Union’s demands in one picture…



Someone commented somewhere that the Union doesn’t have a concise set of their demands that anyone can remember. Well here it is! A red commy star with scratchy letters. I think Commandante Marcos might be running CUPE these days…whats with all these red stars and anarchy letters…punxx?



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33 responses to “Union’s demands in one picture…

  1. Guess Who

    That’s a very professional way of demanding something that is their right…LOLLLLLL.

    I heard today there was some kind of union voting to decide whether to continue the strike? Also heard that there will be no talks between Union and York Adminitration before December 8th?

  2. haris

    im really inquisitive to know as to what happened at the meeting today?? pls do let us know…I”m sure many of us are dying to know!
    thanks !

  3. mm

    The GMM approved a motion to give the bargaining team flexibility to negotiate with the admin, and to bargain according to what the team considers is in the best interest of the union. A similar motion was rejected in the previous GMM. Some part of the members didn’t want to lower the demands and wanted the admin to make the next move. This somehow divided the membership into two groups, although it was clear that a majority wanted to facilitate the BT to go back to the table.

    Nothing was said about having no talks with the admin before December 8th. In fact the BT expressed the importance of restarting negotiations.

  4. haris

    THanks for providing that update.
    So when will the next meeting with the employer be?

  5. Another student

    So then we could be back as early as Monday?

  6. Disillusioned

    Well that sounds like good news…..is there not a meeting tomorrow? I thought I read that somewhere. If Cupe is willing to bargain, and the admin is willing to do the same, we really could be back in school next week and be only about a week behind….

  7. student

    Most best case scenarios have us back in school by December 1st. CUPE has only begun to budge and the admin have yet to respond. Given that CUPE only decided to budge last night.

  8. york student

    dos anyone know when the next meeting btwn york and the union is?

  9. yorkstrike2008

    The next meeting is on Saturday at 1pm

  10. Is that meeting with admin though?

  11. pp

    Where did you hear there was a meeting with the admin on Saturday and that the union has budged in their demands?

  12. yorkstrike2008

    No, its a GMM meeting. It says on their site…

  13. student

    pp – there is a post on the yorku livejournal group about lsat night’s GMM.

  14. pp

    Thanks for clearing that up. It also said on yorku livejournal that the BEST case scenario is that we are back to class on Dec. 1st…that seems so far awaayyy 😦

  15. Curious Yorkie

    Actually thats only abt a week away (almost)!
    I was watching the News and there were were short messages about classes opening for some schulich students in spite of the ongoing strike. It said, “CUPE calls this move Disgraceful”.


  16. student

    Curious Yorkie – Schulich has no CUPE 3903 members and classes are only open for like 99 students here on exchange and the 130 leaving on exchange next term. Considering this strike is impacting 50,000 – 229 students being back in class is nothing. The Union are being stupid.

  17. Relaxo-Grad

    What is the site to access the york live journal?? I can’t find it online anywhere

  18. Curious Yorkie

    @ Student,
    I know Schulich has no CUPE. My comment was just related to the Union’s pathetic response, “its disgraceful”.

  19. selin

    if you write on google as york live journal, it is there.

  20. Disillusioned

    Thanks Selin, I just checked that site and it was very imformative.

  21. Nathan

    So wait, the Union says students should blame the Admin for cancelling classes… yet when Schulich resumes classes, its “disgraceful”?


  22. Andrew

    CUPE calling Schulich’s move “disgraceful” reminds me of a scene from that seminal Jim Carrey movie, “Liar Liar”:

    Fletcher: Your honor, I object!
    Judge: Why?
    Fletcher: Because it’s devastating to my case!
    Judge: Overruled.
    Fletcher: Good call!

  23. Another student

    Just to clarify – the meeting tomorrow is with CUPE only and there has not been one scheduled yet between CUPE and York?

  24. Relaxo-Grad

    @ Andrew:

    lol, epic!

  25. york.ca

    I have met one of the TAs at Glendon, and he said it seems you guys are not gonna be back anytime sooner than end of Dec or even after christmas holidays… what do you guys think? can anyone with a current information give us a whole statment? tnx

  26. s~

    wow, so cupe is finally starting to budge ? to be honest i hope we dont come back till jan. just cause i was given the opportunity to work more hours and make some mula for the christmas holidays 😀 hehe

  27. s~

    p.s. this strike has made me incredibly lazy…damn it all

  28. not a DIY student

    this is also really affecting the b.ed 1 year consecutive students. this was supposed to be the halfway point for our teaching block. i am itching to go back!!!

  29. Relaxo-Grad

    @ DIY

    Enjoy the mental break to catch up on homework…I certainly am!

  30. MR Two

    Cupe is still deadset on the 2 year contract, so I don’t see the university giving them a near inevitable strike in 2010 to save a few pennies. I still say this week’s meeting won’t go anywhere.

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