CBC Reports Negotiations to Restart on Monday

I was just listening to CBC Radio 1 news about two hours ago and the commentator said that York University negotiators and CUPE 3903 Union Representatives have arranged to meet on Monday to continue talks. I heard this correctly on the radio but I cannot find confirmation on the CBC website. I have searched all over and cannot find anything. Of course, as it stands, this is not official but I would not be surprised if they were indeed meeting on Monday. 


I just thought I would try and give you guys some information.





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21 responses to “CBC Reports Negotiations to Restart on Monday

  1. Sounds great hopefully school can begin shortly!


  2. Curious Yorkie

    Ah! What do you guys think is going to happen? Since the TAs have given the Union the power to bargain, do you think they will give in somehwat? or is it going to be the same story once again?

  3. mixed feelings

    Urgh. At this point, just like many have already expressed I don’t even want to go back to school until January. I know that if we go back in December and an exam schedule is set for after the “winter break” I won’t do as well.
    I do want the strike to end soon, but if it involves me writing exams in January, I’d rather go in to the summer and get the good marks that I know I won’t get if I have to write my exams in January.

  4. Guess Who

    I think the BT was given the power to negotiate at the union’s discretion. So the BT can bargain but only if the union approves of what they want.

  5. Jafac

    Hm… perhaps December 1st as a comeback date isn’t that unrealistic after all. But has anybody seen this on the CUPE site?
    I don’t know about you guys, but having a party in the middle of the strike doesn’t seem to be good PR if you ask me…

  6. Curious Yorkie

    What is BT?

  7. Curious Yorkie

    never mind… gotcha! 🙂

  8. Stef

    I think what is the most annoying is that
    A) We don’t know what the Union and University are arguing about at the Bargaining Table, nor how far apart they are on specifics. There is no neutral party reporting from INSIDE the meetings to give us updates, thus we have to wade through a mountain of propaganda from either side to try and pick a side.
    B) There is no definite reporting of when the next meeting will take place from a reputable source. You can’t tell me (not you Yorkstrike, it’s a rhetorical “you) that these two sides don’t have their next meeting planned within a day of a dissolution.
    As a student who is being directly affected by this, I’m incredibly disappointed by the lack of accountability displayed by both sides.
    PS – This is me calling the TAs and the University out. Prove me wrong and show me you actually care about the sanity of your students.

  9. Regina Falangie

    I wanted this thing to end as much as the next person but by now I’m crossing my fingers for school to start in January… I’ve had enough uncertainty this year (what with it being my last before graduation and all)… Last thing I needed was all this extra nonsense of having to live my life day-by-day with absolutely ZERO knowledge about what’s to come…

    I say just start everything back up in January! I honestly don’t have it in me anymore to just go back and pick up where we left off next week.

    Besides… I used up all this extra free time to work on law/grad school applications n to study for the LSAT n I’ve done f-all with regards to my assignments… So yea if the strike’s over this week then I’m screwed.

    And PS. school WILL be closed regardless from the 23rd on right? Because that’s when I booked my (non-insured) plane ticket. I’m NOT missing Rome for anything!

  10. ton

    I am very suprise, the news, is that true? how come when i am called union they told me call the school to pressure school back table? as a personal suggest for union. please do not rule student’s christmas plan. just like me, i have plan with no exam, then book the ticket early before i knew there is a strike in october.. think this way if you need us return school before december for cancel all of our plan for holiday use to be. it is impossible.. and that also will be another blame by student to union and school.. I hope union can consider that clear.. for my case it is not just me. i believe most of students do have same like me. so if union bargining with school. please set up that as a one of reason for bargining table. Return school in Jan 5 2009. Union and school you both only consider your own benefit. how about us the really people who pay you both?

  11. R

    everyone seems to be leaving for the winter break… can uni still resume the semester!! its not the students fault that the semester was delayed and they have plans for the vacations!!

  12. Mhm

    agreed…. personally i have my vacation planned for begining of decemberrr… just like everyone else sicne the strike has started i have wanted to get back to class but enough is enough man, we need some peace. Either way i have no plans of canceling my trip lol.

  13. tania

    stef..maybe you should find something to do with your time..Like take up a hobby or meet with some old friends..to take the frustration and boredom away..

  14. Mhm

    Another thing, i just found this article from the star and it also talks about the monday date, however it says that CUPE 3903 “is planning to present a new list of demands to a mediator on Monday in hopes of meeting with the university administrators later this week” … Meaning they’re just modifying their demands monday, not actually negotiating..
    source: http://www.thestar.com/News/GTA/article/541958

  15. MR Two

    I seriously doubt there will be any resolution before the week of the 8th…

  16. MR Two

    I heard back to work legislation is dec 11th – any info?

  17. Basil El-Salviti

    MR Two, give us your source….I’ve not heard a single note on back to work legislation.

  18. 1 out of 50,000

    MR Two – you might be confusing the dates there. IF the provincial government were to consider back to work legislation, they would have to do so before dec. 11th as their holiday break kicks in then. Although, it’s highly unlikely that the provincial government will take such measures.

    As for vacations, isn’t it only acceptable if you can prove that your plans were confirmed and set before the strike occurred?

  19. Another student

    According to the Toronto Star, the union is meeting with a mediator on Monday with hopes of meeting with York later this week. http://www.thestar.com/article/541958

  20. Stef

    I have a lousy feeling that even if you have vacation plans, you’re going to have to reschedule them, unless you convene with your profs yourself. Otherwise, it would probably be some 6 week appeal process, and as far as I know those are just for family emergencies. Good luck to those who have them.
    (Hey, on the “bright side” that’s only 15 or so weeks from when the strike started – maybe we won’t be back to school by then and it’ll be a non-issue. hooray.)

  21. ts

    Even if school starts again before January, they would have to close from Dec.24-Jan.5
    If you booked your holiday plans during that time, you’re fine if school starts again.

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