I love jerks. So tight.



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11 responses to “HAHAHAHA

  1. Soraya

    Balancing a 33 credit course load, 16-24 hours of part-time work a week, the gym, a social life, family life and sleep is hard enough for me. Second jobs aren’t awesome when you have a million other things to do. Been there, done that.

  2. Art

    I actually thought that the “HAHAHA” meant strike is over.. Blah. 😦

  3. Mr.X

    i like turtles

  4. Jon

    It’s wrong…but I chuckled a bit.

  5. Taka

    Somebody explain what’s funny, please. I do not get it.

  6. S


    the sign is hinting TAs take on a second job to compensate for the extra money they are demanding.

  7. da

    that sign is hilarious, if you don’t understand why that can be funny then …wow..no school has really been affecting your mental.

  8. . . .

    too bad they don’t get that by contract TAs aren’t allowed to have second jobs. If they’re caught, York is allowed to claw back their hours and not pay them.

  9. inthemiddle

    … is right. The sign is pointless as they can’t get a second job since York will take the little money they have away for it. So, the joke is really on the sign maker’s ignorance. It is pretty unfortunate how people can backlash with strong statements when they haven’t even taken the time to inform themselves because they are frustrated. How many courses at York teach people they need to think critically? It’s important as undergrads to express our frustrations in a mature, constructive manner to both sides. Neither side is without fault and this sign is merely an unproductive insult towards union members.

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