revised schedule. Happy Thanksgiving every1 !

  52. anonymous tipster

    cupe and york will finally settle this friday, looks like classes will begin next week everyone

  53. Sam

    well I am up and waiting to see what happens. I wish it does not end because I would like to enjoy my holiday and not have to write my exams or worry about other things that were going to be pressured with. We didnt ask for the strike and in the end were the ones paying for it funny how things work out! well hopefully they dont make an agreement becuase going back now is pointless ,if you think about it? Iknow the longer we wait the worse it is but for two weeks we already lost three which is going to have to be up no matter what in Jan so I dont know ,im nervous and this is so not fun wakeing up to anymore. So does anyone know anything yet?

  54. Andy

    Any more details on the union’s claim that they will make it ” specifically difficult” for Osgoode students, or the source of the threat?

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