Union propaganda! Yay!

So the latest propaganda has come out of the Union recently. It concerns why we should not support binding arbitration. For the love of some form of higher being! Anyways, it’s 1:30 AM and I’m tired so I’ll just post it and come back in the morning. Cheers everyone. 



Why CUPE says no to Binding Arbitration? 

This offer is the university’s way of avoiding negotiating with us. Binding arbitration is 

not a viable option because it does not resolve the issues. It imposes a solution on both 

parties that seldom meets the goals of either one. The university’s call for binding 

arbitration shows disrespect for the collective bargaining process and for the members 

of CUPE 3903. It’s time for the university to stop playing public relations games and come back to the bargaining table with a proposal that will settle this strike. 

And what is York’s real position? 

In the not so distant past York U has strongly opposed binding 

arbitration. In their own words… 


“[B]inding arbitration risks handing over the future of the institution to a third party who 

cannot possibly appreciate the subtleties and complexities of a university such as York.”* 

“Arbitration is not a solution to the difficult issues that divide us. It effectively acknowledges 

the incapacity of the parties to reach what is needed – a mutually agreed upon settlement – 

and substitutes a decision that neither party owns.”* 


“Arbitration, in effect, places the academic future of York in the hands of an individual who 

has no continuing interest in, or commitment to, the University. The administration does not 

consider this to be a responsible way of resolving the dispute.”* 

York has the money… 

According to the University’s 2008 Financial Reports… 


“Operating revenues are running ahead of last year due to the impact of the increased 

tuition rates… and the cash balance is very strong.” 

And they’ll keep going up… in an economic downturn university enrolments tend to 

go up as people lose their jobs and go back to school upgrade their skills for the 

emerging knowledge-based economy.  




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23 responses to “Union propaganda! Yay!

  1. Curious Yorkie

    While I ‘sorta’ support the union, I have to say that this propaganda is extremely immature and uncalled for.
    They need to come up with better tactics!

  2. ihatesnow

    wow @ how blunt that comic is. It’s getting uglier and uglier

  3. L

    Oh, boy.
    Binding arbitration = unhappy TAs. I respect and care for my TAs so much – the last thing I want to do is be taught by them knowing they are teaching out of force and/or without achieving the goal they had set out to achieve.

  4. abc

    if your gonna use the old propaganda trick, at least make good use of it! this cartoon sucked big time! LOL

  5. Taka

    That was…..not funny.

  6. MR Two

    *sigh* why do I have a feeling that the meeting later today is going to be useless….

  7. Jimmy

    As a student I find that cartoon insulting to my intelligence. As others have said this immaturity needs to stop. It seems that the union’s idea of a proposal by the university, is the full acceptance of the union’s terms. This is clearly NOT happening and I don’t see the union coming up with any new proposals either.

    And yes these are bad times for the economy, and TA’s hourly wages GREATLY exceed that of the vast majority of jobs other students can get. Not only them, but people who have finished their university degrees and are working.

  8. ff

    2001 – University accepts CUPE3903’s terms in full.
    2005 – Same. No strike, though.
    2008 – $20/hr is pretty average for people with BAs to make.

    It seems to me, certain groups idea of a ‘neutral’ solution is the ‘full acceptance’ of the administration’s proposal of binding arbitration. This is clearly NOT happening…etc.

  9. hullo

    January it is. Go CUPE!!!

  10. Relaxo-Grad

    What time is this meeting today? And another scheduled for Sat too, no? My optimism (read paranoia) has my gut telling me we’ll be back on Monday.
    Anyone know what they are going to present today? Do we have a mole inside this meeting?

  11. Andrew

    This cartoon makes a clear and convincing argument for a two-year contract, as opposed to a three-year contract. I mean, just look at all those bags with dollar signs on them. They must have, like, a million two-year contracts in there.

  12. Curious Yorkie

    @ relaxo-grad…
    the meeting today is just among the Union. Not with York and the Union. I doubt we’d be back to school on monday. Except for schulich students of course! But boy, I think Schulich is the boss! Look at how proactive it is. It puts its students first. Realizes they have exchanges and other things to do and does put their lives in jeopardy!
    I think we shud all switch to Schulich’s BBA and MBA programs!

  13. student

    Well, if this is an example of the intelligence these teaching assistant and grad assistants posses why not just fire them all?
    Very poor call by the union. You’re only doing a disservice to the image of your members this way and ridiculing the intelligence of those your trying to garner support from.

  14. Gabby

    now.. correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t an economic downturn decrease enrollment 😐 Maybe it’s just me but if money was an issue I would be more inclined to find a job so I can make/save whatever money I could rather than to spend more money..

  15. Andrew

    Gabby, it will probably increase enrollment, but the financial effect is unclear. Tuition only covers a fraction of the cost of education, and the rest comes from the provincial government. If those support levels stay the same (they’re calculated based on a complicated formula, but partly on a per-student basis), then university revenue should go up. However, a recession means decreased economic activity, and hence reduced tax revenue for the government, so cuts are possible (cuts, like delayed nursing hires, have already been announced in the healthcare sector). It’s quite possible that enrollments will go up while per-student funding goes down over the next year or so.

  16. okay so i understand there is a meeting today between the union. is the one on saturday between york and the union?

  17. ff

    Is it not true that this financial crisis has forced many to consider how infallible neoliberal economic truly are?
    In other words, that ‘tax and spend’ could be a way out of this? Investing in education, might make more sense than ever at this point.

  18. Nathan

    Oh CUPE, go look up “expenses” in the dictionary.

  19. york student

    hi guys

    dos anyone know when the next meeting btwn york and the union is?

  20. Laura

    That fails as a political cartoon so much.

    Actually, it just fails in general.

  21. Catherine

    COMICS are supposed to be COMICAL.

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