So the University looks really, really, really pissed off. The Union said that they were going to present a new framework of proposals for the meeting this past Thursday, as I am sure most of you know by now. Instead, they basically just demanded the same proposals again and the meeting broke down in 15 minutes. The Employer’s bargaining team walked out, understandably. The Union had raised the hopes of everyone that an end to this strike was coming. The mediator has advised “both parties that in his assessment, there would be no productive use in further meetings at this time.”


The University is calling for more binding arbitration.

I try to remain as neutral as possible, as the moderator of this forum and personally, but this move by the Union was childish and cruel. Talk about breaking everyones’ hopes! This degraded the Union’s credibility in many eyes I am sure.


Full update available at:




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  1. Frustrated York Student

    Yeah, I was quite appalled too. But I wonder what the meeting today was all about. Were they just strategizing their strike tactics or was there anything more to that?

    I hate how we have absolutely no info about anything!


  2. ff

    I think the union’s position is pretty strong. They need to show how serious they are – as the sooner the administration believes them, the sooner they can get what they are asking (or close to it) and the sooner we can get back to class

  3. Disillusioned

    I agree…the union is prepared to strike for as long as it takes. The fact that they are building shelters and instituting a childcare shows this. I just can’t believe this is happening my first year. I hope it’s over soon. By the way, this website is great. York Strike 2008 is doing a great job at keeping us as informed as possible, since neither CUPE nor York are doing it.

  4. yorkstrike2008

    @ Disillusioned

    I was thinking about people in their first year and it struck me that in my 1st year November was probably the worst month of my entire life. You really can’t even conceive the amount of work that is expected of you + exams. There was one week I think I slept about 15 hours the entire week.

    The first years are not experiencing that this year and I don’t think will learn how to prepare for it in their second year.

    Thanks for the kind words. This website is surprisingly a lot of work. I try and get together as much info as possible with some fun photos here and there and the help of Basil, Jeff and Tanya as well!

  5. saddi

    your doing a great job 🙂

  6. 1 out of 50,000

    The Union needs to present that front that they are willing to go the distance on this one. But once their members start to suffer economically, once the bad weather sets in on picketers, how strong will they be?

    Union members should re-examine their leadership. Those 2,000+ members that never voted to strike need to be more active. Your leadership is failing you and you’re the one suffering financially.

  7. Jon

    It’s my last year and it just won’t end!! Come on CUPE 3903! Let me graduate please!!!

  8. @ yorkstrike2008

    You’re doing a great job.. I can only imagine how much work this site is. Thanks for the effort.

  9. Another student

    @ Jeff

    I second that! This site is so informative and updated frequently.
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  10. 4WeeksFromGraduating

    I’m with Jon – when this strike started I was 4 weeks away from finishing my degree!

    Clearly, they do now want to settle – they rather ask for money that doesn’t exist. You can’t ask York for a huge raise after the administration took a budget cut on its own payroll.

  11. adam

    I agree with everyone. YorkStrike2008 is a great website. This is where I get all of my information from. Truly helpful! Thanks!!

  12. Rob

    I don’t agree with this one at all because the administration has not changed their position at all. Since the Strike has started, all I have seen come from the York website is “Binding Arbritation” is the only way to go.

  13. Alex

    How is the union in a position of strength? They have the highest industry standard wages. Public opinion is against them (even the Toronto Star condemned the union- one of the most liberal papers in Canada!), and they blew their only good chance at joining the province wide strike in 2010. The administration is going to bleed CUPE out by waiting.

  14. Kris

    I hate the CUPE. That whiny idiot with the glasses who always speaks when interviewed is a good sign of the sort of idiots we have for TA’s. I’m in the sciences and I hardly ever have a TA that knows what the hell they’re doing, and they want more money?
    I PAY my tuition which PAYS the TA’s, so the TA’s can kiss my ass for going on strike. York U, fire their ass. For $26.00 an hour, there’s plenty of people who would be happy with that wage.

  15. Andrew

    There are really only two explanations for the union’s behaviour: first, an attempt to score propaganda points, with no real intent to negotiate; or second, sheer unadulterated incompetence on the part of the union leadership.

    Frankly, I lean towards the second explanation. First, the CUPE communication strategy has been disastrous — their attempts to secure undergraduate support were laughably clumsy, and no major media outlet has come out in support of them — not even NOW, the most progressive of Toronto’s alternative weeklies. Second, CUPE doesn’t even know which minister is responsible for universities in Ontario (source below), which is particularly awesome since they want to negotiate directly with the province in 2010. Third, we have this farce of a negotiation, where CUPE calls a meeting and then gets mad when the other side doesn’t present anything new!

    There are 50,000 people waiting for the CUPE bargaining team to take their heads out of their asses.

    “CUPE 3903 has the wrong minister”:

  16. a student paying tuition for school not for a strike

    cupe 3903,
    There is 50,000 people that want to get on with their lives. enough…

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